2021-2022 Terry Year in Review

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Table of Contents

President’s Letter

Thank You, Mr. and Mrs. Terry

A Year in Review

The University of Texas at Austin

Texas A&M University

University of Houston

Texas State University

The University of Texas at Dallas

University of North Texas

The University of Texas at Arlington

Texas Tech University

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Texas Woman’s University

Sam Houston State University

Texas A&M University at Galveston

The University of Texas at El Paso

Terry Scholar Graduates

Terry Scholar Alumni

About Our Cover

Unique: u·nique | /yo•oˈnēk/ belonging or connected to (one particular person, group, or place). being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. particularly remarkable, special, or unusual.

This community is unique because each Terry is remarkable in their own way. We all have an individual identity as distinct as our fingerprints.

However, we all share the distinguished honor of being Terry Scholars and everything that represents.

We each leave our unique mark on the world, but we are united in our common dedication to using our gifts and the gift of an education to make an impact.

The 2021-2022 Year in Review celebrates our Terry Community for the traits that make it special. It honors the diverse characteristics and experiences of every Terry Scholar and the way that those individual attributes coalesce to form our common, distinguished identity.

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President’s Letter

Our 34th year of supporting Terry Scholars through their educational journey was another unique year in our history. We started the year hoping to return to our standard in-person events, but public health concerns again caused us to pause our usual plans and re-think our programming and engagement strategies.

We are so proud of the many ways that our students across 13 universities continued to pursue their educational and personal goals in the midst of an on-going pandemic. On the following pages of our Year in Review we chronicle the highlights of an impactful year of growth, service and connection within our Scholar and Alumni communities. From service events to exemplary leadership roles, our Terry Scholars always find a way to shine. Each person is on a unique journey, but we are all connected by our core values and united within an organization that values individual contributions and group effort.

The 2021 fall semester started with a variety of formats as we welcomed our newest class of Scholars and reunited with our returning students. Later in the fall, health concerns prevented our return to on-campus banquets, but we still enjoyed gathering virtually with each university cohort for a virtual event featuring a keynote address by one of our Terry Scholar Alumni. Many Alumni from the east coast to the west coast and from many places in Texas joined us to host breakout sessions with small groups of students for networking opportunities. We appreciate the time and investment of these working professionals who are honoring their pledge to give back to the current Terry Scholars.

In the spring, we were thrilled to return to our hallmark Spring Picnics where we celebrated our graduating seniors. After two years without

this opportunity everyone enjoyed the chance to gather together to recognize and honor the achievements of our graduating seniors as well as the accomplishments of the student organizations on each campus. Individually and collectively, we know that Terry Scholars are impacting the world around them in a positive way.

We often remind Terry Scholars that they are the stewards of Howard and Nancy Terry’s legacy. They each bear the Terry name and will be impacted by the gift of living and learning in a community that supported their efforts and encouraged their success. We hope to see the fingerprints of Terry Scholars on future efforts to make the world a better place because of the generosity of two individuals who understood that education can change lives.

As we look forward to celebrating our 35th anniversary in the year ahead, we know that Terry Scholars will be leading the way!


Thank You, Mr. and Mrs. Terry

In 1987, Howard and Nancy Terry founded what is now the largest private source for scholarships in Texas. The Terrys believed that the students to whom they extended a helping hand would, in turn, give back – to the Foundation, to their college campuses, to their communities and beyond. Today, the success and impact of thousands of Terry Scholars stand as testimonies to the wisdom of that belief.

Mr. and Mrs. Terry passed away in 2012, but their legacy lives on in each Terry Scholar who acts as a shining example of their vision and leaves a mark on the world around them.

Our Mission

The Terry Foundation’s mission is to develop future leaders of Texas through access to education.

Our Vision

The Terry Foundation’s vision is to create a community of educated leaders who utilize their talents to strengthen the state of Texas and impact the world.


Our Pillars of Excellence

Terry Scholars are challenged to achieve their highest potential in the areas of SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, SERVICE, and COMMUNITY

Terry Scholars challenge themselves academically, personally, and professionally, and they set examples for their peers through leadership and service to others. During their time on campus and beyond, Terry Scholars strive to build and nurture a supportive community that celebrates the strengths of each individual. During these challenging times, Terry Scholars demonstrated their commitment to both their Terry Community and to the communities around them.


in Review

Fall Orientations & Welcome Back Events

In August 2021, we welcomed 167 new Terry Scholars across 11 universities. The Terry Freshmen joined their Terry Scholar Relations Coordinator for a presentation on the Foundation Scholarship Program. Returning Scholars at all 13 Terry universities celebrated with their fellow Terrys at “Welcome Back” events hosted by each student organization.

Fall Banquets

During October 2021, the Terry Foundation adapted the usual banquet format to host 13 virtual banquets. The banquets featured greetings and updates from the Terry Foundation and from university representatives followed by keynote speeches from Terry Alumni. The Alumni speeches were followed by small breakout sessions hosted by Terry Alumni. The group in each section was selected to align the students’ majors and desired career paths with the education and/or work experience of the Alumni hosts.

A Year


The 2022 Terry Scholarship Interviews were conducted from March 21 to April 1, 2022. The Terry Foundation extended 225 scholarship offers to outstanding Texas high school graduates to become the newest class of Terry Scholars.

2022 Terry Interviews Snapshot

• 420 invitations extended to the nominated students

• 220 in-person interviews in Houston or in El Paso

• 166 virtual interviews

• 91 volunteers served as interview panelists and candidate preppers…

• … and collectively dedicated over 2,800 hours to selecting the next class of Terrys

For more information and photos, visit: https://l.ead.me/TerryInterviews22

To watch the 2022 Welcome Video, visit: https://l.ead.me/2022Welcome

Spring Picnics

The Terry Foundation hosted its first in-person Terry Picnics since 2019. Each spring, Terry Picnics are hosted to celebrate the community built by the students on each campus and to honor the graduating seniors. Those who have completed the Terry Scholarship Program are invited to speak to the group about their accomplishments, goals, and next steps. They also receive a Terry Gold Pen as a symbol of their accomplishments and of their pledge to give back to Terry Scholars who come after them. These joyous events are attended by Terry Foundation staff and Board members, university guests, returning Terry Alumni and their families, and friends of the Foundation.

To see more photos from the 2022 Terry Picnics, visit: https://l.ead.me/TerryPicnics22


The University of Texas at Austin Terry Scholars of

service events

39 hours were contributed to the Terry mentor‐mentee program.

80 hours were contributed to GEAR UP (a local high school mentorship program).


service hours

social events

“The Terry Scholarship has meant the chance to see myself in spaces that usually do not look like me. Thanks to Terry I was able to receive three degrees and pursue another at Harvard University. The Terry Foundation’s investment in me helped me pursue the things that mattered to me. For that, I will be forever grateful.”

Alexzandra Roman, UT-Austin 2018

Together, first‐year Terry Scholars raised about $600, and their events logged about 500 total hours of service.
7 total
8 total

Terry Program Start: 1987 Enrolled Scholars: 155 Campus Coordinator: Virginia Luehrsen

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Holly VanHouten


Texas A&M University Terry Scholars of

total service events

total service hours

total social events

Words of gratitude from the TAMU Officer Team:

“Elaine Leslie (2019) and Kadie Graves (2020) each worked really hard on events for our scholars. Elaine has such a heart for service and was so diligent in trying to come up with events that would positively impact the community around us. Kadie was so amazing at creating and executing social events that boosted our event attendance.”

Contributed 120 service hours to Big Event

Created Valentines Day cards for residents in local nursing homes

Wrote letters to survivors for the Sexual Assault Resource Center

Participated in a blood drive to help those in need in hospitals

Donated gifts for children during Christmas through “Angel Tree”


Terry Program Start: 1987 Enrolled Scholars: 123 Campus Coordinator: Casey Gros

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Christen Barron


University of Houston Terry Scholars of


Benjamin Ilboudo (2019) earned the UH PURS Scholarship to assist him in his research to provide clean water to developing countries.

Celine Luu (2020) was accepted into the JAMP program to jump-start her future career in Medicine.

Larose Mutombo (2020) and Kelly Lam (2020) were both awarded admittance into the BURS Program enabling them to pursue undergraduate research in the fields of Biology and Biochemistry.

Elaine Tran (2018) helped coordinate the first Lunar New Year event at the University of Houston in over 10 years.

Partnered with the UH Honors College for the Honors Day of Service and volunteered with Harris County Pets

Helped package both food and household necessities to be sent out to the local Houston community via the Houston Food Bank

4 total
events 140 total service hours 6 total social events

Terry Program Start: 2004

Enrolled Scholars: 52

Campus Coordinators: Dr. Brenda Rhoden and Alice Yang

Scholar Relations Coordinators: Holly VanHouten and Christen Barron


Texas State University Terry Scholars of

raised for Hays County Food Bank Operation Turkey (fed 4 families and provided 24 meals during the holidays)

Hosted a school supply drive benefiting Goodnight Middle School in San Marcos

Created personalized Valentine’s Day cards for 50 residents of a local senior living facility

Created Tech Fridays, where Terry Scholars assisted with technology questions at the local library

Helped raise over $4,000 and serve over 700+ people at the Friends of the Library Booksale

The Texas State Terry Scholars partnered with the Terry Scholar Student Organizations at The University of Texas at Austin and The University of Texas at San Antonio to clean more than 120 lbs. of trash out of Lady Bird Lake

7 total service events 6 total social events

Terry Program Start: 2004

Enrolled Scholars: 45 Campus Coordinator: Michelle Sotolongo

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Franco Martinez


Terry Scholars of

The University of Texas at Dallas

Human Rights Initiative

Volunteered with Heart House, Eagle Scholars and Human Rights Initiative

Donated 200 books to Waterfall Academy and several essential items to Hope Clinic of McKinney for low‐income uninsured Collin County Families

UTD hosted the 2021-2022 Statewide Officer Retreat for over 50 Scholars across the state. Discussions included mindful leadership, community engagement, wellness, statewide service, and more.

“The Terry Scholars at UTD are always willing to lend a helping hand and be able to give anything to the community that surrounds them. We learn to give back, just as Mr. and Mrs. Terry would have wanted us to do.”

Robert Pinter, 2018 UTD Terry President

Mark Salazar (2020) had over 600 volunteer hours with the UTD Emergency Response Service.

Divina Carillo (2018) was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach in the Canary Islands.

Rahma Arif (2021) organized the UTD Lights Up Blue event to promote Autism Awareness.

$2,289 raised for
5 total service events 6 total social events

Terry Program Start: 2006

Enrolled Scholars: 55

Campus Coordinators: Sheila Kelly and Cassie Cure

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Holly VanHouten


University of North Texas Terry Scholars of


Valentine’s goody bags to Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home

$250 raised by UNT Terry Scholars for various causes

Hosted an inspirational rock painting event in the fall and a complementary sticky note creating session in the spring to bring joy to students on campus

Partnered with Rise Against Hunger and assembled bags of rice and protein sources to distribute to those without enough to eat

Terry Scholars partnered with Borman Elementary School in Denton throughout the year.

They donated 5 boxes of masks and 2 large jugs of hand sanitizer to the school and hosted 3 service events to clear their gardens, paint an entire wing of the school, and help with their Fall Carnival.

Five North Texas Terry Scholars presented research at Scholars Day in April, and Holly Mathews (2018), Alaia Snell (2020) and Paige Sanders (2020) placed in the top three in their respective categories.

Amy Pritchard (2018) won the “Top Terry” award this year for attending the most service and social events.

Ashley Owen (2018) was recognized as one of the “Top Students to Watch in 2022” by Graphic Design USA.

60 total service events 40
190 total service hours
total social events

Terry Program Start: 2010

Enrolled Scholars: 52

Campus Coordinators: Dr. James Duban and Valerie Adell

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Franco Martinez


The University of Texas at Arlington Terry Scholars of

for The Women’s Center benefiting survivors of domestic violence in Tarrant County

Hosted a water bottle drive for Arlington Life Shelter

Donated 76 items to Maverick Pantry, Avante Rehabilitation Center, Medical City Arlington, and Salvation Army

Volunteered virtually with Arlington Public Library English Conversation Circle for English language learners

Participated in 2 park clean-ups at Bob Duncan Center

14 total service events $308 raised
202 total service hours 13 total social events UTA Terrys raised $3,406.20 for their annual Toy Drive benefiting the Santa Cops Program

Terry Program Start: 2015

Enrolled Scholars: 43 Campus Coordinator: Mae Moore

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Franco Martinez


Texas Tech University Terry Scholars of

service events

Developed a strong relationship with Lubbock Impact, working with them 4 different times to serve meals to impoverished locals of Lubbock

Study nights during midterms were a great way to gather Scholars together to get through the tougher parts of the semester.

social events 6


Service events included playing with children at the Boys and Girls Club, caring for animals at Morris Safe House, and ringing bells around town during Christmas time.

Raised $575 in gift cards for children served by Lubbock CASA
12 total
27 total

Terry Program Start: 2011

Enrolled Scholars: 49 Campus Coordinator: Christy Montecillo

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Holly VanHouten


The University of Texas at San Antonio Terry Scholars of

The UTSA TSSO hosted the first Honors Extravaganza event in collaboration with the Top Scholars and made blankets, holiday decorations, and holiday cards for the Elderly Homes in San Antonio.

Helped pick up 3,240 gallons of trash through Basura Bash

Volunteered at the San Antonio Zoo’s “Zoo Boo” event

Partnered with UT-Austin and TXST Terrys to clean more than 120 lbs. of trash out of Lady Bird Lake


Terry Scholars were awarded two University Life Awards: Outstanding Registered Student Organization Outstanding Student Organization Initiative/Event or Program

Fernando Cordova (2019) received a Golden Feather Award and a “Who’s Who at UTSA” Award

Scholars also hosted 5 donation drives collecting a total of 1,220 items given to UTSA Food Pantry, San Antonio Children Shelter, Family Violence Prevention Services and PERIOD.

Forough Askarirad (2018), Ali Azzam (2021), Jesse Torres (2021), My Le (2021) and April Montemayor (2019) hosted the third annual Mental Health Day at UTSA.

20 total service events $3,500+ raised and donated to various causes 1,500+ total service hours
total social events

Terry Program Start: 2006

Enrolled Scholars: 47 Campus Coordinator: Kristi Meyer

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Franco Martinez


Texas Woman’s University Terry Scholars of

The student organization was awarded the Glenda Brock Simmons Community Service Award at the 2022 TWU Redbud Leadership Awards.

Elaina Helmberger (2020) was recognized as “Outstanding Officer of the Year.”

Words of gratitude from the TWU Terrys:

“Elaina puts so much effort and heart into everything she does, especially Terry-related. She served as our service chair this past year and did incredible in her role. Elaina takes the time to get to know scholars and address any concerns they may have. She is an outstanding leader and was the sunshine of our leadership team.”

Daysy Guevara (2018) received the “Richard Nicholas Outstanding Student Leader of the Year Award” at the 2022 TWU Redbud Leadership Awards.

Donated $300 worth of wish list items for Cook Children’s Hospital “Shop & Serve” events in Fall and Spring

Contributed 35 service hours to Big Event and participated in 4 separate service events to clean an adopted road through Keep Denton Beautiful

8 total social events 12 total service events 659 total service hours

Terry Program Start: 2013 Enrolled Scholars: 52 Campus Coordinator: Darius Jones

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Franco Martinez


Sam Houston State University Terry Scholars of


total service events

180.5 hours contributed across multiple campus organizations, including Terry

total social events

SHSU Terrys delivered 200 cards to elderly care facilities in the Huntsville area and volunteered with SAAFE House Shelter.

Sandra Girgis (UTD 2016) with Sam Houston State Terry Seniors Camryn Hopkins (2020) was crowned Miss Sam Houston 2022. Camryn’s social impact initiative addresses access to feminine healthcare products.

Terry Program Start: 2014

Enrolled Scholars: 29

Campus Coordinators: Dr. Maria Holmes and Dr. Kimberly Bell

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Christen Barron


Texas A&M University at Galveston Terry Scholars of

total service events

140 hours contributed by 20 Scholars to the Galveston Community through Big Event

total social events

Terry Scholars collected $300 and donated 390 lbs of canned goods for the Galveston Food Bank “Share Your Holiday” Food Drive.

Distributed goodie bags for “Random Acts of Kindness Week”

Donated canned and dry goods to TAMUG Student Pantry

Volunteered at Galveston Food Bank

Helped with the Moody Gardens Special People Ball and served as volunteer judges at High School Science Bowls for Dolphin Challenge

TAMUG Terrys hosted their first Alumni Networking night that was attended by 75% of the current Scholars.

Kiara Carrasco (2020) was elected Student Body President for 2022-2023.

Christian Pryor (2020) was re-elected as Student Body Vice-President.

Amanda Dusek (2018) had the highest GPA of the TAMUG graduating class.

Maya Sandy (2018) was honored with the Edwin Eikel Outstanding Student Award.

Wesley Ide (2018) received the Buck Weirus Spirit Award; elected Senior Yell Leader.


Terry Program Start: 2014

Enrolled Scholars: 29

Campus Coordinator: Dr. Todd Southerland

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Christen Barron


Terry Scholars of

The University of Texas at El Paso

total service events


total social events

406 canned food items donated to the UTEP Food Pantry

The Terry Scholars of UTEP were awarded “Student Organization of the Year” for their impacts on campus and in the El Paso Community.

Jordan Dominguez (2018) was awarded “Student Organization President of the Year.”

$700 and 200+ items were donated to various community organizations by the UTEP Terrys.

Jordan Dominguez (2018) and Anahy Diaz (2018) were recognized among UTEP’s “2021-2022 Top Ten Seniors.”

Matthew Gardea (2020) was a member of the ’21-’22 Student Government Association and selected as a Bill Archer Fellow.

Isaiah Iturralde (2019) was selected as a Bill Archer Fellow.

Bryan Perez (2021) was a member of the ’21-’22 Student Government Association and re-elected for ’22-‘23.

Andrea Nunez (2021) was elected to ’22-’23 Student Government Association.


Terry Program Start: 2015 Enrolled Scholars: 47 Campus Coordinators: Mallory Payan and Crystal Wilson

Scholar Relations Coordinator: Christen Barron


Terry Scholar Graduates

During the 2021 - 2022 school year, 252 Terry Scholars completed the Terry Scholarship program. For many of them, graduation from our program occurred at the same time they graduated from their universities. These are just a few of the graduation photos shared with the Foundation. We are immensely proud of our Terry grads, and we can't wait to see what they accomplish next.


“It makes me incredibly proud to be among this amazing group of people known as Terry Scholars. It gives me much pride and confidence knowing that the Foundation believed in me enough to award me with this incredible opportunity. Through this experience, I was able to meet so many amazing people, and I am incredibly proud of all the connections and friendships I have made. I am forever grateful for all of the opportunities that have been made possible through this scholarship foundation and am so proud that I will forever be a Terry Scholar.”

Caden Jones, UTSA 2018


Terry Scholar Alumni

Once a Terry, Always a Terry!

No matter where they are or where they go, Terrys are always giving back. Whether it is here in Texas, in a another state or even on another continent, Terry Alumni carry on Mr. Terry’s legacy by making positive impacts on the world around them and staying in touch with the Terry Community.

This year, Terry Scholars gave back and engaged with the Terry Community from...





















GERMANY 31 served as Chapter Officers 171 attended Banquets 7 hosted Virtual Lunch Chats 34 attended Terry gatherings outside of Texas 109 attended Picnics 2 hosted Terry Talks NAIROBI, KENYA
38 This Year in Review was created by Ciara Designs. Ciara Shay (TXST 2012) is the owner of Ciara Designs.

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Richmond Ave. Suite

Houston, TX 77098 terryfoundation.org


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Antonio Chapter, Project Manag
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