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The Centers for Families and Children | 2013 Annual Report

There is no one face of poverty. There are many.


But there also are amazing cityscapes and hidden treasures that represent the life, passion, diversity and strength of our thriving community. Through this lens, we see a community full of hope and opportunity.




The best way to see the soul of our organization is through the eyes of our staff. We asked our staff across the entire organization to take photos of our city that resonated with them and gave meaning to what they do. What we received was nothing short of amazing. It is our privilege to share them with you.




We don’t create campaigns. We help build movements.



Everyday we must be disruptive. We aim for the bold goal that requires other businesses, nonprofits and community leaders to get involved and create lasting positive change.



We believe that lasting positive change begins with access to opportunities. We bridge the opportunity gap by connecting as many people as possible with effective health, education and essential human services. We must stop poverty from limiting a person’s potential.



Our best work lies at the heart of what we are passionate about, what we can be best at, and what drives our future growth. We do this in a sustainable way. So that we can promote future growth without risking organizational strength.






We made it our mission to treat the whole person — mind, body and spirit. We know people in Ohio with mental illness die on average 32 years earlier, because they don’t receive preventative primary care.



So we partner with the Cleveland Clinic, Care Alliance and Neighborhood Family Practice to provide integrated health care to people in our community. Our partnerships with organizations such as University Hospitals and MetroHealth are vital to the well being of our community.



We put 1,000 children a year on the path to high school graduation by first getting them ready for kindergarten. A child’s experiences during the first 2,000 days, from birth to the start of kindergarten, have a lasting impact on later success in school and life. We partner with parents to put their child on the path for college and career by first getting them ready for kindergarten. Our early learning centers have all received the highest quality rating and 100 percent of our children are ready to transition into kindergarten. But we don’t stop there. We work with our parents to choose an elementary school that is high performing and right for their child’s needs.



In Cleveland

34.2% 14.0% 08.1%


of people live in poverty

have graduated from college

The economic competitiveness of our region suffers when our people suffer. We are not just talking about charity; we are talking about an economic imperative. We continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of the individuals we serve in the very neighborhoods where they live. Their individual success helps our entire community.

unemployment for those who are still looking



“There is a responsibility that I have that carries great weight. Once you step into this organization, meet the people and visit with the clients, you are changed. You don’t come to meetings to vote on by laws or approve budgets. You come to save lives and strengthen your community. It’s our job to be the strongest partner possible for the staff so that they can continue to do the work they do every day to support those who need help. My job is to stand beside them, support them and be a conduit for other relationships and resources that can help them reach more people. I couldn’t do what they do. But I am so thankful that they can.” ­— Pat Dugan, Chairman of the Board The Centers for Families and Children


Cyndee Long @13calong Winner of our employee photo contest

Thanks to all of our generous donors. Without your support, we couldn’t do what we do.



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