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Emerald Collection $1800 ($2600 Value)


Packages Up to 4 hours of coverage

Pass Gallery for friends and family to view images High Res Downloadable Digital Images

Sapphire Collection $2600 ($3500 Value) Engagement Session Up to 6 hours of coverage Second Shooter Pass Gallery for friends and family to view images High Res Downloadable Digital Images Ruby Collection $2800 ($4350 Value) Engagement Session Up to 8 hours of coverage Second Shooter Pass Gallery for friends and family to view images High Res Downloadable Digital Images Diamond Collection $3200 ($4900 Value) Engagement Session Hardcover ImageWrap – Up to 8 hours of coverage † Premium Paper is about 35% heavier and offers Second Shooter superb opacity. Its fully Pass Gallery custom designed and for friends and family to view images photos are printed on High page Res Downloadable Digital Images

16x24 Canvas deposit: 30% of total

total payment due one week before the wedding day The diamond and Ultimage Collection… 90% due two weeks before wedding

The Ultimate Collection $3600 ($5200 Value)

All packages include: -



a consultation to detail a schedule, style, and approach for wedding custom retouching of each image individually .

What do you shoot? Canon digital (21mp) How soon will we see our photos? You’ll see them within 6 weeks of your big day. Can family and friends buy prints? Yes, all the photos that you see will be available for those folks to buy. Can we book you without having picked a package? Yes, take your time, but there is a $700

The Photobook

non-refundable retainer at the time of signing your contract.

DoThe youphotobook offer the digitals fortrendy us to print from?ofYes, images.” is the version the“downloadable Wedding Album. It contains a handful of

your favorite pictures from your wedding day and anything else like a scan of the We want something you don’t offer, can we still get it? If it’s doable, then yes.

paper you wrote your vows on, programs or invitations, plus a fully designed cover. The possibilities are endless! This book is the one that you set on your coffee table or

Do you travel, does it cost? That’s a yes and yes. If it’s beyond 50 mi. then I charge a

bring to get togethers and you don’t have to worry about getting fingerprints on.

minimum of $75, more if further.

Hardcover, ImageWrap – Is all your work as good as on your website? The photos on my website represent what I Your cover image is directly consistently produce from each wedding. printed on the hardcover, front and back, creating a Are there any extra charges later? No, never  sophisticated effect. ImageWrap covers include a What happens if you get sick and can’t shoot our wedding? I will provide another wedding matte finish for durability. photographer at my caliber or better, and give a 50% discount. TimeTime and


About Me… Okay, so what I mean to say is, getting to use my photography to capture the

Photography + Wedding = Things I love!

most important day two lives can share is a privilege and honor that I don’t take lightly.

I love what I do! Personally, I remember thinking this was the one area I needed to

invest my time

choosing the “right one” to capture our big day. It’s the one

thing you can always go back to and revisit when it comes to your wedding day. With that being said, here are a few things you can expect from me… #1 Your wedding day is supposed to be fun and meaningful. It makes that hard to happen when you spend all day with a pushy, demanding, disgruntled photographer. So scouts honor, no matter what collection you pick, how long I shoot, or whatever crazy things you want me to do, I won’t be that girl! #2 Not only do you want your pictures to be amazing, but I do too! I consider it art and I don’t make it a habit to purposefully create bad art. That means I’m 100% invested in your pictures uniquely and beautifully representing the excitement and joy of your wedding day.

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2014 weddings  

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