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Google+  Tips  for  On  Air  Hangouts  with  Youtube  

Q:  What  is  a  Google+  On  Air  Hangout?  A:  Google+  Hangout  is  a  video  chat  service  used  within  the   Google+  Community.    A  Google+  On  Air  Hangout  is  a  live  stream  broadcast  of  your  hangout  using   Youtube.    

Q: Can  anyone  broadcast  a  Google+  On  Air  Hangout  via  Youtube?  A:  No.  You  must  be  a  Youtube  channel   partner  in  good  standing.  You  must  have  the  ability  to  upload  videos  longer  than  15  minutes.     Steps  to  Start  a  Google+  On  Air  Hangout:     1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Open your  Youtube  Channel.     Click  on  Top  Blue  Banner  "Youtube  now  has  livestream  hangouts”   The  link  will  open  a  “Start  a  Google+  Hangout”  window   Add  the  Names  you  would  like  to  invite  to  your  hangout   Enter  a  Name  for  your  hangout   Check  the  Enable  Hangout  on  Air  box  (All  On  Air  Hangouts  are  PUBLIC)   Click  the  Blue  “Hang  out”  Button   Your  Hangout  will  start   Click  the  red  “Start  Broadcast”  button  on  the  top  right  hand  side   In  the  top  right  hand  corner,  next  to  the  Red  button,  You  will  see  the  Embed  button   You  can  use  this  embed  code  to  stream  the  hangout  on  your  blog  or  website     Go  back  to  your  Youtube  channel     Under  the  your  videos  you  should  see  your  event  with  the  live  green  button  lit     You  can  share  this  URL  with  your  viewers        

Notes and  Tips  from  Google+  Hangouts   1. To  improve  the  connection  speed,  please  close  out  all  unnecessary  programs   2. All  participants  of  the  Hangout  can  use  the  internal  chat  feature  on  the  left  hand  side  to  ask   questions  or  answer  questions   3. The  person  talking  will  show  up  in  the  as  the  larger  center  icon   4. “Screenshare”  will  show  any  presentation  or  item  from  your  computer  you  would  like  to  share   5. Make  sure  to  watch  for  background  light  and  angle  of  camera   6. Talk  Clearly  and  Speak  into  the  microphone     7. Enjoy   Watch  our  instructional  video  on  Google+  here:   Thank  you  to  +FoodieFash  for  all  your  help  with  this  video!    

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Google+ On Air Instruction Sheet  
Google+ On Air Instruction Sheet  

This instruction sheet was created for a international blogger group I am apart of. I wanted to teach them how to use google+ for a hangout....