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1. Adjectivos: •

adjectivos no plural

The teaching methods adopted are goods. Fasts changes are happening. The greatests writers...

2. Artigos: •

omissão de the

I saw your ad in newspaper about summer jobs in USA. Some people had blood in face.

the em vez de φ

The British English is the purest form... In the Europe... The sport is very good to keep in shape.

a em vez de an, e vice-versa

Have a enjoyable holiday. He’s a athletic guy. Take him to an hospital. He’s wearing an uniform today.

a em vez de φ

a books a bad news

omissão de a


He’s good friend.

Reflexões sobre a problemática do erro  
Reflexões sobre a problemática do erro  

Trabalho pesquisado e escrito em 1995, mas só agora (Out10) publicado por mim