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On Top of the World

By: Terance Arceo 3rd Pd. 5/19/14

Table of Contents Prologue 1. Letter of Introduction 2. What’s in a Name? 3. Personal Alphabet 4. Likes/Dislikes List 5. Sensory Experiences 6. Metaphorical Definitions 7. A Quality Personality 8. Color Your World 9. Room Sweet Room 10. Personal Metaphors 11. Extended Metaphors 12. Symbolic Recipe 13. Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse 14. Telling Tales 15. Unfinished Sentences 16. Personal Symbol 17. Map of Life 18. A Mysterious Place 19. Synectics 20. A Day in the Life. 21. These Words Belong to Me 22. In Other Words 23. Flashback 24. Remembrance of Things Present 25. As Time Goes Bye-Bye

26. My Own List of Lists 27. Cheer Yourself Up! 28. Metamorphosis 29. Picture This 30. Look Who I Look Up To 31. Remembering the Child 32. One Medium Suitcase 33. The Perfect Present 34. Memorable Event 35. How to … 36. Always Say Never 37. Are You Hungry? 38. Where I’m From 39. Deck of 52 40. The Examined Life 41. Annual Report 42. Ekphrasis 43. Visually Speaking 44. Lessons I Learned Too Late 45. The Door 46. Advice to the Young 47. Who Am I? 48. Rewarding Experiences 49. Valuable Lessons 50. Futures – Fantasy and Fact Epilogue

1.) Prologue Where in life are you right now? I know that most of us can’t confidently answer this question, but what if I told you this is just the beginning? We are all going to make mistakes in this big game of life, yet at the same time you learn and gain experience from them. Life, as we know it is always moving forward whether we want it to or not. You are going to make difficult choices here and there, but it doesn’t matter if you rise or fall, because at the end of the day there is nowhere to go, but up! Currently my life consists of many choices and questions. For example, “What college should I go to?” or “Should I go to the military?” It is so frustrating! What I have always wanted, since the beginning, was to have a successful life. To be someone important, someone who others look up to, someone who has a great reputation. If you asked me what I wanted to be a few years back I would have said a super hero! Not only because super powers, but also because their undying love to help people. Some of the careers I have thought about having over the years are jobs like teacher, translator, and Doctor. I gave up on becoming a super hero, because no matter how much I tried, I never got powers. Instead, I found that you don’t have to be a super hero to help people, but rather someone who is always there when you need them. If I can do that then no matter what job I have I can become a true hero! In my life, my performance has always been good, adequate, or alright. This has become my expectation to people, though I never thought of it consciously, I have come to believe that my limitations are at this level. Never trying to exceed or to degrade I simply stay in my comfort zone, but every now and then I surprise myself by surpassing my limits. Then little by little I start to feel “On Top of the World.”

2.) What’s In A Name? Terance Jacob Concepcion Arceo, My name is an uncommon one I will admit, but it is one that does come with a special meaning, for me at least. My first name, Terance first came to be because at the time of my birth my grandmother had fallen ill. My name was supposed to be Coby, because my dad loved to watch the famous NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant, and hoped I would become successful and love what I was doing, but since my grandmother at the time was ill my mother decided to name me after her. My grandmother’s name was Teresa, hence my name Terance. My middle name Jacob, comes from a saint’s name. In my family it is tradition to name each child with a saint’s name according to what values and morals you would want them to have. My mom chose St. Jacob, because she wanted him to protect me and watch over me throughout my life. She also wanted him to pass his knowledge of “out of the box” thinking to me. Concepcion, which is my mother’s maiden name, was originated from Spain. My family says the name was derived from the Immaculate Conception of Mary. My family also likes to group it with new beginnings. This makes me realize that you could start fresh at any time, but I will always have a home. My last name, Arceo is from many places such as Spain, Philippines, and Guam. I don’t really know my dad’s side of the family, but just by saying this you can see I have an understanding of a variety of cultures. This only gives me more respect towards ones that are not mine. This is part of the reason I want to be a translator. Each of these names is very special to me! I guess when I was given these names I was also given a reminder. A reminder of the strength a united family can have and how much, faith in you can change anything. Every time I think of my name I am reminded of what I can do and how much support I have. Up until this assignment I haven’t really thought about this. I am grateful for this.

3.) Personal Alphabet A-Average; a description I’ve been given. B- Brave; how I will always be living. C- Cooperative; forever forgiving. D- Determined; never giving up. E- Enthusiastic; always agreeing and saying, “Yup.” F- Faithful; am I which gives a lot of luck. G- Gifted; at no subject do I totally suck. H- Helpful; to help everyone even a schmuck. I – Important; to friends and family am I J- Joyous; never to cry K- Kind; am I not a lie. L- Lucky; as I said before. M- Magnificent; I am to the core. N- Nervous; always nervous before I soar. O- Odd; sometimes I may be. P- Powerful; In order to believe some have to see. Q- Quaint; is the feeling I give when I leave. R- Real; how I am most of the time. S- Super; never committing crime. T- Talented; trying my best to make this rhyme. U- Unusual; I usually think differently. V- Vast; is my knowledge incidentally. W- Witty; most of the time I am intently. X- Xenodochy; means hospitable, which I am to my mother. Y- Young; I am just like many others. Z- Zany; is me when with my brothers.

4.) Likes/ Dislikes List Likes: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11)

I love going places with friends. Food!!! Technology Netflix Naruto Imagine Dragons/ American Authors Mythology History Languages Scuba diving God

Dislikes: 1) Slow internet 2) Pessimistic people 3) People who underestimate me 4) Non-sympathetic people 5) When you hide and try to scare someone, but end up quitting because you need to pee. 6) When you’re holding something and it spills when you sneeze. 7) When you wear earphones and the universe finds a way for them to randomly unplug. 8) When your router acts up. 9) When they tried to cancel Spongebob. 10) When you try to plug something in a dark room. 11) When your earphones decide to play twister in your pocket. 12) When you have to write what you like and dislike!

5.) Sensory Experiences A specific time and place that would have very vivid sensory experiences would be my Grandmother’s funeral. At the time I was only about 4 years old, but even at such a young age I was able to grasp the seriousness of everything happening. This was probably one of the biggest moments in my life. I say this because in a way it taught me something, something that would change the way I acted and treated people. It taught me how to be sympathetic towards everyone I met. I would say in a way this also helped me to mature faster. During my Grandmother’s funeral there was a lot of emotion. You could see how sad and gloomy everyone was. Some of the things I remember about that day were how you could hear all the crying and hear all the regrets of words left unsaid. I also remember seeing my Grandma’s lifeless body lying there, unable to move or speak as if she were sleeping. However, I knew as soon as I touched her she was no longer there. All I remember feeling was cold, not just her skin, but also the goose bumps I got after finally realizing she was gone… As they carried her away I remember having this sensation to stop them, but the taste of salt stopped me, as I suddenly began to cry. Finally feeling tears run down my face was a surprise, I had never cried so abruptly. While I stood there all I could do was wallow in the comfort of my family. Smelling nothing but the flowers on her coffin and the tears everyone wept. I felt that though I was young I too had to be there for everyone. Re-telling of this day gives a sad, but experienced taste in my mouth, as I remember all that had happened.

6.) Metaphorical Definitions 1)

Grace is opening a book to the exact page you wanted.


Music is food for your soul.


Bonds are a Nokia phone.


Curiosity is a trap.


Trust is a friend.


Defeat is an illusion.


Peace is a sign


Hate is when you’re assigned lots of work.


Pain is doing lots of work.


Bravery is going to Disney channel without your parents’ permission.

7.) A Quality Personality This is a story about a young boy named Shy. Shy was the youngest of 3 children, his oldest brother who was big and strong was named Protect, his sister who was always called nice by people was named Kind. The 3 siblings didn’t really have much in common aside from the fact that they all loved their parents. They didn’t really know their parents because they died when Protect was just a young boy, and Shy was just born. Their mother’s name was Selfless and father’s name was Sturdy. Shy’s problem was exactly what he was named. His family never bothered with it because he had gone through so much loosing his parents and all. The fact that he was shy didn’t really matter at the time. It was ideal family, Protect would defend his family from anyone, Kind always gave just like her mother. Shy really wanted to change the way he was, but no matter how hard he tried he could never not be shy. He could never show feelings toward anyone, because he was so shy. It was kind of like an emotional handicap. One day during school a girl that Shy has been crushing on came up to him and started talking. Shy was so overwhelmed he couldn’t say a word, so she just stood there uncomfortably. After school Shy thought about it and decided he would train himself to not be “Shy.” He had been training himself for months trying to get ready to the girl. When he finally worked up the courage he asked her out and the girls said yes. From then on Shy stopped being shy. Though it was his name, he knew that life wasn’t always about labels.

8.) Color Your World What should you see in colors? I guess for everyone it’s different, but why don’t we think outside of the box for a while? For example the color white is usually associated with being good or godly, but if colors had feelings I don’t think they would want to be labeled. What if white was actually a bad color? One that was associated with fear and such. All colors are important to everyone without them what would we be? Can you imagine a world without rainbows or a world without life? In the next few paragraphs I will tell you an origin myth of how the color black came to be. During the creation of the world God had made everything suitable for life. He created the blue ocean for water, the brown land for shelter and red meat from animals for food. He thought everything was perfect, and so he created man. Man quickly thrived in the wondrous colorful world. He knew no fear, no harm, and no danger and because of this became foolish. Man grew so arrogant, enough to challenge God. To teach man a lesson God created a new color, one that would strike fear even in the bravest of warriors. This new color would be called white. The new color white would take the form of a spirit and lurk around man keeping him in check. Man continued to grow fear for this color, for it was an unknown factor in their lives. Over time man became so paranoid they decided to do something about it. With their ever growing knowledge of creation man created a color that would overpower anything. A color that would be under absolute control or so they thought. This new color would be called black; black was made from the darkest pits of land and from the evilest of people. Once made, black quickly did what it was supposed to, and erased most of the white from the world, but it was an uncontrolled power doing whatever it wanted. When God heard of this he decided to lock up black for half of each day. The morning would be so that man would understand the mercy of God. Then the night, when man would remember the error of their ways.

The End

9.) Room Sweet Room What is my room to me? Well, my room is actually really important to me. I mean where else can you sleep as much as you want after painstakingly writing lots of essays? To me my room is more than just a room; it’s an escape, somewhere I can truly do whatever I want. It is a place for me to laugh, cry, and to ponder the inner mechanisms of the universe. Things in my room that would help you understand me better would be little things. Like my old power ranger “action figures” still hiding in my closet. Or my old Gameboy, which had almost every Pokémon game. The things in my room now are all there for a reason. Over time I have begun to be more organized. I don’t like wasting space in my room. Also many of the things in my room have become more technological. For example I have 3 laptops and 2 monitors. You could say I’m somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to technology. I also love to tinker, breaking them apart and putting them together. Anyway, my room is filled with technology and I think it’s good with the new generation and all. Many things would also teach me lessons. Stuff like the numbers written on the wall from when I used to think I was short. Or maybe the scorch marks on my shelf, where I learned not to play with candles. Or even the pictures of family and friends put on my mirror, to remind me of them every day. Needless to say my room is also a place that molded me in a way.

10.) Personal Metaphors 1) Bear; I love to sleep and am very protective. 2) FJ cruiser; no matter where, I am effective. 3) Necklace; I am simple yet reflective. 4) Wednesday; you see me and you’re half way there. 5) Pizza; something you will never spare. 6) Blue; I’ll keep you calm, to this I swear. 7) Inception; I keep you guessing. 8) Cinnamon; A smell of blessing. 9) School; sometimes stressing. 10) Aloe Vera; I’m soft and healing. 11) Piano; forever appealing. 12) Octagon; with more than one side and more than one feeling. 13) Lamp; I’ll light up your day. 14) Pursuit of happiness; I’ll make you sway. 15) Summer; I’m warm and I make you want to stay. 16) Naruto; my bonds are strong. 17) Scooby doo; I’m sometimes wrong. 18) Laptop; I work very long. 19) Eclipse; I sometimes hide. 20) Success; will make me stride.

11.) Extended Metaphors When I say I’m like Wednesday, I mean I’ll meet you half way. When you see me I’ll help you in any way needed. Wednesday is the halfway mark of the week. So once you get there half of the work is done. Of course the rest of the week remains, which is why you too will have to “meet me half way.” School, is a building I have associated myself with because we are kind of alike. We both give work and can be stressing, but at the same time we teach and give rewards. School is also a place to test yourself and see your limits. This is something me and my friends like to do. To see how far we’ve progressed. A piano is a wonderful instrument, with many sounds. I like to compare myself to a piano because they are simply amazing. I’m not saying I am amazing, but eventually I would like to be. Pianos can easily demonstrate any feeling as I can. The transition the piano can go through in tones is fast like any other teen’s emotions. Lamps are great house furniture. They can light up any dark room. I compare myself to lamps because they are usually depended on for sight as I am for guidance. Guidance is a really important quality in life. Without light this world would only grow in darkness and not bloom in the light. Naruto and I share the same values. Though, some might just call him a cartoon, I see him as a role model. We both have strong bonds between family and friends. We also share the will to never give up on someone we love. Naruto also share the same goals as me. (In general) He wants to achieve an important role in everyone’s lives as do I.

12.) Symbolic Recipe In order to create a “Terance” you must follow this list of instructions very carefully. First add the funniest substance in the world and wrap it in a medium coat of shyness. Now to drown out the shyness you will need lots of understanding and patience. Next you will have to let everything marinate in awesome sauce, with a dash of intelligence. You now accidentally put more than a dash of everything good. Now for the warnings, make sure you do not add more than the desired amount, because you will end up with the perfect human being. Failure to do so will result in a “Terance” who is stronger than superman, faster than light, and more well-known than God. Now we wouldn’t want that would we? Listen to the next few steps to create the perfect non- perfect “Terance.” Add special skills like art and creativity. Don’t forget to ask God for permission before finishing up. Put 1 cup of cultural awareness in to make everything sit well. If you like go ahead and throw in a love for languages. Next add the common “I hate math” ingredient. To complement the flavor throw in a passion to help and please people. You are almost done congratulations. All you have to do is give “Terance” a passing grade and a good comment for him to do the same.

13.) The Ultimate All- Purpose Excuse To: My wonderful, young, vibrant English teacher: Please excuse my tardy in today class because I had been previously engaged in helping an old woman who was being attacked by dogs while jogging this morning. When I saw her being attacked, I quickly came to a stop and ran to help the old lady, ignoring the time to get to school and not be late. After I chased the dogs away I quickly took her to the hospital and waited for the Doctors diagnosis. If you have any reason not to believe me please feel free to call her at this number she gave me 1-800-3253(F.A.K.E.)The old woman however is probably still in shock after being attacked so viciously and will probably not pick up her phone. Sincerely, A student who will not be late again.

14.) Telling Tales: What kind of stories does my family tell? There are lots, but I will tell you only a one of them. These stories helped me grow and understand right from wrong. The stories in my family are more of short legends or “things that will happen if you do not do this.” Stories with consequences can really whip a little kid into doing whatever you want. I guess that’s why my grandpa usually says, “You could do anything with the right words.” The first story I will tell you is, the reason why every kid in my family makes their bed before and after they sleep. The story starts off with a little bit of religion, my family strongly believes in the existence of guardian angels and how they protect us. So as the story goes… Each and every one of us has a guardian angel watching over us especially the children. The angels follow our every move until we finally meet them in the next world. There are only two reasons why the angels wouldn’t follow you, one if you steal or do something bad and the other is if you do not make your bed. My grandma used to tell us that the bed is not only a place for you to rest, but also for your soul. It is where you comfortably sleep and your soul cleanses itself for the next day. I guess fixing your bed is a way of keeping your place of rest safe. If you fail to fix your bed your guardian angel will stay to protect your soul, because no matter what happens to your body, it is nothing without your soul.

15.) Unfinished Sentences: 1)

I usually worry about my future, my family, and my choices in life. I worry about my future because I don’t really know what’s in store for me. I worry about my family because I don’t know when I will be all alone. I worry about my life because I can never figure out what to do and when to do it. 2) I feel angry when someone touches my stuff, I know this may sound selfish, but I don’t like it when I directly tell someone not to do something and they do it anyway. “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours!” I also feel angry when I have to write essays all the time. 3) I am moody when I don’t get things my way. I like everything to go according to plan, I may sound like a control freak, but it’s what I like. I get moody when someone just randomly wakes me up. I think that is when I am at my worst. 4) I’m happiest when I get to do what I love. For example I am happy when I am with my friends or happy when I help people. Things like these bring me joy. Even the slightest encouragement or good comment would make me the happiest for the day. 5) I feel confident when I do something unbelievable. When I hear something good about me. Or when I hear my favorite song. Even just doing something that’s amazing, that way I get to brag about it later.J 6) I feel frustrated when I do math! Math, “If it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong.” I also feel frustrated when I don’t do something right. Or when I end up on someone’s bad side. 7) I feel depressed when I think about death… I am not particularly afraid of dying, but rather what comes after death. I guess that’s why we got to have faith. I am also depressed when I feel alone in this big world. Or when the sun goes down and day turns into night. 8) I am comfortable when I feel welcomed or wanted. I feel comfy around my friends. People who I can just be myself, not anyone I have to impress or win over. I also feel comfortable with family of course. 9) I feel nervous when I have to do something right. I get nervous whenever I am near authority. Or when I am around someone who I feel is superior. 10) I feel sentimental when I think back on all the memories I had with people. Or when I see something that would instantly jog my memory. I love this feeling, because it makes me remember all of the easy going days.

16.) Personal Symbols: An object that specifically describes me would be my old watch. I used to wear that old thing everywhere, to parties, beaches, etc... It was a gift from my auntie who before had taught me how to tell time on a watch. I was so fascinated by how such a little thing could hold so much importance and knowledge. I guess I loved it because I too dreamed of becoming as great and useful as such a little thing. The watch was something so crucial and yet so simple to everyone. Though it may look simple outside, few people could understand the inner mechanisms happening from within. When I was young I was sometimes looked down on by others, but I guess I kind of liked it that way. They would sometimes belittle me so much that they wouldn’t see my hidden potential until I beat them. Realizing this, I have somewhat turned it into an advantage. Like the watch I carried so dear. Some may look upon me with fear, like when you become late, and some may look at me with smiles, knowing that they won’t miss it, and some may even look upon me with calmness knowing that they have time.

17.) Map of Life: Origin: -

God patted himself on the back.




Meeting my parents.


Learning how to crawl/ walk.


First word, “ Book.�


First bike.

Early Childhood: -

Finding out I am apart of the 11% of lefties in the world.


Going to J.P. Torres Elementary school.


Learning to ride without training wheels at 7.


Moving to a new house at 8.


Transferring to P.C. Lujan Elementary for 3rd grade.


Nearly cutting off my finger at age 9.


Learning my house number in case of emergencies.


Making my first best friend.

Early Adulthood: -

First orientation for middle school.


Made new friends.


Learned Japanese.


Promoted 3 times from middle school.


7th and 8th grade ball.


Field day.



Present: -

Facial hair.


High school/ Graduation/ life.

18.) A Mysterious Place: I first woke up in a place that was very bright. I didn’t know where I was, all I knew was that I wasn’t awake. At first it was too bright to fully open my eyes, but as the minutes rolled by I began to adjust. I realized that I wasn’t anywhere I have been before because it wasn’t familiar at all. The air was so fresh; I didn’t even need to think about breathing in my surprised state. Everything was serene as can be. As I began to calm down I started to explore this mysterious place. The ground so soft, one touch and you could sleep for months. The wind so gentle, you could feel it brush through each strand of hair. Then I thought, “Is this Heaven?” I wondered for a while where I might be. That’s when I heard something. It was something so scary I had no idea how to react. I heard… nothing. As the fear of loneliness crept upon me all I could do was panic. Yet as I panicked all my worries began to wash away. As if I knew I was safe within this calm, beautiful land. That’s when I heard the second sound, the wet sound of water hitting rocks, as if a stream or a river were nearby. I quickly ran towards this sound out of instinct thinking it might lead me somewhere. When I arrived I saw that it was neither a river or stream, but a grand waterfall roaring with magnificence. I hastily jumped into the water hoping to wake up, but as I hit the glowing liquid all I felt was a shroud of happiness. Then I thought, “I don’t want to leave this place, its paradise!” And at that moment I saw a blinding light coming from behind the waterfall illuminating everything before me. Until, I finally woke up…

19.) Synectics: 1) Which is wiser? A pen or pencil? I would say a pencil, because though a pen is more

confident a pencil has the ability to make past mistakes right. 2) Which is smarter? A clock or a calendar? I say a calendar is smarter, because it is written

and absolute, where as a clock can be tinkered with. 3) Which is easier to teach? A question or an answer? A question would be easier to teach

simply because you cannot know an answer without a question. 4) Which is like a contest? A cloud or a sunset? A cloud would be like a contest, because

there are many clouds but only one sunset. 5) Which is more fearful? New or old? New is more fearful, because you don’t know what it

is capable of. 6) Which has more pride? An entrance or an exit? An entrance has more pride, because it is

the most known. 7) Which is like a legend? A mirror or glass? A mirror is like a legend, because it is a

reflection of the truth. 8) Which is more useful? A friend or an enemy? An enemy, because they let you know your

weakness. 9) Which is happier? Music or art? Art, because it is more appreciated than music.

10) Which is braver? An hour or a year? An hour, because it take only an hour for you to do

something extraordinary.

20.) A Day in the Life: He has a simple, but exciting, funny, and confusing daily life. He starts his day by deciding whether or not he should wake up early in the morning. After weighing his options he inevitably gets out of bed. He knows that, “the early bird gets the worm.” Yet he doesn’t seem to care for worms in particular. Sometimes he meets new people, people that will see how great he is! However, he also meets people that aren’t that friendly, and yet he still tries his best to befriend them. He is a normal guy with a crazy imagination and could laugh at anything. He goes to George Washington high school, where he studies and chills with friends. You may not hear that much about him, but he should always be there. After all where else would he be? He loves school, but mostly because of friends. His talents lie in Language and Art. He would probably tell you he hates math! If you happen to see him in school, just say, “Hi!” Afterschool he either goes home or to work. When he gets home he basically just sleeps, but it is very rare for him to do homework like how he is now. This is his last year and only last quarter he began having a rare disease called, “Senioritis!” He would tell you that symptoms include not caring about work or grades, but just enough for him to pass. In fact he was probably just bored and had nothing else to do, so he decided to do this essay. To him every day is a mystery and an adventure. As he goes to sleep, he wonders what will await him tomorrow.

21.) These Words Belong to me 1)

Staycation: To go on a at- home vacation. Basically the same thing as a regular vacation, but one that is at home. I like this word because it reminds me of that saying “Theres no place like Home.”

2) Bibble:

To drink often: to eat/drink noisily. I don’t really know why but this word is so amusing to me. 3) Kakorrhaphiophobia:

The fear of failure. Because everyone has it and it sounds funny. 4) Ataraxia:

A calm state of mind; to be collected. I often wish I could achieve ataraxia sometimes.

5) Venustate:

To imrove; to make beautiful. Wouldn’t everyone want to venustate sometimes. 6) Acsian:

To ask a lot. When I was young I often asked a lot of questions. This word reminds me of my younger self. 7) Phenakism:

To trick or decieve; act of conveying false ideas. 8) Agerasia:

Youthful apperance in an old person. When I get old I wish to be/have agerasia. 9) Peredinate:

To put something off until the day after tomorrow. This word specifically describes me. 10) Betwixt: To be in between. My grades are usually betwixt.

22.) In Other Words 1)

“A house divided cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

2) “God is subtle but he is not malicious.” – Albert Einstein 3) “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi 4) “In the practice of tolerance, ones enemy is the best teacher.”-Dalai Lama 5) “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure one.”- Bruce Lee 6) “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

7) “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”- Albert Einstein 8) “You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you can’t close your heart

to the things you don’t want to feel.” – Johnny Depp 9) “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”- Winston

Churchill 10) “I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.” – Abraham Lincoln

23.) Flashback If I were able to relive one experience in my life, I would choose the day I really met “her.” Just to see her face and to remember how I felt while sneaking peaks at its beauty. Whether it be for good or bad, I would love to go back. To experience how it was before… I

wish I did something more rather than just sit there knowing that feelings would eventually die. I wish I’d known that someday she’d be the one person who could change my world in an instant. Forgive me for using imposing words, but I can barely recall when the last time I’ve felt this way was. An opportunity to go back and rewrite history would benefit anyone really. I chose this because though it may be useless to you, I say it was one of the most influential moments in my life. From that moment, I made it my mission to be a better person. Smarter, funnier, friendlier, loving, and sympathetic, all these would result in the me today. By now I should be at a loss of words, but words of feeling can never really end can they? Even now I am inspired daily by how her beautiful eyes could daze any battle ready army, how her warm smirks could put cracks in polar ice caps, and how her laugh would lighten up any crowd. I guess all I could do if I actually went back, is warn myself as to how weak your knees would get in front of her, how confused you would get at times, how speechless you would become with her, and how much feelings will flood into your head and little by little into your heart…

24.) Remembrance of Things Present In 20 years I would have forgotten how my present self would have been, so the things I would like myself to remember would have to be the fact that I try my hardest to help others and I hope I stay this way. I rarely get angry and think that is a great trait. I want to remember myself as someone who never wasted a second of his life. I want to be determined

enough to go thru with anything that I would otherwise be too scared to do. I will want to remember my 12th grade English teacher who pushed us to be better. I will want to remember myself as the kind,humble,and wonderful person that everyone will see after first meeting me. I hope to be remembered as ambitious and persistent as my predecessors. I wish to be known as someone important, even if for only one person. Just that satisfaction will allow me to look back and realize I was something important to someone. I hope 20 years from now I will look back and congratulate myself on starting on my career early. By 20 years from now I hope to be a very succesful person, who could talk about his past and inspire others. If that were possible, I think in 20 years if I didn’t become successful I would be living in the past.

25.) As Time Goes Bye-Bye As I get older I cant help but regret somethings. Yet at the same time I cant help but congratulate myself on the accomplishments that I have made. I cant help but hope that my achievements outweigh my regrets. Time has flown by so fast, I feel like 3 years ago could be yesterday. I have said “Bye-Bye� too many times on opportunities that presented themselves to me.

By the time I become 35 years old I will have wanted to have at least a bachelors degree in whatever field I decide to study. My goal is a doctrine, but that will take very long. I may seem too ambitious, but that is exactly the way I wanna come off as. If I continually doubt myself in everything, where do you think I will end up? So yes my dreams may be big, but I am willing to conquer them. My ultimate goal in life is to be renowned by many. I want to be known as someone who did it. I wish to be successful with a comfortable lifestyle. I also want to assist people in my job, whatever it may be. I just want to be successful.

26.) My Own List of Lists • 1) People who have influenced me: •


Abe Lincoln

-Albert Einstein

Rosa Parks


Bill Gates


Masashi kishimoto


2) Places that make me happy:



Gold diggers

6) Things that worry me:




Not procrastinate

Kanojo no bashou




3) Places I would like to go:

7) Things I would like to know how to do:

8)Things that have moved me:


This class






Strong winds


9)Ideas that intrigue me:

4) Things in people which I like: •





5) Things in people which I dislike: •




Time travel

The existence of a parallel universe



10) My personal favorites: •




27.) Cheer Yourself Up • • • • • • • • • •

Go up to strangers, and randomly talk to them. Give random people high fives. Stare at somebody across the classroom, but when they lock eyes, don’t look away. Sing the most embarrassing song that pops into your head in front of the one you like. Walk and talk at high paste. Moonwalk through the Mayors office. Shout something random in a conversation. Monologue everything you are thinking. tell everything that you are doing threw interpretive dancing. During class, walk up to the teacher and ask the most stupid question.

28.) Metamorphosis I used to be… -Shy: Never really talked to anyone. - Reserved: Did everything by myself. -Misanthrope: Disliked most people. -Nervous: Always setting myself to fall. -Quiet: Not much of a talker. - Mean: Saying what I wanted. - Timid: Not having real close relations. - Doubtful: “It won’t happen.” -Pessimistic: Thinking I wouldn’t really amount.

But now I am… -

Free: Talkng to anyone I want.


Dependent: Working as a team.


Well known: An okay title.


Confident: Having made more progress.


Talkative: Only when needed.


Nice: Too nice.


Out going: Hanging with friends.


Hopeful: For my future.


Optimistic: For everything.

29.) Picture This

(Haven, Starry Night, VincentVan Gogh.) I would say the opinion of the work suggests something peaceful yet chaotic at the same time. I say this because the picture looks calm, as a starry night should be. Still the way the brush strokes were made say that there was probably an internal conflict happening. This picture is a perfect example of how people could hide their emotions with a mask. Though it may look “nice� the picture or painting could mean something more. It is like a subtle nudge in the

direction the painter wants you to explore. This is just my way of interpreting it, with untrained eyes. So please excuse me if I may be wrong.

30.) Look Who I Look Up To First off, I would like to recognize Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln is one of my greatest role models because he strove for success at such a young age and even while loosing his mother he never stopped excelling. Throughout his life he was always respected by his peers. This is a trait that I would strive to have in common. He taught himself law and became one of the most respected senates in the U.S. After catching the public’s eye, Lincoln gave his all and became president. Lincoln gives me hope that I too will be important later in life. He was an ambitious man that saw the faults in America and decided to fix them. Lincoln also inspires me to help in any situation as best I can. Soon after, he began to outlaw slavery by creating the Emancipation Proclamation. To be so selfless, loving, and caring is something I too want to achieve day by day. One of my favorite quotes from him was, “A house divided cannot stand.” The second role model I would like to recognize would have to be Albert Einstein. I like to sympathize with Einstein because, he was determined. He too had a rough start, not being able to talk until he was 3 made everyone think less of him. Of course this gave him much room to improve as he grew. His school grades were at best mediocre and nobody thought a genius would emerge from him. After schooling Einstein decided to tech himself advanced math and formulas. I really hate math so this is something that I can relate to. As a result he created formulas that would change the way physicist would see the world. The ability to leave everyone speechless is something I want. Einstein was also an aspiring humanitarian that would often help the U.N. He was all about peace as am I. The third person I would like to recognize would be Rosa Parks. Mrs. Parks was raised on her grandparent’s farm, where she learned the true value of equality from her grandfather. She was first introduced to discrimination when attending school away from her grandfather’s farm. She was shocked and angered at the same time. I too would have the same expression if this were to happen to me. She fought for her kind and wanted nothing more than

equality. I would've fought for the same thing, but probably not as forceful. I think of Mrs. Parks as a role model because she never wavered. Even while being confronted on a bus for her seat she was persistent.

31.) Remembering the Child The memory I am about to share with you will be one that is very embarrassing, well at least for me. This is a memory that only me and my parents share. It all started when I joined a basketball team named “Heat” during 5th grade. At that time I had been in other sports, but I knew nothing about basketball. The one who convinced my parents to let me join was my coach. He would often be saying, “He would make a great addition to the team.” So I joined going in with no experience, I was actually pretty good at making shots, but the rules of the game were a bit blurry. Our first game was coming up and I was put in the A team. My position on the court was center, being the tallest and all. All I knew was that in order for us to win we had to make shots. So as I kept making shots in the scores started evening out. Since I didn’t really know the rules, I didn’t know the ref. changed the hoops for teams. Then when the game was about to end I gave it my all to make a shot. Little did I know that all the cheering wasn’t because I was about to make the winning shot, but that I was about to make a shot in the enemies hoop. We ended up losing that game by one point and I haven’t played in a basketball team after that season. After a while I started to play again, but not on an official team. I think this is probably the reason why I am hard on myself whenever I loose.

32.) One Medium Suitcase Let’s be honest, a medium suitcase could not begin to cover everything that I would need if I were to leave home. Still, the things that I could take would be, my memories because who am I without them? Something sentimental like a picture or a toy with lots of emotional meaning. The second most important thing I would bring would of course be money! In a world run by politics, you can’t get anywhere without it. I would also cover the basics like water, clothes, food! Nobody can survive without food, not even Steve Erwin.(R.I.P.) I would take a few of my favorite books to keep me busy for a while. A must would be my gadgets like, my laptop, phone, etc… a pillow and some blankets wouldn’t hurt too. I guess I could also pack a reason for leaving? Probably something very plausible? I imagine the suitcase being very heavy after all that, so an extendable handle and roller wheels would be nice. I don’t see a bright future in a situation like this, most likely because the suitcase is way too small to fit an imagination like mine. I will make do with what little space it allows me though.

33.) The Perfect Present The perfect gift that the perfect teacher could give me would be patience. I think that if I had patience then my life would be easier. For example I wouldn’t really worry about things that would happen. Instead I would live in the moment and take in everything around me. Patience will also help me to become a more understanding person. If I was given the will to stop and understand a person more then I’m sure I could make friends with anyone. Patience is a required trait among some religions, if only it was required for everything. Then the world would be tackling problems with wise decisions instead of rash ones. The fact that most of our youth doesn’t have patience kind of bothers me. I know that we like to act superior to our predecessors, but in patience that is not the case. They say the older you get the more appreciation you will have for patience. I one hundred percent believe this. I know how hard it is to have patience at some times. During these times I just want to jump up and do something about it, taking matters into my own hands. With patience you can achieve so much more. If you are patient, great things will come to you.

34.) Memorable Event The most memorable event I would say I had was my trip to Japan. It all started in school during my Junior year, I had just been nominated to compete in the Rotary GuamKaruizawa Student Exchange. I was one of 20 students island-wide to compete for the chance to go to Japan free of charge. Out of the 20 student only 5 would be chosen, so naturally I gave it my all. I had attended every formal event, meeting, and party they had given. Over the course of 3 months after waiting so impatiently they finally called me to congratulate me on winning. At that moment I knew that no matter what I wanted, with hard work and an unwavering spirit I could accomplish it. When the time came to leave I was really happy. I was about to embark on a new journey all by myself. Of course the other students were there too, but at that time I barely knew any of them. On the 3 hour plane ride to Japan I got closer to everyone. To my surprise they were exactly like me, with the same ambitions and dreams. They too wanted to become successful in life. Just knowing this made me feel at ease that I wasn’t the only one who was in this battle of life trying to come out on top. When we arrived we all became best friends, after all we were all we had. It was like a dream; each and every one of us had been sent to a wealthy family’s home and treated like royalty. I really miss it back there and wish one day I could go back to see the friends I made and the family I’ve learned to be comfy with.

35.) How to… How to lose your job •

Get a job.

Make friends

Become very familiar with the boss.

Have fun

Suddenly stop doing your job

Over the course of years slowly become hated

Do something random and scary

Completely stop working

Slowly make them realize this.

Steal as much money as you can from their company

Get caught

Lose your job

Try not to get arrested for stealing.

Find a new job


36.) Always Say Never •

People who sold me out

People who don’t believe in me

Pessimistic people




Haunted house

Abandoned places


Funeral Home

Hospital chapels

Small Airplanes

Disney land

37.) Are You Hungry? My favorite meal wouldn’t be something too fancy and nothing too cheap. I don’t know why, but I seem to enjoy home cooked meals better than bought ones. It’s not that it tastes better or looks better, it’s just I get to appreciate the hard work and time put into that meal, especially if I am the one who prepared it. If I were to get into detail with my favorite food I am afraid I cannot. I don’t have a favorite food as much as I have a most hated food. I was raised to cherish every meal and the effort in it. Even as a child I actually loved vegetables. They made me feel clean and strong, or maybe those are the thoughts that were beaten into my head by my parents? Still, I can’t possibly think of a meal that would be number one on my charts. However, I do remember my mom saying that when I was younger I loved to eat ice cream. I don’t know if that would be classified as a meal, but I guess I have a sweet tooth for sweet things. Other than ice cream I can’t think of any other unclassified meals that I love.

38.) Where I’m From The beautiful to tourist, but hot as hell home to locals. The place where America’s day begins. Surrounded by the pacific ocean, it is a small dot. You could say that it’s mothers name is Mariana and that it’s the biggest of all it’s siblings. The place with so much variety they even have a newspaper about it. One of the most strategic areas during WWII. A place with so much history it hurts. That small, but very important rock 13.5000° N, 144.8000° E. The land of Hafa Adai!

The people of this land are known to be humble, but stubborn. They speak English, but also have a native language. The island so westernized its funny. The rock where you can find any ethnicity. Somewhere with villages instead of states. A place considered to be in Asia. The land where you eat BBQ everyday. The place I call home…

This place I call home has made me into the person I am today. Sure it has been rough, but what journey isnt? If anything during these rough years I have gained experience. Experience that will help me later in life anywhere in the world. The fact that I am from here is rare, its not everyday you hear someone is from this place.

39.) Deck of 52 1) 2) 2 of spades - you


are the apple of my eye. 3)

2 of clubs - You are my world.

8) 3 of diamonds -

Here's looking at you, kid.

4) 2 of diamonds - I

care about you. 5) 2 of hearts - Te

Amo 6)

3 of spades - I'm in lesbians with you.

3 of clubs - I enjoy spending time with you.


3 of hearts - 我愛 你

10) 4 of spades - Olive

Juice. 11) 4 of clubs - You

make my knees weak.

12) 4 of diamonds -

You've stolen my heart. 13) 4 of hearts - Σ

'αγαπώ 14) 5 of spades - You

make my heart beat out of my chest. 15) 5 of clubs - You

take my breath away. 16) 5 of diamonds -

Did you fall from heaven?

17) 5 of hearts - Hu

guaiya hao. 18) 6 of spades - You

take my breath away. 19) 6 of clubs - You

make me speechless. 20) 6 of diamonds - Be

mine. 21) 6 of hearts - Jag

älskar dig 22) 7 of spades - You're

my only reason to stay alive. 23) 7 of clubs - Make it

to me. 24) 7 of diamonds -

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? 25) 7 of hearts - 당신

을 사랑합니다 26) 8 of spades - I need

you. 27) 8 of clubs - I do. 28) 8 of diamonds - To

me, you are perfect. 29) 8 of hearts - 愛し


30) 9 of spades - Will

you hold my hand? 31) 9 of clubs - You

make me lose my self-control. 32) 9 of diamonds -

Stay with me. 33) 9 of hearts - Mahal

Kita. 34) 10 of spades - No

matter how long it takes no matter how far. I will find you. 35) 10 of clubs - I

thought we would meet only in death. 36) 10 of diamonds - I

love you to the moon and back. 37) 10 of hearts - 大好

き 38) Jack of spades - I

wanna be yours. 39) Jack of clubs -

Love is too weak a word for what I feel. 40) Jack of diamonds-

I'm infatuated with you. 41) Jack of hearts - ผม


42) Queen of spades -

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. 43) Queen of clubs -

You are my angel. 44) Queen of

diamonds - I fell for you. 45) Queen of hearts -

tôi yêu em 46) King of spades -

I'm blinded with love. 47) King of clubs -

This feels like magic. 48) King of diamonds -

I never wish to be parted from you from this day on. 49) King of hearts: Je

t'aime. 50) Ace of Spades -

you had me at hello. 51) Ace of clubs - my

heart is, and always will be yours.

52) Ace of diamonds -

53) Ace of hearts - I

as far as I'm concerned, you're tops.

love you.

40.) The Examined Life Best things about me: •

I am smart





Knack for languages

Open minded

Bad things about me: •

Wise crack

Too nice

Don’t really worry about myself


Gets mixed between dialects




41.) Annual Report If I were to compare the things I did last year with the things I do this year, they would be very different. Last year I was moderately shy and not really outgoing. The only time I actually did go out was with friends or family. Now I love going out to get away from my problems even if for a few minutes. Last year I was all about work and no play. I’m not saying that was a bad thing, but I guessed it kind of was. Last year I never paid much attention to feelings, now I seem to have lots.

The things I do now that I would’ve never done before are driving, running, and relaxing. I guess you could say this year kind of balanced out last year. As for next year I don’t know what will happen. I hope in the near future I can say I accomplished something more. I want to have a great time next year even if my high school years are over.

I want to have learned more than three languages during next year. So far I can only say I know about two. I want something special next year. Something with ups and downs twists and turns. I want an adventure with lots to look forward to. I want to travel the world with someone.

42.) Ekphrasis

The Light Wolf: Once upon a time there were two tribes that loathed each other. During this age magic was a real thing. Each tribe had magic, but their color was very distinct. The Aoi tribe had blue magic, while the Akai tribe had red magic. For generations the tribes fought each other until finally creating spells so powerful it could wipe each other out. Little did they know that a new tribe would be introduced into their territory? The tribes name was Yami, which meant darkness. This tribe also had magic, but it was dark. It destroyed everything, they even moved from their original territory because the earth had become so dead. When they first arrived both the Aoi and Akai tribe tried to become allies with them. But to no avail they were turned down. The Yami tribe had another idea in mind, to take everything. Once the Aoi and Akai tribe realized this they decided to put their differences away and work together to drive these evil people from the land. When the two tribes conjoined their most powerful spells it created a creature, a hybrid if you would. The form it took was a wolf, at first seeing this wonderful power they fought over it, but the blue and red wolf was self conscious and didn’t want either of them to fight. The wolf decided to help, but only if the two tribes made peace. The tribes decided it was for the best and did just that. The wolf quickly destroyed the Yami tribe and became the guardian to both tribes. Instead of “red wolf” or “blue wolf” they decided on Light Wolf.

43.) Visually Speaking

44.) Lessons I Learned After It Was Too Late

The lessons I learned after it was too late amount in mountains. There are so many that I cannot remember them all. Let’s start off early, one of the first lessons I learned after it was too late was don’t use soap to cook rice. It seemed logical at first, then I thought “but don’t we eat this?” The second lesson is when I learned not to wash colors with whites. I had lots of different color clothes after that. Also a few angry relatives.

Another lesson I learned was to not feed the dog seafood. The dog will most likely die if it it fed seafood. Learned that one the hard way. Luckily I wasn’t blamed, the dog was already dying. I also learned not to play under a glass table. The result in playing under the glass table was a stitched up finger and lots of blood loss.

Lastly I learned that I shouldn’t tease my older brother. It took sometime before it finally set in, but I got there. We would usually fight and he would almost always win.

45.) The Door

When I walk out that door, I want to be surrounded by technology. I wish somehow the world before I walked into the classroom suddenly advanced. I want the world to move forward to a time where everything is peaceful, beautiful, and nice. I would see my classmates standing outside freaked out as much as me, but still calm because the serene setting. I guess what I want is for the door to open to a bright future with the same people. I want to walk out that door homework free.

When I walk out that door, I don’t want to see chaos everywhere. I don’t want the world to plummet to its weakest point in knowledge. I don’t want to encounter a monster of any sort, I don’t want to be struck with a knife, and most of all I don’t want to walk out that door without doing Mrs. Griffin’s work.

46.) Advice to the Young

The advice I will be giving will be directed to my younger self. STOP BEING SO SHY! If you let out just a little bit more and show people who you really are you’d be surprised at the amount of friends you will achieve. You are a great person who has genius ideas as well, why not show them off a little? Widen your circle, break threw your comfort zone, and shine. That way you wouldn't have to hold your tongue and wonder what it would've been like. Listen to ideas as you always do, but do not be afraid to challenge them, after all repetition makes for a healthy brain. Learn as much as you can in what time you have left. Tell people how you really feel! Through giving ideas you get a sense of individualism and learn to be on your own. Don’t hold back for someone you’ll only know for another 2 years. Give it your all, it’s fine to showoff once in a while. Know who your real friends are, not the ones just there to copy your obviously genius ideas. Achieve greatness, set your expectations high, know your limits. Finally, you should relax and enjoy the ride. I know you want to grow up so fast, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Facing the world is hard! Take your time and be a kid for a little longer. There will be lots of tough decisions ahead, but remember to be cool, calm, and collected…

47.) Who Am I

Who am I? I’m that guy who helps if he can, the person who will keep his word, the one who will be there. Over these past 17 years I’ve been known by countless names. Some which I would prefer over others, but the 5 nouns that come up the most would have to be… •


For how I would pay more attention to details in class and subjects than others. •


For how I would reassure friends and peers and give advice. •


For how I could make a beneficial deal with almost anyone. •


For how I grasp more than one language better than others. •


For how I can win almost any argument with friends.

From the information gathered, I guess one would conclude that my current self would be known as a smart person that gets okay grades and listens in class. A friendly face welcoming people with problems. A deal maker, who would be equal with you. A persistent person that isn’t ready to give up so easily.

48.) Rewarding Experiences

1. Being born: How can I even stress the importance of this event? It is the beginning of a

new age for me and for everyone I have influenced. Without this event humanity would be robbed of one of its greatest achievements. 2.

Riding a bike without training wheels: When I rode my bike as a child it always had training wheels and that never really bothered me. One day my neighbor ridiculed me at having to use training wheels, so I decided to take the training wheels off. Then I realized that I could ride a bike perfectly. I had so much satisfaction with myself afterwards.


Learning how to tell time: Time was such a wonder to me, I often wondered how adults could simply tell time from a such a small device. I always thought it was something only adults could do, but with the help of my auntie I found out its never too early to learn something.


Becoming technology proficient: My generation would often be referred to as the technological generation. Everyone my age should be familiar with almost every piece of technology at hand. Becoming proficient in technological use made me very happy.


Getting my first cell phone: Now that I look back on this I realize that my phone wasn’t that advanced at all, but it was my first.

6. Family gathering: It was fun to see everyone come together. 7. Japan: I won a free ticket to Japan and had the time of my life. 8. GNCB:(Guam Nihongo Challenge Bowl winners) 9. California: Went to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. 10. Confirmation: Fulfilling my duty to the church and God.

49.) Valuable Lessons 1. Mature: As a child I really had a good sense of handling things. As a result I had to

become mature faster than most kids my age. 2. Know right from wrong: Being good at handling things weren’t the only thing I was good

at. I was also good at spotting problems. I easily learned the difference from right and wrong. 3. Protect: I learned how to protect not only my ideas, but also my friends and family.

Standing up for them made me feel like a hero in some way. 4. Empathy: I learned at the end of Elementary that you have a choice to either become

someone’s reason to smile, or someone’s reason to cry. I learned how others had feelings and how each and every one of us affect them. 5. Courage: I had one of my firsts burst of courage on a fieldtrip. We had gone to an ancient

cave for geography. One of my friends was about to fall off the edge, but I ran as fast as I could to grab her before falling myself. 6. Hope: I feel hope every day. I hope something wonderful will happen every day. 7. Love: Of course everyone knows this feeling from family and friends. Some people

rarely have this feeling happen to them though. I have recently had lots of impact with that. 8. Despair: With every good feeling comes a bad one. There is a Yin to every Yang. Despair

is a lesson I don’t really want to go back to. 9. Knowledge: It is a thing only acquired through hard work, unless you’re a genius.

50.) Futures- Fantasy and Fact I would have just woken up in my king size mattress next to the woman I loved in my master bedroom. Once I’ve gotten ready for work in suit and tie I would get into my Bugatti and drive off to my successful company. While there I would check on my employees and finally get to my office. I would be doing work of course, but I would still be the boss. By that time I would know at least 10 languages fluently. I would wake up in a house that is comfortable, nice, and serene. I would make sure I have the woman I love with me. The car I would get in and drive would be average. I would get ready for work and drive while trying not to think about what could’ve been. My job would most likely be in language. Probably a professor on Linguistics or on tourism. I can say I will try my best to have fun in my life 10 years from now. I would know at least 5 languages fluently. The difference in the two paragraphs I just wrote aren’t that big. Sure in the first one I am as successful as I could only dream, but the second one isn’t all that bad. I would prefer the first of course, but I wouldn’t mind the second either. The steps I could do to be more like the first one would probably be take work more seriously and just be better.

Epilogue: I seem to have forgotten my booklet on the plane ride back from hell, but I am assured someone will find it and return it. I imagine something like this happening. A random person boards the plane I was previously on and finds my booklet. He then opens the book due to curiosity and it’s enticing cover. He wonders what kind of book it would be, because judging from the cover it’s about someone “On Top of the World.” He turns to the table of contents and is amazed at how many pages have been made. Then he started reading page by page. By the time he got half way he couldn’t stop. He admitted the booklet was amazing, but he wondered who could’ve wrote such things? He quickly turns to the front page to see the authors name and a class period next to it. Could it be that these wonderful words came from a highschooler’s mouth? He becomes even more engaged in the story and reads deeper. He didn’t expect his flight to go so smoothly. He admits to have shed a tear or two while reading the hardships of the authors life. He thinks to himself, “I wish I could meet this person!” He starts to feel a connection to the author. He thinks it is because he may have had similar problems. By now he has had a few people look at him funny on the plane due to his uncontrolable laughter. He realizes that the author didn’t want every one crying while reading his work. He loathes the authors creativity and outstanding view on life. He looks at the time and finds that it is almost time for the plane to land. He told himself, “Just a few more minutes!” He glances back and forth between the book and his watch. He decides to take picture of the booklet, afterall he did want to return it or at least leave it in the lost and found. He reached for his phone which to his surprise was fully charged, the phone he was supposed to spend all his time on during the flight was never touched at all. He then gives himself a little smirk and thinks, “Thank God I found this booklet!”

On Top of the World  

Submissions 1-50 English 12 3rd Pd.

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