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thank Thee, and praise Thy glorious Name. —I Chr. 29 13. :

FATHER Who OUR children, created

we are Thy Thy image, redeemed by the blood of Thy Son, and dependent on Thy grace for Our health, our happiness, our all that we enjoy. art in Heaven,


food, our clothing, and many other good gifts are the evidence of Thy gracious care, and we pray that we may have grace and strength to honor Thee for what Thou hast done for us, by loving one another, and doing good unto all men, as we have opportunity. blessed Saviour, and dwell within us Come Thou, by Thy Spirit, and teach us in all things to do Thy will. We have often been forgetful of Thee, and disobedient to Thy commands, and we pray that our sins may all be forgiven for Thine own Name's sake. As we enter upon each new day, remind us of the fact that we can only hope to attain to the best success by Thy favor and blessing, and we would seek to make ourselves worthy of these, by so performing the common tasks of life, as to honor Thy Name. If we have difficult duties to perform, or dangerous temptations to meet, help us to realize that our sufficiency is in Christ, and that all things are possible to him that believeth. And all we ask is in the Name of Christ, our




B. Smiley, D.D.,

Oneonta, N. T.

140_0501 - God's Minute - Published in 1916 - Princeton Seminary Copy  

children, created in Thy image, redeemed by the blood of Thy Son, and dependent on Thy grace for all that we enjoy. Our health, our happines...