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Your satisfaction is Guaranteed! Tenco Orthodontics Products, guarantees that its products are of the highest quality and workmanship. Before we sell a product commercially, it is clinically field tested. This thorough evaluation insures that each product performs to satisfaction for the full treatment time and is chemically safe for you, your staff and your patients.


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Self-Cure and Light Cure Bonding Agents and Adhesives; Cements and Resins; Etchants and Primers. Single use and Kits available.





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Chemical Cure Adhesive Kit Push type with Fluoride. RPF




Chemical Cure Adhesive Kit with tips with Fluoride. RTF




Chemical Cure Adhesive 14gm. Paste Push, 4/pack. RPP


4/   Pack  


Chemical Cure Adhesive Paste Tips, 33/pack. RPT


33/   Pack  


CONTAINS FLOURIDE – Chem Loc ™ Primer is formulated with a monomer that contains fluoride and will not reduce bond strength (non Fluoride available as well). UNSURPASED BOND STRENGTH- Chem Loc ™ is   formulated with a highly filled paste that combines with a unique primer to produce a bond strength to etched enamel that virtually eliminates bond failure.


TACKEY VISCOSITY- Chem Loc ™ Paste is very tacky, which prevents bracket floatation and will penetrate the finest mesh bases for maximum strength.


VARIETY OF PASTE PACKAGING- Chem Loc ™ PASTE is available in 3.5g push syringes or preloaded syringe tips.


EXTENDED SHELF LIFE (No Refrigeration)- Our unique catalyst system does not require refrigeration. ECONOMICAL- Approximately 850 bonds per kit! Only a small amount of primer and paste is required to produce maximum bond strength. SUGGESTED USE- Bracket adhesion.

     Chem  Loc™  Kit     Push  type,  w/Fluoride     Chem  Loc™  Kit     With  tips,  w/Fluoride          Chem  Loc™  Paste     Push  type       Chem  Loc™  Paste  Tips        

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BONDS CHEMICALLY TO METAL- Light Loc ™ was developed to increase adhesion to even the finest screen mesh bases. The paste contains a monomer that bonds chemically, as well as mechanically, to metal bracket bases, improving adhesion.


FLUORESCES- Light Loc ™ Paste will fluoresce when illuminates with an ultraviolet black light. This feature allows the operator to detect flash at bracket placement and adhesive remnants left at debond. SINGLE PASTE, LIGHT ACTIVATED- No mix, single paste is applied directly to the bracket base. COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SEALANTS & SELF ETCHING PRIMERS AVAILABLE WITH AND WITHOUT FLUORIDE

SUGGESTED USES- Bracket adhesive.   Light  Loc™  Kit  Push  type   Light Cure Fluorescing, Adhesive Kit, Push type w/Fluoride   w/Fluoride   PLPKF

Light  Loc™  Kit  with  tips   w/Fluoride          Light  Loc™  Paste  Push  type   w/Fluoride     Light  Loc™  Paste  Tips  w/Fluoride            Light  Loc™  Light  Cure  Retainer   Kit  Tips     BAND  AND  CROWN  CEMENTS  


1  Kit  


Light Cure Adhesive Kit with tips w/Fluoride PLTKF


1  Kit  


4.5 g Light Loc ™ Paste in Push Syringe. PLPF


1  (4.5  g)   syringe  


4.5 g Light Loc ™ Paste in tips, 10/pack. PLTF



Light Cure Retainer Adhesive Kit with Paste in Tips Highly filled, smooth glass finish, high durability. LCRET


10/   Pack   1  Kit    




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6/   Pack  



6/   Pack  




LIGHT ACTIVATED- No working time constraints, instantaneous cure. NO MIXING


ALL PURPOSE CEMENT- Band Loc ™ can also be used to bond acrylic appliances and as occlusal build up material. When bonding appliances, you must first etch the enamel surface. BONDS TO METAL- Band Loc ™ will bond chemically to stainless steel bands. Removal is all in one piece with cement in the appliance. AVAILABLE IN NATURAL AND BLUE SHADE

  Band  Loc™  Kit  Push  5gm  6/pk.     Band and Crown Adhesive Kit in Natural Shade, Push   Syringe, 30 g, 6 syringes/ pack

UBL Band  Loc™  Kit  Blue  Push     Band and Crown Adhesive Kit in Blue Shade, Push Syringe, 30 g, 6 syringes/ pack UBLB













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Band and Crown Cement Starter Kit PRS


1  Kit  


Band and Crown Cement 15 mg Powder Bottle PRP15




Band and Crown Cement 15cc Liquid Bottle PRL15






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 5   syringes   100  tips    


  Band  Loc™  Push  Paste  5gm     Band and Crown Adhesive, Single Push Paste Syringe 5g

UBLLP      Band  Loc™  Blue  Push  Paste  5mg       Band and Crown Adhesive, Blue Push Paste Syringe 5mg   UBLBPP GI Secure ™ PRODUCT FEATURES HIGH COMPRESSIVE AND TENSILE STRENGTH- Unlike zinc phosphate cements, GI Secure ™ will not wash out form under orthodontic bands. REDUCE DECALCIFICATION- GI Secure ™ cement

  leaches fluoride ions to reduce decalcification.

BONDS IN WET AND DRY ENVIRONMENT- GI Secure ™ is a hydrophilic glass ionomer that will bond in saliva or water contaminated field. SUGGESTED USES- Band and Crown cement.

  GI  Secure™  Starter  Kit            GI  Secure™  15  mg  Powder   Bottle     GI  Secure™  15cc  Liquid  Bottle       Adhesion  Booster  

Boost™ Universal Bonding Resin will increase adhesion to normal, atypical, dry or slightly contaminated enamel. This universal bonding agent bonds to metal restorations without additional primers. No drying or light curing required and can be used with any light or chemical cure system. Will bond to the following surfaces without additional primers; fluorosed, deciduous, bleached or wet enamel, dentin, metal surfaces and composite restorations.


Boost™  Universal  Bonding  Resin     Adhesion Booster, Universal Bonding Resin, 6cc bottle AS

  Liquid and gel

Enamel  Conditioner  (Etchant)  



     ProEtch™  Etchant  Liquid   9gm bottle each     EL9                                    ProEtch™  Etchant  Gel  In   Contains 30 g Gel Etch in syringes and 100 tips Syringe       EGES                                                                




Surface  Conditioners  

  Porcelain  Etchant   Surface Conditioner Gel w/barrier gel, 15cc (7g) Gel  w/barrier  gel     POE Porcelain  Conditioner     For Bonding to Ceramic Crowns, 15cc bottle PO

Reshine™  Polishing  Paste     Diamond Polishing Paste 2 oz. jar

RESPP Plastic  Conditioner     For Bonding to Composite Restorations and Acrylic Appliances, 10 cc bottle PL Metal  Conditioner     Metal conditioner and Primer for Bonding to Gold, Stainless Steel and Amalgam, 8 ml bottle ME

Chairside  Accessories  




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250/   Pack  



500/   Pack  



50/   Pack  



5/   Pack  



3/   Pack  






Bendable  Brushes     Economy Pack, 250 Disposable, Bendable Brushes/pack BB250

  Sponge  Pellets   Sponge Pellets, 500/pack SP

  Spatulas   Nylon Mixing Spatulas, 50/pack S

  Mixing  Wells   Side by side Mixing Wells, 5/pack MXW

  Mixing  Pads   Non –Absorbent Mixing Pads, 3/pack PADS

  C.R.  Syringe  Mark  II   CR Syringe CRII