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The Apostil World Kingdom JOINING CONTACT THE UNION OF THE WORLD’S COUNTRIES (Third Decision of Wien) Under the protection of Holy Crown which will reorganize the lawful state order in the countries of the world, the Kingdom – the Crown of all nations – the Leading Main Lord of the Apostil World Kingdom and the leaders of the countries will sign a union contract. By signing this contract, each and every country reflects its union with all the others as an individual administrative area. The main purpose of creating the World Kingdom is to bring world peace and wellbeing to all the citizens of the world. The sources of Earth by the laws of the divine universe and the Sun are enough and wholesome for every human being. By recalling the lawful state order, the truthful dividing of properties will be provided without condition to the basic income to everyone. The reason for the current chaotic situation around the world is money. It is the base of all accounts and has needless functions such as interest and changing currencies in different countries. Due to this, economy has become unpredictable worldwide. Furthermore, companies, banks, their shares and main materials on the stock market have also led to this unbearable situation. This is the reason why the Holy Crown divided itself and became an electronic payment – the “Holycrown” (STK) – in order to reorder the position of individuals, companies and nations. The Governor of the Apostil Hungarian Kingdom founded the Hungarian Saint Crown National Development, Innovation and Capital Bank on 16 April 2011. The Governor provided access to the new national payment, the electronic “Holycrown” with the help of the Net World Bank on 25 February 2013. The Net World Bank releases 20 000 000 000 000 “Holycrowns” to the Apostile Hungarian Kingdom and all the countries of the world. It will also provide 100% of the needed electronic amount as coverage. The payment provided to the countries will be permanently given with the software by the Holy Crown Bank. The state form of the future countries will be absolute monarchy, which will provide personal responsibility. Juries will take the place of the courts. The parties will be dismissed and countries will be reined by the one person leader of each country. Due to religious oppositions, by time, a world religion will have to be created. The main task of every country will be providing society. Commercial banks will disappear. All the functions will be placed to the given country’s central bank and the Holy Crown Net Bank. The functions of the World Bank and the Currency Bank will be led by the Net World Bank. Each country will be an individual state. Public supply, environmental protection, the safety of countries and the social net will be provided and maintained by the state and only the state. The “Holycrown” is free of interest and it does not contain any commission. With the help of the above mentioned measures, the bureaucracy, which is the base of corruption, will eventually disappear. The economy will become visible, therefore it will be synchronized. The leaders of the states, who are the main benefiters of the current state order, must provide the fast and problem free change between the polity structures. 10 % of the given amount of “Holycrown” to each country will be led to the one person leader of the new state apparatus provided that the 90% will be divided among the wellbeing of the citizens. From this moment the leaders of countries will have only one interest which is provided in advanced,

therefore the personal interest will not motivate them and they will be able to serve their people with full responsibility and loyalty. In contrast to the earlier 90% which was given to leaders, now only 10% will be needed to motivate them and still they will be able to keep their usual standard of living. The army of each country will maintain world peace together. In case of any natural disaster or industrial catastrophe, the World Kingdom and all its countries will provide the reconstruction. The Holy Crown Net World Bank will pay the debts of all World Kingdom citizens as well as the owing of any country and in the future all loans will disappear. States will provide the needed source by themselves in order to maintain the state. The financing of the private sector will be provided by the Holy Crown Bank, it will give interest free capital by gaining 50% of the business if the business plan will insure a higher level of public supply. The Holy Crown Bank will receive 50% of the dividend as long as the whole amount of capital is paid back. The individual leaders of the countries will have to create the governing laws and the constitution of each state in order to lead the countries according to the Apostil Hungarian Kingdom. The governments of the Word Kingdom will lead a united management and they will provide constant information of the innovations and developments in all fields free of charge, moreover they will develop them together. The Leader Main Lord of the Apostil World Kingdom will give amnesty to each former leader who collaborates with the creation of the new World Order. The Leader Main Lord will note the union contracts to every state leader separately. Apostil Hungarian Kingdom, Capital: Kecskemet, 16 December 2013

Jozsef Borbely Leading Main Lord The Commander of the United World Army

6000 KecskemÊt, Petőfi Såndor u. 1/b. VII.

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