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the telescope Palomar College’s Independent Newspaper Vol. 66, No. 9 • Monday, Jan. 28, 2013 1140 W. Mission Rd, San Marcos, Calif. student government

This file photo from Feb. 2, 2011 shows the existing office building on the Rancho Bernardo campus. Construction begins in the fall. • File Photo/Telescope


ASG Vice President Joseph Hilliard is sworn in by ASG President Johnathan Farmer Jan. 23. • Kaity Bergquist/Telescope


Palomar’s Associated Student Government (ASG) elected a new vice president on Jan. 23 due to former vice president Angel Jimenez’s ineligibility. As with every semester, Office of Student Affairs Director Sherry Titus determines each officer’s eligibility before the beginning of the semester. ASG President Johnathan Farmer said that he was notified of the vacancy about five minutes before the first ASG meeting, which took place on Jan. 17. “What it comes down to is the vice president was not eligible to be in the ASG anymore,” Farmer said. He declined to state why Jimenez was no longer eligible. When asked, Jimenez also declined to comment on her resignation. “There was not a clear line of succession as to what happens if the vice presidency is vacant. There is if the president is no longer eligible,” Farmer said. “There was some discussion and we decided that the most clear interpretation of the bylaw would be to declare there was a vacancy… then we went through the process of opening the floor to nominations.” The ASG’s bylaws state that a senator shall be nominated then elected by the ASG board itself in order to assume the position of vice president. At the ASG’s last meeting, three senators were nominated: Joe Hilliard, Dane Thorpe and Jennifer Gonzalez.




Palomar College’s reach is starting to take root all over North County. At the Jan. 8 Governing Board meeting, representatives Glenn Carels and Winston Bao from the architecture firm LPA Inc. gave reports on both the South and the North Education centers. The Governing Board expressed excitement and appreciation to LPA for all the work done so far. “I think that everyone in the room was very excited to see the architects’ drawings,” Public Information Officer Laura Gropen said. “It appears that they really thought about students in every area. We’re really excited about it.” The construction of the South Education Center, located in Rancho Bernardo, is far along in the planning process. The center began with its kickoff and planning in October 2011. The design was finalized in June 2012, and the current Division of State Architect submittal will be Feb. 6. Construction is expected to begin in the fall. The property has an existing office building and a parking structure, which the designers are using to their advantage. The land is located off Interstate 15 and Rancho Bernardo Road. Carels said the “views are stunning” from the property, and the designers wanted to use those views to the advantage of the students. “How do we take something that was made for an office building and make it a destination for education?” Carels said he asked himself before plans were drawn up. The design approach to the prop-

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Google Maps screenshot of the location of the future Rancho Bernardo campus.

erty is making it flexible. The designers want to take advantage of the natural gifts of the site. Carels described the design of the site as being all about “people spaces.” “Education also works in the social spaces,” Carels said. “This is about people space; this is about creating space around the building.” With that comes enhanced paving and a campus green, described as the heart of the campus. There will also be an emphasis on natural canopies using greenery and a tree grove. A meadow will be incorporated to give students a place to relax. The designers also want to put in an observatory that will allow students a way to fully appreciate the views that the property has to offer. The purpose of the outdoor room is to be “something our students will really be inspired by,” Carels said. “Taking what’s now a dirt lot and converting it into really a special kind of outdoor space that we hope will inspire people to discover and learn,”


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Carels said.

TIMELINE South Education Center Rancho Bernardo Oct. 2011: Kickoff and planning June 2012: Design completed Feb. 6, 2013: DSA submittal Fall 2013: Construction begins North Education Center Fallbrook April 2013: Road will be completed Fall 2013: Design completed 2014: DSA review 2014-2015: Constructions begins

On the inside of the building, there are currently four staircases in the core. The designers want to move all four staircases to the outside of the building so the inside floor plans are opened up.


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The Telescope 66.9  

The Telescope Newspaper / Volume 66 / Issue 9 / Jan. 28, 2013 /

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