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Artistry, Every Day

Ideas and techniques for eye-catching “everyday” design. Floral design by Jenny Thomasson AIFD, PFCI Photography by Ron Derhacopian

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Let’s Party

Six varied and versatile, year-round party themes. Floral design by Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, AAF, PFCI, AzMF Photography by Ron Derhacopian

2 JUNE 2017

on the cover A floating fringe of hanging amaranthus forms a counterpoint to a composition dominated by round flowers and horizontal lines, including dried banksia leaves. For how-to tips and a photo that shows the underlying mechanics of this design, see page 23; for more floral artistry from Jenny Thomasson AIFD, PFCI, see pages 12-23.


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Serving Up Fresh Flowers By Rich Salvaggio AIFD, AAF, PFCI


Design Tech

Framing and Shadowing By Tim Farrell AIFD, AAF, PFCI


What’s in Store

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focus on design


Floral design by Rich Salvaggio AIFD, AAF, PFCI

Photography by Ron Derhacopian

1. Whether you sell them in your store or purchase them at retail, decorative serving trays not only make a fine gift, they can be adapted as floral containers that accommodate lavish florals. A pair of tiered trays is even more impressive than just


one. You will probably need to deliver this design in two pieces and assemble it on site. Use a block of dry foam to support the top tray and a Lomey Designer Dish as a liner, with wet foam strapped securely into the dish. 2. The top tray can rest on both dry and wet foam. 3. Fill the foam in the top tray first, adding pink roses “market bunch” style (all at the same height). Air brushed pink hydrangea fills in at


the base around the outside. 4. Cut bicolor carnations to short stems and use them to cover foam between the rose stems. Now to the bottom tray, where the positioning of the foam allows you to make insertions that jut to either side. 5. Fill in the center with round focus flowers: here, ornamental kale, double lisianthus, and two-tone Picasso callas, accented with Italian ruscus. To insert the kale, trim the end of the stem so it comes to a point and inserts into foam without crushing it. b




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For product information, see Where to Buy, page 42.

at Flowers&or go to

Serving trays offer bountiful space for floral display. Show off the range and quality of your floral inventory with a container that doubles as a keepsake gift—perfect for the buffet table at a housewarming.


JUNE 2017 9

design tech


Floral design by Tim Farrell AIFD, AAF, PFCI

Framing and Shadowing In many ways, a floral design is more like a sculpture than like a painting. And yet, designers can learn much from painters about the play of color and form, and about the arts of composition and perspective.


Photography by Ron Derhacopian

In this month’s design, Tim has placed bells of Ireland so that they curve inward, defining the outer edges of the design (like parentheses) and leading the eye back toward the interior, with its bright pink assembly. In a sense, the loops of black midollino also frame the flowers below. They add line movement, in contrast to the round forms of the lilies and the ranunculus, which provide resting places for the eye. They also create unity (a principle of design) by echoing the slender black lines of the Mara Stands.


In The AIFD Guide to Floral Design, framing is defined as “the process of using linear branches or flowers to showcase the materials within. Framing outlines and defines space and typically calls attention to the focal area of a design.”

Shadowing is “the close placement of one material directly behind or beneath the primary material, giving a three-dimensional appearance and enhancing the sense of depth.” Here, one stand is placed behind another, and flowers are placed such that one design shadows another. Flowers in the rear arrangement are generally taller. Shadowing technique can also be used with foam-based floral designs or even vase arrangements, but the transparency of the Mara Stands lends a particular charm to the effect. b

For product information, see Where to Buy, page 42-43. Design techniques from The AIFD Guide to Floral Design,

21 2010 12 july

Ideas and techniques for eye-catching “everyday” design.

Artistry, Every Day Floral design by Tom Simmons AIFD, CCF and Cindy Tole AIFD Floral design by Jenny Thomasson AIFD, PFCI, EMC

THE GREEN STRIPE To create a stunning showcase for short-stemmed gloriosa lilies, Jenny started by filling the Meryl Tray with a thin layer of wet floral foam that fills the disk completely. She planted water tubes upright in the foam, then cut about a dozen small ti leaves in half lengthwise. She trimmed the spine and fashioned the leaves into a spiraling shape, working from the center out and stapling them together as she went. When the shape was more or less complete she fit it over the water tubes and added the gloriosas. She poured gold gravel over the leaves and the water tubes, which helps to hold both of them securely in place. She inserted green hypericum berries through the gravel into the foam, and as a final touch, twists of kiwi vine sprayed copper—with a portion of the bark carefully scraped away to reveal a green stripe underneath.

For product information, see Where to Buy, page 42-43. t

JUNE 2017 13


Artistry, Every Day

READY FOR TAKEOFF At left, black sticks, some studded with mini artificial pomegranates, send radial energy out from a bright orange wreath created in an Oasis Design Ring. The wreath rests on top of a low obsidian-finish bowl that resonates with the sticks, with the black centers of the gerberas, and with the black Glass Nuggets in the center of the bowl (dotted with red hypericum berries). Even the furry silver tips on the pincushion proteas help to harmonize the dramatic, orange and shinyblack color scheme. ARMS OUTSTRETCHED It’s amazing what you can do with wire, tape and twine (see page 23). Imagine this design without the curving accents, very much like orchid roots, that frame the two heads of ginger and encircle the burst of bouvardia at the base. Spreading like a dancer’s arms from the top of the tall, graceful Emma Vase, they seem connected to the curving stems visible within it. And indeed, each of the structures outside the vase is supported by a wrapped wire that forms part of the gently swirling stem bundle.

julyJUNE 20102017 24 15

Artistry, Every Day STICKS AND STONES At left, artificial pussy willow seems to float in mid air, cutting diagonal lines around a stand of white lilies. Straight willow, steel grass, and lengths of 16-gauge wire are interwoven with the pussy willow in a dense tangle of intersecting lines. Jenny glued the thick florist wires together and sprayed them gray to form the heart of the armature, which also has legs (for details, see page 23). To stabilize both the armature and the lily stems, Jenny placed river rocks inside the Chateau Vase (first covering the opening over the hollow foot of the vase with a clear plastic Lomey Designer Dish, because she wanted the foot to remain clear and empty of the rocks). With the armature securely in place, she added the lily stems along with the straight willow whips. PHALE SAFE At right, blooming phalaenopsis plants lift their heads within a protective, space-defining grove of steel grass and delphinium. Jenny began by lining the outside of the low glass cylinder with a red ti leaf, then placed the plastic orchid pots inside it, along with enough wet floral foam to wedge the pots firmly into position. She inserted, first the steel grass, then the delphinium stems into both the floral foam and the soil in the plant pots, and poured water into the cylinder to make sure all of the cut flowers would get enough moisture. More red ti leaves—looped with the stem inserted through the leaf and inserted into the plant pots—fill out the base, where the soil and the foam are also covered with blue Pearlized Glass.


may2017 2010 17 26 JUNE

Artistry, Every Day

THE FLOATING FRINGE Below, a rich medley of flowers seems to float in a horizontal line, parallel to the table surface, thanks to a custom-built structure that could be, if rented and not sold outright, reused over and over again. The base is a small bread pan upside down, with vertical rods projecting from the top (see page 23 for a how-to photo). The pan and rods are covered with glued-on, dried banksia leaves. The flowers drink from wet foam glued onto a long rectangular piece of two-inch-thick Styrofoam, impaled on the four upright rods. With the structure complete, Jenny filled it with roses, spray mums, mini cymbidium orchids, and eucalyptus leaves; the fringe of hanging amaranthus balances the dominant horizontal lines and enhances the floating effect.

27 2010 18 july

ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT Above, oval wood slices make a broad collar for a woodsy bouquet. For more on how Jenny made the collar, see page 23. With the collar in place, she laced in a mixed bouquet of blooms, many with a field-flower look, including waxflower, dark red astilbe, mini callas, phlox, hypericum, and bupleurum. A few of the wood slices are glued to long sticks and added to the center of the bouquet; one of the wood-slice “blossoms” incorporates a slender bundle of bear grass.

JUNE 2017 19

Artistry, Every Day BAMBOO TOWERS To make the reusable base for the design at left, Jenny cut longer pieces of thick bamboo into sections with a hacksaw and glued the bottom sections to the zinc tray, then glued more sections on top. The effect is one of horizontal, diagonal and vertical lines, zigzagging on their way up; the bamboo towers look as though they could topple at any moment, creating dynamic tension. Rivercane extends the look upward and allowed Jenny to create an illusion of floating or sliding bamboo rings. To complete the design, she added stems of ornithogalum and stripped fern in water tubes. GENTLE CURVES To make the design at top right, Jenny soaked straight willow whips to make them flexible, then wedged flat bundles inside the low glass bowl to make a basketlike armature. She filled the bottom with glass beads in mixed colors and added the tulip stems and bear grass so as to echo the woven willow. CINNAMON, PEACHES AND CREAM At lower right, Jenny secured cinnamon sticks with greening pins to a base of wet foam, which she had first carved to receive them (see page 23). The horizontal lines and organic texture provide a simple but charming foundation for a scattering of roses and hypericum, with birch twigs radiating diagonally on each side; cork chips cover the remaining exposed floral foam. 20

may2017 2010 21 30 JUNE

Artistry, Every Day 22

IN THE CLOUD Structures with a handcrafted look can fetch a high price, Jenny has found. This one is made with 18-gauge florist wire, wrapped with Bind Wire and fashioned into a basket shape, as seen on the opposite page. The ends of the wires hold mini water tubes, also individually wrapped with Bind Wire. With the structure complete, Jenny filled the mini water tubes with water and added hanging amaranthus (being careful not to let the flowers hide the Bind Wire wrappings on the tubes) and gypsophila. Bending over the top of the design are thin florist wires tipped with dried Banksia integrifolia leaves (secured with glue). These leaves keep their color as they dry, cream on one side, deep olive-green on the other.

How-to tips for

Artistry, Every Day

CINNAMON, PEACHES AND CREAM, page 21 Long cinnamon sticks, pinned in place on top of wet floral foam, make a bed of horizontal lines that lends interest, contrast and organic texture to flowers inserted around and above them. To give the final design depth, carve the foam in the bowl first so that the cinnamon sticks are somewhat elevated above the main area of the foam and not all at exactly the same height.

ARMS OUTSTRETCHED, page 15 These curving, stretching, organic-looking shapes are easy to make and reuse. The key to their stability is the rule of three: Take three wires, each wrapped in floral tape, and tape them together, but allow them to spread at the top. Attach the three, divergent wire tips to another, curving piece of taped wire, forming a triangle. Wrap the triangle as well as the curving wire with twine or yarn , varying the thickness for a natural look. Now you can bend the decorative tops of the wire stems any way you choose.

ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT, page 19 To make a broad collar or wreath decorated with oval wood slices, start with two wire wreath forms, a smaller one inside a larger one, and zip-tie them together. This furnishes a wider surface to cover with the wood ovals, glued on with pan glue. To stabilize the form as it rests on top of the clear glass vase, take three or four lengths of florist wire and attach them to the innermost ring of the wreath forms, then pull them together in the center and twist them together. The wires will support flower stems as you lace them in, and then the stems against the wires will stabilize the collar.

STICKS AND STONES, page 16 To make an armature like this one, cut thick florist wire into pieces. Lay the pieces criss-crossed on your worktable and connect them here and there with hot glue on both sides of the tangle (add glue on one side, turn it over, and glue again). Hit the sticks and glue with Design Master Gray Flannel. Weave in cut stems of artificial pussy willow, then steel grass (with floral adhesive). To equip your armature with legs, make pairs of the florist wire and cover each pair with floral tape, almost to the top. In each pair, the two wires, protruding from the taped portion, make a fork that supports the armature. Spiral the taped stems together and bind them at the center with floral tape, so the stem ends splay out and make a stable support on your work table.

THE FLOATING FRINGE, page 18 This design starts with—a small bread pan! placed upside down. Drill four holes into the top and fix four threaded rods upright in the holes, secured with washers and hex nuts. Next, cut a long rectangular piece of two-inch-thick Styrofoam and impale it on the four upright rods, pushing it down far enough that the tips of the rods extend a little beyond the top of the Styrofoam. Glue moss onto the Styrofoam to cover the sides; cover the bread pan and the rods with dried banksia leaves. Now, cut floral foam into rectangles that fit together on top of the Styrofoam, about the same size. Two pieces can be cut to the right shape, then connected by inserting a pair of 18-gauge wires through both of the pieces lengthwise. Cover the foam with glue on the underside to make a watertight seal. Affix it with the glue to the top of the Styrofoam, settling it onto the protruding tips of the metal rods. Wet the foam and insert your flowers.

IN THE CLOUD, page 22 Start with 18-gauge florist wire. This structure has 14 wires, each individually wrapped with Bind Wire. Make a long, hairpin-shaped loop of each wire and twist the wires together like chicken wire, as shown, to make a basket shape. Bend the ends of the wires out and up in right angles from the basket and attach a mini water tube to each one with more Bind Wire. b JUNE 2017 23

124january 2012

Six varied and versatile, year-round party themes.

’ LETS PARTY Floral design by Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, AAF, PFCI, AzMF Floral design by Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, AAF, PFCI, AzMF Photography by Ron Derhacopian Linens from Wildflower Linen,

For product information,


GAME NIGHT You might have to be of a certain age to remember when the game Twister was introduced (in the 60s)—but anyone can take graphic inspiration from the plastic mat used to play the game, with its big colored circles. Joyce applied color-coding dots, found in a stationery store, to aspidistra leaves. (She first trimmed the bottom of each leaf on either side, leaving the stem intact, to facilitate insertion deep into the foam.) Then she made “color-coded” designs, placed them in white bowls, and linked them with midollino in imitation of people playing the game. Next, get out the hula hoops! see Where to Buy, page 42-43.

JUNE 2017 25

’ LETS PARTY BY THE SEA Joyce’s take on this popular theme gains impact from the way her Knobby Starfish seem to float above the table surface, glued onto sticks of white mitsumata. She filled the Coral Bowl (below right) with foam and laid the mitsumata on top, pinning it in place with pairs of wired picks, wired together. She covered the pick mechanics with blue hydrangea before adding the rest of her flowers, including blue-dyed fancy carnations. The Seaside vase at left was too glossy to harmonize with the other accessories, so Joyce sprayed it with Design Master Übermatte spray. A faux fishnet adds a fun finishing touch.

326january 2012

JUNE 2017 27

528january 2012


GARDEN PARTY Everyone loves a lush look with classic garden flowers, but what can you add that’s different for a conversation piece? How about an upside-down design in an inverted glass bowl, dripping with crystal garlands? Joyce found the inexpensive bowl in a discount store and drilled a hole through the center using a diamond bit, which cost her about $10. “It’s easy,” she says; “it just takes a little time; you keep adding water so it doesn’t get too hot.” (She has drilled more than a dozen glass bowls and not one has broken.) Then she cut a block of foam and reinforced it by wrapping it lightly, first with anchor tape, then with decorative wire. She inserted the ends of the wire through the hole in the bowl; emerging on the other side, the wire serves as a hanger. Crystal garlands are either tied to the wire or attached directly to the glass bowl with waterproof tape. Flower stems, including David Austin roses, are inserted using Floralock™ Plus stem adhesive.

JUNE 2017 29

730january 2012

’ LETS PARTY THE BOTANIST’S PARLOR Orchids and ferns, on display in a collection of footed and fluted glass vases, recall the Victorian craze for collecting specimen plants from newly explored and colonized regions. The ferns include umbrella ferns, sword fern leaves, and a small fern plant with rinsed roots tucked into the vase. Other flowers include golden mokara orchids, purple anemones, bullet alliums, cut kalanchoe, Green Trick dianthus, and a sansevieria plant. Nito vine is tucked in here and there to imitate air roots.

JUNE 2017 31

932january 2012


GO BOH-ROCCAN Bohemian meets Moroccan in a party theme that marries East and West, elegance and rusticity. The hanging grapevine wreath above comes equipped with a sturdy wire grid built into the center. Joyce placed a Lomey tray onto the grid and filled it with foam, then with flowers in tones and tints of deep pink, peach, and orange, including Juliet David Austin roses, Candy Scoop scabiosa, and peachy-pink cut kalanchoe.

JUNE 2017 33

’ LETS PARTY WALK THE PLANK Since trendy restaurants started serving fish and meats “grilled” on planks of aromatic wood, the look has gained a certain cachet. But you don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate the charm of a table display that features thick slices of raw wood mixed with garden flowers in birch boxes (conveniently lined with zinc). Lichen branches tie it all together; votive holders, matte on the outside and glittered on the inside, add just the right touch of sparkle. b

11 2012 34 january

JUNE 2017 35

what’s in store

A DOUBLE GIFT When customers purchase the perfume Ardent Rose—whether as a gift or for themselves—the sale also benefits Roses for Autism, a nonprofit organization that provides career training for young adults with autism. The perfume captures the delicate fragrance of the Lavande rose. Visit; retailers interested in wholesale pricing should contact for details.

FEEL THE GLOW With designs cut into the gold metal, Teleflora’s Celebrate In Style Cube doubles as either a fun flower vase or a candleholder. The cube comes with a selection of liners in three different colors and jazzy picks in flowing script that say “happy birthday,” “celebrate,” or “thanks”. Call 800-333-0205 or visit www.MyTeleflora.

SAY THE WORD For something really different, florists can print fresh roses with a variety of embossed messages and images, from I Love You to a wedding date to corporate logos and even photographs, in colored ormetallic inks. Printers are made available to licensees by the creator of this patented technology, SpeakingRoses. Call 800-664-9201 or visit


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June 13-15, Chicago, IL International Floriculture Expo, McCormick Place. Visit

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July 10-21, Atlanta, GA FloraMart® (Pete Garcia Company) 2018 Spring/Summer Market, FloraMart. Retailers may contact wholesalers for information on the FloraMart sponsorship program. Visit

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SAF Annual Convention, The Breakers. Call the Society of American Florists at 800-336-4743 or visit

New England Unit, Events & Parties with David Powers, The Delaney House. Contact Heather Sullivan at 413-785-5148 or

North Carolina Unit, Profitable Party & Event Designs with Gerard Toh, Cleveland Plant & Flower Co. Contact Bill McPhail at 910-988-8637 or

Central Region Teleflora Scholarship Academy (Central Region), “Competition Boot Camp” with Kevin Ylvisaker, Courtyard by Marriott. Contact Lottie McKinnon at 310-966-3591 or

July 19, Madison, WI Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Unit, Weddings & Events with Jenny Thomasson, Bill Doran Co. Contact Sharon Spindell-Wojnarowicz at 414-429-9426 or

July 22, St. Louis, MO SAF 1-Day Profit Blast, Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel. Call the Society of American Florists at 800-336-4743 (in Alaska, Hawaii and Virginia, 703-836-8700) or visit

July 26, Springfield, IL Illiana Unit, Everyday with Wow! with Tom Bowling, Bill Doran Co. Call Nicki Shaub at 217-522-3334.

Northeast Region June 7, Farmingdale, NY Big Apple Unit, Summer Profits with Jerome Raska, Black Forest House. Contact Sue Meyer at 516-747-3330.

Hawaii MIDPAC Horticultural Conference & Expo, Mauna Lani Bay Hotel. Call Judy Schilling at Hawaii Export Nursery Association in Hilo at 808-969-2088, visit, or email

June 21, Paulsboro, NJ

August 9-12, Carlsbad, CA

Teleflora Scholarship Academy (Northeast Region), “Growing Your Design IQ” with Tim Farrell, Washington Dulles Airport Marriott. Contact Lottie McKinnon at 310-966-3591 or

Fun ’N Sun Convention, Park Hyatt Aviara Resort. Call CalFlowers (the California Association of Flower Growers and Shippers) at 831-479-4912 or visit


South Central Region

June 2-4, Milwaukee, WI

Penn Jersey Unit, Christmas in June with David Powers, Norman Smith. Contact Debbie Brown at 610-842-1420 or

June 23-25, Dulles, VA

June 28, Knoxville, TN

Oklahoma State Florists Association Annual Conference, OSU Alumni Center. Visit

Tennessee Unit, Everyday Trends with John Hosek, Flower Direct. Contact Susan Holt at 423-312-8448 or

July 28-30, San Marcos, TX

July 28-30, Louisville, KY

July 22-23, Stillwater, OK

Texas State Florists’ Association, program includes hands-on workshop (7/28) and Celebrations stage program (7/30) with John Hosek, Embassy Suites & Conference Center. Contact Dianna Nordman at 512-834-0361 or txsfa@ or visit

July 30, Phoenix, AZ Arizona State Florist Association Annual Expo, program includes Summer Parties with Kevin Ylvisaker, Black Canyon Conference Center. Contact Brian Vetter at (602) 9089024 or or visit

August 5, Las Cruces, NM West Texas New Mexico Florist Association Convention, New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum. Visit the association on Facebook or email

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Southeast Region June 8-11, 2017, Orlando, FL Florida State Florists’ Association Annual Convention, Marriott Orlando Airport. Visit www.

Kentucky State Florists Association Convention, program includes Weddings with Tom Bowling, Holiday Inn Louisville East Hurstbourne. Contact Michael Gaddie at 502-777-8578 or or visit

August 4-6, Charlotte, NC Teleflora Scholarship Academy (Southeast Region), “Parties that Pop!” with John Hosek, Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel. Contact Lottie McKinnon at 310-966-3591 or

August 4-6, Franklin, TN Tennessee State Florists’ Association Convention and Expo, Marriott Hotel Cool Springs. Visit

August 13, Asheville, NC North Carolina State Florists’ Association Convention, program includes Party Designs with John Hosek, Doubletree by Hilton Asheville / Pisgah National Forest. Contact Bill McPhail at 910-988-8637 or or visit

Western Region September 8-10, Los Angeles, CA Teleflora Scholarship Academy (Western Region), “When Words Are Never Enough” with Tom Simmons, Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel. Contact Lottie McKinnon at 310-966-3591 or lmckinnon@

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Combo walkins, storage, reach-ins 800-729-5964

CoolBot 37

888-871-5723 Danziger Flower Farm INSIDE BACK COVER


The #1 Selling

Flower Stem Cleaning Machine


877-530-TREE (8733) Floral Deliver Ease Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry




Plus One Imports/A Division of the Garcia Group


Reliant Ribbon


866-448-8300 Nashville Wraps, LLC

Established 1962




800-241-3733 7

800-886-2697 Sandtastik Products




Seminole 61

800-638-3378 Smithers-Oasis 3

800-321-8286 Teleflora


800-333-0205 Vase Valet



JUNE 2017 41

where to buy

pg 26-27 For more information on merchandise featured in Flowers&, contact the supplier directly. Direct links to most suppliers can be found on the Flowers& website, Use the links under “Advertisers in This Issue” or the link to our searchable, online Buyers’ Guide at the top of the Flowers& home page.


Mixed Glass Beads,Accent Décor.


Cinnamon sticks, Knud Nielsen. Midas Bowl, Accent Décor.

IN THE CLOUD, page 22

Bind Wire, Smithers-Oasis.

F O C U S O N DE S I G N , pages 8-9

Fresh flowers,



page 14

page 10

Mara Stands and midollino, Accent Décor.

ARTI S TRY , E V ERY DAY , pages 12-23

pg 14

Low round obsidian-finish aluminum bowl, SNK. Design Ring, Smithers-Oasis. Glass Nuggets, Accent Décor.


pg 16

Emma Vase, Syndicate Sales.


Chateau Vase, Accent Décor. Amber river rocks, Vasesource.

PHALE SAFE, page 17

pg 21

Pearlized Glass, Accent Décor.



pg 12

Gold Deco Pebbles and Meryl Stand, Accent Décor.


Oval Wood Slices and Adair Vase, Accent Décor.


Zinc tray, Jamali.

pg 15

pg 21

pg 34-35 LET ’ S PARTY ! ,

F e at u r e d Suppliers

pg 31

pages 24-35

GAME NIGHT, pages 24-25

Accent Décor, Inc. Call 770-346-0707 or visit

Midollino and La Vista Bowls, Accent Décor.

BY THE SEA, pages 26-27

Coastal Ohana Stone table linen, Wildflower Linen. Seaside Vase, Coral Bowl, mitsumata, and Knobby Starfish, Accent Décor. Übermatte spray finish in Crema color, Design Master.


Design Master Color Tool. Call 800-525-2644 or visit

Matte Satin Hunter Green table linen, Wildflower Linen. Etude Vase, Boutique Bud Vases, and Sabine bowl, Accent Décor. Call 877-625-3243 or visit

pages 30-31

GO BOH-ROCCAN, pages 32-33

Tandoori Fuchsia table linen, Wildflower Linen. Alessi Lanterns, Gracie Votives, Gilt Votives, and Crochet Wall Hanger, Accent Décor.

WALK THE PLANK, pages 34-35

Homestead Gray table linen, Wildflower Linen. Reclaimed Wood Bases, Birch Boxes lined with zinc, and Glitter Votives, Accent Décor.

GARDEN PARTY, pages 28-29

pg 28

Amerie Blush table linen with sequins, Wildflower Linen. Crystal garlands and the Compote, Vase, Bowl, and Votives in the Fairytale Collection, Accent Décor.

Jamali Garden and Floral Supply. Call 212-979-0108 or visit Knud Nielsen. Call 800-633-1682 or visit Smithers-Oasis. Call 800-321-8286 or visit SNK Enterprises. Call 800-531-5375 or visit Syndicate Sales. Call 800-428-0515 or visit Wildflower Linen. Call 866-965-7775 or visit

pg 24

pg 33

JUNE 2017 43


BUYERS’ GUIDE 2017 –2018 Index to Products and Services


Products and Services


Suppliers and Resources


Wholesale Florists


Floral Schools


Floral Industry Associations


july 2010 2

Index to Products and Services BALLOONS & BALLOON SUPPLIES

Balloon accessories & equipment...................................46 Balloons.....................................46


Books & videos, floral design............................46 Flower buyers’ guides.............46


Business forms..........................46 Business loans..........................46 Employment opportunities.....46 Florist consultants.................46 Incorporation & related services......................................46 Insurance services...................46 Licensing opportunities..........46 Training, sales & service.........46 CANDLES Candleholders & candelabra................................46 Candles.......................................46 Candles, mechanical................46


Antitranspirants.......................46 Care & handling tools............46 Ethylene filters & inhibitors.46 Flower foods & hydration solutions....................................46 Leaf shines.................................46 Rose cleaning machines..........46

CHOCOLATES...............................46 CHRISTMAS PRODUCTS

Artificial snow..........................46 Christmas containers..............46 Christmas decorations, ornaments, & display items.............46 Christmas garlands, greens, & wreaths, fresh......................46 Christmas trees & greens, artificial.....................................46 Holly...........................................46 Pine cones..................................46 Poinsettia tree display racks.............................46


Baskets.......................................46 Bud vases....................................46 Containers, ceramic.................46 Containers, crystal..................47 Containers, eco-friendly........47 Containers, glass.....................47 Containers, mache....................47 Containers, metal.....................47 Containers, plastic...................47 Containers, TERRARIUM.............47 Containers, wood.....................47 Containers, wood with glass vase inset....................................47 Liners..........................................47

DELIVERY DELIVERY SYSTEMS, TRAYS, ACCESSORIES...............................47


Beads & beaded wires..............47 Birds & butterflies...................47 Feathers......................................47 Gel beads & cubes.....................47 Glass marbles & chips.............47 Picks, decorative floral.........47 Sand, colored...........................47 Vase filler stones.....................47 Wires, decorative.....................47


Adhesives....................................47 Bow makers...............................47 Clear binding tape....................47 Cutting tools............................47 Frogs & needlepoint holders......................................47 Flower stem cleaning machines....................47 Flower stem strippers, handheld................47 Garland making machines.......47 Grapevine forms.......................47 Paints, floral............................47 Picks, steel................................47 Picks, water...............................47 Picks, wood...............................47 Stemming machines & supplies..................................47 Stem wrap..................................47 Water tubes...............................47


Carts, flower display..............47 Display props............................47 Pedestals....................................47


Dried flowers & botanicals..................................47 Dried lavender..........................47 Driftwood..................................47 Lichen branches.......................47 Manzanita....................................47 Preserved flowers & foliage.....................................47 Silica gel for flower drying...........................47 Wreaths, dried & preserved...48


Floral foams..............................48 Foam forms................................48 Styrofoam™ & Styrofoam™ forms..........................................48


Alstroemeria..............................48 Anthuriums.................................48 Asters, Matsumoto...................48 Branches, berried & flowering..............................48 Callas..........................................48 Carnations.................................48 Chrysanthemums......................48 Clematis, cut..............................48 Dahlias........................................48 Delphinium & larkspur............48 Environmental & fair trade programs...................................48 Eryngium.....................................48 Freesia.........................................48 Fresh flowers...........................48

Gardenias, stemmed.................48 Garden roses............................48 Garlands, fresh........................48 Gerberas.....................................48 Gingers.......................................48 Gloriosa.....................................48 Greens, cut................................48 Greens, cut, Australian...........48 Gypsophila.................................48 Heliconias...................................48 Hyacinths....................................48 Hydrangeas................................48 Hypericum...................................48 Iris................................................48 Kalanchoe, cut..........................48 Leis...............................................48 Lilies............................................48 Limonium.....................................48 Lisianthus...................................48 Online flower buying..............48 Orchids.......................................48 Peonies........................................48 Proteas.......................................48 Ranunculus................................49 Roses...........................................49 Roses, spray...............................49 Sarracenia..................................49 Scabiosa......................................49 Snapdragons.............................49 Solidago.....................................49 Spirea..........................................49 Stock...........................................49 Succulents.................................49 Sweet peas.................................49 Tillandsias..................................49 Tropical flowers & foliage.....................................49 Tulips...........................................49 Tweedia.......................................49 Waxflower.................................49


Bath & body products.............49 Gift basket supplies.................49 Gourmet foods..........................49 Shrink film wrap & equipment...............................49


Gift bags, boxes & wrap..........49 Gift wrap cutters & dispensers...............49 Gifts.............................................49


Decorative accessories...........49 Garden accents.........................49

JEWELRY......................................49 MARKETING

Advertising materials..............49 Consumer education................49 Direct mail programs..............49 Promotional programs...........49

MOSS...........................................49 PACKAGING, FLORAL

Bags & boxes, floral packaging...................................49 Floral wrap...............................49 Plant sleeves & wrap..............49


Lights, novelty..........................49 Linens..........................................49 Party decorations & favors.....................................49 Party risers...............................49

PERMANENT FLOWERS & FOLIAGE Permanent flowers & foliage....................................49 Permanent fruits & vegetables.............................49 Permanent plants & trees.......................................49


Plant care supplies..................49 Plant food.................................49 Plants.........................................49 Pot covers.................................50


Alternative refrigeration systems ......................................50 Refrigerators............................50


Bows, premade..........................50 Ribbon printers & supplies.....50 Ribbon racks..............................50 Ribbons.......................................50 Ribbons, custom imprinting....50


Casket saddles..........................50 Easels..........................................50 Funeral supplies.......................50 Lettering, adhesive...................50 Sympathy keepsakes.................50


Computer software & systems..................................50 Mobile apps................................50 Website development & ecommerce...................................50

Trade shows............................50 WEDDING & PROM

Aisle runners............................50 Arches.........................................50 Bouquet accessories................50 Bouquet holders......................50 Bouquet stands.........................50 Boutonniere pins & magnets..........................50 Canopies.....................................50 Corsage accessories................50 Corsages, premade...................50 Garlands, fresh........................50 Gazebos, portable....................50 Gems & gemmed accessories..50 Guest book stands...................50 Lattice.........................................50 Pew holders..............................50 Wedding accessories...............50


Products and Services

Search here for suppliers who specialize in providing a particular product or service. Refer to the Suppliers and Resources section, pages 52-60, for more information on each supplier. Suppliers advertising in this issue are shown in bold type, and their advertisements are cross-referenced in the suppliers’ section.

BALLOONS & BALLOON SUPPLIES Balloon accessories & equipment

Premium Balloon Accessories


burton + BURTON Dollar Tree Direct Pete Garcia Company

BOOKS & VIDEOS Books & videos, floral design

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) Design358 Floral Design Institute Flowerhandlers, Inc. Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry Rene van Rems Floral Training Center

Flower buyers’ guides

Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers CalFlowers Hawaii’s Flowers Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association


Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry

Business loans Fundera

Employment opportunities Florasearch, inc.

Florist consultants Bloomerang Solutions Flowerhandlers, Inc. TeamFloral

Incorporation & related services

Insurance services Hortica Selective Insurance

Licensing opportunities Speaking Roses

Training, sales & service FloralStrategies TeamFloral


CANDLES Candleholders & candelabra

Accent Decor, Inc Apex Fountain Sales D&D International, Inc. Dollar Tree Direct Fitz Design FP Flourishes Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Kay Berry Plus One Imports SNK Enterprises Syndicate Sales Inc Vasesource


Candle Artisans, Inc Creative Candles Dollar Tree Direct Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Knorr and Sons, Inc Kristin & Company Pete Garcia Company Vasesource

Candles, mechanical Acolyte Designs, LLC Candle Artisans, Inc

Cards & stationery items MikWright, Ltd Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry Nashville Wraps, LLC

CARE & HANDLING Antitranspirants

Chrysal Americas Design Master Color Tool Inc Floralife Smithers-Oasis Syndicate Sales Inc

Care & handling tools Bokaystik

Ethylene filters & inhibitors Chrysal Americas Ethylene Control, Inc. Floralife

Flower foods & hydration solutions Chrysal Americas Floralife Smithers-Oasis Syndicate Sales Inc

Leaf shines

Chrysal Americas Design Master Color Tool Inc Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry Syndicate Sales Inc Vasesource

Christmas trees & greens, artificial Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Kurt S. Adler, Inc. Regency International Select Artificials Inc Sullivans


Bergh’s Holly Farm Columbia Gorge Holly Farms

Pine cones

Saksco Gourmet Basket Supplies

Columbia Pine Cones and Botanicals Continental Floral Greens Knud Nielsen Company Moss’s Unlimited Oregon Roses, Inc Schusters of Texas


Creative Displays

Rose cleaning machines Whiz Strip


Poinsettia tree display racks

Artificial snow

Design Master Color Tool Inc FloraCraft Corporation JRM Chemical, Inc.

Christmas containers Accent Decor, Inc Longhorn Imports Plus One Imports Syndicate Sales Inc Teleflora Vasesource

Christmas decorations, ornaments, & display items Accent Decor, Inc Dollar Tree Direct Floral Supply Syndicate Harvest Import Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Knorr and Sons, Inc Kurt S. Adler, Inc. Pete Garcia Company Plus One Imports Regency International Sullivans

Christmas garlands, greens, & wreaths, fresh

Bergh’s Holly Farm Continental Floral Greens Oregon Roses, Inc Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association Wm F Puckett, Inc


Accent Decor, Inc Avery Imports burton + BURTON Frontier Imports, Inc. Giftwares Company Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Longhorn Imports Pioneer Imports & Wholesale SuperMoss

Bud vases

Accent Decor, Inc D&D International, Inc. Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies SNK Enterprises Syndicate Sales Inc Teleflora

Containers, ceramic Accent Decor, Inc burton + BURTON D&D International, Inc. Dollar Tree Direct Floral Supply Syndicate Giftwares Company Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Modern Collections Sullivans Syndicate Sales Inc Teleflora Vasesource

Containers, crystal Accent Decor, Inc Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies SNK Enterprises Syndicate Sales Inc Teleflora

Containers, eco-friendly Accent Decor, Inc FlowerBox Garcia Group Glass Smithers-Oasis Syndicate Sales Inc Western Pulp Products

Containers, glass

Accent Decor, Inc D&D International, Inc. Diamond Star Dollar Tree Direct DVFlora Floral Supply Syndicate FP Flourishes Garcia Group Glass Giftwares Company Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Pete Garcia Company Smithers-Oasis SNK Enterprises Sullivans Syndicate Sales Inc Teleflora Vasesource

Containers, mache Western Pulp Products

Containers, metal

Accent Decor, Inc Apex Fountain Sales Avery Imports burton + BURTON FP Flourishes Frontier Imports, Inc. Giftwares Company Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Longhorn Imports Saksco Gourmet Basket Supplies SNK Enterprises Syndicate Sales Inc

Containers, plastic Container Source FloraCraft Corporation Pete Garcia Company Smithers-Oasis Syndicate Sales Inc Teleflora

Containers, terrarium Accent Decor, Inc Garcia Group Glass Syndicate Sales Inc

Containers, wood

Accent Decor, Inc Floral Supply Syndicate Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Longhorn Imports Modern Collections Moss’s Unlimited Vasesource

Sand, colored

Accent Decor, Inc FloraCraft Corporation Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Sandtastik Products Ltd

Vase filler stones

Containers, wood with glass vase inset Accent Decor, Inc Modern Collections

Accent Decor, Inc Dorothy Biddle Service FloraCraft Corporation Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Sandtastik Products Ltd


Wires, decorative

Avery Imports Syndicate Sales Inc

DELIVERY Delivery systems, trays, accessories Chrysal Americas FloralDeliverEase Flowertote JetRam, Inc. Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry Seminole Syndicate Sales Inc Vase Valet Enterprises, Ltd.

DESIGN ACCESSORIES Beads & beaded wires Milton Adler Company Smithers-Oasis TK Ribbons and More Vasesource

Birds & butterflies

Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Sandtastik Products Ltd Smithers-Oasis


Design Master Color Tool Inc Milton Adler Company Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims Smithers-Oasis

Bow makers

Pro Bow The Hand Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims

Clear binding tape Milton Adler Company

Cutting tools

Design358 Dorothy Biddle Service Pete Garcia Company Smithers-Oasis

Frogs & needlepoint holders Dorothy Biddle Service

Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Lion Ribbon Company, LLC

Flower stem cleaning machines


Flower stem strippers, handheld

Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Moonlight Feather

Gel beads & cubes JRM Chemical, Inc.

Glass marbles & chips Accent Decor, Inc Dorothy Biddle Service Sandtastik Products Ltd

Picks, decorative floral Berwick Offray LLC Frontier Imports, Inc. Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Longhorn Imports Milton Adler Company

Whiz Strip

Chrysal Americas Dorothy Biddle Service Fitz Design

Stemming machines & supplies Syndicate Sales Inc

Stem wrap

Bemis Company Inc Milton Adler Company

Water tubes

Syndicate Sales Inc

DISPLAY Carts, flower display

B&C Mortensen Wood Products

Display props

Accent Decor, Inc Apex Fountain Sales B&C Mortensen Wood Products Column Designs Creative Displays Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Plus One Imports


Accent Decor, Inc Apex Fountain Sales B&C Mortensen Wood Products Column Designs Easy Pedestal, Inc.

DRIED & PRESERVED Dried flowers & botanicals

Knud Nielsen Company Lovejoy Farms Right Choice USA, Inc Schusters of Texas

Dried lavender Lovejoy Farms


Accent Decor, Inc Moss’s Unlimited

Lichen branches SuperMoss


Grapevine forms

Columbia Pine Cones and Botanicals Knud Nielsen Company Schusters of Texas

Paints, floral

Preserved flowers & foliage

Garland making machines Classico Mfg Co

Picks, steel

Knud Nielsen Company Right Choice USA, Inc Schusters of Texas

Picks, water

Silica gel for flower drying

Design Master Color Tool Inc Syndicate Sales Inc Syndicate Sales Inc

Sandtastik Products Ltd

Picks, wood

Pete Garcia Company

June 2017 47

Products and Services Wreaths, dried & preserved Knud Nielsen Company Right Choice USA, Inc Schusters of Texas


Continental Flowers, Inc. Florigene Flowers Golden Flowers Royal Flowers



Continental Flowers, Inc. Danziger Royal Flowers

Floral foams

Clematis, cut

FloraCraft Corporation Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Smithers-Oasis Syndicate Sales Inc

Foam forms

FloraCraft Corporation Smithers-Oasis Syndicate Sales Inc

Styrofoam & Styrofoam™ forms ™

FloraCraft Corporation


Continental Flowers, Inc. Golden Flowers Royal Flowers


Green Point Nurseries, Inc Rosa Flora Limited

Asters, Matsumoto Royal Flowers The Sun Valley Group

Branches, berried & flowering

Blooming of Beloit Columbia Pine Cones and Botanicals Florabundance, Inc. Oregon Roses, Inc The Sun Valley Group


CallaCo Continental Flowers, Inc. Royal Flowers Sande Flowers / Gallant Flowers The Sun Valley Group

Florabundance, Inc. Roseville Farms


The Sun Valley Group

Delphinium & larkspur Ocean View Flowers The Sun Valley Group Valleflor

Environmental & fair trade programs

Association of Colombian Flower Exporters (Asocolflores) BloomCheck Veriflora®


Royal Flowers The Sun Valley Group Valleflor


The Sun Valley Group

Fresh flowers

Amy’s Orchids Aquascapes Unlimited Continental Flowers, Inc. Cut Flower Wholesale, Inc Danziger David Austin Roses Dramm & Echter, Inc. DVFlora Florabundance, Inc. Galleria Farms Glad-A-Way Gardens Golden Flowers Green Valley Floral Holex USA International Floral Distributors Latitude 33 Floral Group Ocean View Flowers Royal Flowers The Sun Valley Group Valleflor

Gardenias, stemmed

Kalanchoe, cut

Garden roses


Kitayama Brothers

Alexandra Farms David Austin Roses Florabundance, Inc. Green Valley Floral Royal Flowers

Garlands, fresh

Amy’s Orchids Continental Floral Greens


Continental Flowers, Inc. Dramm & Echter, Inc. Green Valley Floral Kitayama Brothers Rosa Flora Limited


Green Point Nurseries, Inc


Naniwa Flower Auction Co, Ltd

Greens, cut

Blooming of Beloit Continental Floral Greens Dramm & Echter, Inc. DVFlora Green Point Nurseries, Inc Green Valley Floral Oregon Roses, Inc Royal Flowers The Sun Valley Group Wm F Puckett, Inc

Greens, cut, Australian Latitude 33 Floral Group Ocean View Flowers

GYPSOPHILA Danziger Royal Flowers


Green Point Nurseries, Inc


The Sun Valley Group


Blooming of Beloit Continental Floral Greens Continental Flowers, Inc. Groflowers Royal Flowers The Sun Valley Group

Hypericum Danziger


The Sun Valley Group



Amy’s Orchids Best Flower Leis Florabundance, Inc. Green Point Nurseries, Inc


Continental Flowers, Inc. Dramm & Echter, Inc. Green Valley Floral Rosa Flora Limited Royal Flowers Sande Flowers / Gallant Flowers The Sun Valley Group

Limonium Danziger


Naniwa Flower Auction Co, Ltd Rosa Flora Limited The Sun Valley Group

Online flower buying Hofland Holex USA Royal Flowers


Amy’s Orchids Farm Fresh Orchids Florabundance, Inc. Green Point Nurseries, Inc Royal Flowers Rudvalis Orchids


Alaska Perfect Peony Alaska Peony Growers Association Alaska Peony Marketing Group Arctic Alaska Peonies Blooming of Beloit Echo Lake Peonies Florabundance, Inc. Holex USA Oregon Roses, Inc Royal Flowers Sande Flowers / Gallant Flowers


Green Point Nurseries, Inc Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers LLC Royal Flowers


Dramm & Echter, Inc. Holex USA Naniwa Flower Auction Co, Ltd Ocean View Flowers


Continental Flowers, Inc. David Austin Roses DecoFresh Roses Golden Flowers Green Valley Floral Royal Flowers Sande Flowers / Gallant Flowers

Roses, spray

Dramm & Echter, Inc. Golden Flowers Green Valley Floral Royal Flowers


Aquascapes Unlimited


Danziger Naniwa Flower Auction Co, Ltd


Kitayama Brothers Rosa Flora Limited


Royal Flowers The Sun Valley Group Naniwa Flower Auction Co, Ltd


Dramm & Echter, Inc. Ocean View Flowers Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers LLC

Sweet peas

Naniwa Flower Auction Co, Ltd


Florabundance, Inc. Tillandsia International

Tropical flowers & foliage

Florabundance, Inc. Green Point Nurseries, Inc Hawaii’s Flowers Royal Flowers Wm F Puckett, Inc

Advertising materials

Consumer education

Dollar Tree Direct

Flowerhandlers, Inc.

Gift basket supplies

Direct mail programs

Hampshire Paper Longhorn Imports Nashville Wraps, LLC Pioneer Imports & Wholesale


Promotional programs Flowerhandlers, Inc. Teleflora

Gourmet foods

Saksco Gourmet Basket Supplies

Shrink film wrap & equipment


Dramm & Echter, Inc. Florabundance, Inc. Holex USA


Bath and body products



Fitz Design

Bloomerang Solutions Bokaystik Teleflora

Naniwa Flower Auction Co, Ltd Ocean View Flowers Royal Flowers





Kay Berry Regency International


Hampshire Paper Harvest Import JetRam, Inc. Nashville Wraps, LLC


Garden accents

Gift bags, boxes & wrap Dollar Tree Direct Floral Supply Syndicate Harvest Import Nashville Wraps, LLC

Gift wrap cutters & dispensers Bulman Products Inc Nashville Wraps, LLC


Diamond Star Kay Berry Lillian Rose

HOME DECOR Decorative accessories Accent Decor, Inc Fitz Design Floral Supply Syndicate FP Flourishes Harvest Import Knorr and Sons, Inc Pete Garcia Company Plus One Imports Regency International SNK Enterprises Sullivans


Columbia Pine Cones and Botanicals Knud Nielsen Company Moss’s Unlimited SuperMoss

PACKAGING, FLORAL Bags & boxes, floral packaging

Hampshire Paper JetRam, Inc. Nashville Wraps, LLC Syndicate Sales Inc Vase Valet Enterprises, Ltd.

Floral wrap


BBJ Linen John Toomey Company Linen n’ Chair Covers Wildflower Linen

Party decorations and favors CathysWraps LLC Dollar Tree Direct Fitz Design Harvest Import Lillian Rose Pete Garcia Company SNK Enterprises

Party risers


PERMANENT FLOWERS & FOLIAGE Permanent flowers & foliage

Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Pete Garcia Company Pioneer Imports & Wholesale Plus One Imports Select Artificials Inc Sullivans

Permanent fruits & vegetables Plus One Imports

Permanent plants & trees Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Pioneer Imports & Wholesale Plus One Imports Select Artificials Inc Sullivans

Accent Decor, Inc Frontier Imports, Inc. Hampshire Paper


Plant sleeves & wrap

Chrysal Americas JRM Chemical, Inc. SuperMoss

CathysWraps LLC Hampshire Paper JetRam, Inc.

Plant care supplies

Plant food

Chrysal Americas

PARTY SUPPLIES Lights, novelty

Acolyte Designs, LLC Kurt S. Adler, Inc.


Allied Growers, Inc Aquascapes Unlimited Cut Flower Wholesale, Inc DVFlora Green Point Nurseries, Inc Rosa Flora Limited

June 2017 49

Products and Services Pot covers

Avery Imports CathysWraps LLC Container Source Hampshire Paper Harvest Import Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Syndicate Sales Inc


Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry

REFRIGERATION Alternative refrigeration systems CoolBot


Barr Refrigeration Bush Refrigeration Flot-Aire Refrigerators SRC Refrigeration

Ribbons, custom imprinting

Berwick Offray LLC Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Nashville Wraps, LLC Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims TK Ribbons and More


FloraCraft Corporation Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry Syndicate Sales Inc Tennessee Easel


FloraCraft Corporation Kay Berry Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry Syndicate Sales Inc Tennessee Easel

Funeral supplies


Bows, premade Berwick Offray LLC Harvest Import Nashville Wraps, LLC Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims TK Ribbons and More

Ribbon printers & supplies Tecniflora Inc.

Milton Adler Company Tennessee Easel

Lettering, adhesive

Colorco Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims


Berwick Offray LLC burton + BURTON Dollar Tree Direct Floral Supply Syndicate Frontier Imports, Inc. Harvest Import Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Nashville Wraps, LLC National Ribbon Company Pete Garcia Company Pioneer Imports & Wholesale Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims SNK Enterprises Tecniflora Inc. TK Ribbons and More Vasesource


AmericasMart Atlanta Association of Colombian Flower Exporters (Asocolflores) California Market Center Connecticut Florist Assoc. Dallas Market Center Floradecora HPP Exhibitions International Floriculture Expo Market Square Shows

WEDDING & PROM Aisle runners

Harvest Import John Toomey Company Linen n’ Chair Covers The Original Runner Company


B&C Mortensen Wood Products

Bouquet accessories

Berwick Offray LLC Fitz Design Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Milton Adler Company Pioneer Imports & Wholesale Posy Pockets / Cameo MacGuffin Smithers-Oasis Syndicate Sales Inc

Bouquet holders Sympathy keepsakes

Fitz Design Kay Berry Pioneer Imports & Wholesale Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims

FloraCraft Corporation Posy Pockets / Cameo MacGuffin Smithers-Oasis Syndicate Sales Inc

Bouquet stands

Posy Pockets / Cameo MacGuffin

Ribbon racks

Bulman Products Inc


TECHNOLOGY Computer software & systems Teleflora

Mobile apps

Bloomerang Solutions Teleflora

Website development & e-commerce Bloomerang Solutions Flowerhandlers, Inc. Teleflora

Boutonniere pins & magnets

BoutSTIX Floral Magnets Designs by Buddy Fitz Design Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Milton Adler Company Pioneer Imports & Wholesale Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims


B&C Mortensen Wood Products Column Designs

Corsage accessories

Acolyte Designs, LLC Berwick Offray LLC BoutSTIX Floral Magnets Bowtied Designs Designs by Buddy Fitz Design Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Milton Adler Company National Ribbon Company Pioneer Imports & Wholesale Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims Syndicate Sales Inc

Corsages, premade

Bowtied Designs Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Milton Adler Company Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims

Garlands, fresh

Florabundance, Inc. Green Point Nurseries, Inc

Gazebos, portable

B&C Mortensen Wood Products Column Designs

Gems & gemmed accessories

Berwick Offray LLC Fitz Design Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Milton Adler Company Posy Pockets / Cameo MacGuffin Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims Sandtastik Products Ltd

Guest book stands

B&C Mortensen Wood Products


B&C Mortensen Wood Products

Pew holders

SNK Enterprises Syndicate Sales Inc

Wedding accessories

Acolyte Designs, LLC Apex Fountain Sales B&C Mortensen Wood Products Bowtied Designs CathysWraps LLC Column Designs Fitz Design Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies Knorr and Sons, Inc Koyal Wholesale Lillian Rose Linen n’ Chair Covers Lion Ribbon Company, LLC Milton Adler Company The Original Runner Company Pete Garcia Company Pioneer Imports & Wholesale Posy Pockets / Cameo MacGuffin SNK Enterprises Syndicate Sales Inc TK Ribbons and More


Cut Flower Wholesale, Inc DVFlora Floral Supply Syndicate Hofland International Floral Distributors Koyal Wholesale Pioneer Imports & Wholesale

Suppliers and Resources Here is contact information for all the suppliers in the Products & Services section on pages 46-50. In addition, brief descriptions accompany listings for Flowers& advertisers. Companies advertising in this issue are listed in COLOR TYPE and their ads are cross-referenced.

A Accent Decor, Inc

6550-A Jimmy Carter Blvd Norcross, GA 30071 770-346-0707 fax: 770-346-0888 From innovative products to a commitment to quality, Accent Décor is a business to business supplier offering cutting edge collections to inspire your events. See ad on page 5.

Acolyte Designs, LLC

1000 Amboy Ave, Ste B Perth Amboy, NJ 08861-1916 212-629-3239 888-ACOLYTE fax: 212-629-6931

Alaska Perfect Peony

PO Box 15226 Fritz Creek, AK 99603-6226 907-235-8116 fax: 888-304-6366 Abundant Alaska peonies from a farm with superior growing conditions and state-of-the-art delivery logistics.

Alaska Peony Growers Association

1231 W Northern Lights Blvd, Ste 500 Anchorage, AK 99503 907-887-1268

Alaska Peony Marketing Group

www.alaskapeonymarketinggroup. com

Alexandra Farms

19740 NE 24th Ct Miami, FL 33180 305-528-3657 Garden roses, including David Austin roses, grown high in the Andes mountains, hand cut, graded and packed and sold to select importers and wholesalers. Email for more information on how to obtain Alexandra Farms roses. See ad on page 1.

Allied Growers, Inc

PO Box 51281 Philadelphia, PA 19115-0281 215-627-4526 800-523-4586 fax: 215-627-7877

Aquascapes Unlimited

PO Box 364 Pipersville, PA 18947-0364 215-766-8151 fax: 215-766-8986

800 Cypress Creek Rd W, Ste 335 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 954-493-9222 800-321-GROW fax: 954-772-3857

Arctic Alaska Peonies

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)

Association of Colombian Flower Exporters (Asocolflores)

9 Newport Dr, Ste 200 Forest Hill, MD 21050 443-966-3850 fax: 443-640-1031 The American Institute of Floral Designers, a membership organization that promotes education and excellence, offers educational tools to the industry, including a guide to floral design and videos of its annual Symposium event. It further recognizes those who excel in the art of floral design through its accreditation and Certified Floral Designer designations. See ad on page 44.

AmericasMart Atlanta

240 Peachtree St NW, Ste 2200 Atlanta, GA 30303-1327 800-ATL-MART

Amy’s Orchids

PO Box 9624 Trenton, NJ 08650-1624 609-269-1672


Apex Fountain Sales

PO Box 74851 Fairbanks, AK 99707 907-488-0446 855-547-3669

Carrera 9A No. 90-53 Bogota, Colombia,, +57-1-257-9311 fax: +57-1-257-9311

Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers MPO Box 268 Oberlin, OH 44074 440-774-2887 fax: 440-774-2435

Avery Imports

Eastside Business Center 34 Clinton St Batavia, NY 14020 customerservice@willowgroupltd. com 585-344-2900 800-272-3727 fax: 888-942-5373

B B&C Mortensen Wood Products

1238 E Highway 2 Oldtown, ID 83822-9248 208-437-5665 fax: 208-437-3884 Portable wedding, party, and display equipment, including gazebos, canopies, arches, backdrops, and more.

Barr Refrigeration

1423 Planeview Dr Oshkosh, WI 54904-9101 920-231-1711 888-661-0871 fax: 920-231-1701

BBJ Linen

6125 W Howard St Niles, IL 60714-3401 800-592-2414 fax: 847-329-1052

Bemis Company Inc

PO Box 2968 Oshkosh, WI 54903-2968 920-527-7930 800-242-6484 fax: 920-527-6376

Bergh’s Holly Farm

28926 SE Chase Rd Gresham, OR 97080-8028 503-663-9091 866-843-1847 fax: 503-663-3421

Berwick Offray LLC

2015 W Front St PO Box 428 Berwick, PA 18603 570-759-7210 800-BERWICK fax: 800-233-6150

Best Flower Leis 800-371-3100


PO Box 90225 Santa Barbara, CA 93190-0225 916-441-1701 BloomCheck is a label and certification program created by the California Cut Flower Commission and designed to insure that certified flowers have been grown in the U.S. using practices that meet the highest standards for environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Bloomerang Solutions

6981 Curtiss Ave, Ste. 8 Sarasota, FL 34231 941-806-1911

Blooming of Beloit PO Box 604 Wilmette, IL 60091 847-441-8074 fax: 847-441-8076


PO Box 1202 Belgrade, MT 59714-1202 406-599-9949 888-843-4312 The Bokaystik makes it easy to add water or flower-food solution to arrangements with no spills, no mess. This product can be customized with your shop info. Watch the YouTube video: search Bokaystik. See ad in Emporium section.

BoutSTIX Floral Magnets 4031 Industrial Center Dr, Ste 705 North Las Vegas, NV 89030 888-910-STIX (7849)

Bowtied Designs 850-579-2900 855-355-2900 fax: 850-579-2902

Bulman Products Inc

1650 McReynolds Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504-2091 616-363-4416 fax: 616-363-0380

burton + BURTON

325 Cleveland Rd Bogart, GA 30622-1792 800-241-2094 fax: 800-880-9759

Bush Refrigeration

1700 Admiral Wilson Blvd Camden, NJ 08109 800-220-2874 fax: 856-963-0770

C CalFlowers

1500 41st Ave, Ste 240 Capitola, CA 95010-2900 831-479-4912 fax: 831-479-4914 CalFlowers, the California Association of Flower Growers & Shippers, offers among many other services an on-line directory of flower growers that can be searched by what type of flower they supply.

California Market Center

110 E 9th St, Ste A727 Los Angeles, CA 90079-1727 213-630-3600


3060 Hilltop Rd Moss Landing, CA 95039-9692 831-728-5392 fax: 831-761-1282

Candle Artisans, Inc

Classico Mfg Co 626-355-4600 877-688-6889 Make quality garland expertly, quickly and cheaply with the Classico system. See ad on page 39.

PO Box 190 Washington, NJ 07882 908-689-2000 fax: 908-689-2387 800-422-6357 Makers since 1962 of the Patrician brand of candle products, which includes glassfilled designs, metallic candles, mechanicals, and LED-lit faux wax candles along with classic pillars, votives and hand-dipped tapers. Represented by the Pete Garcia Company.


CathysWraps LLC

Columbia Pine Cones and Botanicals 800-435-3813 fax: 206-284-8268

Chrysal Americas

3063 NW 107th Ave Miami, FL 33172-2134 800-247-9725 Chrysal is an international company offering products for the care and handling of fresh cut flowers in every segment of the distribution channel, from pretreatments to consumer packets, along with hydration, shipping and vase solutions. Products distributed by Chrysal include the Arrive AliveÂŽ packaging system, designed for use by florists, wholesalers and growers to hydrate cut flowers in shipment, and the Transporter 10ÂŽ system, which supports and protects arrangements during delivery.

PO Box 551055 Dallas, TX 75355-1055 972-644-5050 800-683-3331 fax: 800-683-3333

Columbia Gorge Holly Farms

102 Prindle Rd Washougal, WA 98671-7617 www.columbiagorgehollyfarms. com 360-837-3273

PO Box 2077 Columbia, CA 95310-2077 209-533-0408 888-470-6989

Column Designs

3337 W 161st St North Skiatook, OK 74070 918-396-2222 866-461-7978 fax: 918-396-7702

Connecticut Florist Assoc.

PO Box 110210 Trumbull, CT 06611-0210, 203-268-9000 800-352-6946 The Northeast Floral Expo in March draws florists from all over the Northeast with a large trade fair, design shows, handson workshops, and business seminars.

JUNE 2017 53

Suppliers and Resources Container Source

2690 S. Kings Rd., W. Palm Springs, CA 92264 760-416-6740 800-499-6128 fax: 800-499-6820 Offering an affordable resource of unique containers to the floral industry. A wide range of design containers, perfect to showcase contemporary, event and party projects. See ad on page 39.

Continental Floral Greens NE 25491 State Hwy 3 PO Box 429 Belfair, WA 98528 877-234-4767

Continental Flowers, Inc. 8101 NW 21st St Miami, FL 33122-1513 800-327-2715 fax: 305-594-4215


3132 Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80211 303-539-3038 888-871-5723 The revolutionary CoolBot technology allows a standard window-air conditioner to cool a room down to 35 degrees F. Build your own floral walkin cooler or see CoolBot’s turnkey walk-in cooler designed especially for floral professionals. Save thousands in installation and energy bills. Visit www. for success stories from florists using the CoolBot. Over 35,000 sold. See ad on page 37.

Creative Candles 816-474-9711 800-237-9711 fax: 816-474-1307


Creative Displays

1401 Air Rail Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23455-3001 757-363-9000 800-984-7984 fax: 757-460-6523

Cut Flower Wholesale, Inc 2122 Faulkner Rd, NE Atlanta, GA 30324 404-320-1619 fax: 404-634-7922

D D&D International, Inc. 2770 Leonis Blvd, Ste 111 Vernon, CA 90058-2324 323-583-3949 fax: 323-582-8565

Dallas Market Center

David Austin Roses

15059 State Hwy 64 West Tyler, TX 75704 www.davidaustinweddingroses. com 903-526-1800 800-328-8893 fax: 903-526-1900 David Austin’s portfolio of beautiful and romantic roses have become the choice of brides and event organizers around the world who are looking for something special. They combine the beauty and charm of David Austin’s garden roses with the year-round availability of modern cut roses. Available through your local wholesaler.

DecoFresh Roses Legmeerdijk 313 1431 GB Aalsmeer The Netherlands

2100 Stemmons Freeway Dallas, TX 75207 214-655-6100



PO Box 601 Boulder, CO 80306-0601 303-443-5214 800-525-2644 fax: 303-443-5217 The professional’s source for innovative color sprays to use on fresh flowers and almost any surface, plus a full line of sealers, spray adhesives and leaf shines to enhance and protect designs.

Moshav Mishmar Hashiva 5029700 PO Box 186 Beit Dagan Israel, +972-3-9602525 fax: +972-3-9605896 Established as a family business in 1953, Danziger specialized in research and development of new ornamental crops and varieties. Danziger Cut Flower Collection includes a wide range of summer flowers, among them some of the leading brands: gypsophila (Million Stars® and XLence™), solidago (Golden Glory™), chrysanthemums (Atlantis®), scabiosa (Scoop™), and many more. See ad on inside back cover.

Design Master Color Tool Inc

Designs by Buddy 888-907-7755

Diamond Star

1010 E Belmont St Ontario, CA 91761-4501 888-866-8368

Dollar Tree Direct

500 Volvo Parkway Chesapeake, VA 23320 877-530-TREE (8733) Shop online for glass vases and candleholders, glass gems, ribbon, plus, foil balloons, favors and more—or order by phone. Shipping is free to your local Dollar Tree store (restrictions may apply). See ad on inside front cover.

Dorothy Biddle Service 348 Greeley Lake Rd. Greeley, PA 18425-9799 570-226-3239 fax: 570-226-0349

Dramm & Echter, Inc.

1150 Quail Gardens Dr Encinitas, CA 92024-2365 760-436-0188 800-854-7021 fax: 760-436-2974


520 N Mantua Blvd Sewell, NJ 08080-1022 856-468-7000 800-676-1212 fax: 856-464-2754

E Easy Pedestal, Inc.

8962 Torcello Way Boynton Beach, FL 33472-2550 561-732-2787 888-350-1325 fax: 561-732-0561

Echo Lake Peonies

47937 Price Ave Soldotna, AK 99669 907-262-5408

2908 Highway 100 Centerville, TN 37033-9415 800-364-2530

Ethylene Control, Inc. 8232 E Dinuba Ave Selma, CA 93662-9411 559-896-1909 800-200-1909 fax: 559-896-3232

F Farm Fresh Orchids

10725 Mildred St El Monte, CA 91731 626-679-3023

Fitz Design

17506 Brighton Ave, Unit A Port Charlotte, FL 33954-2614, 941-505-1801 800-500-2120 fax: 800-500-2126 Floral accessories for proms, weddings, special events, sympathy designs and more. The new Fitz Plus line also includes year-round fashion jewelry and home décor items.

Florabundance, Inc.

1296 Cravens Lane Carpinteria, CA 93013, 800-201-3597 fax: 805-566-9728 Direct shipper of quality fresh-cut flowers and greens, specializing in unusual varieties and premium garden roses.

FloraCraft Corporation

1 W Longfellow Place Ludington, MI 49431 231-845-5127 800-253-0409 fax: 231-845-0240 Serving the floral and craft industries since 1946, FloraCraft® is a single-source supplier for floral foam, supplies and accessories, including wet foams and Styrofoam™ forms.


3200 Windy Hill Rd, Ste 500 West Atlanta, GA 30339 770-984-8016 fax: 770-984-8023 A showcase for fresh flowers with an innovative presentation, Floradecora is part of the Christmasworld trade fair, a well-established European trend showcase, not only for Christmas, but for year-round festive decoration. Fresh flowers have always been a strong component of the fair; and they came into their own in 2017 with great success. The second edition of the fair will be January 26-29, 2018.


9334 Caddyshack Circle St. Louis, MO 63127 FloralDeliverEase stabilizers keep arrangements secured and protected during transport. Invented in 1986 by an engineer whose wife owned a flower shop, they are water and skid resistant, made in the USA of durable, soft, shock-absorbent polyurethane foam. The FloralDeliverEase system comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. See ad on page 39.

Floral Design Institute

1500 NW 18th Ave #109 Portland, OR 97209 503-223-8089 fax: 503-274-0184 Well-established as a leading floral design school and a creative resource for floralindustry professionals, Floral Design Institute makes some of the world’s best floral design books and videos available for purchase on its website. See ad in Emporium section.


A Division of Smithers-Oasis 751 Thunderbolt Dr Walterboro, SC 29488-9332 843-538-3839 800-323-3689 A premier manufacturer of postharvest products for the floriculture industry. Product lines include flower foods, hydration solutions, cleaning solutions, cutlery, and EthylBloc™ Technology.

FloralStrategies 917-257-9927 800-983-6184

Floral Supply Syndicate 800-347-9994

Florasearch, Inc.

1740 Lake Markham Road Sanford, FL 32771 407-320-8177 fax: 407-320-8083 Employee search firm for the floral industry and allied trades. Free and confidential for the candidate. See ad in Emporium section.

Florigene Flowers 954-874-1647 Home of Moon carnations (the only range of mauve and purple carnations available), Florigene uses genetic technology to deliver valuable improvements to flower species, whether in shape, color, or vase life.

Flot-Aire Refrigerators

5937 Highway O Rolla, MO 65401-6550 800-729-5964 573-729-5964 Leader in custom floral refrigeration, with reach-ins, walk-ins, custom and standard sizes and shapes, refrigeration equipment, glass doors and windows. See ad in Emporium section.


630 NW 14th Ave Portland, OR 97209-2203 503-487-1158 866-396-1185 fax: 503-546-7190 Lightweight, durable, recyclable and reusable vases and delivery boxes that fold flat. Vases come in a wide range of shapes, colors and textures.

FloWERBUYER.COM 801-441-3540 877-625-3243 fax: 905-849-9545 Online flower auctions for florists, with over 400 flower growers to choose from in over five countries. Competitive, at-market prices. See ad on page 51.

JUNE 2017 55

Suppliers and Resources Flowerhandlers, Inc.

17601 Queen Anne Rd Upper Marlboro, MD 20774-8827 301-249-1669 Flowerhandlers promotes the enjoyment of flowers and floristry as livelihood so more people can enjoy more flowers for more reasons far more often. We advocate the increased use of flowers by offering general population consumers an understanding about flowers and the floral industry along with practical ideas, information and inspiration for living with flowers throughout the year. And, we offer resources and services that help B2C and B2B Professionals grow their floral businesses. Join our community so we can help you grow.

Garcia Group Glass

5154 Peachtree Blvd Atlanta, GA 30341 770-458-8888 800-241-3733 fax: 770-458-1718 Glass containers designed and marketed with florists in mind, including the wide-ranging everyday Floraglas® line, with both clear and colored glass, the TranSeasonal® Collections line, and the G3® line of hand-blown, 100% recycled glassware.

Giftwares Company

See ad in Emporium section.

436 First Ave Royersford, PA 19468 610-948-1111 800-535-1300 fax: 610-948-6878


Glad-A-Way Gardens 754-551-5659

2669 E Clark Ave Santa Maria, CA 93455-5815 800-874-6770 fax: 805-938-0470

Frontier Imports, Inc.

Golden Flowers 415-967-2240

FP Flourishes

12534 Raymer St North Hollywood, CA 91605-4305 818-503-9300 fax: 818-503-9323


291 Broadway, Ste 900 New York, NY 10007 800-FUNDERA fax: 646-712-9663

G Galleria Farms

2601 NW 104th Ct Miami, FL 33172 800-383-2939 305-591-0045 fax: 305-591-0177


2600 NW 79th Ave Doral, FL 33122-1035 305-599-0193 800-333-9929 fax: 305-477-0616

Green Point Nurseries, Inc

PO Box 4400 811 Kealakai St Hilo, HI 96720 808-959-3535 800-717-4456 fax: 808-959-7780 Growers and shippers of premium anthuriums and other tropical flowers and foliage.

Green Valley Floral

24999 Potter Rd Salinas, CA 93908-9735 831-424-7691 800-228-1255 fax: 831-424-4473 Premier grower and shipper of fine cut flowers, specializing in David Austin roses, garden roses, spray roses, gerbera daisies, and Oriental lilies.


2423 SW 147th Ave, Ste 177 Miami, FL 33185-4082 786-472-5900 Groflowers is an expert flower grower, importer, and distributor specializing in the finest quality hydrangeas available, supplied to wholesale distributors who serve professional florists and event planners throughout the USA.

H Hampshire Paper

1 Hampshire Dr Milford, NH 03055 HampshirePaperSalesDept@ 800-664-3645 fax: 603-673-5502

Harvest Import

1651 Browning Ave Irvine, CA 92606 949-833-7738 fax: 949-833-7736 Packaging supplies from bags and boxes to wraps, ribbons, sheets, and much more, in burlap, linen, lace, jute, cotton and other materials. Hardgood supplies for all occasions. Largest selection of burlap. Distributors only.

Hawaii’s Flowers

PO Box 4306 Hilo, HI 96720-0306


6695 Pacific Circle Mississauga, ON L5T 1V6 Canada 905-670-8220 800-387-6760 fax: 905-670-8257 US customers: 60 Industrial Pkwy, Ste 733 Cheektowaga, NY 14227

Holex USA

2121 NW 79 Ave Miami, FL 33122 305-513-0713 877-293-2464 fax: 305-513-0763


1 Horticultural Lane PO Box 428 Edwardsville, IL 62025 800-851-7740 fax: 800-233-3642 Hortica, a brand of the Sentry Insurance Group, is uniquely focused on the floral industry and a proven partner for business insurance, employee benefits and personal insurance since 1887.

HPP Exhibitions

PO Box 625 1000 AP Amsterdam The Netherlands, +31-20-662-2482 fax: +31-20-675-2326 Organizers of floriculture trade exhibitions around the world, including shows in Holland, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the World Floral Expo in the USA, which welcomes all floral buyers to view the newest and best cut flower varieties from all over the globe.

I 855-397-6770

International Floral Distributors

PO Box 8004 Richmond, IN 47375-3019, 765-973-9600 fax: 765-973-9605

International Floriculture Expo

121 Free St Portland, ME 04101 207-842-5522 fax: 207-842-5505 IFE is the largest international floral B2B trade show in North America, featuring new products, 60,000-plus square feet of supplier exhibits, industry networking, design demos, and education sessions. IFE 2017 (June 13-15 at McCormick Place in Chicago) will be co-located with three other trade events (United FreshTEC, FreshMKT and the Global Cold Chain Expo). The combination brings together retail buyers and sellers in a range of categories, from mass-market to independent.

J Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies

149 W 28th St New York, NY 10001 201-869-1333 fax: 718-559-4765 Planning an event? Get inspired by this trusted source for home, garden, party, wedding, event, & floral supplies.

JetRam, Inc.

1507 Fairview Ave St. Louis, MO 63132-1301 314-428-2410 800-551-2626 fax: 314-428-2460

John Toomey Company

35 Park Ave Worcester, MA 01605-3977 508-791-2385 800-421-0052 fax: 508-798-6610 White cloth (100% cotton) aisle runners for weddings. Lengths include 50, 75, 100, 125, and 150 feet.

JRM Chemical, Inc.

4881 Neo Parkway Cleveland, OH 44128 216-475-8488 800-962-4010 fax: 216-475-6517 Makers of Crystal Accents Deco Beads, water-storing gel beads that come in five colors plus clear for use in clear glass containers.

K Kay Berry

6301 N Noah Dr Saxonburg, PA 16056-9741 800-426-1932 724-352-0370 Leading manufacturer and distributor of quality cast stone for the floral, gift, garden and pet industries.

Kitayama Brothers

481 San Andreas Rd Watsonville, CA 95076 800-472-4184 fax: 831-722-4185

Knorr and Sons, Inc 14906 Via De La Valle Del Mar, CA 92014 760-431-2007 800-807-BEES fax: 760-431-8977

Knud Nielsen Company

PO Box 746 Evergreen, AL 36401-0746 251-578-2900 800-633-1682 fax: 251-578-1887 The largest company in the world devoted exclusively to dried flowers and materials.

Koyal Wholesale

2325 Raymer Ave Fullerton, CA 92833 714-459-0600 888-98-KOYAL

Kristin & Company

219 N Front St Standish, MI 48658-9256 989-846-9577 800-433-0983 fax: 989-846-9610

Kurt S. Adler, Inc.

122 E 42nd St, 2nd floor New York, NY 10168 212-924-0900 800-243-9627 fax: 212-807-0575 A leading importer of holiday decorations, accessories and collectibles for over 60 years.

L Latitude 33 Floral Group 1588 S Mission Rd, Ste 225 Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-731-0300

Lillian Rose 800-521-8760

Linen n’ Chair Covers

906 Vista Mesa Ct Duarte, CA 91010 626-239-1812 855-546-3671 fax: 626-239-1813

Lion Ribbon Company, LLC

2015 W Front St PO Box 428 Berwick, PA 18603 800-551-LION (5466) fax: 570-802-0197

Longhorn Imports

2202 E Union Bower Irving, TX 75061 972-721-9102 800-641-8348 fax: 972-579-4890

Lovejoy Farms

PO Box 58 Eltopia, WA 99330-0058 509-297-4282 fax: 509-297-4211

M Market Square Shows

PO Box 899 Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-8899 717-796-2377 fax: 717-796-2384

MikWright, Ltd

202 W Virginia Ave Bessemer City, NC 28016 704-335-0695 888-629-0695 fax: 704-335-0331

JUNE 2017 57

Suppliers and Resources Milton Adler Company

207 Old Turnpike, Ste B Pleasantville, NJ 08232-2544 609-484-1198 800-651-0113 fax: 800-651-0114 Milton Adler Company has been supplying the industry with their trusted Atlantic Brand® floral supplies for over 80 years. Products include popular Atlantic Brand® pins, tape and Miss Petite wristlets, and vintage decorative pins. Other items include Atlantic Brand® Stem Wraps, Corsage and Glitter Leaves, and diminutive Pixie Pins®. Milton Adler is now the exclusive distributor of Stemson’s Stay Fresh® corsage and stephanotis stems, flocked wires, and Hold It! corsage magnets.

Modern Collections 818-718-1400 fax: 818-718-1401 Wholesale importer and manufacturer of fine decorative floral containers, specializing in baskets, wooden boxes, and fine glass and ceramic vases.

Moonlight Feather

1860 Eastman Ave, Ste 111 Ventura, CA 93003-5763 customerservice@moonlightfeather. com 805-650-5225 800-468-6048

Moss’s Unlimited

PO Box 2681 Forks, WA 98331-2681 360-327-3722 800-755-2981

Multi Packaging Solutions, formerly John Henry

5800 W Grand River Ave Lansing, MI 48906-9111, 866-448-8300 fax: 800-968-2598 Providing the best in innovative designs, beautiful decorative finishes, and absolute precision for your inventory and custom floral products, including business forms, cards and envelopes, delivery items, labels, and more! See ad on page 11.

N Naniwa Flower Auction Co, Ltd

2-7-20 MattaOmiya Tsurumiku Osaka 538-0331, Japan + 81-06-691242300 fax: +81-06-69142070

Nashville Wraps, LLC

242 Molly Walton Dr Hendersonville, TN 37075-2154 615-338-3200 800-547-9727 fax: 800-646-0046 Custom printing specialists and a leader in eco-friendly gift and gourmet packaging, including the Green Way™ line of coordinated shopping and gift bags, tissue paper, gift wrap, basket boxes, candy boxes, ribbon and more. See ad on page 61.

National Ribbon Company PO Box 268 Coventry, CT 06238-0268 860-742-6966 800-523-9324 fax: 860-742-6646

O Ocean View Flowers

1105 Union Sugar Ave Lompoc, CA 93436-9737 800-736-5608 fax: 805-880-1557

Oregon Roses, Inc

1804 NW Martin Rd Forest Grove, OR 97116-8011 503-648-8551 888-292-7404 fax: 503-601-3111

The Original Runner Company 99 Dorsa Ave Livingston, NJ 07039 973-744-7070

P P&F Costa Rica Flower Farms PO Box 526664 Miami, FL 33152 877-393-4133 fax: 208-498-6522

Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association PO Box 3366 Salem, OR 97302-0366 503-364-2942 fax: 503-581-6819

Pete Garcia Company

5154 Peachtree Blvd Atlanta, GA 30341-2797 770-458-8888 800-241-3733 fax: 770-458-1718 Representing many well-known industry brands, the Pete Garcia Company’s FloraMart® showroom offers one-stop shopping under one roof. It is home to the FloraColor® program for coordinating palettes. Retail florists can make an appointment to visit the showroom through their local wholesaler. Ask your local wholesaler or e-mail See ad on back cover.


Pioneer Imports & Wholesale

500 W Bagley Rd Berea, OH 44017-1329 440-234-5400 888-234-5400 fax: 440-234-5403 Nationwide importer and wholesaler featuring over 4,000 items in permanent botanicals; flower and gift baskets; gift basket supplies; ribbon; containers; wedding and event décor, and many Fitz Design products. Huge inventory and selection, personal assistance.

Plus one imports

Pete Garcia Company 5154 Peachtree Blvd Atlanta, GA 30341 770-458-8888 800-262-9329 fax: 770-458-1718 Designer line of permanent flowers, foliages, decorative and display accessories, including Vue2 clear acrylic display stands, as well as a complete line of Christmas and seasonal products, available through your wholesale florist. See ad on back cover.

Posy Pockets / Cameo MacGuffin

PO Box 5212 Asheville, NC 28813-5212 864-654-6977 Decorative rhinestone, pearl and lace bouquet holders (easy to carry, easy to use) and floral accessories. Many sizes, colors, and trims. Wholesale direct. Custom orders welcome. No minimum order.

Premium Balloon Accessories

6935 Ridge Rd PO Box 352 Sharon Center, OH 44274 330-239-4547 800-239-4547 fax: 330-239-4488

Pro Bow The Hand

323 Joshua Reed Dr Houma, LA 70360-8932 855-212-1121

R Regency International 50 Broadway, 3rd floor New York, NY 10004 212-947-7500 800-782-7810 fax: 212-685-2062

Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims

838 21st Ave Paterson, NJ 07513-1040 973-881-0404 800-886-2697 fax: 888-221-4686 For over 50 years, Reliant Ribbons Bows & Trims has been bringing quality ribbons, bows and floral accessories to market. See ad on page 7.

Rene van Rems Floral Training Center 760-804-5800 fax: 760-804-5808

Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers LLC 5467 Rainbow Creek Rd Fallbrook, CA 92028-9616 760-731-3305 fax: 760-731-0248

Right Choice USA, Inc

3115 Saint Lawrence Ave, Ste 3932 Reading, PA 19606-6045 610-779-7422 800-371-2338

Rosa Flora Limited

717 Diltz Rd Dunnville, ON N1A 2W2 Canada 905-774-8044 877-774-8044

Roseville Farms

3251 Ponkan Pines Rd Apopka, FL 32712, 407-884-4559 800-370-9403 fax: 407-884-1650

Royal Flowers

2020 NW 89th Place Miami, FL 33172 305-477-4483 fax: 305-392-6249 Growers of fine Ecuadorian flowers and distributors of premium flowers sourced from around the globe. Royal Flowers is a strong sponsor of programs that promote social and environmental responsibility to protect people and the planet. Call for a wholesaler near you.

Rudvalis Orchids

PO Box 130665 Carlsbad, CA 92013-0665 760-438-2121 fax: 760-438-0467

S Saksco Gourmet Basket Supplies 6430 Inducon Dr Sanborn, NY 14132 716-731-3333 866-439-7421 fax: 716-731-3332

Sande Flowers / Gallant Flowers 786-245-7776


58 Prosperity Ave Port Colborne, ON L3K 5X9 Canada 905-734-7340 800-845-3845 fax: 905-734-7733 Offering manufacturer-direct professional designer accessories such as eco-friendly silica-free colored sand, real colored glass gems, stones, rocks, and chips, flexible wire structural support, and flower, foliage, and wreath preservation and craft supplies.

Schusters of Texas

PO Box 97 Goldthwaite, TX 76844-0097 325-648-2267 800-351-1493 fax: 325-648-3194 For over 50 years, suppliers of dried and preserved products of dependable quality, from flowers and foliage to cones, pods, feathers, mosses and unusual accents.

Select Artificials Inc

701 N 15th St #39 St. Louis, MO 63103-1925 314-621-3050 800-930-5688 fax: 314-621-6172

Selective Insurance

40 Wantage Ave Branchville, NJ 07890 973-948-1120 Insurance solutions for small business, combined with tools designed to help your business grow.


3710 Sipes Ave Sanford, FL 32773-6619 407-321-4310 800-421-1476 fax: 407-322-6668 A system of grids and pins that is completely adjustable to hold flower arrangements of any shape and size securely in place in the florist delivery vehicle. Sold with a 30-day guarantee. See ad on page 61.


295 S Water St Ste 201 Kent, OH 44240-3591 330-945-5100 800-321-8286 fax: 330-945-5120 Manufacturer and marketer of floral design products including OASIS® brand floral foams, LOMEY® brand wedding products, Floralife® products, decorative wires, florist wire, adhesives, tapes, glass and plastic containers, easels, and more. See ad on page 3.

SNK Enterprises

PO Box 6702 Chesterfield, MO 63006-6702 314-991-8570 800-531-5375 fax: 314-991-6098 Décor products for the home and for special events, with a special emphasis on glass and crystal in brilliant metallic finishes and colors. Wholesale to the trade only.

Speaking Roses

1536 N Woodland Park Dr, Ste 130 Layton, UT 84041 801-807-0106 800-664-9201 fax: 801-433-7600 Natural roses embossed with messages on one outside petal, from “I Love You” to a wedding date to corporate logos.

SRC Refrigeration

6620 Nineteen Mile Rd Sterling Heights, MI 48314-2117 586-254-0610 800-521-0398 fax: 586-254-0485

See ad on page 6.

JUNE 2017 59

Suppliers and Resources Sullivans

PO Box 5361 Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5361 605-339-4274 800-456-4568 fax: 605-338-2689

The Sun Valley Group

3160 Upper Bay Rd Arcata, CA 95521-9690 800-747-0396 Sun Valley’s premium flowers are sustainably grown in northern and southern California, in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, and in Baja California, Mexico, utilizing the diverse range of climate for yearround supply.


PO Box 30352 Santa Barbara, CA 93130-0352 805-933-4888 800-677-5777 fax: 805-933-4890

Syndicate Sales Inc

2025 N Wabash St PO Box 756 Kokomo, IN 46903-0756 765-457-7277 800-428-0515 fax: 765-454-2316 As a leading supplier to the floral industry for over 65 years, Syndicate Sales is a manufacturer, distributor, and importer of more than 1,500 products. The company produces a wide range of products including floral containers, floral foam, care and handling products, wedding accessories, creative accessories, basic supplies, and a variety of plastic containers and pot covers. Syndicate Sales also provides the industry with one of the largest selections of glass containers in a full spectrum of colors and shapes ranging from votive holders to classic bouquet vases to large event pieces.







Western Pulp Products 800-342-2251 fax: 800-342-2259

Tecniflora Inc.

130 Westmore Dr. Unit 16-17 Toronto, ON M9V 5E2 Canada 416-745-7045 800-461-4825 fax: 416-745-7195


11444 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064 800-421-2815 fax: 405-440-6000 The world’s largest provider of essential services to retail florists, including marketing assistance, cutting-edge technologies, and best-selling floral products supported by national advertising.

Quito, Ecuador 305-433-4401

Vase Valet Enterprises, Ltd.

301 E First St Douglass, KS 67039 316-747-2579 fax: 316-747-2480 A secure delivery system for your floral vase arrangements, wedding bouquets and plants. Designed for floral customers to transport their arrangements. One size supports two-inch up to seven-inch round vases. See ad on page 41.


220 Hutchins Rd McMinnville, TN 37110-5916, 931-815-9473 fax: 931-815-9476

141 W 28th St New York, NY 10001 720-598-1010 877-71-VASES fax: 718-228-9593 Direct manufacturer, importer and distributor of basic and premium glassware and ceramics plus vases and decorative accessories in a wide range of materials and styles. With locations also in Fairfield, N.J., Pittsburgh, and the New England Flower Market.

Tillandsia International


See ads on page 51 and back of Buyers’ Guide cover.

Tennessee Easel

43714 Rd 415 Coarsegold, CA 93614 559-683-7097 fax: 559-658-8847

TK Ribbons and More

810 E Dalton Ave Glendora, CA 91741-2708 626-862-2037 877-862-2037 fax: 866-268-8144

c/o Scientific Certification Systems 2000 Powell St, Ste 600 Emeryville, CA 94608 510-452-8000 800-326-3228

PO Box 968 Corvallis, OR 97339-0968 541-757-1151 800-547-3407 fax: 541-757-8613

Whiz Strip

PO Box 321 Castaic, CA 91310-0321 661-702-1977 The Whiz Strip Flower Stem Cleaning Machine cleans one bunch of straight-stemmed flowers in seven seconds. Made of stainless steel, no plastic parts. See ad in Emporium section.

Wildflower Linen

6901 8th St Buena Park, CA 90620 714-522-2777 866-965-7775 fax: 714-522-2224

Wm F Puckett, Inc

PO Box 298 Barberville, FL 32105-0298 386-749-2470 800-426-3376 fax: 386-749-0126 Growers and distributors of cut floral foliages and foliage products including premade wedding and event garlands, pew ends and candle ring centerpieces, Christmas greenery, and Christmas garlands and wreaths, all available in natural greens or color-enhanced with a rainbow of hues (including metallics and White Mist).

Florist’s Best Friend--


Floral Delivery Tray or Floral Carrier!

One carrier holds an average of 20 to 30 arrangements. • Light-weight, high-impact plastic. Size 48” x 48”. 33 lbs. Pins included. • Carrier is adjustable to any size (removing or adding blocks as needed). • Large, flat surface, available by moving pins to storage at sides. • No special places; load in the order you wish to deliver. • No tip-overs or broken ends---saves load and unload time.


3710 Sipes Ave, Sanford, FL 32773

1-800-638-3378 • Fax 407-322-6668 outside U.S.A. 407-321-4310


30 Day Mfg. Satisfaction Guarantee!

Shop @ the Flowers&

Buyers’ Guide Available year-round at

Floral Wholesalers The following list includes wholesale florist members of the Wholesale Florist and Florist Supplier Association (WF&FSA), as well as Flowers& distributors. Wholesalers listed with a j are distributors of Flowers& magazine.



Cedars Import Wholesale 6151 B Street Anchorage, AK 99518 (907) 563-5566 fax: (907) 561-5566

Southern Wholesale Florists 7501 Fluid Drive Little Rock, AR 72206 (501) 372-4747 fax: (501) 376-8109




Little Rock



Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Chandler 3365 N. Nevada Street Chandler, AZ 85225 (480) 627-3400 fax: (480) 627-3405

Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Bakersfield 2119 Q Street Bakersfield, CA 93301-2920 (661) 833-1474 fax: (661) 833-2613



Arizona Floral Exchange, Inc 1245 N. Hobson Street Gilbert, AZ 85233 (480) 539-9007 fax: (480) 539-9123

Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Carlsbad 1205 Aviara Pkwy Carlsbad, CA 92011 (760) 438-5636 fax: (760) 438-5691

Phoenix DWF Wholesale Florist 201 E Roosevelt Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 271-4481 fax: (602) 256-7268 Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - North Phoenix 1805 W. Crest Lane Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 582-1290 fax: (623) 582-1450

jRoy Houff Company 1606 S First Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85003 (602) 256-7666 fax: (602) 254-9497

Tucson Sav-On Flowers Inc PO Box 42770 Tucson, AZ 85733-2770 (520) 903-2252 fax: (520) 903-2261 http://www.savonflowerswholesale. com


Carpinteria Florabundance, Inc PO Box 1252 1296 Cravens Lane Carpinteria, CA 93014 (805) 566-6607 fax: (805) 566-1172


j Designer Flower Center 3450 W Gettysburg Fresno, CA 93722 559-228-3300

Gilroy Regional Farms, Inc 8840 Forest St., Suite A Gilroy, CA 95020 (408) 842-3160 fax: (408) 848-5329

Los Angeles GM Floral Company 740 Maple Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 489-7055 fax: (213) 489-7706

Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - LAX 5401 West 104th Street Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310) 342-0980 fax: (310) 348-4935 Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Los Angeles 755 Wall Street Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 362-2780 fax: (213) 622-5652 Mellano & Co. 766 S. Wall Street Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 622-0796 fax: (213) 622-4942 Shibata Floral Company 744 Wall Street Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 995-1299 fax: (213) 213-0395

Oxnard Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Oxnard 2420 Celsius Ave # F&G Oxnard, CA 93030 (805) 485-0311 fax: (805) 512-7324

Riverside Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Riverside 2295 Eastridge Avenue Riverside, CA 92507 (951) 571-9560 fax: (951) 571-9562


jFlora Fresh Inc

1127 Fee Drive Sacramento, CA 95815 (916) 927-9767 fax: (916) 927-9788

Floral Resources Sacramento 1127 Fee Drive Sacramento, CA 95815 (916) 504-3597 fax: (916) 504-3588

San Diego

jSan Diego Florist Supplies 2550 El Cajon Blvd San Diego, CA 92104 619-260-8080

San Francisco Shibata Floral Company 620 Brannan Street San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 543-9880 fax: (415) 495-6303

San Jose Mt. Eden Floral Company LLC 2124 Bering Drive San Jose, CA 95131 (408) 213-5777 fax: (408) 213-6080

San Leandro Prime Source Floral Distributors 2014 Edison Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577 (510) 430-0434 fax: (510) 430-1182

Santa Ana Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Santa Ana 3241 Halladay Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714) 688-2120 fax: (714) 668-2122

Santa Rosa

jSequoia Floral

International 3245 Santa Rosa Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95407 707-525-0780

Van Nuys


Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Van Nuys 15001 Raymer Street Van Nuys, CA 91405 (818) 901-6240 fax: (818) 901-6245

jEast Coast Wholesale


Stevens & Son 14022 W. 54th Avenue Arvada, CO 80002 (303) 279-6254 fax: (303) 279-3794

Brighton Greenleaf Wholesale Florist/ Kitayama Brothers 540 East Bridge, Suite A Brighton, CO 80601 (303) 659-8000 fax: (303) 659-4022

Colorado Springs Petal Pushers Express, LLC 2810 N. Prospect Street PO Box 7264 Colorado Springs, CO 80933 (719) 444-8650 fax: (719) 532-1699

Denver Associated Wholesale Florist - McCarthy Group 2100 West Mississippi Avenue Denver, CO 80223 (303) 937-1222 fax: (303) 936-3884 DWF Wholesale Florist 4800 Dahlia Street P.O. Box 173354 Denver, CO 80217-3354 (303) 399-0970 fax: (303) 376-3120


DVFlora 99 Clark Drive East Berlin, CT 06023 (860) 632-1504 fax: (860) 635-6826

Florist L.L.C. 1 Muller Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 (203) 847-8218 fax: (203) 847-8219 http://www.


McCallum Sauber Wholesale Florists Inc 1619 Eckington Place, N.E. Washington, DC 20002 (202) 526-5253 fax: (202) 526-9137


BRADENTON Kings Wholesale Florist 3022 1st Street Bradenton, FL 34208 (941) 748-3553 fax: (941) 748-0870

Jacksonville Pennock Company 260 Park Street Jacksonville, FL 32204 (904) 354-6711 fax: (904) 353-0223

Melbourne Coastal Wholesale Florist, Inc 1300 Morningside Drive Melbourne, FL 32901 (321) 723-3070 fax: (321) 723-4932

Miami Berkeley Floral Supply Co. 2360 NW 23rd Street Miami, FL 33142 (305) 638-4141 fax: (305) 633-3258

Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Miami 1406 NW 82nd Avenue Miami, FL 33126 (305) 468-9847 fax: (305) 468-9453 Pennock Company - Miami 8200 NW 41st Street Doral, FL 33166 (305) 436-0450 fax: (305) 436-1222

Orlando Orlando Wholesale Florist LLC 541 West Grant Street Orlando, FL 32805 (407) 608-7730 fax: (407) 704-5876 Pennock Company 2481 Dinneen Avenue Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 522-8699 fax: (407) 522-8448

Palmetto Cortez Floral Company 1320 33rd Street West Palmetto, FL 34221 (941) 722-3279 fax: (941) 721-0805


j Carlstedt’s, LLC 1001 W Garden St Pensacola, FL 32591 850-453-4812

jAmerican Floral Wholesale, Inc 9 Clarinda Lane Pensacola, FL 32505 (850) 432-8466 fax: (850) 435-9120

Tampa Nordlie Inc 2708 E Hanna Avenue Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 239-0599 fax: (813) 239-0044


Cut Flower Wholesale, Inc PO Box 14143 2122 Faulkner Road Atlanta, GA 30324 (404) 320-1619 fax: (404) 634-7922

Augusta Georgia State Floral Distributors 1401 Marvin Grffin Road Augusta, GA 30906 (706) 724-9686

Doraville Kennicott Brothers Company 2285 Cook Drive Doraville, GA 30340 (770) 449-0100 fax: (770) 449-3446

Gainesville Reeves Floral Products Inc 2180 Centennial Drive Gainesville, GA 30504 (770) 534-0091 fax: (770) 534-3157


jHornbuckle Wholesale

Florist 1528 Georgia Ave Omega, GA 31775 229-528-4215

Savannah Georgia State Floral Distributors 101 Central Junction Blvd. Savannah, GA 31405 (912) 443-3405

Woodstock Reeves Floral Products Inc 10288 Highway 92 Woodstock, GA 30188 (770) 924-5230 fax: (770) 924-5238

JUNE 2017 63

Floral Wholesalers HAWAII


jFlora-Dec Sales, Inc 373 N Nimitz Hwy Honolulu, HI 96817 808-537-6194


DWF Wholesale Florist 1623 River Street Boise, ID 83702 (208) 344-5275 fax: (208) 344-8938 Roses & More, Inc 10742 W. Executive Drive Boise, ID 83713 (208) 338-9121


Kennicott Brothers Company/Vans 3730 West 131st Street Alsip, IL 60830 (708) 371-8000 fax: (708) 371-8506

Chicago Bill Doran Company 222 N. Fairfield Chicago, IL 60612 (312) 666-0164 fax: (773) 826-3572 Kennicott Brothers Company 1638 West Hubbard Street Chicago, IL 60622 (312) 492-8200 fax: (312) 492-8202 Kennicott Kuts 452 N. Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 (312) 492-8200 fax: (312) 492-8201


Midwest Blooms 1638 W. Hubbard Street Chicago, IL 60622 (312) 492-8200 fax: (312) 492-8202

j Roy Houff Company 6200 South Oak Park Ave Chicago, IL 60638 (773) 586-8118 fax: (773) 586-8786

Elk Grove Village Kennicott Brothers Company 880 Estes Avenue Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 (847) 734-8650 fax: (847) 734-8649

Herrin Bill Doran Company 913 Camarato Drive Herrin, IL 62948 (618) 942-5814 fax: (618) 942-3489


j Bonnett Wholesale

Florist PO Box 79 Milan, IL 61264-0079 1-309-787-4401

Quincy Baisch & Skinner Quincy, Inc 1414 N. 24th Street Quincy, IL 62301 (217) 223-6500 fax: (217) 223-8274

Rockford Bill Doran Company 619 West Jefferson Street Rockford, IL 61103 (815) 965-8791 fax: (815) 968-3223 Rockford International Importers 707 West Jefferson Street Rockford, IL 61103 (815) 965-4433 fax: (815) 965-6725

Springfield Bill Doran Company 2845 Via Verde Springfield, IL 62703 (217) 585-8780 fax: (217) 585-8969



Kennicott Brothers Company 3210 Grand Avenue Waukegan, IL 60085 (847) 244-3110 fax: (847) 244-0543

j Roy Houff Company


Peoria Heights

Flower Pak, Inc 529 N. Grant Street Westmont, IL 60559 (630) 719-2298 fax: (630) 719-2299

2032 Warehouse Road Normal, IL 61761 (309) 862-0066 fax: (309) 888-4683

Bill Doran Company 3710 N. Boulevard Avenue Peoria Heights, IL 61616-7504 (309) 681-7922 fax: (309) 681-0869


jRoy Houff Company 250 Alderman Lane Wheeling, IL 60090 (847) 520-2620 fax: (847) 520-9799


Evansville Zeidler Wholesale Floral Co. PO Box 6970 Evansville, IN 47719-0970 (812) 425-4635 fax: (812) 425-9133

Fort Wayne Gassafy Wholesale, Inc 318 Racquet Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46825 (260) 482-9993 fax: (260) 482-8790

Indianapolis Kennicott Brothers Company 3945 Industrial Boulevard Indianapolis, IN 46254 (317) 291-8267 fax: (317) 297-3082 Marvin’s Flowers 1407 N. Harding Indianapolis, IN 46202 (317) 267-0660 fax: (317) 267-0667

South Bend Kennicott Brothers Company 2620 Foundation Drive South Bend, IN 46628 (574) 282-2884 fax: (574) 287-3332


Davenport Florist Distributing Inc 1905 Stark Street Davenport, IA 52802 (563) 323-8075 fax: (563) 323-9601

Des Moines Balloons Etc. 2403 Bell Ave Des Moines, IA 50321 (515) 243-5228 fax: (515) 282-9241

Bill Doran Company 1401 Ohio Street Des Moines, IA 50314 (515) 282-7100 fax: (515) 282-7048 Florist Distributing Inc 2403 Bell Avenue Des Moines, IA 50321 (515) 243-5228 fax: (515) 282-9241

Waterloo Bill Doran Company 1029 West Donald Street Waterloo, IA 50703 (319) 233-8493 fax: (319) 233-5705




Dreisbach Wholesale Florists 2424 Over Drive, Ste A Lexington, KY 40511 (859) 281-6171 fax: (859) 281-6176


Louisville Bill Doran Company 634 S Eight Street Louisville, KY 40203 (502) 582-1881 fax: (502) 583-2513 Dreisbach Wholesale Florists PO Box 7547 Louisville, KY 40257 (502) 425-5842 fax: (502) 425-3129

Baisch & Skinner Topeka 1720 SW 42nd Street Topeka, KS 66609 (785) 267-6931 fax: (785) 267-0611

jRoy Houff Company



Baisch & Skinner Wichita 3413 W. 29th Street South Wichita, KS 67217 (316) 945-0074 fax: (316) 945-2810

Riverside Wholesale Florist, Inc 1029 South 6th Street Paducah, KY 42003 (270) 444-0120 fax: (270) 442-0811 http://www.riversidewholesaleflorist. com

jValley Floral

Company Inc 4619 N Arkansas PO Box 2884 Wichita, KS 67204 (316) 838-3355 fax: (316) 832-1068


Hopkinsville Metcalfe Wholesale Florists Inc PO Box 8 Hopkinsville, KY 42241-0008 (270) 886-3391 fax: (270) 886-0317

3791 Newburg Road Louisville, KY 40218-3432 (502) 479-1033 fax: (502) 479-5866


Baton Rouge Louisiana Wholesale Florists 12016 Industriplex Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70809 (225) 756-1100 fax: (225) 756-1129 www.louisianawholesaleflorists. com

Wholesale Florists 151 High Meadows Boulevard Lafayette, LA 70507 (337) 237-6010 fax: (337) 261-4935 www.louisianawholesaleflorists. com


jJacobson Floral

Supply, Inc 500 Albany Street Boston, MA 02118 (617) 426-4200 fax: (617) 426-1994

New Orleans


Pikes Peak of New Orleans 5418 Powell Street New Orleans, LA 70123 (504) 734-0110 fax: (504) 733-4749

Carbone Floral Distributors 260 Second Street Chelsea, MA 02150 (617) 728-7979 fax: (617) 728-9153

Shreveport Louisiana Floral Exchange Inc 6579 Line Avenue Shreveport, LA 71106 (318) 861-4070 fax: (318) 868-7080 Shreveport Flower Market Inc 1425 Wilkinson Street Shreveport, LA 71103 (318) 221-5172 fax: (318) 424-3919

MARYLAND Baltimore

Floral Cooperative Purchasing Group LLC 1708 Whitehead Road, Ste 102B Baltimore, MD 21207 (855) 356-2667 fax: (410) 630-8064

Shrewsbury DVFlora 577-D Hartford Turnpike Shrewsbury, MA 01545 (800) 676-1212 fax: (856) 376-4034

Springfield Pennock Company 100 Myron Street West Springfield, MA 01089 (703) 644-1657 fax: (413) 733-3272 Springfield Florist’s Supply 18 Morgan Street Springfield, MA 01107 (413) 734-3177 fax: (413) 734-0510


Pennock Company 2011 W. Cold Spring Lane Baltimore, MD 21209 (443) 451-6200 fax: (410) 664-5671

DWF Wholesale Florist 5100 Exchange Drive Flint, MI 48507 (810) 733-5100 fax: (810) 733-8530


Nordlie Inc 3440 Torrey Road Flint, MI 48507 810-767-8885 fax: 810-244-0018

DVFlora 7587 Montevideo Road Jessup, MD 20794 (856) 468-7000 fax: (410) 242-9418

JUNE 2017 65

Floral Wholesalers Grand Rapids Kennicott Brothers Company/Vans 1858 Three Mile Road NW Grand Rapids, MI 49544 (616) 785-9500 fax: (616) 785-9595

Grandville Nordlie Inc 4611 Ivanrest Avenue SW Grandville, MI 49418-9320 (616) 534-6833 fax: (616) 534-8861

Plymouth Rokay Floral 913 York Street Plymouth, MI 48170 (734) 416-1300 fax: (734) 416-1304

Romulus Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Romulus 35935 Ecorse Road Romulus, MI 48174-4137 (734) 728-6570 fax: (734) 728-6521

Saginaw Saginaw Valley Flower Exchange 1400 Tittabawassee Road Saginaw, MI 48604 (989) 752-3173 fax: (989) 752-7905


j Nordlie Inc

25300 Guenther Warren, MI 48091 (586) 755-4200 fax: (586) 755-0979



jKoehler & Dramm

Wholesale Florist 2407 E. Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612) 331-4141 fax: (612) 331-5066

Plymouth Len Busch Roses 4045 Highway 101 Plymouth, MN 55446 (763) 478-6077 fax: (763) 478-6009

Roseville Kennicott Brothers Company 2265 County Road C Roseville, MN 55113 (952) 831-8008 fax: (952) 831-5322


Cape Girardeau Baisch & Skinner South, Inc 241 South Sprigg Street Cape Girardeau, MO 63702 (573) 334-0270 fax: (573) 334-9619

Independence Florist Distributing Inc 17331 East Highway 40 Suite 112 Independence, MO 64055 (816) 478-3336 fax: (816) 478-6218

Kansas City Schmidt & Klaus, Inc 1620 Grand Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64108 (816) 421-3666 fax: (816) 471-2706

North Kansas City Baisch & Skinner North Kansas City 120 E 12th Avenue North Kansas City, MO 64116 (816) 842-6796 fax: (816) 842-5704


DWF Wholesale Florist 21 West 13th Avenue North Kansas City, MO 64116 (816) 474-9705 fax: (816) 842-7342

Springfield Baisch & Skinner Springfield 620-D North Cedarbrook Avenue Springfield, MO 65802 (417) 832-8977 fax: (417) 832-8043 Mears Floral Products 1222 South Scenic P.O. Box 4347 Springfield, MO 65808 (417) 862-4394 fax: (417) 862-9478

St. Louis Baisch and Skinner Wholesale Floral Distributor 2721 LaSalle Street St. Louis, MO 63104 (314) 664-1212 fax: (314) 664-2750 DWF Wholesale Florist 2715 LaSalle Street St. Louis, MO 63104 (314) 772-0254 fax: (314) 772-7800

jLa Salle Wholesale

Florist Inc 2744 LaSalle Street St. Louis, MO 63104 (314) 771-2282 fax: (314) 771-2284


Bill Doran Company 4880 G Street Omaha, NE 68117 (402) 731-5253 fax: (402) 731-9843

DWF Wholesale Florist 10923 Olive Street Omaha, NE 68128 (402) 339-5080 fax: (402) 339-9557 Florist Distributing Inc 14416 Grover Street Omaha, NE 68144 (402) 330-0700 fax: (402) 330-0572


Las Vegas Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Las Vegas 3950 W. Diablo Drive #B11 Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 739-0418 fax: (702) 739-9148

Sparks Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc 255 Greg Street, Suite B Sparks, NV 89431 (775) 356-3700 fax: (775) 356-2040


Carbone Floral Distributors 3 Corporate Park Drive Derry, NH 03038 (603) 432-3500


Main Wholesale Florist Inc Clifton 27 Styertowne Road Clifton, NJ 07012 (973) 472-3500 fax: (973) 472-7771

Edison DVFlora Raritan Center 75 Newfield Avenue Edison, NJ 08837 (856) 468-7000 fax: (732) 225-0207

Paramus Hillcrest Garden Inc 95 West Century Road Paramus, NJ 07652-1428 (201) 599-3030 fax: (201) 599-9903

Pennsauken Pennock Company 7135 Colonial Lane Pennsauken, NJ 08109 (215) 951-6465 fax: (215) 951-6466

Saddle Brook G & G Distributing 275 Midland Avenue Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 (201) 971-1330 fax: (201) 791-9568

Sewell DVFlora 520 Mantua Boulevard North Sewell, NJ 08080 (856) 468-7000 fax: (856) 464-2762,


Albuquerque DWF Wholesale Florist 4717 Lumber Ave, NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 (505) 888-2636 fax: (505) 881-9657 Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc 3712 Edith Boulevard, NE PO Box 6364 Albuquerque, NM 87197-6364 (505) 344-2331 fax: (505) 345-8572


Bill Doran Company 45 Industrial Park Rd Albany, NY 12206 (518) 465-5285 fax: (518) 465-7384

Campbell Hall

j Alders Wholesale Florist, Inc 110 Egbertson Road PO Box 276 Campbell Hall, NY 10916 (845) 496-9191 fax: (845) 496-5487


Dayton Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Charlotte 646 Michael Wylie Drive, Ste E Charlotte, NC 28217 (704) 376-0900 fax: (704) 376-9676


Main Wholesale Florist- NY 375 Clearbrook Road Elmsford, NY 10523 (914) 345-0012 fax: (814) 364-6006

Hardin’s Wholesale Floral Supply 329 W Bowman Avenue Liberty, NC 27298 (336) 622-3035 fax: (336) 622-5443



FleuraMetz USA Jamaica / Queens 148-36 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard Jamaica, NY 11434 (718) 244-0120 fax: (718) 244-5601

Cleveland Plant & Flower 4200 Atlantic Avenue, Ste 166 Raleigh, NC 27604 (919) 876-0825 fax: (919) 862-8938

Jamestown BW Wholesale Florist Inc 223 Fluvanna Avenue Jamestown, NY 14701-2050 (716) 665-5409 fax: (716) 665-3959

Latham Seagroatt Riccardi, Ltd 5 Avis Drive Latham, NY 12110 (518) 785-8900 fax: (518) 785-3601


Cincinnati Dreisbach Wholesale Florists 720 Dalton Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45203 (513) 421-7673 fax: (513) 421-8177



Bill Doran Company 7200 Alum Creek Drive Columbus, OH 43217-1349 (614) 409-4433 fax: (614) 409-4430

Pennock Company 120 Terminal Drive Plainview, NY 11803 (516) 349-8700 fax: (516) 349-0813

Dreisbach Wholesale Florists 2115 Morse Road Columbus, OH 43229 (614) 545-7673


Roman J Claprood Co 242 N Grant Avenue Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 221-5515 fax: (614) 221-0681

A. Perri Farms 865 Marconi Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 (631) 471-3060 fax: (631) 981-3918


A&B Floral 7101 Macfarlane Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28262 (704) 372-2630 fax: (704) 372-0937

Cleveland Plant & Flower 2370 Marilyn Lane Columbus, OH 43219 (614) 478-9900 fax: (614) 478-9905

j Nordlie Inc

1331 Troy Street Dayton, OH 45404 (937) 222-2201 fax: (937) 222-4247

Elyria Cleveland Plant & Flower 9355 West Ridge Road Elyria, OH 44035 (440) 323-2267 fax: (440) 322-0230

Garfield Heights Nordlie Inc 9550 Granger Road Garfield Heights, OH 44125 (216) 662-4200 fax: (216) 662-3647

Hamilton DWF Wholesale Florist 4725 Ashley Drive Hamilton, OH 45011 (513) 874-5183 fax: (513) 870-5185

North Canton

jCanton Wholesale

Floral Inc 7575 Supreme Avenue N.W. North Canton, OH 44720 (330) 494-5564 fax: (330) 494-7316

Parma Cleveland Plant & Flower 12920 Corporate Drive Parma, OH 44130 (216) 898-3510 fax: (216) 898-1070 Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc - Cleveland 12631 Plaza Drive Parma, OH 44130 (216) 539-3364 fax: (216) 803-7900 Cleveland Plant & Flower 12920 Corporate Drive Parma, OH 44130 (216) 898-3500 fax: (216) 898-1075

JUNE 2017 67

Floral Wholesalers Perrysburg Cleveland Plant & Flower 25611 Fort Meigs Rd Perrysburg, OH 43551 (419) 874-3025 fax: (419) 874-3412

Toledo DWF Wholesale Florist 14 North Erie Street Toledo, OH 43604 (419) 241-7241 fax: (419) 241-3828


Oklahoma City

Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc 3628 N. Leverman Street Portland, OR 97217 (503) 285-3900 fax: (503) 285-4537 Mayesh Wholesale Florist-Portland 3620 Leverman Street Portland, OR 97217 (503) 289-9831 fax: (503) 289-9846 Shibata Floral Company 3622 N. Leverman Street, #A Portland, OR 97217-3945 (503) 285-7700 fax: (503) 285-2758

Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc 4100 Will Rogers Pkwy, Suite 900 Oklahoma City, OK 73108 (405) 236-1551 fax: (405) 235-9597


Sooner Wholesale Florist Inc 625 N. MacArthur Boulevard, Ste 500 Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405) 787-6800 fax: (405) 787-6815


The Oklahoma Flower Market Inc 36 North Broadway Circle Oklahoma City, OK 73103 (405) 232-3143 fax: (405) 232-1865

Tulsa Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc 10520 East 12th Tulsa, OK 74128 (918) 437-0333 fax: (918) 234-7552


Forest Grove Oregon Roses, Inc 1804 NW Martin Road Forest Grove, OR 97116 (503) 648-8551 fax: (503) 601-3111

Portland Frank Adams Wholesale Florist Inc 3626 N. Leverman Street Portland, OR 97217 (503) 286-8990 fax: (503) 286-7950 68

The Flower Market Inc 796 Poltava Street Springfield, OR 97477 (541) 579-9400 fax: (541) 342-2448

Philadelphia Zieger & Sons Inc 6215 Ardleigh Street Philadelphia, PA 19138 (215) 438-7060 fax: (215) 438-8729

Pittsburgh BW Wholesale Florist Inc 2647 Smallman Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (412) 683-7888 fax: (412) 683-7001 Pennock Company 2711 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (412) 471-8461 fax: (412) 471-4839

Wilkes Barre DVFlora 10 Gallagher Drive Wilkes Barre, PA 18705 (800) 676-1212



Dillon Floral Corporation PO Box 180 Bloomsburg, PA 17815 (570) 784-5770 fax: (570) 387-8135

Schaefer Wholesale Florist Inc 2635 Springwood Road York, PA 17402 (717) 741-4688 fax: (717) 741-4770

Edgemont Pennock Company PO Box 327 5060 West Chester Pike Edgemont, PA 19028 (215) 492-7928 fax: (215) 492-7929

Erie Cleveland Plant & Flower 2009 West 12th Street Erie, PA 16505 (814) 452-6409 fax: (814) 454-3209

Harrisburg Zieger & Sons Inc 2300 Woodlawn Street Harrisburg, PA 17104 (717) 564-6800 fax: (717) 564-1579


Carbone Floral Distributors One Goddard Drive Cranston, RI 02920 (401) 463-3333 fax: (401) 463-5787


Carolina Florist Supply 1131 Plantation Road Anderson, SC 29621 864-226-8806

Florence Tommy’s Wholesale Florist, Inc 2106 E National Cemetary Road Florence, SC 29506 (843) 669-8211 fax: (843) 662-1262


jNorth American

Wholesale Florist, Inc 715 S 7th Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57104 605-338-4871


Tennessee Florist Supply 2215 Volunteer Parkway PO Box 3329 Bristol, TN 37625 (423) 968-1177 fax: (423) 968-7488

Chattanooga Tennessee Wholesale Florists 1715 McCallie Avenue Chattanooga, TN 37404 (423) 698-8891 fax: (423) 698-1251

Knoxville Tennessee Florist Supply 2713 John Deere Drive PO Box 3022 Knoxville, TN 37927 (865) 524-7451 fax: (865) 637-8155

Martin Midway Wholesale Florist Inc 743 Gardner Hyndsver Road Martin, TN 38237 (731) 587-4772 fax: (731) 587-0079

Nashville Metro Floral Wholesale Inc 1121 3rd Avenue North Nashville, TN 37216 (615) 244-7067 fax: (615) 244-5805

jRoy Houff Company 925 Twin Elms Court Nashville, TN 37210 (615) 254-0688 fax: (615) 254-0679


Austin Bill Doran Company 2006 Gaston Place Austin, TX 78723 (512) 926-1163 fax: (512) 926-2386

Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc 2005 Wheless Lane Austin, TX 78723-1914 (512) 928-0033 fax: (512) 928-0135

Direct Wholesale Floral Supply 3404 Ross Avenue Dallas, TX 75204 (817) 924-0578 fax: (214) 821-6460

Pikes Peak of Austin 10405-F Metric Boulevard Austin, TX 78758 (512) 836-2032 fax: (512) 339-9437


Southern Floral Co. 8742 Shoal Creek Boulevard Austin, TX 78757 (512) 459-1343 fax: (512) 459-2102

Corpus Christi Southern Floral Co. 5217 Sunbelt Drive Corpus Christi, TX 78408 (361) 289-1500 fax: (361) 289-7885

Dallas DWF Wholesale Florist 2430 Converse Street Dallas, TX 75207 (214) 631-3280 fax: (214) 634-1593 Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc 2777 Irving Boulevard, Ste 100 Dallas, TX 75207 (214) 631-7949 fax: (214) 637-5652 J.B. Parks Wholesale Florist, Inc PO Box 720728 3510 Ross Ave. Dallas, TX 75372 (214) 821-1488 fax: (214) 821-6460 Pikes Peak of Dallas 1123 Conveyor Lane Dallas, TX 75247-6816 (214) 631-3424 fax: (214) 631-3439

Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc 2112 Leeland Houston, TX 77003-5135 (713) 223-0299 fax: (713) 223-2173 L & G Wholesale 3643 Willowbend #610 Houston, TX 77054 (713) 667-0101 fax: (713) 667-0151 Mayesh Wholesale Florist - Houston 470 Garden Oaks Blvd. Houston, TX 77018 Southern Floral Co. Inc 1313 West 20th Street PO Box 1313 Houston, TX 77008 (713) 880-1300 fax: (713) 867-0211 Taylor Wholesale Florist 1601 W 21st Street Houston, TX 77008 (713) 869-7481 fax: (713) 869-7380 Pikes Peak of Houston 4340 Directors Row Houston, TX 77092 (713) 686-4500 fax: (713) 686-4342

Irving Botanica Wholesale Florist, LLC 3208 International Place Irving, TX 75062 (972) 313-9445 fax: 972 573 2673

Lubbock Lubbock Wholesale Florist 1601 Avenue F PO Box 1828 Lubbock, TX 79408 (806) 762-5276 fax: (806) 762-2301



Harrison Wholesale Floral Inc 610 N. Hancock PO Box 3364 Odessa, TX 79760 (432) 332-0627 fax: (432) 335-9104


San Antonio

South Burlington

Bill Doran Company 710 Nogalitos San Antonio, TX 78204 (210) 222-2114 fax: (210) 228-0023

Green Mountain Florist Supply 45 Swift Street South Burlington, VT 05403 (802) 865-4447 fax: (802) 863-8351

Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc 1540 W. Poplar San Antonio, TX 78207 (210) 732-2008 fax: (210) 732-2160

Texarkana Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc 304 Spruce Street Texarkana, TX 75501-5621 (903) 792-8291 fax: (903) 793-4007

Waco Wolfe Wholesale Florist, Inc 1500 Primrose Dr. Waco, TX 76706 254-752-3351 fax: 254-754-7793


Murray DWF Wholesale Florist 601 West 4330 South Murray, UT 84123 (801) 904-4800 fax: (801) 904-4807

Provo Red Mountain Wholesale 1109 W 100 S Provo, UT 84601 (801) 356-8200 fax: (801) 356-7993

Salt Lake City Ensign Wholesale Floral 2985 South 300 West Salt Lake City, UT 84115 (801) 359-8746 fax: (801) 359-5801

Green Mountain Florist Supply 1098 US Route 2 Middlesex, VT 05602 (802) 223-7600 fax: (802) 229-0948


Lynchburg Lynchburg Wholesale Floral Corporation PO Box 1235 2004 Memorial Avenue Lynchburg, VA 24505 434-845-9095 fax: 434-845-5223


jRoy Houff Company 1124 Kingwood Avenue Norfolk, VA 23502 (757) 857-5400 fax: (757) 857-6933


jRoy Houff Company 2414 Anniston Street Richmond, VA 23223 (804) 788-4848 fax: (804) 783-1513

Roanoke TFS-Roanoke Inc 3441 Brandon Avenue SW Roanoke, VA 24018-1523 (540) 343-4461 fax: (540) 343-3102

Springfield Pennock Company 7399-A Ward Park Lane Springfield, VA 22153 (305) 436-0450 fax: (703) 457-7248

JUNE 2017 69

Floral Wholesalers WASHINGTON Kent

DWF Wholesale Florist 7327 S 228th Street Kent, WA 98032 (253) 854-5800 fax: (253) 372-3839

Spokane Roses & More, Inc 414 N. Sycamore Street Spokane, WA 99202 (509) 999-6726 fax: 509-536-6326


jWashington Floral

Service Inc 2701 South 35th Street Tacoma, WA 98409 (253) 472-8343


Dreisbach Wholesale Florists #4 McJunkin Road Nitro, WV 25143 (304) 759-1002 fax: (304) 759-1003

DWF Wholesale Florist 425 West Walnut Milwaukee, WI 53212 (414) 263-8400 fax: (414) 263-8407 Kennicott Brothers Company 4831 W. State Street Milwaukee, WI 53208 (414) 443-1100 fax: (414) 443-1115 Rojahn & Malaney Co. PO Box 410 1005 N. Edison Street Milwaukee, WI 53202-6601 (414) 276-7316 fax: (414) 276-7846

Rothschild Krueger Wholesale Inc 10706 Tesch Lane Rothschild, WI 54474 (715) 359-7202 fax: (715) 359-0657


jUnited Floral Inc 4085 Marine Way Burnaby, BC V5J 5E2 (604) 438-3535 (800) 664-3535 fax: (604) 433-0470


Florists Supply Ltd 35 Airport Road Winnipeg, MB R3H 0V5 (800) 665-7378 fax: (204) 694-6858


Avon Valley Floral 285 Town Road Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0 (902) 798-8381 fax: (902) 798-8272


Florists Supply Ltd Bay 5-6320 11th Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2L7 (403) 252-5558 fax: (403) 252-5597

Westbrook Floral Ltd 270 Hunter Road PO Box 99 Grimsby, ON L3M 4G1 (905) 945-9611 fax: (905) 945-5566

Green Bay


Jordan Station

Bill Doran Company 1255 Bellevue Street Green Bay, WI 54302 (920) 468-4831 fax: (920) 468-1412

Florists Supply Ltd 16455 - 118 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5V 1H2 (780) 424-4576 fax: (780) 424-4566

Bayview Flowers 3764 Jordan Road PO Box 2 Jordan Station, ON L0R 1S0 (905) 562-7321 fax: (905) 562-0955





Bill Doran Company 4710 Pflaum Road Madison, WI 53718 (608) 223-0247 fax: (608) 223-0279



Westbrook West 29349 58 Avenue Abbotsford, BC V4X 2G1 (604) 626-4343



Bill Doran Company 1739 West St Paul Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53233 (414) 933-3868 fax: (414) 933-7284

Florists Supply Ltd Roseberry Square, Unit 5, 3979 Marine Way Burnaby, BC V5J 5M7 (604) 630-4688 fax: (604) 630-4681


Fleurametz Toronto - Canada 6685 Pacific Circle Unit #1 Mississauga, ON L5T 1V6 (905) 564-6074 fax: (905) 564-8718 Highland Evergreen Supply Ltd 7125 Pacific Circle Unit #4 Mississauga, ON L5T 2A5 (905) 670-7125 fax: (905) 670-6652

John G. Hofland Ltd 6695 Pacific Circle Mississauga, ON L5T 1V6 (905) 670-8220 fax: (905) 670-8257 Waterdale Inc 1303 Aerowood Drive Mississauga, ON L4W 2P6 (905) 624-2600 fax: (905) 624-1609

Stoney Creek Staalduinen Floral Ltd 1255 Arvin Avenue Stoney Creek, ON L8E 0H7 (905) 643-2002 fax: (905) 643-2377


Westbrook Floral Ltd Montreal 109 Av. Lindsay Dorval, QC H9P 2S6 (514) 636-1255 fax: (514) 636-3055

Montreal Marsolais Enterprises Inc 5045 Ontario East Montreal, QC H1V 1M7 (514) 254-7171 fax: (514) 254-5013


Florists Supply Ltd 1623 Quebec Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7K 1V6 (306) 244-4457 fax: (306) 244-0010


jWorldwide Floral

Services No 6, Jalan 21/11B SEA Park Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46300 603-7877-3366 www.worldwidefloralservices.


jWorldwide Floral

Services Lodge 77, Upper East Rd, #02-03 Singapore 45218 06-9385-2474

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Floral Schools

For information on educational programs sponsored by Teleflora Units and the Teleflora Scholarship Academy, see the next page.

CALIFORNIA Cal Poly State University Home of SAIFD Gordon Chapter Horticulture and Crop Science Dept 1 Grand Ave San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 805-756-7504 Melinda Lynch AIFD City College of San Francisco Home of SAIFD Menzies Chapter Environmental Horticulture / Floristry Dept 50 Phelan Ave, Box EH/F San Francisco, CA 94112 415-239-3236 Steve Brown AIFD Golden West College Home of SAIFD Shirley Haas Chapter Career/Technical Ed (CTE) Dept 15744 Golden West St Huntington Beach, CA 92647 714-895-8330 Gail Call AIFD Long Beach City College 1305 E Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach, CA 90806 562-938-4949 ext 6477 Suzanne Skorheim Rene Floral Design Center International Floral Trade Center 5858 Dryden Place, Ste 13 Carlsbad, CA 92008 888-824-7363 or 760-804-5800 Rene van Rems AIFD, PFCI Southern California School of Floral Design 843 S State College Blvd Anaheim, CA 92806 714-776-7445 Phil Rulloda AIFD, AAF, PFCI

4800 Dahlia Denver, CO 80216 303-888-0304 Maggie Binet AIFD, CPF, PFCI

CONNECTICUT Connecticut Florists Association Floral Design School 312 E Johnson Ave Cheshire, CT 06410 PO Box 110210 Trumbull, CT 06611 203-268-9000

FLORIDA Yola Guz School of Floral Design 7160 NW 50 St Miami, FL 33166 305-504-1061 Ruben Consa AIFD

ILLINOIS Kishwaukee College Home of SAIFD Forbes Chapter Horticulture/Floral Design Program 21193 Malta Rd Malta, IL 60150 815-825-2086, ext 4610 Janet Gallagher AIFD, CFD janet.gallagher@kishwaukeecollege. edu TRITON College Horticulture Department 2000 Fifth Ave, Room R205 River Grove, IL 60171 708-456-0300, ext 3550

KANSAS Johnson County Community College Floral Design Dept 12345 College Blvd Overland Park, KS 66210 913-469-8500, ext 5483 Diana Ryan

COLORADO Palmer School of Floral Design 2528 S College Ave Fort Collins, CO 80525 970-207-9476 Angela Palmer AIFD, AAF, CPF www.palmerschooloffloraldesign. com School of Floral Arts LLC 72

MASSACHUSETTS Cass School of Floral Design 531 Mt. Auburn St Watertown, MA 02472 617-926-CASS (2277) or 800920-1222 Faith Cass AIFD, Director

Rittners School of Floral Design 345 Marlborough St Boston, MA 02115 617-267-3824 Dr. Steve Rittner, www.

MINNESOTA Koehler & Dramm’s Institute of Floristry 2407 E Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55413 612-362-3133 or 800-298-0495 Ardith Beveridge AIFD Rochester Community & Technical College 851 30th Ave SE Rochester, MN 55904 507-529-6112 Robin Fruth-Dugstad, Instructor

MISSISSIPPI Mississippi State University Home of SAIFD Ogilvy of Airlie Chapter University Florist 100 Lee Blvd Mississippi State, MS 39762 662-325-3585

MISSOURI University of Missouri, Columbia Home of SAIFD Mizzou Chapter c/o Tiger Garden 2-31 Agriculture Bldg Columbia, MO 65201 573-882-2625 Lesleighan Cravens CFD or, https://mizzousaifd.wordpress. com

NEVADA College of Southern Nevada Home of SAIFD Elaine Wynn Chapter School of Advanced & Design Technologies Floral Design Program, Summerlin Center, Sort Code SUM 6375 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89146-1164 702-651-4061 Chieko Fukushima AIFD

NEW JERSEY Mercer County Community College Horticulture and Plant Science Dept 1200 Old Trenton Rd West Windsor, NJ 08550 609-570-3372 Amy Iseneker Ricco, Program Coordinator

NEW YORK New York Botanical Garden 2900 Southern Blvd Bronx, NY 10458 718-817-8566 Barbara Corcoran

OHIO David Curtis School of Floral Design 209 N Main St Centerville, OH 45459 937-433-0566 or 800-437-7894 Joe Emerick, Keith Wiederhold The Ohio State University ATI Home of SAIFD Anderson Chapter Division of Horticulture Floral Design and Marketing 1328 Dover Rd Wooster, OH 44691 330-287-1242 Teresa P. Lanker, Chair

OREGON Floral Design Institute 1138 NW 17th Ave Portland, OR 97209 800-819-8089 Leanne Kesler AIFD or

PENNSYLVANIA Penn Foster Career School 925 Oak St Scranton, PA 18515 800-275-4410

TEXAS Texas A&M University Home of SAIFD Forsythe Chapter Benz School of Floral Design 202 Horticulture Forest Sciences Bldg Dept of Horticultural Sciences College Station, TX 77843-2133 979-862-2768 William McKinley AIFD, CFD, ICPF, Director benz-school Texas State Florist School of Floral Design Discovery Business Park 715 Discovery Blvd, Ste 403 Cedar Park TX 78613 512-834-0361 Dianna Nordman

VERMONT Vermont Academy of Floral Design 32 Hunger Mountain View PO Box 205 Waterbury Center, VT 05677 802-244-8322 Ned Davis AIFD, CFD, CMLFD


Seneca College Home of SAIFD Trillium Chapter Floral Design Program 1750 Finch Ave E Toronto, ON M2J 2X5 Canada 416-491-5050, ext 24090 Marianne Suess AIFD



Nobleman School of Floral Design Blk 10 North Bridge Rd #02-5107 Singapore 190010 +656-296-3977 Anson Low AIFD

Academy of Floral Art 8 Dunchideock Barton Dunchideock, near Exeter Devon EX2 9UA United Kingdom +44-139-283-4893 Tina Parkes AIFD



Pui Wa Floral Design School Rua Campo No. 78, 11 Andar Edf Chong Kin Comm Macau China +853-28556228 Chao Pui Wa AIFD Institute Professional Flores Design Fa Ngai Long Estrada de Cemiterio, No. 25, 1-A, Edf Wan Keng Macau China +853-28365177 Enrica Lei Sio Wa CFD


Gateway Technical College Home of SAIFD Gateway Chapter 3520 30th Ave Kenosha, WI 53144 262-564-2418 Kathleen Field

Boerma Instituut® International Floral Design School Holland Legmeerdijk 227 1432 KA Aalsmeer The Netherlands +31-20-4415306 Jacqueline Boerma



Judith Blacklock Flower School, Knightsbridge 4/5 Kinnerton Place South London SW1X 8EH United Kingdom +44-207-235-6235 Judith Blacklock

LaRose Flower & School 2F, Miju BD, 545-15 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu Seoul 06535 South Korea +82-2556-9188 Joo Young Park AIFD J-Florist School 2F, 201 (Bangdaebong, Seokkyo B/D) 110, Bangbae, Seocho-gu Seoul 06655 South Korea +82-2-3477-1488 Ok-Kyung (Jessica) Jang AIFD

The Teleflora Units Program and the Teleflora Scholarship Academy Teleflora Units are located all across the country. Through the Units Program, Teleflora florists work with the company’s Industry Relations department to sponsor educational programs that are open to all florists. These programs are led by Teleflora’s renowned Education Specialists and designed to provide local florists with the latest trends in business, floral design, marketing, and merchandising.

Design358 Education Vancouver, BC Canada Hitomi Gilliam AIFD Canadian Institute of Floral Design 2794-A Lakeshore Blvd W, Unit 3 Toronto, ON M8V 1H5 Canada 416-733-9968 or 877-285-1931 International Florist Academy and School 5491 Victoria Ave, Ste 111 Montreal, QC H3W 2P9 Canada 514-739-7152

Mami Flower Design School Mami Kaikan 2 Chome-11-6 Sanno, Ota-ku Tokyo 143-0023 Japan +81-3-3774-3986 Keisuke Kawasaki

MEXICO Instituto Mexicano Tecnico Floral Plantel Monterrey Bravo #101 Col. Maria Luisa Monterrey, NL 64000 Mexico +52-81-1133-5873 Rocio del Pilar Silva Davila AIFD

The Units also provide scholarships to the Teleflora Scholarship Academy—an intensive three-day educational experience, including hands-on design classes, that was created especially for scholarship recipients but is available to all Teleflora florists. With a mission to bring educational opportunities to florists around the country, conveniently and affordably, the Academy travels in 2017 to five cities: Dallas, Milwaukee, Washington, D.C., Charlotte, North Carolina, and Los Angeles. Participants attend four sessions taught by three world-class designers. To find out more about Unit events in your area, check the monthly listings in the Flowers& Industry Events column—or, for the most up-to-date listings, visit and click on the Design Education link, where you can also find information about the Teleflora Scholarship Academy. Or, call Teleflora at 800-321-2654 and ask for Industry Relations, extension 3591. JUNE 2017 73


1001 N Fairfax St, Ste 201 Alexandria, VA 22314 703-838-5211 fax: 703-838-5212 Annual Fundraising Dinner: September 7, 2017, The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL (as part of the SAF Annual Convention)

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)

9 Newport Dr, Ste 200 Forest Hill, MD 21050 443-966-3850 fax: 443-640-1031 National Symposium 2017: July 1-5, 2017, Sheraton, Seattle, WA National Symposium 2018: June 30-July 4, 2018, Washington Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC National Symposium 2019: July 6-11, Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV


2130 Stella Ct Columbus, OH 43215 614-487-1117 fax: 614-487-1216, Cultivate ’17: July 15-18, 2017, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH

Association of Bridal Consultants 632 Federal Rd, Ste 2 Brookfield, CT 06804 203-775-0009 fax: 203-775-0037 Annual Conference: November 4-8, 2017, Riviera Maya, south of Cancun, Mexico

Association of Colombian Flower Exporters (Asocolflores) Carrera 9A, No. 90-53 Bogotá, Colombia +571-257-9311 Proflora fax: +571-257-9311, ext 0170;; Proflora: October 4-6, 2017, Corferias Convention Center, Bogotá, Colombia


Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers

MPO Box 268 Oberlin, OH 44074 440-774-2887 fax: 440-774-2435 Grower Meeting: August 7-8, Green Park Nurseries, Ridgeville, Ontario, Canada Grower Meeting: October 8, Sunny Meadows Flower Farm, Columbus, OH

Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association

1533 Park Center Dr Orlando, FL 32835-5705 800-375-3642 Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE): January 17-19, 2018, Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Flowers Canada Retail 1500 Bank St, Ste 406 Ottawa, ON K1H 1B8 Canada 800-447-5147 fax: 866-671-8091

Independent Floral Designers Association (IFDA)

301-675-1728 Monthly meetings, presentations, and handson workshops in the MD-DC-VA area

National Alliance of Floral Associations Annual Meeting and National Designer of the Year Contest: 2017 dates TBA

Ozark Florist Association

2303 S Campbell Springfield, MO 65807 800-333-8580 Convention: 2017 dates and location TBA

Professional Floral Communicators-International (PFCI) 1001 N Fairfax St, Ste 201 Alexandria, VA 22314 800-336-4743; in Alaska, Hawaii and Virginia: 703-836-8700 fax: 703-836-8705 PFCI Rise & Shine: Speechless in Seattle: July 5, 2017 (in conjunction with AIFD Symposium), Sheraton, Seattle, WA Sylvia Cup Design Competition: September 9, 2017 (in conjunction with SAF Annual Convention), The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL

Society of American Florists (SAF)

1001 N Fairfax St, Ste 201 Alexandria, VA 22314 800-336-4743; in Alaska, Hawaii and Virginia: 703-836-8700 fax: 703-836-8705 SAF 1-Day Profit Blast: July 22, 2017, Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel, St. Louis, MO SAF 133rd Annual Convention: September 6-9, 2017, The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL SAF 1-Day Profit Blast: September 23, 2017, Boston Marriott Peabody, Peabody, MA SAF 1-Day Profit Blast: November 4, 2017, Marriott Louisville Downtown, Louisville, KY SAF Congressional Action Days: March 12-13, 2018, Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City, Arlington, VA SAF 134th Annual Convention: September 12-15, 2018, Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA

Wholesale Florist and Florist Supplier Association

105 Eastern Ave, Ste 104 Annapolis, MD 21403 888-289-3372 or 410-940-6580 fax: 410-263-1659 Floral Distribution Conference: October 18-20, 2017, Miami Airport Convention Center, Miami, FL

World Flower Council

1608 Tyler St Hollywood, FL 33020 954-444-6445 fax: 888-506-7808 Annual International Summit: September 18-21, 2017, Guangzhou, China

ALASKA Alaska Peony Growers Association

907-887-1268 Summer Farm Tours: 2017 dates and location TBA (check the website for updates) Annual Winter Conference: 2018 dates and location TBA

ARIZONA Arizona State Florists Association

3802 W Cavalier Dr Phoenix, AZ 85019 602-795-0302 Annual Expo: July 30, 2017, Black Canyon Conference Center, Phoenix, AZ

ARKANSAS Arkansas Florists Association

PO Box 500 Plumerville, AR 72127 501-208-2882 or 501-354-2309; vendors call 501-847-4600 Convention, Trade Market, and Mid America Design Competition: August 18-20, 2017, Hot Springs Convention Center, Hot Springs, AR

CALIFORNIA CalFlowers (California Association of Flower Growers and Shippers) 1500 41st Ave, Ste 240 Capitola, CA 95010 831-479-4912 fax: 831-479-4914 Fun ’N Sun Convention: August 9-12, 2017, Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Carlsbad, CA

California Cut Flower Commission PO Box 90225 Santa Barbara, CA 93190-0225 916-441-1701,

California Protea Association

California State Floral Association 1521 “I” St Sacramento, CA 95814 916-448-5266 fax: 916-446-1063

Los Angeles Flower District Association 766 Wall St Los Angeles, CA 90014 213-627-3696

San Diego County Flower & Plant Association 1205 Aviara Pkwy Carlsbad, CA 92011 760-431-2572 fax: 760-431-8834

San Francisco Flower Mart 640 Brannan St San Francisco, CA 94107 415-392-7944

CONNECTICUT Connecticut Florists’ Association, Inc.

PO Box 110210 Trumbull, CT 06611 203-268-9000; Northeast Floral Expo: March 2018 dates and location TBA

FLORIDA Association of Floral Importers of Florida

8725 NW 18th Terrace, Ste 106 Miami, FL 33172 305-593-2383

Florida State Florists’ Association Convention: June 8, 2017, Marriott Orlando Airport, Orlando, FL

GEORGIA Georgia State Florists Association Annual Convention: 2018 dates TBA

HAWAII Hawaii Export Nursery Association

PO Box 11120 Hilo, HI 96721 808-969-2088 fax: 808-969-2088 MIDPAC Horticultural Conference & Expo: August 3-5, 2017, Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, Big Island, HI

Hawaii Tropical Flower Council

PO Box 4306 Hilo, HI 96720 or

ILLINOIS Illinois State Florists’ Association

PO Box 125 Troy, IL 62294 773-540-2173 Convention: March 16-18, 2018, Annual Floral Design Show (“Start with Color”), Decatur, IL

IOWA Iowa Florists’ Association

1916 Spring St Grinnell, IA 50112 319-939-6169 Convention (“Modern Love”): September 30-October 1, 2017, Hotel Grinnell, Grinnell, IA

KENTUCKY Kentucky Florists Association Convention: July 28-30, 2017, Holiday Inn Louisville East - Hurstbourne, Louisville, KY

PO Box 2553 Valley Center, CA 92082-2533

JUNE 2017 75

Floral Associations LOUISIANA



Louisiana State Florists’ Association

Nebraska Florists Society

South Carolina Florists Association Convention: future dates TBA

MARYLAND Independent Floral Designers Association (IFDA)

301-675-1728 Monthly meetings, presentations, and hands-on workshops in the MD-DC-VA area

MASSACHUSETTS Massachusetts Flower Growers’ Association 8 Gould Rd Bedford, MA 01730 781-275-4811 fax: 781-275-8668

MICHIGAN Michigan Floral Association

1152 Haslett Rd PO Box 67 Haslett, MI 48840 517-575-0110 fax: 517-575-0115; www. Great Lakes Floral Expo: March 2-4, 2018, Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and DeVos Place Convention Center, Grand Rapids, MI

Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Florists’ Association

1152 Haslett Rd PO Box 67 Haslett, MI 48840 517-253-7730 fax: 517-575-0115 Convention: future dates and location TBA

MONTANA Montana Florists Association

716 Central Ave Great Falls, MT 59401 406-771-6828 Convention: October 13-15, 2017, GranTree Inn, Bozeman, MT


NEW MEXICO West Texas New Mexico Florist Association Convention: August 5, 2017, New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, Las Cruces, NM

NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina State Florists’ Association Convention: August 13, 2017, Doubletree by Hilton, Asheville, NC

NORTH DAKOTA North Dakota State Floral Association Niki Brose, President 701-852-6224

OKLAHOMA Oklahoma State Florists’ Association

3302 E Harris Rd Muskogee, OK 74403 918-683-3233 Annual Conference: July 22-23, 2017, OSU Alumni Center, Stillwater, OK

OREGON Oregon Flower Growers Association / Portland Flower Market 3624 N Leverman Portland, OR 97217 503-289-1500, ext 4

103 Lloydwood Dr West Columbia, SC 29172 843-375-0024 or 803-360-5976 Convention: 2017 dates and location TBA

SOUTH DAKOTA South Dakota Florists Association Spring Convention: 2018 dates and location TBA

TENNESSEE Tennessee State Florists’ Association Annual Convention: August 4-6, 2017, Marriott Hotel, Franklin, TN

TEXAS Texas State Florists Association

PO Box 170760 Austin, TX 78717 512-834-0361, www.texasschooloffloraldesign. com Texas Floral Expo: July 28-30, 2017, Embassy Suites & Conference Center, San Marcos, TX

West Texas New Mexico Florist Association

800-753-1142 Convention: August 5, 2017, New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, Las Cruces, NM

VIRGINIA Virginia Professional Florist Association Annual Meeting and Conference: dates TBA

WISCONSIN Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Florists’ Association

1152 Haslett Rd PO Box 67 Haslett, MI 48840 517-253-7730 fax: 517-575-0115 Convention: future dates and location TBA

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