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July 11, 2018

Battle of the Salons

EPCC alumni wins spot at national competition Sharon Rodela Tejano Tribune On June 10, the Battle of the Salons was held at Tricky Falls Event Center in downtown El Paso. This is an event were licensed professionals compete against each other to win a spot at the national competition. The only school that was invited to the event was the Milan Institute of Cosmetology and the instructor in charge of the competing students is Reynaldo Beanes III, an EPCC graduate of the class of 2013. The 23-year-old instructor of only two months at the time managed to take some of his students to the competition. After they received the invitation to the Battle of the Salons, Milan Institute had a similar event at their school to see which students would be the ones to represent the school at the event. The eight finalists were Sherri Salcido, Andrea Talley, Bernice Avina, Britney Gomez, Nancy Salas, Yvette Rocha, Adriana Workman and Jasmine Maddox. “We are a team with very independent women with a very independent leader as myself... we knew we had to bring everything we had because the other competitors had experience,” Beanes said. A total of six salons competed that day and the Milan Institute team were the first ones to open the event and walk their models wearing their creations on the stage. “This was a great opportunity that allowed my students to be creative and show what they got,” Beanes stated. The Milan Institute is one of the first schools to ever place first and win their chance to participate at


(L-R) Berenice Avina, Adriana Workman, Britney Gomez, Instructor Reynaldo Beanes III, Sherri Salcido, Nancy Salas, Andrea Talley & Jasmine Maddox

Nationals in Las Vegas. “When they announced that we won first place I couldn’t believe it, I had so many emotions but most importantly I was feeling super proud of my team… we had a hard time getting all the costumes together because we had to balance our time between school and the students’ jobs or family time… it was really a team effort what really made this project

to be a total success,” Beanes said. They have started preparing for the next competition to win the title of America’s Top Salon and will not only represent El Paso, Texas but the United States as well. They will be hosting fundraisers and will be accepting any donations to help with the expenses while they stay in Las Vegas.

Commuting to Mission del Paso just got easier Courtesy EPCC Phyiscal Plant Tejano Tribune


Nuevo Heuco Tanks road opened up to the public on June 29, in far East El Paso.

EPCC Physical Plant is happy to announce that both Nuevo Hueco Tanks Road and the access road that connects it to the Mission del Paso Campus opened up to the public on June 29 at 4:30 p.m. Now commuters coming from Socorro are able to access Interstate 10 immediately rather than using the previous arterial north to south route. The route alleviates traffic on North Loop and Americas Avenue making travel time shorter and road conditions safer. Surprisingly, the road was finished at a $9 million expense verses the expected $12 million

cost, which is 25 percent under budget. The new road also has cycling lanes on both sides which is perfect for students who use their bikes and skateboards as transportation to and from campus. The newly constructed road was delayed from being opened after it was completed as a result of a few logistical obstacles that needed to be resolved so that both roads could pass inspection. After the obstacles were resolved and the last required inspections were finalized, the road was opened for the public to utilize and enjoy. Now students, faculty and staff’s commute to the Mission del Paso campus is a much easier one. ARCHIVES:








2 July 11, 2018

Student loans in the LGBTQ+ community Students regret student loans due to financial instability Lorna Campbell Tejano Tribune Lead Researcher on the Student Loan Hero LGBTQ+ finances report, Miranda Marquit, conducted a survey that showed that at least 60 percent of LGBTQ+ students regret taking out student loans. Student Loan Hero, a company that gives loan advice, reported 32 percent of LGBTQ+ students said their gender identity or sexual orientation was a factor in being denied financial help and services. Marquit said the findings suggest student loans may equal financial freedom, “We asked students the reason why they regretted their debt and many said they regretted their debt because they couldn’t find a job in the degree area they went to school for.” After obtaining marriage equality and fighting for human rights, the LGBTQ+ community has yet another problem to face. On average, LGBTQ+ borrowers have $112,607 in student loan debt which is $16,000 more than the general population average of $96,211. Marquit found that with limited financial stability, not only are LGBTQ+ graduates in debt, they are struggling just to make a dent in it. LGBTQ+ borrowers are 53 percent more likely than the general population to make under $50,000 per year, according to Forbes. com. In addition to lacking family support and housing, Marquit found that many borrowers often feel the need to “prove themselves” at more prestigious, and often more expensive, schools. This results in the student choosing to attend a university that is more well-known and accepted by the group they wanted to be accepted by rather than a practical university that is just as good. “Anecdotal evidence from people we’ve talked to indicates that there is some added pressure to show that they are super-successful

and can ‘make it’ at more prestigious schools, which can also lead to higher debt,” Marquit said. Marquit adds that LGBTQ+ students also face discrimination when applying for more affordable loans and jobs, leading to longterm debt challenges. Queer Financial Expert, John Schneider, corroborates Marquit’s findings, adding that “many respondents to the survey said they’ve been discriminated against when applying for loans because they’re LGBTQ+. Consequently, these students may have assumed loans with less ideal, less competitive terms.” “Only 39 percent of the surveyed students feel completely accepted by their families,” Marquit said in an email to Upworthy. “Some of these borrowers might not receive the same level of support that other students receive, including the ability to live at home, 33 percent report being kicked out up to 1.6 million young people experience homelessness in the United States every year,” Marquit said. The reality is that discrimination has had a persistent and pervasive impact on marginalized groups and its effects go beyond student debt. LGBTQ+ students also face discrimination when applying for more affordable loans and jobs. This often times leads them to long-term debt challenges. Discrimination against marginalized groups is nothing new in this country. Landlords frequently refused to give black Americans home loans before the Fair Housing Act in 1968, limiting black mobility and financial well-being. Banks have discriminated against black and Latinx homebuyers for decades. Asian business owners have reported discrimination in regards to health inspections for years as well. For any additional information in terms of the study, contact Frankie Rendón at

Espinoza named June employee of the month to teach Stats, Pre-Calculus and Calculus 1. Whenever I teach, I always try to adapt to my students, being able to help them succeed is Without professors, staff and students, my top priority and I wish that my students weren’t afraid to come to my office and no school can succeed. As an ecosystem of its own, professors ask me questions. We as a college, we are are the driving force behind students, and one a community. The faculty, staff and student such professor has especially contributed to body are a community and as a community, we need to grow and be together, academic the EPCC ecosystem; Dr. Jose Espinoza. Espinoza was born in Mexico and or not,” Espinoza shared. Espinoza looks at math problems from developed a love for Math early in his life. more of a head on perspective rather than “I think my family had to do a lot with me pursuing this pathway in my life. I am the trying to find the easy route. “Math is science, and there is always 4th person in the family that has math in a forward way to solve their profession so it was "Whenever I teach, I always try to a big thing for all of us,” adapt to my students, being able problems. I want students who are doing good in math, Espinoza explained. to help them succeed is my top Earning a Bachelors, priority and I wish that my students why do you think you’re then a Masters and later weren’t afraid to come to my office doing good? Critically and ask me questions." think, why am I able to a Doctorate in math, the see a problem the way I subject became more -Dr. Jose Espinoza see it, and how I can get than just his profession, EPCC Mathematics professor the answer. Once a student it became a passion. understands why they are “I really enjoy researching, thinking straight with math, it doing good, that’s when they are tapping wasn’t always that way, I never imagined into their potential,” Dr. Espinoza said. Espinoza also understands that not getting this far, but because I enjoyed it and looking at the straightforward direction everybody does well in math. His main goal math and its problem are, it has taken me is for his students to know that it is okay for them to come to his office for help. far,” Espinoza said. “We are here to help you students, and Espinoza received the Employee of the even though some things might not work for Semester Award for his improvement and all students, working with your instructor his dedication to teaching. “I started to teach here at EPCC about will help you,” Espinoza stressed. He wants a year ago, and ever since I have been able to make math fun for his students not harder. Carlos Rios Tejano Tribune

Tejano Tribune

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Dr. Jose Espinoza, EPCC Mathematics professor.

Success for the students is what it is all about for Espinoza and he believes that “we all started with problems, but keep trying, and don’t give up.” Dr. Espinoza will be teaching during the fall semester. EPCC Valle Verde campus offers math tutoring, Student Support Services Program (S.S.S.P.) located in Room A1405 and the Math Center Room 1419. Operation hours differ during fall, spring and summer semesters.

The El Paso County Community College District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

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National ice cream month

OPINION In need of rest and relaxation Olivia Belcher "Olivia's Observations"

It seems as though every time you ask someone how they are doing or what they are going to do that weekend, the answer is “good, but I need some rest,” or “I’m going to do nothing but relax.” Rest and relaxation seems to be something people are constantly chasing these days and are oddly not part of everyone’s daily routine. Each and every person should take a portion of their day and dedicate it to conscious relaxation with absolutely no distractions. There are many efficient ways someone can relax and there are endless benefits that come along with it. Some of the many ways one can achieve conscious relaxation is by meditating, doing yoga, stretching or soaking. Meditating is a great way to achieve mental and physical relaxation. By just laying on your

back or sitting up straight with your palms open and facing the sky, while pairing it with slow steady breathing, one can decompress and let a lot of stress out. Yoga is a way to challenge the body and mind while relaxing it at the same time. Focusing on keeping good posture and a steady breathing pattern helps clear the mind and release bodily tensions that build up in the muscles and joints. Stretching is another great way to relax the body. When you stretch your muscles, you are releasing acid that builds up in them which causes soreness and stiffness. Soaking is another great form of relaxation and my personal favorite as well. Soaking in natural mineral water hot springs is the best feeling in the world to me. Natural mineral water can heal people physically from skin conditions, joint and muscle problems, and heart and circulatory diseases. These healing factors have everything to do with the negatively charged ions around the water. These are all ways I find personally effective and versatile enough that a wide range of people with different abilities can do something to relax that works for them. Relaxation and rest help insure the best health conditions in a person.

According to mentalhealthamerica. net, getting the correct amount of quality sleep is essential to your ability to learn and process memories. It also helps restore your body’s energy, repairs muscle tissue, and triggers the release of hormones that effect growth and appetite. We were all told by our guardians when we were little, that sleep is very important and that it is something that we all need, but we never took them seriously. Now is the time to do so. Sleep is extremely important to everyone’s overall health and should be taken seriously. Clearing the mind of thoughts that stress you out is another benefit of relaxing. Most of the time, you need to take a step back from most situations and look at things from a different perspective. That different perspective comes easier when your relaxed and not stressed or caught up in the moment. Clearing the mind of all the possible outcomes and affects, help you find solutions that are hidden within the mess of things. Always keep in mind that rest and relaxation are two things you constantly need to be getting. It does take some time and effort to focus on self-care but it is surely worth it in the end when you are a stress free, relaxed and successful person, all at the same time.

to reinforce the position of the powerful. Despite the tornado and the majority of people subscribing to the affluent and powerful agenda, one’s significance is up to the individual. In fact, the best fitting solution is for one to find, fight and live his or her significance and insignificance. To do this is a gain for a type of effective human interaction that we will now call humanism. Humanism happens to be the foundation of what is our current reality whether we acknowledge it or not. Humanism is our current reality because if you boil down any ideal, culture, entity or system you will see that the intent of these is for THEIR definition of what is good for humanity. This is not to say that any one entity is right or wrong, this is to say that the intent of some entities is rooted in their own vision of what humanity can be. Humanism as a concept has multiple definitions depending on the set of beliefs that apply to each group. Some of these groups are Christian Humanism, Secular Humanism, Philosophical Humanism and Western Cultural Humanism. Most entities will not claim to

have humanistic principles, but one look at their fundamental principles and you can see that their intent is to move a portion of the human population in a direction that they deem valid. However, something paramount to all of this precedes significance and insignificance through human interaction. Something inherent in being human—feelings. Up to this point, it can be observed that my address has been somewhat stoic, practical and pragmatic. Although, that is a naive narrative to take when discussing existence which is a complex dynamic. All of us humans will exhibit some form of feelings—which we will call emotions now. Nothing is more conscious and human then emotions—animosity, hate, anguish, anger, joy and love to name a few of the most powerful of emotions. No human has ever experienced their potential until their emotions have been aroused and manifested in some kind of way, whether it be hate or the polar opposite, love. Emotions will cause a person to manifest minimal or optimal action through the release of brain chemicals.

Significance of Absurdity: Part III

Drake Williams II Guest column

In this game is the making of a sort of tornado. A tornado similar to the one in the “Wizard of Oz” that made things confusing, displaced, fatal and chaotic. To help the imagination with the effects of this tornado we can refer to nations who fight other nations, racial conflict, social economic casts and other forms of division and conflict. Within this hectic tornado is the degradation of significance, the degradation of insignificance, the degradation of individualism and the degradation of fulfillment. All of the above permeated by a heap of manipulative tools: media, education, law and medicine. Essentially speaking, social constructions which are a set of extremely complex means

A continuation of this column can be read at

ag r ee? d isag r ee? sen d a "Letter to th e ed ito r" to: lead ed ito r@tejan otr i b u n m

3 July 11, 2018

Tejano Tribune

Voices around campus Jessica Barragan Tejano Tribune

What's your opinion on the EPCC parking permit price increase? "I was not aware of the price increase. I go to UTEP, so I think this actually good news. What I pay over at UTEP for a parking permit at the garage would be $360-something. This is perfect from a UTEP student perspective."

Fe Renteria Undecided

"For a whole year, that is a good price to park here compared to UTEP. I paid $175 to park far from the campus for just one summer semester, so I think it is a pretty good price for the whole year."

"I think it is okay because we need to raise the prices to keep up with the expenses of the parking lots. I think it would have been better if they made the transition smoother, because before the cost was $20 and now it is $40, which is a big difference."

Paulina Gomez Multidisciplinary

Ramon Mendoza Architecture

Fabian Chavez Business

"I don’t think they should have increased the prices. I think they should lessen the price because some students can’t pay for that. I think you pay a lot of money already to come to study, so I disagree with the increase''

Do you think EPCC is charging too much for parking?

ENTERTAINMENT Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom falls flat

July 11, 2018

The fifth installment of the Jurassic series, dating back to 1993, welcomed its newest film "Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom" to mixed reviews from moviegoers.

Manuel Rodriguez Tejano Tribune The Jurassic Park franchise is back with its fifth installment, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, this time being directed by Spanish director J.A. Bayona. Bayona is known for darker films such as A Monster Calls and The Orphanage. His touch shows when it comes to the film. The story picks up months after the events of the previous film. Debate has sparked up whether to save the remaining dinosaurs in Isla Nublar or let them die from an impending volcanic eruption. Claire Dearing creates a protection group to try to save the dinosaurs and recruits Owen Grady to help this plan happen. They travel to the island and shenanigans happen. The cast of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom includes returning Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing, Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm, B.D.

Vampire games are a rare gem in the gaming market. The last great one came out fourteen years ago and nothing else has come close since. Vampyr is a game that has many flaws but comes out with a decent story and gameplay. The story starts off a year after WWI in London. You play as a doctor named Johnathan Reid. He is trying to get home one night when he gets “turned” by a vampire. Left for dead, he uses his newfound powers to save London from an epidemic worse than the Spanish Flu and figured out why he was turned in the first place. Like any other Role-Playing game (RPG), the story is split between the main and side quests. I liked to go with the side quests in these types of games because it brings out so much of the world. What the game does is that you must actively talk to every Non-Player Character (NPC) to get information on a quest and how to make it easier. I like the way that it encourages the player to explore and find more options

than just following the quest marker and complete the game without knowing some of the lore. Gameplay is decent with flaws. The game has a fighting system that is renascent of Bloodborne with dodge mechanics, off-hand weapons that can stun enemies for filling the blood meter and using said meter to perform various powerful magic and special attacks. The fighting system could be better as there are areas that get repetitive and enemies repeat themselves outside of boss fights. One special mechanic that the game was sold on was the ability to play the game without killing an NPC. In the game, you have a choice to heal the various NPCs you talk to of their afflictions or sink your teeth into their necks. Killing them does give you a major boost of XP and healing them gives you a lesser amount. Doing either or has a bigger impact on the neighboring districts as killing them lowers the number of healthy people, bringing in disease and stronger enemies to that district while healing has the opposite effect. This is also tied to what ending you can get. One thing I like to note that it is

Tejano Tribune


Wong as Dr. Henry Wu, Daniella Pineda as Zia Rodriguez, Justice Smith as Franklin Webb and Rafe Spall as Mills. The film was released on June 22. The running time of this film is 2 hours and 8 minutes, and as of June 30, the film has grossed just over $800 million and opened up the weekend with $148 million dollars; the second highest opening for Universal. As the film is still being played on the big screen, this blockbuster movie will give viewers what a quintessential blockbuster film should, nothing more or nothing less. You’re not there to watch the film for the story or character development; you are there to enjoy the explosions, CGI and dinosaurs nevertheless. In closing, this movie is hit and miss in terms of a film in regard to plot, and character development. If you are a fan of typical blockbuster films, or the Jurassic Park franchise in general, then you will enjoy this action-packed film. I give this film a three out of five-star rating, I would not watch it on the big screen, but would watch it on a lazy Sunday on Netflix or Redbox rental.

Vampyr: A blood-sucking good time Clyde Tims Tejano Tribune


possible to not kill NPCs by just fighting the enemies and can a good amount of XP. I give this game a 3.5 out of 5. The game is decent for what it is and the story is interesting enough to keep me going, yet the gameplay makes me want

to put it down for a bit. If it was more polished and the enemies were more diverse, then the rating would be higher. I suggest Vampyr to be played at a discount, borrowed from a friend, or rented from Gamefly.


Vampyr, released June 5, can be played on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows

ENTERTAINMENT The Grape sure is nothing to wine about


July 11, 2018 Tejano Tribune

made it too simplistic. When I went to the small restaurant I had The Grape is a small Italian restaurant located no idea what to actually at 6350 Escondido Dr., on the west side of El expect. Once I arrived, I was Paso which is quite hard to find due to it’s out of taken aback by the cozy the way location. The restaurant is located in the middle of a and quaint atmosphere bunch of offices and is parallel to a neighborhood. that the restaurant It is a quaint place, but not worth the time it created and was excited takes to seek out unless you have quite a bit of to enjoy the food that they had to offer. time on your hands. I was, however, The Grape is clearly for a party of two to four people based on how small the restaurant is.There disappointed with what SHAILAH GARJEDA / TEJANO TRIBUNE is a patio area just outside the main building that I found because when The Grape, located in West El Paso, took inspiration from Italian cuisine and interior design. pancake batter was not sweet at all making maple is European inspired however it is located in the I entered I was given a middle of the patio with little shade which does small one-page menu with one option. Confused syrup a must so that they did not taste so bitter. The pancakes were also heavy making me not mix well with the hot weather during the day I asked the waitress and she told me that on that we have here in the city. I tried to get an Sundays only brunch was served. I had noted drink a lot of water to make sure I could swallow idea of what I was getting into and went to their none of this was mentioned on the website and the bite. The next dish was a type of egg quiche that website to see what information could be found. I had gone in expecting to be able to enjoy some contained potatoes and cheese. I disliked the Alas, the website does not have as much pasta but was sorely mistaken. I was under the impression that it was all egg quiche due to the odd texture it had and the information on the restaurant itself, but the simplicity makes it easy to navigate for customers. day brunch along with their lunch menu. I was horrendous aftertaste it left in my mouth. The To avoid making the website too cluttered they accompanied by two others to The Grape and other people I was with said they enjoyed it. I did find it bland, however, it came out looking while there I asked for their opinions like it was going to taste delicious but once again, and impressions of I was mistaken. The final thing I ate there was what they called the restaurant. We all agreed that the brisket tacos and I can say with certainty that restaurant had more of the meat had the consistency of brisket, but the a café vibe than that of flavor was not there at all. The tacos were good but I was disappointed that they did not have the an actual restaurant. The first plate brisket flavor and they were also missing a lot of brought out for us salt. By the time the bill came, I was shocked at was some pancakes the huge dent that was left in my wallet. Two tiny cups of orange juice cost about seven of different flavors however one that we dollars combined and the size would barely be had asked for could able to quench the thirst of a child let alone an not be made because adult. I was very disappointed with the food but they did not have the the service was amazing and the restaurant was ingredient on hand. The beautiful. Overall, I would have to give The Grape three pancakes were alright, COURTESY THEGRAPEITALIANSTEAKHOUSE.COM I have had better. This out of five stars. Aside from their all-day Sunday brunch menu, The Grape has many other options to choose from. Shailah Garjeda Tejano Tribune

The First Purge makes light of the Holocaust Sharon Rodela Tejano Tribune

For an instant while watching "The First Purge", I thought I was seeing Black Panther once again. One of the main characters Dmitri (Y’ian Noel) seems like he could fight T’challa from Black Panther. Additonally, in some of the scenes, they even used weapons like a superhero uses their shields. The acting was balanced, even though it is an action and horror movie, some scenes had characters that had a funny script and others were more serious. The cloudy setting in one of the scenes perfectly alludes to the fact that a catastrophe is about to happen which ends up being the purge itself. I did not agree with one of the costumes that one of the characters was wearing in a scene where they had sent an army of people to exterminate people hiding in an apartment building. The “commander,” or the one in charge of that group, was wearing a Heer Nazi general uniform. In my opinion, this movie was a resemblance of the genocide that happened to the Jewish community in Nazi Germany during World War II. The movie contained a government attacking its own people, in this case, it was the poor communities, much like in the Holocaust. I do not think we need to give ideas like “The Purge” to today’s society,. Especially with all the killings and shootings that have been occurring. Even though it is only a movie and some of the things might be fictional, people do not always understand that. The last thing we need is for people to believe that they can purge too. COURTESY IMDB.COM The rating that I give "The First Purge" is two out of five stars. Lex Scott Davis as "Nya" in "The First Purge", the fourth installment to "The Purge" film series.

CAMPUS LIFE Students get social with ice cream and soccer 6

July 11, 2018

Tejano Tribune

Drake Williams Tejano Tribune

Student Leadership and Campuses teamed up with the Student Government Association and brought a cold treat to students and staff that were viewing the 2018 FIFA World Cup: ice cream. Soccer has been playing on the big screen in the annex this summer and people have been showing support for their respective teams. As people cheer on their team, Student Leadership listened and decided to compliment the viewers with ice cream during these hot times. Yadira Corral, a Campus Life Representative who helped serve ice cream said, “we decided to provide some ice cream for students who are staying here at the cafeteria socializing.” Students and staff lined up for the free Neapolitan ice cream while the World Cup played on, including myself and all that was required was a valid EPCC student I.D. Providing free ice cream in the summer heat is just the DRAKE WILLIAMS / TEJANO TRIBUNE Students enjoyed free ice cream at the Valle Verde cafeteria annex while rooting for their teams in this year's World Cup. kind of generous act the summer semesters need.

Become a reporter or photographer for the TejanoTribune! Volunteers welcome starting Fall 2018 semester.

New Parking Decal Rates: Effective Fall 2018

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FEATURE Fourth of July veterans BBQ held at Valle Verde 7

July 11, 2018

Tejano Tribune

Ryan Montes Tejano Tribune

On the afternoon on July 3, the Veteran’s Resource Center (VRC) held a veteran’s BBQ that took place in the Americana Village located at the Valle Verde campus. The barbecue was a way for veteran students to celebrate the Fourth of July early. Music was playing from a speaker on the stage, the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs permeated the air and tents were set up with different organizations where their brochures as well as other information was displayed on their tables. For those who are not familiar with who the Veteran’s Resource Center (VRC) is or what they do, they help serve students that are either active duty, reservist, retired or are in the National Guard. They also assist spouses of veterans and dependent children of service-disabled veterans. In Texas, veterans, students and spouses whose parents or loved ones served in the military are able to get paid tuition through the Hazlewood Act. The Hazlewood Act is a benefit that requires up to 150 hours of classroom time and a GPA of 2.0 or higher. It can be used at any public college in Texas.The BBQ was a two-hour event that went on from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and was open to any veteran, current or former. If they bought their Military ID and EPCC ID, free food was provided to them. To get free food, veterans were required to RSVP prior to the BBQ and the sign in on a guest sheet the day of the event which was placed on a table on the stage. The person in charge was Becky Moreno, whose number was provided under EPCC’s calendar of events.

A vairety of organizations set up shop at the BBQ, eager to inform veterans of their services.

The people who attended were in good spirits, eating and conversing with one another. What made it patriotic was the sight of over ten American flags lightly blowing in a breeze under a partly cloudy sky. When signing in there were roughly ten names on the list. Overall, the BBQ was a way to celebrate the Fourth of July a day early as well as honoring and thanking


our veterans for their hard work and sacrifice for their country. Freedom cannot be taken for granted because there are many other people around the globe who aren’t allowed such liberty. For more information regarding future BBQ’s, and other questions on veterans enrolling at EPCC, contact Becky Moreno at (915)-831-2398.

Next to Normal showing at Transmountain throughout July Olivia Belcher Tejano Tribune

Transmountian Campus Summer Theater presents “Next to Normal.” EPCC Theater Ensemble will perform a three-week summer production of “Next to Normal.” Showings are on July 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21 at 8:00 p.m. and July 8, 15 and 22 at 2:30 p.m. The EPCC Theater Ensemble performs at the EPCC Transmountain Campus Forum Theater, 9570 Gateway North. “Next to Normal” is an American rock musical with book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey; music by Tom Kitt and special guest director, Michael Bakes.

The story centers around a mother who struggles with worsening bipolar disorder and the effects that her illness and its management have had on her family. The mother, Diana, is the main character and suffers from bipolar disorder which makes day to day living very hard for not only her but her family as well. Throughout the play, Diana deals with an unexpected event that has her world crashing down on her. She cycles through a number of doctors whose help are few and far between. She is prescribed new medication and asked by her husband to go to treatment immediately.

SUN SAFETY Take the time to protect yourself while under the sun. Use sunscreen when you plan to be outdoors during the day. Full spectrum or broad spectrum sunscreen can block against both UVA and UVB light. SPF (sun protection factor) 15 is fine for adults to use, but children need at minimum SPF 30. Infants should be in the shade even if they are wearing sunscreen since their defenses are weaker than older children. Some children can be allergic to sunscreens so test a small patch of their skin before using it on them. If an allergic reaction doesn’t appear after half an hour, it is okay to use. The sun’s rays are the strongest between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm so avoid being outside at this time.

After treatment, things are not better and Diana comes to some lifechanging decisions that she has to make for the sake of her happiness. Some famous faces that have starred in productions of “Next to Normal” are Alice Ripley from Les Miserables and Sunset Boulevard, and Louis Hobson from West Side Story and Hair. Ticket prices are $15 for general admission, $10 for Non-EPCC students and military, and $7 for EPCC students/ staff and senior citizens. Tickets are available at the door. The box office opens two hours before each performance. For further theater information, call (915) 831-5056.

SPORTS Tejanos all geared up for upcoming season 8

July 11, 2018


After holding tryouts in June, EPCC's Tejanos baseball team is ready to take on the upcoming season after seeing improvements over the summer.

Drake Williams Tejano Tribune The EPCC Tejanos held baseball tryouts this summer and the team has high hopes for improvement in the coming season. The open tryouts were held at Valle Verde campus on June 22. An open tryout session means that EPCC students and aspiring baseball players can participate. Of the forty plus athletes that participated a couple of them were from Columbia. These international athletes that

participated will first receive a call from the Tejanos if they have been selected to join the team. These international athletes will then have to go through the international student program to be legitimized as actual student-athletes in order to participate in the sport. The baseball program also seeks its talent here at home. All of the high schools in the El Paso area are contacted via email to invite young athletes to participate in the tryout process. The Tejanos do not limit themselves

to select schools and would like to retain local talent throughout the borderland that will take pride in playing for their hometown. Baseball tryouts consist of a variety of sport-related events and a speed test. The “60-yard dash” tests the athletes’ speed. A good speed for this event is to run faster than 6.7 seconds. Outfielders and infielders are scouted on arm strength, quick hands and quick feet. Catchers are scouted for how quickly they can catch and throw the ball to

Tejano Tribune

second base—this is called the “pop time”. In the batting event scouts want to see who can hit the ball consistently in a given amount of swings. Pitching is evaluated last. Pitchers are scouted on their throwing mechanics, accuracy, ball speed and types of throws. Pitching is the most intricate position and therefore the hardest to scout and fill. This also happens to be the position that the Tejanos were most interested in scouting. During the tryouts, athletes were recorded at a throwing speed of 90 mph. This is a great speed, however, the desired speed would be 95 mph or more at the collegiate level. Head Baseball Coach, Cesar Romero, is happy and satisfied with the 2018 summer tryouts. The goal was to find athletes that can compete in a tough division. Coach Romero said, “Athletes with character, [who are] coachable and [have] a will to learn,” will produce a great team in the coming season. The Tejanos have recorded improvements in home runs this past season, from 10-11 home runs to 50 plus home runs. The team has also seen improvements in fan support. The stands have been filled with supporters from the Financial Aid Building to the Athletic Department. For more information on the Tejano baseball program and its upcoming season head to the EPCC homepage and search athletics.

Valle Verde 919 Hunter Dr. 831-2887

July 11 - July 19

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July 11 | Tejano Tribune