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editors letter Hello! Welcome to the very first issue of teenbook magazine! You may be wondering how this all began? Well it all started about a year ago after a conversation with our sister magazine; Sketchbook’s founder Wafa Al Obaidat in the Selfridges Shoe Hall restaurant. We discussed what we thought that was missing from the publishing world - a cool, modern day teen magazine was just the ticket. It was a few months later that the intense/boring research and development process began which then lead to months of emailing, phone calls and sleepless nights to what you are reading today. In this issue we wanted to make sure that we had something for everyone from our fantastic ‘Born In Brick Lane’ shoot to an interview with the Wildfox designers. teenbook covers the topics you want to hear about from fashion to art and celebrity interviews. This issue is filled with the talents of many up and coming writers, stylists, illustrators and designers. On the cover we have child star to pop star Emily Osment give us an in depth interview on her life today – illustrated by the talented Lucy Evans. I have to thank the people who I really couldn’t have done this without: Ben Strowman – who is the fantastic graphic designer for teenbook and Emma Frew – my right hand gal! So after months of blood, sweat and tantrums we give you teenbook magazine in all its glory. Happy Reading Love Sara Qaddoura Editor-In-Chief


Credits EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Sara Qaddoura ASSISTANT EDITOR Emma Frew ( ART DIRECTOR Ben Strowman ( FASHION EDITOR Olivia Slack ( ILLUSTRATORS Lucy Evans ( Katie-Marie Macon ( David Merta ( Gemma Luker ( STYLISTS Louise Clarke ( Ibrahim Kamara ( Hazel Holtham ( WRITERS Emma Roberts Sophie Amono ( Kelly Levell ( Briellen Smith


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Editors Letter


Swedish hasbeens

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Jewellery edit




summer brights

8 40 The bright side photoshoot

Health & beauty q&a

12 43 Meet emily osment interview

16 Trend round up

cd review

44 kat graham interview



Wildfox interview pt.1

love inks interview



Wildfox interview pt.2




retro chic photoshoot

urban a-z



Felder felder interview

Is eco the new chic?



get the look

the notebook doodles

34 56 Talking point: the Fashionable body 4 days in the style of emily seymour

35 Fashion q&a



Born in briCK Lane photoshoot

contributors Olivia Slack My name is Olivia, and I’m a 19 year old fashion writer and blogger, working towards a degree in media and communication. I enjoy the simple things in life: a pretty painting, a new pair of shoes, and a nice warm cup of tea on a cold night. You can read and follow my blog here:

Emma Roberts I am a BA (Hons) Journalism student at University College Falmouth. I am passionate about music and would like to work as a music journalist when I graduate next year. I enjoy writing, reading and keeping fit with Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art which I am currently a green belt in.

Lucy Evans I am an illustrator. I like to draw things, people in particular. My work is about the viewer being able to lose themselves in a moment of fascination and curiosity. I am heavily influenced by music and beautiful, ethereal things. For commissions, collaborations or to just say hello email me at or visit my website at

Sophie Amono Currently studying BA Journalism and Media and specialising in fashion and culture writing, London is the City I call home and where I am constantly inspired to write and discover young talent. Previously working with Sketchbook Magazine, The Times and Sunday Times and blogging about ‘Fried Eggs’ for me Teenbook is the perfect platform to inspire a new generation of change makers.

Emma Frew Twenty year old writer and blogger from a sparkly city in Scotland. Lives by the fashion motto WWMKAAD-”What would Mary-Kate and Ashley do” Believes that life should have a soundtrack and that hers would sound something like a John Hughes’ movie with a bit of Britney and Dolly Parton thrown in for good measure.


the bright side Stylist: Ibrahim Kamara Photographer: Nadine Ijewere Model: Claudia Ornelas Make Up: Karn Kachiko





Meet Emily OsmenT… by Emma Frew

From Disney star to Music’s next big thing. Here Emily Osment tells teenbook about the trials and tribulations of growing up in Hollywood, transitioning into being a full-blown grown-up ,oh probably the most important advice of all; how not to date our brothers best friend.... Maybe life for one of America’s most famous teen stars isn’t that different from ours after all.....

We love your new album here at Teenbook; it’s the perfect summer record. What or who was inspiring you when you recorded it? I wrote this record last fall in Los Angeles, New York and in many different parts of my brain. The only thing I knew when starting to write was that I wanted to make something completely polar opposite to my last EP, but one that could still live juxtaposed to it forever. This was an interesting task. I wrote most of the record with Adam Shclesinger going between two coasts. We produced a type of sound that was very jazz and laid back, which was later transformed to fit the rest of the record which was an extremely energized electro dance pop. I listened to many different types of music at this time to fit that spectrum such as AIR, Tinnie Tempah, Passion Pit, The Friendly Fires, and The Big Pink.


Your sound is pop but you also have influences of indie, rock and electro on your album too. Do you think sometimes pop music is underestimated, like how hard it is to make the perfect pop song? I think all music is underestimated. It’s not an easy task to write any song, and if it is, then it probably isn’t going to be one of your favourites. You wrote most of the songs yourself, did you draw on your own experiences? Right from the beginning of my music career I promised myself I would never have a song on a record that I did not write, and I have stayed 100% true to that. Drawing from your own experiences is not as hard as one might think. We do it in our heads everyday all of the time. I learned how to take what I was feeling and make it tangible on paper, something that will never grow old.

Lovesick has already became our summer anthem and Marisol is just beautiful, which is your favourite song from the album? That’s so wonderful to hear, thank you! I love both those songs very much. Marisol was written so much about my home and it will always find one there in my heart. My favourite song on the record is 1-800-Clap-Your-Hands. It must be strange to hear someone say they have a favourite, but I indeed do. I have such a vibrant history with that song. If only one day the fans could hear the original way it was written and the transformation of it every day since, I think they would love it. My band loves this song as well; we always want to play it for soundcheck about 600 times for the crew, because it gets everyone going. You seem to have gone against the norm for a former Disney star, going with an indie label and making a really mature sounding record. Its seems like a really brave move, was it a conscious

With Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana

decision to move away from what people expected you to do next? I don’t believe anything I did involving the placement and life of my music was conscious. I was basically floating around on a cloud taking meetings and listening to whomever claimed I would have the most control over the music, because that was pretty much the only thing I cared about at the time. Wind-Up records gave me that. You starred on Hannah Montana for such a long time, what was it like when that ended? Anything that lasts as long as we did makes for a very hard goodbye. On the last day there were not too many tears, but lots of celebration; we were so undeniably proud of what we had accomplished. I know I will always have a special connection with the cast and crew and especially that time in my life for it will always have a bittersweet afterglow. I already miss it.


It must have been hard sometimes growing up in the spotlight, was there ever times when you wished you could just go and be a normal teenager? No one ever assumes I had a normal childhood. No one ever assumes I went to high school or played intramural sports or went to my homecoming dance or learned how to ride a bike or something. I think that’s hilarious for I did all those things. My childhood was, and still is extremely normal and filled with wonderful loving friends and family. I am very lucky.

actors claim that they never want their children to be in the business because it can be hell sometimes. I am so infinitely happy my parents guided me into acting when I was so little. I do what I do because there’s no career I could do better in, or feel as creatively satisfied in and I always keep that in mind when things get tough. Do you think growing up where you did, as well as having your brother have such amazing success at a young age prepared you for your life now? There is such a difference between growing up in LA and migrating here for a career. It is undeniably the place to be for actors, but you must respect the city before you pimp it out for yourself, and because I have lived here my whole life, I know that, and it makes me who I am.

On set with her brother in Spy Kids 2

Do you ever feel pressure of having to maintain a certain image and being a role model? I have always felt pressure to be a role model. I have little cousins who depend on me! It seems unfair the way that the media seems to just be waiting on young stars to slip up, especially girls in the industry. Is it hard watching someone like Miley Cyrus whom you have worked so closely with, being used as an example? It’s always hard to see the industry pick on people. I just finished a movie about cyberbullying and it reminded me so much of the scrutiny most celebrities go through on the internet and out in the real world. I hate hearing


Emily with her actor brother Haley

College seems like such a rite of passage in America, would you ever consider taking time out to go and study? It surely is a rite of passage, and I did consider, and I am going eventually. I deferred from my college for a year for work and I am hoping I will not have to do that again for the fall.

How would you describe your style? I have a friend that calls it Hipster Soulful. I like that.

Who do you look to for style inspiration? I love Emma Watson and of course Emma Stone (my girlcrush). Do you have any hair or beauty secrets that you have picked up along the way that you could let us in on? I highlight my hair as I see necessary, but I never do it with any regularity, which keeps my hair healthy. I also use a conditioning mask. Moroccan oil is the best. It must seem like a balancing act sometimes trying to fit in your music with your acting work too. Do you have any more film or TV work in the pipeline? I just finished a film about a week ago, and despite it being one of my best experiences yet, it took me away from some other work I really wanted to do. I I balance my life I balance my work I balance myself. Here at Teenbook we can’t wait to see you sing live, will you be touring the UK anytime soon? I am happy to say I will be coming to the UK very soon and I will have my band in tow! Finally what advice or words of wisdom can you pass on to the Teenbook readers?

In the ‘Lovesick’ video

Always match your bra to your shirt, never cut your own bangs, do something that makes you sweat every day, and don’t date your brother’s friends. And balance your life.

Hannah Montana the movie


TREND ROUND UP COLOUR BLOCKING Looking for a way to make your spring and summer statement? Look no further. The catwalks were flooding with neon brights and bold shapes, and the highstreet have converted this flamboyant fashion into a much more subtle and ready-to-wear style. Whether you’re sporting a bright Daffodil yellow, a scorching sunset orange or a brilliant sky blue, knowing how to mix and match these colours perfectly will keep you looking on trend and standing out from a crowd. If you’re looking to add a bit of edge to your outfit, opt for a leather jacket or high waisted leather shorts. The contrast of the bright colours against the black will make you look very unique. Or if you’d prefer, you could follow in the footsteps of Jil Sanders SS11 collection and keep things minimalistic. Play around with the colours and see what suits you best. If you’re wondering where to go with your hair style, all you have to do is look at the style that all the celebrities are opting for: dipdye, or ‘ombre hair’ as some like to call it. This means dying your hair lighter from the bottom, keeping the roots dark and leaving blonde at the ends. You could go for subtle highlights like Shenae Grimes, or a full on wild ‘do like Drew Barrymore; whichever makes you feel most comfortable.

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Not going to a festival this summer? That’s no excuse not to dress like a boho babe and flaunt off your best Mary-Kate Olsen impression. Fringe detail, palazzo pants and chiffons in all shapes and sizes are going to be huge this season. Take inspiration from Emilio Pucci’s SS11 collection: the perfect combination of all the previous trends combined: subtle florals on dark backgrounds, accompanied by tans and camels, with the little hint of a bright colour making an appearance. This is your chance to wear gigantic floaty hats with oversized sunglasses, or feathered earrings and maxi skirts to give your boho look that extra “hippe” vibe. Strong brows, nude lips and beach waves in your hair will all add to this gorgeous trend. Wear it with pride, ladies!


Illustrations by David Merta and written by Olivia Slack

FASHION SAFARI Take all the tans, camels, nudes and mustards that we saw in Autumn and give them a summer re-vamp: try adding small and subtle splashes of bright blue and red for a bit of colour popping by adding a piece of statement jewellery or painting your nails. Topshop offer a great selection of safari-style jewellery that would look great teamed with some paper bag shorts and a khaki shirt. If you’d prefer to go for something a bit more on the wild side, try mix-matching a few crazy animalistic patterns. Think of the animals of the desert - snakes, lizards and wild cats – and adapt their nature to your outfit. Try taking inspiration from Basso & Brooke’s spring/summer collection by using colours and textures to create the perfect print. For hair and make-up, a cute fishtail braid along one side of your head will be a great look to sport. If you want it a little messy, give it a soft back comb to pull some strands out of the plait. Messy yet wonderfully chic!

FLORAL Floral has to be the ultimate spring and summer trend for me. Nothing says “summer’s arrived” like a good old classic floral print, and D&G were the cream of the crop for pulling out the best. With a runway covered in roses, hydrangeas, ivy and more, there isn’t one thing about this collection that wouldn’t put a florist to shame. If you prefer softer floral patterns, stick within a nude palette. Chino’s make the trend more wearable for the high street honey, whereas a pair of white skinny jeans and nude platform heels will keep you looking savvy and sophisticated. If you’re into mix-matching prints, opt for gingham to pair alongside your floral tank top, or you could equally keep things minimal and go for subtle pastel colours with a slight appearance of rose-print. Wedge espadrilles are a great accompaniment for anything floral, bringing out the garden goddess within you! For hairstyles, stick with a sweet and chic messy top-knot, and keep make-up to a minimal for the freshest look you can get this season!


Wildfox Interview pt.1 We are- Show us who you are by taking a picture of yourself, Tell us anything you like about who you are it could just be your name or that you are a secret superhero, it’s up to you what secrets you want to share! Kimberley Gordon, Wildfox co-creator, sleepover extraordinaire.

Where we work- Take a picture of your office, your desk, etc. Show us where Wildfox is made and describe what an average day is like for you at work: I come in and make breakfast with the girls, then check blogs, emails, pull inspiration and work on all the many things for Wildfox! Some days are crazy busy, especially around photo shoots! We can work from 6am until 1am… but we laugh like crazy and drink wine and play Disney music.

My favourite piece from our new collectionShow us which piece you love most and tell us why: I loved designing this cat one cause it brought me right back to 6th grade when T shirts like this were so popular! It fits so well, I love our new White label! I wish I could show you fall stuff… it’s lovely!


FASHION My favourite thing from my closet is- Show us that piece that you will keep forever and tell us why it’s so special: I have a million things like that, but I do have one that is really sentimental. It’s a shirt I made for my last company, it was the first shirt I really did on my own that came right from my brain to actuality. My mentor, Victor Tanisaka, really showed me the ways of T-shirt fashion and I will always be so grateful for all the opportunity he gave me. I will always keep this shirt, I can’t wait to give it to my kids. It’s a dove, sublimated onto a tank I designed. So soft and thin!

My favourite place in this City is- Take a picture to show us, it might be a cafe, a street, a store or even just your own house. Let us know why it means so much to you: There are so many places I love in Los Angeles, but I only discovered most of them about 3 years ago. A lot of them became important because it was around when we started Wildfox, during the end of summer, warm nights… The drive through Malibu Canyon, music blasting with my best friends, heading for the beach, My home Silverlake I’m obsessed, and Cinespia. Cinespia is really special to me because it represents the start of summer and heading to the Hollywood cemetery Sat night with my friends, blankets, pillows and a picnic, to all lay huddled in the grass to watch an old movie.

I can’t Live without- Might be a person or a possession or something completely random. Tell us why it’s so special to you: My little tiny dog, Stella. She’s amazing.

My one piece of advice to Teenbook readers is –If you could pass on one piece of advice what would it be, write it down, mime it, spell it out in sand it’s completely up to you how to do it, just take a picture of it: You don’t need money to make your dreams come true. Enroll in City College classes and learn as much about what you love as you can. Work hard, it pays off.


Wildfox Interview pt.2 by Emma Frew

We are- Show us who you are by taking a picture of yourself, Tell us anything you like about who you are it could just be your name or that you are a secret superhero, it’s up to you what secrets you want to share! I Emily Anne Faulstich, I love pink glittery things, palm springs, Larry David, taking pictures and last minute road trips. I co-design Wildfox and love my little life in the hills of Los Angeles.

Where we work- Take a picture of your office, your desk, etc. Show us where Wildfox is made and describe what an average day is like for you at work: I wake up and go down to the coffee shop, get into my car and listen to Paul Simon or Hawaiian music and drive to work. Then I usally work on graphics or concepts and pull inspiration. We put on music really loud and try not to drown in our piles of samples.


FASHION My favourite piece from our new collection- Show us which piece you love most and tell us why: This is my very favourite shirt from spring 11, secretly an homeage to Gryffindor. I love Harry Potter, obsessively. My favourite thing from my closet is- Show us that piece that you will keep forever and tell us why it’s so special: My tan suede Litas by Jeffrey Campbell. They are like unicorn hooves. I wore them shopping at Trader Joes last night with my workoutfit on and looked insane...but they are so comfortable, I swear!!

My favourite place in this City is- Take a picture to show us, it might be a cafe, a street, a store or even just your own house. Let us know why it means so much to you: I love going to Figaro Cafe in Los Feliz and sitting outside drinking wine and reading books. They have a bakery with strawberry tarts and beautiful French deserts. Sitting in the rain inside thier velvet cushions surrounded by candles is magical. I can’t Live without- Might be a person or a possession or something completely random. Tell us why it’s so special to you: My best friend Laura who also wants to live in a castle, Coconut lipgloss, my mum and dad. (not in that particular order). Mom and dad in Hawaii.

My one piece of advice to Teenbook readers is –If you could pass on one piece of advice what would it be, write it down, mime it, spell it out in sand it’s completely up to you how to do it, just take a picture of it: Have alot of hobbies (playing the piano, collect bad portraits) be well read, dress in a fancy dress for no reason, go to movies during the middle of the day and sit in the front row, send suprise packages to frinds in the mail, take fancy baths, watch Arrested Development, drink cocktails by the pool as much as possible, string up little lights all over your bedroom, have a theme night and cook dinner for your friends, use Morrocan oil conditioner, take weekend trips, fall in love.


Retro Chic

Rag & Bow Vintage can count fashionistas such as Florence Welch and Susie Bubble as fans, ASOS is now the latest to join their fan club. Director Hazel Holtham shows teenbook her favourite picks which you can now purchase on the ASOS marketplace...if your quick! ragbow/collection Model: Maria Crittell Photographer: Jeff Hahn Styling: Hazel Holtham & PC Williams Hair & Make Up: Adjhani Barton













Interview with Textile Designer for Felder Felder Angela Hooker I caught up with up and coming textile designer Angela Hooker in London’s Covent Garden – the epicentre of UK fashion retail. Born and raised in similarly fashion conscious France, Hooker became fascinated by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Martin Margiela, who were making strong conceptual statements via fashion. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2006, Angela tried to launch herself into the industry and found herself working within every aspect of the industry from buying to design. Angela’s first job on graduation was as a pattern cutter for a small company, but she didn’t find it very enjoyable, and after a few months she went on to become a brand specialist for Balenciaga in Selfridges. This position allowed her to have direct communication with customers and to start to understand their buying patterns. During her time at Selfridges, Angela was also involved in buying trips as an assistant buyer for Balenciaga, which culminated in her having a deeper understanding of the designer retail field and also helped to shape her perspective on textile design for designer brands. Angela’s next step was to jump at the opportunity of working with her fellow student friends from Central St Martins, Danni and Annette Felder. Little did she know that by 2011, her third successful collaboration with the Felder sisters would be gracing the London Fashion Week catwalk – a pretty exciting prospect for any textile designer!


I posed a few questions to Angela T: What was the main inspiration for your print designs for the Felder Felder S/S 11 collection? A: I’d been looking at some under water photographs in The National Geographic magazine. You can pick up so many colours from the sea – I really loved the rich pink of the coral. We also produced a black and white version and did a lot of experimenting with bleaching. When I first started with Annette and Danni, I did a lot of tie-dye; it’s a kind of trademark technique that we really want to push further every season, comprising digital design and bleaching. T: What’s the design process for each new season? Is it difficult sticking to the Felder Felder design identity? A: We talk about the collection from the beginning and then we brainstorm the silhouette, cut and colours. My job is to design the textiles and choose the colour palette. I then work on my ideas for the new season, and refine these to choose exactly what would suit the brand. I’m finding that I am now learning exactly what Felder and Felder love, and what they want to see. I tend to mould my designs to them. I usually come up with 6-12 fabric samples – some of them are as tiny as A5 paper! – and surprisingly that’s the start of the collection.

T: Why did you decide to go into textile design rather than garment design? A: I find that with textile design, you can make your artistic canvas come to life in 3D. You can still do that artistic thing and be creative, but you can also see people wearing it, which is great. In school I learnt silkscreen printing, which is very artisanal, but recently I’ve been really into digital design. I absolutely love it and I’m buying lots of books on it! I’m going to be focusing on digital design in future because it’s a really exciting technique and I’m really passionate about it. T: Do you have any particular fabrics you love and hate working with? A: I try to use modern textiles. I love velvet for its texture and shine, but it’s really hard to work with. I just want to now work on fabric that doesn’t fray when you cut it! I’d like to work with more modern fabrics. Angela is now in the process of developing ideas for the next collection, but as we are rounding up the interview, she is excitedly discussing future ambitions for the brand. From the Felder Felder pre collection to looking into the possibility of moving into the homewares market, Angela has ambitions. A: I’m excited to work with furniture, so hopefully in the next few years I will be working on that, and you never know, you might just see my textile designs gracing the shelves of Liberty’s in London soon!



Get the look Fashion Editor OlivIa Slack IS showing her 4 favourite looks for this summer and how some simple accessories can take your look to the next level

Look 1 Hat - £7.99 – H&M Dress - £36 – Topshop Wedges - £24.99 – New Look Finishing touches PU quilted biker jacket - £65 - Warehouse

Look 2 Jacket - £14.99 – H&M Dress - £14.99 – H&M Tights - £5 – Peacocks Boots - £90 – Topshop Finishing touches Coral leather satchel - £22 – Miss Selfridge Nails in Causing a Stir - £5 – Topshop


FASHION Look 3 Hat - £7.99 – H&M Chiffon blouse - £18.99 – Internacionale Red shorts - £35 – Topshop Wedges - £24.99 – New Look Finishing touches Black suede fringe bag - £30 – Topshop

Look 4 Hat - £7.99 – H&M Dress - £34 – Topshop Boots - £20 – Topshop Finishing touches 2-pack rings - £2.99 – H&M Earrings - £3.99 – H&M Sunglasses - £6.99 – H&M


4 days in the style of emily seymour

Who is your style icon?

Best vintage Shop?

I wouldn’t say I have one style icon, rather I pull inspiration from many sources. I love Florence – from Florence and Machine because she is very whimsical in her approach to fashion. My Gran is also a big inspiration for me – she has the best wardrobe from many decades that I constantly raid. It’s not what you wear its how you wear it that is a motto for me.

I actually prefer charity shops, they give me a chance to properly rummage and find a hidden gem. Vintage shops can actually be quite expensive and to be honest - less fun.

Best vintage buy? A gorgeous black and white cocktail dress that I picked up from Beyond Retro. It is a proper 80’s puff ball dress that is just beautiful! What is you most treasured fashion item? My locket. It is a vintage locket that I got given for my 21st by my wonderful parents. I just end up wearing it with everything!


Do you have any style tips? Colour is a necessity in every outfit for me, it can make you feel confident and can really liven up your mood. I also love to accessorize with a collar and quirky socks – it makes me feel like I am back at school. To find out more about Emily you can find her on her blog


FASHION Q&A teenbook’s fashion editor Olivia Slack is on hand to answer some of your questions

“I recently bought a quilted faux leather tan coloured gilet but have no idea what to wear with it. Can you please help?” When it comes to Spring/Summer, for me, tan is the new black. It’s just such a great finishing colour to add to a cute floral summer dress or to wear with darker colours if you’re into a more bohemian look. If you look around on the high street, floral is everywhere. I’d suggest a bright floral playsuit – check River Island for the best ones! If you’d like to go for something with a festival feel, try a black and white striped maxi dress with a black floppy hat. These are everywhere, and it’s a great look to play around with. You could try adding unique accessories such as feathered earrings and lots of bangles to give it that extra chic look! “I’m going to Paris in September, and wondered if you could give me a few ideas on what to wear for both day and night time” September is always one of those months that you can’t buy in advance for. You can never really tell whether it’s going to be hot or cold – especially with this unpredictable weather we’re having at the minute. So it’s best to pack a few cardigans, jackets and blazers that you can finish off outfits with on a chilly night. For day time, you’re going to need things with comfort, especially if you’re going off sightseeing or shopping all day. Midi skirts are very in this season, and Miss Selfridge have a great calf-length tan skirt which would look great with darker colours like burgundy, mustard or rust orange. Palazzo pants are also a great high street buy, and Primark have a lot of floral ones in at the moment. Wear these with just a simple black vest top, or if you’re feeling brave, a black bracelet, and some oversized sunnies and you’re ready to go! For night time, it’s essential that you give off some Parisian chic – Topshop have a gorgeous black layered chiffon maxi skirt, which is fun and flirty all at the same time. Wear this with a dark floral top and red lipstick for looking the part in Paris!

“I often feel self-conscious about the clothes I wear. I’m a bit of a tom boy, but I’d like to look more girly. What key items could I add to my closet to help bring out my feminine side?” It might be cliché but adding a few pink items in to your wardrobe can make you feel instantly feminine. Think of rose and blush colours – you can wear these against jeans, with pastel painted nails and you’re sure to bring out your feminine side. Opt for soft materials that feel good against your skin, like silk or chiffon blouses. These will make you feel pretty, and so bring out an instant girly glow around your personality. If you’re into comfort, that’s okay too – nothing says you can’t add a pair of battered up converse to a girly outfit: go for some acid wash high-waisted shorts with a chiffon blouse, and add a black trilby hat for the summer, and you’ll look effortlessly cool – AND feminine. “I’m having a wardrobe crisis at the moment - I hate everything I own! Where is the best place I can buy a lot of good quality clothes for good prices?” H&M are my number one store at the moment. My favourite items are the £7.99 skater dresses – these come in lots of different prints, have a low back for extra style, and will look great with a leather jacket and black tights when it gets cold – you’re bound to get a bargain! There are also some great maxi dresses for £14.99, and lots of great accessories to go with them. The thing I love about H&M is that there really is something for everyone. No matter what your size or style, you’re bound to find something that suits. You can order a catalogue on the H&M website, and you’re sure to be impressed!


Swedish Hasbeens was founded in 2007 by childhood friends Cilla Wingård Neuman and Emy Blixt. Their shoes are currently sold in 22 countries, but the story started in 2006 when Emy came across 300 pairs of ’70s clogs which were ripe for revival. From there, she recreated the simple wooden heel and leather upper to create a range of shoes with immediate appeal, and also comfortable to wear. Hasbeens now have an international cult following, having been worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kirsten Dunst and Maggie Gyllenhaal. They have real soul, which comes from their history and the traditional methods still used to make them, including the use of natural materials. This Sping H&M has worked with cult shoe label Swedish Hasbeens to create a collection of the 70’s inspired clogs for the high street. Using handcrafted methods and environmentally friendly materials, Swedish Hasbeens a great example of eco fashion today. teenbook have taken a look at the collection… Illustrations By Katie Macon





Jewellery edit top picks under £30

teenbook have come across an online cave of hidden gems – where we choose our best buys for under £30.

Quirky Rings

Heirs & Graces Love Ring £20

Heirs & Graces Paparazzi Ring £11

Miss Wax Metropolis Ring £11

Sweet Charms

HMBM Biscuit Bracelet £21

HMBM Lego Bracelet £21

HMBM Dolly Bracelet £21

Girly Chains

Elise Bell Silver Plate Big Bow Necklace £12.95


HMBM Heart Necklace £20

Elise Bell Swallow Necklace £12.95

Heirs & Graces Bambi Wings Ring £20


Summer Brights Picking a good nail polish for summer is always difficult, most of us decide to stick with our every year fall back. What with seeing bright nails all over hte catwalk, we have chosen our top 5 that we will be wearing whilst chilling on the beach this summer.....

illustrated by Gemma Luker

3) Nails Inc in Belgrave Place 2) Pop in Raw

4) O.P.I in Yall Come Back You Here

1) Essie in Bermuda Shorts

5) Nars in Kismet Our favourite pick for S/S 11’s what better colour to wear in the sunshine than golden yellow!


Health and Beauty Q&A with Josie Loren 40


teenbook spoke to actress Josie Loren from American gymnastic drama Make It Or Break It who shares with us her health and beauty tips… What’s your beauty regime? Every morning, like clock work, I wash my face with a cleanser, moisturize with an oil free moisturizer for sensitive skin, and spritz a toner with cucumber to revitalize my face. Before I go to bed I make sure to take off all of my makeup, wash my face, and moisturize again. This might take some time, but it’s so important to take care of your skin! Which item of makeup can you not live without? It’s not really makeup, but I can’t live without oil blot pads! They’re amazing! Instead of applying more powder to remove greasy spots, all I do is dab these pads around my trouble spots and it gets the job done without caking on the makeup. They’re awesome! Who are your celebrity beauty inspirations?

Jennifer Lopez. Her style is different, but she doesn’t go out of her way to shock you. She is chic, elegant, and absolutely beautiful! Do you have a fitness regime other than the gymnastics you perform on MIOBI? Well, I have to admit that we don’t perform the gymnastics you see on MIOBI. We have fantastic stunt double that do those things. The tricks on our show are Olympic level moves that us actresses would never be able to execute without doing some serious damage to ourselves. But, yes, I do have a workout regime to make sure I feel comfortable in my leotard. I do a bootcamp at least twice a week, some times more depending on my schedule, as well as yoga! Bootcamp strengthens me while yoga keeps me limber. I love the combination of the two.

Any health tips? Don’t deprive yourself of anything! I think people that go on strict diets where they completely cut out something are doing a disservice to their bodies. The minute you eliminate something from your diet whether its sugar or carbs, you are going to crave it like never before. My motto is, “everything in moderation.” Yes, I eat very healthy, but I don’t deprive myself of anything. If I want something sweet, I’ll have it. But I will only have half a brownie or just one cookie or just a few bites of cake. It works for me. What is currently on your music playlist? Such a variety….Mumford and Sons, Zack Brown Band, Kings of Leon, Adele, Esperanza Spalding, Taylor Swift. I like so many different genres! You can catch Make It Or Break It in the UK on E4 and ABC Family in America

At the moment, definitely



cd review


Gorillaz – The Fall Ever pushing musical boundaries, Damon Albarn’s latest creation “The Fall” is yet another new sound for his cartoon band Gorillaz made entirely on an Ipad. After releasing the album for download only last year, ‘The Fall’ is to be released physically on the 18th April 2011. Without the hype that surrounded the previous three albums, ‘The Fall’ has so far been overlooked. The tracks jump about between genres placing a gentle acoustic track next to a bouncy electronic track. Without vocals from Albarn, you wouldn’t know that this was a Gorillaz album at all. There is no distinctive ‘sound’ to the album, it just sounds like a mix tape of songs that didn’t make it onto the other Gorillaz albums.

Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes The second album from the Swedish singer is immediately more lively than the debut, starting with ‘Youth Knows No Pain’. No longer sounding so fragile and vulnerable, Lykke Li has grown up and found a stronger, more powerful voice for this album. Experimenting with more sounds, the album starts off relying on drums for its echoey but bouncy sound. Adding guitars and keyboards to the mix gives the album its final touches, making it sound angry, sad, spooky or happy. Although the songs are not as varied in sound as Lykke Li’s debut, ‘Youth Novels’, they are different, darker and show that her music has moved on since the start of her musical career.

Alex Turner - Submarine EP Writing the score for ‘Submarine’ is just another one of Alex Turner’s side projects from the Arctic Monkeys. Breaking away from the sound of the Monkey’s angry last album, ‘Humbug’, ‘Submarine EP’ is very gentle sounding collection of songs. Turner uses piano and acoustic guitar to give a real soft edge to the songs. Teamed up with his husky, northern singing voice it would be easy to be lulled to sleep listening to the EP. The acoustic music is great to listen to even out of the context of the film that it was written for. Only in the last two songs, ‘Stuck on The Puzzle’ and ‘Piledriver Waltz’ does the music have a more produced and less acoustic sound to it. ‘Piledriver Waltz’ also features on the Arctic Monkey’s new album, ‘Suck It And See’, due June 2011. By Emma Roberts


Kat Graham Interview by Sara Qaddoura



How would you describe your personal style and does it change? My style is very 90s couture, vintage meets the future. It doesn’t change. I’m pretty consistent. I try and incorporate how I feel at the time with whatever I’m wearing. If I’m in a more serious place, I wear a lot of black. If I’m in a more fun place, I’ll wear more military jackets. When are you performing? I’m performing at the gay prides around the USA and at doing spot dates throughout the summer. What would be your most memorable fashion item that you have purchased? I’ve had a earring made that’s a lightning bolt that covers my entire ear. It’s amazing. Definitely one of my favourite pieces.

Who are you style icons? My style icons are Grace Jones, M.I.A., and Gwen Stefani


MUSIC Your most notable acting role has been in hit show ‘The Vampire Diaries’ but you are also a well known a well know dancer, singer and model! How do you manage to balance all your careers? I don’t balance them. There’s no way I can do Vampire Diaries and then do a show in Connecticut. Or model for OP and be on set for TVD simultaneously. I focus, on one at a time. Could you name a few of your favourite musical artists? I love Queen, and John Lennon. I enjoy Bruno Mars, and Ceelo. Artist like Sheila E, Missy Elliott. The list goes on. I’m most attracted to self producers. People like Prince, or Michael Jackson. Here at teenbook we love your music, especially your song Sassy! What would you say is your musical style? My style of music if pop, dance, strong female, independent self love music. What’s next for Kat Graham? My film Honey II comes out next year. The album is inches from being complete. More shows, more appearances, and my well that was recently funded by me and my beautiful fans will begin to get built and will change lives. It’s all up from here.


LOVE INKS Upcoming Austin three piece Love Inks are set to be your favourite band this summer with their infectious sound of dreamy pop and enchanting lyrics. teenbook spoke to Sherry the bands singer and our new girlcrush...

How did you all meet?

There are three of us in the band – Adam on guitar, Kevin on bass and Sherry (me) on vocals. Adam and Kevin met in high school when they started playing in a band together. I met Kevin during college. I used to throw these wild house parties and he’d come over, I thought he was a total babe. We’ve all played in a bunch of different bands together over the years and been really close friends. Have you always wanted to be musicians and singers or did you ever contemplate a different career?

We definitely all wanted to be musicians since we were younger. Unfortunately, music isn’t always the most lucrative career. With that said, we’ve each done our share of odd jobs – I worked at


a hunger relief organization and Adam & Kevin are both certified English teachers. Like most people in the industry, we’ve also worked at restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops… the whole nine yards. Your music has a kind of dreamy, laid back feel to it especially your first single Blackeye. Perfect for summer listening, what is the influence and story behind this track?

Kevin actually was inspired by a local rag called ‘Busted’ that shows the mugshots of everyone arrested in town that week. An acquaintance of ours was on the cover with a black eye… which started the hook for the song. When I sing it, I think of friends I know or I’ll even play the character of a really bummed out girlfriend. It would be kind of hard to sing it with a lot of

emotion if I was thinking about that silly paper. Your album was recorded in your own homes, how was that experience compared to the traditional recording studio one, did you feel like you had much more control over the final outcome?

We’ve always recorded at home on a vintage, analog reel-toreel machine. I personally feel that it gives the songs a warmer sound. I’m not sure if it means we had more control over the final outcome, but we specifically wanted to use our machine because of the specific sound it has. You are all from Austin, Texas. Do you feel like living in such a musical city has influenced your musical tastes?

Oh man, Adam and Kevin are from Austin, but I’m originally

MUSIC from a much smaller Texas town. I’ve lived here eleven years, but when I first moved here I felt like such a geek! Everyone my age seemed to have a much wider knowledge of underground music and up-and-coming bands. Music is very accessible here – there are great live shows, amazing record stores and everyone seems to play in a band. As far as making music, being surrounded by so many creative people constantly pushes you to do something new and different. There’s never a lack of inspiration. How would you describe your on stage style? Is it just a heightened version of what you wear in everyday life or do you like to wear more themed outfits?

I’d say that Adam and Kevin stay pretty true to their everyday style, but I try to take it up a notch. For our last two shows I wore this vintage cape that

looked like hawk wings. I’ll have different fashion inspiration for every show. Stevie Nicks had the greatest style of all time. One of the great parts of being in a band is dressing up, because you don’t always have the chance to be that wild in normal life. Sherry, how is being the only girl in the band? Have you converted the boys to pamper days and chick-flicks yet?

Oh no! It’s not like that at all. Perhaps I’m a bit of a tomboy. Mostly we all sit around and geek out about music together. We’re very close friends so I never feel left out. What can we expect from Love Inks in the future, is there any other band whose career you would love to be able to replicate?

We have a 7” record coming out on March 28th and our full-length LP on May 10th. Also, we’ll be on tour this summer and fall so keep

an eye out for our shows! We’d love to see you there. As far as a band whose career we’d love to replicate? Of course I’ll say someone like Radiohead, Sonic Youth, the Strokes… bands who are good enough to have staying power. For the moment we’re just happy that people are listening to our music and we get to go on tour. If you had to choose, what is your favourite song of all time and why?

Oooh… that’s a hard one - a real High Fidelity type of question. I guess I’d have to say ‘Whatever Gets You Through the Night’ by John Lennon because I can put it on anytime I’m having a rough day and it always pulls me through. OR Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel. That song has such power behind it and can instantly bring me back to some of the best times (and dance parties) in my life. And finally, what advice would you give to your teenage selves?

Be bold, be confident and be yourself, even if it means being really wild and getting bad looks in the school hallways. All in all, I think I did that, but I would have liked to know that none of it would matter once I graduated high school. Also, make a point to kiss more boys. Ha ha. By Emma Frew


Word play Everything we say leaves an imprint in time. Whether young or old how we talk and what words we use to express ourselves goes a long way to show the world what we feel and think about. For this issue of Teenbook we decided to dive head first into the lingo of young London and present you with an exclusive A-Z pull out and keep guide to the latest in young London language. As well as speaking to some of the UK’s most experimental and admired artists and designers we also took our mission to the streets of London to find out what self-expression means to you. Words have a powerful way of dancing around the air and landing on our friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends and everything in between and they are so powerful that in the past they have helped spark revolutions and wars. “I have a dream …” the famous opening words of Martin Luther King’s speech on August 28, 1963 that called for an end to hatred and discrimination is a very real example of how words helped lift a generation to


rise and in the end create a revolution that would mean racial equality laws being passed in the USA. Not just that though – your words can inspire and give hope to others. Make you laugh or even cry. Think about your favourite actor or comedienne the way they use words gives joy to thousands of people all through what words they use and how they use them. Something UK artist Tinie Tempah can relate to, speaking exclusively to Teenbook he says: “when I’m on stage my words are what I use to get the crowd on a buzz and without words and the way I chose to put them together I doubt music would be as powerful as it us. He added “even silence is powerful because you are aware that no words are being used, so if at the end of a live set I am quiet the crowd amp up their energy to a whole new level”. A truth that we can totally agree to – for there are times when saying nothing can speak a thousand words. Even the way we pronounce our words says a lot about whom we are and where

we are from. Our accents are like little doors into our characters and can help to give us uniqueness in a world where sometimes everything can seem the same. Just think in your school, college, university or job how many people pronounce words different from yourself or how you can sometimes tell where someone is from just by how they speak. Diana Acayo, an 18 year old art student from East London says: “words are my way of showing how I feel and sometimes it’s hard to think of the right words to say at the right time” I think people sometimes forget the power of the spoken word”. Powerful stuff. So here at Teenbook we call on you to be inspired by the art of language and to push yourself and each other to express your thoughts and feelings openly and responsibly but with as much fun and flare as your imagination can dream of – after all you never know who might be listening. Did you know - the language with the most words is English with approx. 250,000 distinct words.


Urban a-z Allow – a true word player ‘allow’ flips itself and can be used to mean the complete opposite of the Oxford dictionary definition”1. Let (someone) have or do something”. Bare – definition: not as in naked or exposed “during winter the trees are bare” but as in lots or in abundance “I have bare coursework to complete”. Chilling – to relax, “what you doing later on?” “nothing much, just chilling”.

Deep – as in “that was

deep”, meaning to bear a heavy emotional value.

Emosh – #emotional

pronounced ee-mo-sh

Fresh – can be used to mean rude or excellent and the latest Get me – a two word

KMT – kiss my teeth Live – as in “that rave was

live”, meaning off the chain, spectacular and not to be missed. Not to be confused with live as in “I want to live forever” or “are you watching the match live?”

Standard – a word used to confirm or back an idea or action i.e. Mary “I’m going to dye my hair blue” Margaret “standard”.

Mug – a golden oldie the

‘h’ from things the same meaning is used but with double the impact.

term mug can be traced back to East London and its’ cockney rhyming heritage. Meaning a fool or an act to try and make one appear to be a fool.

Next – used to mean an

alternative option to what you was intending, as used in the sentence “I ended up going to some next party” – i.e. a different party from that I planned to go to.

Oi – from the London

cockney slang for “hey”

Par – in the English

is hot”

language par means to be equal to something or someone i.e. “we are on a level par” however used widely by young Londoners it means to mug something or something (see mug).

IMO – in my opinion J’s – to mean solo or alone,

Quid - Reach – commonly used

paraphrase that means “do you get me?” although it is more a statement than a question.

Hot – “your Mulberry bag

as in “I ended up waiting on my J’s”

going to reach Glastonbury this year?”

Tings – by dropping the

U – used in text and online as a shorted version of the word you.

Vex – #angry Waste – can be put in

front of nouns to mean of no use.

Xoxo – hugs and kisses Youngers – meaning younger people than yourself.

Zimmi – meaning the same as “Get me”. By Sophie Amono

when talking about raves and gigs, example “are you


Is Eco The New Chic?



The inspiration to start We Do Re Do came as more of a development really. We were studying Fashion Studies at AUCB and we were given a project which was to explore re-cycling, led by the example of clothing brand Junky Styling, London. We discovered that there lay a darker side to fashion hidden by all of the glitz and glamour. We realised that had we not been studying fashion, as a consumers we may have never became aware of the fact that our shopping habits have an impact on someone else’s life. Communities involved in clothing manufacture in other countries as far away as China and India or as close to the UK as Turkey & Greece, are all effected by fast fashion in the following ways; poor wages, long working hours, unsafe or crowded working areas as well as human rights violations. The fast turnover of fashion garments put’s a strain on the factory workers in the working community. They are expected to work overtime to meet the large and fast orders from there big clients. If we were to point the finger at one high-

street chain for being unethical, that would be very unfair. We believe that they would all have violations. Buying from the high-street giants is unethical, but over time they will hopefully get better. We would advise consumers to buy from brands with a high standard of ethical social responsibility in animal rights, human rights, and the environment. These brands would have an ethos addressing the subjects of organic, vegan, fair-trade, re-cycled, sustainable, uk-made & not just for profit. These brands are, in our opinion on the right track! You can find such brands on the ‘our friends’ page online or have a look at: or’s new market place. For shoes we love olsenhaus. com, terraplana or for jewelry is a good choice! Tips for up-styling!... Come to a workshop and learn some! You can book your place by filling out a form on the website: It’s free to participate and we are currently building our collection

for coming events where you can donate/ commission your up-styled pieces! Sometimes garments are completely reconstructed, left looking unrecognisable. Sometimes things are kept simple, mimicking existing features... that’s the difference between up-styling and straight fashion design, you build upon what you already have to make it better and your a ‘live’ designer, you design live on the mannequin apposed to on a piece of paper. Have you ever herd the expression, ‘All fur coat & no knickers?’ There are so many brands out there that WDRD would love to advice to become more ethical. The big brands are aware of what they need to do and are being seen to do it. Whether they actually are is another question... ‘sewing the seeds for ethical fashion’ contact: By Kelly Levell Founder WEDOREDO Ethical Fashion Organisation


The notebook doodles Whimsical, Inspiring and Thought-Provoking are just a few of the words that could be used to describe The Notebook Doodles. A blog started by a British artist showcases her life in diary-style posts featuring illustrated images and uplifting quotes that have built up a cult following. Here she gives us the lowdown on life as an illustrator.... Have you always loved to draw? Yes, I have. But it was never something too serious for me. It was more out of boredom actually, and I don’t set myself a time to do it, if I feel like drawing, I’ll draw for hours but when I don’t feel like it, I can be off from it for days or even weeks. What inspires your doodles? My thoughts and feelings of life in general. It could be things I am experiencing, or it could be from films or music that I was watching/listening to at that period of time. It’s always interesting to look back at my own doodles because in a way, it’s a record of my life and I can remember exactly the moment, of how I was feeling or what I was dealing with at the time when the doodle was created. Who are your favourite artists? I don’t really have any specific favourites. But I’m kind of obsessed with watercolours and if anyone who does watercolours really well, they’re always a favourite of mine. For example, Caitlin McGauley is pretty amazing. Have you ever thought of branching out with a line of stationary? Yes! I would really love to do that. Hopefully in the near future, fingers crossed :)

by Emma Frew




Talking Point: The Fashionable Body by Sara Qaddoura 56


teenbook recently conducted a survey of 13-19 girls asking about their thoughts on their body image, a massive 92% had concerns about how they looked and felt that they would change one or more parts of their body if given the opportunity. This is a shocking statistic that really highlights how the unrealistic images in fashion can alter the way we look at ourselves. I was lucky enough to meet Erin O’Connor last year at Graduate Fashion Week who is one of the founders of ‘All Walks Beyond The Catwalk’ an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the fashion image within the industry; to show size, race and age of girls in more realistic terms. Working within the fashion industry myself it is sometimes hard not being the ‘ideal size’ so this is a really fantastic idea and I am so glad that important industry figures such as Erin O’Connor, Caryn Franklin and Debra Bourne are linked to this. This initiative is a great way of opening conversation within fashion; the industry is a very influential tool in representing ideals of body image and beauty having major designers such as Betty Jackson, Matthew Williamson, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney among many others. So how can we go about changing how we think about ourselves? It starts with asking designers and magazines to start showing us different images, this can be done by writing a letter or email or even just telling you friends. The more of us who ask the more change we shall start to see. To find out more information about All Walks head to their website and tell us what you think on our twitter and facebook page. Shot by Rankin


Born In Brick Lane Stylist - Lou Clarke Photographer - Sarah Brimley Make Up and hair- Lucy Barnes Models - Sarah Isle and Theresa Adebiyi

Crystal cape (price on demand) by Ellis Currie, Quartz crystal multi shard necklace (£216) and bracelet (£87) by Tatty Devine, Pink dress (24.99) by H&M, Socks (£3.50) by ASOS, glasses by Ray Ban, trainers models own



Leather helmet by Rob Goodwin of London (price on commission), vintage Silas sweatshirt, skirt (150) by Scott Anthony, trainers models own




Hat (£25) by ASOS, Jumpsuit (£60) by Lou Clarke, banana necklace (£66) by Tatty Devine, tights (£30) by Les Queues De Sardines, shoes (£230) by Vivienne Westwood



Sarah as before. Teresa - Jumper (£80) Topshop Boutique, shirt (£400) by Scott Anthony, tights (£30) by Les Queues de Sardines, banana brooch (£45) by Tatty Devine, trainers models own


Beige jumpsuit (£30) by Ragged Priest Vintage, tights (£30) by Les Queue De Sardines, gold dinosaur necklace (£132) by Tatty Devine, shoes (£165) by Peter Jensen.



Tapestry shorts and collar by Sophie McAndrew (price on demand), tassel dress worn as top by Topshop, shoes (ÂŁ70) by Topshop




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