Roofing Issues: Causes, Risks and Remedies

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The roof, as one of the most important parts of a home or building, is meant to last a long time - if not a lifetime. It should be designed to withstand constant wear-and-tear as well as other external factors that can cause damage, such as wind, rain, hail and snow. However, there are so many ways a roof could fail. It is because of these that roofing services have become indispensable, but unfortunately, not all property owners fully understand their worth. In this ebook, we’ll help you get a better understanding of the different ways a roof can be damaged as well as the risks one might face if they fail to pay attention to roofing issues. Finally, we will also discuss the importance of roofing jobs, including inspection, maintenance and repair.


There are a number of reasons why a roof would fail despite its being made of high-quality materials and products. Being composed of various parts, there’s actually a lot that can go wrong in a roofing system. A surefire way to prevent roofing issues is to know what the root cause is. In this post, we’ll take a look at the most common causes of roof problems that any homeowner should be aware of. Lack of Regular Maintenance Maintenance, or the lack of it, is probably the most common reason why roofs deteriorate even before they reach their average life expectancy. Because let’s get real: who thinks about their roof on a fine, sunny day? Sad but true, most of us only remember the role that our roofs play when they start leaking - which could have been prevented if only it had been regularly and properly maintained.

While the assistance and expertise of a professional roofer is needed to ensure proper maintenance, it is the property owner’s responsibility to see to it that a regular inspection and maintenance activities are scheduled and performed on their roof. Being diligent about roof care could allow you to detect problems or damage before they get worse.


A Storm or Other Major Weather Disturbance Strong winds can lift shingles and even blow entire roofing systems off of your home. Meanwhile, heavy rains can exacerbate any existing roof issue and cause leaks. Hail can also cause damage to roof materials. A strong storm can slam all kinds of flying debris onto your roof, causing structural damage. Trees can fall and hit your roof, causing gaping holes or even a collapse. Climate-Related Issues Any roof can be impacted by weather over time. For instance, extreme heat and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can slowly but surely deteriorate roofing materials, particularly asphalt shingles. Untreated metal roofs can rust when constantly exposed to moisture. Speaking of moisture, it can also damage other parts of the roof, such as wooden decks, soffits and fascia. Design and Installation Flaws Usually, roofs get damaged because of external factors, but when caused by a design or installation flaw, the problem can be even more serious. These problems can stem from careless designing, planning and installation - often because you may not have hired a qualified and reliable roofer to do the work for you.

Now that you know what factors typically cause roofing problems, it’s time to learn what risks you will face if you ignore the resulting issues. Stay tuned for the next post!


In the previous section, we talked about the most common reasons why a roofing system would fail or become damaged. The problems that may vary in type and severity, but have one important thing in common: it is imperative that they be addressed immediately. In this post, we’ll take a look at the potential risks of neglecting those very issues. Roof Leaks and Related Water Damage When you neglect even the smallest roof problem, it’s bound to eventually grow bigger and lead to leaks. Leaks often take a long time before manifesting themselves, making it more difficult to pinpoint the source. In all likelihood, it will have caused irreparable damage to other parts of the roof itself (especially true if you have a multi-layered roof ) or to other parts of the home. Leaks make way for water penetration, leading to water and moisture damage in the home.

Moisture Buildup and Associated Problems Inefficient gutters, wet attic insulation and roof layers, and other waterrelated damage caused by roofing problems can cause moisture buildup that can lead to other issues, such as mold growth, condensation and structural weakening.


Animals and Pest Infestation When your roof system becomes weak, it becomes easily penetrable by animals and pests, such as rodents, birds and termites, to name a few. They can build nests and live in and on the roof structure, and even infest your very home. Increasing Energy Bills The same holes on your roof that let water in also let warm air in during summer and out during winter, making it harder for your cooling and heating systems to make your home comfortable throughout the year. As they work harder, your energy bills will spike upwards, too.

More Expensive Repair Costs As you continue to delay roof repair, the problems become bigger, harder and more expensive to solve. Not to mention, the cost of building materials, including roofing products, may also increase with the passing years. Decreased Property Value This is especially crucial if you are thinking about putting your property up for sale, whether immediately or in the future. No buyer wants to deal with a leaky and damaged roof, so a bad roof can certainly affect your home’s resale value. By now, you probably already have an idea what you will be facing if you do not address roofing issues right away. In the next post, we’ll talk about the importance of various roofing jobs.


In the previous posts, we established that roofs are not impervious to various factors that can cause damage. In fact, from the day it is installed, a roof is already at risk of failing - if there are faults to the roof design and installation, that is. We’ve also taken a look at the risks you could face if you fail to address roof issues. In this post, we’ll discuss more about the importance of different roofing jobs and why you should really consider them should the need arise. Roof Inspection and Maintenance No roofing job can begin without a complete and comprehensive roof inspection. It is a crucial part of any roof maintenance activity. By having your roof regularly inspected, you will be able to: • Update yourself on the overall condition of the roof • Find issues that could possibly cause damage • Detect existing damage, and be aware of their extent or severity • Plan the best course of action, and determine what type of roofing job will best address the problems • Keep future potential problems at bay • Help extend the life of the roof

Roof Repair If issues are found during a roof inspection, the roofer will likely recommend performing roof repairs depending on the extent and severity of the damage. If you have been proactively maintaining your roof and having it inspected regularly, you can expect roof issues, if any, to be minor as well as easy and affordable to resolve. However, there are also times when urgent repairs are needed, such as when your home gets hit by a storm or any other similar weather disturbance or disaster.


Regardless of the reason for needing a roof repair, one thing is for certain: never delay. Prompt action will help prevent small problems from worsening, helping maintain the integrity of your roof and extending its service life. Roof Replacement This is the most extensive job that can be done to an existing roof. A complete tear-off and replacement could be needed if most of the roof has been damaged and proves to be beyond repair. Damage may be due to prolonged neglect and lack of roof maintenance or repairs, or because of an accident or weather-related disaster.

When repairs no longer cut it, a roof replacement can be the more costefficient option. A new roof means a new beginning - a chance to start taking better care of your roof and your property as a whole. It also means resetting the roof’s life span. All in all, roofing jobs help enhance your home’s protection against the elements and boost its comfort, energy efficiency and overall value. But for you to reap these benefits, it is important to get the roofing jobs right, which can be done only by picking out and working with a reliable roofing company.

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