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Of course we follow the developments in the region carefully and with great interest. However, we have no intention to go cross-border immediately as our focus is totally on the Ethiopian operation. I am glad you mention the diaspora. The BelCash Technology platform is ready to process incoming remittances from the Ethiopian diaspora and will provide a most cost efficient way of distribution. It is not available yet as we await for the banks to implement this service. It goes without saying; we keep a sharp eye on the international developments. The trend in international remittances indicates that the total costs of a remittance should be reduced. BelCash is very aware of that aspect. With that said, adding international remittances to the existing service package will strengthen the position of the banks in that domain, while continuing to enhance financial inclusion in the country. What is unique about BelCash in comparison to your competitors? What makes our solution unique is its interoperability and shared infrastructure features. The system is designed so that multiple banks and


MFIs can become interconnected, and offer a mobile money service to their respective customers. As such, partnering financial institutions are able to share each other’s agent and branch networks to serve each other’s customers. What is unique about our propositions for our partners is that they are multiple. Our partners do not need to set up their own call centres individually, they are able to rent call centre facilities from us on a pay-asyou go basis. What’s more, they are also able to use our data centre for their disaster recovery and failover needs. What is unique about BelCash in comparison to your competitors? As I just mentioned, the fact that we can deliver a full service package is totally unique when you compare us to other players in the market. Not only that, the solution we offer the banks has some very important features that clearly distinguish us. First of all, there is the interoperability of the system and the shared infrastructure features. In addition to this, there are a couple of features that contribute enormously to the user-friendliness of the service, such as:

•• People can access their HelloCash account and perform transactions using any type of mobile phone—not just a smart phone; •• Multi-connectivity through IVR, USSD and the internet ensures that everybody can connect to the system; •• The call centres can handle customer calls in up to seven languages spoken in the nation; •• An international remittance service can be integrated; Furthermore, both banks and MFIs can be interconnected, and will then be able to share their network of agents. That way, partnering bank and MFI’s are able to share each other’s network of agents for the best benefit of their respective customers. And finally, last but not least; when a bank or MFI might already have some of the required modules, but are still missing a dedicated call centre, they do not have to wait until these facilities are built inhouse. They still can be immediately operational by using one or more of our facilities, such as a dedicated call centre, multiple channel connectivity, failover connectivity, you name it. As you can see, BelCash is ready for the future!



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Technology Banker March / April 2015  

Technology Banker March / April 2015