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a message from the ceo

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Hi, Glenn Campbell here, I’m CEO of rt health fund. Before you get started I just wanted to take a quick moment to say ‘G’day’ and to point out a few things about rt that you might find interesting. 1. We’re the health fund for transport and electricity industry people. If you or a member of your family currently work in the transport or electricity industries, or ever have, or if you work for a company that provides services to the transport or electricity industries, then you’re eligible to join. 2. We’re a mutual not-for-profit fund. That means we’re owned by our members. We have no reason for existing other than to provide our members with the best possible health cover at the best possible price. We return 93% of contributions to members through claims payments;

with us, it’s all about a better deal for members, not shareholders. 3. We’ve been looking after Australian workers since 1889. We’ve been providing health cover to people in the transport and electricity industries for 120 years, so we’ve had a long time to get it right. 4. We have a simple range of great value health covers. In fact, Australian Financial Review’s Smart Investor magazine named us one of Australia’s ‘best-value health funds’ (June 2008). We keep it simple too – no tricky fine print, no fancy footwork to trip you up. What you see is what you get. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how our prices compare too. More often than not we find we can save people hundreds on their health cover; it’s the type of deal you’d expect from your industry health fund.



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5. We’re here to help. You’ve probably heard a lot of health funds trying to tell you how simple it all is – ‘Easy as 1, 2, 3’, they say. Well, guess what? It isn’t! Health insurance is complicated and confusing but it is important. And never more so than the day you need to use it. We want to help you make sure that you’ve made the right decisions for yourself and your family when that day comes. Our team are experts in our health covers and in how the healthcare system works. Everything we do is designed to make it easier for you to understand, easier to make the right choices, and easier to get the most from your health cover. This brochure is designed to help you choose the right rt health cover for you. So let us guide you step-by-step through the key decisions you need to make, and help you to bear in mind some important considerations along the way. But if you don’t want to do this by yourself, you don’t have to! Simply call our member care team and we’ll talk you through the options, help you to compare your current health cover with what rt can offer, and even give you a hand finding your way through the application form.

We really would love to welcome you and your family on board as new rt heath fund members, so whatever you need, we’re here to help. Thanks for stopping by to find out more about us, my team and I look forward to being of service to you.


We take your health and wellbeing seriously so we offer a number of programs and added extras to help our members ‘be well, get well and stay well’. You can read a bit more about these on page 16. You’ll also find some interesting health tips throughout this brochure. So, while you’re finding out more about rt health cover, we hope you take some healthy tips away with you too.

am ember care te Call your rt m us at ail em 3, 12 6 on 1300 88 help@rthealth e at lin or visit us on fu th al he .rt w ww


Are you fully covered? When applying sunscreen, the average adult needs half a teaspoon to properly cover their face, ears and neck, and another teaspoon for each arm and leg to ensure proper sun protection.


hospital cover

1. product snapshot

extras cover

The more circles that are filled in, the higher the level of cover you get.

an easy guide to your level of cover our top level of cover 04

Before we start talking about the ins and outs of our different cover choices, here’s a quick overview to help you understand what ‘level’ of cover they each offer. Most people like to take a combination of hospital and extras – it gives you peace of mind knowing that you have options available if you have a hospital stay, as well as the added benefit of rebates on a range of day-to-day and preventative health things like dental, optical, massage, natural therapies and so on. With the exception of our Fit and Healthy Cover which only comes as a package, you can choose a hospital and extras combo, or you can take just hospital or just extras – whatever suits you. We’ve shown the different combinations of hospital and extras packages here. For all the details on each of our covers, check out pages 10-15.

Private Hospital + Extras • This is a great hospital and extras package. There are no exclusions with our Private Hospital Cover; you’re covered for treatment in the hospital of your choice, with the doctor of your choice. And our Extras Cover gives you generous rebates on a huge range of health and wellbeing products, services and treatments. • You can choose to take an excess with Private Hospital, which will reduce the cost. • You get a discount by taking Private Hospital + Extras together, although you can take just one or the other if you prefer. • Some benefit limitations apply if you take Extras Cover by itself, make sure you’re happy with these before you make your choice.


our intermediate cover

our lowest level of cover

Fit and Healthy Hospital + Extras

Basic Hospital + Extras

• This is like ‘health cover lite’. Fit and Healthy • This is a good hospital cover if you don’t offers good cover for the young (and young need or want access to a private hospital. at heart) who are happy with some exclusions Admission to a private hospital will leave you on hospital treatments and who want a with substantial out-of-pocket costs. Add in simple selection of extras to choose from. our Extras Cover, and you also get generous rebates on a huge range of health and • Fit and Healthy Hospital comes with an wellbeing products, services and treatments. automatic excess (the excess is not optional). • This is a combined hospital and extras cover; • You get a discount by taking Basic Hospital + Extras together, although you can take just you can’t take one without the other. one or the other if your prefer. • Some benefit limitations apply if you take Extras Cover by itself, make sure you’re happy with these before you make your choice.

am ember care te Call your rt m us at ail em 3, 12 6 on 1300 88 help@rthealth e at lin or visit us on fu th al he .rt w ww

2. who’s in your family? There are a number of things that are useful to bear in mind when choosing health cover. They certainly aren’t the only things you may need to consider, so think of them as ‘conversation starters’ to help you make the right choice, or to help our team help you.

Whatever type of family you have take a quick look at the key considerations for each of the others too, it’ll help you get the full picture of everything you should keep in mind when deciding which cover is right for you.

Who’s covered

Things to consider

Just you (female)

One of the main differences between health cover choices for men and women is the question of whether you want to be covered for pregnancy. While it might not be a top priority right now, it’s never a bad idea to think about whether you might want the option of being covered sometime in the future. Our Private Hospital Cover is the only one that gives you full coverage for pregnancy in the hospital of your choice with the doctor of your choice. If you start with a lower level of hospital cover you can always upgrade, but remember that a 12-month waiting period will apply from the time you upgrade, so you won’t be covered for pregnancy immediately. When it comes to making the choice for other aspects of your health cover, check out the issues below as most of these will apply to you too.

Just you (male)

Key things for you to think about include your age, how healthy you are, whether you have any specific health concerns and if you want cover for things like physio, optical, dental, massage, natural therapies, vaccines and so on. If you’re a younger guy, or someone who’s a bit older but still ten-foot tall and bulletproof, you might be interested in our Fit and Healthy Cover. This is a great ‘entry level’ cover and we keep the price down for you by excluding some things that you might not need. Check that this suits you before you choose this one.


Couple (opposite sex or same sex)

Take a look at all of the considerations for singles on the previous page, because they’re probably going to be relevant for you too. If you’re planning a family, choosing a cover that includes pregnancy means you can easily transfer to a family membership that will cover all of you at no extra cost ... no matter how many you add to your brood!

Family (two adults and any number of kids)

Most families know all too well about the costs associated with dentist appointments, braces, new glasses, prescription medications, a little speech therapy, a trip to the hospital every now and then and the occasional remedial massage to iron out all the kinks – so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best cover you can to help you through. If you’re considering anything less than our Private Hospital + Extras, be careful to note the exclusions and the lower benefits that apply to other covers before making your final choice. When they’re grown, your children can stay on your membership until they are 21 years old. After that, if they are studying full-time they can remain at no additional cost until their 25th birthday – then it really is time for them to get their own cover! Thanks to your history with rt health fund, they’ll not only be automatically eligible for membership, but if they transfer to their own rt heath cover within 60 days of leaving yours they can join with no waiting periods to serve.

Single parent family (one adult and any number of kids)

All of the above applies to you too, and the only real difference is that our hospital covers all offer a price break to single parent families. Since there’s only one adult under a single parent family cover, it’s a little less expensive than a family cover with two adults. Not many health funds offer a special category of cover for single parent families, but we’re all about real-life health cover to suit reallife families.


which cover suits you best?

am ember care te Call your rt m us at ail em 3, 12 6 on 1300 88 help@rthealth e at lin or visit us on fu th al he .rt w ww

Your brain is the first place you lose water from when you become dehydrated. If you have a headache, or if you’re having trouble concentrating, try drinking a glass of water instead of going for the painkillers or caffeine … it’s natural, it’s good for you and it really does help. Jennifer Jefferies, 7 Steps to Sanity



3. choosing a hospital cover How does hospital cover work? When you go into hospital there are three different types of costs: 1. The hospital’s costs. These are all the costs associated with your accommodation and treatment – your bed, the ward, your food, the nursing staff, all the equipment they use, all the bits of machinery they connect you up to and so on. You can be covered for 100% of these costs if you go to a hospital that has a contract with rt. Since we have contracts with most private hospitals and day facilities in the country, chances are you’ll be okay, but we do recommend that our members check with us before booking their hospital stay. 2. The doctors’ costs. Every doctor and health professional who sees you will charge his or her own fees. This includes your surgeon, anesthetist, other specialists, pathologist, radiologist, physiotherapist and plenty of behind-the-scenes people you may never even lay eyes on during your hospital stay. Medicare and your health cover might not pay 100% of their costs and this is where most out-of-pocket expenses come from. Here’s why: every procedure or treatment you have in a hospital has a fee associated with it that has been set by the government as the amount that can be paid for the service between Medicare and your health fund. It’s called the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee. Medicare pays 75% of the MBS fee, and by law health funds can cover the remaining 25%, but can’t pay any more than that. Doctors can charge any amount


which hospital cover suits you best? above the MBS fee, and the difference ends up being an out-of-pocket expense for you. There are some things you can do to be aware of, reduce, or even avoid out-of-pocket expenses, and we can help you work through these. If you’re interested in knowing more now, we recommend you contact our member care team, and as a member of rt health fund, we always recommend you contact us before going to hospital so we can help you work through what’s going to happen and how to best manage the costs. 3. Prostheses, drugs, and other costs. Most of these will be covered, but there are a couple of restrictions on the types of prostheses and pharmaceuticals that we can pay for. These will mostly apply to items that are not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) or the federal government-approved Prostheses List. Again, we recommend that our members check with our member care team before going into hospital so they know exactly how much they’ll be covered for.

rt has contracts wstitrahlima,os t hos pitals in Au covered so we’ve got you wherever you are


Private Hospital Cover

Fit and Healthy Hospital Cover

Basic Hospital Cover


Optional excess keeps the price down.

Automatic $250 excess keeps the price down – single memberships pay the excess twice in any 12-month period; couples, family or single parent family memberships pay the excess four times in any 12-month period (maximum of twice if it is for the same person).

No excess available.

No exclusions. If Medicare pays a benefit on the treatment, service or procedure you’re having, then it’s covered by your Private Hospital Cover.

Does not cover: obstetric procedures, IVF, GIFT and other artificial fertilisation / insemination procedures, sterilisation and reversal of sterilisation procedures, joint replacement procedures and their revisions, major eye surgery (glaucoma, cataracts, cornea and sclera transplants), any elective cosmetic surgery, psychiatric treatment in a private hospital, cardiothoracic procedures in a private hospital and rehabilitation in a private hospital.

No exclusions, but you are only fully covered for treatment in a public hospital. Admission to a private hospital will leave you with substantial out-of-pocket costs.

Waiting periods – accidents

1 day

1 day

1 day

– general services

2 months

2 months

2 months

– pre-existing conditions

12 months

12 months

12 months

– obstetrics / pregnancy-related services

12 months

Not covered

12 months

Benefit limitation period

Default benefits apply during the benefit limitation period. Not applicable if you’re transferring to rt from an equivalent or higher level of cover with another health fund, and have already served waiting periods.

– elective surgery

12 months

Not covered

12 months

– wisdom tooth extraction

12 months

12 months

12 months

Added extras available with all rt hospital covers at no additional cost

Emergency ambulance transportation up to $5,000 per person covered.

$250 for single membership – payable once in any 12-month period. $250 for couple, family or single parent family membership – payable twice in any 12-month period. Exclusions

Access Gap Cover – helps reduce out-of-pocket costs. Hospital Substitution Program – offers an alternative for a hospital admission or allows you to leave hospital early and be treated in your own home. Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Program – helps members self-manage existing or potential chronic diseases (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease). Pregnancy Support Program – only available with Private Hospital Cover. Provides support from the time of conception until baby’s first birthday, includes unlimited telephone and email access to midwives, pregnancy website and a gift on the birth of your baby.

things you mightout be wonder ing ab

How do I know what I’m covered for? It’s easier than it seems. First, you must be admitted to a hospital or day surgery as an inpatient. And second, if Medicare pays a benefit for the treatment, service or procedure, then you’re covered by your rt hospital cover (unless the cover you choose specifically excludes it).


Will I lose the time I’ve built up with my current health fund? You won’t have to serve waiting periods again if you’re transferring to rt from an equivalent or higher level of cover with another health fund, or if you’ve been covered by your parents’ membership and you’re just starting out with your own, as long as it’s not more than two months since you cancelled or left your last health cover.


am ember care te Call your rt m us at ail em 3, 12 6 on 1300 88 help@rthealth e at lin or visit us on fu th al he .rt www

4. choosing a general treatment cover You probably know this as ‘extras’ or ‘ancillary’ cover, these days the health insurance industry calls it general treatment cover. It’s cover for the types of healthcare services that you might want to have outside of hospital. It includes things like dental, optical, physio, prescriptions, vaccines, massage and a huge range of other things that are not covered by Medicare. We have three options when it comes to choosing a general treatment cover:

All limits shown here are per person per calendar year unless otherwise stated. Please note, this is summary information. Full details are available in the rt A-Z guide which you will receive when you join. If you’d like a copy beforehand to help you make your cover choice, please call our member care team on 1300 886 123.

1. Extras Cover + hospital cover – gives you our top level of extras cover. 2. Extras Cover without a hospital cover – provides excellent benefits but bundles some into combined limits. 3. Extras cover as part of a ‘fit and healthy cover’ package – provides good cover for the fit and healthy but keeps the cost down by leaving out some things. This is a lower level of cover than you’d get with our main Extras Cover.


which general treseat?tment cover suits you b


Extras (when taken together with Private or Basic Hospital Cover)

General dental

$2,000 max 4 extractions and 6 fillings

Major dental – endodontics


– crowns and bridges


– dentures

$800 every 3 years

– periodontics


– occlusal therapy



$1,000 ($3,000 lifetime limit)

Optical – frames, lenses and contacts


Specialist therapies – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, orthoptics, chiropractic / osteopathic

$500 per therapy

– podiatry


– audiology


– dietetics


– psychology, hypnotherapy


Alternative therapies – acupuncture, aromatherapy, bowen therapy, chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, iridology, myotherapy, naturopathy, reflexology, remedial massage, shiatsu, swedish massage

$750 combined limit

Health services – home nursing (visits)


– home nursing (day care)


– midwife (visits)


– midwife (delivery of baby)


– hearing aid repairs


– school accidents


– accommodation expenses

$300 ($600 family limit)

– travel expenses

$250 ($500 family limit)

– pharmaceuticals


– vaccines


Health aids – orthotics (custom made), orthopaedic shoes (custom made), artificial eyes, artificial limbs, crutches (hire or purchase), wheelchairs, wigs, blood glucose monitors, nebulisers, braces and splints, blood pressure monitors, external breast prostheses, CPAP and BPAP machines, compression garments, oral appliance (dental item number 985), TENS machines, oxygen cylinders

$1,600 sub limits apply

– hearing aids

$600 ($1,200 every 3 years)

$1,400 combined limit

Extras Only (when not taken with either Private or Basic Hospital Cover)

Fit and Healthy Extras

Waiting period

$500 ($1,000 family limit), sub limits apply

2 months

$625 combined limit ($1,250 combined family limit), max 4 extractions and 6 fillings, sub limits apply for major dental

Not covered

12 months

$1,000 ($3,000 lifetime limit)

Not covered

12 months


$300 (6-month waiting period applies)

3 months

$500 combined limit ($1,000 combined family limit), sub limits apply

$300 per therapy ($600 per therapy family limit), excludes speech therapy


Not covered

$160 $500

$300 ($600 family limit)


Not covered

2 months

$300 ($600 family limit) acupuncture only $750 combined limit

$200 ($400 family limit) remedial massage only

2 months

$700 $700 $300

$1,400 combined limit


Not covered


2 months

$750 $300 ($600 family limit) $250 ($500 family limit)

$200 ($400 family limit)


$300 ($600 family limit)


$75 ($150 family limit)

$1,600 sub limits apply

$300 ($600 family limit), excludes orthotics and orthopedic shoes

12 months

$600 ($1,200 every 3 years)

Not covered

24 months


5. health t managemen programs Added extras to help you ‘be well, get well and stay well’

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Program As a health fund, we’re in the business of helping Chronic diseases include conditions such people take care of their health. At rt that means as asthma, diabetes, depression, cancer and heart disease, and they affect up to 70% of more than just paying claims and helping to Australians. While most chronic diseases were cover the costs of treatment when people are once associated with ‘getting older’ today they unwell or injured. We like to do as much as we are becoming more prevalent in all age groups, can to make sure people don’t find themselves which is why we’ve introduced a program in that boat in the first place. to help our members prevent or manage There are many ways we do that: through access the effects of chronic disease in their lives. to practical, easy-to-follow health information in Any rt member with Private Hospital, Fit and our member magazine, be well; through health Healthy or Basic Hospital Cover who has been promotions such as our ‘we love healthy hearts’ diagnosed with a chronic disease (or severe program; and through our healthy podcasts. risk factors for developing a chronic disease) We also offer our members free access as part can participate. Participants are assigned of their hospital cover to programs that really a professional case manager and provided do change people’s lives for the better. with personally-tailored information and Hospital Substitution Treatment Program support through a series of telephone Wouldn’t it be great to shorten a hospital appointments over either six or 12 months, stay or even avoid it altogether? Our Hospital depending on their needs. Substitution Treatment Program does just that, Pregnancy Support Program providing eligible members with equivalent Having a baby is exciting but it can also be treatment in their own home. Bringing health a little overwhelming, especially for first-time care to people in their homes means they’re parents. Our Pregnancy Support Program is more likely to be comfortable and relaxed, allowing for faster recovery time with less chance a free service available to all members with Private Hospital Cover. It is designed to support of secondary infection or relapse, and a much members from conception until baby’s first better quality of life in familiar surroundings with birthday. Participants are introduced to family and friends nearby during recuperation. a midwife who will follow their pregnancy, In consultation with the treating doctor and offering information, support and references hospital, our health services division arranges to community services through a series of for services to be delivered to members in telephone consultations. Participants will also their home by registered service providers who have unlimited access to midwives via email specialise in home-based care. It’s simple, it’s and telephone, access to our pregnancy better than being stuck in a hospital ward and website and diary, and will receive a special it’s absolutely free to all rt members with Private gift on arrival of their baby! Hospital, Fit and Healthy or Basic Hospital Cover.

6. should you have e Ambulanc Cover?

available 1 day after joining

Ambulance cover is included in each of our hospital covers, but if you choose not to have hospital cover a stand-alone ambulance cover will only cost a few dollars a week … it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. Some states offer a government ambulance scheme, and if you live in one of those states you don’t need additional ambulance cover. Ambulance cover

$5,000 per person covered each calendar year

Emergency ambulance transportation in the case of an accident or illness. Service must be provided by a state government operated, authorised or approved ambulance scheme.

If you are a resident of... State or Territory

Government ambulance scheme available?



If you don’t have hospital cover, you should consider a separate ambulance cover.



It’s called the Community Ambulance Levy and you pay for it through your electricity bills.



You can get ambulance cover through a subscription to the Victorian Ambulance Service or through your health cover, it’s up to you.



The Tasmanian Ambulance Service provides a free ambulance service to all residents of Tasmania.



You can choose to take ambulance cover through a subscription to the South Australian Ambulance Service or through your health cover, it’s up to you.


, if you take hospital cover with rt, ambulance cover is already included.


am ember care te Call your rt m us at ail em 3, 12 6 on 1300 88 help@rthealth e at lin or visit us on fu th al he .rt w ww

Most of us should be walking at least 10,000 steps a day in order to be considered ‘active’. A pedometer is a simple and inexpensive way of tracking how active you really are. If you need to boost your daily step count, try walking just five minutes longer each day than you did the day before. You’ll be hitting 10,000 steps a day before you know it!



7. How much is it going to cost? You’ll find a comprehensive price list tucked into the pocket at the back of this brochure, with all the pricing information you need (if someone has beaten you to it, give our member care team a call for a quote on 1300 886 123, or use the online quote calculator on our website at There are a few things that affect the price of your health cover that you might be interested in: • Do you have a lifetime health cover loading? A government loading applies to anyone who hasn’t taken out hospital cover before their 31st birthday. For every year you are over 31 when you first take out hospital cover you will incur a 2% loading. When you’ve held your cover continuously for ten years the loading will be removed. • What rebate are you entitled to? Depending on your age you will be entitled to a 30% (up to age 64), 35% (age 65 to 69) or 40% (70 and over) government rebate on the cost of your health cover. If you need more information on these or other government programs that relate to private health insurance, let us know or visit the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing website at • Are you a single parent family? Our hospital covers are less expensive for single parent family memberships than they are for family memberships that cover two adults.


, taking hospital and extras cover together is better value.


How does rt compare? We think you’ll find we compare very well. More often than not we find we can offer people a better price on the same or even a higher level of cover than they currently have. Our team can help you work through the process of comparing your current cover with what rt has to offer. If you prefer, you can do some simple comparisons yourself using the government website, All health funds submit their Standard Information Statements (SISs) to this website. SISs are designed to set out the details of all health fund products in a similar way, making it easier for people to compare.


8. so, what now? Ready to join, risk free?

Let’s check that you’re eligible to join

We understand that deciding to join a health fund for the first time, or switching over from your current fund, is a big step. We want to make it easy for you, so once you join we’ll give you 30 days to try us risk free. If you change your mind within the first 30 days, we’ll refund your money.

There are two different types of health funds in Australia – unrestricted funds that anyone can join, and exclusive membership funds that require special eligibility to join. rt is an exclusive membership health fund. We exist specifically to care for the health cover needs of transport and electricity industry employees and their families.

You’ve got nothing to lose with portability of cover

Any current or former employees of a railway, transport or electricity industry organisation and their family – including partner, kids and extended family – are eligible to join. So you are able to join if you or any member of your extended family has ever worked for a: • government or privately owned land, sea or air transport company • government or privately owned electricity company • government body responsible for administering the transport or electricity industries • company that provides contract services to any of the above organisations.

You won’t have to serve waiting periods again if you’re transferring to rt from an equivalent or higher level of cover with another health fund, or if you’ve been covered by your parents’ membership and you’re just starting out with your own, as long as it’s not more than two months since you cancelled or left your last health cover.

try our 30-day risk free trial

Want more detailed information on our product or fund rules? All new rt members receive a comprehensive booklet detailing what they can claim under their health cover and all of the rules and regulations when they join, but if you’d like to see that information beforehand, just let us know. am ember care te Call your rt m us at ail em 3, 12 6 on 1300 88 help@rthealth e at lin or visit us on fu th al he .rt w ww

9. Ready to join?

1300 886 123


m a te re ca er b em m r ou ct ta con So what do you think, would you like to join us? We’ll handle all of the paperwork, and even arrange the transfer from your old fund for you. All you need to do is: • Call us to join by phone 1300 886 123. • Visit our website to join online, • Post in the application form in the back of this brochure. If it’s missing you can visit our website and join online or download another application form.


meet Adma frommour member care tea

Blueberries are rich in diseasefighting phytochemicals that may help to prevent or reverse serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and even stomach ulcers. The trick is to eat them raw, whole and as fresh as possible to get the greatest benefit, so grab a handful and munch your way to health today.

nd a rm fo on ti ca li p p a r ou y find pricing information here

contact us if we can give you a hand

railway + transport health fund ltd (abn 93 087 648 744) is a registered health benefits organisation. While you are making your decision about whether to join rt health fund, and which cover is best for you, it is important that you read (and retain for future reference) this brochure and any other materials that we might send to you or refer you to. The information contained in this brochure is general information about rt’s insurance services and products and provides a summary of our covers. rt takes care to ensure the information found in it is complete and accurate. The information does not however represent the complete list of cover, waiting periods and benefits in relation to rt’s insurance services. rt accepts no responsibility for loss or expense arising from reliance on the information found solely in this document. You should confirm any benefit, waiting period or statement within any of rt’s policies and obtain advice specific to your individual circumstances by contacting rt health fund on 1300 886 123. Effective 1 April 2009.

Printed on Nordset. Nordset is an environmentally responsible paper produced from FSC (mixed sources) certified pulp from well managed forests and is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF). Nordset is manufactured by Nordland Papier, a company certified with environmental management systems ISO 14001 and EMAS, the EU Eco-management & Audit Scheme (Reg. No.D-162-00007). Nordset has also been awarded the EU ‘”Flower” Eco-label certification. This brochure has been printed using eco-friendly inks by an FCS accredited printer. Designed and produced by team scope design Printed by Green and Gold Printing

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