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Nike Digital Campus Challenge


“This intersection between the physical and the digital is where we see the future and that intersection will be game-changing.� Jesse Stollak Nike Global Digital Brand and Innovation Director September 2011

The Future is Now.







Users who access Twitter at least once a day.

Original posts by users that are photos.

Users who access Facebook through their mobile phones.

iPhone users who use Instagram.

Foursquare users who have checked into at least 50 places.

Americans who watch at least 1 YouTube video a day.

100% people who are athletes*.

*If you have a body, you are an athlete.

Nike+ Fuelband The FuelBand is for anyone who wants to be more active. It’s not about reps or laps, but rather an index for everything you do. The FuelBand is a constant reminder that we are all athletes, and every move #counts.

Why do people care about this product? How do we get people excited and engaged with this product? What is the big idea that will connect this product with this summer of sports?

The FuelBand integrates a product, a mobile app, and an online community. Let’s take a look at succesful examples of each.

Nike+ Community

Nike+ has successfully created an active community of runners from all over the world. They are able to connect, compete, and share their experiences.

Visualized Progress

Runners can see their statistics and progress through constantly updated infographics. Visualizing statistics informs runners about their progress and helps them look for ways to improve.

Integration With Other Platforms

Nike+ can be linked to a user’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. The ability to share progress makes people proud of their accomplishments.

Healthy Competition

Users can participate in public and private running competitions. Competition is a natural instinct, and having opponents motivates runners to push their limits.

Set Goals

Runners can set personal goals to work towards. For runners at any level, goals are a constant reminder that there is always room to improve.

Nike Training Club Pro Athlete Involvement

Professional athletes and celebrities endorse and participate in the workouts provided by Nike Training Club. These athletes and celebrities are recognizable to users, and connect to them on a personal level.


Nike Training Club provides instant feedback to workouts, and updates the user on their personal progress as they work through the app.


Hard work is rewarded with incentives relevant to the user’s interests, such as bonus workouts and healthy smoothie recipes.

livestrong Awareness

Livestrong brings awareness to a worldwide issue through a single product. Livestrong bands are accessible to the public, and are endorsed by some of the biggest names in sports.

Positive Image

Livestrong bands make a positive statement about the wearer. They have become an iconic product that support a good cause in a cool, fashion-­forward way.


Through Livestrong’s socia media networks, a safe community has been created where those affected by cancer can share their stories and connect with the brand on a personal level.

And here are some examples of what hasn’t worked. jawbone up Inconvenient

The lack of wireless syncing makes Jawbone UP extremely inconvenient for users to check and update their progress.

User Engagement

Because information isn’t wirelessly updated, there is no motivation for a user to be constantly engaged with the app . The app fails to become a virtual companion.

Limited Data Recording

Jawbone UP limits data recorded to “steps walked”. It does’t accurately represent the intensity of many activities.

Google+ Lack of Value

Google+ was an attempt to create a new Facebook, but ultimately became a recreation of Facebook. The features of Google+ were very similar to Facebook’s features, and didn’t add additional value to the user’s online experience.

Online Presence

People already have established profiles, friend lists, and documented history on Facebook. It is easier for users to maintain their existing presence rather than attempt to recreate that presence on Google+.

Apple Ping Lack of Integration

Ping was designed as a social network for music, where people could share music with their friends. Due to the lack of connection with other social network platforms, sharing capabilities are limited to Ping users only.

Limited Use

Ping is advertised as a way to share your music with friends. However, only music that is directly bought through iTunes can be shared.

Who is the actively connected 22 year old?

How Does the Actively Connected 22 Year Old Use Social Media? Twitter is used as an ongoing conversation. Users have the ability to converse with personal friends, as well as celebrities, brands, and athletes.

Instagram is used as a visual communication tool, where users can share what they’re doing in a creative way.

YouTube gives users to access brands, trends, and music in a video format. Foursquare allows users to post where they’re located in the world, and how many times they’ve been to that exact location.

Tumblr serves as a digital archive for photo inspiration, and makes blogging simple.

Facebook is a representation of the user’s life -­ who they are, what they do, who they know, and what they like.

Mobile Devices allow connected 22 year olds to access all of these social media platforms anytime, anywhere.

athlete interviews:

Daryle Hawkins D1 Football University of Oregon

Matt Murray D1 Swimming University of Virginia

Matthew Owyang Club Volleyball UC Berkeley

“The support from fans on sites is amazing, especially after a game. Social networking sites do a great job of keeping people in touch and connected.”

“I follow Lance Armstrong, Ryan Lochte, and Rory McIlroy. Their tweets motivate me to work harder, and give me a glimpse into the exciting life of a professional athlete.”

“Cal Volleyball updates regularly on what they’re doing in practice, matches, etc. It’s a great way for me as a spectator to see what is happening ‘behind the scenes.’”

Why is being social important in sports?

Reemo Pearson Amateur Skateboarder Los Angeles

Brittany Quale Distance Runner University of Oregon

Franccesca Kazerooni Recreational Athlete Claremont McKenna College

“Social media has given me a lot of coverage and is great for interacting with brands and getting the word out.”

“When I run with friends, I can go 4 times as long as if I were alone. They are companions and make the activity a social experience.”

“I find benefits in working out with friends. Everytime I commit to working out with a friend, I feel obligated to actually do it”.

Meet your new personal trainer:


What does the fuelband do? Nike+ FuelBand is designed for anyone who wants to be more active. The Fuelband measures activity throughout the day, and records it in the form of NikeFuel. Users can set daily goals, track progress, and interact with other FuelBand users. The key to doing more is knowing more.

how can social media be used to enhance this experience? 1. Build a community 2. Foster Competition

1 Why Build a Community for Athletes?

Sport is a universal language. By creating a community for athletes, driven individuals with common goals can have a place to unite, support, and compete against one another. Communities facilitate conversation and social interaction, and allow participants to share their experiences, offer words of encouragement, and even words of doubt -足 all things that help motivate an athlete to do better. Building a community for athletes also provides motivation in a form outside of conversation. When athletes know they are being watched by people whom they love and respect, they are more likely to maintain good habits and feel motivated to do better. This psychological reaction, known as the Hawthorne Effect, pushes athletes to reach their potential in a way they may not even be aware of. Through the use of Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare, Nike+ FuelBand athletes will be rewarded with NikeFuel when they perform and promote their athletic activities in a social way.

Social Interaction: Facebook updates


Through Facebook, users can post #makeitcount check-­in statuses that show what activity or workout they are doing, who they are with, and where they were at. The #makeitcount tag is traced to the user’s Nike+ FuelBand account, and they are awarded NikeFuel for their social engagement. This amount is calculated by taking a percentage of the NikeFuel that was earned during the activity.

Foursquare check-ins

instagram uploads


Users check-­in to their workout location to show where they are to #makeitcount. This location can be a workout setting such as a gym, or a non-­traditional setting such as a flight of stairs on the way to work. Foursquare will challenge Nike+ FuelBand users to visit their favorite workout locations more often, and try new areas where others #makeitcount. The #makeitcount tag is traced to the user’s Nike+FuelBand account, and they are awarded with NikeFuel for their social engagement. This amount is calculated by taking a percentage of the NikeFuel that was earned during the activity.


Nike+ FuelBand users take a picture related to their workout, such as the Nike gear they wore or equipment they used to #makeitcount. This image is tagged with the #makeitcount hashtag, and sent to a public Tumblr feed on the Nike+ FuelBand website. The #makeitcount tag is traced to the user’s Nike+FuelBand account, and they are awarded with NikeFuel for their social engagement. This amount is calculated by taking a percentage of the NikeFuel that was earned during the activity.

2 Fostering competition

Competition. Who doesn’t like to compete? It’s a human instinct to be competitive, and everyone wants to win. Competition reveals who’s been putting in the most hours of work when no one else is watching. It shows who has the heart and the drive to perform their best when it matters the most.

#nikefuelchallenge Through Twitter, Nike will post random competitions for FuelBand owners to participate in. To accept the challenge, users will retweet the competition tweet and reply with ‘accept’, entering them into the competition. The user’s daily NikeFuel total will continue to accumulate, but an additional fuel tally will start at 0 for the competition. There will be two types of competitions: One that stays open until a certain amount of Nike+ FuelBand users finish the competition objective, and one that is time based. Those who finished the challenge get a prize, such as a coupon, and are recognized on a winners board on the Nike+ FuelBand website. Posting random challenges on Twitter will encourage users to follow the @NikeFuel Twitter account, and constantly stay engaged with the brand.

So what happens with nikefuel?

Nike+ Fuelband Website The Nike+ FuelBand website tracks a user’s personal stats, and keeps an archive of their total progress. Users can participate in both public and private challenges, and recieve tips and encouragement from the Nike+ FuelBand community, sponsored Nike+ FuelBand athletes, and top tier Nike+ FuelBand coaches. In addition to the current framework, the Nike+ FuelBand website will also include:  ‡3XEOLFIHHGGLVSOD\LQJJRDOVEHLQJFRPSOHWHGE\WKH)XHO%DQG community.  ‡3XEOLF7ZLWWHUIHHGVKRZLQJPDNHLWFRXQWWZHHWV  ‡3XEOLF7XPEOUIHHGZLWKPDNHLWFRXQWWDJJHG,QVWDJUDPSLFWXUHV  ‡*HRWDJJHGPDSVVKRZLQJPDNHLWFRXQW)RXUVTXDUHFKHFNLQVLQ the surrounding area. Professional athletes who use the Nike+ FuelBand will participate with the rest of the community, and be featured in the same feeds, challenges, and discussions. Rather than putting professional athletes on a pedestal, the Nike+ FuelBand website will highlight the fact no matter the level of activity, we are all athletes.

Online shoutouts - the new Autograph Users who constantly meet their goals, improve their personal bests, and actively engage on the Nike+ FuelBand community will be eligible for a public shoutout from a Nike+ FuelBand sponsored athlete. These shoutouts will be broadcasted via Twitter and Youtube, and will be specific to the user and their accomplishments. Twitter and YouTube have allowed professional athletes to connect with their fans on a personal level. By leveraging this interaction, Nike can better connect with their consumers, and provide another incentive for users to #makeitcount.

#madeitcount video â&#x20AC;&#x153;These athletes #madeitcount. How will you #makeitcount?â&#x20AC;? To follow up the original Nike+ FuelBand #makeitcount commercial, a #madeitcount commercial will be aired featuring athletes from the Nike+ FuelBand community. As FuelBand users successfully reach their goals, they will be eligible to participate in the #madeitcount commercial. Nike will select a number of users to showcase in the video. These FuelBand users will be shown engaging in activities that helped them #makeitcount. FuelBand sponsored athletes will also be showcased in the video, engaging in the same activities as the FuelBand users. Putting all levels of athletes on the same playing field further demonstrates Nikeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s belief that everyone is an athlete. This commercial can be aired at 3 different stages of the year:  Â&#x2021;'XULQJWKH2O\PSLFV2O\PSLDQVDUHZRUNLQJKDUGWR  #makeitcount, which parallels the FuelBand userâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s experience.  Â&#x2021;(QGRI6XPPHU6XPPHULVWKHSULPHZRUNRXWVHDVRQWKH video will show the work a user puts in during summer.  Â&#x2021;(QGRI<HDU7KH)XHO%DQGPRWLYDWHGSHRSOHWR   #makeitcount in 2012. This can inspire people to set new goals and #makeitcount in 2013.





organizing the interaction

Facebook will act as a social collage, where all platforms integrating the Nike+ FuelBand campaign can be organized. Facebook is the ideal platform for this because it reaches a wide demographic, and can display various forms of online content. Through Facebook, Nike can communicate with its consumers on a personal level by asking questions, facilitating discussions, and further developing the online community presence.

The Nike+ FuelBand helps everyone realize their inner athlete. The upcoming summer of sports is an opportunity to connect athletes of every level.

What do the olympics represent? The Olympics represent a universal dream -足 a dream belonging to athletes, fans, countries, and the world. The Olympics represent sweat and tears, pride and comradery, and prove that the human race can put differences aside and unite through sport.

how can we leverage the summer of sports to further enhance this experience?

Through the Olympic Athlete The Olympic athlete will be the key to enhancing the Nike+ FuelBand experience during this summer of sports. These athletes will be doing more than playing a sport -足 they will be representing our country. If the Nike+ community can use their FuelBand to to support their favorite athletes in their quest for gold, they will rise to the occasion.

Blake Griffin

Landon Donovan

Shawn Johnson

Alysson Felix

Hope Solo

And the Pop Culture Celebrities The pop culture celebrity will help the Nike+ FuelBand reach a broader audience during this summer of sports. Using pop culture celebrities to endorse the Nike+ FuelBand and this summer of sports will reach out to more than just sports fans.

Lea Michele


Nicole Scherzinger

Aziz Ansari

Justin Timberlake

#fuelforgold What is #FuelForGold?

#FuelForGold is a competition involving Olympians, pop culture celebrities, and Nike+ FuelBand athletes. The competition will be introduced in the weeks leading up to the Olympics, and will take place for the duration of the Olympics. #FuelForGold will kickoff with a series of YouTube videos involving each Olympian and their celebrity partner. Wearing a FuelBand, the Olympian will complete a rigorous workout, giving viewers a behind-­the-­scene look at what it takes to prepare for the Olympics. The celebrity will then attempt the same workout to see how much NikeFuel they can earn. To conclude the video, the Olympian and celebrity will challenge the FuelBand community to earn as much NikeFuel as they did in the given workout time span. After FuelBand users watch the #FuelForGold videos, they will be challenged to see how much NikeFuel they can earn in comparison to the athletes and celebrities. The NikeFuel earned from these workouts, as well as the user’s NikeFuel accumulated during the Olympics, will then be used as a voting tool. Users will use their points to vote for their favorite Olympian in the #FuelForGold campaign. Through social media, the celebrities will interact with FuelBand users to help gain votes and support for their athlete. The Olympian with the most votes at the end of the Olympics will be recognized as the #FuelForGold champion.

Why is #FuelForGold Important?

#FuelForGold gives people a behind the scenes look at how much work athletes must put in to prepare for the Olympics.

How Will the Celebrity Add to This Experience?

Putting celebrities outside of their comfort zone will appeal to the public. The interaction between athlete and celebrity also creates an interesting dynamic that people will want to see.

How Do We Get People Excited for #FuelForGold?

Teaser videos will be released in the weeks leading up to the Olympics as a way to build hype for the #FuelForGold campaign. These videos will contain vague clips that allude to the entire concept by suggesting a sports-足related interaction between the athletes and celebrities.

The Nike+ Fuelband redefines the way we measure physical activity Through this digital marketing campaign, the Nike+ FuelBand will continue to enhance the connection between sports and social media. The summer of sports will strengthen the connection and encourage everyone to #makeitcount.


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