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Table of contents I. Inside the Campus a. Establishing the Next 100 Years: Launching of the DLSU Centennial Building b. Frosh Welcoming: A Rebirth c. Keep Calm and Animo La Salle! d. Handa Ka Na Bang Ma-shokot? II. Anything Under The Sun a. What I wore Today b. What’s in my Bag? c. Summer Getaways c1. My Only Summer Getaway c2. Seoul-ful Summer d. From Suburbs to the Metro e. Now Brewing III. Listography a. Playlists b. TV Series IV. Gallery a. Photography b. Typography c. Illustrations

Photo Credit: Pau Daluz

Inside the Campus

Establishing the next 100 years: Launching of the DLSU Centennial Building by Hazel Marie L. Venida

SEVERAL months of waiting have paid off. Finally, on the day of De La Salle University’s (DLSU) Centennial Culminating Celebration, the Henry Sy Sr. Hall or Centennial hall has successfully been inaugurated. Though the building is still under construction, the entire Lasallian community welcomed its blessing with excitement and eagerness. Being the biggest of the centennial milestones of the university, the building is seen as a head start in preparing for another one hundred years of Lasallian pride for God and country.

Blessing the Henry Sy Sr. Hall The ceremony is one of the Centennial Culminating Celebration’s major events, the ceremony was headed by the Papal Nuncio of the Philippines Archbishop Guiseppe Pinto. Henry Sy Sr. being the building’s primary sponsor, it is only natural that his family is the ceremony’s guest of honor. Hans Sy, son of Henry Sy Sr. and First Executive Vice President of the SM Investments Corporation, spoke on behalf of the family. He is beyond proud for his father’s achievements and he shared how their company has deliberately grown and expanded because of his father’s hard work and endeavours.

The Henry Sy Sr. Hall and its interior With its environment-friendly and elegantly designed architecture, the Henry Sy Sr. Hall catches the public’s attention. World-class function rooms, indoor and outdoor reading areas, strategically-built pathways and bridges, well equipped study halls, and technological research areas, it will indeed be a great help and an advantage to the students. The building will surely be put to good use and catch the eye of on lookers.

Pioneering the next 100 years DLSU has been all about growth and development this past century. It has been a leader in the academe and has cultivated an effective transformative learning system. It provided grounds for individual holistic growth, collective human development, and social transformation. Most of all, it has inculcated in us a strong faith, a zeal for service and a sense of community. More than just moulding Lasallian achievers, DLSU has successfully pioneered a more progressive Filipino nation. The Centennial Celebration may have ended, but our role as Lasallians does not end there. With the establishment of the Henry Sy Sr. Hall, it is hoped highly that we Lasallians, will keep moving forward for greatness in the name of DLSU. May we continue what the past century started, after all “The End is just the Beginning.”

"The End is just the Beginning." Photo Credit: Iris Quintana and Timo Uichico

After all the ups and downs that I’ve experienced in my 3 years here in college, I can still vividly remember the first steps I took as a freshman: the first time I swiped my I.D at the south gate, the first time I opened my bag for the kind guards to inspect, the first time I got lost and looked completely stupid it was definitely a week of firsts. It’s hard to believe that three summers later, I was in school preparing to have someone experience the same things. Frosh Welcoming is an annual event spearheaded by the Council of Student Organizations to basically remind the frosh about the existence of these 39 orgs. It is a celebration that always gets people excited not only because of the new faces, but because of the nostalgic feeling of their freshmen year. It is like a birthday of sorts, the moment you won’t mind celebrating every year. But of course, during LPEP, no one would feel the same anxious energies like a freshman would. However, as much as LPEP and all its hospitality is about the frosh, another key highlight of Frosh Welcoming was the rebirth of the 39 organizations. For most of the organizations, this would be the first activity of the year.

“May the odds be ever in your favor!” If you’re a heavy believer in luck you’d think that to have a good year, you’d have to start off with a bang, and so I can assure you that everyone started with one. From the whimsical costumes to the elaborate booth settings, the organizations really thought long and hard about how to make this day a great one. They aspired to stand out, and prove their orgs’ strength. It was awe-inspiring to watch, a rebirth of an org. A phoenix rising up again from death. An idea that was building up to fruition. The organizations were in it to win it. Team Communication, of course, was no exception to that. With a huge legacy backed up by the Communication Department of the university, TeamComm had a goal that would put them back in the rankings of the best orgs in school. Gone were the days of idleness and apathy towards paperwork and events planning, because under this new leadership, TeamComm was on its way to become an accomplishment. This day would eventually mark where it all started.

The theme was movies, and TeamComm aptly chose The Hunger Games, as it had just opened the week prior. Surely, if ever TeamComm would pull off any booth inspired by the movie adaptation, it’d be a hit. TeamComm officers Curt, Tracy, and yours truly, donned Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch outfits, standing under a 7 foot handmade cornucopia which was creatively and accurately executed. Even before the parade started, people were already in a buzz talking about it online and how it would do wonders for TeamComm. It was a build-up that would eventually lead to an impactful start by this rising org. The org couldn’t have asked for more. Like Katniss in the film, they were ready to fight. They weren’t going to be treated as a mere “piece of the games”. They were going to welcome the freshmen as tributes, and they’d be the cornucopia that would help them conquer whatever battles they’ll face in the university. TeamComm’s goal was beyond Hunger Games, and if this booth is any indication, the odds may be in their favor this year.

: g n i m o c l e W h Fros h t r i b A re


by Miko Sup

Inside the Campus

Photo Credit: Ina Jacobe

Inside the Campus

Keep Calm and Animo La Salle! by Yaine Tobias

In line with the week-long celebration of De La Salle University’s one hundred years of excellence, Team Communication jump started the year with its first fund raising activity. Along with teasers and promotions going viral even a week before the actual event, the organization presented to the public a couple of t-shirt designs that Lasallians would definitely dote on to wear and express their Animo loud and proud. As expected, the “Keep Calm and Animo La Salle” and “I love La Salle more than Ateneo” shirts were a major hit, not only to the students of the university, but also to other people from outside the campus.

“Keep Calm and Wait for It” revealed the team’s very first sneak peek of what’s in store on the upcoming Centennial Culminating Week and slowly began a few buzzes on the said activity as well. After a few days, Teamcomm’s official page finally brought the details out into the open and announced the start of pre-order processes of the two Lasallian-fueled shirts. Promotions and advertisements of the said shirts also wowed the people, with photos and behind-the-scene clips of DLSU’s very own Mary Elaijamin Bautista, Andrew Pamorada and Jeron Teng as the official models of the tees. The “Keep Calm and Animo La Salle” design solely originated from ID 110 Block LR19’s idea and has proven to be a huge hit towards the Lasallian community, especially among the freshmen as they celebrate one of their very first huge university events. On the other hand, the playful pokes on the infamous rivalry, “I love La Salle more than I love Ateneo” t-shirts which was first actualized by Andrew Pamorada was also a huge accomplishment. Not only was it adored by fellow Lasallians, but also people from outside the campus. Right from the very first day of pre-selling at the Yuchengco lobby, along with pre-order procedures and online forms, Teamcomm akicked-off with an amazing start with the overwhelming orders from left to right. With the price of P200-250, three different colors to choose from and such attractive designs, it seems that the public simply can’t help but pass by the organization’s stall and eventually buy a t-shirt themselves. Not only on the first day but on its consecutive dates were the people and orders pouring in that it truly signified the t-shirt selling project’s sensation. In addition, this activity ensued the officers’ collective effort and support with each other, but also proved that Team Communication can do big this year. Up to the very last push of the people behind this group on La Salle’s Centennial Closing, the very first fund raising activity went on with fireworks and flying colors. Photo Credit: Timo Uichico

“Handa ka na bang ma-shokot?!” The Annual Recruitment Week of De La Salle University’s is when accredited organizations take on and encourage people to sign up as their members. Team Communication definitely had their game face on this ARW, as other people would agree, could either make or break an organization. With the guidance and support of the Council of Student Organizations and the theme of “The Animo Screenplay: Producing the Lasallian Leader in You”, all the full pledged groups of the university set up booths along Marian Quadrangle, Miguel Hall Covered Walk and SJ Walk for a weeklong activity with their well-designed booths and own unique publicity strategies. Following up the initial success Team Communication garnered from their first-ever t-shirt selling fundraising activity during DLSU’s Centennial Culminating Week, the organization is back once again with their Zombadings-inspired booth. Team Communication immediately gained recognition and began making noise with it teaser videos, with the popular tagline of “Hindi mo alam ang Teamcomm?!”, through the wildly creative Zombading posters, photos, statements and testimonies from the team’s Executive Board members themselves. Halfway through Annual Recruitment Week, Teamcomm kept on smashing people’s expectations as they started to keep up and compete with the usual economics and business organizations that are always on top of their games. Proving the org’s big comeback starting from online activities, the promotion of the Zombading movie poster established their enthusiasm to win the “likes” race, and eventually acquiring more than two thousand likes from various Facebook users.

Inside the Campus

Photo Credit: Timo Uichico

The professional organization of Communication Arts and Organizational Communication majors have so much in store for everyone interested as it opened the doors for old and new members, and even future officers. One major additional to the membership is that people are asked to pick one unit team (Radio, Film & TV, Print, Events, Graphic Design, and Photography) that interest them, or may greatly influence the course they are taking up. Though these unit teams give them word on a lot of activities like seminars, trips, and workshops that mainly focus on their team, this does not mean that they are only limited to their own units. To create, to innovate, and to communicate. At the end of the long, tiring, but most definitely fulfilling week, the people behind this organization are definitely up on their feet with eagerness and excitement. Not only did Teamcomm “rise from the dead�, but also headed off the year with one loud bang.

Annual Recruitment Week by Yaine Tobias

anything under the sun

What I Wore Today What’s in My Bag? Summer Getaways From Suburbs to the Metro Now Brewing

anything under the sun

anything under the sun

What's in my bag? anything under the sun

One way to know a person better is by looking inside their bags. Join C!TE magazine as it rummaged through its editors’ bags and saw their belongings!

isabelle toledo's bag

mary poppins! A sneak peak into what the contents of Mary Poppins’ bag would be like if she studied in DLSU. The contents of my bag are (more or less) must haves. And if a zombie apocalypse happens and you have these items in your bag, you might survive or two. I don’t enjoy bringing a bag at all, but tend to need a lot of things when I’m out and about, and I like to be prepared. These items are a must have because of our bipolar weather and because I really can’t predict what will happen to me while I’m at school. The most important item in my bag would be my iPhone. I got this pretty recently and I totally get the whole fuss over it. It’s like everything I need at the palm of my hand (except it isn’t edible but you know, nothing is perfect) it is my phone, camera, video recorder, audio recorder, gameboy, PDF reader and mini laptop. It’s a definite must have, totally worth the investment!

1. iPhone 2. Phone charger 3. Earphones 4. USB 5. Umbrella + Jacket 6. Vanity kit a. Tissue b. Hand sanitizer c. Perfume d. Mint e. Face/lip stuff (lip balm, powder, etc.)

Diane Guerta's Bag


Truthfully, I do not like bringing a lot of things but I make sure that everything I need is in my bag. I like my things convenient and compact so it will not be so much of a hassle to bring. I want to separate my money from my cards because I think that way it would be safer incase something gets lost or stolen. I consider my make-up kit and brush necessities since if ever stress takes its toll on me, I could easily freshen up. Lastly, I have to always have my phone! It is not just for texting and calling, thanks to technology, I can actually do my homework with it! 1. Make - up Kit 2. MacBook Pro Charger 3. Wallet 4. Gum 5. Card Holder

6. Brush 7. Bus Ticket 8. Notebook 9. Cellphone 10. Bag

Ina jacobe's Bag

lighten up! My favorite days of the week would include the days that I do not have to bring my laptop with me. My bag then would be smaller and a whole lot easier to bring. Also, it would give me space to bring something else, like my analog camera and my pencil case. I keep in mind that I want to make my bag very light to make up for my “laptop days� so I only bring my planner, a couple of pens, my phone, wallet, and my lipbalm. I know that those things are enough for me to survive the day!

1. Planner 2. TeamComm I.D. 3. Analog Camera 4. Pens 5. Phone

6. Lip gloss, lipstain, lipbalm 7. Coin Purse 8. Wallet

anything under the sun

Since we only have about a month of summer every year, I only get to travel around two times and I like to make sure that I have a darn good time! My family and I decided to head back to Palawan but to a different island, Coron. For those of you who have not been to any part of Palawan it is a definite MUST because it is absolutely amazing there! Not only are the beaches so relaxing but there are a ton of activities for you to do. My family does not really like to just lay-out on the sand and get a tan. We get a tan like Tomb Raiders: while snorkeling above a World War II Japanese skeleton ship, while climbing up and down rocks to get to a hidden lagoon and while swimming in a lake that could possibly have barracudas. Sounds fun right? Well, those are just three of the adventures that you could have in Coron. My favorite part of my trip to Coron was climbing the 724 steps of Mt. Tapyas. At the top is this massive white cross. I loved this part of my trip because my whole family went through that as a sort of pilgrimage for my eldest sister in New Zealand who was job hunting at the time. It was also such a treat going up those steps because of the amazing view of the island formations that create the “Sleeping Giant”. Those 724 steps were worth it. The next day we headed to Banol Beach for lunch. This has got to be my favorite beach in the whole wild (yes, wild) world. White sand and beautiful rock formations went well with our grilled pork and fish. The water was so cool which felt good on my sun burnt skin. I would go there every day if I could.

Step 600 of 724

Banol Beach

“The water was so cool which felt good on my sun burnt skin. I would go there every day if I could.” Right after a tiring day of swallowing salt water, head on over to the Sea Dive restaurant. It doubles as a place for divers to rest up and gather more supplies and equipment. The interesting part was this one wall that had World War II “relics” such as Japanese propellers, bombs and US turrets. So it is like a mini museum. At Sea Dive, they serve the best banana shake to freshen you up. Not to mention that they have this seafood pasta called Seafood Pasta that goes so well with their signature pizza called Seafood Pizza. Hey, what are you going to do? You are on an island. Jokes aside, Coron gives you another reason to love the natural side of the Philippines. Hong Kong, New York and Paris will always be there but how are we so sure that Coron will be the same lush, pollution-free environment after 10 years?■

Twin Lagoons

N Seoul Tower

anything under the sun

The idea of vacation is always exciting, it means more exploration and more adventure! The idea of vacation is always exciting, it means more exploration and more adventure! Seoul is one of my favourite places and, despite being there for the third time I didn’t find it boring and dull at all, there is always something new to see and discover in the heart of the city. Out of all the tourist spots I visited, I enjoyed Everland, Changdeokgung Palace, and N Seoul Tower the most. One would go crazy with what Everland has to offer! South Korea’s largest amusement park is divided into five distinct zones, the Global Fair, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure, each zone with its own different highlights. In the Zoo-topia area is the famous “Safari World”, where they have tigers, lions and bears! The Amazon Express gives you the experience and thrill of being in the jungle, not to mention getting wet from splashes of water on the ride! The European Adventure zone is a must for everyone since the various architectural style of the theme park is visually captivating.

Everland Four Seasons

Inside the European Adventure is the Four Seasons Garden, where dozens of flowers are decorated in French style which is such an overwhelming sight. Tons of tulips in several colors are landscaped in such delicate shapes over the whole garden area. The garden is an excellent backdrop for some great photos, so you wouldn’t want to skip it. Another highlight of the European Adventure zone was the T-Express. The ride is popular among foreign visitors since it is the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. It suddenly drops and rises at 104 km per hour! This is the ultimate fear factor, as the ride is 77 degrees steep. Ride it if you dare! Some of my other recommendations for the rides include the Rotating House, Hurricane, Double Rock Spin and Let’s Twist.

Everland T - Express

anything under the sun

"Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Changdeokgung Palace, which is one of the five royal palaces of Joseon Dynasty, is indeed worthy of its title."

A designated UNESCO World Heritage site Changdeokgung Palace used to be one of the five royal palaces of Joseon Dynasty. Unlike the main Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace is simple and unimposing. It exist in harmony with the natural environment, an outstanding example of Far Eastern palace architecture and garden design. Behind the palace lies the Biwon (Royal Secret Garden), incorporating into its ground’s pavilions, landscaped lawns, trees, and flowers. The garden was kept as natural as possible and is only touched by human hands when absolutely necessary, thus 100 visitors per day are permitted to enter the garden area. Visit both the Changdeokgung Palace and Gyeongbokgung Palace, both are outstanding in their own way.

N Seoul Tower

For visitors hoping to gaze upon the amazing city view of Korea’s capital city, N Seoul Tower is not to be missed, no matter how busy your travel schedule is. Famous for its scenic cable car ride, picturesque views and its Love Locks fence, N Seoul Tower or the Namsan Tower, offers a panoramic views of Seoul. It is the ideal spot to view the stunning cityscape of Seoul as its perched on the highest point of Mt. Namsan. The famous Teddy Bear Museum in Seoul is housed inside the tower, and it exhibits the history of Seoul from past to present through the use of teddy bears! The teddy bears are posed in scenes recreating historic events as well as various aspects of Seoul life.

Despite the bustling nightlife in Seoul, it is my ideal escapade! I’ll never get tired of the fresh air, bipolar weather, spicy food, midnight shopping, and the list just goes on and on. I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit, till then I’ll just infinitely think of Seoul.■

From the

Suburbs to the

Metro To a lot of people, the name DLSU always falls in the stereotype category of people who are rich, most likely born an Ayala or a Gokongwei, most enthusiastic party-goers with conyo as their first language, and just pretty much the city junkies. Somehow it’s already a common knowledge to most Lasallians that this is totally not the case. Not everyone was born and raised around the metro, and most definitely not everyone talks like some broken record with omg’s and like’s in every single sentence. For the people who grew up outside the usual luxuries offered by the city, or even the immigrants and foreigners new to this country, it may be a little hard to cope with their first few weeks on campus, and that’s okay. It’s only natural for it to take a while for something extremely strange to become finally familiar. Fear no more, if ever you are lacking the confidence or simply having the feeling that the world’s too big for you, here are a few little things to remind you that you can make it out there.

Explore New Grounds.


Ever heard of stories from your friends about getting lost on their first day of class? Yup, those things do happen. What more if you got lost on your way to school or went off course returning back home? It’s always a good thing to know the usual routes and common streets around the city and even around campus. Familiarize yourself with the nearest food chains, computer and printing shops, bookstores, and even convenience stores. You’ll never know when you’ll be needing stuff urgently. Don’t just talk. Interact.


It’s always a good and refreshing thing to share

your own experiences and acquire new knowledge from other people as well. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask. Gain knowledge about others’ interest in music and literature, discover your friends’ backgrounds and learn about their customs and traditions, and if you could, experience new events with your new found pals.

For the nth time, be yourself.


As cliché as it may sound, people still need this reminder once in a while. Who cares if more than half of the people around you speak in languages that are foreign or simply unfamiliar to you? You don’t have to act like a whole different person just to fit in. Earn new friends that you know you could trust and be comfortable with. Again, you just have to be yourself.

Go out there and excel.


So, you finally have a set of friends or your own clique and you now know the ways around the capital. So what do you do next? Once you’ve finally got a grasp of the things, it’s now your time to shine. Do you have the talent for writing, or perhaps, photography? Do you have the passion for music and theatrical arts? Always remember that for one to do extremely well in his chosen dedication, he must be open with other possibilities around him to grow. Share what you know and gain a lot more. Do not forget your roots.


Change may be a good thing at times, but I’m pretty sure most would agree that it’s not always that pretty. The education you’re getting and the people you’re interacting with influences your personality, how you think and your principles. Never forget your home for this will surely keep your feet on the ground. Just remember, only change for the better. These little reminders are only the foundation of what you’ll be around campus and around the city. It’s still up to you on how you could make the best out of what you have. If at times, anxiety and despair strikes you all over again, just take misery by the ear and kick him out your door. You have the right to stay true to yourself wherever you may be. by Yaine Tobias

Br N Ew ow in g :

anything under the sun


Recommendations along Taft Avenue! ! by Jenille Co

If you’re tired of the typical coffee shops near the university, try Café Noriter! Once you get a glimpse of the quirky interior, you know you’re in for a treat. The Korean-themed coffee shop offers a creative and cozy space for students who are looking for an alternative place to study, relax or simply chat with friends. Whether you want to get an Iced Cafe Latte or a Strawberry Smoothie, both will leave you satisfied. To top it all off they also provide tasty snacks like cakes and sandwiches, the best treats though are the Honey Bread and the Noriter Halo-Halo. With a yummy menu and fantastic cozy ambiance, Holly’s Café will soon become one of the most loved coffee shop along Taft. They offer an extensive menu of drinks ranging from the usual cappuccinos and macchiatos from their US menu, to the unique beverages in their Korean menu, you will never run out of selections. They also have a wide variety of food such as sandwiches, pastries, cakes and waffles. If you’re craving for the perfect combination in your afternoon break, try their Cappuccino or Real Belgian Hollyccino and a slice of their Red Velvet Cake. The most preferred and known coffee shop along Taft, Starbucks is the place-to-go for a caffeine fix! Being the popular hang-out or meeting place by students, Starbucks never fails to attract new customers as they have continuously innovate and introduce new drinks and snacks to their menu. The baristas are very nice and accommodating and the environment Starbucks provides for its customers is very relaxing. Treat yourself to their new Hojicha + Tea Jelly Frappuccino or the Java Chip Frappuccino after a stressful day at school.


Playlist TV Series Book Recommendations



Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran Moments - One Direction Superhero - Cher Lloyd Mouthwash - Kate Nash Go - Delilah

If there was something I noticed about my current last-song-syndrome’s, it would be that almost all of them were by British artists. These past few months (my awesome summer included), I’ve been hooked on my iPod listening nonstop to their songs wherever I went – from high up in the plane to down low cozying in bed.

Summer Playlist by Aya Garganera

Where Is my Mind? – The Pixies Song for Luna – As Tall As Lions Nightlife – Phantogram Out Here All Night – Damone Earth Intruders – Bjork Doomsday – Nero Baby its Fact – Hellogoodbye Amor Fati – Washed Out Bill Withers – Lovely Day Fiona Apple – Paper Bag Lounger – Dogs Die in Hot Cars Clothes Off – Gym Class Heroes ft. Fall Out Boy Panic Switch – Silversun Pickups Date Rape - Sublime Faces in Disguise – Sunny Day Real Estate Knock Three Times – Tony Orlando Suicide Demo for Kara Walker – Destroyer Kaputt - Destroyer

“ My summer playlist consists of songs that make me feel good while walking in the sun. Whenever I play this playlist I cannot help but have a manyak smile on my face and a skip in my step. ”

Back-to-school by jamie superable

Campus – The Vampire Weekend Ready When You Are – Brighten Always Summer – Yellowcard Gold – Owl City Feelin’ Alive – The Jonas Brothers Turn It All Around – Atticus Mitchell Hurts Like Heaven – Coldplay Small Town Moon – Regina Spektor I’ll Be Alright – Passion Pit Sunset – Avalanche City Circa ’46 – The Rocket Summer Le De Da – Piney Gir Must Be The Music – The Summer Set Say You Like Me – We The Kings Only Waiting – The Traveling Band Unforget You – The Friday Night Boys I’ve Got You - McFly That 70’s Song – The Cab Color – The Maine Robots and Aliens – Forever The Sickest Kids

“School’s back, the rain is on and listening to your favorite tunes in class is forbidden. Plus, the homework, reports, mid-terms preparation, tasks for orgs and having to stay awake during a really boring class is sometimes way too stressful. Bummer, huh? Get the most out of your free time and listen to these tunes to eliminate the stress, feel the good vibes and just let loose. And by the start of another school day, you’ll be stress-free and ready for the work ahead. “

spectacular soundscape by dan roque

This is music to drive to, to run to, to close your eyes to, to feel and just let go to. Relaxing beats, escalating synths and guitars, and a total feeling of not caring about your major subjects any more! Have a coffee, lie down on your bed, close your eyes and be transported to a spectacular soundscape.

Dayvan Cowboy - Boards of Canada Somewhere Else - Mesita Spiritual State (feat. Uyama Hiroto) - Nujabes Stellar Cartographer I - Radioseven Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4 - Shigeto Coastal Brake - Tycho Berlin - Underset New Theory (RAC Mix) - Washed Out About You - XXYYXX


By: Jonnah Dayuta

THE SERIES BY: ISSA AGUAS & JAMIE SUPERABLE Who says you can’t stay up all night to watch TV during schooldays? Especially if those shows somehow magnetize your eyes to the screen and you’d willingly watch forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever. Here are a few TV Shows to look out for as you spend your days in school.


•The Walking Dead – What show is better than an action packed series with tons of blood, horrifying zombies and loads of heart stopping drama? After the intriguing season finale of The Walking Dead: Season 2, the viewers are left to hang on the edge of their seats and endure the agony of waiting for months for Season 3 to come out. The third season of this award winning cable TV show will air on October 2012 in the US and will show in the Philippines weeks after. I know what you’re thinking. We have to wait that long? Pretty much. OMG, I can’t wait to see what happens to Rick Grimes, his family and the last remaining survirors of their group! So can’t I, dear friends, so can’t I. •Punk’d – This show has not been on MTV for years, but now it’s back to put smiles on your faces and might actually make you laugh. Let’s face it though, the first few episodes of Punk’d were not as great as the episodes when Ashton was still hosting, but if you would love to see your favorite celebrities look like they’re about to pass out from shock and panic that they almost pee in their pants, get mad like a bull or laugh like there’s no tomorrow, then this show will have you hooked. This show is no Just For Laughs, the schemes are more evil. You’d laugh because you either feel bad for those celebrities for seeing their terrified faces or you can’t wait to use these tricks to prank a friend. •New Girl – Ladies! Have you ever been heartbroken? Cheated on and got almost too depressed about it? Jessica Day will surely turn your frown upside down as we watch her through the process of getting over her old boyfriend Spencer by moving in with three complete strangers and starting over. It’s definitely a tickle in the funny bone while she goes out to find a rebound, bonds with her new roommates, and might even fall for one of them. Season 1 of New Girl was surely a blast but I’m sure Season 2 would be even funnier! New Girl: Season 2, comes out early 2013. Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!

•Pan Am - Release the wanderlust in you and travel all around the world! Pan Am is a period drama set in the 1960’s all about pilots and stewardesses working for the iconic Pan American World Airways. I know what you’re thinking, “history? 1960’s? boring!” but think again, although the show only made it to 14 episodes, this TV series starring Christina Ricci, among others, is one of the most entertaining and impressive shows I have watched. I just found out recently that they discontinued it due to lack of audience viewership and I think people are nuts not to enjoy it. Hopefully the skies turn blue again because rumor has it that management’s planning a second season. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! •Pretty Little Liars - The show debuted in 2010 based on author Sara Shephard’s novel. Pretty Little Liars follow the intriguing happenings in a small town called Rosewood and the lives of four protagonists Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hannah (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell who is part Filipina, by the way) and Aria (Lucy Hale) and the anonymous attacks they get from a so-called anonymous “A” after the death of their clique’s “leader”, Alison (Sasha Pieterse). The mind-boggling and exciting lives of the girls (along with tons of bad, bad secrets!) make it so easy for A to mess with them. Twisted, as it may seem, Pretty Little Liars will definitely make you want to ask for more after every episode. •2 Broke Girls - If you like cupcakes, good laughs and New York then you’re in for a treat. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs star in the hit TV series 2 Broke Girls, a sitcom following the life mishaps of Max and Caroline, waitresses in a diner (although the latter was a Richie Rich turned bankrupt girl) that are striving to make a living with their part-time cupcake business. Characters that contribute to the hahaha’s include the girls’ diner boss Mr. Han, the very perverted cook Oleg and a 75-year-old AfricanAmerican cashier Earl. This show is nothing but crazy antics, humor and a lot more of both. Catch up on the first season’s episodes while waiting for the second one to air later this year.

Team Communica

ation’s Gallery We take pride in what we can do.

Pau Daluz 110 AB - LIM

Yaine Tobias 111 AB - CAM

Raymund Nejal 109 AB - CAM

Ina Jacobe 110 AB - OCM

Kristine Villanueva 111 AB - OCM

Diane Guerta 110 AB - OCM

Issa Aguas 110 AB - CAM

Belle Toledo 110 AB - OCM

Since we feel very generous this issue, we would like to give you a cheat sheet to know your way around basic photography. Cheat Sheet by Dan Roque.

Ina Jacobe 110 AB - OCM

Nicole Cord-Cruz 110 AB - OCM

Diane Guerta 110 AB - OCM

Jamie Superable 112 AB - OCM

Anika Castillo 110 AB - OCM

Albert Lorenzo

Igor Cruz 110 AB - CAM

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Cite Magazine  

Issue No. 1 | Inspiration x Motivation

Cite Magazine  

Issue No. 1 | Inspiration x Motivation