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Sunday Connecting Points: Blueprints for Life’s Construction Classes: Foundations

Leader: Lee Honaker, Jeremy Helms, Wendy Wood Ages: Young Adults & up Location: Room 102 Meets: Sundays at 9:15 AM Value: Offering Synopsis: “Winning Ways” (Fruits of the Spirit) This entry level class will last nine weeks and will be conducted on a loop so that participants can enter and exit at any time. The purpose is to give people the immediate and most critical information on how to be a Christ follower. After they are anchored in the basics of Christianity they are immediately enrolled in the Structures Class.


Leader: Bill Jones & Carl Wise Ages: Young Adults & up Location: Room 200 Meets: Sundays at 9:15 AM Value: Offering Synopsis: “What I Believe and Why” (Fundamentals of Faith) This class is designed as a “next step” for people who have completed the Foundations Class. The class lasts nine weeks and is conducted on a loop style schedule. The purpose of the class is to ground participants in the fundamental, cardinal doctrines of the Word of God.


Leader: Dan Grigg, Sherry Dunn, Gwen Jones Ages: Young Adults & up Location: FH #5 Meets: Sundays at 9:15 AM Value: Offering Synopsis: “Walking in the Spirit” (Functions of the Holy Spirit) This nine week class is the final step in anchoring a believer in their faith and is conducted on a loop style schedule. The purpose is to give a Christian the tools necessary for living a successful and productive life in Christ. The objective will be to get each graduate involved in a Connecting Point Class for further spiritual development.

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Homebuilders—Couples Class

Leaders: Bruce & Madaline Crawford Location: Fellowship Hall #1 Meets: Sundays at 9:15 AM Value: $10 for book Come and join us as we learn from the wisest man in the Old Testament. We will be studying the Book of Ecclesiastes. Call 526-4799 or email: Refreshments are served!

Adult Bible Class

Leader: Pastor James Drysdale Location: Glad Tidings Blue Room Meets: Sundays at 9:00 AM Value: Offering each week This is a fast-growing class, led by the Holy Spirit – for all adult ages including the “friendliest saints in town.” This semester we will be discussing the “Gifts of the Spirit.”

Vertical – Middle School Class

Leader: Jon Helms & Russ Hanson Ages: Middle School Location: Glad Tidings Room 300 Dates: Sundays Time: 9:15 AM Value: Offering Synopsis: All Middle School students are welcome! The lessons are very interactive as we learn God’s Word and apply it to our lives. Free donuts every week!

Element – High School & College Class

Leader: Leo Hetzendorfer Location: Room 301 Dates: Sundays Time: 9:15 AM Value: Offering Synopsis: This class is for high school students to find your element, which is Christ and how to live in your element, which is holiness. It will be worth getting out of the bed! Refreshments will be served.

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Promiseland Nursery

Leader: Chris Mullen Ages: 0-4 years of age Location: Babies to 2 years: Rm. 100, 2 Years: Rm. 104, 3-4 Yrs: Room 103 Times: Sunday morning services 9 AM & 10:30 AM & Wednesdays at 7 PM Value: Your love and commitment Synopsis: We believe your child is a gift from God; therefore, we strive to provide a safe, loving, fun and comfortable environment for both you and your child. To accomplish this, our caregivers, will rock, read, feed and play with (and change diapers) your child to make sure your child is content. Our prayer is that we can make your worship time to our church as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Volunteers are always needed; call Chris at 327-1968 for more information.

Children’s Class for 2’s & 3’s

Leader: Dolores & Otto Hughes Location: Room 104 Time: 9:15 AM Value: Offering Synopsis: Everybody ought to go to Sunday School, especially our young ones! Mrs. Dolores will teach your children about Moses, Noah and all the Bible stories. They will sing and do crafts. Make sure your child doesn’t miss, they will love it!

Children’s Class for 4 ‘s & 5’s

Leader: Cheryl Blanchard Location: Room 103 Time: 9:15 AM Value: Offering Synopsis: Your four & five year olds will learn all about Jesus and the stories in the Old Testament too! Crafts, singing, snacks and playtime will be experienced by all who come. Page 3

Second and Third Grade Bible Class

Leader: Aria Hetzendorfer Location: Room 303 Time: 9:15 AM Value: Offering Synopsis: Age appropriate Bible stories and activities for your elementary age children will be enjoyed! They will love to hear the Bible stories come to life! Snacks are served!

Fourth & Fifth Grade Bible Class

Leader: Cindy Prickett Location: Room 302 Time: 9:15 AM Value: Offering Synopsis: Ms. Cindy will make the Bible come to life for your fourth & fifth graders! Praise music, great teaching, hands-on activities and more! Make sure your child is involved every Sunday!

Daniel Bible Study

Leader: Bob & Valarie Warnick Ages: Adults and older youth Location: Their home at 8072 82nd Ave. N. Dates: Sundays, begins October 5 Time: 6 PM Value: $20 Synopsis: Just as the prophet Daniel faced unbelievable pressure to compromise his faith in a hostile culture and was constantly confronted by temptations and threats, today’s believers face similar trials. This 12-session study will deal with Daniel’s life as he faced the kind of pressures and temptations Christians encounter today. Daniel models how to develop enduring integrity in an enticing world. We will also explore thrilling prophecies from the time of Daniel through the second coming of Christ. This study is for men and women. You may call Valarie for more information at 709-0036 or email her at:

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Children’s Church Christmas Musical

Leaders: Margaret Berrios & Laura Riggs Ages: 5-11 Years Old Location: Glad Tidings Blue Room Date: Every Sunday Time: 4:00 to 5:30 PM Value: Your time & commitment Synopsis: We need your child! The children’s choir will perform “Christmas County Spelling Bee” on Sunday, Dec. 14 at 6 PM. It’s not too late to get your children involved. Call Margaret at 894-8923 or Laura at 522-8612.

Homecoming Celebration & Dinner on the Ground

Leaders: Pastor Randy Helms, Martha Williams Location: Glad Tidings Date: Nov. 16 Time: 10:30 AM (One service only) Synopsis: Come and celebrate our 75th Anniversary of Glad Tidings! Former pastor, Jim Hennesy, will be our guest speaker. We will have a combined choir of present and past choir members. Following our service celebration, we will all enjoy a dinner on the grounds. Call and invite your friends and family to join with us on this great day! If you would like to help, please call Martha Williams at 3453106.

Young Couples Hawaiian Luau

Leaders: Charles & Becky Jackson Ages: Young couples 40 & under (married, engaged, together) Location: Helms’ home, 9641 105th Ave. N., Largo Date: Sunday, Oct. 5 Value: Bring a dish (Prefer something Hawaiian) Synopsis: An awesome evening for couples to fellowship together around the pool & fire pit! We will provide Smoked BBQ and you bring something to share. Call Becky at 3917637 or Karen at 398-3777.

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Church Friends and Family Fall Picnic

Leaders: Glad Tidings Church Family Ages: All ages Location: Lake Seminole Park, Shelter 13 Date: Sunday, October 12 Time: 1:30 PM (Following 10:30 AM service at Glad Tidings) Value: Bring a vegetable, salad or dessert Synopsis: Bring your friends and family and join us for a great afternoon of great food, tons of fun and fellowship. Bring your softball glove, we will play after lunch. Everyone is welcome!

Lunch With Pastor

Leaders: Pastor & Karen Helms & Pastoral Staff Location: Blue Room Ages: All Date: Sunday, November 2 Time: 12:30 (following the 10:30 AM service) Value: Free Synopsis: If you are NEW to Glad Tidings, you are invited to an informal lunch following the Sunday morning service with pastors and ministry leaders of this church. All your family members are invited to this time of fellowship and great food.

Blankets for the Military

Leader: Deborah Chapin Date: October 25 Time: 2:30 PM Value: $10 per blanket for materials Synopsis: Come out and learn how to make hand-tied blankets, great for gifts! The blankets we make on Oct. 25 will be sent to our military overseas. If you have any questions, please call Deborah Chapin at 522-1610 for more info.

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Youth To Pass-a-Grille

Leader: Jeremy & Autumn Helms Ages: Middle & High School, College Age Location: Pass-a-Grille Beach Date: September 28 Time: 12:30 PM, after church Value: $5.00 for food Synopsis: Cookout, basketball, volleyball & more! Enjoy relaxing on the beach too. Bring your friends, we will ride the van from the church immediately following the 10:30 AM service. Call Jeremy at 947-5766 for more info.

Youth Sports Day Leaders: Jeremy & Autumn Helms Location: Glad Tidings Date: November 9 Time: 12:30 PM, after church Value: $ for food Synopsis: Enjoy competitive sports with youth & counselors, football, volleyball & more.

Monday Connecting Points Stepping Up: The Psalms of Ascent

Leader: Bob & Valarie Warnick Ages: Adults and older youth Location: Their home at 8072 82nd Ave. N. Dates: Mondays, currently going on Time: 7 to 9 PM Value: $20 Synopsis: Three times a year, the ancient Israelites traveled to the temple in Jerusalem, now it’s your turn! Join us as we study with Beth Moore Psalms 120-134. This is an incredible in-depth Bible study. Men and women are welcome!

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Monday Night Bible Study Leader: Naomi Adams Ages: All Location: Conference Room at Glad Tidings Dates: Every Monday beginning Sept. 8 Time: 7 PM Value: $10 Synopsis: Join us for a Beth Moore study on Proverbs, “Wising Up!” You will be challenged by Beth’s teaching and you will learn principles on how to live. Weekly homework will be given. Call Naomi at 251-7382.

Nursing Home Ministry

Leader: Velma Joy Ritter & Gwen Jones Ages: Adults (children or youth with adult) Location: Bay Point Nursing Home & Coquina Key Date: Mondays, (1st & 2nd Mondays) Time: 10 AM Value: Your time and ability to minister to residents Synopsis: Spend time with hurting people to encourage and bless them by ministering God’s word. Some residents have no one to visit them, you can make a difference. For more information, please call Vel at 327-8999 or Gwen at 896-1944 or

Beginners Spanish I

Leader: Rod Berrios Ages: Adults Location: FH #1 Date: Mondays beginning Sept. 15 Time: 7 to 8 PM Value: No charge for class Synopsis: Learn basic words and sentence structure. Review numbers and alphabet, construct simple sentences. This is a Pre-requisite for Beginners Spanish II. Call Rod at 894-8923 or email: for more information.

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Tuesday Connecting Points Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Study

Wising Up—A Study of Proverbs Leader: Karen Helms Location: Glad Tidings Blue Room Meets: Every Tuesday to Oct. 28 Time: 10 AM Value: $10, offering each week Synopsis: Introducing a practical resource for making prayer a priority. This video-teaching series by Kay Arthur directs believers to focus on the Lord’s Prayer and learn to pray according to God’s will and purpose. The workbook will lead you through five days of in-depth Bible study and prayer. This will truly be a life-changing study. Please invite someone to join you. You will enjoy a great time of fellowship, refreshments are served. Childcare is provided. Call 323-5017 for more information.

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Study

Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed A Study of David Leader: Karen Helms Location: Glad Tidings Blue Room Meets: Tuesdays, this study begins Nov. 4 to Dec. 16 Time: 10 AM Value: $20, offering each week Synopsis: Beth Moore, Kay Arthur & Priscilla Shirer will lead you through a study of the life of David. This study is six weeks and has a Bible study book with homework. You will enjoy a great time of fellowship, refreshments are served. Childcare is provided. Call 323-5017 for more information.

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Sherry’s 9:14 Bible Coffee Leader: Sherry Dunn Ages: Adults Location: Sherry’s , 8957 Antiqua Dr. in Largo Dates: Tuesdays Time: 9:14 to 10:30 AM Value: No cost Synopsis: Come over and start your day with coffee, donuts and fellowship as we gather around the Word of God. We share prayer concerns and the joy of God’s answers. All women are welcome. Call Sherry at 5150132.

Girl’s Softball Team

Leaders: Mickey Eustis & Wenda Kerns Ages: 16 & up Location: Azalea Field Dates: Tuesdays Time: 7, 8 or 9 PM, games last 1 hour Value: $20 – t-shirt, balls Synopsis: Play softball in a league on the Glad Tidings team! Call Mickey at 542-2665 or Wenda at 323-5017.

Wednesday Connecting Points You Gotta Eat!

Leader: Kandi Hetzendorfer Location: Glad Tidings kitchen & Blue Room Dates: Every Wednesday Time: 5:30 to 6:45 PM Value: $20 per family, $5.00 adults, $2.50 ages 4-11 Synopsis: Don’t sweat cooking on Wednesdays before church; join us for a delicious home-cooked meal every Wednesday before church. You will love the food and the great fellowship! Kid menus are available too! You may call the church office at 323-5017 for the weekly menu . Page 13

The Pentecostal Distinctives Leader: Pastor Randy Helms Location: Sanctuary Dates: Wednesdays Time: 7 PM Synopsis: When you read the Book of Acts, you realize that the first century church was a Pentecostal church. From its birth on the day of Pentecost, through the life and ministry of the Apostles, the distinctives of Pentecostal worship were developed. Every writer of the New Testament was a Pentecostal believer. In this class, we will explore the scriptural foundations that established the Pentecostal Church. Once we identify these distinctives, we will explore scriptural boundaries in such areas as: the gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues, and other related Pentecostal doctrines. If you have recently made the decision to follow Christ or are new to the Pentecostal church, this class will help you build a Biblical foundation that will enable you to grow in confidence as to what you believe and why you believe it.

Lord, Teach Us To Pray Leader: Karen Helms Location: Blue Room Date: Sept. 9 through Dec. 17 Time: 7 PM Value: $20 for book Synopsis: Introducing a practical resource for making prayer a priority. This video-teaching series by Kay Arthur directs believers to focus on the Lord’s Prayer and learn to pray according to God’s will and purpose. The workbook will lead you through five days of in-depth Bible study and prayer. This will truly be a life-changing study. Please invite someone to join you.

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Manhood, Let The Truth Be Told Leader: Bill Jones Location: Pastor Helms’ office Date: Sept. 9 through Dec. 17 Time: 7 PM Value: $13 for book Synopsis: This Bible study is designed to exhort men to battle for truth in every area of their lives. Find out how to reawaken your passion to serve Jesus, your family, and those around you at work and in the community. Learning to do so will change not just your own life, but the lives of those around you. Men are designed to defend and protect God’s creation. That role requires us to be fearless advocates for truth.

Far From Alone Leader: Pastor Rick Giannico Ages: Adult Singles Location: Music Room Date: Sept. 9 through Dec. 17 Time: 7 PM Synopsis: A gathering for singles to be refreshed through God’s Word and encouragement in an open format. Topics for discussion include: The Reason for God, How to Answer Skeptics, Why Church?, How to Walk in the Spirit and Is Seeing Believing? Join Pastor Rick Giannico as he leads singles in these discussions.

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Addictions: Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel Leaders: Ken & Kendra Walter Ages: Adults (Older teens welcome too) Location: Room 102 Date: Sept. 9 through Dec. 17 Time: 7 PM Value: $15 for book Synopsis: Many of us have been affected by addictions in some way and experienced the powerlessness. Join us as we seek the power of the Gospel in Edward T. Welch’s book, “Addictions, A Banquet in the Grave.” This class will give you the information you need to help in changing lives through God’s Word!

You Are Loved Leaders: Joe & Carrie Nero & Mary Baker Ages: Adult Location: Sanctuary at Glad Tidings & phone Date: 4th Wed. of every month, beginning Sept. 24 Time: 8:30 PM Synopsis: Friends are invited to give names & phone numbers of persons needing to hear a friendly and concerned voice. Join us as we reach out to those who may feel forgotten. Please call the Nero’s at 867-2791 to share the names you have or for more information. We will be sharing concerns and phone numbers at our meetings. Meet in the sanctuary following the service.

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Rainbows Club

Leader: Sandy Jones Ages: 3 & 4 Year old Boys and Girls Location: Room 103 Dates: Wednesdays Time: 7 PM Value: Offering Synopsis: Noah’s Ark provides an exciting theme for the Bible stories, crafts, full-color activity pages and games for this preschool club.

Daisies Club

Leader: Marti Leaman Ages: Kindergarten Girls Location: Room 303 Dates: Wednesdays Time: 7 PM Value: Offering Synopsis: Kindergarten girls will love learning to apply Bible truths and principles to their young lives. As the girls learn biblical principles, they earn colorful badges, but more importantly, they learn to please God and be an example to others.

Prims Club

Leaders: Carrie Sedlock & Laura Riggs Ages: 1st and 2nd Grade Girls Location: Room 302 Dates: Wednesdays Time: 7 PM Value: Offering Synopsis: First and second grade girls can use their natural curiosity to go on a journey of discovery where they learn Bible truths about healing, salvation, friendship, and much more!! On this “discovery journey” they earn colorful badges as they learn to be kind to one another. Page 14

STARS Club Leaders: Martha Williams and Ann Harris Ages: 3rd – 5th Grade Girls Location: Room 200 Dates: Wednesdays Time: 7 PM Value: Offering Synopsis: Stars teaches girls 3rd through 5th grade how to become active participants in their own spiritual development. They explore Christian doctrine, missions, the armor of God, personal evangelism, and much, much more. Stars helps girls begin a Bible reading program and Scripture memorization along with projects that give girls opportunities to live out what they learn.

Friends Club

Leaders: Karen Honaker & Becky Jackson Ages: 6th – 8th Grade Girls Location: Room 202 Dates: Wednesdays Time: 7 PM Value: Offering Synopsis: Discussion-oriented lessons help girls in middle school make godly decisions about issues they face. They are taught to personally search God’s Word for answers to life questions. Girls love earning unit necklace charms and using their Journal which contains unit pages, notes, calendar, Bible reading guide, and prayer journal.

Ranger Kids – Kindergarten & First Grade Leaders: Darlene Stanton Ages: First Grade Boys Location: Room 201 Dates: Wednesdays Time: 7 PM Value: Offering

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Ranger Kids –Second Grade Leaders: Dan Grigg Ages: 2nd Grade Boys Location: FH #3 Dates: Wednesdays Time: 7 PM Value: Offering

Discovery Rangers (3rd-5th Grade)

Leaders: Dennis Riggs, Leo Hetzendorfer Ages: 3rd-5th Grade Location: FH #1 Dates: Wednesdays Time: 7 PM Value: Offering Synopsis: This program features an exciting premier advancement system. In this system boys will learn through camping and non-camping activities. An emphasis is placed on learning at their own pace in a meritbased curriculum.

Adventure/Expedition Rangers (6th-8th Grade)

Leader: Dale Chapin Ages: 6th-8th Grade boys Location: FH #4 Dates: Wednesdays Time: 7 PM Value: Offering Synopsis: Adventure Rangers (Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade), participate in more challenging camping and outdoor activities while emphasizing skill development, advanced camping, Junior Leadership Training, Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF), and Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals with national recognition.

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Middle & High School Youth

Leaders: Pastor Jeremy & Autumn Helms Ages: 6th - 12th grades Dates: Wednesdays Location: Room 300-301 Time: 7 PM to 8:30 PM Synopsis: Worship! Games! Icebreakers! Food! Great teaching! Trips! Tons of activities! Get all friends and bring them every Wednesday for an exciting night with other youth! For more information, call Pastor Jeremy at 953-5766.

Christian Writers Connection

Leader: Margaret Asselin Ages: Adults Location: Conference Room Dates: Wednesdays beginning Oct. 1 Time: 2 to 4 PM Value: $10 includes materials Synopsis: Writing for fun or profit? Would you like to write? Poetry, mystery or maybe a great American novel! It can all start here beginning October 1. We will meet every Wednesday in October, Nov. 5, 12 & 19 and December 3 & 10. For more information, please call Marge at 526-9811 or email:

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Thursday Connecting Points Primetime

Leader: Pastor James Drysdale Location: Glad Tidings Blue Room Meets: Every Thursday at 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM Value: Offering every week Synopsis: Great hymn singing, testimonies, a short message and a time of great fellowship for everyone. Many good things will be supplied for the and you want to be a part of it! Invite your friends to join you!

Choir Connection

Leaders: Pastor Rick Giannico and Charles Jackson Ages: Youth and up Location: Glad Tidings Music Room Date: Every Thursday Time: 7:00 PM Value: Your heart for worship and commitment Synopsis: This Connecting Point will give you a deeper understanding of God’s presence through worship and praise with music and singing.

Christmas Choir Connection

Leader: Pastor Rick Giannico & Charles Jackson Ages: 13 & up Location: Glad Tidings Date: October 2 to December 18 Time: 7 to 8 PM Value: Your talent Synopsis: The choir is opening up its ministry for those who would like to be a part of this year’s Christmas Cantata, “Hallelujah! Jesus is Born.” Along with a brief audition, you must attend Thursday rehearsals beginning Oct. 2 to December 18. The cantata will be Dec. 21 in the 10:30 AM service. Please call Pastor Rick at 323-5017 for more information. Page 18

Thursday Morning Scrapbooking Workshop Leader: Kathy Eustis Ages: Any Location: St. Pete Beach Rec Center Dates: Most Thursdays (call Kathy to confirm) Times: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Value: $10 for first 5 classes, $5 after that Synopsis: Beginners welcome! Kathy will teach you a 5step method to make scrapbooking easy, fun and DONE! Call Kathy at 543-2915 for more info. Check out Kathy’s website at: or email: Come as often as you can!

Harvest Luncheon Cruise for Primetimers

Leaders: James & Darlene Drysdale Ages: Seniors 50 & up Location: Meet at church at 9 AM Date: Oct. 30 Time: 9 AM to 2:30 PM Value: $45 by Oct. 10, $50 after Synopsis: Join with other seniors from our county on the Starlight Majesty for a delicious lunch and cruise. We will meet at the church and ride the van together. If you would like to meet at the pier, join us at 25 Causeway Blvd. at Clearwater Beach Marina. Board at 10:30 AM and return at 2 PM. Call Pastor Drysdale at 772-6200 to reserve your spot.

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Return To The Garden Leader: Karen Helms Ages: High School, Young Adult Women Location: Helms home, 9641 105th Ave. N., Largo Dates: Thursdays, beginning Sept. 25, lasts 6 weeks Times: 7 PM Value: $20 for book Synopsis: What’s a woman to do? Daily we’re confronted with messages that say, subtly and not so subtly, “Sex sizzles.” “Sex outside of marriage is okay.” “No one will ever know.” “Your body is as important as your character.” How’s a woman to live? From the beginning of time, our sexuality and distinctiveness as women has been front and center with God. We are designer goods, designed by God, no less! And when it comes to our sexuality, He has much to say to us. Kay Arthur writes from the perspective of one who has experienced God’s grace as she voices concerns about a society that has forgotten how to blush. This interactive Bible study is an honest, redemptive call to recognize and return to God’s standard for purity. These timely messages are for women, whether married or single, mother or daughter. Please join Karen in her home for this intimate Bible study, you will be changed! Call 323-5017 or email: for more information.

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Friday Connecting Points Let’s Play Ball

Leader: Mickey Eustis Ages: Men ages 16 & up Location: Woodlawn Park Time: Fridays at 7, 8 or 9 PM Value: $25, includes uniform Synopsis: Contact Mickey as soon as you can, tryouts are held before the beginning of each season. Season lasts for 10 weeks, weekly commitment. Call Mickey at 542-2665

Coed Softball Team

Leaders: Tara Hughes and Mickey Eustis Ages: 16 & up Location: Madeira Beach Time: 6:45, 7:45 or 8:45 PM Value: $20, t-shirt & balls. Synopsis: Guys and girls get together for a great time of playing softball together! This is a great way for couples to enjoy time together! Call Tara at 235-2032 or Mickey at 542-2665 if you are interested.

T.G.I.F. Scrapbooking

Leader: Kathy Eustis Ages: All ages (adult with kids under 10) Location: Treasure Island Community Center, 120 108th Ave., Treasure Island Dates: Fridays, Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 14 & Dec. 12 Time: 10 AM to 11 PM (Come as early as you want, stay as late as you want) Value: $10 Synopsis: Are your photos in a black hole? Do you need help digging them out? Join us and you’ll learn all you need to know about getting organized and doing something meaningful with your photos. Digital scrapbookers are welcome! Please call Kathy at 543-2915 to find out ways you can preserve your memories. Page 21

Single Focus

Leader: Sherry Dunn Ages: Adults Location: Sherry’s home, 8957 Antiqua, Largo Date: 2nd & 4th Fridays, beginning Sept 12 Time: 7 PM Synopsis: Come over for a relaxed time of fellowship, food and discussion. We will watch videos concerning “Singlehood” by such authors as: Les & Leslie Parrot, John Townsend & Henry Cloud. Come and find out why single men are like waffles and single women are like spaghetti! If you are interested, please call Sherry and let her know you are coming at 398-3374 or email:

Friday Night Bible Study

Leaders: Ken & Kendra Walter Location: Their home, 4907 27th Ave. S., Gulfport Dates: Every Friday Time: 7 PM Synopsis: Everyone is welcome to join us for great Bible studies, fellowship & outings to hear Christian comedians and other speakers. Call Ken or Kendra at 368-4419. Don’t let Friday nights get you down, come on over!

Harvest Festival

Leaders: Pastor Dale & Deborah Chapin Ages: All ages Location: Glad Tidings playground and field Date: Friday, Oct. 31 Time: 6:00 to 8:30 PM Synopsis: A great night of fun, games, candy, concessions, moonwalk & more! Bring your whole family to the church for a fun and safe night! Call Dale or Deborah if you can help out at 323-5017.

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Coins For Kids Sleepover

Leaders: Deborah Chapin & Laura Riggs Ages: Daisies to Friends! Location: Glad Tidings Date: Friday, Sept. 26-27 Time: 7 PM to 9 AM Synopsis: A great night of fun and games with girls from various A/G churches. This is a Girl’s Ministries event that will be filled with crafts, games, food and tons of fun! You must register with Deborah Chapin by Sept. 17. Call her at 323-5017 for more information.

Saturday Connecting Points Scrapbooking Party at Glad Tidings!

Leaders: Karen Helms & Kathy Eustis Ages: All ladies Location: Room 102 Time: 10 AM Date: Sept. 27 Value: Free Synopsis: Ladies, come out on this Saturday morning and learn how to get those digital pictures out of the camera and put in your scrapbooks or digital books. This is just a fun time of fellowship, refreshments will be served. If you have questions, call Kathy Eustis at 543-2915.

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Ronald McDonald House Outreach

Leader: Norma Perkins Location: Ronald McDonald House, Dates: 2nd Saturday of each month (Sept. 13, Oct. 11, Nov. 8 & Dec. 13 Times: 7 AM Ages: All ages are welcome to help (children must have an adult with them) Value: Share the cost of the meal Synopsis: Please come out and help us prepare a homecooked hot breakfast for parents of children that are patients in All Children’s Hospital. This is a wonderful opportunity to minister to those that are hurting and many times we have opportunities to pray for them. Please call Norma at 744-1886 for more information on getting involved.

Be The Man!

Leader: Bill Jones Ages: Adult men (young men are welcome too!) Location: Blue Room Meets: 3rd Saturday of every month Time: 8 AM Value: Offering to cover the cost of the breakfast Synopsis: Glad Tidings Men’s ministry meets for breakfast the 3rd Saturday of each month at the church. Breakfast is served at 8 AM and a time of fellowship and encouragement follows. The focus of this fellowship is to exhort men to be the leaders God created us to be. The world is desperate for real men to stand up and be the defenders and protectors of their families and communities. Join us as we strive to be THAT Man.

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Lawns For The Lord

Leader: Eric Wills Location: Various yards Date: Any Evening or Saturday you are available Time: Evenings Value: Your willingness to work Synopsis: If you are able to do yard work, come out and be a blessing to our neighbors who are not able and can’t afford to hire a service. Any evening that you might be able to help would be appreciated by Eric and our elderly neighbors. Also, if you see neighbors or know those who may need help, please call us. Call Eric Wills at 642-3971 or 642-3971 or email:

Matthew 11:30 Hauling & Moving

Leader: Eric Wills Location: Various homes Date: Varies as needed Value: Your willingness to serve Synopsis: People in this community need help. This service is available at no cost to meet needs. Please call if you know someone who needs help or if you would be available to help meet the needs that arise. Be God’s hands and feet in this community! Call Eric Wills at 642-3971 or email:

Choir Yard Sale

Leader: Pastor Rick, Norma Perkins & choir Location: Glad Tidings Parking Lot Date: Sept. 27 Time: 8 AM to 2 PM Value: Your stuff! Synopsis: It’s time for fall cleaning! Donate your good stuff to the church choir and we will have a yard sale! All proceeds will go to purchase items needed for the music ministry. Call if you need large items picked up at 323-5017 and ask for Pastor Rick. Page 25

Section 8 Girl’s Ministries Day

Leader: Deborah Chapin Ages: Daisies through Friends Location: Glad Tidings Dates: November 8 Time: TBA Value: TBA Synopsis: You can “build a bear” or paint some pottery on this fun day. Call Deborah at 323-5017 for more information.

Pregnancy Center Gala

Leader: Molly Grigg Ages: All Location: TBA Date: Nov. 15 Time: 7 PM Value: Your pledge Synopsis: Be a part in saving babies and support moms! New Life Solutions Pregnancy Center invites you to this very elegant evening out. You will enjoy a beautiful dinner and bid at the silent auction! If you would like to participate, please call Molly Grigg at 3919163 and let her know that you are interested.

Fellowship Dinner Club

Leaders: Randy and Karen Helms Ages: Adults Location: Various restaurants Dates: Sept. 27 & Nov. 8 Time: 5 PM Value: Cost of your meal Synopsis: Join us for great fellowship and delicious food! On Sept. 27 we will meet at Ai-Mei Thai Sakura, 4200 34th St. South at 5 PM. On Nov. 8, meet us at Bubba Gump’s at John’s Pass in Madeira Beach at 5 PM. Please call Wenda or Karen at 323-5017 and let us know that you are coming. Everyone is welcome! Page 26

Youth To Disney Quest! Leaders: Jeremy & Autumn Helms Ages: Middle & High School Youth, College Age Location: Disney Quest in Orlando, meet at church Date: Saturday, October 25 Time: 11 AM Value: Cost of ticket and food Synopsis: Disney Quest is a 3 story interactive theme park! $40 will give you unlimited play on awesome video games. You can build your own roller coaster and ride it! Call Pastor Jeremy at 323-5017 for your tickets!

Matters of the Heart Leader: Denise Wright Ages: Youth and Adults, Men & women Location: Blue Room Dates: November 8 & December 6 Time: 11 AM to 1 PM Value: Covered dish Synopsis: Never, ever give up, no matter what you are going though. Join us as we discuss issues of the heart (love, anger, unforgiveness, betrayal, lying, deception and other heartfelt related topics. Call Denise at 4888818 or email: for more information.

Youth to Busch Gardens Leaders: Jeremy & Autumn Helms Ages: Middle & High School Youth Date: Saturday, December 13 Time: 10 AM Value: Ticket, use your pass before it runs out!

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Connecting Points That Meet At Various Times Divorce Care Leaders: Frank Leitold & Alice Rollins Ages: Adults Location: Glad Tidings Date: Will be determined as need arises Value: $20 for book Synopsis: Divorce Care is a divorce recovery support group with goals of helping people that are experiencing separation and divorce to find help for their hurts, discover hope for the future and experience God’s healing. Please call Alice at 688-2668 or Frank at 688-4435 if you are interested in being in a Divorce Care Support Group.

Lifecare Ministries

Leader: Sherry Dunn Location: Telephone Date: As needed Synopsis: As a professional legal guardian, my heart goes out to families who struggle with care giving to their loved ones. I am happy to be a resource person for questions pertaining to Medicaid, Nursing/ALF facilities and anything else involving care giving for the elderly or developmentally disabled. Call Sherry at 3923374 or you may email your questions:

The King’s Jewels Leaders: Judie & Beverly Biggerstaff Ages: Adults Dates: Third Wed. & Thurs. Location: Nursing Homes & ALF’s Value: Your time Synopsis: We minister to seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities with Bible stories, music and singing puppets. If you would like to be involved, please call Judie at 327-7355 for information. Page 28

Virtual Digital Scrapbooking Classes Leader: Kathy Eustis Ages: All Location: Internet (your computer) Date: Varies Time: Varies Synopsis: Find out how to organize, print and store your digital photos, then print in a beautiful storybook. Come to this introductory how-to demo and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to click, drag and remember! Call Kathy for more information at 543-2915.

How To Design, Build & Document a Website That Pays! Leader: Leroy Williams Ages: 18 & up Date: TBA, based on interest Location: TBA Value: $35 Synopsis: Some may say, “Get a website and make lots of money!” Well, there is more to it than that. There are more than just “nice desirables” to consider. There are current and future requirements that must be met. Once finished, our site should “take care of itself” and not have to continue undergoing “costly” design modifications. I will teach you things that “don’t sell books and tapes.” If you are not completely satisfied, your $35 will be returned to you immediately at the end of the session. This is a “one time” session that will only be repeated upon request by at least 8 people. Call Leroy at 321-9608 or email: for more information.

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Meals of Compassion Leader: Judy & Stan Pierce Ages: All Location: Various homes as needed Fact: Tragedies and heartbreaks will happen in life. They are unexpected, uncontrolled and present the victims with an uncertain outcome. They are shocking, crippling and oftentimes leave the family in a disabled state unable to function and provide even necessary daily essentials and needs for basic survival. Purpose; Our opportunity as individuals in the Body of Christ is to put “feet to our faith” and encourage those in the church who are struggling with tragedies and heartbreaking situations. We are all called to pray, but we are also called to provide food which will nourish both body and soul as well as assist with basic needs. Meals of Compassion is an outreach church ministry of workers who volunteer to provide a meal(s) to these families, preparing and delivering them to their home. Many have already been deeply touched by this ministry, won’t you join us? Call Judy at 522-9046 or email: to find out more information on how to get involved.

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Custom Framing Leader: Kathy Eustis Ages: All Location: Your home or Kathy’s Dates: Vary, call to arrange a time Value: Personal service, better than custom frame shop prices! Synopsis: Does this sound familiar? You have several heirloom photographs tucked away until you find time to do them justice, or you just purchased a lovely print to bring back memories of a special vacation and it’s still in a tube in your closet? Maybe you have precious artwork from your children in a box under the bed that will be “worth money some day!” The perfect solution is a Creative Memories Design party. Call Kathy at 5432915 or email her at: for more information.

“Croptoberfest” Retreat



Leader: Kathy Eustis Ages: All Location: Bradenton Christian Retreat Center Dates: Friday-Sunday, Oct. 10-12 Times: 2 PM on Friday and ends at 5PM Sunday Value: $110 per person with 4 in a room Synopsis: A whole weekend of scrapbooking! Join us for 2 1/2 days at the beautiful Christian retreat. Prizes awarded for every 5 pages completed! Digital scrapbookers are welcome! Call Kathy at 543-2915 or email her at: for more information.

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Workout With Wade Leader: Wade Schaeffer Ages: Adults or older teens Dates: 3 days a week Location: City Gym, 33 6th St. S. Suite 100 in St. Pete Value: Varies with your individual needs Synopsis: Come and work out with Wade. Sometimes you need a partner to stick with your work out! For more information, call Wade at 423-4637.

Fellowship Friend Leader: Amanda Herring Dates: Varies Location: Varies Synopsis: Go to the movies, talk or fellowship on the phone, just being a friend. Would love to have an opportunity to talk more about the Lord. I have an 8 year old boy. Call Amanda at 768-4031.

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Connecting Points on the Move! Connecting Point Trip to Israel Leaders: Pastor Randy & Karen Helms Ages: Adults Dates: March 2-11, 2009 Location: Pennsylvania Value: $3,087 per person Synopsis: Walk where Jesus walked in this trip of a lifetime! Your price includes round trip flights from Tampa to Tel-Aviv, breakfast and dinner daily, one fish lunch in Galilee, entrance fees, lodging at a 5-star hotel and transportation in a luxury bus. Visit the Sea of Galilee, Mt. of Olives, Upper Room, Garden tomb & much more! An add on trip to Petra is optional. Download a full brochure at: or call Karen at 323-5017 for trip information. Monies are due in December, 2008.

Caribbean Cruisin’ Leaders: Raymond & Robin Greene Ages: All Location: Cruise departs from Ft. Lauderdale Dates: Jan. 10 to Jan. 17,2009 Value: Prices start at $499, call Raymond for price info. Synopsis: Relax on a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise on the MSC Orchestra (brand new ship.) Bus transportation available to Ft. Lauderdale. Ports of call are Key West, Cozumel, Bridgetown, Grand Cayman, Samana and Dominican Republic. Call Raymond at 367-8688 or email:

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Christmas Eve at Glad Tidings 6 PM Carols & Candles

Bring your whole family and let’s celebrate the real reason for the Christmas season, Jesus! This service will only last one hour and everyone is welcome!

Glad Tidings Connecting Points Fall 2008  

Catalog of Glad Tidings Connecting Points for the Fall 2008 semester