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Vol. 135 | No. 21 | Wed. April 06, 2016



As robot technology increases, worry regarding the unknown of this new technology does as well. A firstyear feels that this intelligence could cause the downfall of the human race. Find out more about what he thinks on artificial intelligence on page 6.

Students and a professor weigh-in on the battle over Supreme Court Justice nominations. These politics still involve Iowa, as Senator Chuck Grassley is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee that decides on whether there will be a hearing. Read more on page 7.


Jake Bullington Digital Editor @JakeBullington Jess Lynk News Editor @JessMLynk Five minutes after Vice President of Student Life Zach Blevins called last Thursday’s Student Senate meeting to order, representatives of the UNITY Roundtable and over 30 students supporting their demands entered the meeting space to present Senate with demands that they believe will provide “equitable and fair funding” to the multicultural organizations on campus. “We are here because we do not like the way that Student Senate has handled the allocations of the annual budgets,” Vice President of Coalition of Black Students (CBS) Anthony Pawnell said. This presentation followed Senate releasing budget cuts for the upcoming year in agreement with the funds Senate had to work with — over $122,000 less than last year. The shortage of funds results from a combination of low enrollment and a stagnant activities fee, in the context of new funding requests from over 10 more organizations compared to years past. Although all organizations


Bulldog alert puts campus on edge Students received a Bulldog Alert at 1:41 a.m. on Friday that Des Moines Police and Drake Public Safety received reports that at approximately 1 a.m. a balding white male attempted to pull a students into a red vehicle. The next day, Director for Campus Public Safety Scott Law released an email informing students that the man attempted to pull said student into his vehicle on University Avenue near the Kum & Go at 31st street. After the alert was issues, Public Safety received similar reports from two students saying they had seen the same vehicle on campus. Law and DPS have increased patrol and are advising students to contact Public Safety if they see anything suspicious.

SPORTS Drake senior Emma Huston set a personal record and broke a school record in the women’s outdoor 5000-meter run with a time of 16:06.55 at the Stanford Invitational on Friday. She broke the previous record, which had stood for 33 years. Read more on page 11.



received cuts, UNITY Roundtable said at the meeting. Demands felt that their funding was unfairly Drake University has set UNITY says that in order to cut. the goal to have 22 percent of accomplish this goal, Senate “Since we are not satisfied with the student body be domestic needs to meet their four the way you handled them, we students of color by the year demands, which were distributed have come to this meeting today 2025. UNITY says cutting this in a folder to each member of to present you with our demands,” funding would be detrimental to Student Senate, as well as widely Pawnell said Thursday. that goal. around social media using Senate has since #UNITYDrake. acknowledged the Following the depth of the demands presentation of and issues brought these demands, forth. representatives from •UNITY will become a governing “We saw this as it UNITY Roundtable body by the 2017-2018 school needed to be brought further discussed year with executive positions. up and it was brought why they felt making up in an amazing way demands was •UNITY will receive 30 percent by UNITY,” Diversity necessary. of the money collected from the Interest Senator “What we have student activities fee each year. Thalia Anguiano right now is not equity said. “We saw this or equality, what •A member of Unity Roundtable as a need to finally we have right now sits on Student Funds Allocation have a change in the is discrimination,” Committee. structure to make said Paxton Gillespie, sure that equity is met •Reinstate procedure where incoming president of amongst the student all the budgets for ALL annually One Voice, Thursday. body and trying to Senators see this funded student organizations are address some of as an opportunity to posted prior to Student Senate the issues that have again acknowledge approval. surrounded that.” the discourse these issues have presented. “There is really no UNITY Roundtable “You can’t cut our budgets time to put this conversation off. Right now, the structure is that in half (and) take away events It might be easier to prioritize UNITY Roundtable is an umbrella that we are trying to hold to more big picture issues, but initiative that encompasses 13 promote and invite students like this is not simply a buzzword,” active student organizations on us to come here on campus,” said senator Kevin Kane said. “This campus, including CBS. They are Carmen Vargas, treasurer of La is something that is affecting a collaboration of student leaders Fuerza Latina during the Senate students on a daily basis.” from multicultural and diversity meeting. “How do you expect organizations on campus that aim to improve that if you are doing Deadline to improve inclusion. things like this?” UNITY gave Senate until April "If you don't support us, La Fuerza Latina is another 7, the day of this Thursday’s you can stop using words like group included in UNITY. senate meeting, to deliberate diversity and inclusion,” Pawnell

UNITY’s demands to Senate

UNITY Roundtable hands demands to Student Senate asking to change the way Senate currently functions with regards to budget cuts. UNITY has four demands in order to promote equity, in which Senate has come up with proposals for. and respond to their demands, otherwise they will “take action.” With only one week to answer, senators were left wondering, “Why the harsh deadline?” Senior Brytani Cavil, former CBS president, responded by saying that following their cuts in funding, the organizations had only one week to appeal. That process lined up with Drake’s spring break. Because Senate gave UNITY a short deadline, they would do the same to Senate. "I understand why it (the deadline) is in place, but we did have seven days to do what the university and Senate have been trying to do for years,” Kane said. “… Just to have that deadline and be tasked with such a huge task was tough, but I think it also focused us. We essentially said ‘Alright, we don’t have time to mess around, we don’t have time to figure out what is best in terms of PR, we just need to figure out what works and what we can do feasibly.’”

Senate’s Response

In order to address this deadline, Senate moved to create a ‘working group’ that comprised of Senators Anguiano, Daniel Creese, Erin Griffin, Kane, Linley Sanders and current treasurer Trevor Matusik. From there, this working group met to come up with a tangible way that Senate can address the demands.



Fraternity suspended after ‘severe allegations’ Adam Rogan Sports Editor @Adam_Rogan

The Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) chapter at Drake University has been suspended for five years following “severe allegations” made against the fraternity. Members of PIKE Delta Omicron (the title of Drake’s chapter) are permitted to continue living in their fraternity house, located at 1219 34th Street, until the end of the school year. They are also still allowed to participate in some fraternal activities – such as competing in intramurals, wearing letters and contributing to philanthropies – but are no longer allowed to host events or participate in Greek Week on April 11-16. The chapter has been on probation since the end of 2015. Over the last few months, both Drake and the Pi Kappa Alpha national fraternity have been

investigating the chapter. The investigations began when the allegations were filed against the fraternity sometime in late 2015. The decision to revoke Delta Omicron’s charter was made by the PIKE national fraternity. Drake has accepted that decision, according to Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Kerry Jordan. Members of PIKE were informed of their suspension during the final week of March. “The allegations that happened made it to the point where it wouldn’t go through (the Drake Interfraternity Council, IFC) or anything at all. It went straight to the University,” said Nick Kocisak, the president of Drake IFC. “Since it was so serious of an issue, (PIKE and Drake) decided to put them on probation until there was a decision made.” IFC was not part of the decision-making process for the probation and subsequent suspension of PIKE. That decision came from a collaboration of the Dean of Students Office and PIKE nationals.

PI KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY was suspended after being on probation this past year. The decision to revoke the chapter was ultimately made by the PIKE national fraternity, but the investigation was an effort by the national fraternity and Drake University. PHOTO BY JAKE BULLINGTON | DIGITAL EDITOR “(IFC is) a little hands-off at this point because it was such a severe allegation, a lot of what’s happening is dealt with (by) the university,” Kocisak said. “We don’t want to overstep our bounds when communicating, and we also want to make it clear

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that we are willing to work with everybody for every situation that arises … We would like to make the message known that we are here to work with chapters, (not) against them.”


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