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Vol. 136 | No. 3 | Wed. Sept. 14, 2016


OPINIONS Over recent decades, political parties have become more and more polarized. Two students explain their reasons for having different political views as the 2016 election looms ever closer. Read more on page 4.


Pianist Tom Splitt will grace the stage on Sept. 22 as a thank you to two Drake seniors who researched and designed his marketing plan. The performance will take place in the Harmon Fine Arts Center. Read more on page 7.

Drake Football has a potential NFL player in the works with tight-end Eric Saubert. Over 20 NFL teams came to Drake Stadium to observe him in action. The coaches and teammates are excited at the prospect of having a potential NFL in their midst. Read more on page 12.


STUDENT SENATE revamped senate elections rules effective immediately and discussed how to reach student organizations throughout the year. PHOTO BY JAKE BULLINGTON | DIGITAL EDITOR

Student Senate to enter deficit after projections fall short Jake Bullington Digital Editor @jakebullington Budgetary woes face Student Senate after it was announced Thursday that the governing body will be deficit spending this year. Last academic year, thenStudent Body Treasurer Trevor Matusik grappled with nearly $460,000 in annual funding requests. Annual funding requests are proposals submitted by student organizations applying for year long funding from Student Senate. Matusik cut that figure by almost $123,000, to a total of around $335,000. To read more about last year’s budget, visit senatebudget2016. For comparison, current treasurer JD Stehwien and the Student Fees Allocation Committee (SFAC) have just over $300,000 to spend on annual funding requests. However, SFAC has budgeted for the $335,000

figure from last year’s budget. If nothing changes, Student Senate will have over $34,000 in deficit spending this academic year. The budget’s decrease is also reflected in the decrease of projected Student Fee Dollars, the money that is collected via the student activity fee. Last year’s projections had the figure at around $526,000 for the 2016-2017 academic year. This projection fell short. According to Auditor Caleb Potratz, the current projection of money is actually around $509,000, a projected shortage of $17,000. The Student Development Fund, which is slated to be under $51,000 is “typically around $60,000,” Potratz said. At the end of last year, SFAC added $41,000 into the reserves, meaning that they had underspent by roughly $70,000 last year, according to Potratz. Potratz said he hopes to have the finances updated monthly. “We’re doing new accounting procedures this year, where we should have up-to-date budgets for all student organizations weekly,” Potratz said.

During last week’s meeting, a motion upgrading the Student Body Treasurer position to being a paid role was tabled. Since it is amending a bylaw of the Student Senate rules and regulations, it is required to be tabled one week and voted on the next. “All we’re doing is moving the description of the Student Body Treasurer position to an executive officer position,” said Vice President of Student Life Kevin Kane. Executive officer positions are paid positions. At Thursday’s meeting, this motion was approved unanimously, including by Stehwien’s proxy, Paxton Gillespie. A proxy fills in for a senate member if they cannot be present. Stehwien confirmed the rate of pay was $2,000 per academic year. Stehwien also commented that Drake is considering raising the student activity fee to make up for the funding gap. “It seems like it’s been a very natural transition,” said School of Education Senator AJ Treiber.

Student Senate budget

$526,000 how much senate expected to have from student activities fees

$509,000 how much senate received from student activities fees

$17,000 how much senate is short


how much senate will use in deficit spending


Drake has final candidates for prevention coordinator Katherine Bauer News Editor @bauerkatherine The 2016-2017 academic year has marked a time of great administrative and staff changes at Drake University. This past July, Alysa Mozak resigned as the Coordinator for Sexual Violence Response and Healthy Relationship Promotion. A search committee sprang into action shortly after, looking for her replacement. Mary Traxler, a junior music and psychology double major, felt there was a lack of communication with students asked to participate in the hiring process.

“I wish the school had made it easier for students like myself to get involved with the hiring process like they said they would,” the member of Mentors in Violence Prevention said. “I don’t know that it’s so much a rush as it is just a bit of negligence.” Normally, administrators would wait 60 days before posting the position after a vacancy occurs. This is done to evaluate the necessity of the position. However, as Drake’s Title IX Coordinator Kathryn Overberg explained, this waiting period was waived. “Given the number of students and first-year programs, as well as requirements under Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act, it was important for us to be

able to fill the position sooner,” Overberg said. The coordinator’s role on campus is to provide resources on sexual violence prevention. The person taking on these roles will also become responsible for coordinating two student groups: Violence Intervention Partners and Mentors in Violence Prevention. Human Resources confirmed that 21 people applied for the position. A search committee of faculty, staff, and students met to review applications. Several phone interviews were also conducted. Two finalists were identified through this process. In-person interviews occurred on Sept. 6 and 7. Again, students, faculty and staff participated to

get to know the two remaining candidates. “I’m really confident in the two potential hires,” Traxler said. “And on the side of prevention and awareness, the new coordinator will be able to have an impact.” Feedback from these interviews was submitted on Monday. Overberg said that interim Dean of Students Jerry Parker will make the final decision between the two candidates. “The Prevention Coordinator will have a significant impact on campus,” Overberg said. “Prevention begins as early as Orientation and continues throughout a student’s Drake experience. The Prevention Coordinator will work collaboratively with students

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and student organizations to bring relevant, meaningful conversations to their lives and educational experiences.” Traxler said that the prevention coordinator position is a very difficult job to take on since they are a mandatory reporter to the university, making it difficult to balance legal requirements and students’ needs. “I want them to know how hard of a job it will be to go against student needs in order to legally protect the school,” Traxler said. “I want them to know that we have a lot of very passionate, hard -working students who deserve the best resources available.” The university expects to hire the new coordinator by Oct. 1.

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