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DRAKE PRESIDENT DAVID MAXWELL plays the national anthem at the men’s basketball game on Sat. 15. Drake lost 58-77. Read the game recap on pg. 10 JOEL VENZKE | PHOTO EDITOR



Wednesday Nov.19, 2014

Campus Calendar Wednesday

Faculty Senate Meeting 3:30-5 p.m. Cowles Library, Room 201 “Everyday abstraction: contemporary abstract painting” Art Exhibition 12-4 p.m. Anderson Gallery Cornocopia Food Recovery 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Helmick Commons

Thursday May 2015 China Study Seminar Information Sessions 3:30-4:30 p.m. Medbury Honors Lounge Strings Recital 7:30-9 p.m. Sheslow Auditorium

Friday Drake Jazz One 7:30-9 p.m. Patty and Fred Turner Jazz Center

Saturday Senior Recital, Andrew Sowatzke, trumpet 1:30-3 p.m. Patty and Fred Turner Jazz Center Senior Recital, Kelsey Tyler, horn 7:30-9 p.m. Harmon Fine Arts Center, Performing Arts Hall

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Campus News

Graziano pleads guilty to federal charges Drake graduate still owns share in Peggy’s Tavern Cole Norum

Staff Writer

Mark Graziano, Drake University graduate and coowner of the cherished local establishment Peggy’s Tavern pleaded guilty this month to a federal charges of conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs and tax evasion. His plea came after an April indictment on 18 federal charges, the culmination of a two-year investigation following an audit of Bauder’s that determined over 700,000 hydrocodone pain pills were unaccounted for. “It was appropriate for Graziano to be indicted,” said Kristin Yun, a P4 pharmacy student. Yun recognized the ongoing situation with Graziano and Bauder’s as a lapse in professionalism. “Pharmacists should act with integrity in their professional relationships,” Yun said. According to court records and police statements, Graziano had kept information regarding his illicit activities from his coworkers, including his mother and sister. He sold pills out of the pharmacy’s back door, after ordering a surplus of pills from multiple wholesalers for what the grand jury indictment described as attempts “to create a supply of divertible controlled substances.”


PEGGY’S TAVERN is a popular bar in the Drake neighborhood on Forest Avenue Graziano’s lawyer negotiated with prosecutors to drop 16 of the 18 charges, which when totaled could have resulted in a sentence of more than 200 years in prison. Prosecutors, however, recommended 37 months in a lowsecurity prison. Graziano’s lawyer also worked out the groundwork for the transfer of Bauder’s ownership to Graziano’s sister, allowing the pharmacy to keep its state license. However, there still remains the issue of one of Drake’s favorite watering holes, Peggy’s. A July 28 City Council vote to

deny Peggy’s bid for renewal of its liquor license spelled impending doom for the bar. The council acted on the recommendation of the DM Police Department. Police say Peggy’s failed five of 13 compliance checks for underage drinking since 2009. “Our stance on whether or not the permit should be allowed … hasn’t changed,” Des Moines Police Department spokesman Sgt. John Halifax said. “The issues … haven’t changed.” The Drake neighborhood bar is still operating while an appeal to the Iowa Alcoholic


Beverages Division is still under consideration. According to a Des Moines Register article, Graziano, who once denounced the allegations against him, may be looking to sell his control of Peggy’s. Halifax emphasized that background checks would be performed on the new owners if Peggy’s were to come under different ownership. The bar’s alcohol license would most likely be valid if Graziano transfers ownership. “We’d have no issue with that,” Halifax said.

Senate welcomes national leadership representative Pharmacy organization approved, 16 of 60 goals completed

Kate Havens

Staff Writer

Last week, Student Senate welcomed the Executive Director of the National Campus Leadership Council, Andy MacCracken. The purpose of the National Campus Leadership Council is to bring together student body presidents and other student leaders to tackle issues prevalent on college campuses. The Council focuses on three major areas: college affordability, mental health and sexual assault. Currently, the Council is helping to launch the national “It’s on Us” campaign to spread awareness about sexual assault. “It’s On Us” is creating a unique collaboration between companies like NASCAR, GQ Magazine and MTV to create cultural change. There is a greater focus on men becoming more involved in


initiatives about sexual assault. Student body president, Joey Gale, is one such man involved. “We definitely need your help,” MacCracken said. “We’re working a lot with Joey on these issues, but we definitely hope that this something that you all can pick up. We definitely can’t do it alone.” Students can expect different efforts and initiatives the Senate will create to raise awareness such as the upcoming National Week of Action. MacCracken reminded the Senate that raising awareness can help college affordability, mental health and sexual assault issues. “It’s awareness and cultural issues we need to tackle,” MacCracken said. In other news, Senate confirmed the approval of the Student College of Clinical Pharmacy (SCCP). This organization will act as a student chapter of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.

Different than other pharmaceutical organizations, SCCP focuses on the clinical pharmacy realm, or the sciencebased practice of pharmacy. Currently, no other groups on campus are specified in this area. P3 pharmacy student and President of SCCP, Mike Buege, represented the organization at the Senate meeting. “This niche in pharmacy does not currently have representation at Drake,” Buege said. “It’s sort of been lumped in with other organizations.” SCCP will meet a need on campus, because a large number of Drake pharmacy students intend to pursue clinical pharmacy. Through SCCP, students will have access to more information and career opportunities within this field. “What we’re doing to benefit pharmacy students here, as well as other students, is essentially familiarizing students with







research and clinical practice processes,” Buege said. SCCP currently has 45 members, which makes it the fourth-largest pharmacy organization on campus. The organization has plans for future events and opportunities, such as a potential visit from the former president of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Membership is open to all students in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Aside from involvement with the National Campus Leadership Council and the Student College of Clinical Pharmacy, Senate is still working through its goals. “We are now at 16 goals out of the Senate 60 completed,” Gale said. As most students know, the Senate 60 is a list of 60 goals, ideas, projects and initiatives that Senate is planning to accomplish this year. Only 44 more goals to go.

Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa Vol. 134 | No. 11 | Nov. 19, 2014

The Times-Delphic (11.19.14)  

Official independent student newspaper of Drake University- Des Moines, Iowa

The Times-Delphic (11.19.14)  

Official independent student newspaper of Drake University- Des Moines, Iowa