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CHAMPIONS CLUB ROOM MENU MEN’S BASKETBALL Date Opponent Menu Nov. 13 Southern Miss. build your own burger Nov. 16 Wright State chicken fajitas Dec. 1 Oregon State build your own hot dog Dec. 6 Arizona State pizza, BLT salad Dec. 12 Florida Atlantic build your own chicken sandwich Dec. 15 Chicago State chicken fajitas Dec. 18 Houston Baptist pasta & Salad Jan. 7 Creighton build your own burger Jan. 14 St. John’s pizza, BLT salad Jan. 20 Xavier build your own chicken sandwich Feb. 1 Providence build your own burger Feb. 3 Georgetown pizza, BLT salad Feb. 12 Villanova build your own hot dog Feb. 22 Marquette pasta & salad Feb. 25 Seton Hall chiicken fajitas March 6 Butler build your own chicken sandwich

Champions Club Room Details


WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Date Opponent Nov. 8 Harvard 2314 N Sheffield Ave Nov. 9 Maggie Dixon Tournament 2314 N Sheffield Ave Nov. 18 Illinois State 2314 N Sheffield Ave Dec. 7 Loyola 2314 N Sheffield Ave Dec.12 Kentucky 2314 N Sheffield Ave Dec. 16 Dartmouth NO CHAMPIONS CLUB ROOM Jan. 1 Xavier 2314 N Sheffield Ave Jan. 8 Providence 2314 N Sheffield Ave Jan. 11 St. John’s Student Center - 2nd Floor Jan. 19 Villanova Student Center - 2nd Floor Jan. 29 Marquette Student Center - 2nd Floor Feb. 9 Creighton Student Center - 2nd Floor Feb. 15 Seton Hall Student Center - 2nd Floor Feb. 22 Butler Student Center - 2nd Floor Mar. 4 Georgetown 2314 N Sheffield Ave

Doors Open: Doors opens 75 minutes before tip-off

Eligibility: Must be current Champions Club member or D-Club member. Alumni may attend special Alumni Association Dates All Meals: $10 for adults - $5 for Children 14 and under. Cash bar is available. Complimentary snacks will be provided. Reservations: All reservations need to be made at least 48 hours in advance by registering on-line, or by calling Marge Mazik at 773-325-7240.

Champions Club Room Details Doors Open: Doors opens 60 minutes before tip-off

Eligibility: Must be current Champions Club member or D-Club member. President’s Club members are eligible to attend all games. Depaul alumni may attend special Alumni Association Dates Reservations: All reservations need to be made at least 48 hours in advance by calling 773-325-7240.

Directions: Champions Club Room is in Skyline Room North of Allstate Arena. Entrance is adjacent to ticket office on Lunt Ave.

PRESIDENT’S CLUB ROOM SCHEDULE Doors Open: Doors opens 60 minutes before tip-off. Eligibility: Must be current President’s Club member. Donors who give a total of $1,000 and above during a single fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) are recognized as members of the President’s Club. This includes employer matching gift contributions linked to each donation.

MEN’S BASKETBALL Jan. 7 Creighton Jan. 14 St. John’s Jan. 20 Xavier Feb. 1 Providence Feb. 3 Georgetown Feb. 12 Villianova Feb. 22 Marquette Feb. 25 Seton Hall March 6 Butler

Family Always Came First for Iconic DePaul Benefactor Vic Cacciatore Jan. 2, 2014

In the illustrious and highly successful life and times of iconic Chicago business magnate and entrepreneur Victor Cacciatore, family always remained the most important thing in the world. From his humble beginning growing up on the South Side and working as a teenager in his father Joseph Cacciatore’s real-estate office to marrying high school sweetheart Charlotte in 1956 and raising 10 children, family remained the one constant and the driving force in his life. The DePaul University family lost one of its most cherished members and greatest benefactors when double DePaul alumnus Vic Cacciatore passed away last Monday after a long battle with cancer. After working his way through college to earn a business degree in 1952 and a law degree in 1955, Cacciatore served in the armed forces as served as a U.S. Counter-Intelligence Special Agent in France from 1956-58 and went undercover gathering intelligence on Soviet activities. He went on to build a financial empire---owning and running businesses in real estate, insurance, law, parking, street sweeping, banking and construction. The innovative thinking and foresight of this South Side visionary resulted in a lifetime of success and good fortune which he wanted to share with his alma mater. He joined the DePaul University Board of Trustees in 1973, and as chairman of the Physical Plant and Property Committee helped DePaul acquire the Goldblatt’s building. He headed the drive to acquire the Blackstone Theatre, now the Merle Reskin Theatre. Cacciatore also played a leading role in bringing the Goodman School of Drama into the DePaul community. His generosity resulted in the construction of Cacciatore Stadium where the Blue Demon softball and soccer teams compete. The stadium features permanent seating for 1,200, complete concessions and restroom facilities and a state-of-the art press box.

Along with the stadium, his endowments include the Victor J. Cacciatore Annual Scholarship Award and the Joseph Cacciatore Classroom---both for the DePaul College of Law. For all he had accomplished in enhancing the university’s academics, facilities and athletics department, Cacciatore was inducted on Jan. 20, 2013 into the DePaul Athletic Hall of Fame as the recipient of the Dr. Robert Hamilton Special Service Award.

“Vic was such a sweetheart of a guy, and what an overwhelming significance he had on our university,” said DePaul Athletics Director Jean Lenti Ponsetto. “He was one of those iconic Chicago guys, and he created an iconic Chicago family name. “Born and raised in Bridgeport and a graduate of Mt. Carmel High School, Vic worked with his dad in building the family business. He was a part of what is now being hailed as the Greatest Generation of our time. He left a lasting legacy not only at DePaul, but also at Mt. Carmel and for the city of Chicago. “Vic worked his way through school, got a business and law degree from DePaul and served his country. His dad bought the building on South Wells Street and Vic created a family business. “He helped anchor the South Loop area long before anyone thought about being an anchor in the South Loop. His business helped to expand that area, which is where our new basketball arena is being built.” Cacciatore’s generosity came at a pivotal moment in the history of DePaul athletics. “The Cacciatore Stadium seating and improvements were necessary for us entering the BIG EAST Conference,” Ponsetto said. “If not for the generosity of Vic and Char, none of that would have been possible. “Not only did Cacciatore Stadium help DePaul athletics, but it benefitted children in the community as well. Chicago Public Schools and other elementary school students along with high school students are able to make use of the facility, and that really appealed to Vic and Char. A number of kids’ camp programs use the stadium. “Along with establishing the family name and running seven businesses, Vic was all about benefitting DePaul and the greater community. He has left behind a lasting legacy at DePaul and the entire city of Chicago.” Blue Demon softball coach Eugene Lenti knows what a huge impact Cacciatore has made on his nationally renowned program. “My first season was 1980 and we really didn’t have anything,” Lenti said. “We were lucky to have a bat and ball for practice. Money was tight. “We played our home games on a field at Racine and Webster. Our players would line up along the foul line and walk across the infield picking up rocks and pieces of broken glass. “Now we play in Cacciatore Stadium, a state-of-the-art facility and one of the most beautiful in the country.” Lenti reflected on a special memory about Vic and his family. “Every year during the Christmas season, Vic and his family invited our family---the Lenti family from DePaul and from Mt. Carmel---down to the Chicago Yacht Club for lunch,” Lenti said. “It was always such a beautiful view of the lake in winter and a special time. “Our softball program will always be indebted to Vic and Char and the Cacciatore family for everything they did in building Cacciatore Stadium and helping us with everything we’ve achieved. Before, we never showed recruits our softball field. Now, it’s the first thing we show them. “Thanks to Vic and Char, we’ve gone from the rocks of Racine and Webster to the palatial home of Cacciatore Stadium.”

Men’s soccer coach Craig Blazer and the entire Blue Demon program are grateful for Cacciatore’s tremendous support. Vic was a great leader for the DePaul athletic department and the soccer program,” Blazer said. “His vision to build the soccer stadium has had a dramatic effect on the lives of everyone past, present and future with the DePaul soccer program. “Thanks to his generosity, our beautiful soccer stadium shows everyone just how important athletics are to DePaul. He was committed to providing the best for the student-athletes at DePaul. He wanted everyone to have success. “Vic not only lived the American dream---he also wrote the DePaul dream. He gave back so much to the program and was a true leader. I love how Vic held my hand at the last Hall of Fame induction ceremony and said: ‘Keep getting those wonderful, smart soccer players to fight and win.’” Women’s soccer coach Erin Chastain echoed Blazer’s sentiments. “Vic Cacciatore has made huge contributions to DePaul, and we will always feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for that,” Chastain said. “He has set a wonderful example for our student-athletes when it comes to work ethic. His life is inspiring, and he will be remembered always as someone who believed in DePaul. I am really proud to be the women’s soccer coach here and will always think of him when I walk into our beautiful stadium.” “Vic was such a staunch supporter of DePaul,” said women’s basketball coach Doug Bruno. “He really valued what DePaul did for him, “A lot of people who reach the heights of success like Vic start to act all high and mighty as part of the privileged class. Vic was never like that and always made you feel like he was happy to be around you. Most of all, I’ll always remember Vic for his absolute loyalty to his family and the love of his children.” Vic, Charlotte, and their children believe in DePaul’s mission and its ability to transform lives. A DePaul education is a tradition in the Cacciatore family, and more than a dozen family members are graduates of the university. Seven of Vic and Charlotte Cacciatore’s 10 children are DePaul graduates. Two of Charlotte’s brothers are College of Law graduates who became judges and three of Vic and Charlotte’s son-in-laws earned master’s degrees. For the complete article :

Architects Selected for Design of McCormick Place Events Center September 23, 2013 A nine-member panel consisting of representatives from the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA), the city of Chicago and DePaul University has selected the internationally renowned architectural firm Pelli Clarke Pelli to design the McCormick Place Events Center that will include DePaul men’s and women’s basketball as primary tenants. The design concept features a sweeping curved roof above four transparent sides that will house DePaul men’s and women’s basketball along with a variety of civic, entertainment and convention events for Chicago and MPEA. A majority of the seating bowl and the backstage facilities will be located below street level allowing the events center to blend into the South Loop neighborhood and enhancing plans to the development of Motor Row. DePaul is expected to host 25-30 events annually in the facility including graduation ceremonies, which will allow each school of the university to have its ceremony under the same roof. “We are delighted that Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects has been selected to design the city’s new events center,” said Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, C.M., president of DePaul. “Pelli architects were terrific about addressing faculty input into the final design of DePaul’s Theatre School, and in projecting an accurate budget. I am confident Pelli Clarke Pelli will design an equally special events center that will make the South Loop proud.” The 10,000-seat events center is scheduled to open for the start of the 201617 basketball season and will be located near McCormick Place on Cermak Road between Indiana and South Prairie Avenues. Not only will the facility serve as a home for men’s and women’s basketball that is close to the university’s two primary campuses, it will create jobs, attract tourism and bring economic development to the planned McCormick Place entertainment district. “DePaul basketball has been synonymous with the city of Chicago since the

70’s and the historic years of Ray Meyer,” said athletics director Jean Lenti Ponsetto. “Fast forward to 2013 and we’re very excited about renewing our winning tradition in men’s basketball and continuing our winning ways in women’s basketball. This stately and elegantly designed facility by Pelli Clarke Pelli will showcase not only the Blue Demons, but also the rich tradition of BIG EAST basketball. Chicago and this innovative facility design will be seen nationwide as our newest television partner FOX Sports will annually televise all men’s home games and select women’s games.” As part of the BIG EAST’s landmark partnership with FOX Sports, every BIG EAST conference game will be televised on national and regional networks, with the majority to air on FOX Sports 1, which began broadcasting to approximately 90 million homes across the country on August 17. FOX Sports is also home to the NFL, MLB and NASCAR and is the future home of the U.S. Open (2015) and FIFA World Cup (2018). The location is situated just three ‘L’ stops from DePaul’s loop campus that caters to half of the DePaul student body. The Lincoln Park campus and the remaining half of DePaul’s 25,000 students is 10 ‘L’ stops from the future home of the Blue Demons. Additionally, the South Loop location is a sevenmile trip down Chicago’s Lakeshore Drive that is flanked by the city’s worldfamous skyline and Lake Michigan. DePaul’s 80,000 alumni in the Chicagoland area will have easy access to the events center by major highways that will enable easy access to see the Blue Demons. “Since the announcement of plans in May to build this facility in the South Loop, we have received such positive feedback from the basketball community in Chicago,” said men’s head coach Oliver Purnell. “With our high expectations for the upcoming season coupled with the continued process of the new facility being constructed, I can’t think of a better time to be a part of the DePaul basketball program. Our freshman class this year will have the opportunity to play

in this beautiful building as seniors and we are looking forward to opening night in November 2016.” “While we love playing on campus, we look forward to playing our BIG EAST games in this state-of-the-art facility,” said women’s head coach Doug Bruno. “The drawings for the events center are tremendous and this facility will be one of the premiere basketball facilities in the country. We look forward to not only being ranked in the top 25 on the court, but also bringing our up-tempo brand of basketball to the South Loop.” Founded in 1977 and led by Cesar Pelli, Fred Clarke, and Rafael Pelli, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects has designed some of the world’s most recognizable buildings, including the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, the World Financial Center in New York and the International Finance Centre in Hong Kong. Most recently, the firm designed the new building for The Theatre School at DePaul that has received outstanding reviews.

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Securing the Future of Blue Demon Athletics Current total - 40 Named Scholarships Goal - 50 Named Scholarships by July 1, 2014 FULLY ENDOWED NAMED SCHOLARSHIP - $1 MILLION A fully endowed scholarship will completely cover the annual costs associated with a full-ride athletics scholarship at DePaul University. This gift will allow Blue Demon Athletics to add additional scholarships to the program to reinvest the resources previously dedicated to scholarship. NAMED ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP - BEGINNING AT $50,000 A named endowed scholarship allow Blue Demon Athletics to reduce its annual expense of more than $5 million on student-athlete scholarships, add additional scholarships to the program or reinvest the resources previously dedicated to scholarship. Benefits of Scholarship Giving Named Scholarships create a permanent legacy for the donor Donors can name the scholarship in honor of themselves or in honor of someone important to them. All named scholarships must be approved by DePaul University Advancement. Because of the nature of endowed gifts, the named scholarship will become a permanent part of DePaul and Blue Demon Athletics. Endowed Scholarships touch the lives of student-athletes now and for years to come. Endowed scholarships are awarded once the scholarship fund reaches $50,000. After that, DePaul Athletics will receive annual distributions from the endowment. Strict University guidelines protect the principal and a conservative distribution policy will preserve the endowment for DePaul’s future. Endowed scholarship donors are annually recognized by DePaul. Each endowed scholarship donor receives yearly reports about the recipient of his/her scholarship, as well as a financial report on the endowment. Additionally, DePaul University Advancement hosts an annual scholarship luncheon to recognize the donors responsible for creating the endowment. Efforts are made to pair the donor with his/her scholarship recipient at this special event. For More Information: CONTACT THAD DOHRN 773-325-1456 TDOHRN@DEPAUL,.EDU

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