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Bothered by Receding Gums? NEW Patented “Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation”™ Technique Provides Immediate Results As seen on

If you’ve been suffering from unsightly gum recession, you’re more likely to have tooth sensitivity and pain, root cavities, or even early tooth loss. Now there’s an easy, comfortable way to treat it here in Charlotte! The Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ (PGR) Technique is a patented, minimallyinvasive alternative to traditional gum grafting, but without all the negative side effects.

None of the hassles of traditional grafting • No donor site • No Incisions • No Sutures Instant benefits of PGR include: • Quick Treatment Time • Fast “Next Day” Recovery • Reduced Sensitivity • Beautiful, Lasting Results You don’t have to hide your smile... Dr. Bowman can help! Take action to stop your gum recession now. To learn about PGR and see Crystal’s reaction go Call Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte at 704-837-8261 for a FREE Consultation, and to see if you’re a candidate for PGR™!

Cosmetic & Family Dentistry • Dental Implants Invisalign & Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Orthodontics Sleep Apnea Treatment • Oral Sedation Dentistry

704-837-8261 1618 E Morehead St. | Charlotte, NC 28207

Crystal Durham, who drove over 4 hours to have PGR done is thrilled with the results.

Dr. Chris Bowman is among the first 16 general dentists in the world licensed and trained to provide Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™. He is the first dentist in the Southeastern US to perform the procedure. Dr. Bowman is a leading Charlotte cosmetic dentist, a Six Month Smiles Clinical Instructor, and an international dental author and speaker. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.

“I never thought I’d be facing breast cancer at 22.” My little girl was two and I had just started school when I found the lump. At my age, breast cancer is the last thing you expect. Jessie was not the typical breast cancer patient. When she arrived at Levine Cancer Institute, she learned no patient is “typical.” Doctors took the time to know her and explained what to expect every step of the way. The world-class care is saving Jessie; the personalized support will help her get back to her life.

LEVINE CANCER INSTITUTE World-class cancer care close to home. See Jessie’s full story at More than 25 locations across the Carolinas


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OnTheCover Mother-daughter time at DSBG’s Lost Hollow garden. PHOTO BY GLENN ROBERSON.

Burgundy maxi dress, $84, scarf, $96, and necklace, $24, at Scout & Molly’s. Fox sweatshirt, $48, and skirt, $68, at; leggings, $23, Shoes, hats and necklace, stylist’s own.

3-D mammograms offer a better view

You’re juggling a lot and need your annual mammogram to be as easy as it is precise. That’s why we have added 3-D mammography. This provides advanced imaging that can be examined for detection of even the smallest potential breast cancer. Increased precision means less anxiety and fewer follow-up procedures. It’s just one more way we’re committed to caring for you. 3-D mammography is offered at our uptown location. Many of our eight Charlotte-area locations offer extended evening and weekend hours. And you don’t need an appointment or physician referral – simply walk in whenever it’s convenient for you.

To see if 3-D mammography is right for you, call T 704-384-SCAN (7226) to schedule or just walk in.

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From The Editor » By Karsen Price | October 2014 8

Volume 18, Number 6 October 2014

Fantasizing About Girl Power s I write my editor’s letter, I am simultaneously setting the lineup of my Fantasy Football team. It’s just minutes before the 1 o’clock kickoff, which means I am making last-minute decisions on whom to play and whom to sit … which all boils down to whom to trust. I have two teams this year, and at times, Fantasy Football feels like a part-time job, albeit a fun one. This week is especially exciting. In one league, I am playing my sister. In the other, I’m playing one of my oldest and best guy friends (and ironically, my high school prom date). Truth: I might have an unhealthy obsession with Fantasy Football. It ties into my competitive spirit, and it feeds the gambler in me. I’ve been the only girl in an all-guy fantasy league for five years now; last year I was undefeated until the tournament, and finished third overall. (In the money!) All season long, the guys lamented getting beat by a girl, which was worth more than all the money in the world. This is the first year I’m playing in a league in my sister’s neighborhood, which we refer to as “The Sac” — as in, cul-de-sac. The Sac is home to a bizarre but lovable assortment of characters that could easily be the stuff of reality TV. Husbands play wives, neighbors play neighbors, and everybody talks their fair share of smack. We gather together most Sundays and watch the “Red Zone,” which doesn’t show any one game in its entirety but instead bounces around the league, highlighting games

Karsen Price Editor

Sharon Simpson Publisher

Trisha Robinson Sales Executive

with the most action. It’s a unique way to watch football, and it can make you a little dizzy. Football purists hate it, and I understand why. At the end of each Sunday, I can rattle off the names of players who did great, but I can’t always tell you which team actually won, except for my favorites — the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, of course. As far as female fantasy players go, I’m not the exception but a growing rule: A recent story in the online publication Bizwomen puts the number of women in the U.S. who are into fantasy sports at 8.2 million. Football, fantasy or reality, is not all fun and games. Most people know the NFL has taken hits lately (pardon the pun) for its domestic violence policy, stemming from the Ray RiceJanay Palmer Rice incident in an elevator in Atlantic City. All the negative attention has taken the game and turned it into a feminist story of sorts. Via email, I made my own personal statement to the NFL. Honestly, all I really want to say about the situation is this: Women are not punching bags. Neither are all NFL players violent men who degrade women. It might be a stretch, but in some ways, Fantasy Football mimics life. Life is all about finding the good in the bad, demanding respect, and learning whom to trust. It’s about listening to your intuition. It’s about winning every chance you get. And every now and then, a little fantasy doesn’t hurt.

Beth Packard Sales Executive

Taylor Buckley Sales Executive

Kerrie Boys Creative Director idesign2, inc

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What makes you

"Dr. Nash had a vision for my teeth that simply revealed my heart's desire. My smile is fuller, whiter and absolutely perfect. All I want to do now is smile!" Janie Shipley

Smile by Dr. Ross Nash

Of the nearly 8000 0 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry members m worldwide, there are only 45 who have achieved a the exclusive level of Accredited Fellow Fellow.. In all of North and South Carolina, only one de dentist ntist has earned this elite status by illustrating g the required level of excellence in the area of o cosmetic dentistry: Accredited Fellow ss W Ross W.. Nash, DDS DDS..

Girl Power » In The Moment » Compiled By Karsen Price » Photos By Ken Noblezada | October 2014 10

GIRLPOWER Eat, Shop, Drink & Be Powerful

Love & Loss

Levine Children’s Hospital Butterfly Release t’s a difficult subject and one that many choose to avoid — the loss of an infant. But each year for the last decade, a group of dedicated women has worked to hold a remarkable memorial service for parents who have experienced such a loss: the Levine Children’s Hospital Butterfly Release, held each October at Our Children’s Memorial Walkway at Frazier Park. Sherry Orfin is involved with the planning of the Butterfly Release. Orfin, a mother of two, attended the very first butterfly release in 2005; in fact, the first event was held just eight weeks after the loss of her first child, Ryan. Orfin shares her personal experience with losing a child, and reveals the beauty and healing found at the Butterfly Release. Q: Tell me about the Butterfly Release. A: The Butterfly Release began in 2005 after two nurse practitioners from

Levine Children’s Hospital — Cindy Lail and Susan Taylor — wanted to honor and remember those babies who did not leave the hospital. Susan reached out to Skip and Jerry Mudge, the founders of Our Children’s Memorial Walkway, about using the walkway as a location to hold the memorial service. The walkway provides a fitting environment for the Butterfly Release, with its whimsical statues of children playing among the tranquil setting of benches under shaded trees. Custominscribed memorial bricks pave the walkway, and visitors are greeted at the entrance with an engraved plaque that reads, “Our Children Mean the World to Us.” Q: Tell me how the event has helped you over the last decade. A: The first release was held just eight weeks after my son passed away in the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery, although I didn’t learn until later that it was the very first release. Back then, I had no idea it would grow into the

event it has become — now in its 10th year and partnered with KinderMourn. That first year included a handful of parents and clinicians from the hospital; the entire group in attendance comfortably fit on the walkway. As word began to spread and more parents became repeat attendees, the service was moved to the adjacent soccer field in the park, with the releasing of the butterflies taking place on the walkway itself. That first release included 50 people total; last year’s event was just under 200 attendees. During the releasing of the butterflies, parents form a circle of remembrance and proudly share our baby’s names. Q: Have you found that pregnancy and infant loss is often considered taboo? A: There are societal walls built up around many subjects, and discussing pregnancy and infant loss is one of those subjects. Maybe people assume that something so tragic doesn’t happen nowadays with such major advances in

medicine, but it does. You “hear” stories but don’t know someone personally who has suffered a loss. Grief can be an isolating and lonely place, and working through the confusion is sometimes a “one step forward, two steps back” process. A person doesn’t move from step 1 in grief to step 2 seamlessly, but many assume it works that simplistically, which often leads to hushed opinions of, “Isn’t she better yet?” or “They just need to move on,” or “Another baby will fix things.” All of those expressions of concern, as well-intentioned as they may be, minimize a mother’s or parent’s grief to a level that seems manageable to the outside world but does little to abate the overwhelming feelings of sorrow that the parents feel — what they will always feel. When you lose a baby, you lose a piece of your soul; there’s just no “getting over” that, ever. No matter how long it’s been since the loss or losses, the common theme is that no one ever forgets that baby or child they lost.

Q: It goes without saying that losing your son changed you forever. A: No expectant mother ever anticipates going to the hospital to have a baby, only to leave with a box of memories, painfully empty arms and a broken heart. In August

2005, I thought I’d be coming home to Q: Have you forged incredible nighttime feedings and diaper duty, not bonds with local women as a result planning my baby boy’s funeral and of this loss? fielding congratulatory phone calls that A: Losing a child can be a lonely and quickly changed into expressions of isolating experience and one that isn’t condolences. It was a scenario I never expected would touch my life and one I did not want to accept; I only wanted my little This year’s Butterfly Release is Oct. 11 at 2 p.m. at boy and to have my old life back. Our Children’s Memorial Walkway in Frazier Park, Ryan lived for just 54 hours; his located at 1201 W. Fourth St. life was cut tragically short due to the severity of congenital heart defects that weren’t detected until after relatable unless you’ve experienced a his birth. The doctors, nurses and similar profound loss. Connecting with cardiologists worked exhaustively to help other parents and having that affirmation him, but their efforts weren’t enough to that I was not alone played a huge part in mend my boy’s broken heart. I spent the my healing process. I first became days, weeks and months after his death connected with other parents by serving trying to figure out where to go — where on the planning committee for the I could find comfort and peace. I began Butterfly Release. Through that planning blogging as a means of therapy, to get out process, we talked about our babies and the less-than-pretty feelings that flooded those things that helped us to cope. There my thoughts back then. I also started a is an air of comfort between “loss parents” memorial garden for Ryan, where I was that isn’t always present in the other able to direct the love and nurturing that relationships in our lives. It helps to be was intended for him, and apply it to “his” surrounded by people who understand tree and garden. From there, I continued how grief changes and evolves. The moms (and continue) to seek out meaningful and I have cried, remembered, encouraged ways to honor his little life and to weave and celebrated together as our lives have his existence into our family’s everyday grown and transformed post-loss. And living. My husband and I were fortunate through our involvement in the planning to welcome two girls after Ryan, and it is of the Butterfly Release, we’re able to take important for them to know that a baby all that nurturing and love we will always came before them. Ryan’s little sisters are hold for our babies and direct it into this old enough now to understand the event, with the hope of reaching other significance of the Butterfly Release, and parents who may be struggling or who they embrace the chance to memorialize need to know that it is possible to move their big brother. They missed the forward in their new life. opportunity to meet or know him, but in TOLEARNMORE small ways like this, they’ll always know their brother and the impact his little life Visit had on so many people. pediatric-palliative-care-lch.

Want To Go? | October 2014

Q: How would you encourage people to treat parents who have lost babies? A: Above all else, do not be afraid to say the name of your friend or family member’s baby. He was a baby who was loved by his parents; he was longed for and dreamed about. He was real and not a figment of someone’s imagination. Just as many speak of deceased loved ones with much fondness, don’t be afraid to say your friend’s baby’s name with the same warmth and regard. Don’t minimize a parent’s grief by comparing their loss to that of a pet or a relative who lived a long, full life. I had people in my life refuse to look at my son’s pictures — as if his existence somehow repulsed them. Let your friend or family member talk about their baby — let them share the moments “normal” parents are automatically afforded. Don’t brush away the profundity of such a loss by saying that they can always have another baby, or that it was God’s plan, or any other empty platitude that rarely helps the bereaved. Saying something as simple and sincere as “I’m sorry” can speak volumes to those whose hearts are hurting.

From left, Butterfly Release co-founder Susan Taylor; Kate White, a loss mom; and Sherry Orfin.


Girl Power Âť Happy Hour

e l l e B n r e South 1 1/4 ounces New Amsterdam Red Berry Flavored Vodka 3/4 ounce Amaretto liqueur 1 cup of Cranberry & Sour Mix Splash of Grenadine Mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, and shake until chilled. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

FINDITWHERE? Queen City Q is located at 225 E. Sixth St. Visit

Where a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mouth Connect, a Beautiful Smile is Created. Comprehensive dental care dedicated to your health. | October 2014 12


Dr. Tiky Swain

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Mary Cantando o

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in st yle

ALSO OFFERING: Permanent Lashes Natural Hair Care and Chemical Services All Services are Private & Confidential A Natural Look Hair Replacement offers the most natural and advanced technology to date. Each hair is placed strand by strand to give the illusion as if it is growing straight from the scalp. Call 704-377-0383 today for a FREE consultation.

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1720 E 7th Street Charlotte, NC 28204

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O R GA N I ZE D. . .

Custom Designed Solutions for Your Home & Your Lifestyle

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OFF | October 2014

Come Visit Our Beautiful Showroom 635 Pressley Road Suite N, Charlotte, NC


Girl Power » Shop Talk » By Lauren Levine » Photo By Andrea Perullo de Ledesma

Feeling Blue Denim House Offers Laidback Luxury alk into Denim House on Selwyn Avenue, and you’ll discover a boutique that’s equal parts industrial and refined, decorated with eyecatching chandeliers and intricate display cases, while also embracing the space’s exposed pipes. The boutique carries high-end lines such as Foxx + Walsh, Chalk, Paper Denim & Cloth, Rachel Zoe, 27 Miles Malibu, among others, yet the atmosphere in the store is anything but fussy. This perfect combination of laidback luxury is no accident — it’s something that owner Tia Klein has worked carefully to cultivate.

A Dream Realized | October 2014 14

Though the shop has only been open since March, the boutique has been a long-time vision of Klein’s. She first began dreaming of owning her own store in college, however, a lot of pieces had to fall into place first. Klein got married right after graduation, and then quickly got pregnant with daughter Taryn. After spending three years as a stay-at-home mom and navigating a divorce, Klein says the timing was finally right to jump into the business of fashion. “The economy was starting to pick back up, and the dust had settled. I had started my new life. I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to look into it,’ ”

she explains. Denim House, which carries clothing and accessories for both men and women, is Klein’s dream realized. Her goal is to offer fashion-focused clients pieces that make a statement, but are comfortable to slip on. “That’s the worst, when you go to touch something and it’s just itchy and scratchy,” Klein laments, noting, “If you run your hand down the racks of clothes in here, everything just feels great.” Though she has a very strong sense of what she likes and doesn’t in women’s wear (black and white and bold colors are favorites, short sleeves are not), Klein admits that the prospect of carrying men’s clothing in her shop was daunting at first. However, her approach was simple: study what men in Charlotte are currently wearing, and go from there. “I thought, ‘How would I want to dress my boyfriend?’ and that’s how I started buying,” she says. “The men have responded really well. Now we’re getting a lot of guys coming in by themselves, whereas at first it was just couples.” Whether solo or as a pair, visitors to Denim House can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine, and they can often catch up on the latest sporting event on TV. It’s a far cry from the high-pressure shopping experience you often find in other upscale stores.

The heavy focus on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere stems from Klein’s own experiences as a consumer. As an exercise enthusiast, she vividly remembers times when she would head into boutiques on her way to the gym and was made to feel unwelcome. “They don’t know that you don’t have good money to spend,” she says. Instead of zeroing in strictly on the day’s sales, Klein wants to turn her store into a place where people feel comfortable popping in to say hello as they take a look around. “Even if they don’t buy something right away, I just want people to come into the store and appreciate what we have,” she says. “I want them to feel like, ‘This is just a really different place to be,’ and I know then that they’ll come back.” So what’s next for the new kid on the Selwyn Avenue block? Much like everyone else, Klein is looking forward to the holiday season. “I’m so excited to see the kind of traffic we get,” she says. “I love fall and winter clothing. I’m a jacket, outerwear, fur and leather person. I’m really excited to see what our clients respond to in our holiday stuff.”

TOLEARNMORE Denim House is located at 2900-B Selwyn Avenue. Visit, or find the store on Facebook. [TCW]

Lakeside Neurology

/DNHVLGH 1HXURORJ\ R͞HUV D PRUH QDWXUDO holistic approach to your medical problems. :H DUH QRZ R͞HULQJ DQ )'$ DSSURYHG PHGLFDO IRRG QDWXUDO VXSSOHPHQW FDOOHG $SS7ULPŒ IRU the dietary management of obesity. Make an appointment to discuss your weight loss goals. :H DOVR R͞HU ‡ 9LWDPLQ 7HVWLQJ 'HOD\HG )RRG $OOHUJ\ 7HVWLQJ









Lori Schneider, M.D. D New York University School of Medicine

Awards received last three years runningg “Patients’ Choice� Award ns AAward ward “Compassionate Physicians�

704-896-5591 704-896-559 91


AFTER EXAM, CLEANING AND X-RAYS For new patients after full payment of exam/cleaning/x-rays. Includes take home whitening trays. Not valid with other offers. Expires October 31, 2014


3010 BAUCOM ROAD SUITE 200 CHARLOTTE, NC 28269 704.596.0021


Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry | Zoom! Whitening | InvisalignÂŽ Intra Oral Camera For Early Detection Of Dental Issues | Digital Radiography | Early Periodontal Disease www | October 2014 15

Queen’s List

QUEEN’SLIST Goings On Around Our Town

Book it Bibliofeast Comes To Charlotte re you a lover of the written word … and a fan of food? Bibliofeast merges the best of both worlds Oct. 13 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Maggiano’s Little Italy in SouthPark. Enjoy the chance to meet and dine with 10 outstanding regional writers at the event, hosted by the Women’s National Book Association. A true “moveable feast,” Bibliofeast kicks off National Reading Group Month by bringing together book lovers with industry professionals. The event offers an amazing lineup of 10 novelists, including Joshilyn Jackson, author of Someone Else’s Love Story, and Wiley Cash, author of This Dark Road to Mercy, plus two acclaimed Charlotte authors — Erika Marks and Kim Wright.

WANTTOGO? Tickets are $45 for WNBA members and $55 for nonmembers, and available at, and Park Road Books, at 4139 Park Road. | October 2014 16

Fight The Flame 5K Raises Awareness Of RSD he second annual Fight the Flame 5K walk/run is being held Nov. 2 at McAlpine Greenway to help raise awareness and funding for research into reflex sympathetic dystrophy. All proceeds benefit the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association. A chronic and uncurable neurological syndrome, RSD affects as many as 6 million people — more than breast cancer, MS and AIDS combined. The event was created last year by 12-year-old Landon Stillitano, who started the race as his Bar Mitzvah project in honor of his mother, who has suffered for 19 years from the disease. The event garnered nearly 200 race participants and raised over $20,000.

WANTTOGO? McAlpine Creek Park is located at 8711 Monroe Road. The race begins at 8 a.m. Visit


Artful Thinking McColl Center Teaches Innovation

WANTTOGO? Tuition is $1,200. Visit innovation-institute/open-enrollmentindividuals.

With Charlotte Ballet he passionate tale of Dangerous Liaisons is coming to Knight Theater Oct. 9-11. The ballet is one of George Balanchine’s earliest experimental works, fusing classical steps with a lean, angular style. The performance features the inventive choreography of Sasha Jones and an original score created by popular cellist Ben Sollee, performed live, while suspended over the stage. And it all culminates in an intense duel to the death!

Walking For A Cure Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure Oct. 4 Marshall Park 800 E. Third Street

Avon Walk For Breast Cancer Oct. 25-26 NASCAR Hall of Fame 400 E. Martin Luther King Blvd.


Beer & Bach Usher In October With The Symphony he Charlotte Symphony Orchestra is offering Bachtoberfest II: Bach & Beer Oct. 24 at Knight Theater. Featuring conductor Christopher Warren-Green, the evening offers the best of music and brewskis, pairing great local beer with great German music.

WANTTOGO? Tickets range from $18 for matinee to $29 for evening. Visit [TCW] | October 2014

ant to learn to think like an artist? The McColl Center’s Innovation Institute promises to help participants do exactly that with a workshop crafted to enhance creative thinking and problem-solving skills. The two-day program is led by an expert facilitator and a professional artist, and offers creativity training for companies, groups and teams. Enrollment is currently open for a two-day session on Nov. 7-8. Suzanne Fetscher, president and CEO of McColl Center for Art + Innovation, says, “Participants in our programs graduate with the skills they need to make bold moves they otherwise would not have made that change their futures — some transition to more fulfilling careers, start successful businesses, transform company operations and even launch new products.” According to the McColl Center, the program is the only artist-led, professionally facilitated workshop in the country focusing on enhancing creativity.

Dance Dangerously


Mover & Shaker » By Melinda Johnston » Photos By Andrea Perullo de Ledesma

“A child is a child. No matter their racial makeup or other circumstances, every child deserves the opportunity to find a home.” – Bhavana Bartholf | October 2014 18



Bhavana Bartholf Works Nationally To Help Others Adopt | October 2014

hen it comes to adoption, Bhavana Bartholf doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Along with husband Matt, Bartholf is parent to three adopted, adored children: Eliana, age 1; Madeline, age 2 ½; and Grady, age 5. She is also a member of the Gift of Adoption National Board, a nonprofit organization that provides grants to parents to help them complete adoptions and provide permanent homes to children. “Early on, I chose not to have any biological children,” Bartholf explains. “My husband knew this when we met, and when we were ready to start a family, we knew adoption was our way.”



Mover & Shaker » By Melinda Johnston » Photos By Andrea Perullo de Ledesma | October 2014 20

Family Ties

“She says these are her grandchildren, and she would have it no other way. Our kids have picked up our personalities. My son is like us in so many ways, and has a sense of humor similar to my brother, who doesn’t live here but visits a lot. My older daughter looks like my sister, and my husband says she is strong-willed and confident like me. Our youngest is such a mix of her older brother and sister.” The children love all things Indian, including the food that she cooks for them frequently. Her daughter cried at the end of a family visit last December when leaving Bartholf’s homeland to return to the U.S. “My oldest daughter, Maddie, loves the outfits and the jewelry,” she says. “My son thinks he is Indian and that’s OK. It’s a very rich culture and they love the little customs and traditions.”

Starting and growing her family through adoption was part of Bartholf’s life plan early on. “Growing up in India, you see a lot of poverty,” she says. “I saw many children that were orphaned and without a stable home. Back then, I always said that I would adopt when I grew up.” As a female in a maledominated culture, Bartholf’s family encouraged her to follow her dreams. “My grandfather always said, ‘There’s nothing you can’t do.’ ” She took his advice to heart. At age 21, after earning a triple major in math, science and manufacturing processes in her country, Bartholf moved to the United States to earn her master’s degree in manufacturing engineering. “I think that might have been the reason I picked manufacturing Sharing The Love engineering as my career — I The couple has not ruled out might have done it out of spite!” adding another child to the family, she says. “I wanted to prove but for now, Bartholf is working to myself.” help other parents experience the She met her husband at miracle of adoption. Microsoft, where they worked Over 140 million children in the together. Shortly after marriage, he world are in need of a family. changed careers and became a Since 1996, Gift of Adoption has psychotherapist. awarded more than $3.8 million in Bartholf stayed with Microsoft, grants to help people adopt, both and now serves as a U.S. director domestically and internationally. in the Americas Enterprise Services Bartholf notes that upfront Organization, leading a business adoption costs — agency fees, that helps customers and partners social worker, legal paperwork, gain the most benefit from their IT Gift of Adoption works to help families adopt children domsupport and care of birth parents, infrastructure by pairing their estically and internationally by offering grants to help with the prenatal medical care, and more — business with Microsoft Premier cost of adoption. puts adoption out of reach for Services. many potential parents. That’s When she and Matt were ready where Gift of Adoption comes in. to start a family, they began to research how to adopt from “The biggest need we have currently is for more India. At that time, Indian adoption guidelines changed funding. Gift of Adoption helps families go the last mile to precluding any adoption of younger children where both make that adoption come true. Sometimes it’s the last parents were not of Indian origin. The Bartholfs were $1,000 or so that makes a difference in a child coming nonplused. They knew that any child of any race/origin home,” she says. “Every dollar counts. These grants are deserved a chance, and would mean the world to them. going to families that we know can provide the day-to-day “We were blessed to adopt three adorable children of expenses, but may not be able to raise all the money mixed races, and our children know we are a family by needed to bring the children home.” choice. In preschool, my son told everyone about our Gift of Adoption receives approximately 50 grant wonderful adoptive family and some of his friends want to requests a month, and with current funding, can only be adopted by us,” she says. award eight to 15. The selection criteria for both domestic Bartholf says her children’s assimilation into the family and international adoptions is for children who face the proves that it doesn’t matter how a child arrives — nurture biggest adoption challenges, including those who are aging is as important as nature in shaping their personalities and out of orphanages, siblings that need to stay together, and character. children with special needs. “My mother is our biggest proponent,” Bartholf says.

“The biggest need we have is for more funding. Sometimes it’s the last $1,000 that makes a difference in a child coming home.” — Bhavana Bartholf Bartholf hopes her work with Gift of Adoption will encourage others to open their hearts to a child in need of a home. “A child is a child. No matter their racial makeup or other circumstances, every child deserves the opportunity to find a home. You may not want to adopt, but there is still so much you can do to make a difference. Everyone has the capability to help a child get into a safe, nurturing environment. Any contribution you can provide can help make a child’s dream of having a permanent home come true,” Bartholf says.


On October 18th a long lost land will be rediscovered. Nestled in the heart of Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, between manicured gardens and old forest, is a place where children of all ages begin a new journey of fascination and adventure; here imagination is the key to discovering its beauty. | October 2014

66500 500 S New New Hope Rd., Rd., Belmont, Belmont, NC 28012 28012 | 704 704 825 825 4490 4490 |



Mover & Shaker » By Dawn Brookgreen » Photos By Jennifer Hornberger Photography | October 2014 22

The Core Of Compassion Jill Hinson Facilitates Healing To Breast Cancer Patients Through Pilates

hough she hasn’t personally experienced breast cancer, Core Studio Pilates and Yoga owner Jill Hinson has a special compassion and admiration for women fighting the disease, which includes some of her most loyal clients. Wanting to help those women recover and regain both physical strength and mental well-being, Hinson founded Core Compassion Project in 2012. The nonprofit is designed to help ease the transition from breast cancer treatment to posttreatment life through Pilates. “Cancer survivors face many physical challenges after undergoing treatment and/or surgery,” Hinson says. “One of

Pilates Rehab Hinson says the beauty of pilates is that it focuses on quality of movement instead of quantity. “The exercises are devised to build strength and mobility on both sides of the body, making Pilates ideal for individuals

who have undergone surgery with residual, one-sided weakness or stiffness,” she explains. Hinson has been teaching Pilates for four years, and opened Core Studio Pilates and Yoga in 2011. She added Pink Ribbon Certification to her Stott Pilates training and certification in 2012, after a client came to her for help. “A client came to me 12 weeks out of surgery, and I didn’t know how to help her,” Hinson says. “That’s when I enrolled

in the Pink Ribbon Certification Program, to learn how to incorporate Pilates into her recovery.” The Pink Ribbon Program is open to physical therapists, occupational therapists, Pilates instructors, lymphedema treatment specialists, and nurses. It provides a knowledge base that is essential to the successful evaluation of the breast cancer survivor, from diagnosis to treatment, recovery, prevention of lymphedema and proper exercise | October 2014

the biggest issues is fatigue. Radiation and chemotherapy take their toll. Pilates can provide a gentle reintroduction to movement at any stage of recovery.”


Mover & Shaker » By Dawn Brookgreen » Photos By Jennifer Hornberger Photography | October 2014 24

The community has embraced the Core Compassion Project; above, the Queens University of Charlotte softball team volunteered at the 2014 event. guidelines and protocols. Lymphedema is painful swelling in the arms and legs, and a common side effect of cancer treatment, especially if a patient has lymph nodes removed. Hinson partnered with a lymphedema specialist at nearby Carolinas Medical Center-Union to create specialized plans for clients in the post-treatment phase of breast cancer. Once she saw the difference Pilates made in both the physical and mental recovery of her clients, she wanted to offer the same opportunity to other women who may not be able to afford the “luxury” of Pilates. “I decided to start Core Compassion Project two years ago after my very first client was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Hinson says. “I had several other clients who were battling the disease, as well. Luckily they were able to pay for Pilates, but I knew there must be so many more who did not have insurance for physical therapy and could never pay for Pilates due to medical bills and other costs associated with the disease.” Each year, the nonprofit hosts an annual Girls Night Out fundraiser to help fund the scholarships. This year’s event was held Sept. 18 at Morning Glory Farms wedding and event venue in Monroe. The owner of the venue, Nan Vuncannon, is also a yoga instructor, and she donated use of the

venue for the evening. Katheryn Davis, owner of Kate Clyde’s Catered Creations, donated all of the food. In 2013, the nonprofit raised enough money to award three scholarships. This year’s event exceeded that goal, and as a result Hinson says they will be able to fund at least six scholarships. She hopes to award the scholarships across the state. “Core Studio Pilates and Yoga is the birthplace of Core Compassion Project, but we want women outside the area to have access as well. We are working hard to create new partnerships with lymphedema specialists and partnering studios across North Carolina,” Hinson says. The logo of Core Compassion Project contains a dandelion, a plant that is both an annoying weed and a beautiful flower. Hinson selected this image carefully for her logo, along with the phrase “Inhale Faith, Exhale Love.” “The dandelion presents itself as a weed becoming a flower — beauty being spread by something that is ugly,” she explains. “The floral meaning of a dandelion is that it is a gift to a loved one that will provide happiness and is a promise of faithfulness.” Hinson has known chronic pain, and she says her experiences are the genesis of the Core Compassion Project. She remembers well her sixth-grade year, when she spent months traveling

from her Gaston County home to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Greenville, S.C., for treatment of chronic, debilitating hip pain. She still remembers the kindness shown to her and her family. Hinson’s pain was eventually diagnosed and treated, and she later graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a bachelor’s in dance education. But the care and compassion she experienced as a child made a profound impact on her. “They never charged us a penny, and I think that’s what drives me with Core Compassion,” she says. “We all go through things for a reason and I’m glad now that I did. I don’t think I would have the compassion for other people or the passion for Pilates had I not dealt with a chronic injury.” She adds, “One of my favorite quotes says,‘If every man would mend a man, the whole world would be mended.’ I try to live by this. As one person, I may not be able to help everyone, but I will help everyone that I can.”

TOLEARNMORE Visit For scholarship information, email Visit for information about Hinson’s studio. [TCW]

209 West 2nd. Avenue Gastonia, NC 28053 704-266-0014

Feature » By Karsen Price » Photos By Eugenio Wilman, The Wedding Traveler | October 2014


Dramatically Different

Mallory Johnston & Carl Forsman Say “I Do” In Memorable Fashion | October 2014

n order to pull off a wedding that is forever memorable, brides, grooms and wedding planners alike need to have a certain artistic vision, if you will. A personal flair for the dramatic is a plus. The recent wedding of Mallory Johnston to Carl Forsman was blessed with plenty of both, according to the bride’s mother, Melinda Johnston — who doubles as a writer for Today’s Charlotte Woman. Johnston says with a laugh, “Carl, Mallory’s new husband, is the dean of drama at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. Mallory is the digital marketing manager at Wake Forest School of Business. When the Dean of Drama and the Drama Queen (just ask anyone who is around her more than 30 minutes!) choose to get


Feature » By Karsen Price » Photos By Eugenio Wilman, The Wedding Traveler | October 2014 28

married, you know it’s going to be a one-of-a-kind wedding.”

Elegantly Eclectic Mallory Johnston Forsman grew up in Charlotte, and her dream wedding included a dress that made her feel like a princess, inimitable flowers, and a reception that united friends and family. “Mainly, we wanted a comfortable atmosphere for our family and friends to get to know each other and have a grand time,” she says. “We definitely wanted something that was original and

that would fit both of our personalities.” Lisa Pleasant served as the event’s wedding planner, and she can attest that it was indeed original. The Charlotte native has been planning weddings for four years, and she received the Couples Choice Award in 2014, ranking her business among the top 5 percent of planners nationwide. Pleasant says the wedding was unique on many levels — but what touched her most was the abundance of love found between family and friends. “Mallory and Carl’s wedding was

unique in quite a few ways,” she says. “On a personal level, Mallory and her family have so many great people surrounding them who truly love them. For example, when I first contacted Mallory’s church, I must say that I have never met such friendly, accommodating, and truly caring people. For whatever reason, churches generally get defensive if there is a wedding planner involved, but Mallory’s church genuinely wanted her day to be beautiful. You could hear the excitement in their voices over the phone.”

Mallory’s dress came from Monique Lhuillier’s blush line, and was purchased in Winston-Salem. She put a special emphasis on her flowers, which she wanted to be anything but traditional. “I wanted color,” she says. “I didn’t want the traditional roses or gerber daisies. I tended to lean more toward texture with succulents and yellow billyballs. The bouquet for my bridal portraits was an absolute dream. Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed by the way the bouquet turned out the day of, but my mom was a rock star. She went to all the local grocery stores buying up all of my favorite flowers. Lisa also pulled in a florist she has worked with in the past, and she came to save the day. It really was an all-hands-on-deck situation.” Pleasant admits that the bridal bouquet was a near-disaster, but florist Roula Economos saved the day. Pleasant called Economos, who happened to be near the Fresh Market at the time, and texted her a photo of Mallory’s dream bouquet. Economos selected flowers that were similar in style, and rushed to the church. “Roula handed off the bouquet just as it was time to line up and walk down the aisle, which is the first time that day that I think I breathed,” Pleasant says. “We got down the aisle on the minute and the guests, of course, had no idea of the problems that had arisen and been solved.”

Life Of The Party | October 2014

Pleasant says that the reception was especially unforgettable. “There were so many unique elements to the décor, and the guests were so full of life that it was just a fun time for everyone,” she says. “There were quite a few actors and actresses from New York who attended that used to work with Carl at his theater, and they were all the life of the party, full of character and thoroughly enjoyable.” From a guest’s point of view, the event was likely to be remembered for years to come. Pleasant notes that the reception venue — the picturesque farm of a family friend — was nothing short of fantastic, and featured a cocktail hour in a covered pavilion complete with an outdoor lounge and dance floor. Gorgeous, antique decorations were sprinkled throughout. “My personal favorite touch in the pavilion was using an original railroad hand-car (without the lever) as a coffee table, along with antique trunks and other unique items,” Pleasant says. “We hung


Feature » By Karsen Price » Photos By Eugenio Wilman, The Wedding Traveler | October 2014 30

lanterns filled with flowers from a metal beam over a 13.5-foot rustic table, and placed assorted overturned crates on top, covered with a variety of miniature cupcakes from Gigi’s. Monogrammed pillows were on every sofa, and later in the night we created a s’mores station at the firepit just outside of the pavilion for the late-night partiers.” Other details included eclectic

collectibles around the room, such as baseball stadium seats and early CocaCola machines. A boat that had been renovated into a table served as the buffet station. Pleasant found a large antique tin featuring “M&C” and placed it on the fireplace behind the head table. A blue-and-yellow chevron pattern added additional interest. The night was capped off by plenty

of dancing and s’mores at the firepit until midnight, when two stretch limousines ferried guests back to the hotel. Mallory notes that her favorite part of her wedding, aside from the ceremony itself, was the dancing. “My niece was the real surprise!” she says. “She is only 3 years old, but she started dancing from the time the music

The Big Day Details

started until the time it stopped. And she wasn’t happy about it stopping, either! Besides dancing with her, I got to really have fun with my husband. We visited with our family and friends and really let loose.” Looking back on her happy day, Mallory admits that her mother was her rock. “My mother kept me very sane,” Mallory says. “Her first priority was to make sure that I was happy and that my wedding was absolutely everything I needed. I couldn’t have done it without her support and assistance.” [TCW]

Mallory & Carl Forsman Wedding Date: June 21, 2014 Time: 5:30 p.m. Church: Philadelphia Presbyterian Church Reception: The Home Of Susan & Scott Griffin Wedding Planner: Lisa Pleasant Hair & Makeup: Kymm, Who’s The Fairest Cake: Cake Expressions By Lisa Dessert Buffet: Gigi’s Cupcakes Catering: Bouk Catering Bartending: Toast Mobile Bars Rentals: Cooke Rentals, Cornelius Photographer: Eugenio Wilman, The Wedding Traveler Florist Who Saved The Day: Roula Economos DJ: Mike, Split Second Sound


Couture Bridal

AND FORMALWEAR 19818 North Cove Rd. | Jetton Village | Cornelius 10-6 monday - saturday | 704.895.4454


You said YES ... now let us do the rest! Papaya Papers is your source for all things wedding. Stop in and let our consultants help bring your wedding dreams to life!



Special Wedding Section Âť By Dana Durham

e v o L

Fall In

With Cool-Weather Wedding Trends | October 2014 32

pring may be the season of amour, but fall isn’t too shabby when it comes to wedding season, either. In fact, October is the second most-popular month of the year to get married. Here, consider tips from wedding experts on ways to make your upcoming event memorable and special.

Invite Me Tracie Stier-Johnson, with Papaya Papers, says times have changed when it comes to invitations: Brides no longer need to be stuffy or proper. “Although there’s still a place for a traditional invitation on ivory card stock with engraved print, today’s brides are thinking bigger and bolder!” she says. “Large calligraphytype fonts and brighter/bolder designs are popular. A thicker, duplexed card stock is making a strong appearance. The weight and luxurious feeling of this type of paper makes a big statement when guests pull your invitation out of the envelope.” She adds, “We’d advise you to stay away from doing what you ‘think’ is the proper thing to do. Instead, do what you can to make the day yours. You’ll want to look back at this special day and know that each detail was exactly what you wanted to do, not what you thought you should do.” Stier-Johnson encourages brides to be intentional with invitations — from the very first “save-the-date” card to the final thank-you notes. “Sometimes, brides can make the mistake of thinking,

‘It’s just a save-the-date,’ and assume it doesn’t matter if it fits in with the rest of your invitation suite. In fact, the contrary is true. Each piece of mail you send out will prepare and excite your guests for what they can expect on your special day,” she says.

Dress The Part | October 2014

Bonnie Rhyne is a bridal consultant and stylist with the Lily Rose Bridal Boutique. She notes that bridal fashion is constantly evolving. “Bridal fashion tends to be cyclical, with modern twists to the classics,” she says.“Right now, couture lace and plunging detailed backs are the supreme craves!” Lace is a longtime staple to bridal fashion, but Rhyne notes that these days, it is often mixed with a variety of fabric and color options. Short or long lace sleeve options are popular. A “tattoo lace” is trendy now, which appears to look drawn onto the back, arms or chest of the bride. And a new twist features lace-top separates, giving brides the option of two separate looks for the ceremony and reception. Another popular trend is the illusion trend. “Illusion refers to the see-through netting that allows the design or details on the dress to appear as if it is magically adhered to the bride,” she says. “The optical illusion of exquisite lace or intricate beadwork defies gravity,


Special Wedding Section » By Dana Durham

especially when incorporated on a low-cut back. This is a ‘wow factor’ than can stun even the best of the fashionistas!” Sashes are all the rage for both brides and maids. “From simplistic and chic to glamorous or boho, this fashion accessory compliments many silhouettes and designs,” she says. “A bridal sash can add the finishing touch to a styling, make the waistline appear smaller, add a feminine bow detail, or be sewn onto the dress for a more sophisticated look. If a bride likes a dress but feels it’s missing something, a good thing to remember is,‘Before you bash it, sash it!’ ”

Beautiful Skin Is In “You may have the perfect dress, shoes and hairstyle, but without healthy looking skin, your final look may go from lovely to lackluster,” says Traci Hamilton, with UltraSkin. She encourages brides to spend extra time on their skin for an extra radiant wedding-day appearance. “Waxing is an easy way to achieve beautiful, radiant skin perfect for your wedding day,” she adds. “At UltraSkin, we offer a unique three-step body wax process. This includes cleansing, waxing and restoring the skin. The result is smooth, sexy skin for your big day and beyond.” In addition to gorgeous skin, the perfectly coiffed eyebrow can enhance your look. “A well-shaped eyebrow can actually do more for your face than almost any cosmetic,” she says. “Eyebrows balance your face, bringing your best features into focus while downplaying the flaws, so an eyebrow wax is a must. It

simply beautiful | October 2014 34

704.708.8549 11025 Monroe Road, Suite H Matthews, North Carolina 28105

wouldn’t hurt to wax your lip as well for a nice smooth, silky finish, allowing you to get kissably close with confidence!” Hamilton says that the underarm is often overlooked, but can be an extremely important visual area when it comes to bridal portraits and the big day. “Shaving leaves you with bumps, rashes, razor burn, nicks and cuts. Our specially blended hard wax is formulated to handle all skin types,” she says, adding,“Waxing lasts much longer than a shave, which is a nice perk for your honeymoon!” It’s beneficial to start waxing as soon as you are in the throes of wedding planning. “As you wax, you will see a marked difference in the texture and feel of your skin and hair,” Hamilton says. “Not only does waxing remove hair, but it also exfoliates dead skin cells. Over time, your hair will grow finer and thinner, and your skin will be more glowing and radiant.” And absolutely perfect for the wedding day of your dreams.

Cater To Me Langtree Plantation/Creative Catering & Events has much to offer brides on their special day. The company’s key to success is the quality of its cuisine, and the friendliness of its staff. “We are truly a one-stop shop!” says Chef Shane Smith. “We can coordinate the entire event, including food, venue, transportation, florist, DJ, photographer, etc. We make planning a wedding a pleasure, not a hassle.” Ironically, demanding corporate events have taught the

Village at SouthPark 4310 Sharon Road Charlotte NC 704-377-7955 Facebook: ICLondonCharlotte | October 2014 35

Special Wedding Section » By Dana Durham

company much about how to run a smooth, flawless wedding. “We treat every event as a very special and memorable event,” Smith says. “It’s all in the presentation, food and the service.”

“Our clients tend to prefer classic styles, and are more interested in beautiful design and less interested in what is trendy,” Shepard says. “They have their own style and taste. What’s great about that is their weddings turn out looking more like a unique, individual event, and less like everything you see on Pinterest.”

Classic Designs Carolyn Shepard, of Carolyn Shepard Design Group, specializes in floral and event design, along with the rental of unique table linens and decorative props. With 32 years of experience, she has plenty of advice to offer brides. She suggests brides begin the planning process one year in advance, but she notes that she works with many brides who pull it all together in less than six months.

Uniquely traditional

Personalized to your preferences

704-900-6930 • •

The best choice for weddings

Piece Of Cake Lisa Toohey is the owner of Cake Expressions, and she has been making brides’ wedding-day dreams a reality for years. “My company’s main focus is on gorgeous, jaw-dropping wedding cakes,” she says. “We work closely with every bride to ensure their cake not only surpasses their expectations visually, but also in the way it tastes.” Toohey says that once the bride has settled on the cake of her dreams, it’s fun to plan out a unique groom’s cake, featuring anything from college themes to sports to cars. “If you can dream it, we can ‘cake’ it,” she says, with a laugh. She also specializes in bridal shower cakes, cupcakes, or what she refers to as “super-addicting French macaroons!” Toohey offers advice for brides that has nothing to do with cake. “My biggest piece of advice would be to relax and remember to take it all in,” she says. “On average, a bride spends a year planning her big day, and then it goes by in a flash. Every once in a while, just stop and look around at it all — the details you meticulously planned, the gorgeous flowers, your adorable flower girl, your guests talking and laughing, your parents dancing together. You’ll have lots of photos once it’s all over, but be sure to have the memories to go with them.” [TCW]

Your Special Event

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Offering only the finest floral arrangements and gifts, backed by service that is friendly & prompt. | October 2014 36

Large inventory of fresh flowers from local vendors as well as around the world. Wedding Decor/Flowers Tropicals High-style floral arrangements European/dish gardens • Plants Silk arrangements Dried floral arrangements Funeral designs

1431 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203 (704) 342-3920

3XUV CXQ^U ' 3XUV C XQ^U ' $ "#) '(&( SServing erving Lake N Norman orman & M Metro etro Charlotte $ $#( )''' 5hd # ::Y\\ 3b_cRi* 4Yb _V 3QdUbY^W 5fU^dc ?V¼SU ' Y\\ 3b_cRi* 4Yb Yb _V 3QdUbY^W 5 _V 3QdUbY^W 5fU^dc ?V¼SU ' $ $#( )''' 5 hd # ggg <Q[U>_b]Q^3QdUbY^W S_] ggg <Q[U> ggg <Q[U>_b]Q^3QdUbY^W S_]

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Style » Styled By Stacee Michelle » Photos By Glenn Roberson

Lurex aztec cardigan, $84, and faux fur vest, $178, Scout & Molly’s; black leather leggings, $378, Eileen Fisher; black diamond bezel in gold necklace, $1,800, Golden Thread Jewelry; hat, $118, Eileen Fisher. See page 43 for child wardrobe.


Party | October 2014 38

Styled By Stacee Michelle Photos By Glenn Roberson Makeup By Kelly Coultre Hair By Styles By T. Nicole Models: Jessica & Lola Koontz On Location At Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Tucker & Tate bunny sweatshirt, $36, Nordstrom; denim shirt, $48,; Tucker & Tate navy glitter leggings, $32, Nordstrom. Shoes, stylist’s own. Blue dress, $198, Eileen Fisher; stripe fringed duster, $90, and wood necklace, $62, Scout & Molly’s. | October 2014

et lost in the fun of fall at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden’s magical exhibit, Lost Hollow: The Kimbrell Children’s Garden. The newest component of DSBG, the Lost Hollow opens Oct. 18, and offers old world charm. Why not try out some of fall’s hottest new looks while there, including whimsical sweaters, animal print patterns, fashionista hats, and plenty of the season’s hottest colors — navy and wine.


Style » Styled By Stacee Michelle » Photos By Glenn Roberson | October 2014


Left: Yoana Barachi embroidered elephant sweatshirt, $209, Berlin’s Women Boutique; red buffalo plaid shirt, $49.95, Gap; fatigue green moto pants, $188, Eileen Fisher. Shoes, stylist’s own.

Right: Baseball tee, $19.95, Gap Kids; Tucker & Tate textured cardigan, $54, Nordstrom; pink cord skirt, $26.95, Gap Kids; plaid scarf, $148, W by Worth. Pink cowboy boots, stylist’s own. | October 2014 41

Style » Styled By Stacee Michelle » Photos By Glenn Roberson | October 2014


Left: Burgundy maxi dress, $84, watercolor scarf, $96, and teal pendant necklace, $24, all at Scout & Molly’s. Hat and shoes, stylist’s own.

Right: Tucker & Tate green poncho jacket, $52, Nordstrom; animal print leggings, $25, Ralph Lauren; Tucker & Tate cream hi-lo sweater, $36, Nordstrom; diamond bezel crest in rose gold, $2,200, Golden Thread Jewelry; embellished headband, $12, Nordstrom. Cowboy boots, stylist’s own. [TCW] | October 2014 43

Advertising feature that keeps the women of Charlotte in-the-know about what the Queen City has to offer

w h a t ’s h o t t o d a y !

Fine Vintage Fashion Located in historic Mooresville, N.C., in the heart of Lake Norman Antique Mall, His & Hers Vintage & Couture strives to bring its clientele a rich extravagant fashion experience combining today’s trends, high end labels, and vintage finds at a fraction of the cost. LKN Antique Mall Facebook : His & Hers Vintage & Couture 467 E. Plaza Drive Mooresville, NC 704-799-8767 Monday-Saturday 10-6 • Sunday 12-5

Fall Into The Season’s Best Trends | October 2014 44

Shop the latest trends in fashion, home decor, luxury goods and gifts, all under one roof. REA Boutique and The Mole Hole of Charlotte provide customers with a truly unique 'one-stop' shopping experience, offering a variety of well-curated specialty items. Open late on Thursday nights (until 8PM), serving up wine and tapas while you shop. Complimentary gift wrapping available. Check us out on Facebook! REA Boutique Pop-Up Shop located at The Mole Hole 7741 Colony Road, STE A3 Charlotte, NC 28226 704-543-9969 Monday-Saturday 10AM-6PM Sunday 1-5PM

Designing Brides Sample Sale! All Sample Bridal Gowns & Special Occasion Dresses ON SALE! Designer Bridal Gowns starting at $299.00. Hurry In! Sale Ends October 31, 2014.

Designing Brides 107 North Main Street Davidson, NC 28036 704-655-1009

Our Creativity Knows No Boundaries Are you one of a kind ... shouldn’t your jewelry be also? • Celebrating our 25th year in Matthews • Family owned and operated • In-house repairs • We specialize and believe in.... renovate, or recycle and redesign • Free cleaning and inspection of your jewlery Designs by Shirlee 163B South Trade Street, Matthews, NC 28105 p: 704-841-7602 • f: 704-841-1136 • Hours: Wed.-Fri. 11-5 • Sat. 10-3

Radiant Skin Awaits! La’Bella Body Scrub is an gentle exfoliant that sloughs away dull, dead skin. It cleanses, moisturizes and creates youthful glowing skin. Try Our Salt Glow, Deep Brown Sugar or Citrus Herbal Lemon Today for $10.00! La’Bella Organic Body Scrub & Salt Glow Call 980-230-0573 To Order

One-Of-A-Kind All Of The Time Ain’t Miss Bead Haven Bead Shop on North Main Street in Downtown Mooresville is the place for handmade, one of a kind, and make your own jewelry. If you are new to beading and don’t know what you want or how to start, don’t worry! Working with our crew of knowledgeable, creative assistants, you will certainly find everything you desire. Classes at the store are suitable for new beaders, professional jewelry designers, and hobbyists of all ages. Ain’t Miss Bead Haven also offers birthday and private parties for age six and up. Ain’t Miss Bead Haven Bead Shop Laura Brosseau, owner 152 N. Main St., Mooresville, NC 28115 Phone: 704-746-9278 Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am-6pm

Email: Website: Twitter: @AintBeadHaven Pinterest: Facebook:

Extraordinary Fall Styles Arriving Daily! Sixteen years of styling women from Charlotte to Lake Norman. One visit and you will discover why Luna’s is the place to shop for fine women’s apparel, art and accessories. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our latest arrivals. Luna’s at the Lake 19732 One Norman Blvd, Suite 340 Cornelius, NC 28031 704-892-1004

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Mon- Fri: 10am-6pm Sat: 10am-5pm | October 2014 45

Seen in the City Âť Photos Courtesy Of Deborah Triplett & YAD Participants

SEENINTHECITY Out & About In Charlotte

he third annual Yard Art Day was held Sept. 1, in a neighborhood near you! Developed by photographer Deborah Triplett, this year's event was even more successful than ever. An outpouring of people participated, with art ranging from the whimsical to the truly artistic. From NoDa to Plaza Midwood to Belmont ... all the way to Boston, art abounded in the yards of creative souls. Visit for information.

Yard Art Day creator Deborah Triplett works diligently on her own YAD display for 2014. | October 2014 46

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Licensed Acupuncturist Andrea Perullo de Ledesma was trained in the most prestigious Chinese Medicine School in New York City, and interned in various hospitals in China and South Africa. With over a decade’s worth of experience, she can help you with any of your health concerns.

Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic

25% o ff

your f irst tr eat or gif t certif ment ic with t he me ate n tion of this ad!

Andrea Perullo de Ledesma, L.Ac., M.S. 401 East Boulevard, Suite 110 | Charlotte, NC 28203 704.578.7683 | | | October 2014

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Dwellings » By Dana Durham » Photos Courtesy Of Emily Clark | October 2014


Trend Watch

FALLING FRichOR A UTUMN Colors, Textures & Plenty Of Paint ecorating your home should be less complicated and more fun — or so says Emily Clark, a former interior decorator turned blogger who has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, and as a design expert on Clark, a lover of bargain hunting and repurposing, has never met a can of spray paint she didn’t like. The design maven lives on the outskirts of Charlotte with her husband and five children, where she shares her tips with others who are hoping to create the perfect home sweet home. She recently teamed up with Lowe’s to offer a Style Saturday event, where she offered one-on-one consultation. Read on for the skinny in what is trending for fall home décor:



Dwellings Âť By Dana Durham | October 2014


Q: What are the top trends this season? A: This fall, we’ll see a lot of rich, earthy colors that can make for a really cozy room. I’m also seeing navy blue everywhere — in fabrics and accessories and paint. I like navy because it can act as a great “neutral� base for your room and works well with earth tones — like mustard, burnt orange and mossy green — as accents. Rooms layered in lots of different textures will also be big in fall decorating. Think glass lamps, woven baskets, natural wood tones, and really soft pillows and throws. Finally, I think the trend of industrial-influenced furniture will continue. I love this look because it can instantly help a room feel more casual and livable. The straight lines of this style also pair well with almost any other styles of furniture. And don’t be afraid to mix industrial-inspired metals with other metals and finishes in your space. Totally OK! Q: What are some of the easiest ways to incorporate these trends into your home? A: Smaller accessories are the way to go, if you want to test the waters. For example, if you’ve never decorated with orange but want to bring some fall color into your home, buy a couple of pillows before you dive in and paint a wall or piece of furniture. Artwork is another great option for bringing in new colors and styles in a more subtle way.

Home interiors that reflect your personality and the stories you share.


Q: What is your go-to technique for refreshing a home? A: Paint! I’ve been known to pick up a $20 can of paint at Lowe’s and paint a wall on a whim. If you don’t want to paint the entire room, start with the back of your shelves, a focal wall, or use some painter’s tape to create a pattern. I always say that paint is the best investment you can make to create a big impact for the least amount of money. Q: Is there a fabric or paint technique that you consider a “must-have� right now? A: I’m a huge fan of painting horizontal stripes. They are a classic pattern but can still be really bold, depending on the colors and contrast you choose. I think they even work well for small spaces like powder rooms. Q: What are the two hottest colors of fall 2014? A: Shades of deep blue are really popular — indigo, navy, midnight. And, they work great with shades of gold, which are also very on trend. I love pairing navy with mustard and bringing in some brass accent pieces such as lamps, side tables, etc. Q: Above all, what should homeowners aspire to when decorating? A: Be comfortable. After all, you are the one that has to live there, so it should be a place you look forward to coming home to. Trends are great, but at the end of the day, you should decorate with what makes you feel happy.


Blakeney Shopping Center | 9844-B Rea Road | Charlotte | NC 28277 704.542.5558 |

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move make your

Read on to meet professionals who will help you take the next step to your new home

Real Experience Real Results

SARA ROCHE BROKER / REALTOR 704.516.3888 Mobile

Friendly, conscientious and Jeff Lynch is the co-owner of Kathy Kreshon Carver, of committed are words that accurately The Premier Team at Re/Max RE/MAX Metro Realty, has over “I workSara veryRoche. smart Since joining Metro Realty, a full service describe 24 years of1617 experience in the Bluebird Drive Queens Road West Biltmore Drive Cottingham Chalk mile in 2002, she53113 has real estate firm. Myers With1120 over and go the extra business. Her/ 4 specialties Bedrooms / 5.4 Baths Park / 6 Bedrooms / 7.1 Baths Eastover Bedrooms / 2.2 Baths consistently achieved Top Producer nine years of experience MLS #2215694 / $1,850,000 MLS#2207803 / $1,999,000 MLS#2222868 / $750,000 for my clients. include development land, farm status, and was recipient of the selling homes in the Lake Attention to detail, and land, luxury homes, Rookie of the Year award in 2003. Norman and surrounding personal interaction, foreclosure properties and She was Sales Associate of the Year areas, Lynch epitomizes listening skills relocation, among others. Over inand 2009, out of 160 associates. As integrity, hard work and are strengths my the years, Carver has found a mother of two children and a creative service in every detail clientsnative value.” that marketing is very Charlotte for the last 27 of your real estate transaction. RECENTLY CLOSED CONTRACT RECENTLY CLOSED years, Roche knows the family UNDER side important, and she has 2134 Sherwood Avenue / Myers Park 2171 Colony Road / Myers Park 1112 Greentree Drive of Charlotte and is actively involved He graduated from The MLS# 2208132 / $1,995,000developed MLS#2209822 MLS #2217377 / $995,000 a team of/ $845,000 experts to in the community. She has 20 University of North Carolina at help her with staging, years of experience in sales and Charlotte and resides in photography, and marketing. marketing, which prove valuable Cornelius with his wife and 2 “With a team of experts to help when negotiating contracts on daughters. me, we can get the job done in behalf of her clients. “My goal is to the least amount of time and offer you a warm and friendly Personal referrals and repeat for the most profit to the approach that will guide you through business form the foundation seller!” she says. a smooth transition,” she says. of Lynch’s career.

Scott Pridemore founded Pridemore Properties after being affiliated for 14 years with a large Charlotte real estate firm. In spite of the soft real estate market, Pridemore and his team have experienced their most successful years yet. With an aggressive marketing plan to get listings sold, Pridemore has found unique ways to guide his clients through a challenging real estate market. “A satisfied client is not enough. It’s about constantly striving to produce results beyond and out of the ordinary,” Pridemore says.

Sara Roche 704/516-3888

Scott Pridemore 704/562-0792

Jeff Lynch, SFR, CDPE 704/737-3404

Kathy Kreshon Carver 704/714-6695

SARA ROCHE BROKER / REALTOR 704.516.3888 Mobile


“I work very smart and go the extra mile for my clients. Attention to detail, personal interaction, and listening skills are strengths my clients value.” | October 2014 54

r deract n U ont C

1120 QUEENS ROAD WEST Myers Park / 6 Bedrooms / 7.1 Baths MLS#2207803 / $1,999,000

1835 CRAIGMORE DRIVE Pellyn Wood / 4 Bedrooms / 5.2 Baths MLS #3009108 / $1,495,000

2020 HARRIS ROAD 3 Bedrooms / 3.1 Baths MLS #3036117 / $695,000

Looking to Buy or Sell?

Look no Further! 704-714-6695-direct 704-451-5478-cell 704-625-2342-fax

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When you sell or buy a home with Jeff Lynch and RE/MAX you’ve made the right decision. We take a more personal approach to real estate focused on the needs, concerns, hopes and dreams of our clients, providing unparalleled customer service. Î :RUOGZLGH PDUNHWLQJ WKURXJK WKH 5( 0$; EUDQG and websites Î 5( 0$; &ROOHFWLRQ ZHEVLWH IRU KRPHV RYHU N Î 6WDJLQJ VHUYLFHV Î 6WDWH RI WKH DUW YLGHR PDUNHWLQJ Î 3URIHVVLRQDO SLFWXUHV DQG EURFKXUHV Î 3OXV PRUH


5118 Piper Glen Drive • MLS # 3030883 Sensational renovated home with salt water in-ground pool Overlooking the beautiful Piper Glen Golf Course !

5827 Bentway Drive • MLS # 2219182 Elegant stucco on Carmel’s golf course 10th green

6028 Bentway Drive • MLS # 3009887 Contemporary on 0.86 acres, Needs “T L Câ€?

Celebrate this Holiday Season by a

Cozy Fire




Today’s Charlotte Woman Believes In The Power Of A

WISH Announcing The 2014 W.I.S.H. Society | October 2014 56

oday’s Charlotte Woman believes in wishes … and in the power of women to make wishes come true. Likewise, Today’s Charlotte Woman is happily sponsoring the second annual W.I.S.H. Society for Women Inspiring Strength & Hope, in conjunction with Make-AWish® Central & Western Carolina. This unique fundraiser is based on the power of a wish. Studies have shown that when a child is suffering from a life-altering disease and their most precious, heartfelt wish is granted, a magical thing happens: They fight harder. For many, it marks a turning part in their fight to live. The child isn’t the only one that benefits, either. Entire families are strengthened by the wish. It’s a bond that spreads throughout the community. Below, meet the second installment of W.I.S.H. Society Honorees who have chosen to make a difference in children’s lives by helping raise funds to grant the perfect wish. And not just one wish, but hundreds of wishes!

The W.I.S.H. Society Honorees Jill Marcus

Adriene Pattie

Employer: Something Classic Fun Fact: Jill started her catering business in her kitchen with her roommate 25 years ago. Why I’m An Honoree: “With my eco-friendly nature, the W.I.S.H. Society is an opportunity for me to give back to the community and network with other inspiring local women.”

Charity Involvement: Better Half Dash, Cookies For A Cause Fun Fact: Adriene served as PTA president for two years. Why I’m An Honoree: “To help grant a wish for a family that has gone through just the thought of losing their child. I hope I can make one day brighter for that family in need.”

Holly Norvell Stephanie Daniel

Employer: Johnston, Allison & Hord, P.A. Fun Fact: She has received awards including being named a “Rising Star” by North Carolina Super Lawyers and “Legal Elite” by Business North Carolina. Why I’m An Honoree: “I hope to use this experience to set an example of generosity for my children and to reciprocate the many gifts that have been given to me over the years.”

Employer: Kirk Palmer & Thigpen, P.A. Fun Fact: Stephanie is a founding member of the Women’s Impact Network in Wilmington, N.C. Why I’m An Honoree: “We want to teach our children through not only our words, but more importantly, our actions what it means to serve others as Christ calls us to do.”

Erica Miller

April Smith

Employer: The J.M. Smucker Company Fun Fact: Erica has a master’s in business administration from the University of Akron. Why I’m An Honoree: “I have worked with MAW for years as a volunteer and have seen many times over the impact of granting a child’s wish. I’m constantly amazed by the resilience and positive attitude of these children and am thankful for the perspective they bring to my comparatively less-complicated life.”

Employer: Social Ape Marketing Fun Fact: April owns her own social media marketing company — Social Ape Marketing. Why I’m An Honoree: “With three nephews all under the age of 5, I realize how important it is to make children’s lives as special as possible. I am honored to have the opportunity to help grant an extraordinary wish to a deserving child.”

Caring Dentistry... With a Gentle Touch! “As a patient, many times we do not look forward to a medical appointment. But at Cotswold Family Dentistry, the doctors and staff make it fun to return. I have always had a great experience there. I will continue to recommend them to others. The front office, the assistants, hygienists and the doctors all are great people to deal with. They are very honest and friendly. -Moises



New Patients Welcome Cotswold Plaza • 135 S. Sharon Amity Rd. | Suite 204 • Charlotte, NC 28211

704-365-2765 | October 2014

Photo by Brian Osbourne with The Professional Photography Group

Delivering the Highest Standards of Dental Care


Sara Lincoln Employer: Lincoln Derr, PLLC Fun Fact: Sara is one of the top 50 women lawyers in North Carolina. Why I’m An Honoree: “I am humbled to be part of an organization that can bring such big smiles to the faces of children who have been through so much.”

Kari Bourg Employer: King’s College Fun Fact: Kari raised over $30,000 for MakeA-Wish® with her Tea-For-Three event. Why I’m An Honoree: “Last year, we celebrated my daughter Eliza’s fifth year off treatment, and I’ve been wanting to honor that major milestone since then, as well as renew my commitment to raising money for Make-A-Wish.”

Leah Maybry Employer: Elliott Davis, PLLC Fun Fact: Leah received the Charlotte Business Journal’s Women in Business Award in 2014. Why I’m An Honoree: “I believe in the mission and service of Make-A-Wish and want to do everything I can to help.” | October 2014 58

Your Y our ttravel ravel c companions o m pa n io ns a re ready read y tto og o. O ur are go. Our auto a u to loans loa ns c can an g get et y you ou m oving. Let Let T rulia n t b e moving. Truliant be tthe he starting s t a r ti n g p point oin t for for y our ne x t get away. your next getaway. T rulia n to | 8 800.822.0382 00.822.0382

Sara Meredith Employer: Charlotte Pediatric Clinic Fun Fact: Sara completed an Ironman race in 2013. Why I’m An Honoree: “Because I am excited to see how my friends and family can help more wishes be granted!” [TCW]

Wishful Thinking Dates To Remember The 2014 W.I.S.H. Society Honoree Awards Presentation: Nov. 4, from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m., at the Ritz-Carlton WantToGo? Visit to purchase tickets.

211 East Boulevard | Charlotte, North Carolina 28203

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Committed to you and your family Truliant is Truliant is federally federally insured insured by the the National National Credit Credit Union Union Administration. Administration. ((1) 1) Rates Rates a nd p romotional te rms are are subject subject to change. change. L oans are a re and promotional terms Loans ssubject ubject to c credit redit approval. approval. F Floor loor rrate ate on on auto auto loans loans iis s1 1.74% .74% A APR. PR.

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We bring you relaxation and healing from the moment you step through our door. Our soothing space and kind staff will take care of you as the world busily drifts by outside.

Full schedule of yoga classes 2 weeks for $20 for new students 4 licensed massage therapists New client rate of $49 for a 60-Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Weekly alternative healing classes Guided meditation, breathwork, belly dancing, and more! Locally sourced tea & coffee lounge Open 7 days a week from 8am – 7pm

Collection of Retail from Jewelry 1912 Commonwealth Ave. to Clothing featuring a variety of Charlotte, NC 28205 local artisans.

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Business Spotlight » By Melinda Johnston » Photos By Andrea Perullo de Ledesma | October 2014 60

NOT YOUR AVERAGE LAW FIRM Sodoma Law Offers Specialized, Compassionate Care hen Charlotte attorney Nicole Sodoma opened the doors to Sodoma Law in 2008, she envisioned creating something special for the Queen City. “I started the firm with a vision,” Sodoma says. “I wanted to create an environment where every member of the practice, no matter what position they held, felt they were involved with something different. I wanted to build a team that would have empathy and determination both in and out of court.” She adds, “Knowing that the circumstances in most family law cases are incredibly stressful and tense, I also wanted it to be a place where clients could walk in and feel like they could breathe again.” In just 12 months, Sodoma Law grew from a staff of two to 12. Now one of the most respected law firms in Charlotte, Sodoma Law covers all areas of family law, including legal issues concerning assisted reproduction. To meet the needs of clients, the firm recently added estate planning and appellate practice to their repertoire, and is preparing to add more services as client demand dictates. Sodoma says the robust growth and

expanded services serve as confirmation that Charlotteans recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of Sodoma Law. “It’s a testament to the special care and service we offer our clients at one of the most troubled times of their lives,” she says. Sodoma advises anyone contemplating a divorce to seek advice early on. “Each case is different, just like every child is different,” she says. “If you are faced with a separation or divorce, or are looking for modification of custody or support, you need a family law attorney early in the process so you can get educated as much as possible about your situation.” Sodoma is passionate about helping her clients, and sometimes struggles to leave her work behind. As the mother of three boys, ages 6, 4 and almost 2, Sodoma is uniquely aware of the

Nicole Sodoma Sodoma Law 211 East Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28203 704/442-0000

balancing act between work and family. She knows the importance of defining priorities, which enables her to give the best to her family as well as clients. “As a mother, a business owner, and an attorney, I believe that creating opportunities to excel in the things that matter most may be hardest to accomplish, but often are the most rewarding,” Sodoma says, noting it is paramount to learn your limits and avoid spreading yourself too thin. Sodoma places a priority on giving back to the community. In January, she formed the Sodoma Law Foundation to support various nonprofit organizations that are important to each member of the firm. Many of the organizations involve children. “We’ve always done a lot of pro bono work and supported different charities in Mecklenburg County,” she says. “The Foundation gives us a chance to formalize the process and make a maximum impact on our community.” She adds, “All of our lawyers are incredibly involved in the community, within a variety of charitable endeavors. We have amazing, committed individuals in this practice that prioritize their commitment to their clients and to the community. It’s wonderful to be a part of.” [TCW]

Call 704.339.0334 or visit to purchase your ticket today!

Health Flash » By Dana Durham

HEALTHFLASH An Apple A Day & Other Wisdom

Your Best

Breast The Latest In Breast Health Care | October 2014 62

ctober is breast cancer awareness month. Although great strides have been made in detecting and treating the disease, breast cancer is still the second leading cause of death in women, and one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in her life. In Charlotte, consider the following techniques and services when it comes to breast health:

Tomosynthesis Charlotte Radiology refers to tomosynthesis as digital mammography’s new 3-D friend. The process is similar to a CT scan, and creates multiple images, or “slices,” that step through the breast tissue, which helps reduce the impact of overlapping breast tissue, allowing the radiologist to see greater detail.

“Tomosynthesis gives us the ability to see masses, particularly in dense breast tissue, that we might have difficulty detecting with traditional mammography,” explains Dr. Matthew Gromet, chief of mammography at Charlotte Radiology. “Because it reduces the overlap of tissue, most investigators have found that it leads to fewer callbacks and therefore less anxiety for women.” Dr. Terry Wallace, a specialist in breast imaging for Charlotte Radiology, notes,“Tomosynthesis is an exciting revolutionary technology that gives us the ability to scroll through each layer or slice of tissue to see what it really looks like. It reveals greater detail, which may help us detect cancer sooner.” Dr. Deborah Agisim, a specialist in breast imaging for Charlotte Radiology, says tomosynthesis is most helpful for women with dense breasts. “All women may benefit from tomosynthesis; however, there is increased benefit to women with dense breast

tissue because dense breast tissue may look similar to cancer tissue,” she says. “2-D mammography can’t always differentiate between cancer and dense breast tissue. For example, if a 2-D mammogram detects an area of concern, the radiologists may want to further investigate with a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound or biopsy. Looking at the same breast tissue in 3-D, the radiologist may now see that the tissue is in fact normal breast tissue. In this scenario, the patient likely avoided a callback for an additional mammogram.” Novant Health Breast Center, located in the medical tower next to Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center, also offers tomosynthesis. “I recommend 3-D mammography for all women,” says Dr. Nicole Abinanti, Mecklenburg Radiology Associates. Novant Health Breast Center has been offering tomosynthesis since 2013 and is hoping to expand the service to all its diagnostic centers in the Charlotte area. Compression is still a must, however. A 3-D mammogram exam is very similar to a 2-D mammogram; both are performed together on the same scanner. Just as with a digital mammogram, the technologist will position you, compress your breast under a paddle, and take images from different angles. During the 3-D portion of the exam, the X-ray arm of the machine makes a quick arc over the breast, taking a series of breast images at a number of angles. The entire procedure takes approximately the same amount of time.

Cancer Risk Clinic

Project PINK Carolinas HealthCare System’s Levine Cancer Institute helps increase access to life-saving mammography screenings and follow-up care for those who are uninsured. Due to donations to Carolinas Breast Cancer Fund, Project PINK allows “free mammography days” in targeted, underserved communities. Levine Cancer Institute partners with Charlotte Radiology and its Mobile Breast Center, which offers “breast expertise on wheels.” Project PINK is possible due to support from the YMCA, Susan G. Komen, and the Carolinas Breast Cancer Fund. In general, Levine Cancer Institute provides comprehensive treatment for breast cancer patients at every stage, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted therapies. Patients have access to clinical research trials that evaluate and improve the initial treatment of cancer,

as well as the treatment of recurrent or advanced cancer. The Institute is accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers and the Commission on Cancer, and is staffed by nationally recognized physicians who have clinical expertise in treating advanced types of breast cancer. Kris Blackley, director of patient navigation at the Levine Cancer Institute, says, “At Levine Cancer Institute, our priority has always been to provide comprehensive care for patients throughout his or her entire cancer journey. From the minute a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, he or she has access to a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurse navigators, social workers, and others, who work in collaboration to ensure the most effective treatment and support services are provided.”

TOLEARNMORE For information on Charlotte Radiology, visit To learn more about the Novant Health Breast Center, call 704/384-SCAN (7226). To schedule an appointment at the Novant Health Cancer Risk Clinic or the Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Clinic, call 704/384-5373. For information on Project PINK, visit project-pink. [TCW] | October 2014

Novant Health also offers the Cancer Risk Clinic for women who have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, primarily due to genetics or family history. “The American Cancer Society still recommends every woman at age 40 get their mammogram,” Dr. Abinanti says. “But some high-risk women should consult their physician about starting their mammograms before age 40.” The cancer risk clinic offers breast MRIs, which Dr. Abinanti recommends in addition to an annual mammogram for women who have greater than a 20percent lifetime risk for breast cancer. Patients benefit from a group effort at the Cancer Risk Clinic by working

together with a genetic counselor, surgeon, nurse navigator and wellness specialist to create individualized care plans to minimize the risk of developing cancer. Also consider Novant Health’s Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Clinic for newly diagnosed patients. The Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Clinic coordinates a patient’s care with a genetic counselor, nurse navigator, nutritionist, physical therapist and research nurse, who work together to provide comprehensive care.


Ask The Expert

Porcelain Veneers Dr. Ross W. Nash Ross W. Nash, DDS, is one of only 46 Accredited Fellows in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, meaning he has acquired extraordinary skills in the area of esthetic and cosmetic dentistry. Founder of the Nash Institute for Dental Learning, Dr. Nash is the epitome of “expert.” Here, he answers questions about porcelain veneers.

treatment Smile before rs with venee

Q: What are porcelain veneers? A: Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic material used to change the color, shape, or alignment of natural teeth. Also called “laminates,” they become a new surface for the natural tooth. They are made through various techniques from hand layering by a ceramic artist to computerized design and manufacture. The materials available are durable and stain resistant, as well as beautiful.

Q: How are veneers put on the teeth? A: Porcelain veneers are attached to the teeth with strong bonding agents and composite resin cements.The bond is very strong. Ceramic materials are inherently brittle, but supported by an underlying strong structure, they become quite strong. The bonding process in dentistry allows for this lamination effect, so the ceramic veneers are actually strengthened after bonding to the tooth and the tooth is strengthened by the same process.

Porcelain ven eers to be placed

Q: How long does it take to get veneers? A: The process usually takes two appointments only a few weeks apart. Sometimes, temporary veneers are used between appointments.

Q: Do porcelain veneers require special care? A: They should be treated like natural teeth. Daily brushing and flossing, as well as regular dental cleanings and dental examinations are recommended. Ultrasonic scalers and course polishing pastes at the dental office should not be used to decrease the chance of scratching the porcelain. Chewing hard materials like ice and hard candy should be avoided.

Smile after porcelain veneers

Q: How long do porcelain veneers last? A: Longevity is different for each situation, but they are long lasting. Because porcelain has excellent wear resistance, color stability and durability, they have the potential to last for many, many years. | October 2014 64

403 Gilead Road, Suite E • Huntersville • 704/895-7660 CosmeticDentistryofthe


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I Really Think » By Jen Cline

Tango The Of Trust | October 2014 66

s a physical therapist, there are certain cases that change you forever. One of these patients was a young girl who faced the impossible: Joanie was about to head off to college when a car accident changed everything. Many surgeries later, she had both legs amputated and was unable to use her arms due to nerve damage. I worked with her in the hospital before and after her surgeries. When I walked into her hospital room for the first time after her amputations, I was not sure what to expect. “I want you to sit up and work hard today,” I explained. She looked me straight in the eyes and replied, “OK. I trust you.” Her trust was unbelievable. She had no way of recovering from a fall. Her physical safety was completely in my hands. I pushed her hard that day, strengthening her trunk and stretching out what was left of her limbs to prepare her for prosthetic training. When finished, sweat glistening on her forehead, she said, “I knew you would work me hard. I just need to find my balance.” Her words struck me as I wiped the sweat off her brow. Aren’t we all just looking for balance? Her ability to trust and receive

compassion moved me that day in a way that has not happened in a long time. I decided to let her trust in me inspire my own life. Many of us have survived deep betrayals, and I am no exception. Friends, spouses, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends … all have betrayed us at one time or another. Coupled with a culture that feeds on fear, it’s a wonder that trust survives at all these days. I decided to apply Joanie’s trust in me on the dance floor. Every Monday night, I show up at a dive dance club, pay three dollars and enter a magical world. I have been learning Argentine tango, and count down the minutes until my next class. Argentine tango originated in working-class neighborhoods and was a way for men and women to socialize. It was considered too aggressive to approach a woman and speak to her, but it was totally acceptable to ask her to dance. Legend has it Italian immigrants in Argentina created the dance, which appeals to me since my Italian family immigrated to Argentina. It is a simple dance of “walking” together. The embrace can be distant or close — cheek to cheek and chests pressed together. The man leads the dance, yet the woman chooses the type of embrace. There has to be a connection for the dance to work. You can’t hide

your personality during this dance, which creates a sense of vulnerability. One instructor told me there are four levels of tango: fear, ego, connection and unity. The dance can be challenging for women on many levels. Our whole culture today supports and promotes women controlling everyone and everything around them. We run households, companies, and make most major decisions for our families. But this micromanaging won’t work on the dance floor. If women try to lead, the dance falls apart and people trip on each other’s feet. You have to let the man take care of you. You have to surrender. If you anticipate his next move, he will trick you. You need to relax, but also provide slight resistance to him. All beautiful lessons for me. Thinking about Joanie’s trauma and trust in me, I decided to close my eyes during every dance. It allows me to feel the man’s movements and completely trust him. For three hours each week, I surrender, close my eyes, and trust. As I am whisked around the dance floor, I am grateful to be able to trust again. [TCW]

Jen Cline works as a physical therapist and has been a community commentator on NPR. She lives to tango.

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