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hroughout our society many elderly citizens and mentally challenged individuals have to face the added burden of not living within their familiar surroundings, or not being able have the daily family life that should be considered of the norm for all people. Some of the mandatory daily needs of such persons can sometimes be impossible for ones extended family members alone to handle while still maintaining jobs and other demands within their own lives. Some instances it is where an elderly person or the mentally challenged needS assistance with matters that could be achieved through an alternative resolution, rather than to be taken out of their home and sent to a convalescent type of facility. Katrina Wilson’s Blessed Hands Home Health Care is a much needed service within the Hampton Roads area. The service is providing attention to clients that have been verified of the need for assistance with some aspects of their lives. Katrina Wilson explained, “What we do is send an aid in that is called a PTA. PTA’s, CNA’s, RN’s, and LPN’s go into the homes and they take care of the mentally challenged and the elderly… whatever Medicaid pays for.” Some of the services that the companions supply are meal preparation, bathing, grocery shopping, checking vitals, light housekeeping, and transporting clients to appointments. The fact that the clients are in need for assistance is understandable. Nonetheless, when people are able to keep a form of normality within their lives

and feel the sense of some self sufficiency, this can bring contentment to these individuals that would otherwise lose all of their inner fight when being placed into a facilitated environment. Healthcare aides are more like a companion to the clients. While attending to a client’s special needs, a good aid will also nourish a client with compassion. Something as simple as a card game or listening to a client’s stories can enrich a patient’s mental health. Blessed Hands Home Health Care’s owner, Katrina Wilson, has worked in the health care field for over 8 years and her office manager has over 20 years experience. Blessed Hands Home Health Care opened its doors 19 months ago in Portsmouth, Virginia. Katrina Wilson expressed the characteristics that she searches for in her Blessed Hands Home Health Care staff members. “I look for honesty and a person that is a people’s person; because if you don’t have any type of compassion at all [then] this job is not for you.” She also expressed of how she puts herself in that position of her company’s clients. “When I get older I want somebody who is going to be reliable; who is not going to steal from me, and someone that’s going to be there for me; not only just there for the paycheck, but because you are human and you have some type of emotions.” Katrina Wilson was inspired to go into the healthcare line of business due to a pass situation with a beloved aunt Evelyn Beamon. Wilson wasn’t comfortable with the care that an aunt had received. “She was real sick and she was obese.” Wilson told Seven Magazine of

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