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Compete / Homecoming unites campus community Students enjoy array of events despite poor weather

Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor

Left: Beta Theta Pi collaborates with Theta Phi Alpha for their Lip Sync and Dance performances. Right: Foster lip syncs to Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect.’ continued from page 1

armed with orange buckets competed in the canoe battleship competition at the pool in Packer Hall on Thursday night. Each team, which consisted of three students from each organization, poured water into each others’ boats until one of them sank. Allison Bronander, a freshman open options major in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences who represented the women’s club rugby team, enjoyed the competition. Her team won third place. “We did the event as team bonding and it was really fun,” Bronander said. “I thought it was a really creative event. It was probably my favorite of the week.”

Most of the event’s participants were either students from Greek Life or members of a sports team on campus. “Most events have a good turnout because of the involvement of Greek Life organizations on campus, as well as other clubs and teams,” Spike said. The Lip Sync and Dance event featured performances from a variety of Greek organizations, as well as Synergy and the College’s Dance Team. Performers showed off their acting and dancing skills by lip syncing original mashups and bringing their best moves to the Student Center Room 100 stage. After a night of anticipation, a team composed of Phi Alpha Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha and Delta Epsilon Psi members took home the first prize for both the lip sync and

the dance competitions. SG took a lot of time planning and putting together Spirit Week’s packed schedule. SG members were encouraged to sign up to help run the Spirit week Festivities, according to Spike. “I would have to give a shout out to some of the higher ups for doing the grunt work,” she said. While the Homecoming Tailgate was rained out, the days leading up to the festive weekend were filled with opportunities for students to enjoy themselves and show their school spirit. “Since the weather was bad I didn’t end up going to the tailgate or game,” Bronander said. “I’m hoping next year will be a better in that regard, but overall Homecoming was fun and I’m excited to see what’s in store for next year.”

SG outlines booking guidelines for student organizations

General body rejects Voting Day Resolution, passes new bill

Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor

Samuels states deadlines to book specific spaces. By Alex Shapiro Staff Writer

Student Government met with Student Events Scheduler and Coordinator Carly Samuels to elaborate on the process of booking rooms at the College, rejected one resolution and passed one bill during its general body meeting on Oct. 24. Samuels outlined several deadlines in order for student organizations to properly book meeting

rooms, lounges and facilities. According to Samuels, a general classroom request in any academic building requires a zero to 48 hours minimum notice. If a student organization looks to book any meeting room in the Brower Student Center or the Decker Social Space, it must put a notice within one to 10 business days. If an organization wants to book a larger space such as the Education Building Room 212,

the Business Building Lounge, Student Center Room 100 or the Library Auditorium, it must submit a request within a minimum of two to 20 business days. If an organization wishes to book any art or athletic facilities, it must notify the college at least three to 30 days prior. According to Samuels, these facilities include Kendall Hall, Mayo Concert Hall, Packer Hall and the Recreation Center. SG’s general body discussed its Voting Day Resolution, which requests that the College cancel classes for this year’s midterm election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. The resolution it aims to ensure that students, faculty and staff can participate in midterm and general elections. According to SG, the resolution could help increase the College’s midterm voting rate, which was 18 percent in 2014. Due to conflicting concerns from general body members, the resolution did not pass. SG passed a bill titled the Deputy Speaker Revision Bill, which calls for the Speaker of the General Assembly solely to appoint the Deputy Speaker of the General Assembly. The deputy speaker’s role, as defined in SG’s constitution, is to assist

the speaker, not to represent the General Assembly or the College’s student body. SG will have a fundraiser at Frutta Bowls on Tuesday, Oct. 30 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is looking for a new senator. SG stated that applications for the position are due on Friday, Nov. 2 at 8 a.m.

Eashwayne Haughton, a senior philosophy major and vice president of diversity and inclusion, gave a special thanks to everyone who helped out with the inaugural diversity and inclusion week. Haughton encouraged any student who is interested in becoming a diversity advocate to email him by Friday, Nov. 9.

Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor

The cabinet reviews the duties of its deputy speaker.

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The Signal: Fall '18 No. 9  

The 10/31/18 issue of The Signal, The College of New Jersey's student newspaper

The Signal: Fall '18 No. 9  

The 10/31/18 issue of The Signal, The College of New Jersey's student newspaper