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Residence halls are here to stay

Alyssa Gautieri / Features Editor

Rumors spread about Norsworthy, Centennial and the Towers.

Every week, Features Editor Alyssa Gautieri hits the archives and finds old Signals that relate to current College topics and top stories. In 2004, the College reported that Centennial Hall would be demolished within the year. While students expressed sentimental feelings, they were eager to see the old building replaced with an updated residence hall. The College also said Norsworthy Hall would be demolished in 2005. Fast forward 13 years and both buildings still stand. In the Fall 2016 semester, the College announced that Travers and Wolfe halls might be demolished. Upon hearing both the students’ and alumni’s opposition as well as considering what was generally best for the College, it was recently decided that the Towers would, instead, be renovated. Students, alumni and faculty are now left to wonder if the College will ever demolish a residence hall. To satisfaction of many rising sophomores, Centennial Hall will be demolished this summer after 50 years in operation, making way for freshman housing that will better accommodate the First Year Experience. Construction on new housing for approximately 500 students will begin in March 2005 and should end in August 2005, she added. Discussion of tearing down Centennial began several years ago. Due to its maintenance problems in the past and aged appearance, Centennial has the most notorious reputation of all the College’s

residence halls. “There’s a very short life left in the building,” Stafford said. “We’re better off if it comes down and we build something new than if we try to renovate it.” Freshmen seem relieved by the elimination of the possibility that they might live in Centennial if they happen to receive a low number in the housing lottery. “It’s good because students should be comfortable and nobody wants to live in a crappy building,” Justin Roberts, freshman opens options business major, said. Though some residents of Centennial admit having had such an impression of the building before moving in, they said that the residential experience is not as negative as many think. Chris Cirone, senior computer science education major who works as an office assistant and for hall security in the building, also takes an optimistic view. “As ugly as it may be, it’s got a lot of character,” Cirone said. “It’s so different from other residence halls.” Sentimental attachment to the building is another factor. “I’m kind of upset because my first two dorms are not going to be here next year,” Mike Chiumento, sophomore English secondary education major, said. Last year, Chiumento lived in Norsworthy, which will be demolished after Centennial in January 2005. Its replacement will also house around 500 students.


Left: A peacoat is a fashionable way to stay warm. Right: Some students enjoy warm weather during spring break. By Jillian Greene Columnist While most of us are longing for warmer weather, we must not forget about our favorite winter fashion items just because Mother Nature decided to be particularly inconsistent lately. During my trip to Florida, where the temperature dropped to a low of 34 degrees, I was reminded of my warm winter clothing left behind in New Jersey. I scrambled to piece together the warmest possible outfit I could with my suitcase filled with shorts, flip flops and bathing suits. I was unsuccessful and, unfortunately, I had to take a trip to the local mall. However, not everyone who traveled for spring break was affected by the cold weather. I was very envious as I scrolled through my Instagram and Snapchat feeds to see many of my fellow classmates in bathing suits on the beach.

I regretted not having packed my winter coat to warm myself from the unexpected cold weather. I particularly missed my neutral black peacoat. Peacoats have exploded in fashion as it seems everyone — males and females — own at least one. Peacoats are very versatile. You can wear it over a business casual outfit as you go on an interview or you can pair it with leggings and sneakers while running errands. Either way, you’ll look great. While black and beige are the most popular shades, I see more and more people pulling off gray and burgundy peacoats. You can find a variety of styles of this jacket at different price points in stores including Lord & Taylor and H&M. My advice to all fashionistas planning their next vacation — regardless of if it’s to the sunny state of Florida or a Caribbean island — is to make sure to bring at least one warm outfit as we all know how unreliable Mother Nature can be.

Celebritease : Latest ‘Bachelor’ accused of inauthenticity

Photo courtesy of ABC

Viall proposes in ‘The Bachelor’ season finale. By Mackenzie Cutruzzula Columnist

Bachelor Nation can finally take a sigh of relief as bad boy Nick Viall’s season has finally ended. Viall proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi, a special education teacher from Canada. Months after the final rose was handed out, along with an engagement ring, the couple was finally able to enjoy their first public date.

Immediately, the Twittersphere noticed that the couple appeared awkward and the show was accused of being inauthentic. Another slight flub from “The Bachelor” finale included a reused ring. Viall proposed with a 3.75-carat round-cut center diamond stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds and two larger baguette-cut diamonds, made by celebrity jeweler Neil Lane, however, viewers noticed that the

ring looked familiar. Coincidentally, Robby Hayes used the exact ring to propose to JoJo Fletcher in season 12, where he was rejected. “I bring six rings and over the years, over the nine years, some are the same, some have changed settings or are redesigned, and some are totally new,” Lane told PEOPLE. In other news, Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski eloped over the weekend to avoid drama. Sadoski showed off his wedding band on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” where he talked about the intimate event. Maybe Viall and Grimaldi should follow in their footsteps, since the couple is expecting their first child together and have been engaged since last September. Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian has been anything but shy when it comes to showing off her boyfriend and basketball player Tristan Thompson. The two recently spent a vacation at the beach, where Kardashian called Thompson “my love” in an Instagram post. She also threw her new beau a gold-themed birthday bash.

Posting a loving photo on Instagram of the two gazing into each other’s eyes, Kardashian seems to have officially put ex-husband Lamar Odom in the past. “To the happiest of birthdays my love! To the first of many more together! May God continue to bless you in all of your days! And may we forever look at one another like this,” Kardashian said in the caption. To ring in the St. Patrick’s

Day festivities, Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated together in London on Friday, March 17. Middleton wore a deep green coat with a matching hat as she greeted residents. The two also participated in the Irish Guards St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Household Cavalry Barracks and then drank a pint of Guinness beer for extra measure. It’s pretty lucky being famous, right?


Middleton greets a giant Irish Wolfhound at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in London.

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The Signal: Spring ‘17 No. 8  

The 03/22/17 issue of The Signal, The College of New Jersey’s student newspaper

The Signal: Spring ‘17 No. 8  

The 03/22/17 issue of The Signal, The College of New Jersey’s student newspaper