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: Oct. ‘05

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Stranger follows student into Bliss Hall

Alyssa Gautieri / Production Manager

In 2005, a stranger wandered into an English class at the College.

Every week, Production Manager Alyssa Gautieri hits the archives and finds old Signals that relate to current College topics and top stories. In October, the College heightened its security measures after an intruder was caught on security footage sneaking into dorm rooms. The intruder reportedly entered Decker and New Residence halls in the early hours of the morning on different occasions. An emergency text alert from the College was sent to students to warn them of the intruder: a 5-foot-9 white male with a thin face reportedly wearing light shorts and a dark shirt. In October 2005, a similar incident occurred on campus in which an older man uninvitedly entered a classroom in Bliss Hall. A middle-aged man reportedly smelling of alcohol interrupted a 4 p.m. romanticism class being taught by Harriet Hustis, associate professor of English, last Thursday afternoon in Bliss Hall. After hanging around the halls for a few minutes, and making students giggle by peeking in the door window, the man entered uninvited, Hustis said. He told Hustis he was assigned to teach the class, argued with her for less than five minutes over whether he could teach the class, and then left on his own, she said. Hustis said the man was white, in his late 40s to mid-50s, and had short grayish hair. She said he was clean, presentable, and relatively articulate. She added that he wasn’t

aggressive or mean, and went so far as to call him jovial. “He just walked in here and said ‘I’m here to teach this class,’” Hustis said. “I think when he realized he wasn’t going to get to teach, he decided to leave.” After he left, a female student in the class told Hustis that the man had followed her there. Students sitting near the doorway where he was standing also told her he smelled of alcohol, Hustis said. Gloria Arminio, a senior English major in the class, said the class was more confused by the incident than scared. “Everyone was just waiting to see what would happen,” she said. Hustis reported the incident to Paulette LaBar, secretary in the English department, who then called Campus Police. According to Arminio, police officers entered the classroom 10 minutes later and talked to the class to get details. Arminio said an officer told the class the man was also caught trying to “tutor” young girls outside the Library. There have also been reports of him at the Brower Student Center, Hustis said. The officer said Campus Police would put the man on a list of people banned from the College, so that legal action could be taken if he was found on campus again.

Sneakers are comfortable.


By Jillian Greene Columnist

As the end of the semester approaches, students are struggling to find time to do just about anything, let alone time to find a cute outfit. The Library is getting increasingly crowded as students stress to finish group projects, write final papers, submit late assignments and begin studying for finals. How can we possibly pull it off? I ask myself this at the end of every semester, yet I still don’t have an answer. I don’t think anybody does. Stress is at an all-time high among students. This stress can affect many things, such as our eating habits, sleep schedule, overall health and, more importantly, our outfit choices. I’m seeing an increase in students on campus dressed in their pajamas. This leads me to assume that they have been studying all night and were too tired to pick out an outfit. Of course, I am not saying there is anything wrong with wearing pajamas to class or the Library. In fact, pajamas are an acceptable outfit in college. However, don’t forget: Dress well, test

well! During the next two weeks, comfort is key as we cram and spend an unthinkable amount of hours in the Library. However, just because an outfit is comfortable, does not mean that it cannot be stylish, too. Dressing nice on the days of your finals will boost your confidence and overall attitude going into the exam. Yes, I admit my outfits this week have not been my finest. However, I’ve made it work. If you’re thinking about your group project or finals creeping up the second you open your eyes in the morning, then you may decide to get dressed without any logical thought process. I promise that you are not alone. My advice, which I have implemented in my own life, is to pick out an outfit the night before. It’ll save time, and any extra time is valuable to stressed-out students. I usually turn to leggings and a long sweater with sneakers because the outfit still has the comfort of pajamas, but is cute enough to keep you feeling confident. Good luck studying, fashionistas!

Girl pulls off a casual look.


: Hectic year for celebs will end


Hadid walks the runway and The Weeknd performs at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. By Mackenzie Cutruzzula Columnist As the end of the year approaches, we can begin to reflect on 2016. As a culture, we followed the highly contested presidential election, saw an outpouring of memes and paid close attention to the whereabouts of Taylor Swift. The year has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride filled with emotions, and I think everyone is excited for it to be over. Possibly besides President-elect Donald

Trump who will actually have to take the White House in 2017. This week, “Saturday Night Live” maintained its streak of making fun of Trump’s antics. Attacking Trump’s tweeting habits, the show commented on how Trump’s focus on social media is taking away from his White House preparations. Trump fired back via Twitter, saying that the show is biased. He also wrote that Alec Baldwin’s impersonation “can’t get any worse.” Baldwin retaliated by tweeting

back that he would stop the gig if Trump released his tax returns, which has been another hot topic in 2016. Jennifer Aniston also made an appearance on “SNL” during its “Weekend Update” segment. Aniston asked cast member Vanessa Bayer to stop impersonating her “Friends” character Rachel Green. The two squabbled over the accusation that Green never contributed much to conversations during her run on the sitcom. Bayer and Aniston are appearing together in the upcoming movie “Office Christmas Party.” As if 2016 couldn’t get anymore cringeworthy, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd proved the year had more to give. After their recent breakup, the two were forced to run into each other on the Victoria’s Secret runway. Hadid walked in her first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where her ex-boyfriend also performed. Photos were released that showed The Weeknd trying to serenade his ex on the runway. The model stayed calm, cool and collected as she strutted past him. The two exchanged polite

smiles before Hadid stole the spotlight back. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were able to provide some good news in this desolate year as they announced the birth of their second child together. Dimitri Portwood Kutcher, who was born in the early hours of Wednesday, Nov. 30, joined the couple’s other daughter Wyatt Isabelle. Kutcher and Kunis say they keep their children out of the spotlight. According to the couple, the children can decide if they would like

to be in the public eye when they are older. I would like to personally thank Kunis and Kutcher for reminding us that there is still good in the world. As the semester finishes off, I thank you for another wonderful semester of keeping up with celebrity drama. From the Royal Family to award season, I’m excited to see what 2017 will bring us. Mostly, I’ll continue patiently waiting for Taylor Swift to release new music throughout the new year.


Kunis and Kutcher announce birth of their second child.

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The Signal: Fall '16 No. 13  

The 12/7/16 issue of The Signal, The College of New Jersey’s student newspaper

The Signal: Fall '16 No. 13  

The 12/7/16 issue of The Signal, The College of New Jersey’s student newspaper