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Understanding it is easier than you think. Seecret® Collagen Anti-Aging gets under your skin. Skin functions that become less effective with age are reactivated. Seecret® revitalises the skin: Seecret® not only revitalises your skin: Seecret® also activates

it shines with youthful vitality.

bio-positive body functions thanks to its exclusive (optional)

Normal skin aging

vitamin D system.

The Seecret® effect

Only Seecret® Light treatment has that unique combination of red collagen light for the skin plus clear Vita D+ light. The extra Vita D+ lamps stimulate the important vitamin D supply produced by the body. Fibroblast


Seecret® boosts energy reserves and bolsters the immune system naturally. Noticeably more energy and vitality. Clean and natural Seecret® Anti-Aging keeps you fit throughout your day. Seecret® gives you a great body feeling all over and a general feeling of wellbeing.

Elastin The reduction in the level of cell pro­duction by the body results in a decrease in collagen and elastin proteins. The deposits that support the skin are thus no longer being produced in sufficient amounts and the skin becomes loose and wrinkled.

Seecret® activates the body’s own collagen production by means of light. Collagen and elastin in turn tone the skin and restore its elasticity. And all this is the result of the naturally vitalising effect of red collagen light.

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Red collagen light

collagen anti-aging


You love it, you live it – the feeling of being young at heart. You feel it and you see it because you are aware of that little secret: Your skin and Seecret®.

Worldwide scientific studies prove the vitalising effect of collagen light treatment on the skin. The rejuvenating effect on the skin becomes apparent after just four weeks of applying Seecret® Anti-Aging around 2 to 3 times per week. After 10 to 12 weeks, the vitalising effect has achieved perfection.

Attractiveness and youthful freshness – natural, clean Anti-Aging with Seecret® gives you that great feeling of looking and feeling young. The secret lies in the skin-revitalising effect of Seecret® light, the stimulating effect on the body. As a result your body looks youngernot only does it appear more relaxed, it is more relaxed! Each Seecret® light bath allows the skin to recover in a natural way, reconstituting itself each time. The first improvements are soon visible: the skin becomes smoother, more elastic, the first small lines disappear. Lie back, relax and experience it again and again: Each subsequent Seecret® Anti-Aging improves the appearance and functioning of the skin in a natural, clean way that lasts.

Having little secrets is in your nature: Seecret® vitalises your skin’s own collagen and elastin. The result: Your skin appears younger and smoother. The experience: You feel good in your own skin.

Prof. Stan Pavel attests to the effectiveness of light treatment using Seecret® Anti-Aging and the positive effect of the special Vita D+ lamps found in Seecret® devices: “As one gets older, the production of collagen and elastin proteins diminishes, the skin loses its resilience and elasticity. Research findings have proven the skin-rejuvenating effect of collagen and elastin production. There is also scientific evidence that vitamin D improves the immune system, is generally good for one’s health and protects the body against external influences, for example infections.”

Seecret – with a small secret and a big promise. ®

Prof. Stan Pavel University Professor for Dermatology, Head of the Department of Phototreatment and a leading scientist in the Department of Dermatology at the Centre for Medicine of the University of Leiden, the Netherlands

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