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Special Prosecutor accused by former Premier of making “lame excuses” Former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands Michael Misick has criticised Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick for refusing to allow him to return home from a Brazilian jail on a charter plane that will be paid for by his family. In a letter written from prison, Misick, who was arrested in Rio de Janeiro on December 7th, 2012, told Garlick: “I am disappointed by your response to my verbal request and written request to voluntarily return home to answer question or any future charges that you may levy against me. I am determined to clear my name in relation to the Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick Former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands Michael Misick allegations made by you towards me. In response to my request to voluntarily return British Virgin Islands I may decide to stay there. voluntarily surrender.” home directly on a charter flight, paid for by my This is the lamest excuse I have ever heard Misick added: “As a former Premier and a leader family, your excuse is that I may change my mind a law enforcement professional use to someone in my country, I have not made that decision lightly. between the prison and the airport and refuse to who is on the Interpol Red Alert and wanted Therefore I could (not) and never will change my board the plane or (during) my stop-over in the in a jurisdiction for questioning and wants to mind en route to Turks and Caicos Islands. Continued on PG 2

Anti-corruption groups writes Governor about SIPT’s $12M settlement with Sandals – Page 8

Budget pushed back until May – Page 21

3500 Wild dogs a threat to tourism in Provo – Page 10

Court of Appeal President warns local lawyers – Page 13

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Mike Misick hits out at Helen Garlick

Continued from PG 1

I therefore pledge to you and most importantly to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands (that) if you withdraw the prison order and lift the Red Alert so that I can travel, my family will provide a plane for my return home, Officers from the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police force and/ or Interpol can also accompany me on that direct flight to the Turks and Caicos Islands. My word is my honor and at this stage all I have left is my word. I (have) already spent six (6) weeks in prison in Brazil with no effort on your part, (no effort) on Turks and Caicos Government part, and (no effort) on the British part to have my safe return. If you are serious about even the appearance of Justice and not revenge and prosecution I ask that you in good faith reconsider your decision to reject my voluntary return. I again state that there is no need for a long and expensive process of extradition as I am willing to return voluntarily within 24 to 48 hrs of your agreement to have me return voluntarily. The power is in your hands to do what is right and decent. My trust as always is in my God.” However, Attorney General Huw Shepheard says the fact that former Turks and Caicos Islands premier Michael Misick is being held in prison until the extradition process is completed is “a matter for the Brazilian authorities”. And, he says, Misick will also have the opportunity to influence the time the process takes, by deciding whether to contest the extradition and/or deciding whether to pursue his political asylum appeal, or not.

Shepheard was responding to an open letter issued to the media by Misick stating his willingness to return to the TCI to face questions relating to ongoing criminal investigations. The Attorney General said Misick is the subject of an extradition request made lawfully and properly, in accordance with the relevant Treaty in place between the UK and Brazil, as extended to the Turks and Caicos Islands. He added: “As such, he is currently being held in accordance with the terms of this Treaty, under a provisional warrant of arrest. Supporting documentation will be provided by the TCI authorities in January 2013, within the required 60 days from arrest. Then the Brazilian Courts and authorities will process the case and make their decision. This legal process in Brazil must now be followed. That Mr Misick is being held in prison until the process is completed is a matter for the Brazilian authorities. Mr Misick will also have the opportunity to influence the time the process takes, by deciding whether to contest the extradition and/ or deciding whether to pursue his political asylum appeal, or not.” The AG noted that prior to his arrest in Brazil, Misick had a over a year long window of opportunity to return to the Turks and Caicos to face questions about his role in relation to the criminal investigation arising from the Sir Robin Auld Commission of Inquiry 2008-09 Report. “Unfortunately, despite assurances given on several occasions by Mr Misick’s legal representatives that he would return to TCI, he clearly never arrived. His continued nonappearance and reluctance to come willingly to

be questioned in the TCI is why an Interpol Red Notice was finally sought and granted,” Shepheard added. “To be clear – when Mr Misick visited the TCI, usually by private plane, after his resignation as Premier he was free to do so, and it appears that he stopped coming when he knew that his arrest was actively sought. The fact that the Brazilian authorities have retained Mr Misick in custody reflects the view that Mr Misick is a high flight risk.” In Misick’s letter to Garlick, he reminded her that he is a 47-year-old man who has spent 20 “distinguished years in politics and dedicated service to my country Turks and Caicos Islands”. The former Premier added: “In addition to having the honor of being the country’s first Premier, I have served in many different capacities as Minister (of Government) over the past 20 years. It is known that I did not at any time abscond or run away from the Turks and Caicos Islands or any charges. The fact is that I was away from home almost two (2) years when the arrest warrant was issued for me. It is also a known fact that because of the changes in the constitution, like removing the right to persons accused to a trial by jury, changes to various laws of evidence including the hearsay view, I am of the firm view it was and is not possible to get a fair trial for me and my colleagues.” He continued: “It is a known fact that I while in office along with my colleagues advocate independence from Britain for our country Turks and Caicos Islands and it is my belief that this entire investigation, charges and pending charges is politically motivated and that we are being prosecuted because of our political views. As a result of the above position, it was also a known fact that I had applied for political asylum in a third country because of the political prosecution stated above and the violation of my human rights. I have decided that in spite of my firm belief that I cannot get a fair trial, nor can my colleagues, and in spite of my political prosecution because of our belief that the Turks and Caicos should be independent and Turks and Caicos Islanders should be running every aspect of government, to voluntarily return home. “ Meantime, Shepheard said he has been informed by the UK Government that consular officials at the British Consulate-General in Rio De Janeiro are providing consular assistance to Mr Misick. This has included visits to Mr Misick to check on his welfare. Consular officials have given to Mr Misick a prisoner support pack which provides useful advice to British prisoners in Brazil, for example details of their rights, expectations, where they can turn to for support, and details of local English speaking lawyers. The information in this pack can be found at “The people of the TCI should be reassured that Mr Misick is receiving the same level of consular support available to British citizens detained in a Brazilian prison. Consular officers have also explained to close family members how to apply for a prison visit pass from the Brazilian authorities in order to visit Mr Misick. “Mr Misick’s current situation is clearly complex and there are many decisions yet to be made by him and the Brazilian authorities that will affect how long it takes to conclude. It is in everyone interests that the legal processes are properly followed at all times,” Shepheard added



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country that things began to progress. We got of Grant in Aid, and began to pay our When our first Chief Minister own way. So much so, that returned home in the mid 1970’s, I we had gotten rid of all of was away in London. Between my the roosters that were in key stint in London and Jamaica, he positions of front line civil had begun the process of educating service responsibilities. our people as to the oppression Since the Interim that was meted out to them by the Administration had been British administration at that time. in operation over the past You had a few white men aided and three years, and even now abetted by a few of our own people that political government who had inserted themselves into has been restored, we are our lives and were preventing us seeing more and more pale from getting whatever jobs and faces within the rank and opportunities, meager though they ROYAL ROBINSON file of the civil service. Most be! CONTRIBUTER of them are not bringing in We seem to have now gone ROYAL ROBINSON any level of expertise that full circle to the days when a few CONTRIBUTER could not be found in Turks and Caicos Islanders. took the plum jobs available and still denied the crumbs to the rest of us. Mr. McCartney started a Remember now, we have just been on a massive movement of civil consciousness that was designed education and training agenda so that Turks and to bring awareness to the injustices that were daily Caicos Islanders could be both qualified and handed down to us. Some of the methods that were certified for the positions in this country. I have employed, I might not have agreed with. But some always said that we cannot build this country of them were effective. During the process of re- by ourselves. However, that does not mean that socialization, a number of British officials were others from outside should have work while are removed as well as some of our own oppressors. people are looking on! What I am seeing these days is that the They felt comfortable sitting in their ivory towers, drinking tea and smoking cigars while we had to service is being riddled with white men and “yes, sir, Mr. White Man” people. Some are from other work unnecessarily hard to just eke out a living. Scholarships and “government” jobs were for countries, and some are our own. This nonsense the chosen named few. I was able to break through just has to stop. If it does not, one of the days that barrier because a new department was being a spark will light the tinder box that has been set up and I had the necessary tools at that time smoldering for some time now. I am not one of Math, Geography and English Language as bit racist. I am just being real! Some of these starters. Many of my contemporaries were not so people that come with their faked or sometimes fortunate. The US bases were in operation, but they no credentials are setting this country up for a too could only absorb so much. It was a hard time fall. Most of them have no respect for anything getting entry level work there as well. The ordinary TCI and that will have to stop. They are no better Turks and Caicos Islander on leaving the High qualified than us. How can you really tell me, School had to either go “sailing” for National Bulk and expect me to believe that someone with no degree, or an associate’s degree, has the mental Carriers or go to the Bahamas in search of work. After the Junkanoo incident, the Small capacity to do a job better than a person with a Commission and the 1976 Constitution that Masters or Doctorate. But this seems to be the ushered in Ministerial government in this country, order of the day. In the name of a reform of the things began to look better for us. We were still in Civil Service, what has happened is that most of receipt of Grant in Aid of Development from the the good people that would challenge the Interim UK. But as former Minister Stafford Missick used administration were sent home. Those that really to say, “they sent the corn, and the roosters to eat needed to go were left to clog up the system. So it too”! So at the end of the day, not very much what you have is persons being fearful for their trickled down to us. It was not until Ministers jobs, doing things that are not in the best interest began to take control of the development of this of Turks and Caicos Islanders, because they are By Royal S. Robinson





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told so to do. After the Catchpole’s debacle, I understand from the Deputy Governor that there is going to be another pay and grading review. The first on did not bear any meaningful result. What it did was to disrupt the normal flow of things. If that was the objective, then they succeeded. With the impending imposition of VAT against the express will of the people of this country is setting up the situation that is ripe for civil disobedience. The people of this country cannot remain silent any longer when their wishes are being thwarted by an unelected Governor, ably assisted by a number of his hand-picked operatives. The people of this country are beginning to wonder if they elected their representative to just go to Grand Turk and collect a salary. If we cannot get true representation after being in long lines, what is the use? Should the Governor and Senior civil servants be dictating what policies should be enacted and followed in this country? Surely this is a situation where the cart is before the horse. This must be turned around or else the governed would not be governable!


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$10 million budget gap without VAT

By Vivian Tyson

If the controversial Value Added Tax (VAT) is not introduced on April 1, a number of government cuts would have to be made which could run in excess of $10 million, warned Hugh McGarel Groves, Chief Financial Officer for the Turks and Caicos Islands. The Dr. Rufus Ewing Administration had asked the United Kingdom Government to initially delay the tax’s implementation for a year, so that his administration could craft an alternative revenue stream. But after British Minister in charge of the FCO, Mark Simmons said that he was not sold on the idea, and that such a long wait could affect revenue collection in the TCI, the Ewing government altered the timeline from a year to six months. The Progressive National Party Government (PNP) also presented its alternative revenue measure, which it claimed could raise in excess of $15 million. However, the UK government rejected the timeline as well as the revenue proposal, dismissing them as not realistic, and has instead opted to stick with VAT’s implementation. As a result, Ewing, at a news conference last week, threatened that his government would not play any part in assisting the UK government to establish VAT in the Turks and Caicos Islands because it was his believed it would be an oppressive tax that could drill many Turks and Caicos Islanders deeper into poverty. In an interview with members of the media on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, in Providenciales, McGarel Groves cautioned that the cuts would come if the consumption tax is not introduced on its due date, since government would not be able to collect the revenue that its projection would yield. “I need to make it very clear, if VAT is not implemented on the 1st of April, we would have to reduce expenditure because we would not have enough revenue to support the planned expenditure programme. So

CFO Hugh McGarel Groves

we would have to reduce expenditure by at least $10 million. And that means less money for things like schools and health and roads and all the other things that government pays for,” McGarel Groves forewarned. “We need to go ahead with VAT on the 1st of April; we are two months away from introducing VAT. No viable alternatives have been put forward. So what the UK minister said in the letter that was published last week is, we need to go ahead with VAT on the 1st of April. We will discuss the situation a year’s time if you have been able to develop alternatives to VAT. And if they are viable and supportable, then we could consider implementing them in a year’s time, possibly alongside VAT, possibly, instead of VAT,” the CFO added. He said that the alternative tax proposal put forward by the local government was patchy and could be recipes for contention among businesses. “All these other suggestions that are being made involved businesses paying additional tax, and in many cases, that would be challenged because businesses would say ‘we

have got this agreement, you can’t do it’. And I don’t think that has been factored into these proposals that are put forward. They haven’t done the research to identify which businesses have agreements and which businesses don’t. And which business they can charge additional tax to and which ones they can’t. “The other idea which has been suggested, apart from increasing the accommodation tax is, to make

it apply to more things. So at the moment, the resorts are paying more accommodation tax on rooms and meals but not on things like spas, water activities, and so on. So the suggestion is the accommodation tax would apply to everything they billed their customers in the same way as VAT would. But that would run straight into these concession agreements, where resorts would simply say ‘I don’t have to pay tax on these other things because the government agreement says that I don’t have to’,” McGarel Groves emphasized. He added: “The whole idea about these alternatives that have been put through, they haven’t been thought through, they haven’t been researched. Another one that has been suggested is to reduce smuggling. Well, Customs Department is already doing everything it can to reduce smuggling. So what’s the magic solution? Is it going to suddenly let them get a lot more tax from reduced smuggling? It may be possible, but it needs to be agreed with the Customs Department.” McGarel Groves noted that while those debates were taking place, there would remain the need to offset government costs and a reliable revenue source to make it happen.

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Integrity group writes to Governor Todd about SIPT US$12million settlement with Sandals

The head of a leading Caribbean action-corruption agency has written to Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands Ric Todd about the recent $12million settlement between Government, the Special Investigations and Prosecutions Team and Gordon “Butch” Stewart’s Sandals International. In a letter dated January 24th, Professor Trevor Munroe, director of the National Integrity Action (NIA), expressed concern about the perception surrounding the settlement. Munroe, one of the Caribbean’s leading public scholars, has written extensively on issues of corruption and governance, including authoring Transparency International’s National Integrity System country studies of Jamaica, the Caribbean and, most recently, the Turks and Caicos Islands. He wrote: “Dear Governor Todd, I write in my capacity as Executive Director of the National Integrity Action, a Jamaican nongovernmental organization whose objective it is to build integrity and combat corruption, and I do so in response to the news release (dated January 23, 2013) issued by your spokesman entitled “SIPT Recover a Further Twelve Million.” As you are aware this release and the matter dealt with therein involving Sandals and the Turks & Caicos Islands Government is

Professor Trevor Munroe

attracting wide spread attention from not only citizens of the Turks & Caicos Islands, but as well persons throughout the Caribbean and wider afield. One aspect of public concern and attention relates to a fundamental principle of the rule of law and of democratic governance, namely, that there should be one law for the rich and for the poor, one law for the connected persons and for the man in the street. In relation to this fundamental principle, Caribbean people have been, for decades, distressed at its inadequate application in so far as the perception, and I dare say to a significant extent the reality, is that the full extent of the law is applied to the ordinary citizen while the wealthy and the powerful find ways

the many thousands of citizens of to get around the law. Within recent times, the the region, that these fundamental issue of arrest warrants for principles, long upheld in the British highly placed politicians and judicial system, are in no way being private sector persons by the undermined by the agreement reached authorities in the Turks & whereby the SIPT “recovered” USD Caicos Islands, as well as in 12 Million Dollars from Sandals Cayman, have provided some “without any admission of liability reassurance that traditional by the company, its directors and/or “untouchables” are not beyond officers.” I do look forward to hearing the reach of the law. In the matter between from you.” Professor Munroe is Sandals and the Turks & currently an Honorary Visiting Caicos Islands Government, Professorial Fellow at the Sir NIA and every well thinking Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and citizen must acknowledge Economic Studies, UWI, and has that each individual and entity served as Consultant to the World must be considered innocent Bank, the Organization of American until found guilty before a court States, the Carter Centre, the United of law; equally, that no illegitimate Nations Development Programme, consideration should preclude any Transparency International, the individual or entity, however well USAID, the UK’s Department for connected and however much a International Development (DFID) contribution they have made, from amongst other international, regional having their day in court to establish and national organizations. He is innocence or to be found guilty. currently a member of the Advisory I am therefore writing you to Group on Global Political Finance seek your reassurance, not only established by the International on my own behalf but on behalf of Foundation of Electoral Systems.

SIPT recovers $12M from Sandals Resorts International

The Special Investigation Prosecution Team (SIPT) and the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) have reached an agreement with Sandals Resorts International and its directors and officers in respect of the SIPT investigations. According to a release from Neil Smith, spokesman for Governor Ric Todd, this agreement is without any admission of liability by the company, its directors and/or officers. It does not however prevent the prosecution of any other persons in respect of any facts and matters. The agreement, which involves a payment of USD$12 million to TCIG, is due in part to the co-operation of the company with the United States authorities to a degree that has been acknowledged to be both extraordinary and unique and included the early and voluntary release of valuable evidence that has been shared with the SIPT. That information has materially assisted SIPT's investigations, the release added.


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$50,000 fine or 2 year prison term for illegal importation By Vivian Tyson

Importers, who bring commodities into the Turks and Caicos Islands that could be considered a health risk or without the requisite licenses, could face a fine up up to $50,000 or face a two year imprisonment or both, under the Animal Health Ordinance and the Plant Health Ordinance 2012. This was disclosed by Chief Veterinary Officer and Head of the Animal Division in the Department of Agriculture for the TCI, Dr. Mark Anthony Butler. Butler was delivering a presentation at the Department of Agriculture’s Sensitization Workshop of imports/ imports Regulations at the Environmental Centre in the Bight, Providenciales on Wednesday, January 23. According to Butler, under the new ordinance, no control commodity would be allowed to be imported into the country unless an animal import permit has been issued, and under the new regulations, anyone runs breach of that those laws could face stiff penalties. “If you bring something in here that is going to pose a threat to the country, we are going to have you arrested. The fine is $50,000 and imprisonment for two years or both. So, above every single thing, if customs sees somebody with a controlled commodity – animal, plant, whatever it is – and you do not see them with import permit, that is illegal. “If you are not issued with that import permit, then that particular importation is going to be remedied. Some remedies are harsher than some. A person who wishes to import any controlled commodity into the islands must apply to the Animal Health Service or the Plant Health Service on an approved form and must pay the prescribed fee,” he pointed out. Butler said that under the new ordinance, if someone imports goods at a port that the ordinance does not

Dr. Mark Anthony Butler

designate as a port or entry, such action would be construed as illegal importation, and so, the individual would be deemed running afoul of the law and would liable for prosecution. “So, if it is outside of what the definition above (ordinance) said is a port under the Customs Ordinance, then it is illegal and we will seize it and do what the ordinance says we ought to do with it. No controlled commodity is to be imported into the islands unless an animal import permit has been issued,” he said. He added: “A person who imports or attempts to import a controlled commodity in contravention of this section commits an offense, and this is where the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force comes in.

Under the Agriculture Ordinance, we are enforcement officers, but we do not have the power of arrest. And this is where we need the assistance of the police force.” He said the that the regulations were not designed to be arduous because his department was mindful that there were importers in the TCI, who bring items in on a regular basis, and so, an opening has been made for them to be granted multiple import licenses. “It saves time; it prevents you from applying for every single consignment that you intend to import. Now, if you abuse the system it is going to be taken away from you. We have so much facilitation to bring pets in the country, it is unbelievable, so people have to make use of those facilities that we have. We have pet passports, we have reentry permits, and we have multiple entry permits. It is all a simple process and it is not something that is onerous,” he said. Butler noted also that under the new ordinance, the movement of large animals within the TCI would be subjected to authorization, as the individual conducting such operation would also need a permit to do so. This, his said, would help to prevent animal diseases being transferred from one island to the next. “We are not talking about dogs and cats; we are talking about larger animals, because of the disease that they may have. Think about it, do you want a disease that is one island to be on all the islands in the Turks and Caicos? So we have to control that sort of animal movement,” he reiterated. The Animal and Plant Health Ordinances came into law on November 1, 2012.

Royal Turks & Caicos Islands Police to Visit Schools

Pupils at Enid Capron Primary School received a visit from officers of the Royal Turks & Caicos Islands Police on Thursday 24th January. Earlier this morning Police Public Relations Officer, Special Constable Audley A. Astwood and Social Media Officer Constable Kevin Clarke, spoke to pupils about community safety and gave information on what the police do. This was the second visit made by the police. The school visit on the

morning of 22nd of January 2013 was the first of many which will take place throughout this year. The officers were in North and Middle Caicos on 23rd of January at Raymond Gardiner High School and all of the primary schools in both islands. The children got a chance to meet and asked questions to police officers from various sections of the Police Force. Officers spoke to the pupils about road safety, internet safety, joining the Police Cadets and crime prevention. Special Constable Audley A.

Astwood said: “One of the goals of this initiative is to visit all of the schools within the country. We arranged these visits to the schools as it is a great way of educating children on what the police do and the young people that we speak to are usually very interested in policing.” Rachel Taylor, Principal at Enid Capron Primary, said: “It is so

important that the children see the work that the police do in order to build positive relationships between police, school and the community.” Please visit our web site at www. or RTCIPF for more crime prevention information. For more information please contact Audley A. Astwood at 2323763

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3,500 wild dogs threaten tourism in Provo By Vivian Tyson

The approximately 3,500 feral dogs roaming the streets of Providenciales could decimate the tourism industry in the event certain animal-borne diseases such as rabies were to find its way into the Turks and Caicos Islands; this warning was issued by Director of Agriculture Nicholas ‘Nikki’ Turner. Turner, who was speaking at the Department of Agriculture’s Sensitization Workshop on Wednesday, January 23, at the Environmental Centre, said that his department was getting information that wild dogs were still harassing tourists and residents on beaches and other areas of Providenciales. He said since those canines are at the forefront of exposure, if diseases such as rabies were to enter the TCI shores, they could be the first to contract it. And since they attack people, it would be easy for them to pass on the disease to humans, thereby potentially crippling the tourism industry. “There are nearly 3,500 wild dogs running around on this island (Providenciales). Everybody knows - friends, special acquaintances, Tourist Board – everywhere. People

are getting bitten and harassed by bad dogs on beaches, outside people’s homes, all about the place. If rabies gets on this island, it is going to go through the wild dog population like that, and you can kiss goodbye to the tourist industry overnight – and there goes 90 percent of our revenue as a country,” he warned. The Agriculture Director reminded the public that based on evidence of lapses in the ports system; it was fairly easy to import infected dogs and other animals, especially from Hispaniola. “Even now there are Dominican boats bringing in illegal dogs up to Grand Turk without any medical certification whatsoever, and it is dangerous. So the Department of Agriculture takes its responsibility seriously. It isn’t just animal import, it isn’t just plant imports – all are very important – but it is also the import of foodstuffs, and that’s our responsibility as well. “We know that for too long, the controls for the imports of foodstuff into the country has been slack… let me go on further and say nonexistent. We have in the Dominican Republic and Haiti more diseases of animal and plants than you could care to count.

“ Many of these diseases not only affect animals, they also affect human beings – rabies is the worst of them, bird flu is another one, swine flu is another one – they are all down there. And people question us when we say to them, ‘you are not allowed to bring products up from Hispaniola anymore’, and we say ‘that’s why’. Turner said further that his department was sometimes wary of presented health and food safety certificates from Haiti and the Dominican Republic because they differ almost on a daily basis. “We know that a lot of stuff that comes down from America comes from institutions which have been certified by the USDA, and therefore, they carry a blanket approval. I see export permits or health certificates from the Dominican Republic and Haiti which vary by the day. And we would say ‘how do I know that any of these things are valid’? “We have to take them as valid because they are issued to us as valid. But when we get a certification from the USDA in America or Canada or Europe, or anywhere like that when it comes into IGA or wherever – we are pretty sure that that’s okay because they have to be approved by the USDA,” he said.

In the meantime, Turner cautioned that if the Turks and Caicos Islands does not get on board with the ever changing world of food and animal safety, it could suffer the consequences of other countries not wanting to trade. As a result, he said his department has embarked on implementing legislations and regulations to tackle those anomalies. “The world is changing rapidly, and it is time for the Turks and Caicos Islands to get on it. And these sorts of legislations and the regulations that we are talking about today are pointing us in the right direction of joining the world. If the European Union, or anywhere for that matter, requires us to provide certification for the wholesomeness of foods that we grow here, be it fish, farming or anything else, then we have got to expect the same from people bringing stuff here,” he said. Turner said that in order to facilitate trade, the Agriculture Department needed to regularize it, so as to have oversight, hence the regulations. He was quick to say that the rules would not be onerous, but would be applied in a way that ensured the population’s health and safety.


Winston Quelch and Antoinette Dennis were grinning from ear to ear when The SUN visited their home in Glass Shack, Providenciales to get their reaction as to how it felt to be the parents of the first baby to be born in the Turks and Caicos Islands for 2013. Timothy Nickson Quelch was recorded as arriving into this world via caesarian section at about 3:12p.m., on January 1, weighing nine pounds eight ounces. Dennis described the process

as long and painful; stating that after hours of contraction there was no dilation, resulting in doctors deciding on surgical delivery. She told The SUN that she was elated to know that little Timothy was first to be born this year after her long ordeal. For his part, the proud father described little Timothy’s arrival as a priceless present, stating that his happiness was indescribable. The obviously happy couple and their new arrival take time to pose for The SUN’s camera.


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Flight support limited wins judicial review against ServisAir and Airport Authority

Flight Support Limited, which is owned by Lyndon Gardiner’s Interisland Aviation Services, was successful in the judicial review it brought against the Turks and Caicos Islands Airport Authority, challenging its decision to enter into a joint venture with ServisAir to provide ground handling services at the Providenciales International Airport. In a press release, the company said it is relieved that the Court has clarified the law in line with our understanding of it: that TCIAA as the regulator cannot simultaneously act as competitor with the same industry it regulates, and has today issued an Order quashing the decision of TCIAA to enter into the Joint Venture (JV) with Servisair PLS Limited and granted a permanent injunction restraining TCIAA from participating in a JV with Servisair PLS Limited for the purpose of providing Ground Handling Services at the airport. The clear and concise judgment from the Court on this issue

is a boost for private enterprise and Besides the obvious conflict of interest small businesses in the jurisdiction with the business it regulates, the model who are regulated by Government. TCIAA employed of granting the JV It has been our position from massive subsidies whilst raising the the onset that:costs of rents etc. at the airport would 1. TCIAA had put itself in eventually drive existing entities out of a position of inevitable conflict business and in effect establish the JV of interest by entering into a JV company as a monopoly. to compete with the very same We are proud of the service that we business its role is to regulate. provide at Providenciales International TCIAA is not a commercial Airport, as evidenced by the numerous enterprise and was set-up to be awards we have received from our a Public Body whose function is customers, and will continue to focus to serve the travelling public as a our efforts on constant improvement regulator and manager of airports for the benefit of the traveling public. in the Turks and Caicos. Established in 1995, FlightSupport 2. TCIAA had no need to Ltd. is a member of the InterIsland enter into a joint venture as it Aviation Services Group. The Company could have just issued a new was created to serve as agents for airline license to an operator; there were ticket sales and eventually expanded its others interested in the ground services into the commercial airline handling business and had made ground handling business. Through the 2008 acquisition their wishes known to TCIAA when they decided to look for a JV of Paradise Group and subsequent partner. consolidation with their subsidiary, 3. TCIAA has said their Professional Flight Support, the primary motive with entering company became the largest ground the JV was to generate revenue. handling operator at Providenciales

International Airport (PLS). With a multilingual professional staff exceeding 140, FlightSupport Ltd. has significantly improved the quality of Ground Handling services available at Providenciales and has arguably the highest on time performance (for controllable delays) across its airline customers within the region. FlightSupport Ltd. currently provides complete above and below-wing support to the following scheduled air carriers:- Air Canada, Air Turks and Caicos, Bahamasair, British Airways, CanJet, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United/ Continental Airlines, US Airways and WestJet. We also provide adhoc services to charter companies such as Miami Air, Hapag Lloyd, North American Airlines and many others. The company has received a number of awards and commendations from its airline partners including WestJet, Delta and the prestigious Silver Long Haul Award from British Airways.

Delroy Howell wins appeal

The Court of Appeal of Jamaica, comprising the president, Justice Seymour Panton; Justice Dennis Morrison and Justice Norma Mcintosh, on Friday January 18, handed down a decision in Civil Appeal No. 61 of 2011 brought by Delroy Howell, Kenarthur Mitchell and Howell’s company, First Financial Caribbean (Jamaica) Limited against First Financial Caribbean Trust Company Limited which is also owned by Howell. Summary Judgement for Breach of Fiduciary Duty among other claims had been granted by Mr.Justice Brooks against Delroy Howell, Kenarthur Mitchell and First Financial Caribbean (Jamaica) Limited on the 5th May

and set aside the Summary Judgment. In this appeal Mr. Howell was represented in court by Mr. Douglas Leys, Q.C. and Mr. Roderick Gordon instructed by Mr. G. Anthony Levy of G. Anthony Levy & Co. Lord Anthony Gifford, Q.C., Mr. Conrad George and Ms. Kimone Tennant instructed by Hart Muirhead Fatta represented Kenarthur Mitchell and First Financial Caribbean (Jamaica)

Delroy Howell

2011. The Appellants, Howell and Mitchell. appealed against the Summary Judgement. The Court of Appeal allowed the Appeal with cost

Limited. Michael Hylton, Q.C., Mr. Kevin Powell and Mr. Sundiata Gibbs instructed by Michael Hylton & Associates represented the Respondent, First Financial Caribbean Trust Company Limited. The Court of Appeal of Jamaica indicated the reasons for its decision will be given at a later date.

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LIME, Tourist Board, Culture Dpt. launch Island Fish Fry


squarely in front of our visitors.” Drexwell Seymour, LIME’s General Manager dubbed the event as great for the Turks and Caicos Islands in general. He said his company’s involvement in the event comes at a time when LIME will be celebrating 150 years existence in the Turks and Caicos Islands. By Vivian Tyson “And so, we want to have a big splash at the beginning of this event. What I like about Persons living and visiting the Turks and Caicos this event is that we are going to have about Islands can now look forward every Thursday to 12 restaurants, which will be an opportunity to chockfull of TCI culture while enjoying the best showcase their food and to tell the world about island culinary, as Telecoms Company LIME their food,” Seymour said. has partnered with the Turks & Caicos Tourist Seymour added: “This is an excellent Board and the Department of Culture for a initiative being advanced by the Tourist Board weekly Island Fish Fry and Cultural Explosion. and The Department of Culture. LIME is proud LIME is what has been described as the to be a part of this event where visitors would presenting sponsor for the event. get a taste of our Islands through the music The event is to take place at the Children’s and the food.” Mr. Ralph Higgs, Director of Park in the Bight from 5:30p.m., to 9:30p.m. the Turks & Caicos Tourist Board Department And already a number of restaurants and other From left – David Fennimore of the Tourist Board; Delleriece Hall of LIME; LIME’s of Culture, Director, David Bowen, declared: vendors across Providenciales have already General Manager, Drexwell Seymour; Director of Tourism Ralph Higgs; Director of “My department is enthusiastic about joining in scaled on board. The first event begins on Culture, David Bowen; and Beryl Charles of the Tourist Board. this initiative and is happy to support all efforts January 31. get there either by foot or small taxi fee. We want to to showcase our culture.” The launch of Island Fish Fry was held at the encourage our taxi drivers to promote this event as The organizers disclosed that locals are Tourist Board’s conference room on Thursday, well. Perhaps it could mean some additional fares for accustomed to attending a weekly fish fry at the January 24, where the planners explained the nature them in the evening. various restaurants in Providenciales. And this event of the event. “We encourage the entire island to come out and will allow the restaurants to be in one spot so there Director of Tourism Ralph Higgs disclosed support this event. This is a cultural explosion and would be greater opportunity for mingling and to that Island Fish Fry is to be billed as a family and I think we are soon going to become the fish fry of also enjoy a taste of TCI’S culture. tourism event, and his entity would be promoting it choice in the region – that is what we hope for this Vendors that have already been signed up for the by distributing 50,000 flyers to resorts and to guests event. We have very strong backing from LIME, event are: KayJo's, Upstairs Bar & Grill, Froggie’s on arrival at the Providenciales International Airport. and this is going to be promoted widely as LIME’s on da Beach, Middle Caicos Cafe, Hole in the Wall, Higgs said he was confident that the event would network would allow it to be promoted throughout Uncle Dough's Salad Bar, Doreen's Place, Cactus grow from strength to strength. He said also that the the region. Bar & Grill, Smokey's on da Bay, Crackpot Kitchen event would also prove to be an exposure event for He added: “It is on our website, we have a and Miss Moonie's. local artistes and craft vendors, noting that admission Facebook page, and people are following it already. The National Trust is also onboard offering into the event will be free. We are going to promote 50,000 flyers in the first local straw vendors to showcase their wares. Other “We are very excited about the event and we are round; it is going to be handed out at the airport to interested persons are asked to contact Beryl Charles very excited about the venue; I believe it is centrally- every visitor that comes in. This will be distributed at the Turks & Caicos Tourist Board on 649-946located and very accessible, obviously to visitors, at the local hotels and restaurants, and businesses 4970 or via email: bcharles@turksandcaicostourism. and persons in and around the Grace Bay area can across the Islands. And I think that would put us com, for further information.


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Prosecution for anti-VAT businesses

By Vivian Tyson

tax system there is not much penalties 15 percent, and then VAT would go in place to make compliance on to imports. So, small businesses Eligible Value Added Tax (VAT) possible, and so the VAT Legislation importing goods would end up about business which refused to comply was created to stem the necessary paying the same price roughly,” he with its registration process could loopholes. pointed out. face prosecution, Chief Financial “One of the problems that we McGarel Groves said also that Officer, Hugh McGarel Groves has have with existing taxes is that the since items deemed as essential warned. legislation does not have severe would not be taxed, consumers Last week after a tripartite penalties, and therefore, it is hard to should not see a large increase on meeting involving the government, achieve good compliance. We know their supermarket bill at the register. opposition and the Providenciales that we have a lot of businesses that He said that government would Chamber of Commerce, some are not complying, and we haven’t be policing price movements by business owners said that they were had the resource. And now we have businesses and would expose those reluctant to sign up for the tax, while got the legislation to deal with that. who see VAT as an opportunity to others said that they would flat out Under VAT we are going to have sap consumers. not sign their businesses up for it. over 20 staff doing compliance “For the businesses that do However, McGarel Groves, in visits, doing audits, checking if those register for VAT, there is a lot of an interview with the media on businesses are complying, and we exempt items; there is no reason Tuesday, January 22, advised that are going to have legislations with for those prices to change. The key VAT legislation carries a great deal tough penalties for those who choose difference between VAT and sales of penalties for those who failed to not to comply,” McGarel Groves tax, on the sales tax the price goes up comply, adding that those punitive pointed out. In the meantime, the 11 percent; with VAT you can offset measures put in place were deliberate, chief financial officer is reminding the VAT on your purchases. We since it is expected that there would the public that business qualify to have calculated that businesses that be businesses that would not be ready pay VAT if they meet a particular to be whipped in line. turnover threshold, meaning that not “Under the VAT Legislation every enterprise in the TCI would be there are quite severe penalties for required to collect the tax on behalf non-compliance. If businesses don’t of government. comply and don’t pay the penalties “If their turnover is less than they would be taken to court and $200,000 they don’t need to register they would have even bigger for VAT. So, for the very small penalties imposed and all the court businesses that don’t register for costs and legal costs and so on. The VAT, they shouldn’t really see any VAT Legislation has been developed difference. What we are doing is, deliberately to have severe penalties,” we are reducing import duty by the McGarel Groves emphasized. same amount as VAT. So import duty He noted that under the existing would be reduced by 10 percent or

registers and plays fair and doesn’t increase its profit margin, will only need to increase their price by three or four percent where VAT is applied to that item, because VAT on what they pay for the item, they can offset the VAT they put on the sales price. “We have made sure that all basic essentials are exempt from VAT. So, it is non-essential items that would subject to VAT. Prices shouldn’t go up more than three or four percent and we will be monitoring prices. So before the 1st of April and after the 1st of April, we will be doing surveys of prices in the shops, and if we see businesses that are putting up their prices unfairly or more than they should, we will publish details and customers can make their own decisions on whether they want to continue buying from those businesses,” the chief financial officer warned.

Court of Appeal president tells TCI lawyers to be more prepared Lawyers in the Turks and Caicos Islands have been told to be more prepared when they come before the Court of Appeal. The exhortation came from Mr. Justice Edward Zacca, QC, President of the TCI’s Court of Appeal on Thursday January 24th while the court was sitting in Providenciales. “On many occasions matters are listed and sometimes up to the very day of the hearing we don’t have proper files, so I’ve instructed the Registrar that no appeal shall be listed unless there are proper records handed to the court…so that when the judges arrive they have adequate files and information to assist in their preparation,” said Justice Zacca, who sits on the Court of Appeal along with Mr. Justice Elliott Mottley, QC, and Mr. Justice Richard Ground, QC. The Court of Appeal President added: “If you know your case is coming up, be prepared. You can’t have bundles being produced on the morning of the hearing or the day before. We really need sufficient time to review the material so that we can make proper representations, so I’m pleading with members of the Bar.”

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Kurt Walkin is 2012 “What’s in the Box” top winner

Kurt Walkin walked away with Marketing Manager at LIME, said the top prize of an all expense paid that as opposed to 2011, when there round trip ticket for two to New York was one winner, the aim this time courtesy of JetBlue and an ipad after around, was to allow more persons becoming the first to give the correct inside the winners’ enclosure. She answer in the ‘What’s in the Box’ explained that the answers were Christmas Competition. tracked by computer, so as to The item in the box was a bouquet correctly declare the winners in of Pink Roses. It was revealed on proper order. Friday, January 11. The first prize “We gave more people the also includes hotel accommodation opportunity to win the prize. And this and airport pick-up. The official year what we did was that, whoever presentation was done at the LIME got it (correctly named the item in Corporate Office on Tuesday, January the box) first, second, third, fourth 22. – in that order (were declared the Walkin’s trip was courtesy of winners). It is done by computer, so Grace Bay Resorts, while the iPad we can see the date, we can see the was presented by Lime. Neekimo time, we can authenticate that these King won the second place prize of a persons had the answer and it came Blackberry handset from LIME. Third in at this particular time,” Harvey prize winner Cindy Ewing, receive a said. Adelphine Pitter, Resident FCIB account valued $500, sponsored Manager for Grace Bay Club, said by that bank. Kay Vanes-Williams that the vibe on the street in response walked away with the fourth prize of to the “What’s in the Box” contest a 42-inch television set courtesy of almost reached fever pitch in the Building Material. community. Manager for LIME, Drexwell “The Good thing about it is not Seymour, said also that LIME only that people wanted to win the recorded greater participation at the prize, it just creates such a curiosity. end of the just-concluded contest People just want to know, what’s in over the 2011 staging, with more than that box,” Pitter said. 2,000 responses. The responses for The “What’s in the Box” 2011 were roughly 1,200. The money competition is sponsored by the raised would go to LIME’s adopted Grace Bay Resorts Community school – the Oseta Jolly Primary Foundation, telecoms giant LIME, School in Blue Hills. LIME charged CIBC First Caribbean International $1 per text. Bank, Building Materials and the In the meantime, Rachel Harvey, Tourist Board.

: Photo shows the What’s in the Box winners for 2012 along with representatives from the sponsoring companies. From left is Al Palatino of Building Material; Bianca O’Neil of CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank; Dr. Carlton Mills of Grace Bay Resorts Foundation; fourth place winner Kay Vanes-Williams; second place winner Neekimo King; first place winner Kurt Walkin; Drexwell Seymour, LIME’s General Manager and Simone Meme of Building Material.


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FULL AGENDA AT CABINET MEETING A full agenda was dealt with by the Turks and Caicos Cabinet, chaired by His Excellency Governor Ric Todd, at the House of Assembly Building on Grand Turk on Thursday, 24th January 2013. Cabinet discussed papers from the Minister of Finance about the Financial Strategy and Policy Statement (FSPS) and alternatives to VAT. The Premier will write to UK Foreign Office Minister Simmonds shortly about these issues in response to the Minister's letter of 14 January. They also onsidered a paper from the Premier about appointments by Ministers to a replace members of Statutory Bodies whose terms are expiring or to fill vacancies on these bodies. The Boards in question include NHIB, Tourist Board, Immigration Board, Planning Board and the Education, Community College and Scholarship Advisory Boards. Announcements about the individuals appointed will be made by the responsible Ministers in due course. A paper by the Minister of

Finance to re-establish TCInvest healthcare contract. They also considered and as an autonomous body under the supervision of the Premier, focused approved a draft National Youth on developing investment policies, Policy for TCI presented by the promoting investment, evaluating Deputy Premier and invited the and facilitating project proposals, Minister to return to Cabinet with monitoring project implementation proposals for a budget for the Policy and administering concessionary to be determined in the 2013/14 legislation. A working group will be budget allocation process and to set up to draft the legislation. The outline policy prioritisation within budget for the new body will be set in the programme. Cabinet underlined the allocation round for the 2013/14 that this was a strategic multiyear policy, aiming at delivering budget. Cabinet approved the Premier's challenging and important objectives. proposal for the appointment of Cabinet also discussed the a National Honours and Awards overcrowding at the Clement Howell Committee, as provided for in High School (CHHS) and invited the Ordinance, to examine the options Minister for Education to present to for and make recommendations Cabinet costed proposals for short, on a National Awards Programme. medium and long term options to The composition of the Committee address the situation, including: the and its terms of reference will be construction of a new High School: announced by the Premier's office. splitting the High School and It was agreed to continue with a full acquiring by lease new or alternative financial audit by KPMG, working premises; extending the HS; and with ICL; and begin a clinical audit, a shift system at CHHS. Cabinet led by the Ministry of Health; on noted that there were complex issues the performance of ICL under the involved.

Cabinet was briefed by the Commissioner of Lands on the Crown Land Ordinance (2012), Crown Land Policy, land distribution and related matters, including criteria for purchase of residential Crown Land and plans for the allocation of residential land in the coming months. The Commissioner noted that on each of Providenciales, Grand Turk, and North and South Caicos Crown Land was as a result of disposals now some 10% of total land whereas, due to a recent civil recovery, the overwhelming majority of Salt Cay was now Crown Land. Under Any Other Business the Governor noted that, with the Premier's agreement, Cabinet meetings in February would discuss inter alia the promotion and regulation of Financial Services, civil recovery and the Providenciales airport terminal extension. The next Cabinet will be on Grand Turk on Wed, 6 Feb 2013.

Education Minister, Officials discusses school security concerns with parents Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture Hon Akierra Missick hosted a Parent Teacher Association meeting for all public schools on Providenciales to address concerns relating to the

safety of students. The meeting was held at the Gustavus Lightbourne Complex on January 11, 2013. Minister Missick, senior Ministry officials, principals and representatives from the Royal

Turks and Caicos Island Police Force met with parents whose children attended the primary and high Schools on Providenciales. The met to discuss and address concerns arising out of the recent incident at Clement Howell High School as well as to examine some of the measures that will be put in place to tackle school safety issues. Minister Missick explained her statements as it related to the ‘zero tolerance policy’ that is to be implemented noting that “while all efforts will be made to keep all children in school, the school was an environment of learning, rules and regulations.” “It cannot be the policy that the life of the many is being threatened by a few,” the Minister of Education said adding that provisions under section 34 of the Education Ordinance provides for the “disciplining of students who continually break the rules”. Minister Missick noted that among government’s priority was the establishment of a facility that will address the needs of school aged children who could no longer be accommodated in the school system due to gross misconduct. The Minister noted that government is fully aware of its responsibility to ensure that access to learning continues for all school aged

children but that this can be various types of institutions. The message was reinforced by the Additionally the police who were also close partners with the school, reiterated their continued support for that school and that they will post a community liaison officer at the school for the rest of the school term, while other measures are put in place. The police called upon parents and the community to participate in the development of the children and report any behavior that would seem potentially dangerous. Several other measures were announced as department officials informed parents that the schools will be adhering to a strict time for clearing the school compound on afternoons, to avoid loitering and parents will be called upon to play a more active part at school in ensuring that their children are picked up on time . In concluding the Minister re-enforced the need to build partnerships with the schools and parents and others. Minister Missick also reiterated the TCIG’s commitment to making the school environment a safe and healthy one for children and called on members of the schools’ communities to do their part in making it a reality.

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Local Cubans outraged by Haitian-style deportation comment By Vivian Tyson

Some Cubans in the Turks and Caicos Islands have taken offense to a suggestion made by a member of the public in the media that Cubans entered the country illegally should be treated like Haitians, who come here unlawfully. One of the irate Cubans, Julio Mole, said that those utterances were made out of ignorance because some members of the public were unaware of what happens to exile-seeking Cubans after they have been rejected by a country and returned to their homeland. According to him, Cubans are persecuted by their government when they are repatriated, and so their situation was far different from other nationalities that come to the Turks and Caicos Islands in search of improved living condition. “Number one, Cubans are among the most educated people in the world. We have the best medical system also in the world. We are very peaceful and nice, but unfortunately, we have dictatorship for 50-something years – Fidel Castro got in power in 1959 – and he controls everything. That is the reason why Cubans are trying to go other places. “I didn’t like when she (the individual who went to the media) said that they (authorities) must treat Cubans like Haitians. Number one, when Haitians go back to Haiti, they go back to freedom – they go back to democracy; when Jamaicans go back to Jamaica, they go back to freedom and democracy; when they deport the Dominicans, they go back to freedom and democracy; when they deport Cubans, they go to jail. “They don’t go in front of a jury; from the

Julio Mole

airport they take them to jail. They can be in jail for five years, 10 years, 15 years, and 20 years. Castro can put them in jail for many years, just because they want a different life,” Mole explained. According to him, almost everywhere in the world that Cubans land, they are allowed to be granted asylum, saying that the Turks and Caicos Islands should not be exceptional in this regard. “Everywhere Cubans go they are granted asylum – Mexico, the United States, Canada, Italy, UK, Spain, Jamaica, the Bahamas; anywhere they go, they apply for asylum and they give them. If Cubans come to Turks and Caicos they must be treated the same,” Mole argued. Mole added: “I just want to educate the people

of the Turks and Caicos that we are treated like a slave in our own country. Cuba is the only nondemocratic country in the Americas; no matter how poor Haitians are they have a free elected president. “Except for Cuba, the entire Caribbean has free elected government. In South America it is the same. Argentina – freedom; in Chile, Pinochet gone more than 20 years ago – there is freedom; in Brazil there is no dictators; in Venezuela – I may not like Hugo Chavez – there is elections – eight million people say yes, six million people say no. “Chavez is sick; if he dies, the laws said there should be elections. That does not happen in Cuba. When we are deported, we are deported back to jail; we are deported back to dictatorship. Cuba is the only country in the world where you are guilty until you are proven not innocent. Here in the Turks and Caicos Islands, you are not guilty until you are proven guilty. That is what we call freedom and democracy and the rule of law.” A week and a half ago, a High Court judge here ordered that 10 of 16 Cubans who arrived by speed boat in the last year and were now seeking asylum, were released from the detention centre on condition. It is alleged that the Cubans, four of whom are children, were heading to the United States via TCI. They were found in a dwelling in Discovery Bay, Providenciales in October. They subsequently applied for Asylum after they were held. In the meantime, The SUN was told that a representative from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was, at press time, in the TCI interviewing them to figure out whether or not they qualified for asylum.

Nikki Turner resigns as Director of Agriculture By Vivian Tyson

Government is now in search of a new director for agriculture after current director Nicholas ‘Nikki’ Turner has tendered his resignation to take effect in early April. Turner, who declared that he handed in his resignation letter earlier this month, broke his silence publicly on the matter for the first time on Wednesday, January 23, during the Department of Agriculture’s Sanitization Workshop, held at the Environment Centre in the Bight, Providenciales. Turner gave his reason for ditching the job as a desire to spend more time with his family, which he said was a decision made some two years ago, when he accepted the tenure for a second time. It has been said in some circles that Turner was pushed from the position. However, he hastened to state that none of that was true. It was also said that Turner was already replaced and was not at the department anymore. But he also rebuffed those allegations. The justended two-year stint marked two occasions that he was given the portfolio, having initially walked away from that job some 25 years ago due to what he described as a lack of government support. “I expect many of you heard about my resignation. As I said earlier, I determined with my wife to give it two years or thereabouts, to see what we can accomplish, and that two years is up. I tendered my resignation without any coercion

Nicholas ‘Nikki’ Turner

from anybody. In the first week of January, my resignation was accepted. “I am now working off my three months notice until the first week in April. And I am the director of agriculture until that time, and I intend to carry on working as hard as I have done for the last two years. It was my own choice; I want to spend more time with my family. I have a two-year-old, a fouryear-old and an 11-year-old and a very gorgeous wife, and I want to spend more time with her,” he said. Turner has been credited for establishing

farming in the Turks and Caicos, having taking up residency in the country approximately three decades. He said that while he attempted to create a farming culture, the political will to back the initiative was not there. He said that over the two years, much was achieved, mainly the commencement of establishing a legislations to manage the sector, but stated that much more was to achieve. He noted that with the coming onboard of Chief Veterinary Officer and Head of the Animal Unit, Dr. Mark Anthony Butler, some 18 months ago, and later on Dexter Gordon, Head of the Plant Division, much more was achieved. “What we have done is created in such a short time, an amazing platform for agriculture in the Turks and Caicos to go forward. I know this because of the people who assisted us writing the legislation. Although Dr. Butler is streets ahead of most people, congratulated us subsequently on the creation, not only on cutting edge legislation for our country but also in the speed which we managed to accomplish it,” Turner noted. He noted also that his department, like a number of others, was woefully under-funded, which he said had hampered its ability to do more. “That is not a criticism if anybody is listening; it is just a matter of fact. We are short-staffed, as every department is. We are short of funds for fuel, we are short of funds for trucks, and it curtails our activities. As you all know, one of our other responsibilities is the control of animals, which is proving to be a nightmare,” he said.


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From left Andrew Mitchell, Alana Newman and Lara Maroof

Court of Appeal dismisses judicial review appeal for legal aids rates in SIPT cases

The Court of Appeal has dismissed a judicial review appeal relating to the legal aid rates for persons charged by the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team. In a unanimous ruling handed down on Thursday January 24th, the Court of Appeal, which comprised President Edward Zacca, QC, and Justices of Appeal Elliott Mottley, QC, and Richard Ground, QC, ruled that the appellants “failed to advance an evidential case that the rates fixed by the Registrar are not sufficient to attract reasonably competent counsel, and we are not prepared to infer that is the case. Nor do we think that the way that the Registrar went about the task of fixing rates was irrational or otherwise flawed so as to allow this or any court to interfere with the exercise of her statutory discretion”. The judges noted that much of the argument on the appeal revolved around the nature of the Chief Justice’s determination if April 30, 2012. They stated: “We think that the short answer to all of that a direction to apply a Very High Cost Case (VHCC) type scheme was outside of his remit under the rules. Mr Newman argues that the grant of legal aid necessarily includes and implies the power to give directions as o the type of legal aid or the basis on which to grant it. We do not accept that. Although legal aid is not expressly defined in the Ordinance or Rules, we think that it simply means paying for an indigent defendant’s defence. The grant of legal aid by the Chief Justice requires a decision from him that the applicant is unable to afford legal representation out of the financial resources available to him and that the case is otherwise appropriate for state funding… He (Chief Justice) is therefore the gatekeeper to the system. In our judgment, his role does not go beyond that. The scheme of the rules is that the Chief Justice determines whether the state should pay for the defendant’s representation and then the Registrar determines how much should be paid.” In the appellants' Notice of Appeal lodged on the 5th December 2012 they sought an order that the application for judicial review be granted, and that the judgment of Smith J. be set aside. The grounds of appeal are that the learned judge misdirected himself in law and wrongly rejected the application for judicial review. In response to the Grounds of Appeal, Andrew Mitchell, QC, on behalf of the SIPT, submitted that the Chief Justice is only authorised by the Legal Aid Rules 1999 to make a decision under Rule 3 as to whether or not to grant legal aid and that he is not authorised by the rules to have any role in respect of the level of expenditure or the scheme for payment. Mitchell argued that an April30th, 2012 note from the Chief Justice to the Registrar forwarded by the Registrar to the defence attorneys is not a

determination by the Chief Justice pursuant to the Rule 3(l). He said that it is, and remains, a note to the Registrar it was not, and could not have been a direction to the Registrar and cannot therefore be regarded as imposing a mandatory obligation on the Registrar to comply. The Chief Justice made the Legal Aid Rules in 1999. It is not clear whether they were ever published as a government notice as required, however by custom and practice they have been followed since 1999. Rule 3(l) sets out that a determination on legal aid is an administrative decision. It is therefore amenable to review. If the Chief Justice declined to grant legal aid then that could be reviewed. The power of the Chief Justice under the Rules is exhaustively set out in Rule 3. His power is confined to a decision on whether or not to grant legal aid. Accordingly the Appellants' submission that the Chief Justice can in effect invent and then direct implementation of a new legal aid scheme is flawed. The Legal Aid Rules do not permit the Chief Justice to invent a system for payment, for rates, or as contended for in this case, a Very High Cost Case (VHCC) scheme. Mitchell stated: “The levels of remuneration, such as they are, are left to the Registrar: Rule 5(4) provides for the Registrar to discuss rates with the attorneys nominated by the defendants. If the fees are not agreeable to that attorney then the Registrar can appoint another competent attorney who is prepared to act within the rates provided for. Interestingly there are no affidavits from attorneys in this jurisdiction, the region or England and Wales stating that they would not be willing to act at the proposed rates. There is no evidential basis that the rates are too low or, therefore, that the defendants cannot be fairly represented. If the scheme as a whole is being considered, then one might have expected evidence from attorneys in, for example, the Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados that they would not act, in fact any approach might not have resulted in such evidence given that the comparative rates are lower.” Mitchell said the Appellants place reliance on the fact that SIPT is said to have cost $I5.5 million. He said this figure is not a true or an accurate comparator. In his submission, he stated: “Those costs include the costs of the investigation conducted by and with police officers over a very considerable period, as opposed to legal representation for one defendant. They include the costs of determining what should be investigated and whether as a result of that investigation there is sufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution and if so in relation to what allegation(s). In the instant case, the Registrar did consider the SIPT budget when determining the rates proposed. The

equality of arms issue was considered by the Registrar to the extent that it is a necessary consideration. Smith J. considered this point. He concluded that the issue did not arise as the Appellants were not deprived of their fair trial rights on the basis of the fees that are proposed.” In his submissions, Alan Newman, QC, who appeared for the appellants along with Lara Maroof, stated: “The trial will clearly necessitate a team per defendant (at any rate for the major players) of Leading Counsel with experience of major fraud trials, junior counsel, instructing attorney and perhaps a paralegal (bearing in mind 300,000 pages of unused. The trial may well last 6 to 9 months. The grant of legal aid in the sum of $1200 is per defendant (i.e. for the whole legal team). It is self-evident that “normal” legal aid will not provide a defendant with effective representation. Moreover, the current proposals (although a considerable step forward) are still manifestly inadequate.” He added: “We respectfully submit that the Registrar failed to provide any adequate reasons for her Decision concerning the level of fees, and that the learned judge erred in finding to the contrary. We respectfully agree with the view, expressed in paragraph 36 of the Judgment, that an obligation to give reasons is a part of the requirement of fairness. The Registrar had no basis for saying that an hourly rate system would be difficult to manage. It does not require a “high level of oversight”. It requires simply the Registrar finding out from the prosecution how many pages of witness statements/exhibits are served, and calculating accordingly. The Chief Justice in his April 30 letter did not contemplate a permanent VHCC system, but an ad hoc arrangement for a special situation. We submit that the learned judge was wrong in each of his conclusions.” He added: “The concept of equality of arms requires each party to be given a reasonable opportunity to present his or her case under conditions that do not placed him or her at a substantial disadvantage vis-à-vis his opponent. The total cost of the SIPT investigation and the remuneration that their legal team is receiving for preparation and conducting the prosecution is obviously considerable. According to the figures quoted to the Registrar SIPT is being paid some $15.5 million to prosecute these matters. The Applicants accept that it is not the law that defence costs should mirror those of the prosecution. However, the Court of Appeal in The Lord Chancellor v John Charles Rees QC and Ors [2008] EWHC 3168 stated that a Determining Officer should take into account fees payable to the prosecution to gain assistance as to the fees payable to the defence, but is not bound to offer the same level of fees to the defence. He should make his decision on a case by case basis.”

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LOCAL NEWS Turks Caicos Islands Community College Delinquent Students Abigail Delancy Adrian Cash Adrian McCartney Adriana Handfield Afi Henry Ahneesha Handfield Aicha Melanie Albert Higgs Albert Stubbs Alex O’Garro Alexander Charles Alexander Robinson Alexander Tima Alexandria Pierre Alfredo Lopez Alicia Francis Alician Fairclough Alun Cox Alvanetta Williams Alveianna Simons Amos Cosseus Ana-Alicia Coalbrooke AndrÊ Masters Andrelle Pierre Andwena Lockhart Angela Williams Angelica Ewing Angelica Lightbourne Angelo Roker Angenie Bernadin Angeune George Annastacia Hart Anthony McIntosh Antoinette Russel Anya Pratt Aquian Martin Ariel Clare Arilian Musgrove Arlia Walker Arliana Musgrove Arnae Harvey Arnelle Mora Ashley Jennings Attrisha Robinson Austin Jeannine

B Bareste Etienne Rigby Basneal Bien-Aime Beanca Clare Benita Jean Bensley Jean Bianca Charles Bodlet Louie Brendalee Hanchell Brent Forbes Brithney Firbes Britney Simmons Brittany Davis Swann

Brook Julien Brooks Sagesse Buckley Handfield C Cadiana Smith Cajhanique Williams Calvin Hart Candace Been Carl Williams Carlene Williams Carlesa Lewis Carmelita Rolle Carmen Veras Carol A. Gayle Carolyn V. Brown Cashorna Cash Cathanique Williams Celia Parnell Cemal Ashton Chadice Dean Chancelle Achille Chandra Carigg Chanika Rigby Charis Swann Chavez Fritz Chevelle McPhee Chilisa Clarke Chrishaunna Malcolm Christina Jean Christina Stubbs Christine Jennings Clarissa Dickenson Claudette Walkin Claudina Malcolm Cleopatra Dickenson Cleopatra T. Levene Clorene Harvey Clyde Glinton Cora A. Williams Corissa L. Gibson Cortina Cooper Crystal Caley Curtis Lightbourne Curtis T. Ford Cutella Talbot

D Daccoch Capron Daleshia Elliott Daline Kemp Damion Simpson Daphne Frobes Daphne L. Missick Darline Turenne Darnell Palmer Daron Hilaire Jr. Davane Taylor Davene Saintilien David Campbell

Dean Nembhard Deardrea Dames Deborah Sagasse-Brooks Decimus Mirlime Dedgrie Jennings Deidre Williams Delano T. Ewing Delano Walkin Delinda Harvey Dellerise Bottex Demetria Saunders Denique Scott Denise Hawkins-Bovie Denise P. Westcour-Forbes Dennis Livingston Williams Denniser Forbes Dernelle Williams Desireka Glinton Desmond Wilson Devon Fulford Dienana Ducelys Dieny Missick Dieu Juste Almonor Dininessa Pratt Dolly Delancy Dominique Walkin Doniuqe Pinnock Donna Bennett Donnell Hall Dorianna Forbes Doric Quant Dorika Talbot Dorlus Pierre Richard Drax Delancy Drax Forbes Dreadyne Morley Dudleysha Forbes Duran Smith Dwinessa Pratt

E Earlisha Basden Edith Morris Edner Cox Ednol Siffrard Edeardina Pierre Eleth Davis Ema Meneide Emalyn Wilson Emilia Torrepalma Emmanuella Gordon Ena Menide Eranico Forbes Erica Dickenson Ernacio Forbes Erwin Jones Jr Ethline Wilner Evany Rigby Evenia Freites

Everett Elliott Evodie Jean-Baptiste

F Francie Valmir Fania Mompremier Franise Mompermier Fanny T. Simmons Fara Etienne Fara Laguerre Farrah Morley Felicia Knowles Fexnel Colvert Fleurette Baptist Florcie Oreste floyd Mc Neil Delancy Fran Rousseaux Francois Paulin Fred Jean Claude

G Gary Fine Gary Lawrence Gem Asamoah Georgetta Smith Geogrette McIntosh Georgetta McNeil Gertude Moncher Guion Richards Gurlene Guerrier

H Hendrika S. Arthur Herlande Joseph Hernise Montion Hulia Kufanya Brady

I Iris K. Duverge Issac Freites Islande Israel Islande Joachim Islin Veras Isreal R. Isaac Ivanne Roberts Ivelina Roberts

J Jacob Katia Jaimeson Rigby Jajuan Been Jalisa B. Taylor Jalisa Dean Jamaine Delancy Jamaine Walkin Jameka Missick James Joseph Jamin Adams Janell Astwood Janice Bermadin Jasmine Astwood Jasmine Pierre



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Budget pushed back to May

The 2013/2014 budget which was due on April 1 will now be pushed back to May, because all the elements needed to have it finalized were not in. The news of the budget was confused with the controversial Valued Added Tax (VAT), which is to come into effect on April 1 this year. A number of persons in the community were heard saying that British Administration had pushed back the implementation of the estimates of expenditure to May. Seeking to clarify the misunderstanding, Neil Smith, the Spokesman for the Governor’s Office, said that, as far as he was aware, it was the budget that would be pushed back to that date but VAT would remain on course it its April 1 implementation. Smith said that the delay of the budget was due to government’s late start in its preparation due to the holding of the election late last year.

“The budget process normally begins in October, and clearly, we didn’t have an election until the 9th of November. We didn’t know who the ministers were so priorities and the costing were unclear until that point, so we believe it would make good sense to have extended it to May,” Smith said. In the meantime, this newspaper understands that Premier Dr. Rufus Ewing has written another letter to Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister Mark Simmons, once again presenting his government’s proposed alternative to VAT. Like a number of business interests in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Ewing’s administration wants either to have to have the tax temporarily or abolished altogether. As opposed to recently, when his administration acted on its own to lobby the British Government to either delay or scrap the impending tax, this time around, his regime has the full public backing of the

opposition Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) and the business community. Last week the Ewing-led Progressive National party (PNP) and the opposition jointly hosted the Providenciales Chamber of Commerce in a meeting, to inform them of their position on VAT. The meeting was also held to solicit feedback from them as to what their position was and also suggested steps they believe government could take to convince the United Kingdom to back away from such imminent taxation. Many of the business operators told the media that they would be reluctant to sign up for the tax, because they believe it would be a heavy lift for their enterprises and burdensome on the consumer. However, the British Government said VAT would be a replacement tax and not an additional tax scheme, and so, prices would go down on some items, while others would not see any adjustment because those goods would be zero-rated.

Immigration Officers get specialized training By Vivian Tyson

Twenty immigration officers and six coastal radar operators received certifications in operational skills, personal safety and tower climbing, during a ceremony held at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Complex, downtown Providenciales on Thursday, January 24. The immigration officers were certified in operational skills and personal safety, while the coastal radar operators received certification in tower climbing and maintenance. The trainings were facilitated by the United Kingdom Home Border Agency and AMP Global Strategy in the USA. The event was attended by His Excellency, Governor Ric Todd; Minister responsible for Border Control and Labour Hon. Don-Hue Gardiner; Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Border Control and Labour, Clara Gardiner; CEO for the Civil Service, Patrick Boyle; Director of Immigration, Larry Mills, his deputy Anthony Swann, as well as many more officials. Under the course, the immigration officers were trained in emergency life support, the proper procedure for handcuffing, restraints, baton strikes and conflict management. The training was aimed at enhancing the professionalism and flexibility in the deployment

of Border Control Enforcement Staff, to enhance officers’ security, to develop risk awareness and management, and to boast professional standards. This was the first time that the officers were receiving such training. Two of the trainers in the operational skills and personal safety training – Wendy Seymour and Tito Forbes – are Turks and Caicos Islanders. Change Manager in the Ministry of Border Control and Labour, Simon Excell, said that it was important that the officers are trained to the highest level so that they could be able to undertake their work carefully, successfully and with due regard for the safety of everybody, including the people being arrested, noting that that was what the course was all about. Excell explained that course began in October with theoretical aspect, while the practical element was conducted in January. Commenting on the tower-climbing training, radar supervisor Rodman Johnson said that the 130foot tower at the radar station required inspection every six month or whenever the need arose. He said that radar technicians and operators had to be certified to climb the facility to conduct inspection and carry out repairs. Johnson indicated that a certified tower climber came into the country and conducted a one-day tower climber exercise with the staff at the site, stating

Mr. Asa Williams wins Samsung Galaxy SIII in LIME promotion Mr. Asa Williams is LIME’s latest winner of a Samsung Galaxy SIII from the company’s recently held text to win promotion. Mr. Williams was happy to be the winner and he said that he was surprised when he got the call. He commented, “I am proud to be a LIME customer. LIME for life!” Mr. Drexwell Seymour, GM of LIME TCI said, “We are happy to offer these promotions as we continue to demonstrate that customers are winning with LIME.” Mr. Seymour continued, “These promotions are well received by the customer and the company thanks all who

participated.” Customers entered by texting “Galaxy” to 4946. There is also an opportunity to participate in the LIME promotion during the month of January: LIME’s prepaid customers who top up $20 or more would automatically be entered for a chance to be 1 of 4 customers who will win a $250 IGA shopping spree compliments of LIME. Promotion ends January 31, 2013. LIME is helping to create smiles during this month and there will be more winners in the coming weeks. LIME. Value Every Moment.

that he and the six-member team there successfully negotiated the course and were now qualified. In congratulating the officers, Governor Todd told them that they should bear in mind that what mattered most was not the beginning of their journey, but rather where they have reached as a result. “At the start you faced a very challenging set of issues; I know you spent time in the classroom, developing your brains. The skills that you learned, they do fall into two important categories. One is, the skills you have here, which will make you do your job really well - the physical skills and also the training that, which you carried with you here, which is what you take out into the field everyday when you do your job. “The immigration service is absolutely central to the prosperity of the TCI. We all know that tourism is our business. The very first thing that anyone sees when they come to these beautiful islands are the officers of the immigration service. So, in a real sense you are shop window of the islands; people depend on you, and they look to you. “And the lead you set matters enormously; second, we want this country to prosper, and that means we must be fair to everyone. We must have borders which we control, we must treat everyone properly; and the work you have done will enable to you to make that vital contribution,” Governor Todd told the officers. For his part, Hon. Gardiner, while congratulating the officers on their achievements, expressed the hope that the country’s borders would be that safe that they would never have to demonstrate those new skills. “However, in the event you do, we hope that you would put it to good use. From conflict resolution to the other self-defense tactics that you have been able to master in the last several weeks, we sure, will certainly benefit you in your roles. “Understanding the work that our ministry does is most important, and I believe if we were to keep that in mind at all times; not only the law enforcement arm of our work, but also the permitting part of our work that we undertake at our ports of entry in general through-out the day, I am sure then that we could be better able to serve the people that we serve, who are our visitors and guests and our own people in their daily life,” Gardiner said. He told the officers that in the not-too-distance future there would be other opportunities for further training, so that they would be able to be on cutting edge of what they do. During the exercise, the immigration officers gave an exhibition of their newly-acquired skills, much to the delight of the attendees. They were later presented with their certificates.

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I don't wanna go there We should never go there Damn why you wanna go there I guess I gotta go there You're hearing rumors about me And you can't stomach the thought Of someone touchin my body When you're so close to my heart I won't deny what they're sayin' Because most of it is true But it was all before I fell for you So please babe Chorus: So please don't judge me And I won't judge you Cause it could get ugly Before it gets beautiful Please don't judge me And I won't judge you And if you love me Then let it be beautiful Hook: Let it be beautiful oh oh Let it be beautiful Let it be beautiful oh oh Let it be beautiful


Verse 2: Everything I say right now Is gonna be used in another fight I been through this so many times Can we change the subject? You gonna start askin me questions like "Was she attractive? Was she an actress? Baby the fact is... " You're hearing rumors about me And saw some pictures online Sayin they got you so angry Making you wish you were blind Before we start talkin crazy Sayin some things we'll regret Can we just slow it down Brace yourself, you're beautiful So baby Chorus: So please don't judge me And I won't judge you Cause it could get ugly Before it gets beautiful Please don't judge me And I won't judge you And if you love me Then let it be beautiful


Bridge: Just let the past, just be the past And focus on things that's gonna make us laugh Take me as who I am, not who I was I promise I'll be the one that you can trust Chorus: So please don't judge me And I wont judge you Cause it could get ugly Before it gets beautiful Please don't judge me And I wont judge you And if you love me Then let it be beautiful Hook: Ooo let it be beautiful Let it be Let it be beautiful, ay Let it be beautiful Yeah yeah yeah Outro: I don't wanna go there, baby We should never go there


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Bethenny Frankel Hubby Declares DIVORCE WAR Bethenny Frankel's estranged husband has made it clear ... he's not going down without a fight in divorce court, because he's gunning for exactly the same spoils Bethenny wants from him. Jason Hoppy has filed his response to Bethenny's divorce petition, in which he's requesting PRIMARY CUSTODY of the couple's 2-year-old daughter. We broke the story, Bethenny also wants primary custody.

Jason also wants child support from Bethenny -- she wants the same from him. Jason is asking for Bethenny to foot the bill for medical and dental insurance as well as related expenses for himself and daughter Bryn. In Bethenny's legal docs she asks that Jason pay for her medical and dental bills, as well as Bryn's. Jason wants Bethenny to maintain life insurance on

herself, making both Bryn and him beneficiaries. She wants him to maintain a life insurance policy for her benefit as well as Bryn's. And last but not least ... Jason wants "exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence." Surprise -- Bethenny wants that too. Ah, one last thing. He wants her to pay for his lawyer, accountant, etc. This one's not gonna end nicely.

Justin Bieber gym disaster

Octomom Wins Best Celebrity Sex Tape

Octomom has found something she’s really good at ... besides having babies. Nadya Suleman, who has 14 children including 4-year-old octuplets, won Best Celebrity Sex Tape at the Adult Video News (AVN) Awards – which have been dubbed “The Oscars of Porn” – in Las Vegas on January 21, beating out former Jesse James mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGhee, Playmate Leola Bell, and Saigon Kick drummer Phil Varone (who won in 2012). “This is fantastic, what an honor,” the 37-year-old said in a statement. “Hopefully, this award will open doors to more opportunities. I'm proud I did this movie. It helped me grow into a woman. 'Octomom Home Alone' is a true reflection of my intimate side. I am excited to have the award. I am trying to figure out where I will put it." She may want to leave room on the shelf for more awards. Octomom, who had to get her family of 15 back on welfare in early January, will be returning to the stripper pole on Valentine’s Day at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida, as part of a legal deal for the club not to sue her for breach of contract last summer. Octomom angered the club when she danced topless at nearby Playhouse, for which she was paid $5,000 (plus the $10 she charged for autographs). But since she’s had such success as a porn star, might she make another movie? “As of right now, no,” she told Huffington Post. “But you never know.” We’ll take that as a “yes.”

Justin Bieber went off on a woman at a gym in North Carolina Tuesday ... mocking her workout, cussing at her ... and possibly even spitting in her water bottle ... so claims the woman -- but Justin's peeps say it's all BS. The woman behind the accusations is Colette Harrington -- a NC radio host who claims she was minding her own business, working out at the gym at the RitzCarlton Hotel. According to Colette, Bieber -- who had a concert in Charlotte on Tuesday -strolled into the gym with two other people -- one appeared to be his trainer and the other appeared to be a backup Justin Bieber dancer or singer. Colette says she approached Bieber and asked for a picture, but JB said no. She says she continued working out, but then heard Justin and his posse mocking her workout routine. Colette explains, "I always count out loud my reps. Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I'd get to 20 he and his buddy would say 'Shut the F'ck up.'" Colette says she ignored the group -- but claims they continued to mock her as she counted out her reps. Then, according to Colette, someone ... and she thinks it was Bieber or someone in his group ... SPIT blue Gatorade into her water bottle while she wasn't looking ... and she actually DRANK the spit-orade. "I did not look at my water bottle before taking a drink." Colette says she filed a complaint with the hotel after the alleged incident. We reached out to the hotel, but they wouldn't confirm or deny her story. Now, Colette says she's going to sell the spit-filled water bottle on eBay and plans to use the money to upgrade the kitchen at her local Ronald McDonald house, where she volunteers. Bieber's rep tells us .... the woman is dead wrong. Justin and his trainer were in the gym, and they were making snide comments to EACH OTHER but absolutely NONE were directed at the woman.

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King Features Weekly Service

June 7, 2010

of wn


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Bermuda experiencing serious brain drain

Young educated Bermudians have been leaving the Island in droves to seek employment in other countries, according to that country’s Department of Statistics. The Royal Gazette newspaper reported that the Island’s political parties, the civil servants union and the business community have all expressed concern at the news — with the Opposition Progressive Labour Party pledging to cooperate with the Government in getting Bermudians to return or stay home to develop their careers. In a first of a kind analytical brief, the Department reports that 1,121 persons emigrated from Bermuda between 2000 and 2010. Seventy percent of the emigrants were Bermudian, while 27 percent were non-Bermudian and employment was the main reason cited as to why they were leaving the Island. Nearly half of the Bermudians (47 percent) leaving left for reasons of employment. But “family” was cited by 25 percent of the emigrants as a reason for leaving, and another 18 percent of respondents indicated that a range of other factors which prompted their departure, including affordability, retirement, “to exercise the right of free establishment”, and crime. With a median age of 28 the emigrants were also a fairly young group. Fifty-three percent of the Bermudian emigrants were degree holders, 83 percent of whom were under the age of 35. The analysis was based on data collected during the 2010 Census. The US and the UK were destinations of choice for the emigrants. About a third of the emigrants were professionals, while another 19 percent were service and sales workers. The data also shows that the emigration, at 41 percent, was highest between 2007 and 2009. But a greater proportion of non-Bermudians (55

percent) left the Island during this to make the Island work better for period than Bermudians (36 percent). all our people. As new Premier “The brief also highlights the Cannonier said at his swearing-in impact of the loss of skilled human ceremony: “Let this be the start of resources or ‘the brain drain’, as a Bermuda’s renaissance.” result of persons leaving the island The Opposition PLP said that to reside overseas,” a Department of the “brain drain” statistics were Statistics release stated this afternoon. “concerning” but not “entirely “This is the first time a census has surprising”. collected information on Bermuda’s “With the impact of the former residents who have emigrated worldwide global recession, many abroad.” young Bermudians have left to find The brief concludes: “The data alternate employment in the US and shows that emigrants 16 years the UK. Whether they have been and older were most likely to have successful in their search is another degrees, resulting in brain drain.” story, however, the bottom line is A Government spokesperson that these are Bermudians who have said that the statistics “reinforces felt the need to leave their homeland the Premier’s concerns regarding the for other territories, and that is amount of people who have left the Island, which is why one of the main objectives of this government is job creation”. And One Bermuda Alliance chairman Thad Hollis said that the party and its leader were well aware that the Island was facing a brain drain. “The brain drain was one of the reasons our leader Craig Cannonier chose to use his swearing in ceremony The former chief financial officer at Government House the day after for jailed Texas financier Allen the election to urge Bermudians Stanford has been jailed for five living abroad to ‘come back to us years. …. to build the better Bermuda we The Justice Department know we can build,’” he said in an said that James M. Davis, 64, e-mailed statement. who formerly worked with “Mr Cannonier, as new Premier, the Houston-based Stanford issued the call because Bermuda Financial Group and the Antiguaneeds its ‘best and brightest’ now based Stanford International more than ever.” Bank (SIB), was sentenced on He said: “One of the most Tuesday for his role in helping the disturbing statistics released today disgraced billionaire perpetrate was the high percentage of young a Ponzi scheme involving SIB, Bermudian degree holders who and for conspiring to obstruct had left the Island for opportunities a US Securities and Exchange abroad. That one statistic — 83% Commission (SEC) investigation of emigrant degree holders were into SIB. under 35 of age — underscores the US District Judge David seriousness of the ‘brain drain’ threat Hittner also sentenced Davis to to Bermuda’s long-term well-being. serve three years of supervised “Our focus going forward is to release. maximise the skills and talent of Assistant Attorney General Bermudians in a collective effort Lanny A. Breuer said as part of Davis’ sentence, the court also imposed a personal money judgment of one billion (US) dollars “which is an ongoing obligation for Davis to pay back criminal proceeds”. During the sentencing proceeding, Judge Hittner noted that Davis began cooperating with the government in early 2009, shortly after SIB’s collapse.

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concerning,” the PLP statement said. “We implore the Government to consider ways that we can encourage Bermudian young people to return to Bermuda and/or stay in Bermuda and develop their careers. There is no easy solution to this problem, however as the Opposition, we pledge our assistance and cooperation in this awesome task. “We also encourage the business community to step up and provide entry level and apprentice level opportunities for young Bermudians. There are many young Bermudians who are abroad in universities or trade schools. They need to feel that there are opportunities for them in their land of birth.

Allen Stanford’s former CFO jailed in Ponzi scheme

The judge also noted that over the following three years, Davis provided “substantial assistance” to the authorities in the investigation and prosecution of others, including testifying at Stanford’s trial. In addition, the judge noted that Davis prepared to testify against Laura PendergestHolt, Stanford’s chief investment officer, who eventually pleaded guilty and jailed for three years. Stanford is currently serving 110 years in prison, respectively, while two other former employees are in federal custody and await sentencing, scheduled for February 14. As part of his 2009 guilty plea, Davis admitted that he was aware of Stanford’s misuse of SIB’s assets, kept the misuse hidden from the public and from almost all of Stanford’s other employees and worked to prevent the misuse from being discovered. In addition, Davis acknowledged that in January 2009, when the SEC sought testimony and documents related to SIB’s entire investment portfolio, he conspired with others in an effort to impede the SEC’s investigation and help SIB continue operating.



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LIAT airline increasing fleet but losing profits

St. John’s, Antigua – The long awaited LIAT airline fleet upgrade has started with two new ATR 72-600 aircraft slated to be delivered in June and August this year by the Air Lease Corporation. The aircraft will be on a long-term lease from the Los Angeles, California-based company. The Antigua-based airline has also announced that it has ordered three 48-seater ATR 42-600s to start replacement of former turboprops. According to a release issued by LIAT, the deal also includes options for two 68-seat ATR 72-600, and is valued at over US$ 100 million. LIAT is expected to receive its first ATR 42-600 in June 2013. The airline currently operates a fleet of 14 aircraft over its Caribbean network and LIAT

will be progressively replacing its current fleet of former turboprop aircraft. However, despite the progress being made in this area, indications are from the airline that its profit projections are falling short of target. According to the Antigua Observer, despite initial projections that the airline would make a “modest” US$7 million profit in 2013, a document prepared by LIAT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Captain Ian Brunton, indicates that this profit had hinged on completing its re-fleeting exercise earlier than now contemplated. In a letter to staff, Captain Brunton said, “I cannot over-emphasise the huge burden this refleeting exercise is going to put on all of us for the next two years … Each and every one of us must

go the extra mile to ensure this endeavour moves as smoothly as possible.” In early December 2012, the severely undercapitalised airline said it expected to record $23 million in losses for that year. The airline lost $20.2 million in 2010 and $43 million in 2011. The losses were attributed to the 66 taxes that LIAT pays and the many unprofitable flights the airline provides to 18 of the 21 destinations it serves. LIAT’s five-year business plan indicated 39 out of the 100 daily flights would be dropped from this year because they are unbeneficial to the company. It was noted that if regional governments want LIAT to retain those flights, they must offer financial support to the company.

CCJ President welcomes Dominica’s decision to sever ties with CCJ ROSEAU, Dominica - President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Sir Dennis Byron has welcomed the decision made by the Government of Dominica to severe ties with the London based Privy Council in order join the Trinidad based Caribbean Court of Justice. The decision taken by the Government of Dominica to join the CCJ is timely. And the CCJ stands ready and able to serve. I trust that it will not be long before other governments in the OECS follow this example of leadership

without too much delay” said Byron in a presentation to members of the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce yesterday. The CCJ President noted that while there are concerns that it is taking a long time for Member States within the Caribbean Community (Caricom) to join the CCJ in its final appellate jurisdiction, it is not abnormal for new Courts to take some time for litigants to bring cases before it.

Sir Dennis Byron

Bermuda experiencing serious brain drain

Young educated Bermudians have been leaving the Island in droves to seek employment in other countries, according to that country’s Department of Statistics. The Royal Gazette newspaper reported that the Island’s political parties, the civil servants union and the business community have all expressed concern at the news — with the Opposition Progressive Labour Party pledging to cooperate with the Government in getting Bermudians to return or stay home to develop their careers. In a first of a kind analytical brief, the Department reports that 1,121 persons emigrated from Bermuda between 2000 and 2010. Seventy percent of the emigrants were Bermudian, while 27 percent were non-Bermudian and employment was the main reason cited as to why they were leaving the Island. Nearly half of the Bermudians (47 percent) leaving left for reasons of employment. But “family” was cited by 25 percent of the emigrants as a reason for leaving, and another 18 percent of respondents indicated that a range of other factors which prompted their departure, including affordability, retirement, “to exercise the right of free establishment”, and crime. With a median age of 28 the emigrants were also a fairly young group. Fifty-three percent of the Bermudian emigrants were degree holders, 83 percent of whom were under the age of 35. The analysis was based on data collected during the 2010 Census. The US and the UK were destinations of choice for the emigrants. About a third of the emigrants were professionals, while another 19 percent were service and sales

workers. The data also shows that the emigration, at 41 percent, was highest between 2007 and 2009. But a greater proportion of non-Bermudians (55 percent) left the Island during this period than Bermudians (36 percent). “The brief also highlights the impact of the loss of skilled human resources or ‘the brain drain’, as a result of persons leaving the island to reside overseas,” a Department of Statistics release stated this afternoon. “This is the first time a census has collected information on Bermuda’s former residents who have emigrated abroad.” The brief concludes: “The data shows that emigrants 16 years and older were most likely to have degrees, resulting in brain drain.” A Government spokesperson said that the statistics “reinforces the Premier’s concerns regarding the amount of people who have left the Island, which is why one of the main objectives of this government is job creation”. And One Bermuda Alliance chairman Thad Hollis said that the party and its leader were well aware that the Island was facing a brain drain. “The brain drain was one of the reasons our leader Craig Cannonier chose to use his swearing in ceremony at Government House the day after the election to urge Bermudians living abroad to ‘come back to us …. to build the better Bermuda we know we can build,’” he said in an e-mailed statement. “Mr Cannonier, as new Premier, issued the call because Bermuda needs its ‘best and brightest’ now more than ever.” He said: “One of the most disturbing statistics released today was the high percentage of young

Bermudian degree holders who had left the Island for opportunities abroad. That one statistic — 83% of emigrant degree holders were under 35 of age — underscores the seriousness of the ‘brain drain’ threat to Bermuda’s long-term well-being. “Our focus going forward is to maximise the skills and talent of Bermudians in a collective effort to make the Island work better for all our people. As new Premier Cannonier said at his swearingin ceremony: “Let this be the start of Bermuda’s renaissance.” The Opposition PLP said that the “brain drain” statistics were “concerning” but not “entirely surprising”. “With the impact of the worldwide global recession, many young Bermudians have left to find alternate employment in the US and the UK. Whether they have been successful in their search is another story, however, the bottom line is that these are Bermudians who have felt the need to leave their homeland for other territories, and that is concerning,” the PLP statement said. “We implore the Government to consider ways that we can encourage Bermudian young people to return to Bermuda and/or stay in Bermuda and develop their careers. There is no easy solution to this problem, however as the Opposition, we pledge our assistance and cooperation in this awesome task. “We also encourage the business community to step up and provide entry level and apprentice level opportunities for young Bermudians. There are many young Bermudians who are abroad in universities or trade schools. They need to feel that there are opportunities for them in their land of birth.

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Caribbean leaders urged to convene summit on tourism

Regional tourism officials are calling on Caribbean heads of government to convene a regional summit on tourism within the next six months to discuss key issues affecting the industry. In a resolution approved by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s (CHTA) board of directors on Sunday, the Caribbean leaders are being urged to consider with industry leaders all major aspects of tourism including airlift, travel facilitation, marketing, visitor security, human resource development, the environment and new ways to encourage economic growth through a common approach to the problems facing the industry. “Such a summit would enable the Caribbean, as the most tourism dependent region in the world, to address global competition and return to the levels of success last seen in 2006,” the CHTA said in a statement. CHTA said there is need for governments and the tourism industry

to continue working closely together to increase employment, foreign exchange, investment and gross domestic product (GDP) growth at a time of economic uncertainty and the challenges the tourism industry as a whole now faces. Caribbean countries are highly dependent on the tourism industry for their revenues and employment. Meanwhile, the CHTA said it will soon unveil a state-of-the-art website geared towards boosting tourism in the Caribbean. “The new website will be a onestop, complete and comprehensive site that will revolutionize the research and vacation planning process for millions of consumers around the world looking for a vacation in the leading warm weather destination – the Caribbean,” said Beverly N. NicholasDoty, Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and Commissioner of Tourism for the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Caribbean Tourism sections of the website will comprise Development Company (CTDC) country branded micro-sites and fresh jointly owned by the Caribbean editorial content. Tourism Organization (CTO) and CHTA president Richard J. the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Doumeng said the website’s advanced Association (CHTA) will re-launch searching capabilities will make finding the regional marketing website, www. the Caribbean resort easier than ever with enhanced and will allow hoteliers, restaurants, attractions and other visitor activities design and search capability. Driven by the necessity to compete the ability to showcase their properties. “ will act in an aggressively competitive global travel marketplace, the Caribbean as a single, centralized source for created the state-of-the-art, online exploring and promoting the CHTA’s portal which will act as the collective member hotels, resorts, restaurants and activities,” he said. home for all countries in the region. Rafael Cardozo, President of Nicholas-Doty said the revitalized website will set a new standard for Tambourine, a global destination and promoting the Caribbean and will hospitality branding and marketing become the cornerstone of cooperative firm responsible for the redesign and regional strategy for the Caribbean implementation of the website said the brand.“This cutting-edge website site, utilizing the latest programming will provide consumers with full languages and dynamic database responsive web design implementation driven technology, was conceived for for optimal user experience across long-term solution and to serve the desktops, tablet and mobile devices,” Caribbean into the future. said Nicholas-Doty. The destination

St. Kitts PM calls on cabinet ministers to resign or be fired

BASSETERRE, St Kitts – Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas has called on two of his senior Cabinet ministers to either resign or be fired if they intend to vote against government policies and programmes. “That is very, very constitutionally acceptable. In fact, it is the right of anyone in a political party or anyone who is not in a political party to demonstrate their interest in any political party that he/she wishes to be a part of. “That is our democratic and fundamental right that we have given to us, under the constitution. That’s why we allow parties to be registered, to develop, flourish and to participate in elections at election time,” Dr. Douglas said on his weekly radio programme “Ask the Prime Minister”. In recent times, Deputy Prime Minister Sam Condor and his senior Cabinet colleague, Dr. Timothy Harris have publicly opposed legislation brought by the ruling St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party government, including a bill to increase the number of senators in the legislative chamber. Both senior Cabinet ministers, who have been blamed for not participating in Cabinet meeting where the national budget was being discussed, forcing the government to postpone its presentation last month, said they were adopting a principle position on the matter. Dr. Douglas told listeners people who were voted into office on a Labour Party ticket and now wanting to move on do so at their own risk “because if they would have had discipline and allegiance to their own party, then they are free to move from their parties armpit and go into another party, then they are free to do that. ““But they also should resign from the party that would have sent them to parliament in the first instance,” he said, adding “you cannot expect to continue to be part of the Labour Party and you simply would want to bring the Labour Party or government down or any party for that matter. “You would recognize that there are times when people would speak openly and freely to criticize their own party and that is expected, but when you are going to move away from your party’s allegiance and discipline and go into another party’s allegiance and discipline, then of course you have to resign from

the party which you would have left and this is part and parcel of part of the problem that we are having,” Prime Minister Dr. Douglas told listeners. “You cannot have a system of government where you are a member of a cabinet and you have your own personal responsibility to do as you wish, but then you are not going to allow yourself to be bound by the collective responsibility, which is the system of Government that we have here today,” he added. The Prime Minister noted that many people do not seem to understand the difference between the local system of government and maybe what would be the other systems of government. “But in any system of government let me emphasize, where there is a Cabinet; no matter whether it is in a communist system or whether it is a democratic system. Once you are a member of a Cabinet, you are bound by the principle or doctrine,” said Dr. Douglas, referring also to the issue of collective responsibility. “Once you have that responsibility where you would give way to your personal position, because of the collective position of the others, who are with you; then of course you are adhering to the doctrine. “But once you are refusing to adhere to the urgings of the majority in a collective responsibility and you pursue your own urging or personal conviction; you are right so to do, but then you must leave, you must resign from the cabinet and this happens in any system of government where you have cabinet. That is the way the cabinet works. “The decent and the right thing for anyone to do is to resign from the Government and from the Cabinet and then pursue your own personal mandate. If you don’t resign you are going to be ejected,” said the prime minister. “If this is what is going to happen; you will be ejected. If you don’t do the decent thing and resign, you will be ejected; you can’t have your cake and eat it. You cannot be a part of a Cabinet where you are trying to frustrate the wishes of the majority of the Cabinet members and you would want to pursue your own minority position for whatever reason,” Prime Minister Douglas said. While he did not name anyone, Dr. Douglas noted that “it might be that as you said your constituents have urged you so to do; but if that is the wish of

Denzyl Douglas

constituents, then you must resign and leave the Cabinet and let your constituents recognize that they will have no kind of representation from the Cabinet. “They will have the representation in the Parliament, but they cannot continue to have representation at the Cabinet level from a Minister of Government and people need to understand these basic differences here,” he said. Dr. Douglas said that any person is free to speak out on any issue, “but when the government as a Cabinet sets out a policy position and then tries to pass them in the parliament, to put it into law and you are refusing to do it; then you cannot be part of the Cabinet. “It is simple as that and people need to understand that it has nothing to do in the evaluations of one’s own personal conviction, or one’s own right as an individual, but of course it has to do something with Party discipline, it has to do something with the doctrine of collective responsibility that cannot be simply pushed aside in the democratic system of Government that we are pursuing here in St. Kitts and Nevis. “That is what everybody is saying this doesn’t really need this kind of confusion; if you have a member of the cabinet, who feels strongly on a position that his other cabinet colleagues are equally strongly in favour of, you do the decent thing. “If you are going to come out and speak publicly about it and you are going to vote against it and go in parliament and say that you do not support it then you have to resign and if you don’t resign, then you stand the risk of being evicted,” said the Prime Minister.


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US ends ban on women in combat

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has lifted the military's ban on women serving in combat roles, potentially opening hundreds of thousands of frontline positions to women. The ruling, officially announced on Thursday, overturns a 1994 rule barring women from small ground-combat units. But the military will have until 2016 to argue for any specific posts they think should remain closed to women. President Barack Obama welcomed the "historic step". At a Pentagon press conference, Mr Panetta said: "Female service members have faced the reality of combat, proving their willingness to fight and, yes, to die to defend their fellow Americans." He acknowledged a complaint frequently voiced by women denied combat roles - that military careers are hindered by a lack of combat experience. "I fundamentally believe that our military is more effective when success is based solely on ability and qualifications and on performance," said Mr Panetta. Military chiefs will be asked to

report back to Mr Panetta by 15 May on their initial plans to implement the new policy. A senior defence official said about 237,000 jobs would be newly open to women "who can meet the standards". President Barack Obama said: "This milestone reflects the courageous and patriotic service of women through more than two centuries of American history and the indispensable role of women in today's military. "Many have made the ultimate sacrifice, including more than 150 women who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan - patriots whose sacrifices show that valour knows no gender." Mr Panetta hopes to have the process complete by 2016. The US is likely to have withdrawn all combat troops from Afghanistan well ahead of that time. Some jobs are expected to be opened to women this year, while others - including for special forces such as the Navy Seals and the Delta Force - could take longer. One of the most high-profile female combat veterans in America is US Congresswoman Tammy

US homeland chief warns that cyber 9/11 could happen "imminently"

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned on Thursday that a major cyber attack is a looming threat and could have the same sort of impact as last year's Superstorm Sandy, which knocked out electricity in a large swathe of the Northeast. Napolitano said a "cyber 9/11" could happen "imminently" and that critical infrastructure - including water, electricity and gas - was very vulnerable to such a strike. "We shouldn't wait until there is a 9/11 in the cyber world. There are things we can and should be doing right now that, if not prevent, would mitigate the extent of damage," said Napolitano, speaking at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington and referring to the September 11, 2001, attacks. Napolitano runs the sprawling Homeland Security Department that was created 10 years ago in the aftermath of September 11 and charged with preventing another such event. She urged Congress to pass legislation governing cyber security so the government could share information with the private sector to prevent an attack on infrastructure, much of which is privately owned. A cyber security bill failed in Congress last year after business and privacy groups opposed it. The measure would have

increased information-sharing between private companies and U.S. intelligence agencies and established voluntary standards for businesses that control power grids or water treatment plants. Business groups said the legislation was government overreach. Privacy groups feared it might lead to Internet eavesdropping. New cyber legislation is being considered, but it is unclear whether it will get through the gridlocked Congress. President Barack Obama is expected to soon issue an executive order that would set up a voluntary system to help protect some critical infrastructure and offer incentives to companies that participate. But without a new law, companies cannot be granted any kind of legal immunity for sharing information with the government and within the industry about potential threats. Officials have pointed to recent hacking attacks on U.S. banks as a sign that the cyber threat is real and growing. "The clarion call is here and we need to be dealing with this very urgently," said Napolitano. "Attacks are coming all the time. They are coming from different sources, they take different forms. But they are increasing in seriousness and sophistication."

Duckworth, an Illinois Democrat who lost her legs when the Army helicopter she was piloting in Iraq was shot down. On Thursday, she quipped on NBC's Today show: "I didn't lose my legs in a bar fight. I'm pretty sure I was in combat." Restrictions were first eased a year ago, when the Pentagon opened up 14,500 roles, closer to the frontline, which had previously been off limits to female personnel. In November, a group of four women in the military sued the defence department over the ban, arguing that it was unconstitutional. One of the plaintiffs, Marine Corps Capt Zoe Bedell, said existing rules had blocked her advancement in the Marines. During the Iraq and Afghan wars, US female military personnel have worked as medics, military police and intelligence officers, sometimes attached but not formally assigned to frontline units. As of 2012, more than 800 women were wounded in those wars, and more than 150 have died. Women comprise 14% of America's 1.4 million active military personnel.

Netanyahu wins elections in Israel again but by smaller margin

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party got the most votes in Israel's national election Tuesday, but a respectable showing by centrists could slow or halt a rightward swing in the government. Netanyahu's Likud Beitenu won between 31 and 33 Knesset seats in the Israel election, TV exit polls reported, winning the most, as expected. Jewish Home, an extreme right party with a charismatic leader named Naftali Bennett, got between 11 and 12 seats. But the Yesh Atid party, a new centrist movement devoted to helping the middle class and halting military draft exemptions for ultra-Orthodox civilians, came in a surprising second place with at least 18 seats, according to the exit polls. Netanyahu told weary but elated supporters early Wednesday he plans to form a government "as broad as possible" and pursue his goals with "many partners." "I believe the results of the election represent an opportunity to make changes that the people of Israel want to see and that will serve all citizens of the state of Israel," he said. "I plan to lead those changes and to that end we must establish a government that is as broad as possible, and I've already started out on that task." He cited a number of principles a new government will embrace: security, preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, economic responsibility in the face of the global financial crisis, increasing equality in sharing burdens and lowering the cost of living, including the cost of apartments. "It is a great privilege but it is also a great responsibility," Netanyahu said. "I believe the results of the elections represent an opportunity to make changes that the people of Israel want to see and (that) will serve all of the citizens of the state of Israel." But the centrists and leftists attracted waves of voters displeased with, among other things, Israel's high cost of living, and more supportive of talks with Palestinians. At first glance, the initial result reflects a politically polarized electorate, with possibly an edge to the rightists.

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Confident Obama lays out battle plan as he launches second term

A confident President Barack Obama kicked off his second term on Monday with an impassioned call for a more inclusive America that rejects partisan rancor and embraces immigration reform, gay rights and the fight against climate change. Obama's ceremonial swearingin at the U.S. Capitol was filled with traditional pomp and pageantry, but it was a scaled-back inauguration compared with the historic start of his presidency in 2009 when he swept into office on a mantle of hope and change as America's first black president. Despite expectations tempered by lingering economic weakness and a politically divided Washington, Obama delivered a preview of the priorities he intends to pursue essentially a reaffirmation of core liberal Democratic causes - declaring Americans "are made for this moment" and must "seize it together." His hair visibly gray after four years in office, Obama called for an end to the partisanship that marked much of his first term in the White House in bitter fights over the economy with Republicans. "We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate," Obama said from atop the Capitol steps overlooking the National Mall. Looking out on a sea of flags, Obama addressed a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people that was smaller than the record 1.8 million who assembled on the mall four years ago. Speaking in more specific terms than is customary in an inaugural address, he promised "hard choices" to reduce the federal deficit without shredding the social safety net and called for a revamping of the tax code

and a remaking of government. The Democrat arrived at his second inauguration on solid footing, with his poll numbers up, Republicans on the defensive and his first-term record boasting accomplishments such as a U.S. healthcare overhaul, financial regulatory reforms, the end of the war in Iraq and the killing of Osama bin Laden. But fights are looming over budgets, gun control and immigration. Obama, however, has sounded more emboldened because he never again needs to run for election. When Obama raised his right hand and was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts, it was his second time taking the oath in 24 hours - but this time with tens of millions of people watching on television. As he spoke, the president beamed as chants of "Obama, Obama!" rang out from the crowd. Obama had a formal swearing-in on Sunday at the White House because of a constitutional requirement that the president take the oath on January 20. Rather than stage the full inauguration on a Sunday, the main public events were put off until Monday. It was another political milestone for Obama, 51, the Hawaiian-born son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas. During a triumphant parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, the president and first lady Michelle Obama thrilled cheering onlookers by twice getting out of their armored limousine and walking part of the way on foot, as they had done four years ago. Secret Service agents kept close watch. In the evening, the couple visited the two formal inaugural balls - down from 10 in 2009 - to celebrate with supporters. At both, Obama and the

first lady danced to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," performed by singer Jennifer Hudson. In his 20-minute inaugural speech, Obama sought to reassure Americans at the midpoint of his presidency and encourage them to help him take care of unfinished business. "Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action," he said. The crowds on the National Mall were enthusiastic, but the euphoria of 2009 was gone. "Four years ago, it was the first black president," said local resident Greg Pearson, 42. "It doesn't have the same energy. It's more subdued. It's not quite the party it was four years ago. Our expectations are pretty low (this time): let's not default on the national debt, keep the government running." Organizers had given various estimates of the number of people they expected would jam the mall for the ceremony. An inauguration official estimated the crowd at about 1 million. Touching on volatile issues in the speech, Obama ticked off a series of liberal policies he plans to push in his second term. Most surprising was a relatively long reference to the need to address climate change, which he was unable to do in his first four years. "We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations," the president said. On gay rights, Obama insisted, "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law." In a nod to the fast-growing Hispanic population that helped catapult him to re-election in November, he said there was a need to "find a better way to welcome the


striving, hopeful immigrants who still see America as a land of opportunity." Obama, who won a second term by defeating Republican Mitt Romney after a bitter campaign, will now face many of the same problems that dogged his first four years: persistently high unemployment, crushing government debt and a deep partisan divide. The war in Afghanistan, which Obama is winding down, has dragged on for over a decade. He won an end-of-year fiscal battle against Republicans, whose poll numbers have continued to sag, and appears to have gotten them to back down, at least temporarily, from resisting an increase in the national debt ceiling. Obama faces a less dire outlook than he did when he took office in 2009 at the height of a deep U.S. recession and world economic crisis. The economy is growing again, although slowly. But he still faces a daunting array of challenges. Among them is a fierce gun-control debate inspired by a school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, last month, a tragedy he invoked in his speech. He said America must not rest until "all our children, from the streets of Detroit to the hills of Appalachia to the quiet lanes of Newtown, know that they are cared for, and cherished, and always safe from harm." Obama's appeals for bipartisan cooperation will remind many Americans of his own failure to meet a key promise when he came to power to act as a transformational leader who would fix a dysfunctional Washington. His speech was light on foreign policy, with no mention of the West's nuclear standoff with Iran, the civil war in Syria, dealings with an increasingly powerful China or confronting al Qaeda's continued threat as exemplified by the recent deadly hostage crisis in Algeria.

Hillary Clinton loses her cool defending handling of Benghazi attack

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday angrily defended her handling of the September 11 attack on the US mission in the Libyan city of Benghazi and denied any effort to mislead people. The attack by armed militants that killed US ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans threatens to stain Clinton's legacy as secretary of state. It also may dent any hopes that Clinton, who mounted an unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2008, may run for the White House again in 2016. By turns emotional and fierce, Clinton choked up as she spoke of comforting the victims' families and grew angry when a Republican senator accused the Obama administration of misleading the country over whether the Benghazi incident stemmed from a protest. "With all due respect, the fact is that we had four dead Americans," Clinton shot back as she testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, an appearance delayed more than a month because of her ill health. "Was it because of a protest or was it because of

Hillary Clinton

guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?" she said, making chopping motions with her hands for emphasis. Clinton

cast the incident as part of a long history of such violence as well as the result of regional instability since the Arab Spring of popular revolutions began in 2011. Clinton is expected to step down in the coming days once her designated successor, Senator John Kerry, is confirmed by the US Senate. Republicans harshly criticised her, and president Barack Obama's administration more generally, with one saying the Benghazi attack and the US response displayed "woeful unpreparedness" for the events sweeping the region and another saying Clinton should have been fired. Militants attacked and overwhelmed the US diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 in a sustained assault. An official US inquiry concluded that the State Department was completely unprepared to deal with the attack, citing "leadership and management" deficiencies, poor coordination and unclear lines of authority in Washington.


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US regulators say Boeing 787 probe far from complete

U.S. safety regulators are nowhere near finishing an investigation into a battery fire on the Boeing Co 787 Dreamliner, a top official said, raising the prospect of a prolonged grounding for the plane. Airlines have canceled hundreds of flights in the eight days since the plane was grounded, and Boeing has stopped deliveries of newly built jets. The full financial impact on the planemaker is still not clear. Still, Boeing shares are actually up 1.3 percent since regulators said the plane - full of high-tech innovations that are supposed to be a model for future aviation - could not fly. Deborah Hersman, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, made clear that investigators have found a series of "symptoms" in the battery damaged in a January 7 fire in Boston, but not the underlying cause of the problem. "We are early in our investigation, we have a lot of activities to undertake," Hersman told a news conference. "This is an unprecedented event. We are very concerned. We do not expect to see fire events on board aircraft. This is a very serious air safety concern." She rebuffed multiple questions on how long the investigation would take, making clear it could be weeks or more. She also would not say when the 787 would fly again, which is in the hands of the Federal Aviation Administration. Former NTSB Chairman Mark Rosenker said the briefing made it clear that the investigators had come up short in their hunt for the cause of the battery fire. "It's going to take them longer," he said in an interview. "Weeks, not days." Boeing and its regulators have said they do not know when the 787 will fly again. It has been grounded worldwide since a plane by All Nippon Airways made an emergency landing in Japan on

January 16 after a battery incident, which Hersman said may or may not have been a fire. That emergency landing came after a fire occurred on a Japan Airlines Co Ltd 787 on the tarmac in Boston. Boeing was not immediately available to comment on the latest NTSB statement. France's Thales, which makes the 787 battery system, declined to comment. Other new planes had problems when they were introduced, but not fires, which makes this situation stand out, Rosenker said. "Fire is something you don't fool with," he said. "You've got to understand that, particularly given the short period of time the aircraft has been flying." The NTSB and its Japanese equivalent are working together on their probes, though Hersman again insisted the work was still in the early stages. "It is really very hard to tell at this point how long this investigation will take. We have all hands on deck," she said. "We're working as hard as we can to identify what the failure mode is here and what corrective actions need to be taken." The 787 program was already years behind schedule before last week's grounding, which means Boeing cannot deliver newly manufactured planes to customers. That means customers like United Continental Holdings Inc may have to wait even longer for planes on order. The company's United Airlines already flies six Dreamliners. "History teaches us that all new aircraft types have issues and the 787 is no different," United Continental Chairman and Chief Executive Jeff Smisek said during the carrier's earnings

North Korea issues blunt new threat to United States

WASHINGTON — A blunt and explicit threat from North Korea on Thursday that its missile and nuclear programs would “target” the United States poses a stark challenge to the Obama administration even as it hoped it could focus its major diplomatic effort on restraining Iran’s less-advanced nuclear program. The statement from the North Korean National Defense Commission, the country’s highest military body, was considerably more specific than past warnings from the country, and explicitly ruled out any talks over “denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula, which has been the objective of on-again, off-again talks with Pyongyang for two decades. “We do not hide that a variety of satellites and long-range rockets which will be launched by the DPRK one after another and a nuclear test of higher level,” the statement said, “will target against the U.S., the sworn enemy of the Korean people.” As in the past, the statement also suggested North Korea viewed its weapons programs as a “deterrence” against attack. It may prove that the statement was another outburst by an insecure, starving country; North Korea has often threatened to strike the “heart” of the United States, and a popular propaganda poster there shows a missile hitting what looks like Capitol Hill. But the difference now is that the country has just completed a successful long-range rocket test that showed for the first time that its goal of designing a weapon that could hit the United States could be within reach in the next several years.

conference call. "We continue to have confidence in the aircraft and in Boeing's ability to fix the issues, just as they have done on every other new aircraft model they've produced." Smisek said Thursday the carrier still expects to take delivery of two more 787s in the second half of the year. Boeing has already delivered 50 of the 787s. Around half have been in operation in Japan, but airlines in India, South America, Poland, Qatar and Ethiopia are also flying the planes, as is U.S. carrier United. The grounding of the Dreamliner, an advanced carbon-composite plane with a list price of $207 million, has already forced hundreds of flight cancellations worldwide. The head of Boeing's European rival Airbus said it would study the 787 Dreamliner design review and make any changes to its future A350 jetliner that may be needed as a result of the U.S. findings. Billed as Europe's response to the Dreamliner, the A350 is due to enter service next year using lithium-ion batteries but without the same reliance on electrical systems as the 787, something Airbus says will put less burden on the batteries. However, Airbus has so far declined to comment on how it would tackle a battery fire if one did break out on board. One industry veteran said airline customers need absolute certainty that Boeing and regulators have solved the problem. "You don't need details here to understand why people are terrified about the possibility of these batteries catching fire," Virginia-based consultant Loren Thompson said.

Las Vegas woman sues after scorned date tries to kill her

A Las Vegas woman is suing online and remove part of her skull to replace it dating service after a with a "synthetic component," according scorned date brutally attacked her, CBS to Courthouse News Service. Las Vegas reports. Ridley was arrested in February Mary Kay Beckman is seeking $10 2011 for attempted murder as well as million from the company for failing to killing another woman in Phoenix, Ariz. disclose dangers of online dating. He committed suicide in prison last year. She says paired her Beckman's lawyer, Marc Saggese, with Wade Mitchell Ridley, who she told KLAS-TV that is dumped eight days after meeting in "absolutely not safe" and lulls "women September 2010. Four months later he and men into a false sense of security." hid her in a garage and stabbed her ten said in a statement that times. Beckman's experience was horrible, but "There were 10 stab wounds, eight the basis for the lawsuit was "absurd" on my physical body, two on my head, and the Ridley had no known criminal and when the knife broke, there was record. stomping on my head," Beckman told This isn't the first time the online CBS affiliate KLAS-TV. "I shouldn't dating site has been sued for acts of even be here today." violence. Carole Markin, a Hollywood Woman sexually assaulted by producer, says she was raped by a man man she met on eHarmony, Say Cops she met on and is demanding Beckman has undergone surgeries to a sexual predator screening system be repair her jaw, preserve her eyesight installed in the site.

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Samsung quarterly profit jumps 76 percent on Galaxy sales

Samsung Electronics, the world's largest consumer electronics maker, said its fourth-quarter profit rose 76 percent to another record high on strong sales of Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The South Korean electronics giant today reported a net profit of 7.04 trillion won ($6.6 billion), up from 4.01 trillion won in the same period a year earlier. It was the fifth consecutive record quarterly profit for Samsung, which reported fourth-quarter sales of 56 trillion won ($52.6 billion), a 19 percent increase. Nearly half of that revenue came from its mobile communications division, particularly strong sales of its Galaxy S3 smartphone and Galaxy Note 2 phablet. The results were slightly better than earnings guidance issued by the company earlier this month. Samsung announced early this month that it had sold more than 100 million smartphones in the Galaxy series since its launch in May 2010, calling

it "the driving force" behind the electronics maker's "rise to the top" in the global smartphone market. "Despite uncertainties in Europe and concerns over the U.S. fiscal cliff creating a difficult business environment, we did our best this quarter to achieve strong earnings based on a strategic focus on differentiated and high value-added products as well as our technological competitiveness," Investor Relations chief Robert Yi said in a statement. While its sales of LED TVs also helped boost earnings, Samsung said demand for home appliances declined due to what the company called the "tepid global economy." However, sales of high-end refrigerators and washers increased in the U.S. and Europe. Samsung said demand was weak for PC DRAM during the quarter, while the semiconductor unit posted $8.97 billion in sales, a 10 percent increase

quarter o v e r

quarter. T h e company's memory chip business contributed $1.3 billion in operating profits, a 39 percent quarterly increase. However, the company also warned that demand for memory chips in the first quarter would be tempered by seasonably poor sales of PCs and mobile devices. "Heading into this year, we are expecting a slow recovery in the component business due to reduced capital expenditures, while competition in the set business will intensify further as demand slows and the mid- to low-end market expands," Yi said.

Apple misses iPhone forecasts as shares skid 10%

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple missed analysts' iPhone sales forecasts in its key holiday shopping period, pummeling shares lower in after-hours trading. Shares of Apple nose-dived $52.01, or 10%, to $462 in trading after the close of markets, raising new concerns. On Thursday, they sagged a bit more, to $460.48. Apple reported a profit of $13.1 billion, or $13.81 per share, on $54.5 billion in sales for its fiscal first quarter ended Dec. 29. That compares with a profit of $13.1 billion, or $13.87 per share, on sales of $46.3 billion a year ago. Everyone here is laser-focused," CEO Tim Cook said on a conference call. "Everyone at Apple has their eyes on the future." Apple's revenue guidance for its current quarter, a key measurement, came in light at $41 billion to $43 billion and below expectations

The Pope urges Catholics to flock to Twitter

for $45.6 billion. Apple watchers worried the company might stumble and report a dip in profit from last year, signaling a cooling of its business. Concerns also surrounded forwardlooking guidance on iPhones as U.S. markets face saturation and battlefields shift to China. Apple has a "very different approach to a market where everybody else is going in with low-end devices" in China, says Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi. Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst with Bernstein Research, asked Apple's chief on the call how a premium-priced Apple product intends to play in markets in 2013. "Realistically, how does Apple hold share given that the market segment and price point that you play in is expected to grow a lot slower and you have a dominant share in that high end?" "We aren't interested in revenue for revenue's sake," Cook responded.

Pope Benedict XIV may be one of Twitter’s recent and most surprising converts. Now, he asked Catholics to spread the word on Twitter and other social networking sites like Instagram and Tumblr to convert atheists to the faith, 140 characters at a time. “Believers are increasingly aware that, unless the Good News is made known also in the digital world, it may be absent in the experience of many people for whom this existential space is important,” he said in a statement delivered on the 47th World

Apple was expected to earn $12.8 billion in profit, or $13.47 per share, on $54.7 billion in sales in the quarter, according to the survey of estimates from Thomson Reuters. Excluding certain items, Apple's profit of $13.81 per share beat Wall Street's expectations. Shares of Apple have now shaved off 35% from a 52-week high of $705.07. Still, consumers snapped up 47.8 million iPhones, 22.9 million iPads and 4.1 million Macs in the quarter, compared with 5.2 million Macs sold a year ago. "Despite the declining PC market we were expecting the new Pro and Mac to make more of an impact," Milanesi says. The analysts were forecasting Apple would report 48.3 million in iPhone sales. The company was expected to sell about 22 million to 23 million iPads, including the iPad Mini. Apple was expected to sell more than 5 million Macs in the quarter.

Communications Day, also the the feast day of St. Francis de Sales, the patron saint of journalists and writers. In the address, “Social Networks: Portals of truth and faith; new spaces for evangelization,” the pontiff warmly endorsed social media as a new forum for “agora,” an ancient Greek term for an open public square where people can share ideas. However, the Pope had a few gripes with the “popularity” of celebrities on social media sites and the sheer volume of information, which may drown out the tweets and status updates of true believers.

“At times the gentle voice of reason can be overwhelmed by the din of excessive information and it fails to attract attention which is given instead to those who express themselves in a more persuasive manner,” he observed. The Pope signed up to Twitter in December and has amassed over one million followers despite only having tweeted 26 times. There are also myriad unofficial accounts with thousands of followers, and the Pope tweets in different languages. Justin Bieber, as The Register points out, has 32 million more followers than his Holiness.



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US business executives call for raising retirement age to 70

A business group of top executives proposed reforms to Social Security and Medicare that would raise the enrollment age for both programs to 70 but not raise Social Security taxes paid by upper-income Americans. The Business Roundtable, which represents more than 200 chief executives from some of the largest U.S. corporations, also urged Congress to add a "premium support" mechanism to Medicare, peg Social Security cost-of-living adjustments to a lower inflation gauge and raise Medicare charges for wealthier beneficiaries. This strategy for "modernizing and protecting our social safety net" would save $300 billion in Medicare spending over the next 10 years, make Social Security solvent for 75 years and help foster stronger economic growth, the group estimated. The proposals come as President Barack Obama and Congress prepare for an intensive new round of deficit-reduction talks. Safety net programs including Social Security and Medicare are likely to take center stage. The CEOs intend to pitch their ideas to the White House and to congressional officials. "We are calling on President Obama and Congress to look at our plan and enact a package of gradual changes that will provide economic and

personal security for generations to come," said Gary Loveman, CEO of casino and hotel company Caesars Entertainment Corp. The former Harvard economist chairs the Business Roundtable's health and retirement committee. Social Security and Medicare, once considered untouchable by U.S. politicians, are now at the foreground of deficit talks because of an aging population and rising healthcare costs that threaten to overwhelm the U.S. budget in years to come. Proposals to raise the Medicare eligibility age to 67 from 65 and base Social Security payments on a slower growing "chained-CPI" are already part of the deficit discussion on Capitol Hill. The group would push the age at which full Social Security benefits are paid to 70 for those now aged 54 and under. Currently, the age for collecting full benefits depends on year of birth, Someone born between 1946 and 1953 can take full benefits at age 66. That will rise to age 67 for individuals born in 1960 or after. The group said sluggish economic and job growth, and bipartisan divisions in Washington, could make it easier for lawmakers to go farther in considering "politically risky" proposals such as Medicare premium support.

Vine is Twitter’s attempt to become the ‘Instagram of video'

Twitter unveiled its latest project on Thursday: A video sharing service called Vine that allows users to post a single six-second clip, or a montage of equal length. Living (for now) on the Internet and the iPhone as a separate social network, Vine will integrate closely with Twitter and Facebook (FB), delivering video snippets that behave like an animated GIF with sound. Videos are kept short to simplify the creative process and facilitate sharing, but some clever tricks prevent these limitations from becoming too overbearing. Instead of using a typical "record" button to capture footage that you then have to trim down or stitch together, you simply touch the Vine app's screen to record and let go to stop. While you capture video, a progress bar along the top fills up as you approach the six-second mark. When you finish, no editing is necessary. The iPhone app itself is solid. Its clean design and easy-to-use interface make it something anyone can pick up. But it doesn't seem like a visionary solution to making video creation fit into our lives, the way Instagram instantly tapped into our shutterbug-and-share instincts. Vine is more of a lofty attempt to see what sticks. If you've spent any time following technology and the

Internet, you've heard nerds, pundits, analysts, investors and entrepreneurs all droning on about the "Instagram of video." Viddy, Socialcam and even ill-fated Color tried to claim the crown. It's an idea that seems great on paper, but in actual reality is probably best left untouched. Dealing with video begs for devices with more storage space, faster Internet connections, more powerful processors and bigger batteries. Those are just the teeny problems, though. The big one is that it's unbelievably hard to make bad video remotely appealing. The biggest virtue of Instagram -- and before that, Hipstamatic -- isn't the sharing aspect. It's that it makes our horrible, banal photography appear skilled and intriguing. Haphazardly capturing lightning in a bottle is easier because you only have to grab a single moment and pancake it in digital makeup. With Vine, we're tasked with capturing 180 consecutive moments, exposed bare to the world. And in turn, we're expected to spend a minimum of six seconds consuming every video in our feed. This could get laborious. Well-made as Vine is -- this is a service people will probably use -- it just doesn't have the metal to become a cultural craze that demands our participation.

Those supports, which opinion polls have shown are broadly opposed by registered voters, would replace current Medicare benefits with a financial stipend for purchasing coverage from private insurers or the traditional program. "There's nothing like impending pain to focus the mind, and the conditions the American economy faces are much more serious and sustained than any ... experience in my lifetime," Loveman said. But the group rejected shoring up Social Security by making incomes above the maximum annual threshold - which in 2012 was $110,100 subject to payroll taxes, saying that would hurt the economy. "You would have to raise the base upon which the taxes are applied very substantially to drive a sufficient level of revenue to address the long-term solvency of the program," Loveman said. "That would be far more damaging to economic growth than what we're asking people to consider," he added. "If you raise the tax rate on people who earn over the current threshold, you'll have an immediate deleterious effect on employment and economic activity." The Business Roundtable plan would also encourage private savings and include newly hired state and local government workers in the Social Security system.

Microsoft profit dips ahead of Office revamp Microsoft Corp's quarterly profit edged lower as Office software sales slowed ahead of a new launch, offsetting a solid but unspectacular start for its Windows 8 operating system and sending the company's shares down 1.4 percent. The results mark a stark change from the 1990s, when Microsoft was the unchallenged king of computing and the release of a new Windows operating system would supercharge sales, generate excitement and generally boost its stock. None of that appears to be true now, as Microsoft has been overtaken by Apple Inc and Google Inc in the rush toward mobile computing, while sales of traditional desktop computers are in decline. "There's still no sign that Windows 8 is a gangbuster," said Andrew Bartels, an analyst at Forrester Research. "Compared to prior periods, where you saw a big increase when a new one came out, you're not seeing that." Profit at the world's largest software company slid to $6.4 billion, or 76 cents per share, in the fiscal second quarter, from $6.6 billion, or 78 cents per share, in the year-ago quarter. Overall sales rose 3 percent to $21.5 billion, Microsoft said, in line with analysts' estimates. The biggest factor weighing on Microsoft was a 10 percent decline in sales at its Office unit to $5.7 billion, which took into account the loss of deferred revenue relating

to discounted upgrades to the new version of the software, expected shortly. "It's a pause before a product launch, which is typical," said Josh Olson, an analyst at Edward Jones. Windows sales jumped 24 percent to $5.9 billion, slightly ahead of analysts' average expectations, which had been gradually lowered over the last few months. That also included some deferred revenue relating to discounted upgrades. Microsoft said it has sold more than 60 million Windows 8 licenses since its late-October launch, an unexceptional start for a product which has not gripped the public's imagination in the way of Apple's iPad. The company already announced 60 million Windows 8 sales two weeks ago, broadly in line with Windows 7 sales three years before. "Windows 8 continues to have an uphill battle in convincing investors this is going to be the key to the growth story for Microsoft," said Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR Capital Markets. "It continues to be a major prove-me product cycle." Microsoft did not detail sales of its new Surface tablet - a direct competitor to the iPad - although chief financial officer Peter Klein said the company was expanding production and distribution. Windows executives suggest that Windows will win more people over when new touch-screen devices start hitting the shelves in coming months.

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LOCAL NEWS Career Opportunities: Grace Bay Club is looking for candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. They love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization. Their management style is one that balances a commitment to people and their development with business/financial accountability and delivers an exceptional guest experience Kitchen Helper Requirements: • Assist with Food & beverage service • Receive and store supplies • Stock cupboards, refrigerators and salad bars • Clean food preparation and storage areas • Assist with food preparation • Work with minimal supervision Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Restaurant Servers: Job Overview: Qualified individuals should have a minimum of 3 years restaurant experience. Individuals must possess strong work ethics; have a working knowledge of fine dining steps of service, and the ability to provide our guests with an outstanding dining experience. Servers should be industry professionals with excellent food and wine knowledge. Job Requirements: • Responsibilities include setup, organization and cleanup of service areas. • Responsible for staying current with daily menu items and changing wine lists. • Must be able to work as part of a motivated, high energy team that takes pride in their work. • Lifting of trays loaded with food, plates and glassware required. • Responsible for responding to any situation at any given time in a professional and courteous manner. This may include answering any questions posed by guests • Stack, lift and carry trays in a systematic and safe manner • Clean and retrieve tables in a neat, timely and professional manner. • Receive, process, and present all food and beverage orders according to Grace Bay Club standards • Responsible for using suggestive selling techniques, when appropriate and doing so in a courteous manner to up sell and in turn increase the average check Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Domestic Worker/Housekeeper Job Requirements: • Ensure the cleanliness of all hotel areas • Assist in all Housekeeping responsibilities, cleaning of all guest rooms, stocking amenities and linens • physical stamina and mobility including ability to reach, kneel and bend • ability to lift, push and pull required load (usually about 30lbs) • Ensure inventory is used properly and in supply at all times • Possess knowledge of proper cleaning supplies and chemical handling Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Labourer Job Requirements: • Operate, maintain and repair the property’s heating, ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration systems • Perform Laundry and Kitchen services • Perform preventative maintenance on the hotel’s systems • Pool cleaning, chemical testing, adding chemical as required • Maintain the proper use, cleaning, maintenance and storage of all tools. • Responsible for cleaning grease traps, lift stations, checking & treatment of sewage treatment plant Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Houseman Requirements: • Ensure the cleanliness of all hotel areas. • Assist with bellman duties • Maintain household cleaning supplies • Assist in all Housekeeping responsibilities, transporting linen, assist in cleaning of all guests’ room, stocking amenities and linens • Perform any other tasks or projects as directed by Housekeeping Management to continue high levels of guest care. • Ensure inventory is used properly and in supply at all times. • Ensure houseman room is kept clean, tidy and organized at all times • Assist housekeeping staff with laundry removal and unit cleaning • Clean and maintain lobby, entrance doors and bell trolleys Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Front Office Manager Job Requirements: • Manage the front desk operation, including guest registration, room assignment, billing and check-out procedures. • Oversea the activities and monitor the daily performance of the front office staff. • Prepare and administrate the departmental budget for the front office. • Handle guest complaints and ensure that all guests’ issues are resolved. • Partner with operational departments to ensure execution of special requests. • Ensure bank and cash handling procedures are maintained. • Monitor all front office support systems to ensure maximum productivity. • Perform other duties as assigned. JOB QUALIFICATIONS: • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Business or equivalent experience required. • Experience: Minimum of five years hotel experience in front office or front services operations with a minimum of three years management experience required. Experience in a hotel with a Diamond Rating of 4 or 5 Star preferred.



• Excellent communication and organizational skills required. Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Pastry Chef Job Requirements: • High school diploma or equivalent vocational training certificate. • Certification of culinary training or apprenticeship. • Dependable, organized, team player. • Sanitation certificate. • Must read and speak English fluently. Additional languages an asset. • Prepares, bakes, and finishes all breads, breakfast pastries, cookies, and other specified baked goods. • Decorating and plating various pastries and desserts • Overseeing kitchen staff • Ordering supplies • Keeping the kitchen organized Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Room Service Attendant Requirements: • Must possess a High School Certificate. • English fluency required. • Must have experience in food service, and a complete understanding of the room service department. • Must have resort experience. Must be able to follow specific procedures to provide prompt, efficient and gracious customer service to hotel guests in their rooms, including answering department telephones, taking and delivering orders, and preparing and presenting guest checks. • Must be able to understand and respond to all guests needs and requests in a timely and professional manner. Qualified Belongers need only to apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Director of Owner Relations Requirements: • Relationship management at executive levels is a critical part of this role – 3 years experience • Communication expertise in dealing with executive management, ownership, investors and guests • Exceptional organizational skills coupled with a drive and ability to deliver customer service excellence • Negotiating skills and budget development and management • Understanding and experience with budgets and strata management • Comfortable with ambiguity and a wide spectrum of tasks • Competency with Microsoft Office Professional products and Opera • Team player, motivated by providing the ultimate experience for clients. • Must read and speak English fluently. Additional languages an asset. • Past 5 star luxury experience needed in Housekeeping, Engineering, Finance, Front Office operations, Revenue Management and Interior Design • International Experience in Hotel Management needed Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Assistant Chief Engineer Requirements: • At least an associate degree or equivalent in electrical, mechanical, or electronic engineering • Minimum of three (3) years practical experience in operating and maintaining electrical, mechanical, and/or electronic plant/equipment/systems, preferably at a luxury resort • Proficiency in Word and Excel • Proficiency in Opera and SAP would be an asset • Good time management and follow-up skills • Must be able to operate in a high-pressure environment Responsibilities: • The day-to-day management of the technical team and the operation and maintenance of all plant, equipment and civil works (cables, pipe work, drains, structures etc.) . • Utilizing all relevant systems/programs in the management of the department (Opera, SAP, Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), etc.) • The completion of work orders, energy conservation activities, etc. and analyses as required. • Assisting with inventory management and the development, implementation and management of all engineering projects. Qualified Belongers need only apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Pool & Beach Manager Responsibilities: • Managing all aspects of the beach and pool, in accordance with the hotel standards. • He/she directs, implements, and maintains a service and management philosophy that serves as a guide to the Water Sports staff. It is the responsibility of the Pool & Beach Manager to oversee and supervise the Beach and Pool Attendants, ensuring guest services at the beach and pool are running efficiently and smoothly Requirements: • Have two years work experience as a Supervisor in Water Sports in a luxury hotel. • Be fluent in written and spoken English. • Possess First Aid certification and CPR Training. • Be a strong swimmer. • Monitor the Attendants’ activities to ensure the guests’ needs are being taken care of regularly. • Greet and inform all guests of the available Water Sports activities. Actively promote excursions. • Monitor the cleanliness and maintenance of the beach and pool area, as well as the equipment and furniture at those areas • Maintain awareness of all Water Sports activities and Tour Operators on the island. Actively promote excursions. • Ensure there are enough supplies, such as fresh towels, for the guests. • Make certain liability waivers are signed, and all administration is complete. • Observe and monitor the safety of guests and visitors. Qualified Belongers need only apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience


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Basketball League in high gear

Predators defeated Steelers 66-62 in a close contest as action continued in the night game segment of the Basketball Association Men’s League on Thursday, January 17. The win was made possible through D. Daniel’s 14 pointsts, 4 rebounds, 5 assist and 2 steals, as well as E. Johnson’s 12 points and 6 rebounds. Steelers’ C. Henry shot a game-high 27 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and 6 steals. While D. Evens buried 13 points, 1 rebound and 3 assists. In game two, Customs defeated Shottas 50 to 45. Customs’ Mervin Forbes shot 21 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal. J. Swann sank 11 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 1 steal. Shottas’ W. Chery shot 16 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals. S. Smith recorded 6 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 6 steals. In game three, South Caicos turned back Police 59 to 44. Kirk Adams led the scoring with 20 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals. D. Dean 9 recorded points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals. Police’s K. Doughty registered 15 points and 11 rebounds. S. Jermain got 11 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. The competition continued on Friday, 18th January, with three games. In game one Flyers defeated Predators 68 to 61, with Ricardo Fulford leading the way with 18 pts, 3 rebounds and 2 blocks.

S. Brass chipped in with 14 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assist and 6 steals. Predators’ R. Martinez shot 12 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists and 1 steal. T. Saunders buried 10 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, 3 assist and 1 steal. In game two, North Caicos Spartans defeated. Cobras 59 to 57. Spartans’ Emmanuel Williams scored 14 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals. L. Hall scored 14 points, 5 rebounds and 1 block. Cobras’ G. Agenor scored 13 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block and 4 steals. J. Rousseaux also got among the score with 12 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist. In game three, G.T Stallions trampled Steelers 98 to 55, with Keno Williams leading the way 23 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist. R. Saunders shot 16 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assist, 1 steals. Steelers’ C. Henry 18 points, 2 assist. E. Missick 14 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assist 1 steal. On Saturday, January 19, three games were also played in the High School League. In game one, the Clement Howell High School Eagles A defeated their B Team 36 to 21. Eagles A’s Kadis Simmons shot 15 points, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks and 3 steals. P. Sylvan shot 8 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assist and 2 steals. Eagles B’s C. Rigby scored 8 points,

Pool & Beach Supervisor Responsibilities: The Pool & Beach Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the pool and beach service staff and operations to ensure prompt, efficient, and professional service lounge chairs, towels and food and beverages to Hotel guests by the pool or on the beach. Essential Duties: • To understand & respond to all guest needs in a professional manner. • To extend a courteous, friendly, and professional greeting to guests as they arrive, and to thank them as they depart. • To continuously interact with guests to ensure professional, personalized service. • To maintain adequate inventory of all necessary pool and beach supplies and equipment. • To satisfactorily complete daily paperwork, as required, including logs and reports. • To ensure that established service and aesthetic standards are maintained in the pool and beach areas at all times. • Any other duties assigned by the Pool & Beach Manager. Requirements: • High School Diploma • Fluent in English. Second language is considered a plus • Two years experience as a Pool & Beach Attendant. • Minimum of 6 months working as a Pool & Beach Supervisor • Possess First Aid Certification & CPR Training • Be a stronger swimmer Director of Guest Experiences Requirements: • Wide knowledge of the Rooms Division operations. • 5 – 10 year experience in a Hospitality industry in Management position. • Knowledge of Hotel Operating system (Opera, Fidelio, Visual One) • Experience in dealing with guest enquiries, problems or complaints in an efficient and professional manner without detriment to the Hotel and / or its reputation. • To be constantly proactive in anticipating guest needs & requirements and to demonstrate a high & consistent level of service at all times. Qualified Belongers need only to apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Executive Assistant Requirements • Minimum 5 years experience as executive personal assistant. • Demonstrate the ability to maintain confidentiality. • International, five star, hospitality experience. • Ability to work with little to no supervision • Must be able multi-task and work well under pressure • Must be detailed oriented and highly organized • Will be responsible for daily organization of the Chief Executive Officer's personal and profes-

6 rebounds and 2 steals. N. Prince scored 5 points, 1 rebound and1 steal. In game two, Wesley Methodvist High defeated Tcips 46 to 30, with Kemal Smith leading the score with 16 points and 1 assist. J. Missick shot 13 points and 1 steal. Tcips’ K. Walters scored 11 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists and 3 steals. Nateo 7 points, 4 rebounds. In game three, Maranatha Blizzards defeated BWIC Spartans 40 to 15. Blizzards’ Ray Smith scored 17 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals. D. Been registered 10 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal. Spartans’ T. Greene scored 6 points, 1 rebound, 1 block and 4 steals. Q. Higgs scored 5 pointts, 5 rebounds, 3 blocks and 3 steals. Later in the night Predators defeated. North Caicos Spartans 58 to 51 in the first of three games. Predators’ Alveses Desir scored 14 points and 8 rebounds. C. Strut shot 9 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and 4 steals. M. Taylor and T. Saunders combined had 21 rebounds. Spartans’ E. Williams shot 24 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals. E. Williams shot 17 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assist and 4 steals. In game two, Police outscored Top Shottas 58 to 51, Sandro Jermain leading with 16 points, 14 rebounds, 2 assist, 3 blocks and 1 steal. D. Hamilton chipped in with 11 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals.

sional calendar. • Must be able to represent the hotel and the CEO, in his absence. • Must have excellent communication skills and ability to support the C-suite (CEO, CFO and COO) team as necessary. • Must be able to maintain a high degree of confidentiality and discretion when dealing with management and staff. • Must read and speak English fluently. • Must be fluent in a second language, such as French, Spanish or Italian. • Must have intimate knowledge of the Latin Luxury Sales Market • Experience with the luxury market travel agents, tour operators and industry leaders. • Must have demonstrated PC skills including PowerPoint, MS Project, Excel pivot tables and databases. Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Stewarding Supervisor Job Requirements: Job purpose of Stewarding supervisor is to assist and lead the Stewarding Team, Restaurant Outlets, and Director of Food and Beverage in the cleaning and organizing of the Food and Beverage Outlets. Essential Duties: • Perform special cleaning projects as assigned. Ensure proper set-up, breakdown and maintenance of all banquet functions. • Interview, hire and train new stewards as required. Maintain proper administrative records on associates i.e. Attendance log, coaching and counseling sessions, disciplinary forms, etc. • Ensure that floors are swept and mopped. Keep floors clean and dry, spills are picked up immediately using wet floor signs, dry rags, and dry mops. • Clean walls, tables, racks, sinks, floor mats and disposal area. Polish stainless steel. • Clean ovens, hoods, filters, drains, hot boxes, steam tables, flat boxes and ceiling vents, according to schedule or as specified by the Executive Chef or Chef of their respective area of responsibility. • Maintain organization and ensure proper storage and cleaning of all rolling stock and racks, silver, presoaking and operation of dish machine. • Ensure all trash is emptied at end of shifts; containers washed out and returned to kitchens. • Comply with attendance rules and be available to work on a regular basis. • Perform any other job related duties as assigned. Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than February 9, 2013 @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1050 Email: Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West I

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Police To clash with Beaches in Finals

Beaches beat defending Champions Jaguars to move on to the finals as the TCICA Cricket competition that continues on Saturday the 19th January at the Downtown Ball Park. Beaches won the toss and posted a respectable 182 Runs for six wickets from 20 Overs. The Top Scorers were Damian St. Ange with 59 Runs which consisted of 7 fours and 3 sixes and Hanzie Zietsman added 29 Runs which include 1 four and 2 sixes. Bowling for Guyana Jaguars Mark Henry took two wickets for 25 Runs from 4 Overs and Jitender Ganglani had two wickets for 55 Runs from 4 Overs. Jaguars in Reply, Were dismissed for 164 Runs from 19.4 Overs. The Top Scorers were Nuwan Bodhinyake with sixty Runs which included 8 Fours and 2 sixes and Jitender Ganglani contributed 18 Runs. Bowling for Beaches Yohan Grant captured 3 wickets (Hat trick) for 24 Runs from 3.4 Overs and Damian St. Ange took two wickets for 46 Runs from 4 Overs and Odayne Ewart had two wickets for 24 Runs from 4 Overs.

Man of the match Damian St. Ange. Meanwhile as the Competition continues on Sunday 20th January 2013 at the same venue in an exciting and nail biting match the Police defeated JamTurk to earn a place in the Finals after winning the Toss the Police were bowled out for 154 Runs from 19.1 overs. Grantley Williams top scored with 29 Runs which include 3 fours and Garvin Bruno added 28 Runs and Calvin Chase chipped in with 25 Runs. Bowling for JamTurk Calvin Aaron bagged 3 wickets for 29 runs from 4 Overs and Delano Hall picked up 3 wickets for 35 Runs from 4 Overs. When Jamturk batted they reached 147 Runs for 8 Wickets from 20 Overs. Glen Campbell top scored with 44 Runs which consist of 4 fours and 1 six and Delano Hall added 27 Runs and 3 Fours. Bowling for Police Lyndon Tyson claimed 3 wickets for 21 Runs from 4 Overs and Garvin Bruno took two wickets for 20 runs from 4 Overs. Man of the Match Garvin Bruno.

Josh Williams made the Philadelphia Junior Flyers Hockey team

Josh Williams of the Turks & Caicos Islands, started out playing for the Provo Hockey League, but left to go to school and play ice hockey in Atlanta in 2007. In pursuit of his dreams, he tried out for the Philadelphia Flyers Junior A team over Christmas and made it onto the team. He has now moved to Philadelphia and is playing for the Philadelphia Junior Flyers in the AJHL. This is the second best hockey league in The U.S, where all the college scouts look for players so his next step is to get a scholarship to play at the college level.


1 Domestic Worker Salary $5.50 per hour Interested person should contact 331-4475

2013 WIV Provo Premier Men’s League

The 2013 WIV Provo Premier Men’s League (the major FIFA registered mens’ soccer league of the TCI) soccer season. The first competitive games will be on the 2nd February at 4pm and 6pm (teams to be confirmed) at the usual place, although this year the astroturf pitch will be in use for the early game and the grass pitch for the later game. There will also be a “Fun Day” from 3.30 pm on the 26th January where all teams will play some short matches against each other and you can come and meet the players, coaches, referees and officials involved in the league (and TCIFA generally). We have five teams again this season which will involve over 100 players over the five squads. They are Cheshire Hall FC (last year’s champions), AFC Academy (mainly our young TCI potential internationals), SWA Sharks FC (an ageing blend), Teachers FC, (last year’s mainly Jamaican Pedagogue team) , and finally Rozo FC, (a mainly Haitian team who have previously played in the United League). We would like to thank the League sponsors, WIV Turks and Caicos and the team sponsors, NW Hamilton, Simon Wood Associates, British Caribbean Bank and Casablanca Casino. It truly is a league made up of the whole community (as is the Womens’ League also) and I would like to be able to generate more interest from the whole TCI community for both watching the matches and indeed playing the game.

2 Office Attendants

• Function: Support the proper functioning and maintain sanitary surroundings of the office environment Assist, monitor and maintain office supplies Perform work related errands, coordinate messenger service, customer and staff parking Update, maintain documents for company vehicles Assist in event planning and implementation • The successful candidate should: Be fluent in two of English, Spanish, Creole or Tagalog. Must have at least 5 years working experience Be flexible to work rotated shifts between 7:00 am – 8:00pm daily including weekends and public holidays at various locations Posses a valid driver’s License Have proven excellent inter-personal skills in interacting with customers, staff and management. A keen awareness of the environment and the needs and safety of clients and staff is required to perform well on the job. • Wage: $1,000 - $2000 / per month – commensurate with qualification and experience • Please submit application letter and resume to The General Manager, The application deadline is January 30, 2013. Suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview The position is immediately available




Trinidad and Tobago hammer Guyana for third straight title

Trinidad & Tobago earned the unique honour of winning the Caribbean Twenty20 for the third successive year, and their fourth title overall, after they trampled over a hapless Guyana with a ninewicket victory. Anointed the favourites from the moment this final edition of the tournament began on January 6, the defending champions lived up to their reputation with a resounding victory. Kieron Pollard, promoted up the order, swept a massive six over wide long-on for the winning runs, threw his bat aside and stripped off his red Trinidad & Tobago shirt to display a white vest on which was written: "Congratulations T&T team. We have done it. I'm proud." His team-mate Dwayne Bravo, meanwhile, cut short the victory lap to join the DJ on the performing deck to sing and dance to the popular Soca numbers "Differentology" and "Bacchanalist", thus adding to the carnival preparations gathering back in Port of Spain and rest of the island. Chasing a modest 117 for victory, T&T started in dominant fashion, racing to 25 after three overs as the opening pair of Lendl Simmons and Evin Lewis declared their positive intent. Guyana should have had Lewis early on, however, when he miscued a pull against a short delivery from Ronsford Beaton, one of the most impressive fast bowlers to have emerged from the last two weeks. Beaton charged forward to take the catch in his follow through but wicketkeeper Derwin Christian advanced simultaneously from behind the wicket and both men collided, allowing Lewis, who had run virtually to the other end, to return safely back to his crease. Next ball, Lewis, playing his second match of the tournament, upper-cut Beaton for the first six of T&T's innings. Lewis meted out further punishment to Steven Jacobs as 20 runs came from

the fifth over to bring up the T&T 50, but Beaton got his man when he sent down a short-pitched delivery that Lewis try to duck only to present an easy catch. The Guyana players flashed nervous smiles, perhaps realising the writing was already on the wall. Simmons and Pollard ensured that it was, wrapping up the chase with almost eight overs to spare. Earlier, there had been a lot of emphasis placed on the toss, as only twice in eleven matches played on the St Lucia leg of this tournament had the team batting first won. Veerasammy Permaul, the Guyana captain, called heads, lost and was asked to bat. However, the way the evening panned out, such factors were unlikely to have made any difference to T&T, as they dominated the contest throughout. T&T were coming into the match after a fourday break but they were not slow to regain their rhythm. Guyana's batsmen were completely at sea against the combination of aggressive fast bowling from Shannon Gabriel and Rayad Emrit, backed up by the wily spin of Samuel Badree and Sunil Narine. It was Gabriel, with his bounding run-up, who clocked consistently blistering pace to put Guyana under the cosh straightaway. After taking just a single from Gabriel's first over, Christian powerfully drove Badree for the first boundary off the seventh ball of the match. Two balls later, trying to hit straight and over the bowler's head, Christian mistimed to mid-off. Emrit was the catcher but in Badree's next over he made a mess of a simple chance from Trevon Griffith, the other Guyana opener, who had attempted a straight hoick. Ramnaresh Sarwan continued his terrible form, falling prey to an familiar ploy. Prompted by Dwayne Bravo, Gabriel adjusted his lengths, pitching more back of length and short against Sarwan, who lost

Chanderpaul’s son to make first-class debut

West Indies batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul's son, Tagenarine, will make his first-class debut at the age of 16, for Guyana against Leeward Islands in the regional four-day competition in Antigua from February 9. Tagenarine has been selected as an opener for Guyana, who are captained by spinner Veerasammy Permaul. Tagenarine, like his father, is said to be a patient batsman, hard to dislodge and capable of spending a lot of time at the crease. Shivnarine had also made his first-class debut for Guyana as a teenager, when he was 18. He is currently playing the Bangladesh Premier League and will be away during the course of his son's debut. The competition has been dominated by Jamaica for the past five years. Guyana last won the title in the 1997-98 season.

Tagenarine Chanderpaul

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control of his stroke on the charge and top-edged to midwicket. In the same over, Gabriel attacked the ribs of new man Narsingh Deonarine with a lifting delivery, the batsman beaten by the pace to be caught behind. By the time the fielding restrictions were removed after the sixth over, Guyana were 23 for 3. At the halfway mark, they had limped to 49 for 3, with just two fours coming from the bat. It was not the first time Guyana had started off in such sluggish fashion. Throughout the tournament their top order had failed to perform consistently. If anything short cameos and spirited partnerships had carried them to the summit clash. In Guyana's play-off win over Jamaica, Griffith and Christopher Barnwell had raised a matchturning 79-run run partnership for the third wicket. Less than 24 hours later the pair were once again attempting another rescue act. On 19, Griffith attempted to slog Emrit down the ground but gave another chance to the bowler, who allowed the ball to bounce out of his hands once again. "This guy doesn't want to be here," was Ramdin's response to another life for Griffith and although the batsman slog-swept Narine for a six in the next over he was eventually run out by a Pollard direct hit from short midwicket while going for a tight single. After that steadying, 61-run partnership, the onus was now entirely on Barnwell. However, he was finding it hard to connect and he departed for 32 in the 17th over, top-edging Emrit to point. Two balls later, Leon Johnson was caught in the deep by Simmons: Guyana had lost two wickets for just one run. Although 11 runs came off the final over, Guyana knew it was too little and too late. Guyana, who won the tournament in 2006 and 2010, were playing their fourth match in as many days and were running low on fuel. Clearly they had not had enough time to chalk out a workable strategy, something T&T managed to do convincingly. Possessing as many as seven of West Indies' World Twenty20-winning squad, T&T had the experience, firepower, nous and balance to win the tournament. In the end they were the deserving winners.

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Manti Te’o says his emotions for fake girlfriend were real

Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o acknowledged to ABC's Katie Couric that he maintained the illusion of his dead girlfriend in the weeks after he received a call claiming that Lennay Kekua and her death were hoaxes. It wasn't that teo was lying, said spokesman Mathew Hiltzik, who also reportedly represents Couric. Rather, he was still trying to determine exactly what had happened after learning a woman he thought was his girlfriend may never have existed. During the interview, the Heisman Trophy runner-up said he mentioned Kekua and her death to reporters after receiving a December 6 phone call from someone he thought was Kekua, saying she was not dead. "Katie, put yourself in my situation. I, my whole world told me that she died on September 12. Everybody knew that. This girl, who I committed myself to, died on September 12," Te'o said, according to clips released on the ABC News website. Te'o has said he believed Kekua, whom he thought was his girlfriend despite never meeting her face to face, had died of leukemia on September 12 after a car accident left her hospitalized.

Manti Te'o

"Now I get a phone call on December 6, saying that she's alive and then I'm going be put on national TV two days later. And to ask me about the same question. You know, what would you do?" Te'o said, according to clips of the interview.

Chelsea soccer star ejected for kicking at ball boy

LONDON — Chelsea star Eden Hazard was ejected from the English League Cup semifinal at Swansea on Wednesday night for kicking a ball boy in the ribs while attempting to retrieve the ball after it rolled off the field. Hazard and the ball boy apologized to each other after the game, Swansea said in a statement. "South Wales Police interviewed the 17-yearold ball boy with his father after the game and neither wished to press any charges," Swansea said. "It was an unfortunate incident which both parties regret being involved in." With Chelsea needing two goals at Swansea's Liberty Stadium to force overtime in the two-game series, the ball bounced off an advertising board behind the goal line in the 79th minute. The ball boy, wearing a Swansea sweatsuit, slowly walked over to pick it up. Hazard ran up to reclaim the ball and the teen fell over, stomach toward the ground and the ball under him. The Belgian winger leaned over the teenager, tried to pull the ball free with both hands and then kicked at it under the youth. After Hazard got the ball free, he picked it up and jogged back onto the field. The ball boy, who has worked for Swansea for six years, rolled onto his back and clutched the right side of his ribs as he was attended to. Hazard was shown a straight red card by referee Chris Foy. "Chelsea invited the ball boy into the dressing room after the game to shake

hands with Hazard and both parties apologized," Swansea said. "The ball boy was very impressed with the welcome he received from the Chelsea players and as far as both clubs and individuals are concerned the matter is closed." Hazard was quoted by Chelsea's web site as telling Chelsea TV "the boy put his whole body onto the ball and I was just trying to kick the ball. I apologize. The ball boy came in the changing room and we had a quick chat and I apologized and the boy apologized as well, and it is over. Sorry." The match finished 0-0 and Swansea advanced 2-0 on aggregate, setting up a final against fourth-tier Bradford at Wembley Stadium on Feb. 24. It will be the first major English final in the Swans' 100-year history. "They both recognize there was a mistake," Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez said. "The boy was apologizing for time wasting. Hazard was frustrated and tried to get the ball. He was kicking the ball and getting the ball." On the club's official Twitter feed, Chelsea said football had "gone mad." "Hazard is sent off for kicking the ball under a ball boy attempting to smother the ball rather than return it," Chelsea's tweet read. Swansea manager Michael Laudrup said Hazard would regret his actions. "The ball boy should have let the ball go, but he was pushed first and then he kicks him," Laudrup said. "As a player when you are behind, your pulse is very high and sometimes you say and do things. You overreact. But there are some things you cannot do."

On December 8, ahead of the Heisman Trophy presentation, Te'o said he "lost both my grandparents and my girlfriend to cancer." In a New York Post interview published more than three weeks later, Te'o said memories of his grandfather helped him cope with the losses of his grandmother and girlfriend, whom he'd previously said died on the same day. "So when I lost my grandmother and Lennay, I thought of him. He was my strength," Te'o told the Post, according to a December 30 article. It was true that his grandmother had died, but Te'o conceded that he mentioned Kekua again even after -- as Couric put it -- he "knew that something was amiss," according to the interview clips. While he said he didn't know whether the now-debunked storyline helped him place second in Heisman Trophy voting, he insisted his emotions surrounding Kekua's loss were authentic. "What I went through was real. You know, the feelings, the pain, the sorrow -- that was all real, and that's something that I can't fake," he said. Couric said she believes Te'o sincerely thought he was having a relationship with Kekua. Couric said she heard voice mail messages on Te'o's phone, allegedly from Kekua, and even saw his phone bill. "There were multiple calls to this number, where he would stay on the phone for hours," Couric told ABC's "World News with Diane Sawyer" on Wednesday. Te'o denied reveling in the attention he received for playing so outstandingly on the gridiron after suffering such devastating personal losses. "I think, for me, the only thing that I basked in was that I had an impact on people; that people turned to me for inspiration. And I think that was the only thing I focused on," the Hawaii-born Mormon said. "My story, I felt, was a guy who in times of hardship and in times of trial, held strong to his faith, held strong to his family, and I felt that was my story." Te'o's parents, Brian and Ottilia Te'o, were on hand for the interview. Couric said she believes they were as stunned as their son when they found out Kekua didn't exist. Te'o's mother talked to the woman many times on the phone, and his father texted biblical passages to the woman and discussed them with her, Couric said. Last week, Te'o said, however, that he had lied to his dad because he was embarrassed to admit he was in love with a woman he'd never laid eyes on. "I knew that -- I even knew that it was crazy that I was with somebody that I didn't meet," he told ESPN. "And that alone, people find out that this girl who died I was so invested in, and I didn't meet her as well."


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Giants’ owner still not over missing playoffs

NEW YORK -- Owner John Mara, in his first public comments since the end of the New York Giants' season, said he's "very disappointed" that his team did not reach the playoffs. However, Mara doesn't believe wholesale changes are needed, and that his team's title window is open as long as Eli Manning is the quarterback. "Obviously, we were very disappointed not being in the postseason," Mara said Thursday following a news conference about the area's Super Bowl XLVIII plans. "I haven't quite gotten over that yet, particularly the back-to-back games in Atlanta and Baltimore. "But sometimes you go through things like that and it just strengthens our resolve to put a better team on the field. We've got some areas we need to improve on, and we're gonna do that." The Giants looked as if they could repeat as Owner John Mara Super Bowl champions after a 6-2 start. But they lost five of their last eight games, including two of Giants will be able to contend again next season. "Again, if we win the game in Washington (the their last three. They had needed not only to win, but help from several teams, in order to make the Giants lost 17-16 in Week 13), who knows what playoff cut. But in Weeks 15 and 16, the Falcons would've happened the rest of the season?" he said. and Ravens outscored the Giants by a combined "You always have to keep retooling your roster a little bit. We need to add a little more depth, and 67-14 margin. "I've been around this team a long time, and we'll do that. It's important that we have a good I thought I'd seen everything," Mara said. "But I draft, but I'm very confident in the staff that we certainly didn't expect the two weeks we had there have. "Obviously, when you miss the playoffs, in Atlanta and Baltimore. At least we finished the everybody's a little more concerned about what season on a decent note." That was a 42-7 victory over Philadelphia, but went wrong. But we were 9-7. We went 9-7 a year it was a hollow win after the Chicago Bears beat ago also, but we made the playoffs and then got hot. We do need to improve in certain areas, but we the Detroit Lions, eliminating the Giants. Given that the team finished 9-7 -- the same certainly don't need to tear the whole thing down." The Giants finished sixth in the NFL in points record as in 2011, when it won the Super Bowl -Mara doesn't feel the need to overhaul the roster. per game (26.8) and 14th in total offense (355 per With the team's core still intact, Mara believes the game). But they gave up the second-most yards per

Injured Serena Williams smashes racket during quarterfinal loss to 19-year-old Sloane Stephens at Australian Open

MELBOURNE, Australia - Serena night against defending champion Williams was only thinking out loud Victoria Azarenka. The top-seeded when she muttered this Australian Azarenka beat Svetlana Kuznetsova Open had been "the worst two weeks." 7-5, 6-1 in the early quarterfinal at Not long after a courtside Rod Laver Arena. microphone picked up those comments Maria Sharapova, who has lost during her quarterfinal with 19-year- only nine games in five matches, old American Sloane Stephens, things plays Li Na in the other semifinal. got a whole lot worse. Williams hurt her back in the Stephens outplayed Williams, eighth game of the second set and whose movement and serves had been things got progressively worse. slowed by a back injury, and beat the She yelled at herself on several 15-time Grand Slam champion 3-6, occasions, and smashed a racket 7-5, 6-4. It marked Williams' first loss into the court, earning a $1,500 fine since Aug. 17, and her first defeat at from tournament officials. a Grand Slam tournament since last "I was running to the net year's French Open. for a drop shot," said Williams, Williams' downer of a Grand Slam describing the injury. "As I went Down Under started badly when she to hit it, it was on the backhand. I turned her right ankle in her opening even screamed on the court. I totally match at Melbourne Park. locked up after that." "I've had a tough two weeks She reiterated after the match between the ankle ... and my back, that her injuries had made this which started hurting," Williams said. Australian Open difficult for her. "A lot of stuff." "Absolutely, I'm almost relieved While Williams packed for home - that it's over because there's only she and sister Venus have also lost in so much I felt I could do," she said. doubles - Stephens advanced to her "I've been thrown a lot of (curve) first Grand Slam semifinal Wednesday balls these two weeks."

game in the league (383.4). "We had some guys hurt this year and that was a problem," Mara said, referring to players such as Hakeem Nicks, Chris Snee and Ahmad Bradshaw. "We gave up too much yardage on defense, too many points, so we need some improvements there. And offensively, we played fairly well, but we had some red-zone issues." Manning had a strong statistical season, throwing for 3,948 yards and 26 touchdowns. Still, the two-time Super Bowl MVP struggled at times, completing less than 60 percent of his passes, and had 15 interceptions. "He's 32 years old. He's got a lot of years left. So I think our window is still pretty wide," Mara said. "I think as long as he's under center, I think we have a chance to win." This season, the read-option offense seems to be all the rage. Dual-threat quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers, Russell Wilson of the Seahawks and Robert Griffin III of the Redskins all thrived in such a system. Mara still would rather have Manning, though. "It's interesting. There are these new trends, and we're gonna have to figure out a way to stop some of these offenses," Mara said. "But the best quarterbacks in the league are still the drop-back passers, and I'm not trading our guy for anybody." The Giants have 18 unrestricted free agents, most notably defensive end Osi Umenyiora. Asked if he believes Umenyiora has played his last game with the Giants, Mara responded: "I don't know about that. We'll see what happens. I would love to have him back. He's been a great player for us. He's a great guy. He's been a huge part of our two Super Bowl wins, but there are economic considerations and we'll just have to see what happens."

Miami Heat to visit President Obama

MIAMI -- The Miami Heat will be in suits and ties when they visit the White House on Monday. Unless, of course, someone invites them to play some ball. After all, President Barack Obama does enjoy some pickup games. "Everybody will bring their shoes -- just in case," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. The basketball-fan-in-chief will be providing his personal congratulations to the Heat on Monday, when the team picks up one of the traditional perks of winning a championship. Miami will fly to Washington after playing in Boston on Sunday night, then remain in the city for parts of two days before heading back north for a game in Brooklyn on Wednesday night. "I've never been to the White House," Heat forward Mike Miller said. "It'll definitely be an interesting experience that I've always wanted to do." The White House says Obama also will recognize the franchise's support of military members. The Heat will meet with wounded soldiers during their trip to Washington. Honoring soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan has been a pregame tradition at Heat home games for several years, part of team president Pat Riley's program called "Home Strong." "It's the pinnacle of the things that we've been able to experience together," Spoelstra said of the White House visit. "Thankfully, we have the majority of the team back. I think it's a great experience and a culmination of that year for our organization." When the Heat last visited the White House after winning the 2006 title, then-President George W. Bush attempted to dribble a ball that Heat players had signed. Problem was, the ball wasn't exactly inflated -- and fell to the floor with a thud. "It's always cool to be able to go," Heat guard Dwyane Wade said. "It's special any time you get invited to the White House, but especially to go as champions, it doesn't get any better than that." Several members of the Heat organization, including Wade and LeBron James, openly voiced support for Obama's re-election campaign last year. Politics aside, though, there is one policy where the opinions of the Heat and Obama -- who supports Chicago teams -- differ. "We won't hold it against him that he's a Bulls fan," Spoelstra said.

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