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He has bank's Public Utility Department. This is your column so drop me a line if you have news for publication about 1925 the Class. Secretary-Raymond Montgomery, 76 Ca1932 rew Road, Hamden, Conn. Secretar.y-William Boeger, c/o Cowan & Joanne Dubin, daughter of BERNIE, Dengler, Inc., 527 Fifth Ace., New York graduates from High School this June and 17, N.Y. will enter Smith or Wellesley in SeptemI::IUGH CAMPBELL will be the toastber. TAYLOR STONE'S son, Sam M., master at the 45th annual banquet of the III, is entered in the freshman class at Wethersfield Business Men's and Civic AsWorcester Tech. His daughter, Elizabeth, finishes Sedgwick Junior High in June. sociation on May 21. This is another honDick Noble, Jr., a senior at Fairfield Prep. or for Hugh who is general counsel for where he played football and basketball, is Phoenix Mutual Life in Hartford. W ALtouring Central Europe with his sister. TER SIDOR has been appointed by .Gov1916 JACK WALSH, while on vacation in Flori- ernor Lodge as a Judge of the Court of Secretary-Robert Morris, 100 Pearl St., da this winter, bumped into DUTCH Common Pleas for Connecticut. Hartford. SCHMITT, '16, at Miami Beach. Need1933 The Miami Herald of March 15th re· less to say an old-fashioned Trinity reported that the CHARLIE BAKERS will union resulted. GEORGE MALCOLMTWENTIETH REUNION YEAR travel around Europe this summer gather- SMITH appeared on a New Haven TV Secretary-Edward Paige, 80 Beleclen Drive, ing material for a new book on food and program, "Answer Me This." How about Bristol, Conn. drink. Charlie is also buying a new 57- that George? The Grandfather of Our JOHN BUTLER has been elected vicefoot tropical cruiser in Bremen. ELMER Country. DAVID HAD LOW has re- president of the Hartford Aid of the ConTIGER has left Rochester and is living in cently been named a V.P. of the Hartford necticut Junior Republic. Glastonbury. The sudden passing of his Steam Boiler Co. TOM CAREY'S son, wife this winter is a sad loss to their many Michael, has started to follow the old 1934 friends. The REV. JOHN TOWNSEND block's trail. He ' is a freshman in Pre- Secretm·y-John Mason, 17 Arnold ale Road, is now Executive Secretary of the Mission- Med at Yale. Tom still has two boys West Hartford. ary District of the Panama Canal Zone, and and a girl at home to keep him busy. HOFF BENJAMIN is home in Garrison, also Chairman of the Board of Examining Some members of the Class have asked N.Y., recovering froin a severe back· operaChaplains and of the Committee on Canons. for a get-together in June. Off year re- tion. EUGENE GANE married Mrs. Ethel unions are on the increase at most colleges. Carr of West Hartford on April 30. 1917 If you'd like one this June drop me a card CHUCK KINGSTON has been made a Secretary-Einer Sather, 215 North Quaker and let me know your wishes. member of the Million Dollar Round Table Lane, West Hartford. Also this is your column so send me for his 1952 life insurance business . The Class of 1917 is invited to join the the news about yourself, your family, or Class of 1918 at its 35 th Reunion Dinner at other interesting items so that I can keep 1935 Heub's on Saturday, June 6th. your classmates informed. Secretary--Bob Lau, 96 Pennwood Drive, ROGER LADD was Chairman of the South, Trenton, N.J. 1926 recent successful Cancer Crusade in HartJIM WALES, JR., takes his place alongford and HARRY SCHWOLSKY headed Secretary-Ross Parke, 77 Van Buren Ave., side the many other top-notch community up the lawyers section. NORTHEY West Hartford. leaders already developed by our class. He JONES was recently elected a member of GEORGE JACKSON, JR., has been is currently serving a third consecutive the Board of Directors of the Connecticut named an assistant investment secretary of term as president of the Wolfeboro, N.H., General Life Insurance Co. ART RAB- the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Chamber of Commerce, and has been headINOVITZ, our hard working Class Agent, Co. DICK FORD has been made a Life ing a committee promoting tourist interest regretfully reports that 1917 has not, as Trustee of a Charitable Trust for Benefit of in that beautiful Northeastern resort area. yet, met its quota for the Alumni Drive. the Town of Sandwich, N.H. where the We also learn, quite belatedly, of the birth To those members of the Class who have Fords vacation. JOE HUBBARD has of Jane Beach Wales in August 1951. not sent in their contribution, Rab says he realized an ambition of twenty years and BARCLAY SHAW announces th e formawill be mighty glad to receive their checks. has purchased an old home on Cape Cod. tion of a new law firm, Palmer, Series, Let's ail get behind him and put 1917 over The following have reservations to be Delaney, Shaw and Pomeroy, 57 William the top. back 'Neath the Elms on June 5 and 6- St., New York City. TOM IRVINE, whose Red intends to farm and paint. quite a collection of murals.


Notes Honorary MORGAN B. BRAINARD, '32, marked fifty years as a member of the board of directors of the Hartford Steam Boiler Company on February 27. The RIGHT REV. HORACE W. B. DONEGAN has been active in the formation of a group of New York City religious leaders to clean up corruption and crime there. FRANCIS S. MURPHY, '47, was honored by a gathering of over 700 friends at a testimonial dinner at the Hartford Club on May 4. He will retire from the Hartford Times this summer after 55 years of service.


. _ Secretary-Judge Philip McCook, 15 W 11 liam St., N.Y.C.

1901 Secretary-James A. Wales, 345 East 57th St., New York 22, N.Y. CHARLES H. WHEELER and Mrs. Wheeler enjoyed a winter visit to Florida, returning in April.

1902 Secretary-The Rev. James Henderson, 3707 Woodley Road, Washington 16, D.C.



ALLEN R. GOODALE retired from the Travelers Insurance Company on March 1st after 47 years of service. He joined the company shortly after his graduation and in 1909 was placed in charge of a 1913 newly created automobile insurance diviTHIRTY-FIFTH REUNION YEAR sion. He was elected assistant secretary in 1925 and secretary in 1940. The REV. Secretary-Joseph Buffington, Jr., 439 CHARLES HARRIMAN is temporary vicar Maple Lane, Sewickley, Penn. HENRY BEERS completed 30 years of at St. John's, Durant and St. Peter's, Coalservice with Aetna Life Insurance Comgate, Oklahoma . ·pany on April 15. EDDIE CARLSON was 1906 recently re-elected Mayor of West HartSecretary-Fred Hinkel, Jr., 63 Church ford. Among the cold weather dodgers this winter were WALT BJORN, who Ave., Islip, L.I., N.Y. spent some time at Daytona Beach, Florida; JIM CALDWELL, who absorbed the sun1903 shine of Boca Raton; and YOUR SECREFORTY-FIFTH REUNION YEAR TARY, who got in a couple of weeks at Asylum Secretary-Edwin Donnelly, 18 Delray Beach. CHUCK IVES is living at Street, Hartford. 1024 Somerset Road, Grosse Pointe Park 1909 30, Michigan. T he REV. PAUL BARBOUR'S daugh1919 ter, Mary, is engaged to Mr. Field H. Secretary-Sumner Shepherd, 150 MounHobbs of Livingston, N.J. tain Road, West Hartford, Conn.



Secretary-Robert Cross, 208 Newberry St., (Editor's note-ALFRED BOND who Hartford. was the Class Secretary has had to resign RICHARDSON WRIGHT'S new book because of illness.) "A Sower Went Forth" has been recently JOE HARTZMARK represents the Colpublished by Morehouse-Gorham Company. lege at the inauguration of Dr. G. Brooks 1913 Earnest as President of Fenn College in Cleveland on May 9. The REV. WILFORTIETH REUNION YEAR LIAM SPRENGER is director of the New Secretary-Robert Withington, 63 Bigelow York City Mission Society which gives asRoad, West Newton, Mass. sistance and help to over 30,000 people anThe Fortieth Reunion is but a short time nually. The SID WHIPPLES were picaway. Make your plans now to be back tured in the ·west Hartford News as they "'Neath the Elms" on June 5, 6 and 7 for returned bronzed from a West Indies a really memorable occasion and an unusual cruise on the Grace line. opportunity to renew old friendships and ties of college days. Pack up your troubles 1921 and join the merry throng of returning Secretary-Beaufort Newsom, 3 Liberty St., "thirteeners." Clinton, Conn.

1914 Secretary-Robert St., Hartford.


1922 208


1915 Secretary-Ralph Bent, Riverside Country School, New York 71, N.Y. OGDEN BUDD and Miss Mary Elizabeth Town of Utica, N.Y., were married at St. John's Church, Scarsdale, N.Y. on February 14. He is in the insurance firm of Borden Company and is a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force Reserve with service in both World Wars. Congratulatory messages may be sent to 2 50 East 43rd St., New York City. The REV. JAMES A. MITCHELL was the principal speaker at an Interfaith Service in Englewood, N.J., last February. He has been rector of St. Paul's Church there since 1934. HOWARD HILL has moved from Orlando, Florida, to 12 Eton Place, New Britain, Conn., for the summer. YOUR SECRETARY addressed the Directors of the Shield of David Orphanage in New York City on May 13. My topic was "Roads to Peace through Education."

Secretary-Bert Gable, 61 Clearfield Road, Wethersfield, Conn.


1924 Secretm·y-Stanley Kennedy, 133 North Quaker Lane, West Hartford. KEN BLEECKER is now located at Liberty, New York. He is connected with the New York City Board of Water Supply which is building tunnels and dams in that area. He sent his son to the University of Alabama to be under Spud Drew's tutelage, and he was end on the Freshman team last fall. MIKE DALY, who has devoted so much time and effort in connection with his activities as President of the Little League, was honored by a testimonial dinner on May 16th by his many friends of the sports world. RED O'CONNOR has moved to a farm in Forest Hill, Maryland. It is located about twenty miles north of Baltimore. We understand that


1927 Sec,·etary- Frank Conran, 49 Oxford St., Hartford. WINSTON FLIESS has been elected a vice president of Johnson & Higgins, insurance brokers, New York City. JIM CAHILL'S article "Where are Automobile Rates Going?" appeared in the April issue of the Spectator. HOWARD MANIERRE, well-known and popular Connecticut pianist, has retired from the music field and is now manager of Manierre's Assoc.iatecl Food Stores in East Hartford.

1923 TWENTY-FIFTH REUNION YEAR Secretary-Judge John Fitzgerald, Center Road, Woodbridge, Conn. BILL ROSENFELD is living at 4 Arleigh Road, Rockville Centre, N.Y. The following had a luncheon meeting on May 6 to make final plans for the 25th Reunion June 5, 6 and 7-ROY BERGER, RAY BURTON, JIM BENT, LEWIS SMALL, LOUIS RULNICK, HENRY MOSES, and GEORGE SALISKE.

academic achievements were outstanding during our clays 'Neath the Elms, is continuing to carve out a reputation for himself in his chosen profession of insurance. He has just been named executive assistant in the agency research division for the giant New York Life Insurance Co. Formerly in the actuarial department of Metropolitan Life, he takes up his new duties after several years as chief actuary, and an official as well, of the Life Insurance Agency Management Association. Yet another rising young executive is DAN AYRES who doubles in brass as assistant to the vice-president and a mortgage officer for Empire City Savings Bank in N.Y.C. He resides with his wife and two children at suburban Denville, N.J. YOUR SECRETARY wishes to go on record as not being satisfied with the response he has had to his requests for news lately. I cannot write to each and every one of you, but MY address is clearly publicized at the top of this column.


Secretary-John Geare, P.O. Box 536, Cumberland, Maryland. CHARLEY KIRBY, University of Penn Medical School, has developed an instrument for the detection and removal of gallstones. A quartz crystal sounds an alarm when the probe to which it is at1929 Secretary--James White, 22 Austin Road, tached touches a stone that might otherwise go undetected during the surgery. Devon, Conn. Brother BILL is all the way across the 1930 country at Stanford University School of Secretary-Dr. Philip Cornwall, 85 Jeffer- Medicine. SHER RAYMOND has been son St., Hartford. appointed a member of the personnel staff DR. FRANCIS RYAN who grad uated at Fafnir Bearing Co., New Britain, Conn. from Tufts Medical School in 1935 and 1937 has been with the Veterans Administration Medical Service since 1939 has recent- Secretary-George Lepak, 229 Oxford St., ly been appointed Chief Medical Offi- Hartford. cer of the Veterans Administration RegionAt the 15th Reunion last June it was al Office in Hartford. RON REGNIER voted to have an annual class get-together was recently elected vice-president of the in between the formal 5 year rem1ions. Hartford County Bar Association. DR. Accordingly a room has been reserved on AARON BOBROW has discontinued his campus to serve as class headquarters durgeneral practice of medicine in Hartford in ing the reunion from June 5-7. All reserfavor of specialization in Anesthesiology and vations should be made directly with the is at present engaged in a training program General Reunion Committee at the Colin this specialty with the Department of lege, and the Class of '37 will attend the Anesthesia at the Hartford Hospital. scheduled' events in a body. A short busiYOUR SECRETARY has been elected Sec- ness and long social meeting will be held retary-Treasurer of the Hartford County in the class headquarters following the Medical Association. Clam Bake Friday evening, June 5, and

1931 Secretary-Dr. Robert Waterman, Forest Lane, Glastonbury, Conn. LARRY BLAUVELT has been named headmaster of the Milwaukee Country Day School. He has been assistant headmaster of William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. JOHN CHILDS has been elected vicepresident of the Irving Trust Company in New York City and is in charge of the

announces the birth of his third child and second son, David Mosher. COL. JOSEPH GRECO, air attache to Egypt, made a 10,000 mile trip last winter through all of East Africa in his DC-3 airplane. In Ethiopia he spent one day big game hunting. Result-no big game. AL HASKELL is back with the Aetna Life and living in Rocky Hill, Conn. Representing the Class of '37 at the Hartford Alumni dinner for Dr. Jacobs were JIM EGAN, AL HASKELL, BILL P A YNTER, BART WILSON and GEORGE LEPAK.


Secretary-Frank Jackson, Brooks School, North Andover, Mass. GREGORY McKEE has been named sales manager of the n·ew toy department of Bostwick:Braun Co., Toledo, Ohio. MAJOR JOHN MERRILL is stationed at Camp Pickett, Va.

1939 Secretary-John Wilcox, 57 Glenview Drive, Newington, Conn. · FRANK BARNES is Assistant Regional Historian, Region One, National Park Service. He is residing at 1811 Cornell Ave., Richmond 26, Va. Recent word from BEN BLAKE says he has joined the Boston architectural firm of Somes, Griswold, Boyden, Wylde and Ames. Mrs. WERNER wrote early in April that JOHN received his Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from Michigan State College on March 16. He is now on the technical staff at Bell Telephone Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey. THRASH WRIGHT is President of Crest Laboratories, Concord, New Hampshire, makers of a new type of cleansing sponge. BILL PICKLES has been transferred from Philadelphia by the Aetna Group to its Pittsburgh office's Casualty Department. DICK · Hl\RT is now promotion manager of Printer's Ink, N .Y.C. Two reminders-have you sent in your check for the '52-'53 Alumni Fund? If not, please do so pronto so ED SMITH can make a record report for the Class by Commencement. Next year is our Fifteenth! We should get organized . this June. There's a bang-up program for Friclay and Saturday, the 5th and 6th. Let's get together for dinner at Heub's Saturday night. Drop me a note and I'll take care of reservations.

1940 JACK-CAREY sold more group insurance last year for Loyal Protective Life Insurance Company than any of the company's other agents in the United States. His agency had a 40 per cent premium increase in 1952 over 1951 and ranked eighth in volume in the company. DR. LEO GIARD I is in the Army in Trieste. wALLACE HOWE has been named manager of the Watertown branch of the Colonial Trust Co., of Waterbury, Conn. He had been senior examiner in the State Banking Department. DICK WALES married Mrs. Carmen Attkisson on February 21. They are living at 2 55 East 50th Street, New York City.

1941 Secretary-Cullen Roberts, 111 Pearl St., Hartford. HUGH SOWARDS represented the College at the inauguration of Dr. Jay Pearson as President of the University of Miami on May 7. He is teaching at the Law Schools there. From the "Hartford Times" of April 23 we read "DR. PHIL SEHL, co-chairman of the Insurance City Open Golf Championship, had problems other than the $15,000 classic today. He is the daddy of a bundle of joy-number three for the Sehls." DR. HENRY KAPLAN is now living at 282 Wooster St., New Britain. The REV. WILLIAM VanWYCK is at Cave Creek, Arizona. BOB NEILL and Miss Mary Deane were married on April 11 in Wethersfield. Bob is connected with General Electric. RALPH GROVER has been appointed Minister of Music at the First Presbyterian Church, York, Penn. He assumed his new duties April 12, and is conducting three choirs and playing organ recitals. GEORGE COMSTOCK is now m Wayne, Penn. DR. DAVE CUNNINGHAM can be found in Staunton, Va. AL FULLER is at 301 Berkeley St., Boston, Mass. DR. JOHN HARRIS is now living in Cleveland, Ohio, while CAPT. AL RANDALL has a Postmaster, San Francisco address. KENT STODDARD is living in Niles, Ohio. Please remember the Alumni Fund. We must all do our share and help out. Either send your contribution to the College or to Dr. Ed Conway, 28 Cherryfield Drive, West Hartford.

th e headquarters will serve as a gathering place throughout the weekend. Special sections for the Class will also be reserved at the Alumni Luncheon and the Class of 1823 Dinner on Saturday, June 6. A wonderful time was had by all attending the reunion last year, and we urge all who 1942 possibly can to send in their reservations and participate in all these events. Secretary-Martin Wood, 157 Woodland BART WILSON has been named Presi- St., Hartford. dent of the Hartford Aid of the C<;JnFRANCIS DONAHUE is engaged to necticut Junior Republic. BOB KELLY Miss Elizabeth L. Fischer of Stamford,

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