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Go!’ Also: Star Wars Trilogy heads to Cinema Arts Centre, Photo of the Week B1

Port Je erson School District athletic camps ended a successful rst year with the youth football and cheerleading camps the week of Aug. 15-19. More than 60 K-9 students learned about each sport and built connections with the district’s varsity student-athletes.“Thecoaches and our student-helpers did a phenomenal job,” said Adam Sherrard, the director of health, physical education, athletics, and nursing for the school district. “The success of the camps is all due to their preparation and desire to build relationships with the campers.” He added, “I look forward to offering some camps and clinics throughout the school year to keep our younger students engaged in athletics and continue the personal connections with our student-athletes.”varsity Fun and games at athleticSchoolJeffersonPortDistrictcamps

Three Village resident Lee Miao debuts rst book, ‘Wei to

Photo from PJSD

Mehrman also noted that in addition to conserving water, residents must observe basic fire prevention rules, mainly when using outdoor fireplaces, chimneys and other flammable equipment. For more water conservation information, please visit the Suffolk County Water Authority website:


“The number one thing residents can do right now is water their lawns less often and stop watering completely between midnight and 7 a.m.,” Szabo said. “This will decrease the burden on water infrastructure and ensure there is enough water for Mehrmaneveryone.”discussed the strain of this scorching and dry season on local fire departments. He reminded residents and first responders within the town to remain alert for more frequent and intense fires.

Town is experiencing a severe drought that most of the country is going through, and there’s no relief in sight,” Romaine said. “I urge all Brookhaven residents to follow the Stage 1 Water Emergency Alert guidelines of the Suffolk County Water Authority and make water conservation a number one priority.” The supervisor added, “This drought is a national emergency, and if we all cooperate, we can save lives and property in case of fires.”

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Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine (R) held a press conference on Thursday, Aug. 18, near the Center Moriches Water Tower to address the current drought and water shortage on LongRomaineIsland.was joined by Jeff Szabo, chief executive officer of the Suffolk County Water Authority, along with deputy CEO for operations Joe Pokorny and Chris Mehrman, Brookhaven’s chief fire marshal. Each spoke about the drought’s effects on firefighting and other emergency scenarios, urging residents to undertake water conservation measures to prevent an “Brookhavenemergency.

Local officials address water shortage in Brookhaven non-essential water usage, reduce shower times and embrace other water-saving measures indoors.

SCWA has already declared a “Stage 1 Water Emergency Alert” due to the prolonged hot and dry weather in the towns of Southampton, Southold, East Hampton and Shelter Island. As posted on its website, SCWA asks residents of those townships to stop all irrigation between 12 a.m. and 7 a.m., refrain from

“During times of such dry conditions, we see an increase in the number of brush and wildland fires,” he said. “Although our local fire departments are very well prepared to respond to such fires, it is important for those who live and work in the wildland-urban interface areas to be alert and prepared to take direction from local law enforcement and fire officials.”

While SCWA has not extended Stage 1 emergency guidelines to the Town of Brookhaven, they may be imminent due to the sparsity of rainfall in the region.

(Left to right) Joe Pokorny, Jeff Szabo, Ed Romaine and Chris Mehrman. Photo courtesy Romaine’s office

Remember, that while the housing market has cooled from its overheated frenzy, it’s still a sellers’ market.

It’s important to understand this isn’t the same market as last year. It’s not even the same market as just a few months ago!


Staff shortages, a growing issue nationally, have made their way to the Village of Port Jefferson. Earlier this month, the Port Jeff Village Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of Joe Palumbo, the village administrator. This departure comes on the heels of various other vacancies throughout the village government. Public sector staffing shortages are not unique to Port Jefferson. Americans are voluntarily quitting their jobs at record numbers, likely compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic and its disruptive effects on the workforce.

“The challenge we have in general when filling these positions, of course, is competing with the private sector, which is allowing for a much more flexible work environment,” she said. Garant said the recent departures from the village government are out of her control. The private sector often offers higher pay with a better work-life balance. “We cannot do a work-from-home program because people are bound to the collective bargaining agreements, which doesn’t give us that flexibility,” the mayor said. The civil service system also imposes a set of strict criteria that complicates the staffing of small municipalities, according to Garant. To remediate these concerns, the administration has emphasized hiring and promoting internally, and dispersing responsibilities between multiple offices, a maneuver Garant said can save time and“, we’re looking to absorb some of the responsibilities of the village administrator between Barbara Sakovich, our clerk; the treasurer’s office; Kevin Wood, who’s in charge of all our technology; and Rich Harris in the Building Department,” Garant said, adding, “We are also bringing on a new deputy clerk. …

That is an appointed position, and we’re thrilled to have that happen because she knows us, she’s a resident and it’s a promotion from within.” Village resident Ana Hozyainova closely followed the issue of staffing shortages during her recent candidacy for trustee. In an interview, she criticized consolidating multiple responsibilities to a single person, arguing that this practice leads to conflicting obligations and confusion for village employees.

Hozyainova believes there may be unnecessary delays for residents and business owners if these positions remain unfilled: “When there’s a lack of those positions on a permanent basis, the communications start to break down and the permitting process is extended unnecessarily.”

Buyer Demand is Moderating

“The head of the [building] department, who resigned in March, was replaced with a temporary person who shares a prosecutorial role in the village administration,” she said. “To me, these two positions should not be combined because one role is a prosecutor who addresses negligence or incompatibility with the code, and the other helps to resolve those things.”

“The Building Department provides permits and helps the village residents and businesses navigate the building code,” she said. “There is no plan reviewer at the moment, no senior planning person, and these are essential positions that help interface between the businesses, the residents and the government.”

Garant presented a contrasting judgment, stating that the critical positions within her administration are in place. With these spots filled, she maintains that there will still be an effective administration and delivery of village services.


Homes priced right are selling very quickly, but homes priced too high are deterring prospective buyers.

Staffing village government: Mayor Garant on the challenges of keeping positions filled

“We’re very careful not to give them carte blanche,” Garant said. “Usually, we’re very conscious of making sure that compensation does not exceed the amount we would be spending on the individual employee.” She added, “Nine times out of 10, we’re actually saving money because we’re not responsible for the benefits package for the outside consultant.”

While this is a slower pace than even one month ago, serious buyers are still actively in the market, and they’re buying homes that are priced right.

. . . 39% of homes sold above list price, down from 51% a month ago and 50% a year ago.


Hozyainova fears staffing shortages will result in two principal consequences: a lengthier permit application process and rising costs. “At the moment, many of the plans are being sent to an external agency for review,” she said. “An external agency generally costs more than an internal agency.” With too many transient agents, she also believes there is less institutional memory within village government, which can be exhausting for permit applicants.

In areas where diminished services may be of concern, the mayor said outside consultancy firms can operate as a “stopgap” at a reasonable expense to the taxpayer.

Port Jefferson’s Broker of Choice 406 Main St., Port Jefferson •

On the whole, Garant suggests difficulties staffing a small municipality are inevitable given growing nationwide economic uncertainty.

Climbing quit rates nationwide have given rise to a phenomenon called the Great Resignation. In an exclusive interview, Mayor Margot Garant gave her thoughts on the issue of staff shortages, outlining the challenges of keeping positions filled.

Hozyainova said that a growing number of vacancies on various boards are also causing concern, adding that she is most alarmed by the vacancies in the Building Department.

It’s true buyer demand has slowed over the past few months as higher mortgage rates made it more expensive to buy a home. The result is fewer bidding wars and less competition among buyers.

Girl Scouts bring pollinator garden toPublicComsewogueLibrary

The highest rank a Scout can receive is the rank of Eagle. To obtain this rank, a Scout must earn 21 merit badges, complete a community service project and undergo a lengthy review process. The six Scouts received the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout after completing their community service projects within their communities.

(Left to right)

Mark Griffin constructed and installed a new cabinet in the food kitchen at the North Shore Jewish Center in Port Jefferson Station, which will assist the facility in servicing those in need. Michael Lehner tapped into his artistic abilities to refurbish and upgrade three signs for the Infant Jesus R.C. Church in Port Jefferson, beautifying the space and creating clearer signage for the congregation.

Troop leaders Tracy Seedorf and Lisa Haas; Girl Scouts Gabriella Blouin, Adalia Haas, Anna Cordova and Brooke Seedorf; librarian Debbie Bush; and CPL director Debra Engelhardt. Photo courtesy CPL

Rivera constructed and installed six display stands at the Train Car Park for the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce, which the chamber will use for its upcoming Story Book Walk exercise path activity.

Kornreich also delivered a statement to the new Eagle Scouts, congratulating them for their merits and recognizing the improvements they have brought to their community.

Ryan Bruno designed, constructed, and installed a weight class status board and an equipment enclosure for the wrestling room at Comsewogue High School. The wrestling team and the coaches will use Bruno’s project to track weight class changes and house equipment. Arav Sandhala repaired a weathered bench and installed an energy-efficient light at the Elks Lodge in Centereach to spotlight the building’s American flag and flagpole. Anav Sandhala updated the current outdoor classroom at Comsewogue High School by constructing a teacher’s podium and covering the existing benches and tables with plasticEnriquewood.

Girl Scout Troop 2986 of Port Jefferson Station partnered with the Comsewogue Public Library to create a pollinator garden on the library grounds. For their efforts, the Scouts earned their Silver Awards. The pollinator garden will be a vital resource, helping and protecting pollinator species such as bees, butterflies, and other insects. The garden also promotes the library’s sustainable practices and efforts to be a good steward of the Pleaseland.visit!

“These young men have gone through rigorous training that has prepared them for success, and they have shown their commitment to serving the community through activities that have made a positive difference in the lives of others,” the councilmember said. “Their Eagle projects will enhance the fabric of our community and give me great optimism about the impact they will have in the future.” He added, “I thank all the new Eagles for their time and commitment and offer my congratulations on receiving this highest honor.”

New York State Assemblyman Steve Englebright and Town of Brookhaven Councilmember Jonathan Kornreich join Scout Master Robert Pearsall and Chairperson Douglas Philip in congratulating Troop 354’s newest Eagle Scouts. (Left to right) Mark Griffin, Michael Lehner, Ryan Bruno, Arav Sandhala, and Anav Sandhala. Photo courtesy Englebright’s office


Public officials celebrate the newest Eagle Scouts of Troop 354 New York State Assemblyman Steve Englebright (D-Setauket) recently joined Town of Brookhaven Councilmember Jonathan Kornreich (D-Stony Brook), Boy Scouts, troop leaders, and Scout families and friends to honor Troop 354’s newest Eagle Scouts: Mark Griffin, Michael Lehner, Ryan Bruno, Enrique Rivera, Arav Sandhala, and Anav Sandhala. The ceremony was graciously held at the Elk’s Lodge in Centereach and led by Scout Master Robert Pearsall. “It was a privilege to congratulate Troop 354’s latest Eagle Scouts,” Englebright said. “During these sometimes-troubled times, our community is looking for a ray of hope. To see these young men and what they have accomplished is to know that the future is good. I thank them for setting a great example to their fellow Scouts and their community.”

Michelle Bond and Anthony Figliola received 28% and 25% of the vote, respectively. Left photo from Bond’s campaign website, right courtesy of the candidate

Photo from LaLota’s campaign website POLITICS

Nick LaLota wins GOP nomination for CD NY-01

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4. WHEN AND WHERE TO FILE All ASA Sexual Abuse Proofs of Claim must be filed so as to be received on or before October 10, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. (prevailing Eastern Time) as follows: IF BY U.S. POSTAL SERVICE MAIL OR OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York, Claims Processing Center, c/o Epiq Corporate Restructuring, LLC, P.O. Box 4421, Beaverton, OR 97076-4421; IF DELIVERED BY HAND: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York, Claims Processing Center, c/o Epiq Corporate Restructuring, LLC, 10300 SW Allen Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97005; IF ELECTRONICALLY: The website established by the Claims Agent, using the interface available on such website located at (the “Electronic Filing System”) and following the instructions provided. ASA Sexual Abuse Proofs of Claim will be deemed filed only when actually received at the addresses listed above or via the Electronic Filing System on or before the Supplemental Bar Date. ASA Sexual Abuse Proofs of Claim may not be delivered by facsimile, telecopy, or electronic mail transmission.


A person need not file an ASA Sexual Abuse Proof of Claim Form if you have previously submitted such claim in this chapter 11 case in accordance with the Bar Date Order. ASA Sexual Abuse Proof of Claim Forms are for individuals that may have claims against the Debtor that have been revived pursuant to the Adult Survivors Act. ASA Sexual Abuse Proof of Claim Forms are specifically for individuals that have claims as a result of conduct that occurred when they were 18 years of age or older.


Dated: August 10, 2022, New York, New York, Corinne Ball, Todd Geremia, Benjamin Rosenblum, Andrew Butler, JONES DAY, 250 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10281-1047, Telephone: (212) 326-3939, Facsimile: (212) 755-7306, Email:,,,, Counsel for the Debtor and Debtor in Possession 1 The Debtor in this chapter 11 case is The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York, the last four digits of its federal tax identification number are 7437, and its mailing address is P.O. Box 9023, Rockville Centre, NY 11571-9023.



• Sexual abuse includes behavior between an adult and an adult without regard to whether such activity involved explicit force, whether such activity involved genital or other physical contact, and whether the individual associated the abuse with any physical, psychological, or emotional harm.



The Bar Date Order and the Supplemental Bar Date Order provide that a Confidentiality Protocol shall govern the submission of certain proofs of claim. Individuals filing ASA Sexual Abuse Proofs of Claim are directed not to file their Proof of Claim Forms with the Court. Instead and as described above, such ASA Proof of Claim Forms must be (a) mailed or delivered to the Claims Agent at the following address: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York Claims Processing Center, c/o Epiq Corporate Restructuring, LLC, P.O. Box 4421, Beaverton, OR 97076-4421, or (b) filed through the Electronic Filing System via the website located at ASA Sexual Abuse Proofs of Claim submitted by individuals with claims arising from sexual abuse will not be available to the general public unless such claimant requests, solely in his or her discretion, for such proof of claim to be made public by so indicating in his or her ASA Sexual Abuse Proof of Claim.


If you have any questions regarding the claims process and/or you wish to obtain a copy of the Supplemental Bar Date Notice, a proof of claim form, or related documents you may do so by: (i) calling the Debtor’s restructuring hotline at (888) 490-0633 (US toll-free) or (503) 520-4459; (ii) visiting the Debtor’s restructuring website at:; and/or (iii) writing to The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre Claims Processing Center, c/o Epiq Corporate Restructuring, LLC, P.O. Box 4421, Beaverton, OR 97076-4421. Please note that the Claims Agent cannot offer legal advice or advise whether you should file a proof of claim.

After a contentious primary contest for New York’s 1st Congressional District, Nick LaLota won the Republican nomination on Tuesday, Aug. 23. LaLota, chief of staff to presiding officer of the Suffolk County Legislature, Kevin McCaffrey (R-Lindenhurst), has also served as a commissioner on the Suffolk County Board of Elections and a trustee of Amityville Village. He will face Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming (D-Noyac) in November in a race to fill the seat of U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY-01), who is running for Withgovernor.over 95% of precincts reporting as of 9 a.m. Aug. 24, LaLota received just over 47% of the total vote count. Responding to the election result, LaLota put out a statement on social“, the voters of Suffolk County, for placing your trust in me,” he said. “Tonight, we celebrate a primary win against $3 million in outside special interests. Tomorrow, we fight for our community and country against a liberal rubber stamp for [the] Biden-Pelosi agenda.” He added, “Together, we’ll stand up for hardworking Long Island families, hit so hard by their tax-and-spend agenda, and always put Although#LongIslandFirst.”hereceivedthe endorsements of the Suffolk GOP and the Suffolk County Conservative Party, LaLota faced two primary challengers before receiving his party’sMichellenomination.Bond,chief executive officer of a cryptocurrency trade organization, and Anthony Figliola, a former Brookhaven Town deputy supervisor, received roughly 28% and 25% of the vote, respectively. Neither candidate could not be reached for comment for this Followingstory. the primary election result, the Fleming campaign also put out a statement. The Democratic nominee condemned LaLota for running on what she considers an extremist platform, arguing that his views are detrimental to the political process. “Nick LaLota wants to govern from the extremes,” she said in a press release. “He has proven time and time again that he doesn’t know what’s right for our district. From trying to defund the police, to weakening gun safety laws, to disenfranchising Suffolk County voters and supporting efforts to strip women of their fundamental freedoms, LaLota is only committed to exploiting division and advancing his own dangerous agenda.”

Voters will have the final say on Tuesday, Nov. 8, when LaLota and Fleming face off in a general election showdown.


Nick LaLota, above, who won the Republican nomination on Tuesday for New York’s 1st Congressional District, will face Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming (D-Noyac) in the general election this November.

2 Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings given to them in the Bar Date Order. 102330

1. WHO MUST FILE A PROOF OF CLAIM You MUST file an Adult Survivors Act Sexual Abuse proof of claim to vote on a chapter 11 plan filed by the Debtor or to share in distributions from the Debtor’s bankruptcy estate if you have a claim that arose before the Petition Date, it has been revived by the Adult Survivors Act, and it is not one of the types of claims described in Section 5 below. Claims meeting these criteria that are based on acts or omissions of the Debtor that occurred before the Petition Date must be filed on or before the Supplemental Bar Date, even if such claims are not now fixed, liquidated or certain or did not mature or become fixed, liquidated or certain before the Petition Date. Under section 101(5) of the Bankruptcy Code and as used in this notice, the word “claim” means a right to (a) payment, whether or not such right is reduced to judgment, liquidated, unliquidated, fixed, contingent, matured, unmatured, disputed, undisputed, legal, equitable, secured, or unsecured; or (b) a right to an equitable remedy for breach of performance if such breach gives rise to a right to payment, whether or not such right to an equitable remedy is reduced to judgment, fixed, contingent, matured, unmatured, disputed, undisputed, secured, or unsecured.

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If you have an ASA Sexual Abuse Claim that has been revived by the Adult Survivors Act, you must file an ASA Sexual Abuse Proof of Claim, a copy of which is enclosed and which also may be found at You may have an ASA Sexual Abuse Claim if you experienced sexual abuse as a result of activities related to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre on or before October 1, 2020. Sexual abuse means:


Mount Sinai ■ A resident on Laurel Ledge in Mount Sinai called the police on Aug. 14 to report that someone had entered his unlocked vehicle and stole an electric guitar.

Local businesses and restaurants need your support more than ever. Whether visit stores, get delivery or shop online, keep your spending local and keep your community healthy.

A 2009 blue and white Yamaha ATV was reported stolen from the backyard of a residence on North Coleman Road in Centereach on Aug. 16. The vehicle was valued at $4,000. East Setauket or follow us on Twitter @newspapersorg or on Facebook @americasnewspapers. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: TIMES BEACON RECORD NEWS MEDIA, P.O. BOX 707, SETAUKET, NY 11733 Please allow 4-6 weeks to start delivery and for any changes. EXCELLENCE. WE MAKE AN ISSUE OF IT EVERY WEEK.  The Village TIMES HERALD  The Village BEACON RECORD  The Port TIMES RECORD  The TIMES of Smithtown  The TIMES of Huntington & Northports  The TIMES of Middle Country SELECT COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER Out of County, additional $15 year. Use this form to mail your subscription or call 631–751–7744 or online at 1 YEAR $5900 2 YEARS $9900 3 YEARS $11900 SELECT LENGTH OF SUBSCRIPTION StateAddressName Zip Phone Email Subscribe Now,Print,Digital&Mobile andSaveMoney Newsstandsoff ©87980 Centereach


A 2021 blue Dodge Challenger was stolen from a resident on Bayard Street in Lake Grove on Aug. 15. The vehicle, which was later recovered in Roosevelt, was valued at ■$45,000.Adiner at Miller’s Ale House on Middle Country Road in Lake Grove on Aug. 20 reported that someone broke the front and rear passenger windows of his car in the parking lot and removed an Apple TV from the vehicle.

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■ Walmart on Nesconset Highway in East Setauket reported a shoplifter on Aug. 18. A man allegedly stole nine cases of beer valued at $265.

Miller Place

The following incidents have been reported by Suffolk County Police: Suffolk County Crime Stoppers offers a cash reward for information that leads to an arrest. Anyone with information about these incidents can contact Suffolk County Crime Stoppers to submit an anonymous tip by calling 1-800-220-TIPS. Wanted for questioning Suffolk County Crime Stoppers and Suffolk County Police Sixth Precinct Crime Section officers are seeking the public’s help to identify and locate two women who allegedly stole merchandise from Walmart, located at 3990 Nesconset Highway, East Setauket on Aug. 11. They fled in a blue 2020 or 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

■ Marshalls on Route 25A in Miller Place reported a petit larceny on Aug. 17. Three men allegedly stole assorted clothing worth approximately $300.


Newspapers are LOCAL. are dedicated to keeping you informed, safe and connected and care about the issues that are important to neighbors, our schools and our businesses.

■ A resident on Valhal Road in Rocky Point reported that someone stole assorted garden tools from the side of his house on Aug.18.

Port Jefferson Station ■ Staples on Nesconset Highway in Port Jefferson Station reported that a man allegedly stole assorted electronics and headphones worth approximately $930 on Aug. 15. Surveillance video showed the man taking the security devices off of the products before hiding them in his clothing.



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Do you recognize these women? Photo from SCPD

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Local businesses and restaurants need your support more than ever. Whether you visit stores, get delivery or shop online, keep your spending local and keep your community healthy.

■ Kohl’s on Nesconset Highway in East Setauket called the police on Aug. 19 to report that three men allegedly stole assorted clothing valued at $900. Lake Grove


■ Macy’s at the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove reported a shoplifter on Aug. 16. A man walked up to the jewelry counter and asked to see bracelets. When the salesperson unlocked the cabinet the man allegedly grabbed the bracelet display which contained six yellow gold and diamond bracelets and fled the store. The jewelry was valued at $26,774.

Rocky Point

Gerold said, “One of the many byproducts of the pandemic has been a smaller pool of applicants, which has impacted the Middle Country school district’s ability — as it has school districts across Long Island and the country — to hire talented educators.”

Scanlon said that with more than 500 teachers in the district, 30 to 50 of them could be out on any given day.

He added that such a move could cause more problems in the long run.

Gerold said one of the Middle Country school district’s “initiatives has been our successful partnership with Stony Brook University to fortify our roster of substitute teachers. During the pandemic, the district partnered with Stony Brook University to place student-teacher substitutes in schools. Through this, we’ve been able to satisfy the substitute teacher needs throughout the district and identify strong educators who are poised to excel in leading classrooms.”

Polansky said, from time to time, there can be last-minute resignations at the end of the summer.



“While the hiring process has been particularly challenging heading into this school year, our human resources and personnel teams have worked hard to creatively find new solutions to attract the next generation of educators to lead our community into the future,” she said.


“We are all competing against each other trying to find them,” he said.

Routinely, it can be challenging also to find candidates in the fields of English as a New Language, family and consumer sciences, technology and language classes.

“We’re hitting that point that there’s this balloon of the number of teachers that are eligible for retirement,” Katz said, adding COVID-19 exacerbated the problem in recentPolanskyyears. agreed. “You’re going to see more in the next couple of years because it is kind of generational,” he said. “That’s another thing that we need to take into account.”

Katz said the Smithtown Central school district tries to reach out to different associations and offer more competitive salaries. However, even using various hiring methods and starting early, sometimes a new hire will get a better offer right before the academic year begins. “We’re getting into bidding wars,” he said. “Candidates are pushing one district against the other in bidding wars. Kind of like the housing market.”

Neil Katz, Smithtown Central School District assistant superintendent for personnel; Jim Polansky, Huntington school district superintendent; and Roberta Gerold, Middle Country Central School District superintendent, all said their districts are in the same position with permanent teaching positions being filled, but there are small issues finding noncertified employees.

Despite a few job openings, local school districts are ready for the new school year. Stock photo

Scanlon added that it’s difficult to find certified American Sign Language educators.

Administrators said their districts always start the hiring process early in the calendar year to prepare for the first day of school, attending recruitment events at colleges in New York state, hosting their own career fairs and placing ads in papers.

Some news outlets have reported states such as Florida dropping the requirements for people to secure a teaching position such as having a bachelor’s degree. Polansky said, “There’s a fine line between helping your teacher availability and compromising quality. You don’t want to be in a situation where actions are being taken that actually lessen the quality of the educator that’s in front of your children in the classroom.”

With schools across the nation facing issues filling positions, including vital teaching jobs, local school districts, for the most part, are looking toward the new academic year in a good position with staffing. While COVID-19 created severe obstacles for schools in the last couple of years, local districts are moving past them. Some difficulties Kevin Scanlon, the new Three Village Central School District superintendent, said the district is among those well staffed regarding teachers. Slight shortages involve jobs such as teaching assistants and monitor positions. Substitutes for teaching and various openings, including custodial, are also hard to find.

There has also been a need to stay proactive regarding teacher retirements. While student enrollment has declined in some local districts, the number of teachers retiring has increased.

“Those can present issues, but those are few and far between, and sometimes if you have an added aide position that comes up due to class formation, that doesn’t take place until late in the summer,” he said.

Scanlon said the Three Village school district will run an ad in The New York Times at the end of January or early February. He added that advertising in the paper is something many high-caliber schools do. Looking toward the future, the superintendent said there are talks about bringing back a Future Teachers of America club to the high school to encourage students to choose teaching as a career.

Local school districts fare better than national counterparts with staffing

Like other districts, Middle Country found ways to ensure it was properly staffed.

According to New York State Teachers’ Retirement System, 33% of active members could potentially retire in the next few years.

Katz said the number of employees currently retiring makes sense as the population was growing in the area 25 to 30 years ago and schools were expanding, which led to the need to hire more teachers at the time. Those employees are now meeting their retirement requirements.

“We have to make teaching a desirable profession,” he said. “There are a couple of ways to do that, and it’s incumbent upon states and local school districts to make that happen.”

Scanlon added finding such teachers is even more difficult than finding math and science teachers.

“Also, business teachers, which is unusual because 25 years ago you probably had your choice of teachers,” he said. “Some of the local colleges in New York also used to produce 120 candidates a year in tech teachers, now they’re producing maybe 12 to18. So, the numbers are quite short of where they were years ago in those specialized areas.”

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Henryk Sulikowski, local leader and survivor of Nazi occupation, dies at 88

PREPARED BY THE NICOSIA FAMILY Angelo S. Nicosia, of Mount Sinai, originally from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, passed away on Saturday, Aug. 20. He was 89 years old. A competitive high school and collegiate track star, Nicosia was later drafted into the Army and served during the Korean War. A flight test engineer at Grumman for many years, he then became a math teacher and track coach in the Copiague School District. He also taught math at his alma mater, Adelphi University.Forhis third act, Angelo became a professional engineer, designing many distinctive buildings on Long Island, including The Inn and Spa at East Wind, Wading River. A man of many talents, known for his sharp wit, Angelo, affectionately known as “Sonny” or “Uncle Sonny’’ to his family, enjoyed sailing, photography, bike riding and hosting family functions. Beloved husband of Jennie Lee. Devoted father of Mark (Donna), Eric (Kathe) and Paul, who predeceased him. Loving brother of Vincent (Nancy). Devoted grandfather of Toni (Moncho), Samantha and Salvatore (Nicole). Loving uncle of Janet, Vincent, Jeffrey (Beth), Danielle (Ryan). Lovingly remembered by stepchildren Jennie (Rob), Douglas (Maria) and David, and step-grandchildren Maria (Stephen), Douglas, Brian, Kevin and step-greatgrandchildServicesLuca.will be held Saturday, Aug. 27, from 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. at Branch Funeral Home of Miller Place: 551 Route 25A, Miller Place, NY 11764.

Henryk Sulikowski, of Farmingville, passed away Friday, Aug. 5, at age 88 while surrounded by family and those he loved and who loved him. Sulikowski was born Aug. 5, 1934, in Zachowice, Poland. He was the son of the late Antoni and Michalina (Sawicki) Sulikowski.


Henryk is predeceased by his beloved wife, Beatrice Sulikowski. He is survived by his beloved wife Minnie Frances (Sanacore) Sulikowski, loving daughter Karen, loving sons Rich, Ed, Hank and stepsons David and Robert. He is also survived by 11 adoring grandchildren and two cherished great-grandchildren.

Mount Sinai resident Angelo Nicosia dies at 89


Henryk spent much of his youth under German occupation in work camps. But he and his family were survivors and after their liberation by American forces found their way to the United States. Henryk served in the U.S. Army from 1954 to 1957, and achieved the rank of master sergeant after completing Noncommissioned Officer school. He was an outdoorsman and enjoyed working in various farming and landscaping occupations until he secured a position with the Village of Port Jefferson on the road crew. He would work his way up and retire as highway superintendent. For several years, Henryk produced and broadcasted a Polish American radio program on Sunday afternoons from Riverhead. He remained active with the Polish American Club, never forgetting his heritage while loving, honoring and respecting the United States.


Photo courtesy Hoffman, map from the Brookhaven Redistricting Committee’s website


One-on-one with George Hoffman

This is sort of a digression, but it has been over 75 years since splitting India into India and Pakistan. The map was done by a British guy who never went to India and just drew a straight line down the middle of the country following rivers, and over a million people died because the partition was done without any understanding of communities. You can’t just do demographics without understanding the consequences of your mapmaking. I think [the mapmaker] has been much more on the statistical side, and I would like for the map to reflect a keener understanding of the communities of Brookhaven.

Left: George Hoffman, a member of the Brookhaven Redistricting Committee, congratulated the residents who have mobilized throughout this process, but he believes their work is unfinished. Right: With a few adjustments, to Council Districts 1 and 2, Hoffman said Proposal 2 (above) is still in play.

What is your understanding of the history of councilmanic districts in the Town of Brookhaven? For years, the town used to elect its council people at large. There were always seven members — six board members and a supervisor — but they ran townwide. What happened was that they were not very responsive to local communities. You could vote against a community and still survive if you had the rest of the town, and it got very bad. A civic network was formed called ABCO, the Affiliated Brookhaven Civic Organizations, and it became huge. They would do a meeting and have dozens of civic organizations throughout the township meet to talk about how unresponsive the town was to their needs. It culminated in a movement for a referendum for council districts to divide the Town Council into six districts based on regional community interests. It went to a vote. The community was very organized, and they prevailed. Council District 4 was seen as the most diverse district in the town. People saw it as the district that probably would be most successful at electing a diverse candidate, and both parties understood that. That was 2002, so for 20 years now, we’ve lived under these districts, more or less. I’m a bit taken aback by what’s happening in this redistricting. It’s pretty clear to me now that the goal is to change CD4 into a more favorable district, almost partisan gerrymandering to help the incumbent there [Councilman Michael Loguercio (R-Ridge)]. What are the risks of an overly analytical redistricting process that neglects the complex realities on the ground?

I think all six districts have a right to stay close to what they are currently. I recognize that Council District 2 is down a couple of thousand in terms of population, so you need to balance that. Council District 6 had a lot of growth, so you do have to remove some of the people there. But there shouldn’t be mischief in doing that. What is your reaction to the committee’s recent meeting with David Schaefer, the mapmaker? Last night [Aug. 18], we met with the mapmaker for the first time in a month and a half. We should have met with him at the outset, or at least after the first six public hearings. Because so few people showed up at the initial hearings, he should have at least asked us what our vision or goals were for the first map. To do a map without even talking to us is like an interior decorator designing your house without consulting you. I don’t think he’s politically motivated. I think he has good skills as a demographer and was pretty candid with us. But I do believe that he’s responding to some instructions. I think he’s data in/data out, and I don’t think you can do redistricting that way. Maybe he’s too much on the statistical side and not sufficiently understanding of communities. Isn’t that the real purpose of redistricting? To balance out the populations but don’t destroy communities.

Ali Nazir, the co-chair, requested taking one of the first maps — which created all this controversy — and refining it by putting Council Districts 1 and 2 together but leaving everything else as it is. Ali’s resolution solves the issue of Mount Sinai and Terryville. Still, it keeps [Council District] 4 the way the mapmaker drew it. I voted ‘no.’ Rabia [Aziz] voted ‘no.’ Gail [Lynch-Bailey] had left because she had to go to a civic meeting by that time. The rest of the [members] voted ‘yes’ [for a 5-2 vote] and that’s very concerning. What is your message to those who have successfully resisted the first two draft maps? I congratulate the communities of Mount Sinai, Terryville and Port Jeff Station because they mobilized quickly to preserve their communities of interest. They wanted to stay with the original council district boundaries we have had for 20 years, so I would not minimize their involvement. And it was a very personal involvement: they were defending their communities and protecting their backyards. If they hadn’t come out in such strength, maybe the majority on that commission may not have put it back. But I think the bigger goal is still to crack CD4. In your eyes, does the transfer of Ridge into Council District 4 constitute an act of partisan gerrymandering? Yes, and I think it may even violate the [John Lewis] Voting Rights Act. It’s pretty clear that Ridge is a solid Republicanleaning area. To put it into a diverse community solely because it will affect the outcome of that district, I think, is certainly the definition of gerrymandering. How can concerned residents help to deter an unfavorable redrawing of CD4? To all the residents of Brookhaven, we should be concerned. They should care about their own community — it’s important to fight for your own community of interest — but help as much as you can to have a fair and balanced redistricting townwide because what’s going on is not fair and it’s not balanced. My recommendation would be that everyone has to stay engaged. What changes are you looking for in the coming weeks?

The redistricting committee recently approved the creation of three new draft maps, one of which you voted ‘no.’ Could you briefly explain your ‘no’ vote?


Brookhaven Redistricting Committee member says residents must stay engaged

Aziz moved to send all of the public map submissions to Schaefer and have him produce a map that loosely follows the boundaries set forth by the Logan Mazer map. Aziz’s resolution passed the committee unanimously. For more on the Mazer map, see the TBR News Media story, “Residents, elected officials fight to keep PJS/Terryville intact” (Aug. 11).


For Schaefer, political redistricting aims to balance populations across council districts. “Equal population is the reason we’re doing redistricting,” he said. “This is about one person-one vote, and all other criteria are secondary to that.”


Brookhaven Redistricting Committee meets mapmaker, requests three new draft proposals Screenshot taken from the Brookhaven Town website

He added, “If there are changes to be made or big issues to consider, those are in the next pass of what I would do.”

George Hoffman, a Setauket resident and committee member, pressed Schaefer on the two draft proposals that have generated significant public opposition throughout this process. He asked the mapmaker whether he had received any testimony that suggested swapping Mount Sinai and Terryville between Council Districts 1 and 2. Schaefer said that though he had read through the public testimony to familiarize himself with the issues, those suggestions did not weigh into his drawing of the original maps. He considers the two proposals as rough drafts only. “I don’t take it upon myself to put any weight on any of the testimony, whether it’s positive or negative,” he said. “I leave that for the commission to do, and I don’t think my draft is one that the commission should accept as anything more than a first draft.”

Ali Nazir, of Lake Grove, made the final motion of the evening. He asked to produce a map that follows the boundaries of Proposal 2, currently on the website, but restores Port Jeff Station/Terryville and Mount Sinai.

Committee member Krystina Sconzo, of Mastic Beach, raised the issue of evaluating election districts versus communities of interest. She said that she would like for the committee to prioritize communities of interest. Sconzo and Gail Lynch-Bailey, of Middle Island, both reiterated one of the frequent complaints from the public regarding the legibility and accessibility of the draft maps. They both asked for future draft proposals to present as many details as possible. Schaefer acknowledged the request, indicating that a detailed draft proposal is relatively simple. “I can create individual maps that have every road, most of the street names on those roads, and I can do it very quickly,” he Lynch-Baileysaid.motioned for the mapmaker to produce a map addressing the population imbalances between Council Districts 2 and 6. She said these districts are the only ones falling outside the 5% deviation allowable under town code and, therefore, the only ones requiring change. “I request a map that addresses just those two districts, and please put back Mount Sinai and Terryville,” she said. The motion passed the committee unanimously. Co-chair Rabia Aziz, of Coram, cited the considerable public testimony regarding the proposed changes to Council District 4. She said that while the initial draft proposals keep the diverse communities of Gordon Heights and North Bellport within CD4, they dilute the voting power of those areas through the incorporation of Ridge into CD4. “If you dilute the ability of people of color to be able to elect someone that has their community of interest at heart, then I think that is not in concert with what the community would want,” she said. “It should be a council district of least change.”

Aside from this primary condition, Schaefer said that the New York Municipal Home Rule Law states several additional criteria that factor into the mapmaking process. Among these items are drawing maps that promote political participation of racial or language minorities; contiguity; compactness; unifying communities of interests; and facilitating the efficient administration of elections.

The Brookhaven Redistricting Committee met Thursday, Aug. 18, in a virtual meeting with the committee’s mapmaker, David Schaefer. This meeting marks the first time throughout this process that the eightmember committee has met with the mapmaker. Before speaking with the various committee members, Schaefer gave his rationale for two draft maps that generated significant public interest and opposition.

Nazir’s resolution passed the commission 5-2, with Hoffman and Aziz voting “no.” Members of the committee agreed to give Schaefer at least a week to prepare the three draft maps requested during this meeting. The committee decided to reconvene in the first week of September to mull over the new maps. To watch the entire meeting, visit (starting at 4:21:50): aspx?



After being vacant for nearly a year, 93 Main St. in Stony Brook Village Center will be filled with the aroma of food once again. The location that was once occupied by Pentimento Restaurant will now house Luca restaurant. Specializing in modern Italian cuisine, it’s set to open on Aug. 30, serving dinner Tuesday through Sunday. In the fall, the owners plan to also open for lunch. “Luca will be a great addition to the center,” said Gloria Rocchio, president of Stony Brook Village Center in a press release. “Their modern Italian cuisine is superb and brings an exciting new style to theDavidarea.”

For those who plan to dine at Luca, Tunney said they promise “exceptional service, amazing food, a great vibe and a beautiful atmosphere.”

— Photos by Rita J. Egan

The night included a sample of appetizers and cocktails with invitees enjoying the modern interior of the restaurant and bar area as well as an outdoor dining area. Tunney said he and his partners envisioned the look of Luca even before construction began earlier this year. The restaurateur was involved with construction and setting up the new place, including driving upstate with a U-Haul to pick up decorative columns made of red pine trees that were hand-peeled, cut and treated. Tunney said it’s nice owning restaurants in his former hometown and seeing familiar faces. Luca will seat 80 to 90 people, and he said the dining experience will include a fourcourse menu, which he described as a great value, but food can also be ordered a la carte. Tunney and his partners are currently working on a few finishing touches before the restaurant opens for dinner on Aug. 30.

A reception at Luca was held Aug. 18 to give invitees a sneak peek at the new place. Those in attendance included members of the Three Village Chamber of Commerce, The Ward Melville Heritage Organization trustees, elected officials and more.

New restaurant comes to Stony Brook Village Center

Tunney, who grew up in Setauket and graduated from Ward Melville High School, is one of the partners along with Rory Van Nostrand, Anthony Argiriou and chef Luke DeSanctis. Tunney, pictured on the front page second from right, has been in the restaurant industry for nearly 40 years. In 2019, he bought the former Raga Indian restaurant on Old Town Road and turned it into Old Fields Barbecue, now renamed Old Fields Tavern. In addition to the Setauket and Stony Brook spots, he owns Old Fields restaurants in Port Jefferson and Greenlawn, and Old Fields Barbecue with Ella’s in Huntington. He is also one of the founders of the Besito Restaurant Group along with his brother John and co-owner of Besito Mexican restaurants in Huntington and Roslyn.

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PAGE A14 • THE PORT TIMES RECORD • AUGUST 25, 2022 4 wks/$44/20 words $.40 ea. additional word 6 Newspapers/Internet Site ~ Huntington to Wading River ~ Deadline: Tuesday at noon. Call 631–331–1154 or 631–751–7663 • TIMES BEACON RECORD NEWS MEDIA • ©101636 SELL YOUR USED MERCHANDISE & MAKE DOLLARS AND ROOM FINANCING AVAILABLE WITH APPROVED CREDIT Call today and receive a FREE PLUSPACKAGESHOWER$1600OFF With purchase of a new Safe Step Walk-In Tub. Not applicable with any previous walk-in tub purchase. Offer available while supplies last. No cash value. Must present offer at time of purchase. CSLB 1082165 NSCB 0082999 008344 5 1-855-916-5473 100720 from Physicians Mutual Insurance Company Call to get your FREE Information Kit 1-855-225-1434 Product not available in all states. Includes the Participating (in GA: Designated) Providers and Preventive Benefits Rider. Acceptance guaranteed for one insurance policy/certificate of this type. Contact us for complete details about this insurance solicitation. This specific offer is not available in CO, NY; call 1-800-969-4781 or respond for similar offer. Certificate C250A (ID: C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance Policy P150 (GA: P150GA; NY: P150NY; OK: P150OK; TN: P150TN). Rider kinds: B438, B439 (GA: B439B). 6208-0721 DENTAL Insurance 100710 FREE FREE FREE Address,IncludeDropFax•Mail•E-mail1$50underMerchandise15wordsitemonly.OffName,Phone # The Classifieds Section is published by TIMES BEACON RECORD NEWS MEDIA every Thursday. Leah S. Dunaief, Publisher, Sheila Murray, Classifieds Director. We welcome your comments and ads. TIMES BEACON RECORD NEWS MEDIA will not be responsible for errors after the first week’s insertion. Please check your ad carefully. • Statewide or Regional Classifieds also available - Reach more than 7 million readers in New York’s community newspapers. Line ads 25 words : Long Island region $69 - $129 – New York City region $289 - $499 – Central region $29 - $59 – Western region $59 - $99 - Capital region $59 - $99 – all regions $389 - $689 words. $10 each additional word. Call for display ad rates. INDEX • Garage Sales • Announcements • Antiques & Collectibles • Automobiles/Trucks etc. • Finds under $50 • Health/Fitness/Beauty • Merchandise • Personals • Novenas • Pets/Pet Services • Professional Services • Schools/Instruction/Tutoring • Wanted to Buy • Employment • Cleaning The Village TIMES HERALD The Village BEACON RECORD The Port TIMES RECORD The TIMES of Smithtown The TIMES of Middle Country The TIMES of Huntington, Northport & East tbrnewsmedia.comNorthport GENERAL OFFICE 631–751–7744 Fax 631–751–4165 This Publication is Subject to All Fair Housing Acts The following are someof our available categories listed in the order in which they appear. MAIL ADDRESS TBR News Media Classifieds Department P.O. Box Setauket,707NY 11733 EMAIL *MaySPECIALS*changewithoutnotice DISPLAY ADS Call for rates. • FIRST 20 WORDS (40¢ each additional word) 1 Week $29.00 4 Weeks $99.00 BASIC AD RATES ACTION AD 20 $44wordsfor4 weeks for all your merchandiseused GARAGE SALE ADS $29.00 20 Freewords2signs with placement of ad REAL DISPLAYESTATEADS Ask about our Contract Rates. EMPLOYMENT Buy 2 weeks of any size BOXED ad get 2 weeks free DEADLINE: TuesdayatNoon OFFICE HOURS Monday–Friday 10:00 am–4:00 pm OFFICE • IN-PERSON TBR News Media 185 Route 25A (Bruce Street entrance) Setauket, NY 11733 Call: 631-331-1154 or 631-751-7663 CONTACT CLASSIFIEDS: (631) 331–1154 or (631) 751–7663 Fax (631) class@tbrnewsmedia.com751– WE ARE: CONTACT US: • Computer Services • Electricians • Financial Services • Furniture Repair • Handyman Services • Home Improvement • Lawn & Landscaping • Painting/Wallpaper • Plumbing/Heating • Power Washing • Roofing/Siding • Tree Work • Window Cleaning • Real Estate • Residential Property • Commercial Property • Out of State Property ©98619 Promo Code: 285 FINANCING THAT FITS YOUR BUDGET!1 1Subject to credit approval. Call for details. THE NA TION S GUTTER GUARD1 EXCLUSIVE LIMITED TIME OFFER! TO THE FIRST 50 CALLERS ONLY! SENIORS MILITARY!&YOUR PURCHASEENTIRE & + 5 1015%% % OFFOFF OFF LIFETIME WE YEAR-ROUND!INSTALL Mon-Thurs: 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: 2pm-8pm EST BACKED BY A YEAR-ROUND CLOG-FREE GUARANTEE The leading consumer reporting agency conducted a 16 month outdoor test of gutter guards in 2010 and recognized LeafFilter as the “#1 rated professionally installed gutter guard system in America.” CSLB# 1035795 DOPL #10783658-5501 License# 7656 License# 50145 License# 41354 License# 99338 License# 128344 License# 218294 WA UBI# 603 233 977 License# 2102212986 License# 2106212946 License# 2705132153A License# LEAFFNW822JZ License# WV056912 License# WC-29998-H17 Nassau HIC License# H01067000 Registration# 176447 Registration# HIC.0649905 Registration# C127229 Registration# C127230 Registration# 366920918 Registration# PC6475 RegistraLicense# 52229-H License# 2705169445 License# 262000022 License# 262000403 License# 0086990 Registration# H-19114 1-855-478-9473CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 100690 REQUEST A FREE QUOTE CALL NOW BEFORE THE NEXT POWER OUTAGE (877) 516-1160 todayoutagesforPreparepower WITH A STANDBYHOMEGENERATOR $0 MONEY DOWN + LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTIONS Contact a Generac dealer for full terms and conditions *To qualify, consumers must request a quote, purchase, install and activate the generator with a participating dealer. Call for a full list of terms and conditions. FREE 7-Year Extended Warranty* – A $695 Value! 100670

AUGUST 25, 2022 • THE PORT TIMES RECORD • PAGE A15 SERVERS/BUSSERS/ MAINTENANCEDISHWASHERNEEDEDp/t,weekendsapply inpersonMajesticGardens 420Rte25ARockyPoint,NY PT/FTRETAILSHOWROOM POSITION Areyou anupbeatpeopleperson?Doyouenjoyafastpaced environment?Itso,OldCountry Tilewouldliketotalktoyou. PleasecallLouRabenoat 631-928-7722;ore-mail Lou@OldCountrytile.comtop setupanappointment.Please seeourDisplayadformore information. PATIOPIZZA,ST.JAMES Counter, deliverydrivers,pizza man,631-862-7475Askforguy. PUBLISHER’SEMPLOYMENTNOTICE: Allemploymentadvertisinginthisnewspaperissubjecttosection296 ofthehumanrightslawwhich makesitillegaltoadvertise any preference,limitationordiscriminationbasedonrace,color,creed,nationalorigin, disability,maritalstatus,sex, ageorarrestconvictionrecord oranintentiontomakeany suchpreference,limitationor discrimination.Title29,U.S. CodeChap630,excludesthe FederalGov’t.fromtheage discriminationprovisions.This newspaperwillnotknowingly acceptanyadvertisingforemploymentwhichisinviolation ofthelaw.Ourreadersareinformedthatemploymentofferingsadvertisedinthisnewspaperareavailableonanequal opportunitybasis. Help Wanted WE ARE HIRING!! Join Our Team! We currently have openings in our O. B. Davis Funeral Homes CENTEREACH, PORT JEFFERSON STATION, MILLER PLACE *Funeral Service Assistants * Receptionists * Pallbearers * Drivers* *Cleaning/Maintenance * Funeral Directors * Preneed Counselors* Flexible per-diem scheduling for both the day, evening & weekend to APPLY today! These positions interact directly with client families during their time of need and are responsible for creating and maintaining a premier level of service. This is the opportunity to join our Dignity Memorial team which received the Best Places to Work Certification since 2017!©100930 Place your ad today Call 631.751.7663 or 631.331.1154EMPLOYMENT/CAREERS Your Ad Could Be Here! Call 631.751.7663 or 631.331.1154 ©105752 WEHAVETHEHELPYOU NEEDHHA, LPN,Nurse’sAide, Childcare,Housekeeping&Day Workers.NoFeestoEmployers. CallEvonsServices 516-505-5510 UPTO$19.09NYC,$18L.I., $14.50UPSTATENY!Ifyou needcarefromyourrelative, friend/neighborandyouhave Medicaid,theymaybeeligibleto starttakingcareofyouaspersonalassistantunderNYSMedicaidCDPAProgram.No Certificatesneeded. 347-713-3553 TRAINONLINETODOMEDICALBILLING! BecomeaMedicalOfficeProfessionalonlineat CTI!GetTrained,Certified& readytoworkinmonths!Call 855-543-6440.(M-F8am-6pm ET).Computerwithinternetis required. Help Wanted 631-862-7475ASKFORGUY busy pizzeria in St. James • COUNTER • DELIVERY DRIVERS • PIZZA MAN HELP WANTED ITALIAN KITCHEN 1977 101230 TO SUBSCRIBE C ALL 751-7744 101872 COMPUTER&ITTRAINING PROGRAM!TrainONLINEto gettheskillstobecomeaComputer&HelpDeskProfessional now!Nowofferinga$10,000 scholarshipforqualifiedapplicants.CallCTIfordetails! (844)947-0192(M-F8am-6pm ET) Career Services O.B.DAVISFUNERALHOME We arehiring,Joinourteam. Wecurrentlyhaveopeningsin ourCentereach,PortJefferson Station,MillerPlacelocations, Flexibleper-diemschedulingfor boththeday,evening&weekendWWW.sci-jobstoapplytoday SEEOURDISPLAYAD FORMOREINFORMATION Help Wanted ©103090 Are you an upbeat people person? Do you enjoy a fast-paced environment? Old Country Tile would like to talk to you. Old Country Tile is a family-owned business, for over 40 years. We value our customers and recognize that our sales staff needs to reflect our family values. We are looking for showroom help, both part time and full time, to assist our customers with their tile projects. Some tile/design experience is a plus, but not a must. We will teach the right person all they need to know to sell tile. We offer a health plan, profit sharing, vacation time and salary commensurable with talent. Please call Lou Rabeno at 631-928-7722; or e-mail PT/FT Retail Showroom Position Place your ad by Tuesday noon and it will appear in that Thursday’s editions. Are You Hiring? NANNY, NURSE, MEDICAL BILLER, CHEF, DRIVER, COMPUTER PROGRAMMER, PRIVATE FITNESS TRAINER...? Looking for a Take advantage of our North Shore distribution. ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIALS CALL THE CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT 631-331-1154 or tbrnewsmedia.com631-751-7663 SERVERS,MAINTENANCEBUSSERSDISHWASHERNEEDED Part-time, weekends Apply in person or email majesticgardens.cominfo@ MAJESTIC GARDENS 420 Rte. 25A Rocky Point, NY ©101190 20+ Part-Time Job Coach Positions Available in your Area! Call (516) 465-1432 or email for more information. Par t-time opportunities available in local areas assisting High School students with disabilities at job sites, teach job skills and socialization skills. Follows school hours and calendar. Nassau County: Albertson • Floral Park • Freeport • Hempstead • Mineola • Levittown Suffolk County: Deer Park • Kings Park • Elwood • Floater Positions Also Available! 100740

PAGE A16 • THE PORT TIMES RECORD • AUGUST 25, 2022 ©98994 TIMES BEACON RECORD NEWS MEDIA The TIMES of Huntington, Northport & E. Northport • Northport • E. Northport • Eatons Neck • Asharoken • Centerport • W. Fort Salonga The BEACONVillageRECORD • Miller Place • Sound Beach • Rocky Point • Shoreham • Wading River • Baiting Hollow • Mt. Sinai The TIMESVillageHERALD • Stony Brook • Strong’s Neck • Setauket • Old Field • Poquott The Port TIMES RECORD • Port Jefferson • Port Jefferson Sta. • Harbor Hills • Belle Terre The TIMES of Middle Country • Selden • Centereach • Lake Grove The TIMES of Smithtown • Smithtown • Hauppauge • Commack • E. Fort Salonga • San Remo • Kings Park • St. James • Nissequogue • Head of the Harbor • Huntington • Greenlawn • Halesite • Lloyd Harbor • Cold Spring Harbor EXTRA! ADVERTISEEXTRA!HERE! ©FILL000050 PHOENIXSEALCOATThelow costlocalguy,residential,velvetopspecialists,additionalservices,hotpatches,striping, parkinglots,plowandsanding, forimmediatequotescallortext Doug631-331-9300oremail SEEOURDISPLAYADFOR MOREINFORMATION ConcreteDriveway/Asphalt/ LETSTEVEDOIT Clean-ups,yards,basements, wholehouse,painting,tree work,localmovingand anythingelse.Totally overwhelmed? CallSteve@631-745-2598, leavemessage. AREYOUALLOWINGYOUR PROPETYTOGROWNATURAL?Naturalwillsoonbecomeajungle, 631-286-4600. SEEOUR DISPLAYADFORMORE INFORMATION Clean-Ups MRSEWERMANCESSPOOL SERVICEAlltypesofcesspoolservicing,allworkguaranteed,familyownedandoperatedsince1985, 631-924-7502. LicensedandInsured. Cesspool Services LONGHILLCARPENTRY 45yearsexperience Allphasesofhomeimprovement.Old&HistoricRestorations.Mastercard/VisaLic. #H22336/Ins.631-751-1764 Carpentry Place your ad today Call 631.751.7663 or 631.331.1154SERVICES TOCALLSUBSCRIBE751-7744101872 REFINISHING& RESTORATION Antiquesrestored,repairing recane,reupholstery,touch-ups kitchen,frontdoors,40yrsexp, SAVE$$$,freeestimates. VincentAlfano631-707-1228 RepairsFurniture/Restoration/ FINESANDING& REFINISHING WoodFloorInstallations CraigAliperti,WoodFloorsLLC. Allworkdonebyowner. 30yearsexperience. Lic.#47595-H/Insured. 631-875-5856 Floor Services/Sales SMITHPOINTFENCE. DEERPROBLEM?WECAN HELP!Wood,PVC,ChainLink, Stockade.Freeestimates. Nowoffering12monthinterest freefinancing. Commercial/Residential. 70JayneBlvd.,PJS.Lic.37690H/Ins.631-743-9797 Fences SCIENTIFICEXTERMINATING SERVICESlet’sallstaysafe, ecologicalprotection,ticks,ants, mosquitoes,termites, NaturalOrganicproducts631265-5252- SEEDISPLAYAD FORMOREINFORMATION. REACTPESTCONTROLINC. Wasps,YellowJacketsNesting inyourhome!Protectyourhome beforethosepeskynestsare built. SEEDISPLAYADFOR MOREINFORMATION. Exterminating WIREMAN/CABLEMANFlat TVsmounted,Phone,TVs& Computerwiringinstalled& serviced,camera&stereos, HDTVAntennas,FREETV CallDave516-433-WIRE(9473) 631-667-WIRE(9473)orText 516-353-1118 NEVERPAYFORCOVERED HOMEREPAIRSAGAIN,CompleteCareHomeWarranty,Coversallmajorsystemsandappliances.30dayriskfree.$200.00 OFF+2FREEMonths, 866-440-6501 LAMPSFIXED,$65. InHomeService!!Handy Howard.Mycell646-996-7628 BATH&SHOWERUPDATESin aslittleasONEDAY!Affordable prices-Nopaymentsfor18 months!Lifetimewarranty&professionalinstalls.Senior&MilitaryDiscountsavailable.Call: 866-393-3636 ALLPHASESOF HOMEIMPROVEMENT Fromattictoyourbasement, RCJConstruction commercial/residential,lic/ins 631-580-4518. Home Improvement HANDYMANSERVICESAND PAINTING.Dependable,Honest,Professional.Nojobtoo small.CallSteve631-831-3089. SEEDISPLAYADFORMORE INFORMATION. Handyman Services ELIMINATEGUTTER CLEANINGFOREVER!LeafFilter,themostadvanceddebrisblockinggutterprotection. ScheduleaFREELeafFilterestimatetoday.15%offand0% financingforthosewhoqualify. PLUSSenior&MilitaryDiscounts.Call1-877-763-2379 Gutters/Leaders JOE’SGENERAL CONTRACTING Allformsofmasonry LIC/INS,631-744-0752. SEEOURDISPLAYADFOR MOREINFROMATION. CARLBONGIORNO LANDSCAPE/MASON CONTRACTOR AllphasesMasonryWork:Stone Walls,Patios,Poolscapes.All phasesofLandscapingDesign. ThemeGardens.Residential& Commercial.Lic/Ins. 631-928-2110 Masonry SCREENEDTOPSOIL Mulch,compost,decorative anddrivewaystone,concrete pavers,sand/block/portland. Fertilizerandseed. JOS.M.TROFFA MATERIALSCORP. 631-928-4665, Landscape Materials SWANCOVE LANDSCAPING LawnMaintenance,Cleanups,Shrub/TreePruning, Removals.LandscapeDesign/ Installation,Ponds/Waterfalls, StoneWalls.Firewood.Free estimates.Lic/Ins.631-6898089 SETAUKETLANDSCAPE DESIGN StoneDriveways/Walkways, Walls/Stairs/Patios/Masonry, Brickwork/RepairsLand Clearing/Drainage,Grading/ Excavating.Plantings/Mulch, RainGardens. SteveAntos,631-689-6082 ServingThreeVillages Lawn & Landscaping POWERWASHING Residential-Commercial.Whateverthechallenge,whateverthe grime,Sparklingclean everytime!Callforfreeestimate. 631-240-3313. SEEDISPLAY ADFORMOREINFO. Power Washing HEAVYWEIGHTPLUMBING Arolloftoiletpaperstuffedin thedrainandpleadingfor HeavyweightPlumbingtocome andrescueit.631-986-9516 AllofSuffolk,Lic/ins. Plumbing/Heating WORTHPAINTING “PAINTINGWITHPRIDE” Interiors/exteriors.Staining& deckrestoration,powerwashing,wallpaperremoval, sheetrocktape/spackling, carpentry/trimwork.Leadpaint certified.References.Freeestimates.Lic./Ins.SINCE1989 RyanSouthworth. SEEDISPLAYADFORMOREINFO 631-331-5556 LAROTONDA PAINTING&DESIGN Interior/exterior,sheetrock repairs,taping/spackling,wallpaperremoval,faux,decorative finishings.Freeestimates.Lic. #53278-H/Ins.RossLaRotonda 631-689-5998 BOB’SPAINTINGSERVICE 25YearsExperience. Interior/ExteriorPainting, Spackling,Staining,Wallpaper Removal,StainingandDeck RestorationPowerWashing. FreeEstimates.Lic/Ins.#17981. 631-744-8859 ALLPROPAINTING INTERIOR/EXTERIOR PowerWashing,Staining, WallpaperRemoval.Free estimates.Lic/Ins#19604HI 631-696-8150.Nick WallpaperPainting/Spackling/ YOUR AD COULD BE 631.331.1154CALLHERE!©105748 SUNBURSTTREE EXPERTS Since1974,ourhistoryofcustomersatisfactionissecondto none.Pruning/removals/ planting,planthealthcare. Insect/DiseaseManagement. ASKABOUTGYPSYMOTH ANDTICKSPRAYS Bondedemployees.Lic/Ins. #8864HI631-744-1577 RANDALLBROTHERS TREESERVICE Planting,pruning,removals, stumpgrinding.FreeEstimates. Fullyinsured. LIC#50701-H.631-862-9291 ARBOR-VISTATREECARE ACOMPLETETREECARE SERVICEdevotedtothecare oftrees.Maintenancepruning, water-viewwork,sun-trimming, elevating,poolareas,storm thinning,largetreeremoval, stumpgrinding.Woodchips. Lic#18902HI.Freeestimates. 631-246-5377 Tree Work BESTSATELLITETVWITH2 YEARPRICEGUARANTEE, $59.99/mowith190 channelsand3monthsfreepremiummoviechannels,Freenext dayinstallation,Call 888-508-5313 Satellite TV THREEVILLAGEPOWERWASHINGLLC Protectyourinvestment& freshenupyourhome,outside furniture,garagedoors,gazebo, decks,patio,fence,porches, shed,etc 631-678-7313. Power Washing

AUGUST 25, 2022 • THE PORT TIMES RECORD • PAGE A17 ©107173 Joe’s General Contracting All Forms of Masonry 631–744–0752 • Driveways/Sidewalks • Pavers/ Brick/Block Work • Culture Stone • Home Improvements • Revitalization Projects • Fireplace and Chimneys • Residential/Commercial OVER 45 YEARS EXPERIENCE Lic. 3637H Ins. ©75530 ALL PRO PAINTING ALL WORK GUARANTEED FREE ESTIMATES INTERIOR • EXTERIOR • POWERWASHING CUSTOM WORK • STAINING • WALLPAPER REMOVAL EXPERIENCED AND RELIABLE Nick Cordovano 631–696–8150 LICENSED #19604-H & INSURED ©101030 VINCENT ALFANO FURNITURE WWW.EXPERTFURNITURERESTORATION.COMRESTORATION 40 Years Experience 631.707.1228 343 So. Country Rd., Brookhaven C������� W���������� � F�������� S��� PICK-UP & DELIVERY • Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing • Upholstery • Table Pads • Water & Fire Damage Restoration • Insurance Estimates ©67460 Licensed/Insured Give your home furniture a facelift Refinish, a new look, refresh, make it look great again. We do it all. Family Owned Place your ad today Call 631.751.7663 or 631.331.1154HOME SERVICES Your Ad Could be Here 631.331.1154 e Want Business?GrowYourto ©96840 HEAVYWEIGHTPLUMBING Licensed & #54076-MPInsured A roll of toilet paper stuffed in the drain and pleading for HEAVYWEIGHT PLUMBING to come and rescue it. Cell: 631-986-9516 All of Suffolk @74100 ©86330 (631) 744-1577 DEPENDABLE • HONEST • PROFESSIONAL NO JOB TOO SMALL CALL STEVE @ (631) 831-3089 OperatedOwnerForOver30Years Lic. #32000-H/Ins. ©107064 AND PAINTING ©101010 LAMPS FIXED $65 In Home Service !! Handy Howard My Cell 646-996-7628©96470 Did You Know You Can See TBR News Media’s Ads on the Internet? Go to FILL000102 Place your ad today Call 631.751.7663 or 631.331.1154AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES Did You Know You Can See TBR News Media’s Ads on the Internet? Go to FILL000107 Place your ad today Call 631.751.7663 or 631.331.1154PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS $$$ TOP CASH PAID $$$ ask for mark • 631-258-7919 All Trucks, Cars & Vans Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Domestic/Foreign Highest prices paid for fixable vehicles. Also buy motorcycles and muscle cars.©100990 JUNK631.500.1015CARSBOUGHTLICENSED • INSUREDBONDED DMV7002706CERTIFIED CALL US LAST WE’LL BEAT ANY PRICE Lost keys or title no problem ©98770 J CALLUUS L Brad Merila 6PianoCertifiedTechnicianBarnwellLane,StonyBrook 631.681.9723 ©100140PianoBluesManTuning

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I was pleased to read last week’s editorial “Let liberty lead” [Aug. 18] about the positive power of citizens actively involved in local government decisions. In this case, the attempt by some on the Town of Brookhaven Redistricting Committee to radically change the borders of Council District 1 and Council District 2. As someone who serves as an appointed member on the redistricting committee I don’t know what the committee’s special legal counsel was attempting to do by cracking the borders of the council districts, established over 20 years ago, though I suspect it was for political advantage.

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To the redistricting committee and the Town Council: Put an end to this long and regrettable chapter of local history. Do not silence the people of that district for another 10 years.

Members of the Earl L. Vandermeulen Class of ‘71 celebrating their 50th high school reunion.

Photo courtesy Lynn Burke

The Earl L. Vandermeulen Class of 1971 held our 50th high school reunion weekend from Aug. 19-21. Two of the events were catered by Nantuckets and couldn’t have been better. The Friday evening appetizers and the Sunday morning brunch were beautifully prepared, the space was lovely and the service was top notch. Our Saturday dinner-dance was held at the Village Center — another beautiful space with amazing views. These locations gave classmates who were inspired to return a chance to relax and enjoy sharing memories right here in the village. We are grateful to both of these establishments for helping us to provide reasonably priced, classy venues to classmates as they came back to visit their Port Jeff roots.

Congratulations to the residents who for weeks have turned out to participate in the ongoing redistricting process for the Brookhaven Town Council. Those on opposite ends of the political spectrum have found common ground, united in resistance to the two draft maps that first appeared on the redistricting committee’s website. During a virtual meeting on Thursday, Aug. 18, the committee demonstrated that it could listen to the public, approving three proposals that return Council Districts 1 and 2 to their current form, notably involving Port Jefferson Station/Terryville and Mount Sinai. Congratulations to the committee for its democratic response. Despite this progress, residents townwide must understand that their work is unfinished. Beware of an incoming map that holds together the spirit and intention of the original draft maps while restoring the boundaries of Council Districts 1 and 2. This map, which passed the committee 5-2 on Thursday, has troubling implications.

The fight for Council District 4

TBR for being that beacon of light, shining a light on this important behind-the-scenes issue, and for running a great political cartoon [by Kyle Horne] of the Statue of Liberty ripping up our council district maps and an equally important editorial on an issue that all citizens of the town should care about.

As a longtime reader of TBR News Media, I was disappointed this did not happen in recent coverage of Congressman Lee Zeldin [R-NY1] and an interview with Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine [R]. In both of these stories, the legislative records of both of these elected officials were incomplete and lacking in context, giving the reader an incomplete picture. In the Aug. 11 edition of TBR, a crucial piece of information was missing from the article about Zeldin’s Dwyer peer-to-peer initiative. If we as readers are discussing Zeldin’s record on veterans issues, we must know that he voted against the PACT Act last month. The PACT Act is considered to be the largest expansion of health care for veterans in decades, increasing health care benefits to veterans who are suffering from illnesses caused by exposure to toxins and burn pits. Zeldin’s “nay” vote was thankfully in the minority, but his vote shows that he is no friend to veterans and is willing to let them die without access to the health care they Additionally,deserve.the two-part interview with Brookhaven Town Supervisor Romaine was lacking important context as well. In these interviews, Romaine is portrayed as an environmentalist. What is absent from the coverage is the environmental harm that has occurred in the community surrounding the Brookhaven Landfill under Romaine’s tenure. The documentary film, “Sick School,” tells the story of the illnesses suffered by children and teachers at the Frank P. Long Elementary School that is adjacent to the landfill. In 2020, the Town of Brookhaven was fined $249 million for air quality violations from its landfill. And in 2021, Romaine and the Town Board unanimously voted to rezone the area surrounding the landfill from “residential” to “light industry,” which will surely create more environmental harm to a diverse community that has disproportionately borne the brunt of Long Island’s waste crisis. One cannot speak of Romaine’s environmental record and omit these crucial facts. I support truth telling in our media and an informed populace is an outcome of that journalistic integrity. I believe that the full context of policy must be shared with readers, if we are to truly hold our elected officials accountable. I hope that TBR will do its due diligence and tell the full story in future coverage of these important issues.

To those who have fought valiantly for their own communities, redirect your energies to CD4. To the civic and business leaders, local organizers and every Brookhaven resident who demands better government, turn your focus to CD4. The people cannot rest until the committee puts forth a map that serves all communities of interest.

The prospects of partisan gerrymandering are real for Council District 4. Any attempt to move Ridge into that district will blunt the voting power of historically disenfranchised and underrepresented communities, likely barring these voters from a representative voice on the Town Council for another decade. Council districts do not operate on an island. We cannot stand by idly while the committee gerrymanders CD4. If the proposed cracking of Port Jeff Station/Terryville was an offense to that community of interest, then the transfer of Ridge into CD4 is a moral affront to the entire process. The Brookhaven Landfill has been a blemish in town history since 1974. This historical injustice is reflected by the area’s lowest life expectancy rates on Long Island, revealing the fatal consequences of a lack of political representation.

High school 50th reunion thanks

Because of the active opposition of community leaders from Port Jeff Station/Terryville and Mount Sinai communities and this newspaper’s prominent repointing on this issue, I am glad to report that the redistricting committee at least backed down on that ill-conceived plan and asked for a new map to be created that would fix that specific border issue.

Members of the Class of 1971 50th Reunion Committee: Tom Cramer (chair), Laura Baisch, Lynn Burke, Barry Burns, Caryn Fichtelman, Popi Gemelas and Susan Krebo Keep active in Brookhaven redistricting process

The stories that journalists share with their readers are crucial to shaping public understanding of societal issues. Journalists have a responsibility to report with full and complete context, so that readers can understand the complexity and depth of issues and policymakers. When journalists do this work to the fullest extent, democracy thrives.

Unfortunately, the questionable maps that were surreptitiously put forth by some on the committee also do great damage to Council District 4, the most diverse district in our town and which includes Coram, Gordon Heights and Bellport. I applaud the civic activism of PJS/Terryville and Mount Sinai communities in protecting their own backyard but we need everyone to stay active and help the communities of Council District 4 stay intact and not be gerrymandered for purposes that have less to do with population and more to do with

George Hoffman Member, Town of RedistrictingBrookhavenCommittee Context matters in local reporting

It is time for the Brookhaven powerbrokers to release their 50-year stranglehold on the people of that area since the landfill was started. With a fair redistricting of CD4, the people there can for once have an equal stake in town government and a champion at Town Hall.

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Reggie tossed marshmallows to the alligators. He hand-fed one of the alligators, whose mouth closed so rapidly its teeth snapped. As we coasted slowly through the bayou, alligators swam up to the boat. Two raced toward the same marshmallow. After colliding, the only thing left temporarily unscathed was the floating marshmallow. Reggie said alligators swim on top of the water at 10 miles per hour and below the water at 15. On land, they can move as quickly as 25, although they can’t make quickAlligatorsturns. eat small animals and birds. If they catch deer, they can’t eat them because the meat is too tough. Instead, they trap them under a branch, marinating them for two weeks. The gender of newborn alligators depends on the temperature of the water. Below 86 degrees, the alligators are female. Above that, they’re male. Female alligators maintain a territory of half a mile, while males have one-mile territories. A male in search of a mate can travel 10 miles a Louisianaday.has strict poaching rules. Anyone caught poaching an alligator can receive a mandatory 10 years in prison.

Passing a cemetery along the water’s edge, Reggie described how flood waters pushed a friend’s grandmother above ground twice, forcing his friend to bury his grandmother three times. Downstream from the cemetery, a fishing boat called Perfect Coup rested on its side, its decaying carcass a testament to the destructive force of an earlier hurricane.Reggie didn’t let several missing teeth slow him down. Sharing a narrative that mirrored the winding path through the water, Reggie offered a few verbal gems. When talking about edible parts of the alligator, he suggested, “You fry it, we’ll eat it.” BY DANIEL DUNAIEF

he drive to Louisithe ana swamps took over half an hour and was a world away from the incredi ble jazz, po’ boys and other sites, sounds and tastes of NewOnceOrleans.weleft the highway, the road curled so dramatically that 15-mile-per-hour speed limit signs seemedHomesunnecessary.alongthe way provided a snapshot into the sobering reality of the lives of people who live along the path. The roof of a dilapidated front porch looked like a crushed soda can, blocking the entrance to a house. Across from another home, a white hearse with a rusted roof was parked feet from the intracoastal canal. In a steady drizzle, the driver’s side window remained open.

“People have done less time for murder,” Reggie said. If you think Reggie sounds like he’s straight out of central casting, you’re not alone. The writers of Disney’s “Princess and the Frog” movie agreed. According to Reggie, Disney executives came on one of his boat rides and modeled the character Raymond, the firefly who’s also missing teeth, after Reggie. Disney thanked Reggie in the credits. His passengers, including my wife and me, felt the same way after a memorable journey.

Once we parked at the Louisiana Tour company’s parking lot, we waited on a small dock, watching a tug boat push an enormous ship about 50 feet from us through floating plants. Our tour guide and driver Reggie Domangue provided a compelling commentary.


D. None of the above

Louisiana’s Reggie regales audiences with alligator tails

Warning passengers about the dangers in the water, Reggie cautioned some clothing was more problematic than others. “You go swimmin’ out here, you don’t want to wear no white.” Moving slowly along the canal, Reggie pointed out the ubiquitous Spanish moss. Years ago, Reggie said, people stuffed it in their pillows until they realized the dried-out moss was flammable. Heading toward a highlight of the trip, Reggie described the territorial alligators. Noticeable from the ripples atop the water and its v-shaped wake, a 10-foot alligator approached, as Reggie yelled in French, “ici,” for “here.”

The event served as a valuable networking activity for new and returning superintendents, board of education trustees, and other education professionals. SCOPE provides an array of school district services, including before- and afterschool childcare services, school enrichment programs, and professional development opportunities.

Long Island educational leaders attend SCOPE 37th annual dinner meeting

“We have excellence here, but we also have special needs,” Tilles said. “Until we have equity, none of us are succeeding.”

Photo courtesy SCOPE Educational Services

Duffy also stressed to audience members that their work is vital for maintaining the high educational standards on Long Island. He urged them to use the many programs that SCOPE and similar educational organizations offer.

During his introductory remarks, SCOPE executive director George Duffy introduced 37 newly installed school board members and 15 recently appointed superintendents. He wished them well in their new positions.

Left: Roger Tilles, the guest speaker during the SCOPE 37th Annual Dinner Meeting, with SCOPE executive director George Duffy. Right: Joseph Famularo, above, president of the SCOPE Board of Directors, was one of several speakers during the event.

Those in attendance were also welcomed by Robert Vecchio, Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association executive director, and Joseph Famularo, president of the SCOPE Board of Directors.Famularo used a nautical theme to describe the turbulence educators have witnessed during the past couple of years but noted, “You kept your ships afloat.” Also presenting was Roger Tilles, Long Island’s representative on the New York State Board of Regents. Tilles explained the role of the Regents, which is to maintain excellence in schools and to guarantee equity among all students and school districts.


Long Island’s public school educational leaders gathered at Oakdale’s Bourne Mansion on Tuesday, Aug. 16, for SCOPE Education Services’ 37th annual dinner meeting for superintendents and school board members.

The SCOPE Education Services’ Annual Dinner Meeting is a valuable networking opportunity for new and returning superintendents and board of education trustees. Photo courtesy SCOPE Educational Services

Duffy also paid tribute to East Quogue Union Free School District superintendent and principal Robert J. Long, who recently passed away. He also noted that the past several years had presented challenges that tested veteran educators and administrators. Still, their reward is “a front seat to watching kids succeed beyond what we do in schools.”