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Jazzy Magazine

You are a diamond, so let it shine girl





About Jazzy

0.1 Research

1.1 Creative Brief/ Strategy 1.2 Demongraphics 1.3 Target Audience

0.2 Style Guide

2.1 Print Ads

2.2 Interactive Media

2.3 Motion graphic

2.4 Logo

3.0 Creative Development

3.1 Moodboard 3.2 Webstie Development

3.3 Print Development 3.5 Logo Development

4.0 Swot 4.1 SWOT Analysis Objective 4.2 Swot Anlysis Grid 4.3 Swot Actions Plan

5.0 Promotional 5.1 T-shirt desigin/ jackets

5.4 Cups/Bottles/ key chains


Jazzy is a magazine that focues on African-American women

that are 18-24 in age who are making names for themselves in thier work or community. This magazine is desing to

help encouarge then to stay motivated with everything they do. Don’t let society stop

you from believing in yourself. Jazzy will be the first magazine that focuses on African-Americna young women. This

mgazine will be a guide for them to kow that they don’t have to show their bodies to get

respect. This magazine will feature strong role models in every

wlk of life, such as business, tevlevison and and music. By fea-

You are a diamond, so let it shine girl!

turing these young woem in Jazzy thiw will let them knowt that

we are supporting their inner dimamond. With this said, let yourself shine girl.

Introduction / jazzy 1


Research Section

1.1 Creative Brief/ Strategy

1.2 Demongraphics

1.3 Target Audience

1.0 Research

1.2 Creative Brief/ Strategy

Over veiw of needs Promotional Idea To see if there us a need for daugther magazine at Commerical Essence Communications Website T-shirts/ cups Measureable Success Sales for Essence Communications grew steadily throughout the 1990s. After reaching $77 million in 1994, sales grew to $92.8 million in 1996, and to $104.8 million in 1997. In 2000, Essence posted sales of $145 million , a 17.5 percent increase over the previous year

Research/ Creative Brief / Stragegy 1.2

1.2 Demongraphics

1.2 Demongraphics

1.3 Target Audience

Reaearch/ Target Audience 1.3

2.0 Style Guide

2.1 Print Ads 2.2 Interactive Media 2.3 Motion graphic 2.4 Logo

2.0 Style Guide

2.1 Print Ads

Jazzy Magazine A magazine that focues on impowering you african-american woman.

Specifications/ Dimissions The magazine will be 8x10 in size. There will be 170 pages. There will be beauty ads, health articles,

Style Guide /Print Ad 3.1

2.2 Interactive design

Chat Girls will be able to talk to other girls on the chat line and make new Music/ Video Girls will be able to listen to music and watch videos. The music and videos can aslo be

Specifications/ Dimission

will be 800 x 600 display (should it be 750 pixels width Health/ Beauty Girls can read about health and also learn new hair styles. 2.0 Style Guide/ Interactive Media

2.3 Motion graphics

This is a motion graphic video deveolp to be posted on the web for views. The video is tell the purpuse for magazine. The video will be 30 second long.

This video will also be posted on facebook, and other socail networks.

Style Guide/ Motion Graphic 2.3

2.4 Logo Design

samples Here are example of the first logo design for jazzy Do’s Don’t

C=100 M=0 Y=0 K=0

C= 0 M=100 Y=0

C=100 M=0 Y=0 k=0

C=59 M=90 Y=10 K-0

No flowers. Want the logo have a urban feel to it. Colors These are different color that were thought of for the logo Final design At the top of the board is the final design for the Jazzy logo.

2.4 Style Guide/ logo design

2.5 Font and Colors


Fonts These are different fonts that were going to to be use. These colors were choosen because they are bright and catch the eye of the viewers

Style Guide /Font and Color 2.5

3.0 Creative Development

3.1 Moodboard 3.2 Webstie Development 3.3 Print Development 3.5 Logo Development

3.0 Creative Development

3.1 Moodboard

First stages of Mood board

This is the mood boad in development stage. The logo and three sketches , different hair designs that will target the audience. Also fashion shose, clothing.

Creative Development /Moodboard 3.1


Moodboard cont.

This mood board show the makeup that the target market wears. There also different shades of nail, lipstick, and eye shadow.

3. 1 Moodboard Cont. /Creative Development

3.1 B

Final Moodboard

This is an example of the mood board. This mood displays the different type of Font that was thought to be use to create the logo. There is also rough sktech ideas for the logo. Color samples that we thought to be use for the logo. Insptrational images that can be used. Such as Oparh and Michelle Obama. Texure which is a brick,

Creative Development/ Final Moodboard 3.1A



This a webmap for Jazzy magazine. On the is website their will be a chat, health, Music, Hair and Makeup, fashion.

Chat page Will have a place for girls to go and chat with other girls their age about issues that you can’t was talk to your parnets about.

Health Will discuss how important it is take care

of your self as a young women. Make sure to excerise and eat right.

3.2 Creatvie Development// Webstie map

3.2 A

Webstie Development

First stage of web development

This is the first stages of the website development. The Home Page, Fashion, Health and Subsertion Page. In the back gound was brick overlay. The brick layout will be takin out of the final design of the webiste.

Creative Development/Website Development 3.2

3.3 C

Final Website Design

This the final stage of the website. The brick wall background was taken away. The images stand out on the pages.



Creative Development/ Final Webstie Development 3.5


3.4 A

Print Development

This is the print develpment for jazzy magazine. When creating the ad there was a thought of using famous young african women who are an influence. While in development the ad idea was canceled and it was decided that magazine covers should be development.

Creative Develoment/Print development 3.4A

3.4 B

Print Ads Develpment Final stage of print ads

These are examples of covers that will used for the jazzy covver The images used are indivduals that well know in the african-american community. Marrj J Is know as the Queen of Hip Hop. She has been on the music scene for 20 years. She grew up in the inner city of new york. Vanessa and Anglea Simmions Development a clothing and shose line for young girls. Willow Smith She is just ten years old and you has alredy made a name for herself.

3.4 B Ceative Developmen/ Final Print

4.0 SWOT Analysis

4.1 SWOT Analysis Objective 4.2 Swot Anlysis Grid 4.3 Swot Actions Plan

4.1 SWOT Analysis Objective

To see if there is a need for a daugther magazine at Essence communications. To findout why haven’t a daugther magazine been developed?

4.1 swot/ Swot Analysis Objective

4.2 SWOT Analysis Grid

strenagths The copamany operates a mail order business through which it sells books, art and apparel.

Weakness When Essence and Time Inc. merged, some thought that Essence was “selling out�

Other activities include the Essence Awards, Essence Musical Fesival and a Latina magazine


In 1992, Essence Communications acquired income Opportunities, a magazine with a curculation of 400,000 aimed at people had been let go from their jobs and wanted to start their own buinesses.


When Time Inc. begin replacing essence employees in Time Inc.

SWOT/ Analysis Grid 4.2

4.3 SWOT Actions Plan

Based on the Swot Analysis, it’s been determined that he following strengths of Essence, such as branch ing out into new areas, which included Essence Awards, EssenceFestival, Essence Fashion Show and Latin Magazine. This can be used to help develop the following product a magazinefor African-American young women 18-24 years old, in order to increase the revenue by 8% over next 2 years.

4.3 SW0T/ Auction Plan

5.0 Promotional Design


T-shirt desigin/ jackets

5.4 Cups/Bottles/ key chains

5.1 T-Shirt/ Jackets

These are examples of promontal items that will be soild for the campagin. T-Shirts and Jackets In different assocorate colors

5.1 Pomotional Design/ T-shirt and jacket

5.2 Cups/ key chains

These are examples of promotional cups and keychains for the Jazzy campgain.

Promotional/ Cups/ keychain 5.2

Created by Teedgra M. Blackstock

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