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Look for Experience, Service Delivery and Innovate Products When Choosing an Accountant Choosing an accountant is a decision to be approached carefully as the relationship the client establishes with their accountant over time is one of trust and confidentiality. The person or company they choose must be one that they are comfortable with, and whose ethics and integrity match their own. They must also be able to provide the services the client needs, whether they are a small business, a sole trader, an employee or a large company. A look at the history of the accounting firm is a reliable method of assessing their credentials, and the longevity of their operation is an excellent starting point. Accounting firms that have been in business for many years immediately give a new client confidence that they are experts in their area, and they can deliver the services they claim. Longevity an Important Credibility Issue for New Clients In 1932, an accounting practice called Charter Partners commenced operations, and 80 years later, they are still expanding their range of services and their geographic reach. Now established in the Brisbane CBD, these experienced accountants Brisbane can confidently offer accounting, audit and taxation services, SMSFs, taxation planning, succession and estate planning, company secretarial services and their well-known Business Partner Programme. They understand that for business people, keeping the end goal in mind while enmeshed in daily operational issues is a huge challenge. To this end, they do some goal-setting of their own by assisting their clients to grow the business, increase profitability and improve cash flow. Alerting clients to the need to protect their hard won assets, both business and personal, is another goal they aim for, knowing that one natural disaster or unforeseen circumstance can wipe out a life time’s work in an instant. Setting Goals with Clients an Important Part of Role The specialist accountants at Charter Partners look after their clients’ interests by discussing with them the lifestyle they want to create for themselves and their family, and work with them to develop both short- and long-term goals to achieve that lifestyle. Guiding the clients towards making their business sustainable in their absence prepares it well for sale or transfer to a family member as part of a succession plan. These are often issues that busy people neglect until someone takes them in hand and gives them some direction. The Business Partner Programme is a unique product developed by Charter Partners to provide ongoing support and mentoring to business owners who otherwise have no external source for

advice. Clients love it because they are able to bounce ideas and scenarios off their accountant who will give them an objective and completely honest opinion. Their Fixed Price Agreements pricing policy allows the client to budget their accounting costs with confidence. These are just some of the reasons for their success and longevity. Always looking for better value for their clients, always willing to offer something new to assist their clients, Charter Partners know that if their clients are successful, they will be too. Look at our website for more information.

Look for Experience, Service Delivery and Innovate Products When Choosing an Accountant  

Taxpayers and business homeowners ought to consult skilled resources in matters with reference to taxation. A Brisbane accountant who provid...