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Newsletter Volume 3 March 13 2014

2014 NZ Girls Cricket Team

Dear Students, Parents and Caregivers.


As we farewell summer and welcome the autumnal equinox we can reflect on very busy two weeks in sport with the first event on our School Championships calendar completed.  Full results from Swimming Sports can be read on pages 2-4. A special congratulations to Marijke Hattingh of Rm 42 on a very special performance and setting new race records in 7 of the 8 events held.  A special thank you to the parents who assisted on the day and provided the necessary backbone for the event to be held.  Of notable absence this year was the staff relay team with Mr Ensor and Mr Mossop reluctant to enter the pool after last years photo finish. Mr Ensor content to recount past achievements poolside to those who would listen.


A very fruitful couple of weeks for our Boys and Girls Cricket Teams. Particular mention must be made of Mr Potaka’s Active Shield Girls 1st X1 for their achievement in being crowned B.O.P Champions for 2014. The girls had a resounding victory over rivals Whakatane Intermediate with Nensi Patel of Rm 26 Tawa House Scoring 104 runs not out. We wish the girls best of luck as we await confirmation of their next game.


The cricket Max inter-house lunchtime competition took the next step in finding a champion this week with semi-finalists Totara, Kahikatea, Rata and Tawa confirmed for next weeks final. The added incentive of a one handed $20 catch on the embankment has been collected only once by Michael Dawson of Rm 18 Totara House.  

Sponsors of the Tauranga Intermediate School Sports Academy & School Cross Country


Finally as we welcome the move into the later part of the Term we can bid farewell to the fantastic spell of weather and welcome a more unsettled weather pattern that provides the setting for many sporting narratives. Many of our winter codes are trialling or preparing to at present and a reminder to students to remain vigilant in listening to notices, collecting newsletters and seeking information in relation to their chosen codes.

" Bake Carlin "

Check out Sport BOP website where you’ll find lots of information regarding upcoming events, get active options, interschool results etc...

Head of Sport


TIS SWIMMING CHAMPS Well done to all those students who competed in the school swimming sports on Monday 5 March. We had 125 students participating. The day was a success and students competed in high spirits representing their houses proudly. Individually a number of students swam really well and will be rewarded through representing our school at the PB/BOP Intermediates School Swimming Champs in Rotorua on Friday 21 March. Over the course of the day students collected points for their house from both participation and placings in heats.


Highlight of the day was 7 school records broken by Marijke Hattingh Rm 42 and we like to congratulate her on an outstanding performance in the following events:


Yr 8 Girls 200IM 2:44.17, 50m Free 29.52, 50m Back 32.81 100m Free 1:05.36, 100m Back 1:13.01, 50m Fly 34.15, 100m Breast 1:30.44


A huge thank you also, to all those parents and students who assisted us on the day with time keeping and marshalling. Your assistance helped make the day run very smoothly.


Results Year 7 Girls Boys 200m Individual Medley 200m Individual Medley 1st Madison Fuller Rm 18 3:08.28 1st Thomas Friskney Rm 17 3:19.74 2nd Jessie Chang Rm 18 3:40.78 2nd Harrison Burns Rm 30 3:28.03 3rd Anya Pearce Rm 18 3:54.00 3rd Travis Hudson Rm 34 3:29.42


50m Freestyle 50m Freestyle st st 1 Madison Fuller Rm 18 34.08 1 Thomas Friskney Rm 17 33.64 nd 2 Anahera Whare Rm 9 35.22 2nd Travis Hudson Rm 34 36.33 rd 3 Emma Kennedy Rm 15 36.72 3rd Jack Preston Rm 30 36.36


50m Backstroke 1st Madison Fuller 2nd Tayla McCormick 3rd Emma Kennedy

50m Backstroke Rm 18 44.711 Taylor Smith Rm 39 47.662nd Harrison Burns Rm 15 48.033rd Jack Preston

100m Freestyle 1st Madison Fuller 2nd Anahera Whare 3rd Tayla Taite

Rm 18 1.17.33 Rm 9 1.22.00 Rm 10 1.25.74

100m Freestyle 1st Thomas Friskney Rm 17 1:16.51 2nd Travis Hudson Rm 30 1:24.40 rd 3 Joe Cook Rm 24 1:25.38

100m Backstroke 1st Madison Fuller 2nd Tayla McCormick 3rd Paige Robinson

Rm 18 1:35.09 Rm 39 1:44.86 Rm 30 1:50.64

100m Backstroke 1st Harrison Burns 2nd Travis Hudson 3rd Taylor Smith

50m Breaststroke 1st Madison Fuller 2nd Sarah Heins 3rd Paige Robinson

50m Breaststroke Rm 18 45.621st Thomas Friskney Rm 18 49.752nd Baxter Kirk Rm 30 51.763rd Dong Hyun Lee

" " "



Rm 30 41.48 Rm 30 43.61 Rm 30 43.68

Rm 30 1:35.32 Rm 34 1:36.24 Rm 30 1.36.53

Rm 17 48.63 Rm 40 51.92 Rm 17 52.59

50m Butterfly 1st Madison Fuller 2nd Tayla McCormick 3rd Anya Pearce

Rm 18 40.75 Rm 39 52.44 Rm 18 56.53

100m Breaststroke 1st Madison Fuller 2nd Anahera Whare 3rd Sarah Heins

100m Breaststroke Rm 18 1.41.27 1st Thomas Friskney Rm 17 Rm 9 1.50.31 2nd Baxter Kirk Rm 40 Rm 18 1.51.77 3rd Travis Hudson Rm 34


" Results Year 8 "

50m Butterfly 1st Thomas Friskney Rm 17 42.43 2nd Jack Preston Rm 30 47.01 rd 3 Travis Hudson Rm 34 47.42

Girls Boys 200m Individual Medley 200m Individual Medley st 1 Marijke Hattingh Rm 42 2:44.17 1st Tom Scott 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell Rm 42 3:08.32 2nd Adam Galdeman rd 3 Lucy Paterson Rm 28 3:20.70 3rd Adam Molloy


1:47.61 1:49.81 1:52.33

Rm 19 2:55.32 Rm 20 3:20.42 Rm 37 3:49.18

50m Freestyle 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Lucy Paterson

50m Freestyle Rm 42 29.52 1 Tom Scott Rm 19 32.66 Rm 42 34.03 2nd Luke Matthews Rm 19 34.75 Rm 28 35.97 3rd Noah Blackburn Rm 41 35.69

50m Backstroke 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Te Rina Leubert

50m Backstroke Rm 42 32.81 1st Adam Galdeman Rm 42 40.60 2nd Tom Scott Rm 12 42.19 3rd Jialan Campbell


100m Freestyle 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Lucy Paterson



Rm 42 1:05.36 Rm 42 1:18.03 Rm 28 1:22.48

Rm 20 39.68 Rm 19 40.80 Rm 19 42.55

100m Freestyle 1st Tom Scott 2nd Luke Matthews 3rd Adam Galdeman

Rm 19 1:11.81 Rm19 1:20.48 Rm 20 1:21.85

100m Backstroke 100m Backstroke st 1 Marijke Hattingh Rm 42 1:13.01 1st Adam Galdeman Rm 20 1:28.62 nd nd 2 Joy Zhang Mitchell Rm 42 1:30.24 2 Tom Scott Rm 19 1:29.78 3rd Te Rina Leubert Rm 12 1:32.85 3rd Jialan Campbell Rm 19 1:34.01


50m Breaststroke 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Olivia Summerville

50m Breaststroke Rm 42 43.201st Tom Scott Rm 42 45.282nd Luke Matthews Rm 28 46.003rd Adam Galdeman

Rm 19 44.65 Rm 19 44.80 Rm 20 50.60

50m Butterfly 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Joy Zhang Mitchell 3rd Lucy Paterson

50m Butterfly Rm 42 34.151 Tom Scott Rm 42 43.082nd Luke Matthews Rm 28 47.753rd Adam Galdeman

Rm19 39.03 Rm 19 41.48 Rm 20 43.84




100m Breaststroke 1st Marijke Hattingh 2nd Olivia Summerville 3rd Joy Zhang Mitchell


100m Breaststroke Rm 42 1:30.44 1st Tom Scott Rm19 1:37.81 nd Rm 28 1:40.76 2 Luke Matthews Rm 19 1:40.79 Rm 42 1:40.81 3rd Adam Galdeman Rm 20 1:47.92

OVERALL SWIMMING CHAMPIONS Congratulations to the following swimmers who will be recognised at our end of year Sports Prizegiving as 2014 Swimming Champions.


YEAR 7 GIRLS 1st Madison Fuller Rm 18 2nd= Anahera Whare Rm 9 2nd= Tayla McCormick Rm 39





YEAR 8 GIRLS 1st Marijke Hattingh Rm 42 nd 2 Joy Zhang-MitchellRm 42 rd= 3 Olivia SummervilleRm 28 rd= 3 Lucy Paterson Rm 28

1st 3rd

YEAR 7 BOYS Thomas Friskney Rm 17 2nd Travis Hudson Rm 34 Harrison Burns Rm 30 YEAR 8 BOYS Tom Scott Rm 19 nd 2 Adam Galdeman Rm 20 Luke Matthews Rm 19


House Points 1st Totara nd 2 Rimu 3rd Tanekaha th 4 Rata th 5 Matai th 6 Miro 7th Tawa th 8 Manuka th 9 Kauri th 10 Kahikatea

410 310 108 82 74 67 51 50 48 21

Y8 Girls Champions Olivia Summerville Rm 28, Lucy Paterson Rm 28 3rd= ,Marijke Hattingh Rm 42 1st

TERM 1 CALENDAR NZ Cup Cricket! ! ! WBOP Surfing! ! ! WBOP Have a go Golf Day! PB/BOP Swimming!! ! TIS Tennis Champs! ! NZ Cup! ! ! ! PB/BOP Touch Rugby! ! PB/BOP Open Water Swim! Sport BOP Future Champions! TIS Badminton! ! ! TIS Squash Champs! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Friday 14 March! ! Friday 14 March! ! Monday 17 March! ! Friday 21 March! ! Wednesday 25 March! Thursday 27 March! Friday 28 March! ! Friday 28 March! ! Friday 4 April! ! Weds/Thurs 9/10!! Mon/Tues 14/15! !


TIS! Mount Maunganui! Te Puke! Rotorua! TIS Turf! Te Puke! Kaitao! Rotorua Lakes! Blake Park! School Gym! School Squash Court

NZ SHIELD GIRLS CRICKET Last Friday we played Whakatane Intermediate at our school ground. The Whakatane girls won the toss and decided to field first. Jahla Cooper Rm 31 and I opened the batting and got a good partnership going. We batted all 20 overs and I got my 104 n.o. and Jahla got 47 n.o. Our final score was 213 runs."


Our opening bowlers Paris Robertson Rm 15 and Rebecca Kneale Rm 19 bowled very well. Paris got 2 wickets and Rebecca got 2. Shae Northfield Rm 34 was outstanding and got a 4 wickets. The last wicket was taken by Caitlin Robb Rm 20. Alex Pou Poasa Rm 2 kept very well. She caught every ball that was a wicket. We now wait to hear when our next game will be."

Outstanding 104 runs not out Nensi Patel Rm 26


Nensi Patel" Rm 26

Great news......


The school was successful with our ANZ online Cricket Grant. Our sincere thanks to those of you who voted each day for our application. We will use the money to replace the turf in our nets. This will be done after completion of the new Dental Clinic.



Registration Forms and Information has gone out this week. Notices available from Sports Office. All trials are after school in our Gym as follows:

TUESDAY 18 MARCH - YEAR 7 BOYS 3.15 - 4.30pm MONDAY 24 MARCH - YEAR 7 BOYS 3.15 - 4.30pm TUESDAY 25 MARCH - YEAR 7 & 8 GIRLS 3.15 - 4.30pm MONDAY 31 MARCH - YEAR 8 BOYS 3.30 - 5.00pm TUESDAY 1 APRIL - YEAR 7 & 8 GIRLS 3.15 - 4.30pm MONDAY 7 APRIL - YEAR 8 BOYS 3.30 - 5.00pm MONDAY 7 APRIL 7.00PM PLAYER/PARENT MEETING IN HALL

All sporting opportunities are published in the daily notices. It is vital that your students collect notices from the Sports Office if they are interested in participating. Alternatively please email if you are wanting information on upcoming events. [5]

NZ CUP CRICKET TIS v Whakatane Intermediate 12 March 2014

Taylor Bettelheim

Whakatane travelled to Tauranga Intermediate to play our second game shot of the NZ Cup Pool play. They won the toss and elected to bat first. We restricted their batsman in the first 4 overs, then the wickets started to flow as Whakatane began to hit out. Cooper Newton Rm 2 took 3 great wickets, along with Thomas Friskney R17 who took 2 wickets to finish them off. Nathan King Rm 20, Taylor Bettelheim Rm 19, James Gatenby Rm 27 and Thomas Murray-Edwards Rm 1 all chipping in with a wicket each. Once again our sided field exceptionally well, Taylor taking 4 catches. We still have a few areas to fine tune but the team is coming together nicely. Whakatane ended up all out for 39 runs! Taylor and Braxton Fisher Rm 2 opened the batting and chased the total down in just 6.3 overs. Whakatane’s Coach then allowed us to bat on for another hour letting all our batsman have a go, which was good preparation for our next game this Friday against John Paul College from Rotorua. playing a

Taylor Bettelheim Rm 19 Captain NZ Cup XI

CRICKET TRAINING WITH KNIGHTS On Friday the 7th of March the TIS NZ Cup team set off down to Pemberton Park. We were met by two players from the Northern Knights. They first introduced themselves Joe Carter, and Bharat Popli. Mr Jeftha shared some stories about Joe when he was at TIS, he was the captain of the schools 1st X1 in 2007. We started with a warm up game, shortly after that we practiced catching. Next we went to the nets for an hour of batting and bowling tips. Everyone really enjoyed the session and are looking forward to our games this week to put the tips learnt into action.


Cooper Newton Rm 2

Jack Dempsey Rm 1 with Knight Joe Carter

If you would like to receive a copy of this newsletter electronically via email please contact Sabrina Jackson at to be included on a mailing list.



SPORTS HOODIES Last year we introduced a Sports Hoodie as part of the Sports Uniform. This Hoodie is not part of the school uniform but can be worn to any school sporting event throughout the year. This can be weekly at netball, hockey, basketball, at any PB/BOP InterIntermediate, School events and NZCT AIMS GAMES. The cost of this Hoodie is $50.


We have a small supply available to purchase from the Sports Office in smaller sizes. Please enquire at the Sports Office if interested.

PB/BOP SURFING COMPETITION Last Friday, March 6th Rory Goodchap Rm 19, Brady Anderson Rm 1, Toni Power Rm 36 and I took the day off to do a surfing competition. The competition was an Intermediate School tag team event, school team vs school team with 4 surfers in each. Many schools entered with some coming as far away as Gisborne. We arrived at Tay Street Beach, Mount Maunganui at 8.00am to sign in, get our school tent up and go for a practice surf. We got called in at 9.00am to make some plans and understand the rules for our first heat. The rules were – make sure we don’t cut people off their wave, stay at the tent between breaks and have fun! Our plan for the heats were give the first 3 people 5mins each and the last person PB/BOP (the anchor) a good ten minutes. During Surfing this time everyone could only score 2 Team rides, this is a lot harder than it sounds because you have to paddle out past the waves, catch a wave, paddle out AGAIN, catch your second wave and sprint to your teammates up the beach and tag your next team member. Also you are under lots of pressure as your team is really counting on you. We had 3 heats throughout the day and learnt heaps about surfing competitions and surfing strategies. As a team we encouraged each other and challenged each other to do their best. Overall we had a great day, we worked really well as a team & I would like to thank Ms Young for her help. Jorge Goodchap Rm 27


" ‘Winners don't wait for chances, they take them’ Unknown


The 11th NZCT AIMS GAMES International Sporting Championships will be held in Tauranga from Sunday 7th to Friday 12th of September 2014. This huge and exciting sporting event, run over 6 days, gives Year 7 and 8 students (11, 12 and 13 year olds) an opportunity to compete against the best of their age in New Zealand and invited countries. The aim of the event is to provide opportunities for students in the middle years to not only be active, enjoy competition and celebrate fair play but also to compete at an elite level for their age group. The event is renowned for providing the high standard competition, challenges and friendship that develops young sports people. The 17 sports codes offered in 2014 will be hosted in superb facilities, encouraging participants to perform at their best. In ten years, the NZCT AIMS GAMES have gone from a small festival of sport, to what is now considered the International Championships for Intermediate and Middle schools. Hand in hand with the growth, has been the emergence of the NZCT AIMS GAMES as a pathway to sporting achievement and success. The GAMES are bigger each year, to a point where they’re now global. The 2013 NZCT AIMS GAMES were embraced by 193 schools from throughout New Zealand,Australia and the Cook Islands (6,500+ competitors). Like our Facebook page




The Sports Department is organising a Sports Fundraising Evening for the middle of Term 2. The fundraiser will be a Quiz Evening with a Silent Auction. We currently have a number of items already confirmed for the auction such as 2 x 2014 signed chiefs jerseys, 2 x highlanders signed jerseys, ex-student Kurt Heatherley has confirmed an AFL ball and shirt, and also some cricket memorabilia. We would appreciate donation of any items that you feel may be of interest for our auction - this may be other than sporting for example someone may wish to donate a weekend at their bach. Information regarding the evening will come out in due course. We are confident in the quiz being a success and hope that it may become an annual event. If you can help please contact Blake Carlin at




Name: Tawera Ohia Room: Rm 2 Kahikatea House Age: 12 years


Sports played at school/team level: Touch Rugby - PB/BOP Team 2013/14 Parkour - School Gymnastics - School Team 2013 Rock Climbing - PB/BOP Team 2013 Silver Medal Athletics - PB/BOP Team 2013 High Jump 2nd Rugby - Mt Maunganui U12 Rugby 7’s AIMS Invitational Team 2013 Volleyball - PB/BOP Team Surfing


Sports played at representative level: Touch Rugby - BOP Elite U13 Boys 2013 Gymnastics - AIMS Silver Medal


What is your playing/training schedule like? At the moment I surf on a Thursday and doing Touch trainings at school


What do you usually eat for breakfast and what is your favourite food? Weetbix 6 with cold milk and sugar. Steak and potatoes ad vegetables.


Interests/Hobbies and favourite TV Show: Do parkour around our area and play on computer. Sport Channels


Most memorable moment in sport: Getting a silver medals at AIMS GAMES least year.


Person you admire the most: My parents because they help me a lot with all of my sporting activities.


How did you get involved in Sport? My Dad introduced me to rugby and I went from there


What influence has your family had on you in sport? Lots - Dad played rugby and did a lot of sport like me. Mum was a top runner when she was at College.


What has sport taught you? Respect and trust and to have fun.


What is your future goal in sport? To make a top team in any sport I play and to go far.




Name: Ross Coulter


Sport/Team Name: Teacher in Charge of Waterpolo


Occupation: Teacher in Rm 27


Sporting Background: Rugby, AFL, Soccer, Volleyball, Cricket,


Personal Successes: Lived in Japan for 5 years. Climbed Mount Fuji. Fatherhood.


Best Memory as a Coach: Taking on a sport for the first time.


Goals in Coaching: To know the sport well enough to be able to coach.


Best piece of life advice: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained�


Person you admire the Most: My Wife, Nyssa. She has survived hardship, heartbreak and me.


Interests/Hobbies: Family, Sport, travel, cooking (eating).


Favourite Food:



Favourite Music: Rock




OUT OF SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENTS The Eves BOP Tri Series was held at the Mount the first weekend of March. Congratulations to Fergus Hamilton Rm 22 who finished 2nd in a very close finish between him and Harry Low from Otumoetai Intermediate. It was neck and neck over the finish line with a fraction of a second between first and second place. Well done to Campbell Brown Rm 20 who came 3rd in Y8 Boys. Well done to Shyla Moorfield Rm 17 who also placed 3rd for Y7 Girls.



Moorfield Rm 17

Maia Coster Rm 2 competed at BOP Intermediate and Secondary Schools Gamblers

Fergus Hamilton Rm 22

Event at Te Teko last week. 35 riders entered in the Intermediate section across BOP schools Maia and her pony A Splash of Paint came 3rd overall. A huge achievement which she was very proud of. Great news Maia!

Maia Coster Rm 2

Head of Sport

Blake Carlin: Email:

Phone: 578-4401 Extn:107

Sports Coordinator

Karen Hampton: Email:

Phone: 578-4401 Extn:114 [13]

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