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CHSP Self-Assessment Tool Welcome to the CHSP Futures Self-Assessment Toolkit. The Self-Assessment Tool will help you to rate your organisation’s readiness for the next round of Aged Care Reforms for the CHSP, which are due to take effect from the 1st of July 2018. The changes are likely to be major, and will require community sector CHSP providers to significantly change the way they run their services.  The Government has not provided much information about what will happen to CHSP funding from 1/7/18. This is what seems likely:  CHSP funding in its present form will cease from 30/6/18  CHSP and Home Care Package funding will probably merge into a single funding programme from 1/7/18  There will probably be no block funding for providers from 1/7/18 – instead, funding will go to the consumer, who will be able to pick which provider s/he wants to work with  Because of this, services will have to be provided before the provider can claim reimbursement/payment, as in the NDIS model  There will almost certainly be no pre-allocated packages; rather, providers will need to compete for clients  Existing CHSP providers who are not currently offering Home Care Packages or Residential Care may need to undergo some form of accreditation to continue to offer services from 1/7/18. (For a detailed discussion of the likely changes to the CHSP and the wider context of the reforms impacting on the community sector, see TasCOSS’ paper The CHSP changes in context: Aged care and other reform in the community sector in Tasmania). During 2016 TasCOSS spoke widely to CHSP providers about the recent and future Aged Care Reforms. Providers told us there were some key areas where they needed to adapt current practices or develop new skills, in order to be ready for the future. These were:  Strategic planning and governance  Financial sustainability  Partnerships and consortia  Marketing  Workforce changes  Outcomes measurement The CHSP Futures Self-Assessment Tool will help you rate your organisation against these six domains by giving you a quick indication of how well prepared you are for the coming changes. It will help you see what you are already doing well and what you might do to further enhance your services. It can also

CHSP Self Assessment Tool