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Network News ISSUE 4 | MAY 2024
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Hi & welcome to what’s been a big 4 months at TASCO.

As I write this piece, sowing is ramping up and into full swing. Rain in early April combined with a wet January across most of our Distributorship, should see an ideal preparation for the year ahead. Rice harvest in pockets of southern NSW is about halfway through, with some warmer days on the outlook to finish that off as well.

Jay Tonkin, our Manager from the Broken Hill Depot tells me that mining is in a bit of a lull right now, with one of the larger mines closed and another in care & maintenance. News of a 600-turbine wind farm is on the horizon however, which is keeping the regions optimism high. I gave an update in our last edition of IT systems that were being implemented across our network. These have progressed nicely, with our entire file system, including our accounting package, Octane, all now based in the cloud.

Our Retail Manager, Pete Jessup & his team are currently busy replacing all our Point of Sale & Back Office computer systems in our retail sites. There are 38 of these system changes which will keep us busy until mid-year. Thanks once again to all involved from our IT & Retail departments for the work completed so far. On page 10 & 11, you’ll be able to follow where Steve Rose and our Carriers team are up to, with new equipment and new business a highlight.

Finally, I would personally like to thank Mel Stopps, who runs our retail site in St. Arnaud and features on page 14 & 15. I’ve worked closely with Mel for all her 20+ years of dedicated service. Her ‘can do’ attitude and willingness to help and participate above the call of duty has been a highlight of mine. Well-done Mel to you & your dedicated team.

Stay safe, enjoy this edition and thanks for reading.


Report finds 0% pay gap

What is the gender pay gap?

The gender pay gap is a measure of how we value the contribution of men and women in the workforce.Expressed as a percentage or a dollar figure it shows the difference between the earnings of women and men. Closing the gender pay gap is important for Australia's economic future and reflects our aspiration to be an equal and fair society for all.

Workplace Equity

Local Mildura Cr Helen Healy reports “I was interviewed recently about the gender pay gap and was pleased to see, in the print article that on a whole Mildura businesses rated well, but most impressed by TASCO Petroleum who had a zero rating - absolute equity!”

"I've always been a big fan and now even more when I see their commitment, not only to community, but also to workplace equity."

“The Workplace Gender Equality Agency's ratings are important as they give us the clearest picture of the pay gap. It's not about equal pay for an equal job - (after decades of struggle, women achieved that in 1969 and are still celebrating!) - it's about adding up all the pay (except the CEO) in a workplace (including overtime, bonuses and equivalent FT) and dividing it according to the number of men and women on the payroll. Other stats, based on industry averages, don't cut the mustard as we all know CEO salaries distort the figures and the majority of women in the workforce are in part time or casual positions and in the lower paid caring roles. Publishing more realistic data opens businesses to genuine commitment and improvement and accelerates change.”

Source: What is the gender pay gap? | WGEA & Sunraysia Daily Sunraysia Daily Saturday, March 2, 2024

"My attention was drawn to them because as many of you will know, they are one of the most generous businesses in the region when it comes to supporting community events and initiatives and most particularly when it comes to arts and culture."

Gender pay gap revealed

SUNRAYSIA businesses have made progress on the gender pay gap, but still have work to do, according to figures in a national report aimed at tackling the issue.

For the first time, the individual pay gaps of nearly 5000 businesses were published by the government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency earlier this week.

Of 13 firms identified as either being based locally or with a strong local presence, all were under the national median base salary gap of 14.5 per cent.

Mildura councillor Helen Healy said the WGEA data can be used in a number of ways to start a broader conversation about gender inequality and what the consequences of that can be.

“Through research, we know that gender inequality is a key driver of family violence,” she said.

“Gender equality has to be high on the agenda in Mildura because we have some of the worst family-violence stats in the state, so it’s critical that we have our eye on what’s happening in this area.

“I think it’s important to look behind the data and ask why.”

The publication of this data comes after the Federal Government passed the Workplace Gender Equality Amendment (Closing the Gender Pay Gap) Bill 2023, making it law for private companies with 100 employees or more to disclose the information.

Nationally, the WGEA median total remuneration gender pay gap is 19 per cent. This means that over the course of a year, the average amount a woman is paid is $18,461 less than the average of what a man is paid.

Ms Healy acknowledged that Mildura as a whole was doing some “really

Subsidiaries include Sunbeam Foods, Mildura Fruit Juices and Mildura Fruit Company

solid work” on gender equality, and believed locals should be proud of how the city was progressing.

“We are not after perfection, we are after genuine commitment and improvement,” Cr Healy said.

“The more we have these conversations, the more we open our eyes to some of the inequalities.”

WGEA chief executive Mary Woolridge said international experience showed that publishing the individual gender pay gap results of companies was an “important step in accelerating change”

“Industry averages can mask the true picture of progress,” Ms Woolridge said.

“Publishing employer gender pay gaps offers a deeper insight into industry performance and business performance that may have been hidden by averages in the past.

“This new roadmap can help companies look at their policies and develop actions to better inform their own pathway for improvement.”

News |5
The national gender pay gap, by total remuneration, sits at 19 per cent. National gap 14.5% Aligned Leisure -1.9% Australian Vintage -2.2% Bright Food Asia Pacific* 12.3% CDC Australia 13.9% Country Care 13.5% Haeusler’s 8.5% La Trobe University 7.5% Madec Australia -1.2% Mallee Family Care 9.5% Select Harvests 1.3% SMGT 3.1% Sunraysia Community Health 2.3% Tasco 0% *
Republished courtesy of Sunraysia Daily, Mildura
Median base salary gender pay gap

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Congratulations Jodene

We would like to say a huge Congratulations to Jodene Tuau, on winning the 2024 Trans-Murray Match Play that was held in Canberra on th 8th - 10th of February.

Jodene was the captain, dominating 54 holes with her team to take out the win.

Congratulations Melissa Stopps

Bordertown golf club 10th annual South East farmers day

We were recently Major Sponsors for the Bordertown Golf Club 10th Annual South East Farmers Day.

On the day we had a team represent TASCO, joining the massive registration of 204 players partcipating on the day. Players enjoyed a great day on the course, food and refreshments.

The Bordertown Golf Club donated $10,000 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and a further $5,000 to local CFS.

The day was a great success and each year continues to grow, thank you to Bordertown Golf Club for having us and congratulations on 10 years of this event!

Melissa Stopps, our Team Leader at our St Arnaud site reached a monumental 20 years of service with TASCO Petroleum.

Melissa is an integral part of our team at St Arnaud and we thank her for an incredible 20 years of service.

See page 14 to learn more about Melissa and her employment with TASCO, in our Getting to know feature!


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Slimline Diesel Ute Tank

Fuel & lubricants matters

It has been a busy few months for our wholesale side of the business since our last edition.

Field Days

Save the dates and call in and see our team at the upcoming Field Days!

Agfair Broken Hill

3rd - 4th of May, 2024

Broken Hill Regional Events Centre and Racecourse Racecourse Rd, Broken Hill NSW 2880

Mallee Machinery Field Days

31st of July, - 1st of August, 2024 2574 Sunraysia Hwy, Speed VIC 3488

Henty Machinery Field Days 17th - 19th of September, 2024 22 Lubkes Road, Henty NSW 2658

Keith Diesel Tank Storage

In the coming months, Keith Roadhouse are undergoing an upgrade from a 30kl Diesel tank to a larger 80kl tank. The new upgrade will provide customers with access to both diesel and premium diesel, 24/7. The site will also continue to have AdBlue available via the pump 24/7.

Outdoor Payment Terminals

We are excited to share in April, through to May Outdoor Payment Terminals will be installed at our supply sites in Bright, Rochester and Mulwala. This brings further convenience to our customers and locals in these areas, providing petroleum products 24/7.

TJM Wagga Wagga

TJM Wagga Wagga is a locally owned and operated business that specializes in 4x4 equipment and accessories, including towing products. They also sell a range of camping equipment and now stock Mobil & Ampol lubricant products supplied by TASCO Petroleum.


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Driving our network

We hope everyone had a great and safe Easter break!

Weather predictions

We are now a quarter of the way through 2024 and it’s a little hard to predict where this year is going to head. Theres a lot of rumours and old weather tales being spoken of from a dry autumn to a normal winter and then there is a prediction that it’s going to be an extremely wet winter. We will see what winter brings!

New Equipment

We are seeing a lot of hard work come to life in Mildura with the addition of the 25 meter BDouble combination now up and running. As predicted Namamrang a company that we supply ex Benalla has won the contract to cart almonds and have set up at Carwarp, a place just south of Mildura. They anticipate that they will be using in excess of 80,000 litres per week which along with the timing of the extra 25 meter BDouble into Mildura has worked out very well. In addition to this John Carra has been out knocking on doors and has opened up some further opportunities where this truck combination can be used. A big thanks to Reece, Terry and the Mildura team also for their support in making all this come together.where

Replacement Program continues

I want to also thank Jay Tonkin and Matt Tansey for their assistance in the removal of rigids from their individual depots as it has always been said that this couldn’t happen. It has and without their support and input it may not have. The removal of the rigids has improved the efficiency of deliveries at both depots. Our replacement program continues with the addition of two new prime movers added to the business taking our total of new trucks to 52 in 11 years of TASCO Carriers operation.

Out with the old, in with the new

We recently engaged Pickles Auctions to sell some of our equipment that we have retired as the replacement program continues. Two of the trucks, Tieman B-Double Set and DAF left Mildura on the 7th of March for their new homes, with the remainder collected in the following weeks. Thanks to Karl Ferguson and the team at Pickles Auctions for their assistance.

Branding changes

There are some exciting changes on the way with TASCO Carriers now having our own logo which better represents what we do. Further to the new logo, we are rolling out new uniforms to ensure we continue to set a standard that we can be proud of. The new logo will be displayed on all uniforms and TASCO Carriers print materials, going forward we expect this changeover to be complete mid year.

As we are a quarter of the way through the year, the AFL Season has began and our Carriers team has shared their Top 8 Predictions for the 2024 Season. You heard it here first... Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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they will operate across a variety of sh


Driving with...

Tony Havlicek

Benalla VIC

How long have you worked for TASCO? 16 Years.

What motivated you to pursue a career as a driver? My father was a driver.

When did you first start driving?

Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta - Perth

What vehicles do you have experience driving? All of the above.

Why TASCO Carriers?

After 21 years of logging, I needed a change.

What does TARGET Zero mean to you? Going home to my family each day safely.

What are your favourite places to stop?

I don't really stop, I take my own lunch each day.

How have you adapted to the automation of the technology now fitted in the trucks? Slowly getting there.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy talking to customers out in the field.

What are your hobbies outside work?

Travelling in caravan and Motor Racing particularly watching V8's.

2024 Top 8 Predictions

Steve Brisbane Collingwood Port Adelaide Adelaide Melbourne Western Bulldogs Geelong Carlton Sonya Brisbane Carlton Collingwood Adelaide Gold Coast Melbourne Port Adelaide Richmond John Brisbane Collingwood Carlton GWS Port Adelaide Melbourne Adelaide Sydney Paul Brisbane Carlton Collingwood Adelaide GWS Port Adelaide Melbourne St Kilda Helen Collingwood Brisbane Melbourne GWS Port Adelaide Geelong Carlton Gold Coast

NRSPP Heavy Vehicles Toolbox Talk

fatigue doesn't know the time.

Fatigue is also known as a silent killer. It impairs decision-making, affects performance, slows reaction times, and reduces the ability to control emotions. On the road, it results in poor lane tracking, speed maintaining capability, and alertness, increasing crash risk [1] [2] [3]

Fatigue has been found to contribute to 20–30% of all road deaths and severe injuries [4]

The issue

In 2020, 8% of all truck large loss crashes in Australia were caused by fatigue [5]

Recent studies describe fatigue as a tri-dimensional issue with physical, cognitive, and emotional attributes. Due to their work activities and environment, truck drivers are at high risk of developing fatigue, and even chronic fatigue [7]. For instance, sleepiness has been linked to reduced alertness, slow reaction times, and increased road crash risk [1] .

Engaging in demanding activities for long and continuous periods of time increases crash risks. Driving for more than 4 hours doubles the risk of a crash [8], and a work shift greater than 12 hours results in a 2–to–4 fold increase in crash risk [9]. It has been found that drivers with 4-5 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours are 4.5 times more likely to crash than those who slept 7 hours or more [10]

Good sleeping habits are crucial to staying safe on the road. Did you know amongst mammals, humans are the only ones to voluntary delay sleep? [6]

Fatigue increases crash risk during and after the shift. Recent studies have identified organ function control by the central nervous system (e.g. sympathetic nerve activation) as a fatigue indicator. For truck drivers, increased nerve activation after a shift (compared with a pre-shift condition on a previous day) indicated a higher collision risk during the following day shift [11] [12]. One way or another, our bodies keep the record, even when we don’t notice it.

Lack of sleep can directly affect your food choices. There is evidence that shift workers tend to skip meals, snack more often and consume foods high in saturated fats and sugar (i.e., soft drinks). In addition to sleep deficiency, these habits may present a higher risk for obesity, metabolic alterations, and the development of chronic diseases, such as type 2 Diabetes [13] [14] [15] .


Reccomendations for drivers

Be aware of sleep loss

Be mindful of your work routine and extended work hours. Sleep loss can result in fatigue. Be aware of the early warning signs such as difficulties to maintain your focus, struggling to keep your eyes open, and problems with concentration [16] [17] [18]. Also, having less tolerance for other road users can be a sign of fatigue. [19]

Take a short nap

Short naps have been proved to have immediate benefits such as improve performance and alertness. If you are planning to start your journey right after a nap, have a coffee right before going to sleep. It will help you wake up refreshed.

positive sleep routines

Sleep, as a recovery activity for our bodies and mind, is crucial to stay safe on the road. Good sleep supports cell repair, regulates our metabolism and protects our brain. [22] Having positive sleep attitudes (e.g., avoiding phones before bedtime) and sleep hygiene routines (e.g., dimming lights in the evening), can make all the difference [23]

Take a break!

Breaks allow workers to physically and mentally recover from continuous work periods. For breaks less than 30 minutes leave the work environment, have a healthy snack, and do some light exercise (e.g. flexibility, a walk). For those longer than 30 minutes consider taking a nap [20]

nap twice a week

In the long-term napping at least twice a week has been linked to a 12% reduction in lower coronary heart disease [21]

enjoy nature

If you are feeling energised and a nap is not needed, take advantage of your breaks to enjoy nature. Truck drivers with increased exposure to natural settings has been found to reduce their fatigue levels [24] .

[1-15] Article references please visit


Getting to know...

Melissa Stopps, St Arnaud VIC

How long have you worked for TASCO?

17th December 2001


Why not TASCO? This is where ‘honesty is the best policy’ comes into it! I had finished university (Bachelor of Applied Science- Intellectual Disability) and had applied for a few local jobs. At this time I applied for a casual console position in St Arnaud. At the time my thoughts were, ‘it will do until something better comes up’. Wasn’t I wrong! I still tell people about my ‘until something better comes along’ moment (with loads of laughs with my just out of uni attitude).

From having the education to be a case manager in the disability field to using those skills/ education as a stepping stone into retail. From being a casual console operator to second in charge then to the sites team leader (in 2009). Even though I’m educated in disability studies and can fall back on this at any stage I really do enjoy my position within TASCO. TASCO has given me a voice, thanks to all the experiences with staff and customers.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

At site level I enjoy our team at the TASCO St Arnaud site, we are one big supportive team!

I enjoy the flexibility of my role; at times I need to put family first (especially when my children were younger) and TASCO have a strong focus on ‘family’. I enjoy the opportunities of working holidays (conferences). Until I worked for TASCO I had only been in one motel room, and I had never been on a plane. In the past I had worked away from my site to help train at other sites. I really enjoyed this. From this experience I decided to undertake further training in Business Management and then Human Resources.

Although it may seem like I have not done anything with these Diplomas the skills and knowledge have aided in my working and personal life.

What does TARGET Zero mean to you?

Target zero for me as a team leader means the possible elimination and/or reduction of hazards to myself, the staff, the customers and the wider community. We all have lives out of work and ensuring target zero means we can all enjoy the things we love (out of work). For me it’s family, my little bird family and archery.

Have you faced any memorable or unusual incidents whilst on the job?

Thinking about unusual incidents and LPG seems to be the incidents that I can recall the most. LPG is a hard product to control as far as an emergency response. From bowser LPG leaks to the Land Cruiser that had a fire (once the customer started it). In short, the incidents are so memorable I am all for the removal of LPG at sites.


Where do you see the humble servo being in 10yrs time?

At site level I want to see the site still operating (of course). I want to see a whole new showroom look & feel to bring it in line with the sites we see through New Sunrise conferences. As far as overall servos I see a lot of changes in fruition. From what we have today to stores in line with the alternate fuel culture and shop layouts that take advantage of the alternate fuel movement. I see more supermarket and cafe type servos in the horizon.

Are there any aspects of the job you find particularly rewarding or challenging?

Challenging aspects of the job would be moving through and around people’s diverse personalities, from staff to customers. We can all be passionate at times.

The rewarding part is all those New Sunrise conferences!!! 3 Australian locations (Cairns, Port Douglas and Darwin) and loads of overseas destinations! At Cairns in 2012 the site received VIC Retailer of the Year award and at Japan in 2023 the site was awarded Passport to Profit Champion! Another rewarding aspect was when I went and trained/ helped at other sites. Giving other sites/ staff the opportunities to do well within their workplace does give me the warm and fuzzies!

How do you help ensure safety and compliance at your site?

Always be vigilant, always consider safety and make safety apart of your daily routine. Tasco have many processes to aid in safety within the service station, all I must do as a team leader is ensure the processes are conducted by myself and the team.

How do you ensure a balance between work and personal life?

I have worked and continue to work on myself, and my behaviours that can aid in a healthy work life balance. I come from a family with strong work ethics. However, life has taught me that those annual leave hours, personal leave, and long service are all there to be used. I always tell myself to never go to work when I’m feeling off, staff and customers should not have to witness and become a part of your bad mood.

What are your hobbies outside work?

The main hobby I have now is archery. I compete however archery for me is more about mental control. You can’t think of anything else bar your archery processors while shooting at a target.

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Wimpy's Wodonga!

Welcoming back to Wodonga... Wimpy's Wodonga!

Rebranding Wodonga Roadhouse

Our Wodonga Roadhouse, located at 178 Melbourne Rd Wodonga is currently undergoing a rebrand, returning to the iconic local brand Wimpy's Wodonga.


Return of local iconic brand

Complimentary to the rebrand we now have Wimpy's Wodonga merchandise available for purchase and will have a range of in store meal and coffee deals.

At Wimpy's Wodonga, customers can be assured they will receive great value hearty meals, served by the same friendly staff along with access to fuel and convenience products 24/7.

Throughout the year the site will continue to see upgrades as work progresses on restoring a local icon.

Next time you're on the Hume and driving by, call in and see the team at Wimpy's Wodonga!

Dine In - Take Away - Fuel - Shop

" There’s a reason this place is always busy - great food, good service, good prices."

- Steven, Customer feedback via Google business review.

"Old school truck stop on the old Hume, great place to eat!"

- Grant, Customer feedback via Google business review.

Scan to view menu
RETAIL FOCUS 17 impy’s WWODONGA Only at with the purchase of a Wimpy’s Wodonga Travel Mug! Get your Wimpy’s Wodonga Merch today!

Introducing ACAPMAg


voice of Petrol and Convenience Businesses


ACAPMAg is a convenient and comprehensive news website that contains externally sourced news articles alongside those prepared by ACAPMA on a wide variety of key issues of importance to the downstream petroleum industry.

Articles are sourced from all local and international news sources, and in addition ACAPMA also produces its own editorials which cover some of the most important issues relevant to subscribers. This includes regular HR Highlight, advocacy updates, employment advice. This industry information service provides updates on advance notice of changes in government policy and regulation, best practice guidelines, market developments and insights into some of the longer-term trends that are expected to shape the nature of the industry into the future.

The first article was uploaded to the site in March 2015 and, as of today, the ACAPMAg site contains over 5,750 news items. This news website doubles as an ‘electronic library’ that allows users to review past articles about developments in the fuel industry.

ACAPMA also prepares a weekly electronic newsletter which is emailed to around 3,500 ACAPMAg subscribers every week. Recipients include ACAPMA members, associates, fuel wholesale, distribution and retail businesses, specialised fuel equipment and service suppliers and service providers.

Raising awareness of the key issues that are likely to positively or negatively impact our industry, the weekly e-newsletter is also distributed to politicians (Federal, State and Local) and media outlets.

Source: With thanks to ACAPMAg. ACAPMAg is proudly presented by ACAPMA. For further information on ACAPMAg please visit: https://acapmag.com.au/


The Latest Industry News

New Vape Laws

From 1 March 2024 Federal and State laws come into effect to limit the supply and use of tobacco and vape (e-cigarette). At the Federal level import, flavour and retail bans are escalated, while at a State level SA has designated public spaces tobacco and vape free zones. These changes are ahead of total bans on (non-therapeutic) vaping that are expected to be presented to Federal parliament in coming weeks.

What is a 7 Day Shiftworker?

We are getting closer to a definitive answer. Within many modern awards 7 Day Shiftworkers are entitled to an additional week annual leave as additional compensation for consistently unsociable hours. So what is a 7 Day Shiftworker? This is a question that has plauged employers and the courts for years, being ambiguous enough that the classification or not of an employee as a 7 Day Shiftworker is challenged regularly.

“Four-year EV experience made me return to diesel”

There are an increasing number of policymakers and automotive organizations who are talking up the future of electric vehicles in developed economies. Equally, there are a growing number of consumer and motoring advocates who are suggesting that EVs are unlikely to be the dominant powertrain in the global light vehicle fleet any time soon, given significant and ongoing challenges.

Sick Leave: Can it be planned in advance?

All employees have a right to take time away from work when they, or persons in their immediate household are unwell. This is well understood. What is less well understood is whether employees have the right to access personal and carers leave for planned sick leave, like attending specialist appointments.

Viva Energy powering Cleanaway with 100% renewable diesel

Viva Energy has kicked of a 6 month demonstration of its 100% Renewable Diesel, derived from vegetable oil, which is being used to power Cleanaway vehicles to test technology that it is hoped will play a key role in reducing emissions in reducing emissions in the transport sector.

Shoplifting explosion as convenience store theft soars to 5.6 million from 1.1 million in just ONE year

Convenience stores have been hit by an explosion in shoplifting – up five-fold in a single year.

A report by the group representing 49,000 small shopkeepers said they fell victim to an astonishing 5.6million thefts in 2023, rocketing from 1.1million incidents recorded the previous year. Figures from the Association of Convenience Stores also revealed that there were 76,000 acts of violence in small shops last year, up from 41,000.

For full articles please visit: www.acapmag.com.au

MBPH Foundation


We are proud supporters of the Mildura Base Public Hospital Foundation.

Who is MBPH Foundation?

The MBPH Foundation is an independent charity, governed by a passionate and dedicated committee which are fiercely committed to supporting the health of the Northern Mallee and to uphold the wishes of our supporters. The MBPH Foundation commits to ethical fundraising and investment, ensuring that our supporters receive the highest level of care. We take our role as the custodians of our supporter donations very seriously.

While the Victorian Government funds the hospital’s standard operating costs, your donations support medical excellence. The programs and initiatives funded by donated money create outcomes that are above and beyond the hospital’s normal day-to-day activities. They take MBPH from a good hospital to a great hospital and what’s more – they wouldn’t exist without the generous

Help Build Foundation House

Foundation House will be a purpose built accommodation facility for patients, their families and Mildura Base Public Hospital staff.

It will provide a comfortable, affordable place for people who have to travel for treatment to stay. We know many of our patients travel over 200km and often more, to receive regular treatment. Foundation House will not just cater for one group of patients, it will be available for all of the Northern Mallee community and will provide a homeaway, from-home for patients and their families when they most need it.

To help fund this project we are asking people to purchase a virtual brick for $100. Each virtual brick sold will help with the construction of this much needed facility.

Scan for more information or to purchase a virtual brick. Once you purchase a brick you will receive a notification of your purchase and every person who purchases a brick will be acknowledged on a virtual wall on the building when it is completed.

1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000
10,000 BRICKS


Become a partner and share our passion for health and work closely with the MBPH Foundation to build a happier, healthier future for the people of our community.


As a major partner you will be supporting the construction of Foundation House as well as assisting with the purchase of equipment.


Room sponsors will be supporting the purchase of equipment for each individual room.


Purchase a virtual brick to help with the construction and know you are helping to improve healthcare for our Northern Mallee community.

Your support will help with the construction of Foundation House!

To discuss an obligation free Partnership Proposal, please contact: Jake Anstey 0410 334 015 | janstey@mbph.org.au

Jack Madafferi 0401 649 950 | jmadafferi@mbph.org.au

Dale Stafford, Stride Media 0417 103 113 | dale@stridemedia.com.au

$25,000 $2000 $100 Proudly supported by Proudly supported by MEDIA www.mbphfoundation.org.au

Employee Assistance Program

Short-term, solution-focused support to help you get back on track when various issues divert you from general performance in the workplace.

What is EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential wellbeing service offered to you by your employer to support you and your immediate family members. This service is an employee benefit and is free of charge.

EAP Counselling is short-term, solution-focused support that assists you in overcoming life’s challenges to return you to a better state of emotional wellbeing. Your EAP Professional will support the client to explore the issue and develop strategies to cope with, or change, the situation.

Reasons for Reaching Out

You can receive support for any personal or work-related concern you may be experiencing, including, but not limited to:

Anxiety or Depression

General Wellbeing

Stress Management

Strengthening Resilience

Work/Life Balance

Improving Performance at Work

Grief and Loss


Personal Development

Work-Related Stress

Relationship, Family or Parenting Concerns

Workplace Relationships

Sleep and Physical Health Concerns

Financial Coaching

Legal Referral

Nutritional Support

EAP Professionals

Acacia carefully selects experienced, approachable, and professional EAP Professionals. They are fully qualified with their regulatory body and must have at least five years of experience.

Session Entitlement

You can receive three (3) sessions of standard EAP counselling each year.

In addition, you can receive one (1) Nutritional Support session, one (1) Financial Coaching session, and one (1) Legal Referral session each year.

Connect Today EMAIL info@acaciaconnection.com First Nations 1300 520 373 LGBTIQA+ 1300 214 958 Domestic and Family Violence 1800 879 163 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse 1300 533 904 Disability and Carer's 1300 561 043 WEB acaciaconnection.com SMS 0401 33 77 11 CALL 1300 364 273 Introducing TASCO Petroleum's
PROUD PARTNERS 23 Make your mental health a priority Acacia provides access to free and confidential services, supporting mental health and wellbeing. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to assist you in being the best you can be. Is your mind healthy? Call anytime 1300 364 273 Live chat or book an appointment acaciaconnection.com Contact us by SMS 0480 087 020 Connect with us

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