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NALCO速 WT-1000 Closed System Corrosion Inhibitor PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION Nalco WT-1000 is a liquid corrosion inhibitor for use in closed cooling and hot water heating systems. Nalco WT-1000 is a complete inhibitor that provides ferrous metal, copper alloy and aluminum corrosion protection. Nalco WT-1000 is nitrite-free, minimizing the challenge of bacterial control. Optional TRASAR technology constantly monitors, displays and automatically doses product to a target concentration keeping your system continuously protected.

PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL PROPERTIES These properties are typical. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), SECTION 9, for the most current data.

Form Density Specific Gravity @ 25oC (77oF) pH (neat) Freeze Point Freeze-Thaw Recovery Flash Point (PMCC) Odor Appearance

Liquid 1.21 kg/l [10.1 lb/gal] 1.21 > 11.4 - 6.7oC ( - 20oF) Complete with mixing None None Clear Light Yellow

REGULATORY APPROVALS Nalco WT-1000 is intended for industrial use only. Do not feed to potable water systems. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), SECTION 15 for the most recent information on approvals.

MATERIALS OF COMPATIBILITY Compatible Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Polyethylene Teflon Hypalon Vinyl Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel 304 Neoprene Viton Buna-N Nickel Plasite 6000 Plasite 7122

09-07-09/JLM ; NALCO WT-1000 CPP-DPL


DOSAGE AND FEEDING The dosage of Nalco WT-1000 will vary depending on the operating characteristics of your system. Your Nalco sales engineer will recommend the optimum dosage for cost-effective system protection. The dosage of Nalco WT-1000 is dependent upon system operating conditions. The target dose for Nalco WT-1000 is 2,500 ppm and control range from 1,300 to 2,600 ppm. Dosage less than 1,290 ppm is not recommended. Corrosion monitoring is recommended using either coupons or the Nalco Corrosion Monitor NCM-100. Adjust system dosages based on corrosion results to meet application goals.

NALCO WT-1000 Dosage

ppm Active


Gal/ KGal
























This product will add approximately 0.27 ÂľS/cm of conductivity per ppm of product dosed to the system. Conductivity Data Points :

500 ppm = 139 uS/cm, 1,000 ppm = 270 uS/cm, 1,500 ppm = 410 uS/cm 2,500 ppm = 660 uS/cm.

Molybdates inhibitors are sensitive to chloride concentrations. Chloride levels above 500 ppm are not recommended.

Testing and Control Hach Photometer - Molybdate Molybdate

Reagent Set: 460-3102.88

0.5 - 66 ppm MoO4 (10 ml Sample)

Procedures AP-002 / 890, 2000, 2010 & 2400

Comparator - Molybdate Molybdate Kit No : 420-C0042.88

0.1 - 835 ppm MoO4

Procedures AP-57

Biological Activity Nalco WT-1000 does not contain the biological nutrient nitrite that will reduce biological activity stimulation from this compound. However, other contaminants can and will be present that will support biological activity. It is important to make routine biological activity checks to detect and monitor biological activity. Addressing biological activity early in the infestation stage and maintaining low biological activity will help to improve overall corrosion control results and minimize the cost of biological control.

09-07-09/JLM ; NALCO WT-1000 CPP-DPL


Biological Monitoring Traditionally microbial control programs have been monitored using some type planktonic culture testing such as Dip Slides, which provides total aerobic activity in the flowing water stream. In most closed system applications, biological activity can be controlled at < 103 to 104 CFU/ml; however, each system needs to be evaluated and benchmarked with routine testing. Planktonic Monitoring Tools 500-P1673.88 500-P3054.88

Total Bacteria Dip-slides [ 10 / Box ] Total Bacteria / Fungi Dip-slides

Planktonic microorganism measurements have never correlated well with sessile population testing. This is unfortunate since control of the sessile population should be the primary goal of any microbial control program. It's the attached bacteria that does the damage. When necessary, sessile monitoring tools can be used to measure surface biological activity. Sessile Monitoring Tools 420-C0243.08 440-P3060.88

Surface Microbial Monitoring Kit BioBox

Biocides commonly used in closed systems. Please consult the biocide Selection Line. WT-407 WT-730 Other biocides could be used in specific conditions. WT-720 is a fast action biocide that will degrade to NH3 and other compounds. The corrosion will increase (mainly in copper and copper alloys areas) in systems with high HTI. Refer to the PAC 3D CPP Presection in the CPP database for a nonoxidizing program selection guide.

PRODUCT FEEDING AND PROGRAM COMPATIBILITY Nalco WT-1000 should be fed via a closed feed system. A closed feed system is defined as a system in which fluid is moved from a closed storage vessel into a treated media without exposure to the atmosphere except through normal venting or pressure relief devices. Nalco WT-1000 should be fed neat. Do not mix with other chemicals unless otherwise noted. Unstable reactions may occur that can deteriorate the effectiveness of the product. Nalco WT-1000 is not compatible with chromate. Using Nalco WT-1000 in chromate treated systems will result in the loss of the corrosion inhibitor program. Nalco WT-1000 is not compatible with and should not be used in sodium chloride, calcium chloride or lithium bromide brine systems. Nalco WT-1000 is compatible with uninhibited ethylene and propylene-based glycols. Do not use with Dow-Therm or inhibited glycol solutions. These materials are formulated to provide corrosion protection. Tip: An automotive anti-freeze hydrometer can be use for simple quick checks of ethylene and propylene glycol. These are available at automotive supply stores. If greater accuracy is required, a laboratory-grade hydrometer should be used.

09-07-09/JLM ; NALCO WT-1000 CPP-DPL


ROI CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS The ROI can be expressed in terms of what dollar savings the customer experiences by avoiding costly down time (labor and equipment) due to corrosion failures of the closed loop system. In some applications, even one hour of system downtime can represent a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having a cooling water corrosion treatment program they can rely on represents significant operational cost reduction.

* Reduces closed system corrosion - Increases equipment life and system reliability. - Minimizes repair and maintenance cost. - Reduces the risk of unscheduled downtime. * Eliminates insulating deposits on exchanger tubes. - Aids in cutting energy usage and cost by maintaining cleaner heat transfer surfaces. - Reduces the chance of costly clean up. * Available in PORTA-FEED速 hands-free delivery. - No chemical handling for improved plant safety. - Improves plant appearance. - No drum disposal cost or liability. * Nitrite free formulation. - Minimizes risk of nitrogen bacteria infestation.

* TRASAR Control & Diagnostics (Optional). -

Automated Dosing & Control 24/7 Residual Monitoring Diagnose system operation. Assist in leak detection. * Compatible with ethylene and propylene glycol anti-freezes. * Simple dropper test for measuring residuals. - Simple, quick and accurate testing. - Spectrophotometer method for those who prefer more detailed analytical testing. * Designed to control corrosion of all common closed system metals. - Single product convenience - Controls aluminum corrosion

ENVIRONMENTAL AND TOXICITY DATA Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), SECTIONS 11 and 12, for the most current data. None of the substances in this product are listed as carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the National Toxicology Program (NTP) or the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). Based on the International Agency for Research on Cancer (ARC)

SAFETY AND HANDLING Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), SECTIONS 3 and 8, for the most current data.

STORAGE Recommended in-plant storage limit is six months. Protect from freezing and extreme heat. If frozen agitate after thawing to solubilize precipitated material. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), SECTION 7, for the most current data.

09-07-09/JLM ; NALCO WT-1000 CPP-DPL


REMARKS If you need assistance or more information on this product, please call your nearest Nalco Representative. For more news about Nalco Company, visit our website at For Medical and Transportation Emergencies involving Nalco products, please see the Material Safety Data Sheet for the phone number.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NALCO and the Logo are registered trademarks of Nalco Company (3-03-2009)

09-07-09/JLM ; NALCO WT-1000 CPP-DPL


NALCO WT-1000  


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