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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume II, Issue 1 2013

From the Editors Body, Mind, & Spirit In our call for submissions, we have intentionally avoided thematic guidelines, hoping to remove any barriers for contributors, encouraging authors to share with us what is important to them. I have been delighted and awed to see how clearly the submissions show me the themes for each volume. This year’s works can be categorized into areas of well-being and growth for women executives. The authors reflect the concern for physical and mental health for women executives who are endure the daily pressures of the high stress positions in school. In addition, the research articles also provide women executives with valuable information to support critical school changes, as well as significant life decisions. The research articles vary from school prayer to literacy, but primarily the research creates a picture of who women school leaders are and the challenges and sometimes barriers they face in the commission of their assignments. Women professionals are pretty amazing, so we need to work to support and encourage more to come forward. The professional perspectives come from personal experience and wisdom regarding the unique physical and spiritual needs of women in positions of leadership. Just as current authorities advocate for the “whole child,” our authors speak of a balanced and healthy life of a whole woman. Laugh and be inspired with Sharon Ross’s poem, along with a superintendent’s tale of a day back in classrooms. We end there where most of us began… in the classroom. Scratch the surface of any woman school executive and you will find a teacher. Our own Elizabeth Clark’s beautiful poem captures the heart of our educational being—making a difference. I hope this issue brings you information to support your career and inspiration to encourage your daily life. Read all the way to the end to find a treasure with the photographic artwork entitled “Reflect.” You won’t be disappointed!

Genie Bingham Linn, Ed. D.

Karen Saunders, M. Ed

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Editor, member since 2005


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