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APRIL 1982 Officers and Directors of the Association

D. W. Richwine, President Lyle Spencer, First Vice Pres. A. T. Humbles, Secretary Ray Craft. Treasurer

Sam Gracy, Vice Pres. East Joe Brown, Vice Pres. Central Lou Cook, Vice Pres. West

Grapevine Editor. O. R. (OLE) Olson Rich eeghae, Director Howard Hanson, Director Ed Kalllna, Director Orville Olson, Director Slim P.M. Director Roy Van Ettan, Director

ABOUT THE COVER ALL AIRWAYS AND ROADS LEAD TO LAS VEGAS FOR THE FOURTH ANNUAL TARPA CONVENTION. COVER BY ED BETTS. LAST ISSUE'S COVER SHOWED A BENOIST "AIRBOAT". IT WAS POWERED BY A ROBERTS ENGINE OF ABOUT ONE HUNDRED HORSEPOWER. THE FLORIDA AVIATION HISTORICAL SOCIETY IS BUILDING A REPLICA WHICH WILL MAKE A ROUND TRIP FROM ST. PETERSBURG TO TAMPA ONCE A YEAR AND WILL BE ON EXHIBIT AT OTHER TIMES. Gordon Hargis and Bob Cole identified the aircraft. Bob wrote: "I submit the following taken from THIS WAS AIR TRAVEL, by Henry Palmer, Jr.: "The flying boat was a Benoist type XIV seaplane powered by two 100 H. P. engines. Operations began on January 1, 1914, and lasted only a few months. Usual pilot was Tony Janus. The 22 mile flight averaged 20 minutes'."


If there is one word that will describe TARPA's third year of existence, it would have to be "Progress". Our membership growth continues at a steady rate and now exceeds 720, more than ten times the number we started with three years ago. Thanks to the efforts of Al Clay, ably assisted by Ole Olson, Ed Betts and others, our newsletter, TARPA TOPICS, has matured into an excellent communications medium with which we can keep our members posted on TARPA's activities as well as providing some degree of entertainment and nostalgic reflection. Paul McCarty's directory project has made it possible for us to keep in contact with each other. Our 1981 convention objectives have become a reality. After many months of frustrating delay, the De Marche' plan for our B fund has finally been adapted and the first stage underway. At its last meeting in Phoenix, the TWA MEC established the TWA Retired Pilots Benefit Foundation, similar to the one that has been so successful on Eastern Airlines. Organizational procedures for that body are presently in progress. Thanks to the efforts of the TWA pilots contract negotiating committee, some very significant progress has been made in the areas of passes and major medical insurance, details of which will be discussed at the forthcoming convention. Also, thanks to active pilots representatives, we now have a complete list of retired TWA pilots, which will be of great help in contacting present non-members. Our vastly improved relationship with the TWA MEC is, indeed, most gratifying. All of the above progress has been made possible through the efforts of some very dedicated members, both retired and active. In the last issue of TARPA TOPICS, I enclosed a questionnaire seeking volunteers to carry on this work. To date, I have received exactly one reply. That won't get the job done, fellows! If TARPA is to continue to grow in size and effectiveness, it is going to require some effort on your part. Think it over! This issue of TARPA TOPICS contains all of the details on our upcoming Fourth Annual convention. Our First Vice President, Lyle Spencer and his ins Vegas Committee has, as you will see, done an outstanding job of planning and setting up what promises to be another real "winner". We are hoping that this will be the biggest one ever and, judging from the early reservations, names of which are included herein, it promises to be just that. Accordingly, please be reminded that the cut-off date for guaranteed reservations at the TIOPICANA is April 4th, although they will continue to be accepted at the same rates after that, but subject to space available. For those of you who may not be in a position to commit yourselves until a later date, I have been advised that accommodations will be available at other hotels. However, at the present it looks as though we would have to cap the banquet at 250 persons. If the latter be the case, banquet reservations will be honored on a first come, first served basis, so act promptly if you can.


The press of my little business and other personal matters will make it impossible for me to run for President of TARPA again this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hardworking Officers, Directors, Committee members and all the others of you who have helped to make TARPA go, and say that being with TARPA from its inception,-and being a part of its' phenominal development has been almost rewarding experience for me. See you in Las Vegas!

* * * * * * * * * * * * From the January 19th Issue of the WALL STREET JOURNAL "PENSION GAINS" - Companies are increasing retirees pensions about every two years, says a study of 95 concerns by consultants TAWERS, PERRIN, FORSTER AND CROSBY. A 1979 study showed increases were made every three years. For 1975 retirees, the latest study says the increases ranged to 19%.  * * * * * * * * * * * Attention:


VR-1 is holding a reunion in Pensacola, Florida, May 25 and 26, 1982. Any former VR-1 members interested in attending, please contact C. A. (Red) Allen, Route 2, E. Washington Road, Hillsboro, New Hampshire 03244, telephone 603-478-3132, or W. E. (Slim) Lamed, 256 15th Street, Santa Monica, California 90402, telephone 213-393-3661.  * * * * * * * * * * * DUES REMINDER Your 1982 TARPA dues were payable January 1st. You can save the Treasurer a lot of work and the Association considerable postage expense if you will forward your $15.00 directly to: Captain Pay Craft, Treasurer 18920 Twain Court, Saratoga, California 95070 Those who have passed their 75th birthday (EAGLES) and honorary members do not pay dues.  * * * * * * * * * * * 4

CONVENTION BUSINESS SESSION Wives, friends, relatives. and other interested parties have always been welcome as guests or visitors at the TARPA business meetings, but of course, cannot take part in the floor discussions. This year, we will have a special "Spectators" section and all are welcome! ************ 1982 NOMINATING COMMITTEE In accordance with Article VI, section 1 of the TARPA By-Laws, the following members have been appointed by the President to serve on the nominating committee: PAUL McCARTY, JOE BROWN, HOWARD HANSEN, LOFTON CROW, with ORVILLE OLSON, Chairman. The committee is making good progress in assembling their slate. If you have someone you wish to be considered for nomination as an Officer or Director, please contact one of the above. Please do not submit anyone's name until you have their permission and assurance that they will serve if elected. *********** STATUS AND ADDRESS CHANGES One of the b i g g e s t , most time consuming problems we have-is keeping current with our member's addresses and status. Please as you change from " A s s o c i a t e " ( a c t i v e ) to "Regular" ( r e t i r e d ) status, pass your 75th birthday, or change mailing address, advise our Secretary promptly and he w i l l see that the information i s passed on to the Treasurer for his records, Paul McCarty for the Directory, and to Roy Van Etten for his computer. Address this information t o : Captain A. T. Humbles Secretary TARPA Route 2, Box 152 Belhaven, North Carolina 27810

Lyle and Dorothy Spencer Photo by Mary Lusk

A GREAT CONVENTION SHAPING UP Lyle and Dorothy Spencer have been hard at work planning our activities at the convention. This is always hard work and this year they are doing themselves proud. There are more activities and events than ever before and those attending will find themselves happily busy. The ladies will have plenty to do in addition to golf and tennis. Altogether this shapes up as a real fine clambake and requests for reservations are coming in at a good rate. Lyle sends us an agenda with a multitude of activities, beginning on the next page. * * * * * * * * * * * NEWTON'S LITTLE-KNOWN SEVENTH LAW: A bird in the hand is safer than one overhead.


1300-1700 1500-----

Hotel check-in Convention registration desk will be at entrance to the Plaza room on the mezzanine floor. Tennis courts open for practice. Board of Directors meeting, Plaza Room Hospitality room open - Suite 3231 in the Acapulco Wing. Afternoon and evening free except for the Board of Directors meeting.

MAY 5 0900-1130

TARPA business meeting - Plaza room


Tee off time for golf at the Country Club




Hospitality room open Afternoon free for non-golfers. Evening free for golfers and non-golfers.

MAY 6 0700-----


Golf at the Country Club




TARPA business meeting - Monte Carlo room.


Fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue in the Fashion Show Mall.


Hospitality room open.


Cocktail party in foyer adjoining Monte Carlo room.


Dinner - Monte Carlo room.


Music - dancing - Monte Carlo room Check out of hotel

ACTIVITIES AND INFORMATION When registering for the convention (at entrance to Plaza room) please leave your room number. At the same time, please register for golf, tennis and bridge. BECAUSE OF SPACE LIMITATIONS THE DINNER MAY BE LIMITED TO THE FIRST 250 PERSONS (125 COUPLES) WHO MAKE RESERVATIONS. GOLF

Roy Van Etten is handling the scheduling and details. See daily schedule for times. A note to Roy advising him of other people you would like to play with would be extremely helpful to him in setting up foursomes. R. W. Van Etten, 4200 El Cederal Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102


Fun only tournament - Reg Plumridge is in charge Registration fee $6.00 See daily schedule for times. The hotel has rental tennis racquets.


Louise Vestal will handle scheduling and details. The range at Nellis AFB is available form 1100-1530 on Wednesday, May 5th. If you are interested and want to bring your gun, drop a note to Lyle Bobzin, Drawer 37, Boulder City, Nevada 89005.

HOSPITALITY The hospitality room is Suite 3231 in the Acapulco wing. Cash bar. It will be best if those of you desiring a Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam tour arrange for them on an individual basis. That way you can fit them into your schedule at the most convenient time for you. GRAND CANYON TOURS: These tours are on Scenic Airlines and they will provide the interline rates upon presentation of your airline I.D. Their reservations phone is 739-1900. There will be brochures in the Hospitality room. The SKYLINER recently printed that Air Nevada also provides airand-ground tours of the Canyon at comparable interline rates. Their telephone number is 736-8900. HOOVER DAM TOURS can be arranged at the Bell Captain's desk.

- 6 -

SHOWS AND ENTERTAINMENT: If you want to see the Folies Bergere show, arrangements can be made for you to enter through the 'invited guests' line. There are many lounge and stage shows available in Las Vegas. Information on these will be in your room and in the Hospitality room. Be aware that some of the stage shows are cocktail shows and not dinner shows. The dance music will stop at 2300 on May 6th, so that there is still time to see a Midnight show. SHOPPING: The Fashion Show Mall is just a few blocks away on the Strip. All of the large hotels have shops in them. There may be some minor variations or adjustments in the daily. schedule. If so, they will be posted at the Convention registration desk or in the Hospitality room. * * * * * * * * * * *


Here's a partial list of those who have made reservations. Adickes, Robert and Helen Anderson, Richard F. & Jean Beck, Richard H and Lou Brister, Roy L. & Esther Buchanan, D. C. & Katherine Burrell, William E. & Teddy Clay, A. J. & Jo Cook, Louis G. and Lorraine Crow, Lofton Davis, Rusty & Jean Deitchman, Bill & Dorothy Earley, Robert J. and Mrs. Edwards, E. C. & Bette Garrett, Ruby and Beth Girard, Larry and Phyllis Green, Clancy and Betty Haggard, Wayne L and Judy Halperin, David and Chen Mei Hansen, Howard A. and Mary Harlin, John E. and Edna Harrison, William L.& Mary Hollar, Phil S. and Joyce Humbles, A. T. and Betty Hylton, Leonard and Frances Kleiner, Richard L. & Helen Kuhn, D. B. and Emily Lachenmaier, Bob and Dorothy Lein, John and Daniele Lusk, Al and Mary Manning, Robert F. and Audra

Miller, Dean W. and Alice Miller, John M. and Jane Moffett, Meredith J. and Lee Mokler, Harry and Fran Morehead, C. M. and Anne Morris, Max and Phyllis Mueller, R. B. and Pamela McCarty, Paul and Marjorie McCombs, J. S. and Jean McFarland, Leo and June McFerren, Phares and Edith McKnight, Robert and Susan Olson, Orville and Carol Ottewill, H. A. & Virginia Peterson, Wendell F. Phillips, John F. & Anne Polizzi, James J. & Barbara Plumridge, Reginald & Ruth Ramsey, Newman & Mickey Richwine, David & Vi Ruege, Franklin R. & Louise Solomon, Jasper S. & Bonnie Spencer, Lyle A. & Dorothy Stuffings, Bob & Doris Tabor, Don Tiseo, Chuck & Tomi Townsend, W. B. & Mickey Van Etten, Roy Voigts, Busch & Lucille Webb, Joe M. & Virginia Wheeler, J. W. & Doris Young, Ben & Didi

* * * * * * * * * * * LATE CONVENTION NEWS FROM LYLE There have been more reservations made since this list was compiled. There are now one hundred sixty-two reservations for the banquet and eighty hotel room reservations. Incidentally, Lyle reminds us that tax and tip are included in the $18.00 banquet price. BRIDGE: Twenty six people say they will be playing. Louise Vestal may need a larger room to handle the group than was originally planned. GOLF: so far there are thirty nine men and thirteen ladies who want to play. TENNIS: Eight men and six ladies so far. Come on, you tennis fans! 10

TRI-MOTOR RIDES: Thirty people have shown interest. FASHION SHOW: Fifty ladies have said they're interested in attending the fashion show. * * * * * * * * * * * PAUL McCARTY, who did such a fine job on the first edition of the TARPA Directory, is planning an even better and more complete edition and needs the help of every one. In addition, Paul is interested in information on people who were on the flight deck for several years, and then left the company, Many people were employed for ten or more years and then dropped out of sight of the rest of us after leaving the company. If you have information on these people, he would be glad to get it. Here's Paul's request: THE 1982 DIRECTORY Time flies. The TARPA Convention is just around the corner. Shortly thereafter will come the publishing of an up-dated 1982 Membership Directory. I wish to thank everyone for the helpful suggestions and take this opportunity to thank you for the personal notes included with many of the responses. There are still more than 200 members not yet heard from. To the extent possible we wish to include the following: 1, Name of wife (if married). 2. Telephone number, including area code, address and zip code. 3. Crew qualification (Captain? Flight Engineer?) 4. Retirement date, if retired. In the "Gone West" portion we would like to include all deceased former crew members who were on either the pilot's or flight engineer's seniority list: 1. 2. 3.

At the time of death. At the time of retirement And whose career was permanently interrupted by disability.

Your help in supplying names, rank, and year of death will be appreciated. (Continued) 11

Surviving wives of any of the above are eligible as Honorary Members. We would like to include their names, current ad-dress, and telephone number. Your help in compiling this list will also be appreciated. Every effort will be made to achieve accuracy. You can be the best source. When you retire, if presently active, pass the word and the next Directory will indicate you as a "Retired" instead of "Associate" member. It is amazing how little know-ledge of current happenings on the line we retired have. Also, if you will, please advise A. T. Humbles or me (or both) of your address and telephone number changes. Sincerely, Paul McCarty  * * * * * * *• * * * PAUL ADDS; A suggestion for a By-Laws change. If the crew member was a member of TARPA at the time of his death, the surviving spouse will automatically be granted Honorary Member-ship. If not a member, the spouse may be nominated for such membership at the next convention.  * * * * * * * * * * RAPA

Since the creation of the RAPA Medigap insurance policy, there have been many inquiries on how to obtain membership in RAPA. RAPA (Retired Airline Pilots Association) is a Federation of 19 Retired Airline Pilots Associations. Membership in any of these member organizations, such as TARPA automatically makes you a member of RAPA and therefore eligible for any benefits emanating therefrom, such as the current Medigap policy. So that you may be better acquainted with the workings of RAPA, a copy of the minutes of the last annual meeting in Miami are enclosed in this issue.  * * * * * * * * * * MEDIGAP INSURANCE

A new brochure on the RAPA Medigap insurance policy is in the mail and should reach you about the same time this letter does. It does contain one printing error that was not caught in time, although a correction flyer is included in the mailing. In case - 12 -

you otherwise missed it, the correct telephone number for Alexander and Alexander, the brokers, is 305-279-7870. For those of you who may not be on the mailing list yet, and who are interested in said policy, you should direct your inquiries to: Mr. Howard Wincele Alexander and Alexander P. O. Box 558196 Miami, Florida 33155

* * * * * * * * * * *

WEILER' S LAW: (Pilot's Motto) - Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself.

* * * * * * * * * * *


The following is reprinted from UAL Retired Pilot's Newsletter. A LITTLE MIXED UP Just a line to say I'm living That I'm not among the dead. Tho' I'm getting more forgetful And mixed up in the head. For sometimes I can't remember When I stand at the foot of the stair If I must go up for something Or I've just come down from there. And before the fridge, so often My poor mind is filled with doubt. Have I just put food away, or Have I come to take some out? And there's times when it's dark outside With my night cap on my head I don't know if I'm retiring, Or just getting out of bed.. So if it's my turn to write you There's no need in getting sore. I may think I have written And don't want to be a bore. So remember I do love you, And I wish that you were here. But now, it's nearly mail time So I must say "Goodbye, Dear". There I stood beside the mailbox With a face so very red. Instead of mailing you my letter I have opened it instead! Peg Gephart * * * * * * * EVANS AND BJORN's LAW: No matter what goes wrong, there is always somebody who knew it would. * * * * * * * * * * * - 14 -


The eighth annual RAPA Convention was called to order by President Jack C. Pitts at 0900, Monday, December 7, 1981, at the Konover Hotel at Miami Beach, Florida. The minutes of the seventh annual RAPA Convention were approved as published. A. The Treasurer's report was presented by John E. Badger. The balance on November 30, 1981 of the general fund was $2,292.35 and the special fund was $1,104.25. The carryover from 1980 was $1,611.28 in the general fund, thus we had an operating surplus of $681.07 for 1981. Scotty Devine, UA, presented an expression of thanks to Captains Rentz, AA, Anderson, Haley, McDonald and Howard for their generous contributions to RAPA. B. The President's report dealt with: 1.

ALPA progress, recognition, and updating of ALPA policy to provide full consideration of the problems of pilots retired and about to retire.


Department of Labor, ERISA - pension plan terminations.


Legislative - fringe benefits tax, tax credits, widow's pass privileges and union representation.


Interline travel - special tours, promotion fares, etc.


Retiree problems on various airlines.


Appearance before House and Senate Committees.


Merger problems.


RAPA insurance programs.


Class action suits.


Cooperation with LEC and MEC for better retiree benefits.


Improved pension payments for AL, DL, PI, RC and HA.

C. Insurance Committee report was presented by Chairman Bill Root. The hospital and medical insurance plan went into effect on November 1, 1981. This Committee did a most admirable job in putting this program together. The Committee will continue to work for better insurance coverage, including dental and life programs. D. ALPA Representation Committee report was updated by Chairman Jerry Wood. E. Pass Committee Chairman Richard Barcheski was not present. He advised the President, by phone, that his report would be ready in February.


No carryover

George Corbett (CO) offered resolution commending the President and Officers for all their untiring efforts put forth for the benefit of all retired pilots during the past year; carried. AGENDA:

Item #1: Committee. tem #2: Numerous subjects by Oscar Cleal. (RW); passed over until Cleal could be present. Item #3: Social Security at age 60 by Robert Rentz (AA). Legislation failed in 93rd, 914th, and 95th Congress due to lack of support by both active and retired pilots; no action. Difficulty in getting information from Company by Joe Kunz (CO), Item #4: Steps outlined on now to obtain information. Item #5: Off-line passes for widows by John Stefariki (UA); none at this time: Must be negotiated by each carrier, Company or MEC can initiate; referred to Pass Committee. Item #6: Associate membership, President's item -- after considerable discussion, it appears that the bylaws already allow this action. Referred to the Executive Committee for further action. Item #7: Special Fund by John Badger, Treasurer. Fund will continue for the ALPA Representation Committee is a standing committee. Break in agenda items for the ALPA Representation Ccmmittee Chairman, Jerry Wood Report. The ALPA Special Committee reported to the ALPA Executive Board Meeting in May 1981. The Executive Board accepted the Special Committee report and recommendations; All delegates have this report. This Committee has donee an outstanding job and continues to work toward eventual full representation by ALPA. Item #8: (delayed) Miscellaneous subjects by Oscar Cleal (RW). A.

Financial aid from Company or MEC. AL delegates reported some sort of financial aid by the Company and/or the MEC. Cash contributions reported by AA, AL, CO, EA, and RC.


Upgrading pension payments -- Increases reported by AL, DL, PI, RC, & WA.


Social Security offset -- must be negotiated out of plan; has been removed from most plans.


Insurance claims (late payment) -- most delegates reported about 6 weeks delay, a few were being paid in 2 to 3 weeks.


Boarding priority for pass riders. There was general agreement that frequently gate agents did not board according to Company policy. No action was taken or required on all the above subjects.


Guest speaker, Thomas Mullen (CPA and Tax Consultant), was introduced. Mr. Mullen spoke on the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981. He explained many of the tax changes created by the ERTA of 1981, including: a. Tax free passage of entire estate from one spouse to the other. b. Estate tax exemption in 1982 is $225,000, escalating to $600,00 in 1987. c. Gift tax increased to $10,000 per year ($20,000 for man and wife). d. Use of Trust (for income and depletion). e. IRA up to 100% of earned income to maximum $2,000. f. Pension benefits do not qualify as earned income. g. Real estate depreciation for 15 years after 1/1/82. h. Profits in home sale increased to $125,000 tax free.

Item #8: Dues structure by John Badger, Treasurer. After considerable discussion, the following was moved by D. Richwine and seconded by G. Corbett and carried: 1 - 50 retired pilots 51 - 100 retired pilots 101 - 200 retired pilots 201 - 300 retired pilots 301 - 400 retired pilots More than 400 retired pilots

$ 50.00 $100.00 $150.00 $200.00 $250.00 $ 25.00 per hundred or fraction thereof. Item #9: REPA withdrawal from RAPA, President's item. Correspondence on this issue was read and discussion on reasons given and possible solution. Jerry Wood resolution seconded by D. Richwine and carried (see Exhibit #1 attached). John Stefanski resolution seconded by Dick Allen and carried (see Exhibit #2 attached). NEW BUSINESS: A. B. C.

Dave Richwine's resolution – new members org. (see Ex. #3). Jim Glover’s res. – spouse I.D. cards see Ex. #4 Dave Richwine’s res. – apprisal of non-members group (see Ex. #5).


1982 Convention date and place -- referred to President.


Heartfelt thanks to NAL Buccaneer wives for their gracious hospitality and luncheon. ANNOUNCEMENTS: A. B.

The President will appoint a Search and Nominating Committee for the purpose of finding candidates to serve RAPA beginning in 1983. The President told the Convention that after more than 8 years he felt that new blood was needed to keep RAPA moving in its planned future programs. He will not be available to serve as President after December 1982. He also requested that each delegate and officers of each Retired Pilots Association search out its best qualified people who are willing to serve and pass their names on to the Search and Nominating Committee.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 1645 on December 9, 1981.

Hal Hastings Secretary

TWA PILOTS RETIREMENT FOUNDATION AUTHORIZED At the. TWA MEC regular meeting at the Doubletree Inn, Scottsdale, Arizona, January 12-14, the following resolution was presented. Resolution #82-11 by W. Polk/Karamitis WHEREAS there are over 800 retired TWA pilots, and WHEREAS it can be presumed that some of these men are suffering hardship due to limited retirement income, in particular those who retired many years ago, and WHEREAS the TWA pilots are desirous of aiding, wherever necessary, their fellow pilots THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the TWA MEC appoint a committee to establish a TWA Pilots Retirement Foundation that would utilize voluntary contributions to assist underpensioned TWA pilots and their families, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the TWA MEC will assist this committee to establish this Foundation, obtain tax-exempt status, promote and coordinate funding, and otherwise support this concept in any way necessary. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY Please read and take to heart the following article by Harry Mokler. TWA PILOTS RETIREMENT FOUNDATION In the January issue of TARPA TOPICS, Dave Richwine makes mention of the need to establish a foundation on TWA to aid our needy old timers, like the ones on several other major carriers. What Dave neglected to say was that he had already fingered me to do some work on this project. He did not visualize any heavy workload. Dave has got to get his vision checked. It's going to be a monumental task and will take the full support of all our pilots, active and retired. I worked with Bill Polk on this project, but had to leave the January MEC meeting before resolution passage. It received great support and the NEC merits our most profuse appreciation and thanks, instead of the usual brick bats. - 19 -

TWA PILOTS RETIREMENT FOUNDATION AUTHORIZED At the. TWA MEC regular meeting at the Doubletree Inn, Scottsdale, Arizona, January 12-14, the following resolution was presented. Resolution #82-11 by W. Polk/G Karamitis WHEREAS there are over 800 retired TWA pilots, and WHEREAS it can be presumed that some of these men are suffering hardship due to limited retirement income, in particular those who retired many years ago, and WHEREAS the TWA pilots are desirous of aiding, wherever necessary, their fellow pilots THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the TWA MEC appoint a committee to establish a TWA Pilots Retirement Foundation that would utilize voluntary contributions to assist under-pensioned TWA pilots and their families, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the TWA MEC will assist this committee to establish this Foundation, obtain tax-exempt status, promote and coordinate funding, and otherwise support this concept in any way necessary. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY Please read and take to heart the following article by Harry Mokler. TWA PILOTS RETIREMENT FOUNDATION In the January issue of TARPA TOPICS, Dave Richwine makes mention of the need to establish a foundation on TWA to aid our needy old timers, like the ones on several other major carriers. What Dave neglected to say was that he had already fingered me to do some work on this project. He did not visualize any heavy workload. Dave has got to get his vision checked. It's going to be a monumental task and will take the full support of all our pilots, active and retired. I worked with Bill Polk on this project, but had to leave the January MEC meeting before resolution passage. It received great support and the MEC merits our most profuse appreciation and thanks, instead of the usual brick bats.

We have started the necessary ground work to make the TWA Pilots Retirement Foundation a reality. I am enclosing correspondence which is designed to update the MEC and the Presidents of the other foundations, and should give you some background. The Foundation's goal is to seek IRS tax exemption to permit tax deductible, on-going contributions from active and retired cockpit crew members to aid under-pensioned, hardship individuals among our retired pilots and flight engineers and their widows. We are working on the mechanics to get this venture off the ground. We need the support of every one of you. The financial part of it is important and I would appreciate a short note from each of you with your thoughts and some idea of your monthly contributions. We all receive many solicitations, but this is our first opportunity to help the needy within our own TWA family, and to receive tax recognition of the assistance. Of equal importance will be the work of the screeners. Some of our older retirees have not been heard from in years. They must be located and their income from all sources documented and notarized. This must be accomplished with dignity and compassion. Will you serve? The results of the screening process will then be evaluated by the Board of Trustees, and disbursements made on the basis of need. The other foundations started off on a policy of trying to bring everyone's income up to $1,000 per month from all sources, but soon discovered that each case was different. What was at least adequate for one individual might not meet the basic needs of another due to health problems or other factors. We intend to learn as we grow. This was one of the prime reasons for founding TARPA when Roy Van Etten and I discussed it years ago. Now we can make it a reality. Harry Mokler TWA PILOTS RETIREMENT FOUNDATION

8101 E. Naseem Trail Scottsdale, Ariz. 85258 March 1, 1982

Capt. Earl Jackson United Airlines 402 S. Mildred Charlestown, W. Va. 25414

Capt. R. B. Silver Eastern Airlines 14440 DeBell Rd. Los Altos Hills CA. 04022

Capt. Edwin Avary Pan Am Airlines P.O. Box 13945 Waikiki Honolulu, Hawaii 96515

Dear Earl, Bob and Ned, We haven't met but I feel as though I already know you from reeding some of your correspondence and knowledge of the Foundation work you are doing on your respective airlines. I wasn' t present for the appearance lob made before the TWA MEC in January, but it was certainly effective because they appointed a committee to establish a TWA Pilots' Retirement Foundation and I was selected as a member...(I wasn't there to protect myself). Bill Polk and Bob Essaf are the other members. Bill is Chairman and his energetic pursuit of this endeavor from the beginning, through presentation of the MEC resolution, has been fantastic. We met today in Miami with R. W. Rivenbark, w h o did the legal work for Eastern and Pan Am, to start the process of application to the IRS for exemption through formation of a Florida Non-Profit Corporation. We've worked up an initial draft of the Articles of Incorporation, and of the By-Laws. No one h e w s better than you gentlemen that the process for exemption is slow and laborious, but we will proceed as expeditiously as possible a n d feel fortunate to have Rick Rivenbark experience available. Very soon we will meet with the officers of the TWA Credit Union to pursue the goal of payroll deductions and deposits to the Foundation account, and disbursements in a process similar to that of our Mutual Aid. The purpose of this latter is two-fold: to make your acquaintance, and to update you and the TWA MEC on our activities. I am counting on a close association to the mutual benefit of our Foundations and the individuals we seek to help. We would very much appreciate being updated on the status of your endeavors, budget, numbers contributing, average contribution, number being helped, expenses and any tips whatsoever in getting started. We intend to be the stingiest group ever, but know that we can't ask out workers to pay everything out of their own pockets, as well as their time. Please also advise the solicitation efforts that have produced the best results.

22 ( a )

We have had about 1010 retirees of whom about 150 are deceased. Knowing your averages will give us a better insight into our need. We have not yet procured a printout of total retirement income but only their A Plan amounts which, in some cases, are scary. I'm looking at a few here who would be pre-B Plan entitlement, whose monthly benefits run $191, $189, $76, $162, etc. The makeup of our Board of Trustees as being submitted for Foundation incorporation are: Harold F. Mokler, President 8101 E. Naseem Trail Scottsdale, Ariz, 85258 (602) 991-9588 Summer address is: Box 344, Alton Bay, N. H. 03810 (603) 875-2433 I've done most ALPA jobs. Currently check pilot, Los Angeles Int'l., retiring in July. Robert D. Essaf, Vice-President 1095 Carteret Rd. Bridgewater, N.J. 08807 (201)526-0217 Bob is an ALPA retirement and insurance man, currently N.Y. International. William M. Polk, Sec./Treas. 9800 S. Longwood Drive Chicago, Ill. 60643 Bill is Council Chairman in Chicago and our driving force. Donald C. Ulrich, Trustee 15 Circle Drive Algonquin, Ill. 60102 (312)658-7581 Don is also an ALPA retirement and insurance man, Chicago based, who is currently out sick and we hope to hear some good tidings soon. Harry Jacobsen, Trustee 278 N. W. 4th Avenue Boca Raton, FLA 33432 Harry was one of our favorite General Managers-Flying, now retired.

In closing, I wish to thank you for the copies of correspondence from each of you that Bill has turned over to me. Come a ways' since those first ruminations between Bob and Jim Davidson, hasn't it?

14 ( b )


Let's hope this is just the beginning of something that will grow to be a source of hope to our people suffering hardship, whatever their position, and not just our older retirees. With all best regards, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Harry Mokler TWA MEC Foundation Committee

cc: TWA MEC TWA MEC Retirement Committee Capt. R. VanEtten, Chmn.TWA Ret. Pilots Capt. J. J. O'Donnell, Pres., ALPA Capt. Dave Richwine, Pres. TARPA Mr. Ed Myer, Pres. TWA Mr. Ed Frankum, V.P. TWA Mr. Don Hartman, Pres. TWA Club Credit Union Mr. R. W. Rivenbark, Esq. Bd. of Trustees: R.Essaf, W.Polk, D. Ulrich, H. Jacobsen


14 (c)

For the benefit of those not on the TWA Seniors mailing list. Ole Olson sends us some information on where to make inquiries about medical claims, passes and reduced rates and other retirement v inquiries. Retirees age 35 and over who have the Group Medicare Major Medical Plan should direct questions to: Connecticut General Life Insurance Company 3000 Hempstead Turnpike Levittown, New York 11756 Phone: 516-579-9800 Retirees under age 65 with Group Medical Benefits questions :should direct inquiries to: TWA Personnel Benefits Administration P. O. Box 20007, Level 3, KCAC Kansas City, Missouri 64195 Phone: 800-821-5190 (toll free excluding Missouri) or 816-464-6445 Passes and Reduced Rate Inquiries Retirees and Survivors Pass and Reduced Rate inquiries should be directed by mail to: Ms. Philiss Moore Retiree Pass Assistance TWA Personnel Benefits Administration P. O. Box 20007, Level 3, KCAC Kansas City, Missouri 64195 In the event of emergency transportation, contact should be by telegram or phone: 816-464-6433. Other Retirement Inquiries Inquiries relating to other retirement matters should be directed to: Don Hartman Benefits Administrator TWA Personnel Benefits Administration P. O. Box 20007, Level 3, KCAC Kansas City, Missouri 64195 Phone: 800-821-3618 (toll free excluding, Missouri) 816-464-6447

- 15 -

Here's some information from Roy Van Etten about recent TWA MEC negotiations, and about the B fund. On February 18 the TWA MEC ratified a new agreement between ALPA and TWA. During the negotiations that led up to this agreement, the ALPA representatives persuaded the company that they should make some administrative changes that would improve retiree benefits in the areas of passes and medical insurance. All the details are not available at this time, but the matter will be covered thoroughly at the convention. The value of the B Plan unit of interest at year end 1980 stood at $24.792. Last year was not a good year for the plan, and we closed out the year with an index of change of .98392; however, this number must be reduced by the actuarial assumption of 3%. The number thus arrived at will probably be further reduced when the actuary examines the other assumptions of the plan, such as mortality figures, etc. When all this is done we will have the 1981 year end value of the unit. This value will determine the number of units awarded to the active pilots as well as the amount of the retirees paychecks for the months of April, May, and June 1982. I estimate this value will be approximately $23.60. On the plus side - the TWA MEC at the January 12, 1982 meeting, authorized the TWA MEC Retirement Committee to proceed with the restructuring of our B Plan investments. This restructuring is essentially the same as was explained and discussed at the last TARPA convention. Once this is completed, we should be able to look forward to a more productive and consistent B Plan performance. By convention time we should be able to report on definite progress in this area. * * * * * * * * * * * CLAY'S PRECEPT: It is better to be rich and healthy than to be poor and sick.

- 16-

THE FIRST FOOTBALL CHARTER By Captain Phares McFerren TWA Retired 1966 In these days when athletic teams of all sorts and sizes are using air transport for getting to the game sites, sometimes halfway around the world, and every day across the continent, we give little thought to what it was like 40 or 50 years ago, when a team had to spend days in a stuffy train getting to and from the game location. Those long trips were tiring and ex-pensive, and too much classroom time was lost. Since TWA always prided itself on being the leader in setting new trends in motion, It was not too surprising when in the fall of 1939, the District Traffic Manager in Pittsburgh, Robert Montgomery, talked the people at the University of Pittsburgh into signing for an Air Charter with TWA to take their football team to Seattle to play the University of Washington. They had a hotshot quarterback, one "Special Delivery" Jones, who had caught the public's attention, and the combination of Jones and flying to the West Coast, was too attractive for them to resist. So it was all set up. On the 26th of September two DC-3s picked up the team in Pittsburgh, with coaches, trainers, and others, and took off for Chicago. I was Regional Chief Pilot in Chicago at the time, and had been designated by Larry Fritz to be in charge of the Charter. Captain Ardel Wilkins and a New York First Officer, Bob Gandy, were the crew on the other DC-3. I took over at Chicago and I don't remember who brought it in from Pittsburgh. I had selected Deane Officer to be my co-pilot. I had prepared myself with route information, maps, charts, and was instructed by Mr. Fritz not to fly instruments or on top. No one of the crew members had ever flown over these routes, so we would be over strange terrain until we got to San Francisco on the return flight. Bob Montgomery was the official representative of the company and responsible for the comfort of the passengers. The planes landed at waiting for them and takeoff as I saw the mental note to check

Midway airport about lunch time. I was I remember wondering about the gross weight at huge young men come off the plane. I made a the weights very closely, and I was alerted.

We were scheduled to overnight at Minneapolis, and arrived there early in the evening. I have no recollection of anything out of the ordinary happening that night, and my logbook has no notation. The second day we had planned to land for fuel at Bismarck, which



we did without incident. We also planned to refuel at Billings, which we did, then overnight at Spokane. Proceeding west from Billings, we encountered some high clouds, which lowered as we went on. About the time we passed over Helena, Montana, the clouds were getting quite heavy. Since our forecast was good, I became concerned. It obviously was a front; a radio contact with the tower at Helena confirmed this. My maps showed a "Mullins Pass" up ahead, and as I went on beyond Helena, it became certain that I would have to proceed on instruments, into an unknown mountainous area. I called Wilkins and told him I did not like what I was looking at and would return to Helena and check the weather. He replied, "I'll be waiting there for you". After checking the weather sequences, we decided to spend the night in Helena. This was received by the team members with glee, since none of them had ever been in the West, so this was great! From the new hats and boots in evidence the next morning, I am sure they all had a good time. I took some pictures of the team and crew members and we were off again. Not too early, because we had to clean about three inches of snow off the planes before we got under way. With the weather all cleared out, the flight to Spokane was easy, and with a fuel stop there we were on our last leg to Seattle.

Phares McFerren's picture of the crew and members of the football team of the First Football Charter


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As we a epproached the Seattle area we could see a pall of smoke in the western evening sky, b u t with the sun just a few degrees above the horizon we did not identify the cause of it. To further complicate matter, we eventually tuned in the Seattle tower and were then told the radio range was off the air, and the visibility was down to about half a mile, in smoke. A Western airlines flight landed about ten minutes ahead of us, and he immediately advised the tower that if we did not know the area, we were in trouble. As luck would have it, the setting sun reflected the outline of the bay in such a manner we could identify the position of the airport, and we were able to circle down from directly over the airport for a landing. I will always appreciate what the Western pilot did, as the tower was alerted to assist us. With a day to use up before the game and some contacts made us, we enjoyed ourselves. I went fishing on the hay with the other three members of the two crews, and while we caught no fish, the food and drinks served us on the boat were delightful. We attended a party that night at the hotel, put on by sameone I did not know, but no matter, it was a good day. Saturday, game day, was another fine day, and we all attended as the guests of the University of Pittsburgh. The Pitt quarterback, "Special delivery" Jones, lived up to his reputation and they won the game before a capacity Homecoming crowd. We had planned on leaving early Sunday morning, but the place was weathered in, so we spent Sunday "on the town". About six A.M. on Monday, we all gathered in the lobby of our hotel - that is the crew members did. The weather was just clearing out, so we got things going and finally departed about ten o'clock. Since there was an overcast and we had to land for fuel at Portland, I had to call Larry Fritz and get permission to fly on top and make a descent through the cloud deck at Portland. This was given and the landing at Portland went without incident. I remember between Seattle and Portland, Bob Montgomery came to the cockpit. He looked at the throttles and said, "I see you have plenty of throttle left " . As I said "Watch this", I shoved the throttles full upen - without any noticeable change in the engine RPMs or sound. He asked what our single engine performance was and I replied "extended glide"! Those football players were big! We continued without incident to San Francisco, where we were again in contact with TWA personnel. That was a good feeling. Again, none of us were familiar with the route to Burbank, so we took our maps with us to review the route. We checked the forecast and looked at the route maps, got our clearance, and were on our way, with food provided on the plane. About midway we encountered some clouds, so I pulled out the map, only then to discover that in some manner we had Picked up the wrong map in the office at San Francisco! We had only the approach charts for Burbank! With the mountains ahead of us this was not too good. I was in contact with Wilkins, who was ahead of me, so I asked him to check the headings into Burbank for me,and to TARPA TALS


FIRST FOOTBALL CHARTER CREW MEMBERS From left: Deane Officer, Ardel Wilkins, Bob Gandy and Phares McFerren Photo courtesy Phares McFerren give me the minimum enroute altitude. I could not see him, so could not guide on him. I did maintain my altitude and heading while passing Mt. Pinos and finally broke out in the clear about 50 miles northwest of Burbank. I did not enjoy that situation! According to my logbook we had flown 6 hours and 34 minutes from Seattle, and had been on duty for about 15 hours. At Burbank, we were told that Kansas City expected us to take the flights on to Kansas City, with a fuel stop at Albuquerque. I checked with the others and then advised Kansas City that we would take the charters on to Albuquerque, but would require either crew rest or relief crews at that point. They did not really like that, but we were fully aware that fatigue had already eroded our efficiency to a very low level and another three and a half hours of flying would be stretching it far enough. I do remember a few words with the good folks in Kansas City before we got them to agree on a relief crew. The weather was good, the hot food



at Burbank revived us, and with our map supply replenished, we took off. Wilkins was off about five minutes ahead of me and even though I talked repeatedly with him by radio enroute, not once did I see him or establish visual contact. We landed with-out incident at Albuquerque about two A.M. local time, and were more than happy to turn the charter over to the relief crews. We headed for the hotel. We had flown 10 hours and 23 minutes from Seattle with an on duty time approaching 20 hours. It took me three days to fully recover from the fatigue built up. Dehydration and low oxygen make a bad combination for good health. It was good we were all young and full of energy. I did wonder about the effects on the team members their next game. Bob Montgomery continued with the flight and they completed to Pittsburgh without incident. I stopped off at Kansas City enroute home to Chicago and gave a verbal report to Larry Fritz. (Paper work was not so demanding in those days!) He was very understanding and was quite happy the entire charter had been completed without incident. We were all sold on the idea of air charters for athletic teams. But who would have ever imagined the extent of air charters for athletic teams such as are commonplace now. And who would have imagined a 747 then?

* * * * * * * * * * *


No matter how much you do, you'll never do enough.


What you don't do is always more important than what you do do.  * * * * * * * * * *


The organization of any bureaucracy is very much like a septic tank - the really big chunks always rise to the top.  * * * * * * * * * * DUCHARME'S PRECEPT:

Opportunity always knocks at the least opportune moment.  * * * * * * * * * * TARPA TALES


B. WHITE By Dave Kuhn

It is agreed that B. White left us too soon. Tall, dapper, wiry, he loved golf, was a good poker player with the right cards, and had an eye for a well turned ankle. His worship of early birdmen who flew in open cockpits was obvious .....he sported a scarf and gloves when flying. A "Glove Pilot" who got his training in an Eaglerock, he was proud of a watch that King Farouk gave him. What with his Adams Apple, he was easily mistaken for a young Abe Lincoln. After years of line flying and ICD, he went into the training command at the Jack Frye Dave Kuhn Memorial Center. For any new plane TWA purchased, his saying was, "Where are the throttles and what does she glide at?" He impressed me as one of the few TWA check pilots on TWA who was able to instruct without displaying hysteria. I believe it was spring of 1951. The rains came to Kansas City MKC is a dish contained by dikes on three sides and 10 Richards Road on the other. John A. Collings, Vice President in charge, usually stayed ahead of any contingency. He had plans to evacuate if the Missouri River came over the dikes. Obviously, Mr. Collings had none for the Kaw River. All the states from Kansas to the Rocky Mountains loosed a year's supply of moisture at the same time. The Kaw did it to them. Since it was too wet for golf and no poker game going, Bronson was at the airport observing the happenings. The adjacent stockyards were caught unprepared. Livestock struggled for higher ground. White watched as a black man tried to salvage pigs in a small boat. Two pigs were not enough - - pulling in the third one capsized the boat and all went floundering. Fairfax Airport is just across the State Line, in Kansas. Vice President Ray Dunn was heroic in getting most of his Connies and records out. B. White went there and proceeded to break and defy all rules and regulations ever promulgated by the FAA, the Company, and ALPA. He soloed a Connie to the Olathe Naval Base. At the hearings, White found himself in a heap of trouble. (Continued)



On take-off the water was only inches deep and with no pay load, of little concern. A mechanic with a useable battery cart aided in getting the engines started. However, White had no signed clearance from a dispatcher, there was no signal man to s a l u t e and guide him out. He filed no flight plan. He received no tower take-off clearance. He failed to keep constant radio contact. The most damaging charge was the crew complement. The hierarchy of the Airline Pilots Association had only a few years previously proved to themselves, a Presidential emergency panel, the F A A , the Company and the world that the faster, heavier and more productive four engined planes could not become airborne w i t h o u t a F l i g h t E n g ineer. (Note: later, on Jets, it was a third pilot). The Feds came down hard on this one. The Company was less critical -- a Connie was saved. White tried to plead ignorance. It did not gain him points. Thankfully it all gradually subsided, as did the waters, and B. White was credible again.



said, B. White left us too soon.


* * * * * * * * * * *

Poolside view of the TROPICANA TARPA TALES



GRAPEVINE APRIL 1982 The good news in this springtime season is that secondquarter B fund checks will be up about 7%. Our trust fund managers seem to be doing better than the general market.  * * * * * * * * * * HOWARD (SONNY BOY) HALL, who retired in 1962, recently celebrated his 80th birthday. Congratulations, Howard, and we hope you will have many more years - and reasons to display that big smile and good humor.  * * * * * * * * * * ROY SIMPKINS, in a letter to TARPA Secretary A. T. Humbles, says he's enjoying Florida's deep-sea fishing and an occasional round of golf near his home in Stuart. He and Rita are planning to attend the Las Vegas convention.  * * * * * * * * * * RICHARD M. (DICK) RUBLE retired in December, after a stint as flight engineer, and is now a TARPA member. Dick is in Camarillo, California.  * * * * * * * * * * H. F. (DUKE) ELLINGTON and Maxine have returned from Hawaii and will move into a condo at 24520 Outlook Drive, #24, Carmel, California 93923. Hawaii, Duke says, was too far from the kids and grand kids.  * * * * * * * * * * JACK WEISS has been voted in as 1982 Key Man of the Kansas City chapter of the Quiet Birdmen. With Jack at the helm it should be an exciting year for K.C. Q. B.'s.  * * * * * * * * * * In a letter to A. T., GENE WEIBEL says that he is practicing law full time in Concord, Maine,

specializing in representing pilots whose licenses have been suspended or revoked and airline employees who have been unreasonably disciplined or discharged by their companies. As for retirement, he says, "When people ask me if I miss flying, my usual response is that I think I should miss it more than I really do".  * * * * * * * * * * JASPER SOLOMON, in a note to A. T., says he is warming up his golf game - with Las Vegas in mind, no doubt. On the 29th of January he had "just finished a hot round of golf with DICK ANDERSON and ART MURPHY".  * * * * * * * * * * BILL BAINBRIDGE writes that he is still with AERO URUGUAY and plans to stay with the operation until at least the end of this year. The 707, once owned by TWA, was sold to Libya, and Bill is now checked out on a stretch DC-8 63 F.  * * * * * * * * * * B. GLENN (B.G.) MILLER and wife, Kaye, are in the antique furniture and art business here in Kansas City, having opened a store about two years ago. Their specialties are fine period furniture and works of art. They will be participating in a major showing March 19, 20 and 21 at the Doubletree Hotel, Overland Park's new 18 story landmark building on College Boulevard (111th Street). Their enterprise is called Carlecote Gallery, 411 E. 62nd Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64110, in the Brookside area. * * * * * * * * * * * JIM BROGDON, in a note to A. T., expressed his appreciation of the TARPA effort - and sent along his dues check to prove it. Did you know that Jim is a professional caliber photographer? Like BILL SHOEMAKER did on occasion, Jim used to show up with his camera at the LAX airport when a retiring crew member was on his final departure, take a few "parting shots", and later mail out 5 x 7's for the guy to add to his memory album. That's a great way to make friends.  * * * * * * * * * * BILL PIPER of Stuart, Florida, very thoughtfully mailed in a report of the passing of ROBERT E. (BOB) SHIELDS, who died January 29 at the age of 74. Bob leaves his wife, Elma, and two sons, William, of E. Greenwich, R. I., and Robert E., of Syosset, New York. He was making his home in Palm Beach Shores.


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GEORGE E. JOHNSEN, 70, of Altadena, California, died December 30. George started with TWA in 1938 and retired in 1971. He is survived by his wife, Merilyn,  * * * * * * * * * * WILLIAM (BILL) HAWKINGS, 55, former Flight Manager at SFO, died of a stroke on January 29, according to information from Bill Dixon. Hawkings joined TWA in 1953. He is survived by his wife, Johanna, a son and a daughter and five step-children.  * * * * * * * * * * WALTER J. (GOLDIE) GOLDRICK, 69, Leawood, Kansas, died recently while on a trip to California. "Goldie" was a TWA Dispatcher for many years. He is survived by his wife, Margaret, and two children, John, of Palos Verdes, California, and Joan, of Noblesville, Indiana. He retired in 1977.  * * * * * * * * * * DON BARNARD, now living in Sarasota, Florida, had a recent by-pass operation. We are told he is doing O.K.  * * * * * * * * * * BILL DIXON himself in undergoing treatment for a spinal disc problem in the shoulder and neck area.  * * * * * * * * * * ALICE STRICKLER, Charlie's faithful partner, had surgery in February and is recovering at home in Saratoga, California. The Stricklers, a hard-working twosome, were the moving force behind three big ICD reunions in Las Vegas in past years, and they have supported TARPA 100% since its inception. Las Vegas beckons again, Alice, and this time someone else is doing all that work! Come to enjoy, and we'll all drink a toast to your good health!  * * * * * * * * * * HARRY HOLT WARD and SUZANNE MARY LLOYD were married in Our Lady of the Airway Chapel at Boston's Logan Airport on Dec-ember 12, 1981. We were honored to be invited to attend the morning ceremony and the reception which followed - a reception for about 60 guests who made merry far into the evening with an abundance of champagne, gourmet food, lively music and dancing. Harry and Suzanne will live in Kansas City, where she is domiciled as a TWA flight attendant. Harry still commutes to New York. THE GRAPEVINE

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For that weekend we also enjoyed the hospitality of GEORGE and AMY HINTON in their new home in Winchester, Massachusetts. George and Amy, incidentally, were married in the same church four years ago. (We were present at that one, too.) George is now flying as flight engineer on the L-1011. He says he likes the new job and expects that he might just continue on to 65. Amy continues in her work as a TWA Customer. Service Representative at Logan Airport, a job she has held very successfully for many years.  * * * * * * * * * * Another event that we were privileged to be invited to was a surprise retirement dinner and birthday party for LARRY GIRARD on January 23, in Monterey, California. This gala affair was gingerly planned and flawlessly executed by Larry's energetic wife, PHYLLIS, and talented step-daughter, DIANE, both of whom somehow managed to keep the secret from Larry right up to the time he entered the Pebble Beach Yacht and Tennis Club. About 100 friends and neighbors attended, including several golfing TARPANS and TWAers. Joining Larry to celebrate his 40 years with TWA and his 60th birthday were PAM and BOB MUELLER, accompanied by HELEN McGEARY (Secretary to all of the last 6 LAX Chief Pilots!), JUNE and BILL DIXON, TERESA and TOM ANDERSON, ELISE and JOE BROWN, ESTHER and ROY BRISTER, PHYLLIS and DICK FORRESTAL. ALICE and DEAN MILLER, JACK QUINN, CHARLIE STRICKLER and CAROL and OLE. (Editor's note: Pictures of Larry Girard's retirement party arrived too late to be processed and included in this issue of TARPA TOPICS. They will be included in the next issue.) Not everyone found the most direct route back to the Holiday Inn on the winding roadways of Monterey, but the golfers were on hand early Sunday morning for a cool and windy 18 hole round over the Monterey Peninsula course. Dean Miller and I had the pleasure (and just a little pain) of playing with John Geertsen, a former golf circuit player and Johnny Miller's instructor since Johnny's boyhood. He is 73, drives the ball 275 yards and came' in with a 77! Dean and I decided there is still time for us to learn the game.  * * * * * * * * * * PARKY PARKINSON reminds us that we can call 800-555-1212 for any "800" toll free number for any major company or hotel in the United Stated.  * * * * * * * * * * THE GRAPEVINE


The TARPA "Award of Merit" plaque now hangs on the wall in Council 3's office at the Air World Center at KCI, where it will have at least a temporary home. There are rumors that the Kansas City ALPA office may be closed by Washington headquarters of ALPA. This may be a result of TWA's transfer of a large part of the Kansas City domicile to St. Louis some time ago. We noticed in a friend's copy of the OX-5 membership directory that two of TARPA's first three "Award of Merit" selections are also on the OX-5 "Hall of Fame" list. They are Jack Frye and Charles Lindbergh. Also in the OX-5 honorary group is our own TARPA member, Harold Neumann. * * * * * * * * * * * To give you sun belt TARPANS some news that's guaranteed to make you glad you didn't choose to retire along the Canadian border, here are the daily temperatures from Brass Monkey, North Dakota (my home town, Leeds) from December 28 to Jan0 was 7 below zero; the average uary 11. The average high o The low "low" was -32 . Only two days low, 220 below zero! were above zero; 20 and 80. And it was even colder in late January. Four other TARPA survivors of North Dakota winters in their youth, FRANK SAYLOR, OMAR HANSEN, RONNIE HECKMAN and "SLIM" PAHL, may experience a familiar tingle in their fingers, toes, noses and ear lobes as they read this. Happy California, fellows!  * * * * * * * * * * An article in the November issue of "Modern Maturity", the AARP magazine, lists the following states, "in order of their advantages to retirees": (First ten) Utah, Louisiana, South Carolina, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Arizona, Florida and Georgia. (California was 17th, North Dakota, 40th). * * * * * * * * * * * In the January issue of the GRAPEVINE, a breakdown of TARPA membership showed 117 Associate members, as of that date. This figure should have read 177. Typo errors do happen. Our apologies if the totals didn't add up.  * * * * * * * * * * If anything that might be of general interest is happening to you or around you, let us know about it. The old GRAPEVINE won't grow without some feeding. We would prefer that you provide the material rather than invent it ourselves.  * * * * * * * * * *  THE GRAPEVINE


And with the hope that it will leave you smiling, here is a quote from Ann Landers: To keep a marriage brimming With love in the loving cup Whenever you're wrong, admit it, Whenever you're right, shut up.  * * * * * * * * * * NOTES FROM YOUR SECRETARY Thought you might be interested in notes I get from members. There wasn't time to send them on to Ole for inclusion in his GRAPEVINE. MARV HORSTMAN reports that he and JANE still have their place in Punta Gordo, Florida, but are now in Huntington, New York. "Am doing part time work for Aviation Consulting, Inc., of Manhasset. Will try to make the convention and would be nice to see everyone".  * * * * * * * * * * GORDON HARGIS - "I believe your cover picture is a Benoist Airboat. Plans for construction of a replica are being devised in the TPA, St. Pete area somewhere. I'm still plugging along trying to become a L-1011 F/E (ROPE), was 60 12/25/81. Sincerely, Senile G. Hargis".  * * * * * * * * * * And, new member ED FLYNN - "I am currently the Director of Operations for a FAR 135 operation for Combs Gates (a wholly owned subsidiary of Gates Learjet). Commuting with about the same time away from home as when I was flying the Polar from LAX. I thoroughly enjoyed TARPA TOPICS and hope each issue will be as interesting as the January 1982. Best regards, Ed". * * * * * * * * * * * From new member BOB COLE - "Thank you for the opportunity to join an organization I did not know existed. Identity of the flying boat I submit the following, taken from "This Was Air Travel" by Henry Palmer, Jr.: The flying boat was a Benoist type XIV seaplane powered by two 100 H.P. Roberts water cooled engines. Operations began on Janurary 1, 1914...lasted only a few months. Usual pilot was Tony Janus...22 mile flight averaged 20 minutes. Saw Mickey Wind...retires in August... is flying 747". GRAPEVINE SUPPLEMENT


From Shorts Aircraft President, FRED AUSTIN - "It was nice seeing you mentioned in the TARPA it always brings back fond memories to think of you and our TWA days. Come and see me sometime. Sincerely, Fred".  * * * * * * * * * * CHUCK WOODALL, new member - "Ran into JIM BROGDON at the Pacific Seniors meeting and he gave me Ray Craft's address, so I sent in my dues. Send information on convention and a copy of TARPA TOPICS. Thanks, Woody".  * * * * * * * * * * FRANK GLAZIER, old Associate Member of Naples, Florida "Dear A. T., It was nice to hear from you. It seems all of the good people are retiring these days. We all miss you around the line. New Hampshire address was while I was flying out of SFO. Now out of JFK, so summer address will be Little Sunapee Road, New London, N. H. 03257. Please keep the TARPA information coming. Best".  * * * * * * * * * * BILL DIXON - "Dear A. T., Guess what? I received the original mailing of the TARPA news the day before receiving your second mailing to me. Don't know where it was resting". (I submit the U.S. Postal Service needs more money to build more facilities to store the mail until they get ready to deliver it, said by A. T.) Back to Bill - "Problem with degenerative cervical disk in my neck, probably have to have an operation and that may prevent rue coming to the Convention. Hope not. P.S. I sure miss that old JFK crew bus. Kindest regards, Bill Dixon."  * * * * * * * * * * BILL COOPER - "Mary and I will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary on February 17th. Thanks for the kind words".  * * * * * * * * * *

Newly acquired members - Dick Branson, Mal Conway, George Hinton, Howard Jespersen, Don Marvin, Bob Paskett, Bob Pugh, Walt Smiley, Roy Urban, Gene Weibel, Tom Wilkinson, Clif Abbott, Bill Bainbridge, Dale Bebee, Dave Byl, Bud Cushing. Harry Hunzeker, Bob McClure, Chuck McMillon, Vitge Moughler, Max Parkinson, Rody Rodeberg, Wayne Taylor, Bart Anderegg, Al Brodecky, Frank Busch, John Carroll, Charles Dill, Ronnie Heckman, Jack Koughan, James Lincoln, George Long, Mac McGonaghy, Bob McReynolds, John Milner, Bob Overman, Bill Proctor, Charles Query, Dick Ruble, Lou Spasiano, Ken Trout and Bob Weber. GRAPEVINE SUPPLEMENT PAGE 7

Our last page is an application. We are sending copies of this mailing to many non-members hoping they will join with us. Those who haven't joined may we extend a most cordial invitation? You can send the enclosed application along with fifteen dollars for dues and Ray Craft, Treasurer, and I will handle the rest. Also, cockpit crew members still actively flying are welcome to join provided they are fifty years of age or older. You members can help by soliciting new members for us and giving them the enclosed application. Some of you have gained quite a few for our organization. I note that as of last October we had 680 members and right now we have 731! Our goal is to have everyone a member who is eligible.

A. T. Humbles Secretary


Magazine of retired TWA flight deck crew members


Magazine of retired TWA flight deck crew members