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Log Cabins

Construction & Accessories

First, a solid foundation is created. Insulating the floor is optional.

The logs are fitted together and connected via concealed screw rods to provide storm protection.

After inserting the purlins, which are bolted to the gable boards, roof boards are used to cover the structure.

45 plus log cabin

Assembly example

Assembly video on-line!

Then the included panels are attached.


After the roof boards have been mounted, the optional additional roof parts are mounted. Insulation is an option.

The installation of the insulated windows and doors is done by using the slide rails embedded in the logs (for 45plus and 70plus). The windows have an aluminium nose drop.

Now the roof is covered. One layer of roofing felt incl. fasteners is included, shingles are optional.

The floor is put in, the skirting boards are fixed and‌ it’s done!

SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

The SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013

SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

The SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013