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Planting station & wood stores

Colour pre-treatment 9 x 9 cm 0.75 kN / m2  3 weeks


Planting station

walnut +03 Planting station

The following product description is valid for the planting station. Snow load sk = 0.75 kN/m2 The specified snow load is statically calculated. Contact your local authority to determine what snow load capacity you need. Roofing Roofing felt: One layer of roofing felt is included in the order. Additional roofing with an appropriate material is necessary (our recommendation: roof shingles).

286 cm



204 cm



Roof shingles: Roof shingles can also be ordered as an option. These can be laid directly on the roofing felt and provide long-term protection against the elements. See pages 4/5.



Wood type: Softwood, impregnated


Treated softwood gets its greenish colour from its treatment with metal salts dissolved in water. It protects the wood against fungal decay and insects. For more information see pages 4/5.

Colour pre-treatment Optional: walnut Delivery time extended to 5 weeks


Planting station Order no. impregnated: Order no. colour pre-treated: Area     /building volume: Roof area    / Shingle packs required:

306008 Order no. +03 8.58 m2 / 21.02 m3 9.38 m2 / 6

Roof shingles (Accessory) 170

see Page 163

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SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

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