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If you don‘t have access to on-line planning on the Internet, simply complete the form and give it to your dealer or send it directly to us. You will shortly receive your individual quote for a carport special design.

20° Dach­ neigung

Please cross (only the marked fields are possible) Roof shape: Flat roof Flat roof with Saddle roof Free-standing as standard Walmblende Gradient at the front Gradient at the back

Pent roof

Wall lean-to: Dimensions:

Incl. eaves (in cm)

Roof series:

Number of parking spaces


KVH, untreated solid construction timber

Glulam, untreated

Douglas fir, untreated

Please quote your desired treatment: white, grey, walnut, light oak or mahogany Post thickness:

12 x 12 cm / 14 x 14 cm / Glulam also 16 x 16 cm

Increase in snow load: Roofing:

Roof decking

Roof decking with greenery

Roof decking with bitumen shingles red, black or green

Roof battens for tiles

Aluminium roof panels (colour-coated, anthracite), with condensation coating available


Fibre cement fascia in slate look red, black or brown

Hip fascia for tile roof (without tiles)

Circumferential fascia

Gable covering: Entrance height:



220 cm to 400 cm possible

Would you like any decorations? (For details see the form under terrace roofs!) Desired posts, brace and rafter and purlin ends: P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4 SP5

Would you like H Post anchors? Yes No

Further accessories are available: Gutters Walls (drawing) Storage rooms (drawing)

Please feel free to attach a drawing to this form. Questions/suggestions:    

Please complete the following: To retailer:

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Attn. Mr/Ms:

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SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

The SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013

SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013  

The SKAN HOLZ Catalog 2013