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“Rain Curtain (Altuda)” Photographs by E. Dan Klepper. From the book Why the Raven Calls the Canyon (See page 8)


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Rivers flow through our land, our imaginations, our art . . .

Of Texas Rivers and Texas Art Andrew Sansom and William E. Reaves

In Of Texas Rivers and Texas Art, Andrew Sansom, a leading Texas conservationist, and William E. Reaves, an influential Texas art collector and historian, have teamed up to showcase some of the finest contemporary river art detailing the gorgeous traits of Texas landscapes. The featured artwork comes from Randy Bacon, Mary Baxter, David Caton, Margie Crisp, Keith Davis, Fidencio Duran, Jon Flaming, Charles Ford, Pat Gabriel, Hunter George, Billy Hassell, Lee Jamison, Robb Kendrick, Laura Lewis, William Montgomery, Noe Perez, Jeri Salter, Erik Sprohge, Debbie Stevens, and William Young. Art in service of conservation is nothing new, as Sansom and Reaves note in their introductions. And rivers have figured prominently in the artistic imagination for all of recorded history and probably before that, as evidenced by flood stories and myths preserved in almost all the religious and folk traditions of the world. The collection of work included in this book is exemplary of the strong inspiration that rivers have provided for a vast current of literature, music, and art, in turn shaping their place in life and culture and bringing about a greater appreciation of the stunning beauty of our natural world. River Books, sponsored by The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

ANDREW SANSOM is executive director of The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University–San Marcos. The author of Scout, the Christmas Dog and other titles, he previously served as executive director of The Nature Conservancy of Texas and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. WILLIAM E. REAVES is co-owner of Reaves-Foltz Fine Arts in Houston and is also the author of Texas Art and a Wildcatter’s Dream. He has been an avocational art historian and collector for more than thirty years.

978-1-62349-534-3 cloth $35.00 978-1-62349-535-0 ebook 9x10. 168 pp. 69 color art. Index of rivers. Art. Texana. Water. February

RELATED INTEREST Caddo Visions of a Southern Cypress Lake Photography by Carolyn Brown Foreword by Andrew Sansom Narrated by Thad Sitton 978-1-62349-239-7 cloth $30.00 978-1-62349-251-9 ebook Texas Art and a Wildcatter’s Dream Edgar B. Davis and the San Antonio Art League William E. Reaves, Jr. Foreword by Cecilia Steinfeldt Afterword by Richard Casagrande 978-0-89096-820-8 paper $24.95


The Blanco River

Wes Ferguson Jacob Croft Botter Foreword by Andrew Sansom

otter is an award-winning and photography teacher. d as a photojournalist for the -Journal and is the photogning the River: Secrets of the

“In this sparkling, crisply written book, Wes Ferguson and Jacob Botter reveals how this

quiet jewel of Hill Country rivers can evoke such jealous passions—and ultimately summon such destructive power.” — Steven L. Davis, president, Texas Institute of Letters

Ferguson and Botter

For eighty-seven miles, the swift and shallow Blanco River winds through the Texas Hill Country. Its water is clear and green, darkened by frequent pools. But Spanish explorers named it the White River for the pale limestone they encountered along its banks and dramatic bluffs. Over the last Praise two for years, WesRiver Ferguson and Jacob Botter The Blanco have paddled, walked, and waded the Blanco. They have explored its history, people, wildlife, and the natural beauty that surprises everyone who experiences this river.

n, is a journalist and freelance work has been published by Texas Observer, Texas Co-op ngview News-Journal as well as pers. He is the author of Running ts of the Sabine.

University Press ion

For eighty-seven miles, the Blanco River winds through Country. Its water is clear a ened by frequent pools. Bu named it the White River fo stone they encountered alo dramatic bluffs. Over the la Ferguson and Jacob Botter walked, and waded the Bla explored its history, people natural beauty that surprise experiences this river. Described as “the definin of the Hill Country’s most b the Blanco flows both above part of a network of rivers a sustains the region’s wildlife humans alike. However, ov longed drought have combi Blanco’s flow and sustenanc the first time in recorded hi most significant feeder sprin briefly ceased to flow. It sto Then, in the spring of 2015 killed thirteen people and t cypress trees along its bank the look of the river, but the had come to depend on its Organizations such as The N are working with private lan tect—and now restore—the surrounding the river in the the damage from future floo developers continue to mea to build highways and subd encroaching Austin suburbs River travelers Ferguson the remarkable story of thi confronting challenges and

The Blanco River

ities to see parts of the river few e authors also photographed he human response to the a beloved natural resource that t another episode in the story xas.

<more to come>

Described as “the defining element in some of the Hill Texas beautiful A&M University Press, College Station the Blanco flows Country’s most scenery,” both above and below ground, part of a network of rivers and aquifers that sustains the region’s wildlife and millions of humans alike. However, overpumping and prolonged drought have combined to weaken the Blanco’s flow and sustenance, and in 2000—for the first time in recorded history—the river’s most significant feeder spring, Jacob’s Well, briefly ceased to flow. It stopped again in 2008. Then, in the spring of 2015, a devastating flood killed twelve people and toppled the huge cypress trees along its banks, altering not just the look of the river, but the communities that had come to depend on its serene presence. www.tamupress.com

River travelers Ferguson and Botter tell the remarkable story of this changeable river, confronting challenges and dangers as well as rare opportunities to see parts of the river few have seen. The authors also photographed and recorded the human response to the destruction of a beloved natural resource that has become yet another episode in the story of water in Texas. River Books, sponsored by The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

WES FERGUSON is a journalist and freelance writer whose work has been published by Texas Monthly, Texas Observer, Texas Co-op Power, and Longview News-Journal as well as other newspapers. He is the author of Running the River: Secrets of the Sabine. JACOB CROFT BOTTER is an award-winning photographer and photography teacher. He has worked as a photojournalist for the Longview News-Journal and is the photographer for Running the River: Secrets of the Sabine.

978-1-62349-510-7 flexbound $24.95 978-1-62349-511-4 ebook 9x10. 184 pp. 61 color photos. Map. Index. Rivers. Nature Writing. Water. March

RELATED INTEREST Running the River Secrets of the Sabine Wes Ferguson Photography by Jacob Croft Botter Foreword by Andrew Sansom 978-1-62349-037-9 flexbound $23.00 978-1-62349-127-7 ebook Paddling the Wild Neches Richard M. Donovan Foreword by Andrew Sansom 978-1-58544-496-0 flexbound $19.95 978-1-60344-555-9 ebook


“. . . a river that flows from our past and into our future.”

The Nueces River

The Nueces River río escondido

Río Escondido

Margie Crisp Artwork by William B. Montgomery Foreword by Andrew Sansom margie crisp First appearing on early Spanish maps as the Río Escondido, or hidden river, and later named Río de las Nueces after the abundant pecan trees along its banks, the Nueces today is a stream of seeming contradictions: a river that runs above and below ground; a geographic reminder of a history both noble and egregious; and a spring-fed stream transformed into a salty, steep-sided channel.

with artwork by William B. Montgomery foreword by andrew sansom

From its fresh, clear headwaters on the Edwards Plateau, Margie Crisp and William B. Montgomery follow the river through the mesquite and prickly pear of the South Texas Plains, to the river’s end in Nueces and Corpus Christi Bays on the Gulf of Mexico. With vivid prose and paintings, they record their travels as they explore the length of the river on foot, kayak, and fishing boat, ultimately weaving a vivid portrait of today’s Nueces. Capturing the river’s subtle beauty, abundant wildlife, diverse culture, and unique history of exploration, conflict, and settlement, they reveal the untold story of this enigmatic river with passion, humor, and reverence. River Books, sponsored by The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

MARGIE CRISP, who lives and works near Elgin, is a naturalist, writer, and artist whose work can be found in private and public collections in the United States and Mexico. She is the author of the awardwinning book River of Contrasts: The Texas Colorado. WILLIAM B. MONTGOMERY, a native Texan, is an artist whose paintings and etchings are collected throughout the United States and abroad. His artwork has been used on the covers of scientific books as well as popular novels.

978-1-62349-515-2 flexbound $29.95 978-1-62349-516-9 ebook 9x10. 284 pp. 37 color illus. 25 color, 5 b&w art. 8 maps. Bib. Index. Rivers. Art. Water. Nature Writing. April

RELATED INTEREST River of Contrasts The Texas Colorado Margie Crisp Foreword by Andrew Sansom 978-1-60344-466-8 flexbound $29.95 978-1-60344-747-8 ebook Exploring the Brazos River From Beginning to End Jim Kimmel Photographs by Jerry Touchstone Kimmel Foreword by Andrew Sansom 978-1-60344-432-3 flexbound $24.95 978-1-60344-480-4 ebook


From the Frio to Del Rio

Travel Guide to the Western Hill Country and the Lower Pecos Canyonlands Mary S. Black

Each year, more than two million visitors enjoy the attractions of the Western Hill Country, with Uvalde as its portal, and the lower Pecos River canyonlands, which stretch roughly along US 90 from Brackettville, through Del Rio, and on to the west. Amistad National Recreation Area, the Judge Roy Bean Visitors’ Center and Botanical Garden, Seminole Canyon State Park, and the Briscoe-Garner Museum in Uvalde, along with ghost towns, ancient rock art, sweeping vistas, and unique flora and fauna, are just a few of the features that make this distinctive section of the Lone Star State an enticing destination. Now, veteran writer, blogger, and educator Mary S. Black serves up the best of this region’s special adventures and secret treasures. From the Frio to Del Rio is chock-full of helpful maps, engaging descriptions of points of interest, colorful photography, and tips on where to stay, what to do, and how to get there. There’s even a trivia quiz to keep travelers entertained and informed while en route. This guide to what could be called the Texas “Hill Country–Desert Trail” is your indispensable travel companion for unforgettable discoveries in wide open spaces. Number Twenty-eight: Tarleton State University Southwestern Studies in the Humanities

A thirty-year member of the Texas Archeological Society, MARY S. BLACK is an active blogger, a former instructor in public schools and professor at the University of Texas at Austin, an educational consultant, coauthor of Early Texas Schools: A Photographic History, and author of Peyote Fire: Shaman of the Canyons.

978-1-62349-508-4 flexbound $24.95 978-1-62349-509-1 ebook 53/4x81/2. 220 pp. 114 color photos. 3 maps. 11 tables. Bib. Index. Heritage Travel. Nature Travel. Texana. April

RELATED INTEREST Enjoying Big Bend National Park A Friendly Guide to Adventures for Everyone Gary Clark Photography by Kathy Adams Clark 978-1-60344-101-8 flexbound $17.95 978-1-60344-338-8 ebook Historic Hotels of Texas A Traveler's Guide Liz Carmack 978-1-58544-608-7 flexbound $23.00


A guide to the seasons in one of the nation’s largest national parks . . .

Nature Watch Big Bend A Seasonal Guide

Lynne Weber and Jim Weber

Nature Watch

BIG BEND Lynne Weber AND Jim Weber

In this information-packed, month-to-month guide to the wildlife, plants, and natural events that define the seasonal cycles in Big Bend National Park, naturalists Lynne and Jim Weber offer a richly illustrated guide to the natural rhythms of this beautiful and remote region in far West Texas. If you're on the lookout for deer in January, tracking hummingbirds in August, photographing wildflowers in September, or listening to frog choruses after a summer rain— the authors provide “Where to Watch” suggestions on when and how to see these and many other park inhabitants, from beavers and bats to lizards and dragonflies. Each chapter features a weather and temperature chart, photographs, and eye-catching illustrations by Lynne Weber. Whether you are a casual tourist or a frequent visitor to Big Bend, the authors hope that knowing what to look for during your stay in one of the nation’s largest national parks will heighten your awareness, sharpen your observation skills, and enhance your overall experience in this iconic Texas landscape. W. L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series

LYNNE and JIM WEBER are retired from IBM in Austin. Both are certified Texas Master Naturalists, and Lynne is past president of the Capital Area Chapter. The Webers are dedicated naturalists who conduct Golden-cheeked Warbler surveys, guided hikes, property monitoring, and invasive plant mapping. They coauthored Nature Watch Austin: Guide to the Seasons in an Urban Wildland.

A Seasonal Guide

978-1-62349-496-4 flexbound $24.95 978-1-62349-497-1 ebook 53/4x81/2. 296 pp. 260 color photos. 50 color drawings. 3 maps. 14 tables. Bib. Index. Big Bend, Nature. Nature Guides. Natural History. Travel. February

RELATED INTEREST Nature Watch Austin Guide to the Seasons in an Urban Wildland Lynne Weber and Jim Weber 978-1-60344-431-6 flexbound $24.95 978-1-60344-481-1 ebook Photographing Big Bend National Park A Friendly Guide to Great Images Kathy Adams Clark 978-1-60344-817-8 flexbound $19.95 978-1-60344-823-9 ebook


“A provocative visual journal of off-the-grid living . . . “

Why the Raven Calls the Canyon Off the Grid in Big Bend Country

E. Dan Klepper Foreword by Bill Wright Fresno Ranch, an abandoned horse and mule operation located in a remote stretch of the Rio Grande River bordering Mexico, gives evidence of a human presence spanning centuries. The ranch saw a period of entrepreneurial mule breeding and ranching, and ownership by Texas artist and publishing heiress Jeanne Norsworthy, who built an off-the-grid, hand-constructed adobe studio on the premises. Photographer and freelance writer E. Dan Klepper spent seven years, off and on, living and working at Fresno Ranch. By 2008, when the 7,000-acre property was acquired by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to become part of Big Bend Ranch State Park, the adobe studio dwelling and its associated structures had been sitting vacant for almost ten years—many rugged miles from the nearest electrical power line or municipal water system. Between 2006 and 2013, Klepper assisted his friend Rodrigo Trevizo, park ranger and caretaker for the property, with the various chores required to keep the ranch in operating condition. The two excavated and repaired the primary water network, cared for the livestock, cleared brush, and maintained a small, solar-powered electrical system. Days of 110-degree heat, boiling water for washing and cooking, and keeping a wary eye out for rattlesnakes alternated with evenings spent in the flicker of kerosene lanterns, listening to the rasping of the ravens as they scoured the canyon in the gathering dark. In vivid images and well-considered prose, Klepper reflects on his experiences at Fresno Ranch, “witnessing the unfolding of a natural world unfettered by the overpowering human footprint that has dominated so many of our remaining wild places.” For aficionados of fine art photography, cultural and natural history enthusiasts, and fans of the Big Bend region and its austere beauty, Why the Raven Calls the Canyon offers a provocative visual journal of off-the-grid living that celebrates the unique landscape of the Big Bend.

978-1-62349-493-3 cloth $50.00 978-1-62349-494-0 ebook 10x101/2. 240 pp. 190 color, 22 b&w photos. Map. Appendix. Index. Photography. Big Bend. Texana. Gift Books. February

RELATED INTEREST Healing Landscapes A Journey from the Big Thicket to the Big Bend Jeanne Norsworthy Epilogue by Susan Hallsten McGarry Foreword by Geraldine Watson and David Alloway 978-1-58544-140-2 cloth $29.95 Big Bend Landscapes Dennis Blagg Introduction by Ron Tyler 978-1-58544-202-7 cloth $40.00


Number Ten: Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Texas Photography Series

E. DAN KLEPPER is a fine art photographer and writer based in Marathon, Texas. He is the author of 100 Classic Hikes in Texas and other books, as well as a frequent contributor to Texas Highways Magazine. His art, featuring photography, sculpture, and experimental video, has been exhibited in the United States and abroad and can be found in collections across the state.​


Rollin’ through the decades in an iconic Texas dance hall . . .

The Broken Spoke

Austin’s Legendary Honky-Tonk

Donna Marie Miller Foreword by Charles R. Townsend James and Annetta White opened the Broken Spoke in 1964, then a mile south of the Austin city limits, under a massive live oak, and beside what would eventually become South Lamar Boulevard. White built the place himself, beginning construction on the day he received his honorable discharge from the US Army. And for more than fifty years, the Broken Spoke has served up, in the words of White’s well-worn opening speech, “. . . cold beer, good whiskey, the best chicken fried steak in town . . . and good country music.” White paid thirty-two dollars to his first opening act, D. G. Burrow and the Western Melodies, back in 1964. Since then, the stage at the Spoke has hosted the likes of Bob Wills, Dolly Parton, Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Marcia Ball, Pauline Reese, Roy Acuff, Kris Kristofferson, George Strait, Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Asleep at the Wheel, and the late, great Kitty Wells. But it hasn’t always been easy; through the years, the Whites and the Spoke have withstood their share of hardship—a breast cancer diagnosis, heart trouble, the building’s leaky roof, and a tour bus driven through its back wall. Today the original rustic, barn-style building, surrounded by sleek, high-rise apartment buildings, still sits on South Lamar, a tribute and remembrance to an Austin that has almost vanished. Housing fifty years of country music memorabilia and about a thousand lifetimes of memories at the Broken Spoke, the Whites still honor a promise made to Ernest Tubb years ago: they’re “keepin’ it country.” John and Robin Dickson Series in Texas Music, sponsored by the Center for Texas Music History, Texas State University

DONNA MARIE MILLER is a freelance writer, photographer, and videographer living in Austin. Her work has appeared in Alternate Root, Americana Rhythm, Fiddler, Austin Food, Austin Fusion, Texas Highways, and Austin Monthly.

Donna Marie Miller

Austin’s Legendary Honky-Tonk

978-1-62349-519-0 cloth $24.95 978-1-62349-520-6 ebook 6x9. 352 pp. 49 color, 1 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Music. Biography. Texana. May

RELATED INTEREST Kent Finlay, Dreamer The Musical Legacy behind Cheatham Street Warehouse Brian T. Atkinson and Jenni Finlay Foreword by George Strait 978-1-62349-378-3 cloth $25.95 978-1-62349-379-0 ebook Pickers and Poets The Ruthlessly Poetic Singer-Songwriters of Texas Edited by Craig Clifford and Craig D. Hillis 978-1-62349-446-9 cloth $29.95 978-1-62349-447-6 ebook


When the stars descended on the Brazos Valley . . .

Live from Aggieland

Legendary Performances in the Brazos Valley

Rob Clark Foreword by Robert Earl Keen Believe it or not, Aggieland has witnessed a parade of musical icons over the years, each with an intriguing story attached. Picture a young Elvis Presley entertaining the Corps of Cadets at G. Rollie White Coliseum. Flash forward to the “Committee for Johnny Cash,” originated by students after the country singer’s post-Bonfire concert was canceled by the A&M administration amid controversy; despite official disapproval, the students brought him to perform off-campus. Revisit the sunbaked Texas World Speedway in the summer of 1974 and Willie Nelson’s rowdy Fourth of July Picnic, complete with sex, drugs, and a grassfire that torched the car of a young Robert Earl Keen (who would later strike up a long-lasting friendship with fellow A&M student Lyle Lovett). Rewind to Garth Brooks landing at A&M to end an enormous 1998 world tour with three sold-out shows in the newly completed Reed Arena. And many other musical legends have produced memorable moments in the area, including Nat King Cole, R.E.M., and the Ramones. Live from Aggieland explores these stories, including photography and first-hand accounts of the shows and events. The book demonstrates how popular music has enhanced the cultural perspective of Bryan–College Station and has provided students, graduates, and residents with lasting musical memories. Number 125: Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University

ROB CLARK is an award-winning writer and editor who has covered music throughout his journalism career at The Bryan–College Station Eagle and The Dallas Morning News. He also led the writing and editing of Extraordinary: Texas A&M's Remarkable First Season in the SEC and The Power of 2: Johnny Manziel's Legendary Career at Texas A&M.

978-1-62349-523-7 cloth $24.95 978-1-62349-524-4 ebook 6x9. 192 pp. 29 color, 46 b&w photos. Index. Popular Culture. Aggie Books. Music. April

RELATED INTEREST The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band Donald B. Powell and Mary Jo Powell 978-0-89096-595-5 cloth $29.95 978-1-60344-863-5 ebook

The History of Texas Music Gary Hartman 978-1-60344-002-8 paper $19.95 978-1-60344-394-4 ebook


Never mind the 700+ career victories; what Gary Blair values most are the people and the memories . . .

A Coaching Life


Gary Blair, with Rusty Burson “It’s still difficult to describe the scene after the final buzzer sounded, because the moment was just so damned surreal,” writes head coach Gary Blair following the conclusion of the title game of the 2011 NCAA Division I women’s basketball tournament. “So many things happened that I will never forget . . . kissing my wife on the floor of Conseco Fieldhouse . . . looking toward the stands, where my grandson was . . . flashbulbs popping as the Aggie Band played triumphantly . . . our players and coaches wildly celebrating the biggest win in women’s basketball history at Texas A&M . . . tears streaming down the faces of former players . . . I remember thinking that I wished I could somehow stop time.” This memory and countless others form the greatest treasure of Coach Blair’s life, as he makes clear in this engaging, inspiring memoir, written with veteran sports journalist and author Rusty Burson. Indeed, as Blair says, “What I cherish the most are the memories of these players and coaches.” Beyond the trophies, beyond the impressive won-lost record compiled over more than four decades of coaching, beyond even the ungrudging professional respect he has achieved among his peers in a fiercely competitive occupation, Gary Blair values the images, moments, and memories collected during a life spent doing what he loves most: coaching and mentoring young women on the basketball court. In A Coaching Life, Coach Blair offers readers a “freeze-frame” view of a storied career. He serves up more than a few of his favorite memories with wit, grace, and humility. In the process, he invites readers to reflect on life’s wins and losses and, most importantly, what both have to teach us. Swaim-Paup-Foran Spirit of Sport Series, sponsored by James C. ’74 & Debra Parchman Swaim, Nancy & T. Edgar Paup ’74, & Joseph Wm. and Nancy Foran

GARY BLAIR, head women’s basketball coach at Texas A&M University since 2003, led the Aggies to an NCAA national championship in 2011. He was previously head women’s basketball coach at the University of Arkansas and Stephen F. Austin State University. RUSTY BURSON, author of Dat: Tackling Life and the NFL, is a freelance writer and sports journalist. He is director of membership and communications at Miramont Country Club in Bryan, Texas.

G A RY B L A I R with Rusty Burson

978-1-62349-536-7 cloth $29.95 978-1-62349-537-4 ebook 6x9. 288 pp. 28 color, 8 b&w photos. Index. Sports. Autobiography. Memoir. February

RELATED INTEREST Champion of the Barrio The Legacy of Coach Buryl Baty R. Gaines Baty 978-1-62349-266-3 cloth $24.95 978-1-62349-267-0 ebook

Houston Cougars in the 1960s Death Threats, the Veer Offense, and the Game of the Century Robert D. Jacobus 978-1-62349-347-9 cloth $29.95 978-1-62349-348-6 ebook


Adventures in Texas Gardening Bill Scheick

Gardening in Texas is not for the faint of heart or weak-willed. Given the remarkable variety of soils, climate ranges, and the potential for stifling heat, humidity, and drought, the dedication of so many gardening enthusiasts speaks to the powerful hold plants have over people. Living and gardening in Central Texas since 1969, Bill Scheick has celebrated successes and analyzed failures; techniques and plants that worked in one yard did not necessarily work in another just a few miles away. In Adventures of Texas Gardening, Scheick shares, through personal accounts as well as stories from fellow gardeners, big gardening efforts—transforming an entire backyard, dealing with unruly pets and marauding wildlife, and fostering vanishing bees. Attention is also given to challenges like soil erosion and yard contamination. With a firm understanding of horticulture and a good dose of humor, Scheick offers beginning and experienced gardeners a resource for inspiration, information, and commiseration as they pursue their own gardening adventures in Texas.


Adventures in Texas Gardening

978-1-62349-517-6 flexbound $26.00 978-1-62349-518-3 ebook 6x9. 232 pp. 68 color photos. Bib. Index. Gardening. Gardens. Horticulture. May

Number Forty-nine: Louise Lindsey Merrick Natural Environment Series

BILL SCHEICK has written numerous gardening articles for the Dallas Morning News, Austin-American Statesman, Native Plant Society of Texas Newsletter, Tropical Treasures Magazine, and Texas Gardener, where he currently serves as a contributing editor. A professor emeritus of English at the University of Texas at Austin, he gardens in Oak Hill and Fredericksburg.

RELATED INTEREST Landscaping with Edible Plants in Texas Design and Cultivation Cheryl Beesley 978-1-62349-321-9 flexbound $35.00 978-1-62349-323-3 ebook

Easy Gardening for Texas Joseph G. Masabni 978-0-9721049-7-5 paper $25.00


Combat Talons in Vietnam Recovering a Covert Special Ops Crew John Gargus

Combat Talons in Vietnam is a personal account of the first use of C-130s in the Vietnam War. It provides an insider’s view of crew training and classified missions for this technologically advanced aircraft. Many covert missions over North Vietnam were sucessful, but one night, John Gargus, a mission planner, oversaw an operation in which the aircraft—carrying eleven crewmembers— failed to return from a nighttime mission. For thirty years, a search for the missing aircraft remained in progress. In the late 1990s, the Combat Talon veteran community at Hurlburt Field in Florida, still uncertain of the full story, decided to dedicate a memorial to the lost crew. When wartime mission records were declassified, Gargus embarked on a long journey of inquiry, research, and puzzle-solving to reconstruct the events of that mission and the fate of its crew. He discovered that the wreckage of the plane had been found in 1992 and that the remains of the crew were being held in Hawaii. Through numerous Freedom of Information Act requests, interviews, and site visits, Gargus sought to answer the question of why it took so long to find the wreckage and, more importantly, why the special operations command units and crewmember families were left uninformed. By 2000, the remains were relocated to a common grave at Arlington National Cemetery at last providing a measure of closure to family, friends, and comrades. Number 154: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

JOHN GARGUS is the author of The Son Tay Raid: American POWs in Vietnam Were Not Forgotten, a memoir about his participation in a search and rescue mission for which he was awarded the Silver Star. Inducted into the Air Commando Hall of Fame, he retired from the US Air Force in 1983 after a twenty-seven-year career. He currently lives in Henderson, Nevada.

978-1-62349-512-1 cloth $35.00 978-1-62349-513-8 ebook 6x9. 288 pp. 54 b&w photos. 3 maps. Bib. Index. Vietnam War. Aviation. Memoir. April

RELATED INTEREST The Son Tay Raid American POWs in Vietnam Were Not Forgotten, Revised Edition John Gargus 978-1-60344-212-1 paper $22.95 978-1-60344-252-7 ebook Until They Are Home Bringing Back the MIAs from Vietnam, a Personal Memoir Thomas Ty Smith 978-1-60344-232-9 cloth $29.95 978-1-60344-233-6 ebook


Cadets on Campus

History of Military Schools of the United States John Alfred Coulter II

Since the founding of the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1802, more than eight hundred military schools have existed in this country. The vast majority have closed their doors, been absorbed into other educational institutions, or otherwise faded away, but others soldier on, adapting to changing times and changing educational needs. While many individual institutions have had their histories written or their stories told, to date no single book has attempted to explore the full scope of the military school in American history. Cadets on Campus is the first book to cover the origin, history, and culture of the nation’s military schools—secondary and collegiate—and this breadth of coverage will appeal to historians and alumni alike. Author John Alfred Coulter identifies several key figures who were pivotal to the formation of military education, including Sylvanus Thayer, the “father of West Point,” and Alden Partridge, the founder of the school later known as Norwich University, the first private military school in the country. He also reveals that military schools were present across the nation, despite the conventional wisdom that most military schools, and, indeed, the culture that surrounds them, were limited to the South. Coulter addresses the shuttering of military schools in the era after the Vietnam War and then notes a curious resurgence of interest in military education since the turn of the century. Number 155: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

JOHN ALFRED COULTER II, a retired US Army lieutenant colonel, is former commandant of cadets at the Texas Military Institute in San Antonio and former president of the Lyman Ward Military Academy in Camp Hill, Alabama. He is currently a decision support analyst/primary exercise planner for the US Pacific Command in Honolulu, Hawaii.

978-1-62349-521-3 hardcover $50.00s 978-1-62349-522-0 ebook 6x9. 464 pp. 63 b&w photos. 11 tables. 5 appendixes. Bib. Index. Education History. Military History. Civil War. April

RELATED INTEREST Carved from Granite West Point since 1902 Lance Betros 978-1-62349-427-8 paper $29.95 978-1-60344-787-4 ebook

The School of Hard Knocks Combat Leadership in the American Expeditionary Forces Richard S. Faulkner 978-1-60344-297-8 cloth $29.95 978-1-60344-698-3 ebook


“. . . a man who came into office so beloved and left in disgrace.”


The Removal of Texas Governor James E. Ferguson

Edited by Jessica Brannon-Wranosky and Bruce A. Glasrud In 1917, barely into his second term as governor of Texas, James E. Ferguson was impeached, convicted, and removed from office. Impeached provides a new examination of the rise and fall of Ferguson’s political fortunes, offering a focused look at how battles over economic class, academic freedom, women’s enfranchisement, and concentrated political power came to be directed toward one politician. Jessica Brannon-Wranosky and Bruce A. Glasrud have brought together top scholars to shine a light on this unique chapter in Texas history. An overview by John R. Lundberg offers a comprehensive survey of the impeachment process. Kay Reed Arnold then follows the Ferguson story into the halls of academia at the University of Texas—which Ferguson threatened to close—sparking a fierce response by faculty, alumni, students, and, especially, the Women’s Committee for Good Government. Rachel M. Gunter further places the Ferguson impeachment in the context of the suffrage movement. Leah LaGrone Ochoa then explores Ferguson’s hot-and-cold relationship with the Texas press, and Mark Stanley examines the impact of the impeachment on Texas politics in the decades that followed. Jessica BrannonWranosky concludes with an assessment of the historical memory of Ferguson's impeachment throughout the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries. Impeached: The Removal of Texas Governor James E. Ferguson, reveals how power ebbed and flowed in twentieth-century Texas and includes several annotated primary documents critical to understanding the Ferguson impeachment. Number 126: Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University

JESSICA BRANNON-WRANOSKY is associate professor of history at Texas A&M University–Commerce. Her most recent publications include contributions to Texas Women: Their Histories, Their Lives and Discovering Texas History. BRUCE A. GLASRUD is professor emeritus of history at California State University, East Bay, and retired dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Sul Ross State University. He is the author, coauthor, or editor of more than two dozen books, most recently Anti-Black Violence in Twentieth-Century Texas.

d e h c a Impe The Removal of Texas Governor James E. Ferguson ed ited b y

Jessica Brannon-Wranosky & Bruce A. Glasrud

978-1-62349-527-5 hardcover $40.00s 978-1-62349-528-2 ebook 6x9. 208 pp. 13 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Texas Political History. Texas History. Southern History. Southwestern History. March

RELATED INTEREST Our Fighting Governor The Life of Thomas M. Campbell and the Politics of Progressive Reform in Texas Janet Schmelzer 978-1-62349-181-9 cloth $45.00s 978-1-62349-210-6 ebook

The Texas Left The Radical Roots of Lone Star Liberalism Edited by David O'Donald Cullen, and Kyle G. Wilkison 978-1-60344-175-9 cloth $45.00x 978-1-60344-189-6 paper $23.95s 978-1-60344-370-8 ebook


“Most of them paid their ten dollars to hate someone or something, and the moment they were initiated they set about getting their money’s worth . . .”

Ten Dollars to Hate

The Texas Man Who Fought the Klan Patricia Bernstein

Ten Dollars to Hate tells the story of the massive Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s—by far the most “successful” incarnation since its inception in the ashes of the Civil War—and the first prosecutor in the nation to successfully convict and jail Klan members. Dan Moody, a twenty-nine-year-old Texas district attorney, demonstrated that Klansmen could be punished for taking the law into their own hands—in this case, for the vicious flogging of a young World War I veteran. The 1920s Klan numbered in the millions and infiltrated politics and law enforcement across the United States, not just in the Deep South. Several states elected Klan-sponsored governors and US senators. Klansmen engaged in extreme violence against whites as well as blacks, promoted outrageous bigotry against various ethnic groups, and boycotted non-Klan businesses. A few courageous public officials tried to make Klansmen pay for their crimes, notably after Klan assaults in California and Texas and two torture-murders in Louisiana. All failed until September 1923 when Dan Moody convicted and won significant prison time for five Klansmen in a tense courtroom in Georgetown, Texas. Moody became a national sensation overnight and went on to become the youngest governor of Texas at the age of 33. The Georgetown cases were the beginning of the end for this iteration of the Klan. Two years later, the head of the Klan in Indiana was convicted of murdering a young woman. Membership dwindled almost as quickly as it had grown, but the Klan’s poisonous influence lingered through the decades that followed. Ten Dollars to Hate explores this pivotal—and brutal— chapter in the history of America. Number Twenty-three: Sam Rayburn Series on Rural Life, sponsored by Texas A&M University-Commerce

PATRICIA BERNSTEIN is the author of The First Waco Horror: The Lynching of Jesse Washington and the Rise of the NAACP and the president of Bernstein and Associates, a public relations firm in Houston. She has published articles in Texas Monthly, Smithsonian, and Cosmopolitan.

978-1-62349-529-9 cloth $34.95 978-1-62349-530-5 ebook 6x9. 384 pp. 44 b&w photos. Bib. Index. African American Studies. Texas History. Political Science. March

RELATED INTEREST The First Waco Horror The Lynching of Jesse Washington and the Rise of the NAACP Patricia Bernstein 978-1-58544-544-8 paper $22.95s 978-1-60344-547-4 ebook Anti-Black Violence in Twentieth-Century Texas Edited by Bruce A. Glasrud 978-1-62349-333-2 paper $35.00s 978-1-62349-334-9 ebook


New in paper


AGAINST THE BAY The People of Corpus Christi and Their Seawall

Bulwark Against the Bay

The People of Corpus Christi and Their Seawall

Storm over the Bay

The People of Corpus Christi and Their Port Mary Jo O’Rear

Mary Jo O'Rear

Mary Jo O’Rear

After a devastating hurricane in 1919, the people of Corpus Christi faced the stark reality of their vulnerability. It was clear that something had to be done, but the mere will to take precautionary measures did not necessarily lead the way. Instead, two decades would pass before an effective solution was in place. Mary Jo O’Rear, author of Storm over the Bay, returns to tell the story of a city’s long and often frustrating path to protecting itself. Bulwark Against the Bay reveals the struggle to construct a seawall was not merely an engineering challenge; it was also bound up with the growing popularity of the Ku Klux Klan, local aversion to Roman Catholicism, the emergence of the League of United Latin American Citizens, new efforts on behalf of African American equality, the impact of the Great Depression, support for Franklin Roosevelt, and reactions to the New Deal. A case study of a community wrestling with itself even as it races with the clock, Bulwark Against the Bay adds to our understanding of urban history, boardroom and backroom politics, and the often harsh realities of geography and climate. Number Thirty: Gulf Coast Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi 978-1-62349-491-9 cloth $27.95 978-1-62349-492-6 ebook 6x9. 192 pp. 74 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Texas Urban History. Environmental History. Weather. Water. March

Since the late 1830s, the natural harbor at the mouth of South Texas' Nueces River has been a center of regional maritime trade. But by the early 1900s, a storm of political wrangling, cronyism, and corruption was threatening to scuttle the city's efforts toward securing a dependable deep water port to attract international commerce to Corpus Christi. On September 14, 1919, a massive hurricane struck the bay, burying the downtown area under ten feet of debris and killing as many as one thousand people. The storm left millions of dollars of damage in its wake. The citizens of Corpus Christi, rather than being demoralized, however, were galvanized by the disaster. In gripping detail, author Mary Jo O'Rear chronicles the successful efforts of the newly unified Corpus Christi—efforts that culminated in the dedication of the Port of Corpus Christi on September 14, 1926, seven years to the day after the storm that devastated the city. Storm over the Bay will appeal to readers interested in regional history, politics, and economics. It is a must-read for anyone who appreciates Corpus Christi and its colorful past. Number Sixteen: Gulf Coast Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi 978-1-62349-550-3 paper $19.95 978-1-60344-345-6 ebook 6x9. 200 pp. 13 b&w photos. 2 line art. 4 maps. Gulf of Mexico. Texas History. Weather. Coastal Texas. March

MARY JO O’REAR has served in regional and local history groups and as adjunct history professor at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi and Texas A&M University–Kingsville. She is also a former instructor in history, economics, and geography for the Corpus Christi Independent School District. She is a fellow of the East Texas Historical Association.


The Sand Sheet

Arturo Longoria Foreword by M. Jimmie Killingsworth The South Texas Sand Sheet is one of the largest and least understood regions in Texas.


More than two million acres of sand, born and blown from an ancient sea beginning about ten thousand years ago, stretch across eight counties in deep South Texas. Known as the Coastal Sand Plain, the Texas Coastal Sand Sheet, or just the Sand Sheet, it is a region of few people, little rainfall, and no water. Among the dunes and dry, brown flats, only the hardiest shrubs and grasses provide habitat for the coyotes, quail, and rattlesnakes that live here. Arturo Longoria, whose cabin sits amid the sand scrub and desert motts of granjeno, brasil, and mesquite, knows this land intimately. A student of bushcraft and natural history, Longoria found refuge in this remote and hostile country as he recovered from a rare illness. He weaves a story of beauty and survival in a land where the vastness of Texas' storied ranches and rich oil fields serves as the backdrop for a steady migration of long distance “travelers,” who cross over the border and into el desierto at great peril. This book is about a harsh and dangerous landscape that has nonetheless given sustenance and solace to a writer for whom the Sand Sheet became both his home and his inspiration. The Seventh Generation: Survival, Sustainability, Sustenance in a New Nature A Wardlaw Book

ARTURO LONGORIA is a writer and former journalist and teacher. He is the author of two award-winning books of non-fiction, Adios to the Brushlands and Keepers of the Wilderness, also published by Texas A&M University Press.

978-1-62349-500-8 paper with flaps $24.95 978-1-62349-501-5 ebook 53/4x8. 168 pp. 18 b&w photos. Map. Glossary. Index. Literary Nonfiction. Nature Writing. Conservation. March

RELATED INTEREST Continental Divide Wildlife, People, and the Border Wall Krista Schlyer Foreword by Jamie Rappaport Clark 978-1-60344-743-0 flexbound $30.00 978-1-60344-757-7 ebook Adios to the Brushlands Arturo Longoria 978-1-62349-486-5 paper $15.95 978-1-62349-487-2 ebook


The complete technical and scientific report on one of the most important shipwrecks in North American history . . .

La Belle

The Archaeology of a Seventeenth-Century Vessel of New World Colonization

La Belle

The Archaeology of a Seventeenth-Century Ship of New World Colonization edited by james e. bruseth, amy a. borgens, bradford m. jones & eric d. ray

Edited by James E. Bruseth, Amy A. Borgens, Bradford M. Jones, and Eric D. Ray

In 1995, Texas Historical Commission underwater archaeologists discovered the wreck of La Salle’s La Belle, remnant of an ill-fated French attempt to establish a colony at the mouth of the Mississippi River that landed instead along today’s Matagorda Bay in Texas. During 1996–1997, the Commission uncovered the ship’s remains under the direction of archaeologist James E. Bruseth and employing a team of archaeologists and volunteers. Amid the shallow waters of Matagorda Bay, a steel cofferdam was constructed around the site, creating one of the most complex nautical archaeological excavations ever attempted in North America and allowing the archaeologists to excavate the sunken wreck much as if it were located on dry land. The ship’s hold was discovered full of everything the would-be colonists would need to establish themselves in the New World; more than 1.8 million artifacts were recovered from the site. More than two decades in the making, due to the immensity of the find and the complexity of cataloging and conserving the artifacts, this book thoroughly documents one of the most significant North American archaeological discoveries of the twentieth century. Ed Rachal Foundation Nautical Archaeology Series

JAMES E. BRUSETH, retired Archeology Division Director at the Texas Historical Commission, was the project director of the La Belle excavation. AMY A. BORGENS is the State Marine Archeologist in the Archeology Division at the Texas Historical Commission. BRADFORD M. JONES is manager of collections and the curatorial facility certification program in the Archeology Division at the Texas Historical Commission. ERIC D. RAY is the lead interpretive planner for state parks at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

978-1-62349-361-5 hardcover $95.00s 978-1-62349-362-2 ebook 81/2x11. 918 pp. 330 color, 97 b&w photos. 46 maps. 2 figures. Bib. Index. Nautical Archaeology. Texas History. April

RELATED INTEREST From a Watery Grave The Discovery and Excavation of La Salle's Shipwreck, La Belle James E. Bruseth and Toni S. Turner Foreword by T. R. Fehrenbach 978-1-58544-347-5 cloth $39.95 978-1-58544-431-1 paper $24.95 978-1-60344-869-7 ebook La Belle, the Ship That Changed History Bullock Texas State History Museum Edited by James E. Bruseth 978-1-62349-033-1 paper $19.95 978-1-62349-084-3 ebook


Dry Creek

Archaeology and Paleoecology of a Late Pleistocene Alaskan Hunting Camp

W. Roger Powers, R. Dale Guthrie, and John F. Hoffecker Edited by Ted Goebel

With cultural remains dated unequivocally to 13,000 calendar years ago, Dry Creek assumed major importance upon its excavation and study by W. Roger Powers. The site was the first to conclusively demonstrate a human presence that could be dated to the same time as the Bering Land Bridge. As Powers and his team studied the site, their work verified initial expectations. Unfortunately, the research was never fully published. Dry Creek: The Archaeology and Paleoecology of a Late Pleistocene Alaskan Hunting Camp is ready to take its rightful place in the ongoing research into the peopling of the Americas. Containing the original research, this book also updates and reconsiders Dry Creek in light of more recent discoveries and analysis. Peopling of the Americas Publications

W. ROGER POWERS (1942–2003) was professor of anthropology and director of the Alaska Quaternary Center at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. R. DALE GUTHRIE is professor emeritus at the Institute of Arctic Biology and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. JOHN F. HOFFECKER is a research fellow of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado, Boulder. TED GOEBEL, the volume editor, is associate director of the Center for the Study of First Americans at Texas A&M University. 978-1-62349-538-1 hardcover $50.00s 978-1-62349-539-8 ebook 81/2x11. 288 pp. 92 color, 26 b&w photos. 8 line art. Map. 44 tables. Bib. Index. Archaeology. Anthropology. Social Sciences. April

The PeoPle of Palomas Neandertals from the Sima de las Palomas del Cabezo Gordo, Southeastern Spain ediTed by erik Trink aus and michael J. Walker

The People of Palomas Neandertals from the Sima de las Palomas del Cabezo Gordo, Southeastern Spain

Edited by Erik Trinkaus and Michael J. Walker

The Neandertal site at Sima de las Palomas del Cabezo Gordo, located in Murcia in southeastern Spain, is unique in several respects. Its most important contribution to the field of study, however, may be the fact that it consists of the remains of multiple individuals, adding appreciable breadth to the available data for a greater understanding of Neandertals. Further, its location in the Iberian Peninsula south of the Pyrenees suggests potential for studying a population that may have been somewhat isolated from contemporaneous groups of early humans. This comprehensive analysis represents the first detailed overview of the human fossil assemblage found at the Sima de las Palomas site. While scientific discussion continues regarding the precise impact of Neandertals upon modern human physiology and biology, The People of Palomas adds significantly to our knowledge of the human fossil record of the Late Pleistocene. Number Nineteen: Texas A&M University Anthropology Series

ERIK TRINKAUS is the Mary Tileston Hemenway Professor of Arts and Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. MICHAEL J. WALKER is professor emeritus of physical anthropology and zoology at Universidad de Murcia, Spain. 978-1-62349-479-7 hardcover $60.00s 978-1-62349-480-3 ebook 81/2x11. 328 pp. 135 color, 7 b&w photos. 69 figures. 112 tables. Bib. Index. Anthropology. Archaeology. Social Sciences. April


Currents in Transatlantic History

Encounters, Commodities, Identities

Edited by Steven G. Reinhardt

Transatlantic historians are dedicated to analyzing the dynamic process of encounter and interchange among people on all sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Much discussion has surrounded the definition, geographic limitations, and temporal scope of transatlantic history defined primarily by a conceptual approach that focuses on the interconnectedness of human experience over the centuries in the Atlantic Basin. The forty-ninth annual Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lecture Series—“Currents in Transatlantic Thought”—focused on a new approach to history that focuses on the complex process of interchange and adaptation beginning when Africans, Amerindians, and Europeans first came into contact and continues to the present day. The essays presented in this volume stem from those lectures to cover a variety of subjects, but each shares a unifying theme to understand the complexities of transatlantic history. Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures, published for the University of Texas at Arlington by Texas A&M University Press

STEVEN G. REINHARDT, associate professor of history at the University of Texas at Arlington, is the author of Justice in the Sarladais, 1770–1790 and coeditor of three previous volumes in the Webb Memorial Lecture Series. 978-1-62349-542-8 hardcover $45.00s 978-1-62349-543-5 ebook 6x9. 192 pp. 16 b&w photos. Bib. Index. International History. Business History. African American Studies. Native American Studies. Economics. May

General Alonso de León's Expeditions into Texas, 1686–1690 Lola Orellano Norris

In the late seventeenth century, General Alonso de León led five military expeditions from northern New Spain into what is now Texas in search of French intruders who had settled on lands claimed by the Spanish crown. Lola Orellano Norris has identified sixteen manuscript copies of de León’s meticulously kept expedition diaries. These documents hold major importance for early Texas scholarship. Some of these early manuscripts have been known to historians, but never before have all sixteen manuscripts been studied. In this interdisciplinary study, Norris transcribes, translates, and analyzes the diaries from two different perspectives. The historical analysis revealing that frequent misinterpretations of the Spanish source documents have led to substantial factual errors that have persisted in historical interpretation for more than a century. General Alonso de León’s Expeditions into Texas is the first presentation of these important early documents and provides new vistas on Spanish Texas. Elma Dill Russell Spencer Series in the West and Southwest

LOLA ORELLANO NORRIS is assistant professor of Spanish at Texas A&M International University in Laredo. 978-1-62349-540-4 hardcover $45.00s 978-1-62349-541-1 ebook 6x9. 256 pp. 7 b&w photos. 5 line drawings. 3 figures. Map. Bib. Index. Exploration/Settlement. Mexican American Studies. Borderlands Studies. Texas Military History. Native American Studies. April


Woodrow Wilson, the Great War, and the Fourth Estate James D. Startt

New in paper

Woman President

Confronting Postfeminist Political Culture Kristina Horn Sheeler and Karrin Vasby Anderson

James D. Startt previously explored Woodrow Wilson’s relationship with the press during his rise to political prominence. Now, Startt returns to continue the story, picking up with the outbreak of World War I in 1914 and tracing history through the Senate’s ultimate rejection in 1920 of the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations. Woodrow Wilson, the Great War, and the Fourth Estate delves deeply into the president’s evolving relations with the press and its influence on and importance to the events of the time. Startt navigates the complicated relationship that existed between one of the country’s most controversial leaders and its increasingly ruthless corps of journalists. The portrait of Wilson that emerges here is one of complexity—a skilled politician whose private nature and notorious grit often tarnished his rapport with the press, and an influential leader whose passionate vision just as often inspired journalists to his cause.

What elements of American political and rhetorical culture block the imagining—and thus, the electing—of a woman as president? Examining both major-party and third-party campaigns by women, including the 2008 campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, the authors of Woman President: Confronting Postfeminist Political Culture identify the factors that limit electoral possibilities for women. Kristina Horn Sheeler and Karrin Vasby Anderson provide a discussion of US presidentiality as a unique rhetorical role. Within that framework, they review women’s historical and contemporary presidential bids, placing special emphasis on the 2008 campaign. They also consider how presidentiality is framed in candidate oratory, campaign journalism, film and television, digital media, and political parody. Presidential Rhetoric and Political Communication

JAMES D. STARTT, senior research professor at Valparaiso University, is the author, coauthor, or coeditor of numerous books, most recently Woodrow Wilson and the Press: Prelude to the Presidency.

KRISTINA HORN SHEELER, associate professor and chair of the Department of Communication Studies at Indiana University–Purdue University, Indianapolis, coauthored Governing Codes: Gender, Metaphor, and Political Identity. KARRIN VASBY ANDERSON is associate professor of Communication Studies at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and coauthor of Governing Codes: Gender, Metaphor, and Political Identity.

978-1-62349-531-2 hardcover $60.00s 978-1-62349-532-9 ebook 6x9. 416 pp. 14 b&w. Bib. Index. Presidential Studies. Military History. Biography. June

978-1-62349-555-8 paper $24.95 978-1-62349-010-2 ebook 6x9. 256 pp. Bib. Index. Presidential Studies. Women’s Studies. Rhetoric. February

Joseph V. Hughes Jr. and Holly O. Hughes Series on the Presidency and Leadership


New in paper

Edited and with an Introduction by Ginny McNeill Raska and Mary Lynn Gasaway Hill

In this annotated diary, Sallie McNeill chronicles thoughts, observations, and details of her daily life during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. This remarkably well-preserved document tells McNeill’s story from her days as a student in the female department of Baylor College at Independence until her death in 1867. McNeill’s story—common to the era and place and still intensely personal—lets readers glimpse the numbing expectations of a young woman's proper behavior, moral referencing of those living under the influence of the second Great Awakening, intellectual questions posed by the education of the day, and the lifestyle of the planter class at the margins of its geographical reach. Number 109: Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University

GINNY McNEILL RASKA, one of Sallie’s descendants, transcribed the original diary. Raska is the Sweeny, Texas, Junior High School librarian. MARY LYNN GASAWAY HILL attended the archaeological field school at the Levi Jordan plantation. Her doctorate is from Tulane University. 978-1-62349-549-7 paper $24.95 6x9. 216 pp. Texas History. Civil War. Women’s Studies. Autobiography. Civil War/Reconstruction. March


DUANE M. LEACH, who earned a PhD in history from the University of Oklahoma, is professor emeritus and former president of Texas A&I University (now Texas A&M University–Kingsville). He is a trustee of the Caesar Kleberg Foundation for Wildlife Conservation and lives in Texarkana, Texas.

and the King Ranch

The Uncompromising Diary of Sallie McNeill, 1858–1867

Caesar Kleberg

CAESAR KLEBERG went to work for his aunt and uncle, Alice King Kleberg and Robert J. Kleberg Sr., on the King Ranch in 1900. For almost thirty years, he oversaw the operations of the sprawling Norias division, a vast acreage of South Texas grass- and brushland, where he came to appreciate the importance of the ranch’s rangeland not only for the cattle but also for wildlife. Alarmed at the negative impact of unregulated hunting and habitat destruction on game animals, Kleberg established strict hunting rules and a program of enlightened habitat restoration, creating for the ranch a wildlife management and conservation initiative far ahead of its time. Because of his efforts and foresight, by his death in 1946, there were more white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, bobwhite quails, javelinas, and mourning doves on the King Ranch than in the rest of the state. His will included a bequest that ultimately took on the name the Caesar Kleberg Foundation for Wildlife Conservation, which in 1981 spawned the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute. Since then, the institute’s research program has gained national and international recognition far beyond the pastures of Norias that served as Caesar’s laboratory. In this tribute to a pioneer conservationist and innovative researcher, Duane M. Leach celebrates the life of a truly exceptional conservationist on a legendary Texas ranch, a visionary for wildlife and habitat preservation and modern ranch management, and an extraordinarily dedicated and talented man.

Caesar Kleberg and the King Ranch DUANE M. LEACH

Previously Announced

Caesar Kleberg and the King Ranch Duane M. Leach Foreword by Stephen J. “Tio” Kleberg

In this tribute to a pioneer conservationist, Duane M. Leach celebrates the life of an exceptional ranch manager on a legendary Texas ranch. Caesar Kleberg went to work on the King Ranch in 1900. For almost thirty years he oversaw the operations of the sprawling Norias division where he came to appreciate the importance of rangeland not only for cattle but also for wildlife. Kleberg established strict hunting rules and a program of enlightened habitat restoration. Because of his efforts and foresight, by his death in 1946 there were more white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, javelinas, and mourning dove on the King Ranch than in the rest of the state. Kleberg’s legacy lives on at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute in Kingsville, where a research program he helped found has gained recognition far beyond the pastures of Norias. Published for the Caesar Kleberg Foundation for Wildlife Conservation

DUANE M. LEACH is former president of Texas A&I University (now Texas A&M University– Kingsville) and a trustee of the Caesar Kleberg Foundation for Wildlife Conservation. He lives in San Antonio, Texas. 978-1-62349-504-6 hardcover $35.00 978-1-62349-505-3 ebook 6x9. 376 pp. 25 b&w photos. 2 maps. Bib. Index. Biography. Wildlife. Conservation. Texas History. February


Applied Wildlife Habitat Management

Roel R. Lopez, Israel D. Parker, and Michael L. Morrison This introductory textbook to wildlife habitat ecology and management offers students and practitioners the basic tools to understand, plan, implement, measure, analyze, and document efforts to improve habitat for wildlife. Providing a step-by-step guide that is adaptable to a range of environmental settings, the authors first lay out the ecological principles applicable to any project. They then take the reader through various sampling designs, measurement techniques, and analytical methods required to develop and complete a habitat project, including the creation of a report or management plan. The authors emphasize key management concepts and provide exercises putting ecological principles into practice. Case studies identify emerging issues that are changing and complicating wildlife habitat management. These include large-scale ecological concerns and their social and political challenges—global climate change, the decline in water quality and availability, loss and fragmentation of habitat, broadening invasive species and diseases, increased human-wildlife conflicts, and urbanization. This practical guide is an invaluable reference for students, land managers, and landowners who are developing and implementing management plans for habitat modification and improvement on both private and public lands. Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Service Series

ROEL R. LOPEZ is director of the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources and professor of wildlife and fisheries sciences at Texas A&M University. ISRAEL D. PARKER is a research scientist at the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources. MICHAEL L. MORRISON holds the Caesar Kleberg Chair in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M University.

Applied Wildlife Habitat Management Roel R. Lopez Israel D. Parker Michael L. Morrison

978-1-62349-502-2 hardcover $45.00s 978-1-62349-503-9 ebook 7x10. 240 pp. 10 color photos. 6 color drawings. 13 figures. 24 tables. 2 maps. Bib. Index. Wildlife. Conservation. Range Management. February

RELATED INTEREST White-Tailed Deer Habitat Ecology and Management on Rangelands Timothy Edward Fulbright and José Alfonso Ortega-Santos 978-1-60344-951-9 flexbound $29.95 978-1-60344-972-4 ebook Beef, Brush, and Bobwhites Quail Management in Cattle Country Fidel Hernández and Fred S. Guthery Foreword by Wyman Meinzer 978-1-60344-475-0 flexbound $24.95 978-1-60344-587-0 ebook


Grasses of the Great Plains

James Stubbendieck, Stephan L. Hatch, and Cheryl D. Dunn A vast swath of prairie situated between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains, the North American Great Plains extend across ten states in the United States and three provinces in Canada. The dominant vegetation is grass—both the native species that have long thrived here and the cultivated crops such as corn, wheat, and sorghum that are the result of human agricultural activity. This comprehensive guide, written by three grass specialists, is an invaluable tool for identification of the approximately 450 species of grasses that occur on the Great Plains. In each description, the authors cover distribution, habitat, forage value, and toxicity and include a detailed black-and-white illustration of the grass as well as a range map. Intended as a reference for landowners, rangeland specialists, students, state and federal agency professionals, and nongovernment conservation organizations, Grasses of the Great Plains will serve a wide audience of users involved in and dedicated to grassland management. Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Service Series

JAMES STUBBENDIECK is professor emeritus of grassland ecology and director emeritus, Center for Great Plains Studies in the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. STEPHAN L. HATCH is professor of plant taxonomy in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Texas A&M University, where he is also director of the S. M. Tracy Herbarium. CHERYL D. DUNN is research manager and herbarium curator for the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, where she teaches courses on wildland plants and plant identification.

978-1-62349-477-3 hardcover $50.00s 978-1-62349-478-0 ebook 7x10. 736 pp. 6 color, 15 figures. 442 line drawings. 428 maps. Bib. Index. Field Guides. Plants/Botany. Range Management. March

RELATED INTEREST Guide to Texas Grasses Robert B. Shaw Photography by Paul M Montgomery 978-1-60344-186-5 flexbound $45.00s 978-1-60344-674-7 ebook

On the Great Plains Agriculture and Environment Geoff Cunfer 978-1-58544-400-7 cloth $55.00s 978-1-58544-401-4 paper $28.00 978-1-60344-899-4 ebook


The Upland and Webless Migratory Game Birds of Texas

Leonard A. Brennan, Damon L. Williford, Bart M. Ballard, William P. Kuvlesky Jr., Eric D. Grahmann, and Stephen J. DeMaso Foreword by Fred C. Bryant Authored by some of the state’s top wildlife scientists, The Upland and Webless Migratory Game Birds of Texas presents the most up-to-date and comprehensive information covering twenty-one species of game birds. Ranging from the most well-known, like the Wild Turkey and Mourning Dove, to the marsh-loving rails and other more elusive species, these birds have widespread appeal among both hunters and birders and underscore the diverse challenges facing wildlife scientists, land managers, and conservationists in Texas today. From cultural significance to taxonomy and evolutionary history, this volume provides a wealth of background information on these species. Additionally, the book offers illustrated species accounts, detailed range maps, and information about habitat and management requirements, hunting regulations, and research priorities. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of these game birds and the array of terrestrial and wetland landscapes key to their survival. This will serve as a convenient and thorough reference volume for wildlife biologists and enthusiasts, as well as landowners and hunters. Perspectives on South Texas, sponsored by Texas A&M University–Kingsville

LEONARD A. BRENNAN is professor and C.C. Winn Endowed Chair for Quail Research at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute at Texas A&M University–Kingsville. He is the editor of Texas Quails. DAMON L. WILLIFORD is a research scientist at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute. BART M. BALLARD is professor and C. Berdon and Rolanette Lawrence Endowed Chair in Waterfowl Research at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute. WILLIAM P. KUVLESKY, JR. is a research scientist and professor at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute and Assistant Dean of the College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Human Sciences at Texas A&M University–Kingsville. ERIC D. GRAHMANN is assistant professor for research at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute. STEPHEN J. DEMASO is monitoring coordinator for the Gulf Coast Joint Venture US Fish and Wildlife Service and a former research scientist at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute.

978-1-62349-498-8 hardcover $40.00s 978-1-62349-499-5 ebook 81/2x11. 272 pp. 59 color photos. 8 line art. 24 maps. 24 figures. 5 tables. Index. Birding/Ornithology. Wildlife. Natural History. February

RELATED INTEREST Texas Quails Ecology and Management Edited by Leonard A. Brennan Foreword by Katharine Armstrong 978-1-58544-503-5 cloth $40.00 978-1-60344-512-2 ebook The TOS Handbook of Texas Birds, Second Edition Mark W. Lockwood and Brush Freeman 978-1-62349-120-8 paper with flaps $30.00 978-1-62349-143-7 ebook


New in paper

The Therapeutic Relationship

Transference, Countertransference, and the Making of Meaning Jan Wiener

While C. G. Jung had a natural intuitive understanding of the transference and countertransference, his lack of a “coherent method and clinical technique for working with transference and his ambivalence and mercurial attitude to matters of method” have, in the words of therapist and Jungian scholar Jan Wiener, sometimes left Jungians who are eager to hone their knowledge and skills in this area “floundering and confused.” Her aim in this important book is to lay the groundwork for the development of a “more contemporary Jungian approach” to working with transference and countertransference dynamics within the therapeutic relationship. Her work is also informed by knowledge from other fields, such as philosophy, infant development, neuroscience, and the arts. In The Therapeutic Relationship, Wiener makes a central distinction between working “in” the transference and working “with” the transference, advocating a flexible approach that takes account of the different kinds of attachment patients can make to their therapists. She develops her own concept of the transference matrix, a model that honors one of Jung’s core beliefs in the development of a symbolic capacity as an essential task of psychotherapy, but at the same time acknowledges that a capacity to symbolize can only emerge through relationship. Number Fourteen: Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology

JAN WIENER is a training analyst at the Society of Analytical Psychology, an assistant editor of the Journal of Analytical Psychology, and a member of the executive committee of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. She lives and practices in London, England.

978-1-62349-548-0 paper $19.95 978-1-60344-372-2 ebook 51/2x81/2. 168 pp. 10 line art. 3 graphs. Analytical Psychology. March

RELATED INTEREST Synchronicity Nature and Psyche in an Interconnected Universe Joseph Cambray Foreword by David H. Rosen 978-1-60344-300-5 paper $19.95 978-1-60344-366-1 ebook Finding Jung Frank N. McMillan Jr., a Life in Quest of the Lion Frank N. McMillan III Contribution by David H. Rosen Foreword by Sir Laurens van der Post 978-1-60344-581-8 cloth $29.95 978-1-60344-696-9 ebook


Art and the mystery of human consciousness . . .

The Soul of Art Analysis and Creation

Christian Gaillard Translation by Anita Conrade Foreword by David Rosen The beginnings of art are lost in the dim reaches of prehistory, eons before humans began recording and codifying their experiences in writing. And yet philosophers, artists, and historians have for centuries noted the intimate and perhaps inseparable relationship between human consciousness and the artistic impulse. As analyst and professor Christian Gaillard notes, we can see some of the earliest expressions of this intimacy in the cave paintings at Lascaux, and the relationship continues to the present day in the works of modern creators such as Jackson Pollock and Anselm Kiefer. What fascinates Gaillard—and, indeed, what fascinated Carl Jung—is, among other things, the notion that art enables us to explore our inner landscapes in ways that are impossible by any other means. In The Soul of Art: Analysis and Creation, Gaillard takes readers on a tour of his own “gallery of the mind,” examining works of art from throughout history—and prehistory—that have moved, challenged, and changed him. He also explores instances where particular works of art have proven deeply significant in his or his colleagues’ understanding of their analyses and their ability to serve as capable guides on the journey toward self-awareness. Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology

CHRISTIAN GAILLARD is a doctor of psychology, training analyst, supervisor, and former president of the French Society of Analytical Psychology. Previously serving as a professor at the École Nationale Supériure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he was also the founding director of the Cahiers Jungiens de Psychanalyse.

The Soul of Art analysis and creation

Christian Gaillard Translation by Anita Conrade

978-1-62349-525-1 cloth $29.95s 978-1-62349-526-8 ebook 51/2x81/2. 288 pp. 65 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Analytical Psychology. Psychology. Social Sciences. May

RELATED INTEREST Brothers and Sisters Myth and Reality Henry Abramovitch 978-1-62349-190-1 cloth $27.95 978-1-62349-218-2 ebook

Madness and Creativity Ann Belford Ulanov Foreword by David H. Rosen 978-1-60344-949-6 cloth $24.95 978-1-60344-995-3 ebook

The Texas Book Consortium Texas State Historical Association Press TCU Press University of North Texas Press State House / McWhiney Press Texas Review Press Stephen F. Austin State University Press Winedale Publishing Shearer Publishing




HIGHEST ESTEEM BY ALL The Civil War Letters of William B. Chilvers, 95th Illinois Infantry

Edited by Thomas A. Pressly, III and Gary D. Joiner

Texas State Historical Association Press WWW.TSHAONLINE.ORG

Watt Matthews of Lambshead Third Edition

Laura Wilson Foreword by Anne Wilkes Tucker The Texas State Historical Association is pleased to offer a third edition of Watt Matthews of Lambshead, a major work of art and an important historical document. Since the first edition was published in 1989, Laura Wilson’s chronicle of this iconic ranch has proven to be a popular and important contribution to the story of Texas. In words and especially in Wilson’s starkly beautiful images, Watt Matthews of Lambshead captures a way of life that is iconically Texan, one now only available to a vanishing number of residents of the Lone Star State, where even rural landscapes are increasingly dominated by industrial activities like high-density feedlots and oil extraction. In The 50+ Best Books on Texas (1998), A. C. Greene wrote that “[Watt] Matthews . . . was the last living link with all the Texas cowboy and ranch mythology and lore from the 1850s.” The ranch has continued to operate after his death in 1997, and this edition includes an afterword that details recent developments. A new foreword by Anne Wilkes Tucker, curator emeritus of photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, puts the book in the context of Wilson’s career as one of the most notable photographers of the contemporary American West. LAURA WILSON is a photographer whose work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, London’s Sunday Times Magazine, Washington Post Magazine, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, GQ, and BritishVogue. She is married and lives in Dallas, Texas. She and her husband, Robert, are the parents of three sons, Andrew, Owen, and Luke Wilson. ANNE WILKES TUCKER is curator emeritus of photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

978-1-62511-042-8 cloth $50.00 13x11. 152 pp. 108 duotone photos Photography. Texana. Texana Gift Books. Texas Ranching. May

RELATED INTEREST The Wests of Texas Cattle Ranching Entrepreneurs Bruce Shackelford Foreword by Marise McDermott 978-1-62511-026-8 cloth $39.95 978-1-62511-031-2 ebook Julian Onderdonk in New York The Lost Years, the Lost Paintings James Graham Baker Foreword by J. P. Bryan Jr. 978-1-62511-020-6 cloth $49.95 978-1-62511-024-4 ebook

TCU Press



Sins of the Younger Sons Jan Reid

Luke Burgoa is an ex-Marine on a solitary covert mission to infiltrate the Basque separatist organization ETA in Spain and help bring down its military commander, Peru Madariaga. Luke hails from a Basque ancestry that came with the Spanish empire to Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, and, seventy-five years ago, to a Texas ranch. Neighbors consider the Burgoas Mexican immigrants and exiles of that nation’s revolution, but the matriarch of the family speaks the ancient language Euskera and honors traditions of the old country. Luke’s orders are to sell guns to the ETA and lure Peru into a trap. Instead he falls in love with Peru’s estranged wife, Ysolina, who lives in Paris and pursues a doctorate about an Inquisition-driven witchcraft frenzy in her native land. From the day they cross the border into the Basque Pyrenees, their love affair on the run conveys the beauty, sensuality, exoticism, and violence of an ancient homeland cut in two by Spain and France. Their trajectory puts Luke, Ysolina, and Peru on a collision course with each other and the famed American architect Frank Gehry, whose construction of a Guggenheim art museum seeks to transform the Basque city of Bilbao, a decrepit industrial backwater haunted by the Spanish Civil War—and a hotbed of ETA extremism. Ranging from the Amazon rain forest to a deadly prison in Madrid, Sins of the Younger Sons is a love story exposed to dire risk at every turn. JAN REID’s highly praised books include his novel Comanche Sundown, his biography of Texas governor Ann Richards Let the People In, his memoir of Mexico The Bullet Meant For Me, and The Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock. Making his home in Austin, Reid has been a leading contributor to Texas Monthly for over forty years.



978-0-87565-428-7 cloth $32.50 978-0-87565-663-2 ebook 6x9. 320 pp. Literary Novel. June

RELATED INTEREST Comanche Sundown A Novel Jan Reid 978-0-87565-422-5 cloth $29.95 978-0-87565-427-0 ebook

Many Rivers to Cross Thomas Zigal 978-0-87565-585-7 cloth $37.95 978-0-87565-569-7 paper $26.50 978-0-87565-586-4 ebook


The Barrio Gangs of San Antonio, 1915–2015 Mike Tapia

Barrio Gangs is the most comprehensive academic case study of barrio group dynamics in a major Texas city to date. This is a sociological work on the history of barrio gangs in San Antonio to the present day. It examines the century-long evolution of urban barrio subcultures using public archives, oral histories, old photos, and other forms of qualitative data. The study gives special attention to the barrio gangs’ “heyday,” from the 1940s through the 1960s, comparing their attributes to those of modern groups. It illustrates how social and technological changes have affected barrio networking processes and the intensity of the street lifestyle over time. Intergenerational shifts and the tension that accompanies such changes are also central themes in the book. Few other places are so conducive to such historical exploration as is San Antonio. Street ignobility in the barrio no doubt mirrors processes found in other Chicano communities in Texas and the Southwest. The gang contexts in major Chicano population centers have lengthy historical bases rooted in weak opportunity structures, oppression, and discrimination. This work shows that participation in street violence, drug selling, and other parts of the informal economy are functional adaptations to the social structure; the forces propelling the formation of barrio gangs are not temporary social phenomena.

978-0-87565-433-1 cloth $29.95 978-0-87565-648-9 paper $22.95 978-0-87565-664-9 ebook 6x9. 192 pp. 8 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Mexican American Studies, Texas. Criminal Justice. Mexican American Studies. March

RELATED INTEREST The Search for a Chili Queen On the Fringes of a Rebozo Marian Martinello 978-0-87565-386-0 paper $22.95










MIKE TAPIA is an assistant professor of criminal justice at New Mexico State University. His teaching and research interests include crime theory, race, and street crimes. He has published work on risk factors in juvenile arrest and Latino arrest and on Latino gang migration. His latest works examine Chicano gang organization in a historical perspective.

TEJANO TIGER José de los Santos Benavides and the History of the Texas-Mexico Borderlands, –


Tejano Tiger José de los Santos Benavides and the Texas-Mexico Borderlands, 1823–1891 Jerry D. Thompson 978-0-87565-407-2 cloth $29.95


Dallas-Fort Worth Deco Modernistic Architecture of North Texas Jim Parsons and David Bush

Vivid imagery and original research are the hallmarks of DFW Deco, the latest in Jim Parsons and David Bush’s series of books documenting Art Deco and Art Moderne design in the Lone Star State. DFW Deco examines a vibrant architectural heritage spanning legendary eras in American history, from the Roaring Twenties through the Great Depression to World War II. DFW Deco explores the full range of modernistic building styles and some of the uniquely Texan influences that shaped the growing cities of North Texas. Classic zigzag skyscrapers promoted by Fort Worth boosters and Dallas businessmen, Art Deco storefronts in the booming towns of the great East Texas oilfield, and streamlined facilities inspired by innovations in transportation and communications all have a place in this book. DFW Deco looks not only at whole buildings, but also at their finely crafted details, ranging from vibrant tile murals depicting the scope of Texas history on Fort Worth’s monumental Will Rogers Memorial Center to stylized gold-leaf pinecones and cotton bolls in the ornate People’s National Bank Building in Tyler. Using a mix of original and historical photographs, this lavishly illustrated book promotes an appreciation of Main Street movie theaters, innovative suburban homes, and even a surprising collection of modernistic soft drink bottling plants. DFW Deco also documents the federal programs that helped build exceptional courthouses, schools, and post offices from small towns to big cities. The book ends with a chapter of short biographies of the architects and artists who created these landmarks. By showing the breadth of modernistic design in North Texas, the authors hope to advance the preservation of significant buildings and encourage readers to discover their own Art Deco treasures. DAVID BUSH developed his lifelong interest in historic architecture while growing up in New Orleans. He has worked professionally in preservation since 1990, primarily at Galveston Historical Foundation and Preservation Houston. JIM PARSONS is the director of special projects and walking tours chair for Preservation Houston. He also works as a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. David Bush and Jim Parsons have coauthored three previous books, most recently the award-winning Fair Park Deco.





978-0-87565-635-9 cloth $40.00 10x10. 256 pp. 300 color. Bib. Index. Architecture. Photography, Texas. Photography. July

RELATED INTEREST Fair Park Deco Art and Architecture of the Texas Centennial Exposition Jim Parsons and David Bush 978-0-87565-501-7 cloth $40.00

Hill Country Deco Modernistic Architecture of Central Texas David Bush and Jim Parsons 978-0-87565-413-3 cloth $35.00


Riding the rough and sometimes bloody peaks and canyons of border politics, Santos Benavides’s rise to prominence was largely the result of the careful mentoring of his well-known uncle, Basilio Benavides, who served several terms as alcalde of Laredo, Texas, and Chief Justice of Webb County. When the Civil War erupted in 1861, Basilio was one of only two Tejanos in the state legislature. During Santos’s lifetime, five flags flew over the small community he called home—that of the Republic of Mexico, the ill-fated Republic of the Rio Grande, the Republic of Texas, an expansionist United States, and in March 1861, the rebellious Confederate States of America. It was under the Confederacy in the disputed Texas-Mexico borderlands that Santos Benavides reached the pinnacle of his military career as the highest-ranking Tejano in the entire Confederate army. In the decades that followed the Civil War, he became an esteemed political leader, highly respected on both sides of the border. This is the first scholarly study of this important historical figure. At the pinnacle of his political career in 1879, Benavides held the distinction of being the only Tejano in the Texas legislature. Through strife, sweat, blood, and heroism in defense of the border, Benavides rose to economic and political heights few could dream of. As a friend and confidant of two Mexican presidents, he was one of the single most influential individuals in the nineteenth-century history of the border. His life was one of enduring perseverance as well as binational leadership and skilled diplomacy. He was without doubt the single most important individual in the long and often violent history of Laredo. The niche he carved in the tumultuous transnational history of the Texas-Mexico borderlands seems secure. The Texas Biography Series

JERRY D. THOMPSON is regents professor of history at Texas A&M International University in Laredo. Thompson is recipient of numerous awards and honors from the Arizona Historical Society, Historical Society of New Mexico, and the Texas State Historical Association. Thompson received his BA in history from Western New Mexico University, his MA in history from the University of New Mexico, and his doctorate in history from Carnegie Mellon University. He is past president of TSHA.







Jerry D. Thompson



José de los Santos Benavides and the Texas-Mexico Borderlands, 1823–1891


Tejano Tiger

TEJANO TIGER José de los Santos Benavides and the History of the Texas-Mexico Borderlands, –

JERRY THOMPSON 978-0-87565-407-2 cloth $29.95 978-0-87565-665-6 ebook 6x9. 416 pp. 57 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Biography. Civil War/Reconstruction. March

RELATED INTEREST Emily Austin of Texas 1795–1851 Light Townsend Cummins 978-0-87565-351-8 cloth $27.95

Edmund J. Davis of Texas Civil War General, Republican Leader, Reconstruction Governor Carl H. Moneyhon 978-0-87565-405-8 cloth $27.95



The Rebirth of Hope

My Journey from Vietnam War Child to American Citizen



Bushwhacking Home Lynn Hoggard

Sau Le Hudecek



Born in a demilitarized zone during the Vietnam War to a Vietnamese mother and an American soldier, Sau Le arrived in the United States as a young woman with only twenty dollars in her pocket. She came to her new homeland armed with a commitment to build a decent life for herself, her infant son, and her traumatized mother. This is the story of how she overcame every conceivable hurdle—including significant culture shock, a language barrier, serious illness, heartbreak, and betrayal—to become a landlord, successful business owner, joyous wife and mom, and a woman blessed with generous, loyal friends. She describes an arduous journey from a place of terror and utter despair to a life she created that’s overflowing with prosperity, patriotism, and love. And ultimately, it’s the story of hope, something Sau thought she’d lost long ago in the minefields of Vietnam. In telling her story, Sau Le aims to uplift those who worry that their dreams cannot be realized. Her goal is also to remind everyone born on American soil that this is the greatest country on earth, and that anything in this land is possible for those willing to put dedication, faith, and passion to work. SAU LE HUDECEK owns a successful salon in Fort Worth, Texas, while still serving her own elite clientele. In 1993 she arrived in the United States at the age of 22 and was sworn in as a citizen in 2001. She lives with her family in Granbury. 978-0-87565-432-4 paper $22.50 978-0-87565-662-5 ebook 6x9. 160 pp. 20 b&w photos. Memoir. May

Lynn Hoggard

These poems trace the stages of a journey into wholeness and maturity of being. The collection includes poems rooted in physical locations (such as the book’s Part II, set near the poet’s home in Wichita Falls, Texas, or its Part IV, situated in a log cabin in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico), but they also ground themselves in spiritual locations that trace the journey’s arc and weigh the heft of its meaning. Joy, sorrow, humor, love, fear, and death all come into play in the five sections of this collection, occasionally in surprising ways. Readers alert to the stages of the human condition in an individual’s life should appreciate this book, as should lovers of the art and craft of poetry and anyone who is a spiritual seeker. LYNN HOGGARD has published five books, including three translations from the French, a biography, and a memoir (Motherland: Stories and Poems from Louisiana). Bushwhacking Home is her first full-length collection of poems. She lives in Wichita Falls, Texas, with her husband, the poet and novelist James Hoggard. 978-0-87565-293-1 paper $17.95 978-0-87565-661-8 ebook 6x9. 72 pp. Poetry. April


Revised Edition Galia’s Dad is in a Wheelchair

Castle Gap and the Pecos Frontier, Revisited

d Oriol, Jr.

ann Ayiti nan mwa andikape sèvis.

o: kreye opòtinite kape aksè pou moun andikape; aksesib ann Ayiti; ka bay moun

e, monte bisiklèt ap viv avèk fanmi

James Edward English

Galia’s Dad Is in a Wheelchair


Patrick Dearen


James Edward English

Galia is a young girl from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, who likes to ride her bike, dance, and spend time with her father, Gérald, who has muscular dystrophy and has been in a wheelchair since he was a young boy. Despite his disability, Gérald received a master’s degree from Harvard University, served as President Michel Martelly’s Secretary of State, and enjoys many of the same activities with his daughter as other dads. Galia’s Dad Is in a Wheelchair aims to counter negative stereotypes and stigmas surrounding disability and is believed to be the only children’s book on the subject in Haiti available in Creole, French, and English. The book’s positive messages, which promote disability awareness and close parent-child relations, are universal and extend beyond the small Caribbean island nation. Teddy Keser Mombrun, a political cartoonist, used Haiti’s unique color palette and landscapes to create illustrations for the book. JAMES EDWARD ENGLISH works at Texas Christian University (TCU) where he cochairs the Global Innovators Initiative. From 2011 to 2016, English served as an adviser to Gérald Oriol Jr., Haiti’s Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities. He has published articles on Haiti in Ability Magazine, the Miami Herald, the Orlando Sentinel, and the Caribbean Journal. 978-0-87565-649-6 paper $6.95 English version 978-0-87565-659-5 paper $6.95 French version 81/2x81/2. 20 pp. 20 color illus. Young Readers. January

First published in 1988, Castle Gap and the Pecos Frontier was acclaimed by reviewers as “superb,” “significant,” and “utterly delightful.” In this revised edition, Patrick Dearen draws upon the latest in scholarship. It’s a land wild with tales, and from his search emerge six fascinating accounts: -Castle Gap, a break in a mesa twelve miles east of the Pecos River; -Horsehead Crossing, the most infamous ford of the Old West; -Juan Cordona Lake, a salt lake where conditions defied early efforts to mine salt; -The “bulto” or ghost who wanders the Fort Stockton night; -Lost Wagon Train, a forty-wagon caravan buried in the sands; -The lost mine of Will Sublett, who found gold and kept its location secret unto death. These stories are as varied as the land itself. They speak of Pecos country, its heritage, and its people. Spur Award winner PATRICK DEAREN is the author of ten nonfiction books and thirteen novels. He makes his home in Midland, Texas. 978-0-87565-388-4 paper $22.50 978-0-87565-660-1 ebook 6x9. 240 pp. 39 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Historiography. Texas Folklore. Texana. May

University of North Texas Press



All Over the Map True Heroes of Texas Music Michael Corcoran

A lavishly illustrated collection of forty-two profiles of Texas music pioneers, most underrated or overlooked, All Over the Map: True Heroes of Texas Music covers the musical landscape of a most musical state. The first edition was published in 2005 to wide acclaim. This second edition includes updated information, a bonus section of six behind-the-scenes heroes, and fifteen new portraits of Lefty Frizzell, Janis Joplin, and others, spanning such diverse styles as blues, country, hip-hop, conjunto, gospel, rock, and jazz. D.J. Stout and Pentagram designed the reborn edition, with photographer Scott Newton providing portraits. Michael Corcoran has been writing about Texas music for more than thirty years, for the Dallas Morning News and Austin American Statesman, as well as in such publications as Texas Monthly and Spin. These pieces are based on his personal interviews with their subjects as well as in-depth research. Expertly written with flair, the book is a musical waltz across Texas.

978-1-57441-668-8 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-681-7 ebook 7x10. 356 pp. 80 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Music. Texana. May

Number Eleven: North Texas Lives of Musician Series

MICHAEL CORCORAN retired after decades writing about music for various newspapers to pursue his passion projects. His book on Arizona Dranes (He Is My Story) was nominated for a Grammy as best historical recording. In 1996 he was named Writer of the Year for the entire Cox Newspaper chain. He is based in Austin.

“ “

A compelling summary of the breadth and depth of Texas music and a fascinating survey of stories and personalities.”—Robert Hardy, author of A Deeper Blue: The Life and Music of Townes Van Zandt Corcoran is masterful at incorporating personal narrative into reportage in a way that is both engaging and informative.”—Cathy Brigham, co-editor of Handbook of Texas Music

RELATED INTEREST A Deeper Blue The Life and Music of Townes Van Zandt Robert Earl Hardy 978-1-57441-285-7 paper $14.95

Shoot the Conductor Too Close to Monteux, Szell, and Ormandy Anshel Brusilow and Robin Underdahl 978-1-57441-613-8 cloth $34.95 978-1-57441-646-6 paper $14.95


Changing the Tune

The Kansas City Women’s Jazz Festival, 1978–1985 Carolyn Glenn Brewer

Even though the potential passage of the Equal Rights Amendment had cracked glass ceilings across the country, in 1978 jazz remained a boys’ club. Two Kansas City women, Carol Comer and Dianne Gregg, challenged that inequitable standard. With the support of jazz luminaries Marian McPartland and Leonard Feather, inaugural performances by Betty Carter, Mary Lou Williams, an unprecedented All-Star band of women, Toshiko Akiyoshi’s band, plus dozens of Kansas City musicians and volunteers, a casual conversation between two friends evolved into the annual Kansas City Women’s Jazz Festival (WJF). But with success came controversy. Anxious to satisfy fans of all jazz styles, WJF alienated some purists. The inclusion of male sidemen brought on protests. The egos of established, seasoned players unexpectedly clashed with those of newcomers. Undaunted, Comer, Gregg, and WJF’s ensemble of supporters continued the cause for eight years. They fought for equality not with speeches but with swing, without protest signs but with bebop. For the first book about this groundbreaking festival, Carolyn Glenn Brewer interviewed dozens of people and dove deeply into the archives. This book is an important testament to the ability of two friends to emphatically prove jazz genderless, thereby changing the course of jazz history. CAROLYN GLENN BREWER is a longtime music educator who has written for Jam Magazine and published two books on the 1957 tornado in Ruskin Heights, Missouri. She has played clarinet in bands, chamber groups, and orchestras throughout the Kansas City area. She lives in Kansas City.

In Carolyn Glenn Brewer’s book, Changing the Tune, we get to experience a well-documented account about the many notable women who lent their voices to the world of jazz. Thank you for helping to erase the stigma women musicians experience by exposing this inspiring organization and its contributions to women in music.” —Ellen Johnson, vocalist, producer and author of Jazz Child: A Portrait of Sheila Jordan

978-1-57441-666-4 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-679-4 ebook 6x9. 352 pp. 40 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Music. Women’s Studies. March

RELATED INTEREST Jade Visions The Life and Music of Scott LaFaro Helene LaFaro-Fernández 978-1-57441-575-9 paper $18.95

The View from the Back of the Band The Life and Music of Mel Lewis Chris Smith 978-1-57441-653-4 paper $18.95


Stilwell and Mountbatten in Burma Allies at War, 1943–1944

Jonathan Templin Ritter Stilwell and Mountbatten in Burma explores the relationship between American General Joseph “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell and British Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten in the ChinaBurma-India Theater (CBI) and the South East Asia Command (SEAC) between October 1943 and October 1944, within the wider context of Anglo-American relations during World War II. Using original material from both British and American archives, Jonathan Templin Ritter discusses the military, political, and diplomatic aspects of Anglo-American cooperation, the personalities involved, and where British and American policies both converged and diverged over Southeast Asia. Although much has been written about CBI, Stilwell and China, and Mountbatten, no published comparison study has focused on the relationship between the two men during the twelve-month period in which their careers overlapped. This book bridges the gap in the literature between Mountbatten’s earlier naval career and his later role as the last Viceroy of British India. It also presents original archival material that explains why Stilwell was so anti-British, including his 1935 memorandum titled “The British,” and his original margin notes to Mountbatten’s farewell letter to him in 1944. Finally, it presents other original archival material that refutes previous books that have accused Stilwell of needlessly sacrificing the lives of his men during the 1944 North Burma Campaign, merely out of hatred for the British. Number Three: American Military Studies

JONATHAN TEMPLIN RITTER has worked as an archivist with the Archdiocese of San Francisco and is currently the archivist for Archbishop Riordan High School. He earned a master’s degree in history from San Francisco State University and a master’s degree in library & information science from San Jose State University. He lives in San Francisco.

Ritter displays a good sense of the strategic background to Anglo-American relations in World War II and the China-Burma-India theatre, and constructs a fascinating and highly relevant argument out of some complicated material.”—Alan Warren, author of Burma 1942

978-1-57441-674-9 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-686-2 ebook 6x9. 288 pp. 7 b&w illus. 3 maps. Notes. Bib. Index. World War II. Military History. April

RELATED INTEREST Cataclysm General Hap Arnold and the Defeat of Japan Herman S. Wolk 978-1-57441-281-9 cloth $24.95 978-1-57441-473-8 paper $19.95

Pacific Blitzkrieg World War II in the Central Pacific Sharon Tosi Lacey 978-1-57441-609-1 paper $19.95


The Best American Newspaper Narratives, Volume 4 Edited by Gayle Reaves

This anthology collects the ten winners of the 2016 Best American Newspaper Narrative Writing Contest at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, an event hosted by the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism at the University of North Texas. First place winner: Stephanie McCrummen, “An American Void” (The Washington Post), focused on the friends of the alleged murderer of nine members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, North Carolina. Second place: Christopher Goffard, “Fleeing Syria: The Choice” (Los Angeles Times), is about a former dressmaker from Syria gaining asylum in Sweden for her family, but her husband and children were still in Turkey. Third place: Sarah Schweitzer, “The Life and Times of Strider Wolf ” (Boston Globe), documented the difficult life of a sixyear-old boy and his brother, who were rescued from near-fatal abuse and sent to live with their grandparents in campgrounds in Maine. Runners-up include Cynthia Hubert, “Genny’s World” (Sacramento Bee); Michael M. Phillips, “Inside an FBI Hostage Crisis” (The Wall Street Journal); Mark Johnson, “Patient, Surgeon Work Together” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel); Howard Reich, “Norman Malone’s Quest” (Chicago Tribune); John Woodrow Cox, “Telling JJ” (The Washington Post); Maria Cramer, “The Boy Who Burned Inside” (Boston Globe); and Gina Barton, “Unsolved: A Murdered Teen, a 40-year Mystery” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). GAYLE REAVES was a projects reporter and assistant city editor for The Dallas Morning News, where she was part of the team that won the 1994 Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting and in 1990, with two colleagues, received the George Polk Award.

978-1-57441-670-1 paper $18.95 978-1-57441-683-1 ebook 6x9. 240 pp. Literary Nonfiction. June

RELATED INTEREST The Best American Newspaper Narratives, Volume 3 Edited by Gayle Reaves 978-1-57441-636-7 paper $19.95

The Best American Newspaper Narratives, Volume 2 Edited by George Getschow 978-1-57441-595-7 paper $21.95


Graham Barnett A Dangerous Man

James L. Coffey, Russell M. Drake, and John T. Barnett Graham Barnett was killed in Rankin, Texas, on December 6, 1931. His death brought an end to a storied career, but not an end to the legends that claimed he was a gunman, a hired pistolero on both sides of the border, a Texas Ranger known for questionable shootings in Company B under Captain Fox, a deputy sheriff, a bootlegger, and a possible “fixer” for both law enforcement and outlaw organizations. In real life he was a good cowboy, who provided for his family the best way he could, and who did so by slipping seamlessly between the law enforcement community and the world of illegal liquor traffickers. Stories say he killed unnumbered men on the border, but he stood trial only twice and was acquitted both times. Barnett lived in the twentieth century but carried with him many of the attitudes of old frontier Texas. Among those beliefs was that if there were problems, a man dealt with them directly and forcefully—with a gun. His penchant to settle a score with gunplay brought him into confrontation with Sheriff W. C. Fowler, a former friend, who shot Barnett with the latter’s own submachine gun on loan. One contemporary summed it up best: “Officers in West Texas got the best sleep they had had in twenty years that Sunday night after Fowler killed Graham.” JAMES L. COFFEY is a former education consultant who worked with school districts in West Texas and lives in San Angelo, Texas. RUSSELL M. DRAKE is a newspaper man who worked in Texas and California and lives in Veribest, Texas. JOHN T. BARNETT is Graham Barnett’s grandson and lives in southern California.

This is one hell of a story, an account of a notorious gunfighter in the mold of the most legendary ‘antiheroes’ of the American Southwest.”—Michael L. Collins, author of Texas Devils

978-1-57441-667-1 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-680-0 ebook 6x9. 400 pp. 17 b&w illus. Map. Notes. Bib. Index. Biography. Texas Rangers. May

RELATED INTEREST The Johnson-Sims Feud Romeo and Juliet, West Texas Style Bill O'Neal 978-1-57441-475-2 paper $14.95

A Lawless Breed John Wesley Hardin, Texas Reconstruction, and Violence in the Wild West Chuck Parsons and Norman Wayne Brown 978-1-57441-555-1 paper $19.95


Eavesdropping on Texas History Edited by Mary L. Scheer

Mary L. Scheer has assembled fifteen contributors to explore special moments in Texas history. They represent many of the “all stars” among Texas historians: two State Historians of Texas, two past presidents of TSHA, four current or past presidents of ETHA, two past presidents of WTHA, nine fellows of historical associations, two Fulbright Scholars, and seven award-winning authors. Each is an expert in his or her field and provided an answer to the question: At what moment in Texas history would you have liked to have been a “fly on the wall” and why? The choice of a moment and the answers were both personal and individual, ranging from familiar topics to less well-known subjects. One wanted to be at the Alamo. Another chose to explore when Sam Houston refused to take a loyalty oath to the Confederacy. One chapter follows the first twenty-four hours of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s presidency after Kennedy’s assassination. Others write about the Dust Bowl coming to Texas, or when Texas Southern University was created.

Single Star of the West

The Republic of Texas, 1836–1845

Edited by Kenneth W. Howell and Charles Swanlund

Does Texas’s experience as a republic make it unique among the other states? In many ways, Texas was an “accidental republic” for nearly ten years, until Texans voted overwhelmingly in favor of annexation to the United States. Single Star of the West begins with the Texas Revolution and examines the emergence of a Texas identity. Next, several contributors discuss how the Republic was defended by its army, navy, and the Texas Rangers. Individual chapters focus on the early founders of Texas. Texas’s efforts at diplomacy, and persistence and transformation in its economy, also receive careful analysis. Finally, social and cultural aspects of the Texas Republic receive coverage, with discussions of women, American Indians, African Americans, Tejanos, and religion. “With its distinguished array of authors and impressive array of topics, this volume will be welcomed by readers of Texas history.”—Patrick G. Williams, author of Beyond Redemption: Texas Democrats after Reconstruction

MARY L. SCHEER is professor and chair of the history department at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. She is the author of The Foundations of Texan Philanthropy, editor of the award-winning Women and the Texas Revolution (UNT Press), and co-editor of TwentiethCentury Texas: A Social and Cultural History and Texan Identities (both UNT Press).

KENNETH W. HOWELL is professor of history at Blinn College in Bryan, Texas. He is the editor of The Seventh Star of the Confederacy and Still the Arena of Civil War, both from UNT Press. CHARLES SWANLUND is professor of history at Blinn College and co-editor of A Lone Star Reader.

978-1-57441-675-6 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-687-9 ebook 6x9. 352 pp. 26 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Texas History. February

978-1-57441-671-8 cloth $34.95s 978-1-57441-684-8 ebook 6x9. 576 pp. 8 b&w illus. Map. Notes. Bib. Index. Texas History. Revolution/Republic. March


Sutherland Springs, Texas

New in paperback

WASP of the Ferry Command

Saratoga on the Cibolo Richard B. McCaslin

Women Pilots, Uncommon Deeds

Sarah Byrn Rickman Foreword by Deborah G. Douglas WASP of the Ferry Command is the story of the women ferry pilots who flew more than nine million miles in 72 different aircraft during World War II. In the spring of 1942, Col. William H. Tunner lacked sufficient male pilots to move vital trainer aircraft from the factory to the training fields. Nancy Love found 28 experienced women pilots who could do the job. They, along with graduates of the army’s flight training school for women—established by Jacqueline Cochran—performed this duty until fall 1943, when manufacture of trainers ceased. In December 1943 the women ferry pilots went back to school to learn to fly high-performance WWII fighters, known as pursuits. They had the range to escort B-17s and B-24s from England to Berlin and back on raids that ultimately brought down the German Reich. Getting those pursuits to the docks in New Jersey for shipment abroad became these women’s primary job. Ultimately, more than one hundred WASP pursuit pilots were engaged in this vital movement of aircraft.

In Sutherland Springs, Texas, Richard B. McCaslin explores the rise and fall of this rural community near San Antonio primarily through the lens of its aspirations to become a resort spa town, because of its mineral water springs. Texas real estate developers, initially more interested in oil, brought Sutherland Springs to its peak as a resort in the early twentieth century, but failed to transform it into a resort town. The decline in water tables during the late twentieth century reduced the mineral water flows, and the town faded. Sutherland Springs’s history thus provides great insights into the importance of water in shaping settlement. McCaslin provides a complete history of Sutherland Springs from early settlement and into the twentieth century, its agricultural and oil-drilling exploits alongside its mineral water appeal, as well as a complete community history of the various settlers and owners of the springs/hotel. Number Two: Texas Local Series

SARAH BYRN RICKMAN is the author of an awardwinning WASP novel, Flight from Fear; The Originals: The Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron of World War II; and Nancy Love and the WASP Ferry Pilots of World War II (UNT Press).

RICHARD B. McCASLIN, TSHA Endowed Professor of Texas History at the University of North Texas, is the author of Tainted Breeze: The Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas, October 1862; Lee in the Shadow of Washington; and Fighting Stock: John S. “Rip” Ford in Texas.

978-1-57441-637-4 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-677-0 paper $19.95 978-1-57441-642-8 ebook 6x9. 464 pp. 47 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. World War II. Military History. Women’s Studies. January

978-1-57441-673-2 cloth $24.95s 978-1-57441-685-5 ebook 6x9. 320 pp. 50 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Texas History. February


Ordered West

New in paperback

The Civil War Exploits of Charles A. Curtis

John Ringo, King of the Cowboys

Edited by Alan D. Gaff and Donald H. Gaff

His Life and Times from the Hoo Doo War to Tombstone, Second Edition David Johnson Foreword by Chuck Parsons

During the Civil War, Charles Curtis served in the 5th United States Infantry on the New Mexico and Arizona frontier. He spent his years from 1862 to 1865 on garrison duty, interacting with Native Americans, both hostile and friendly. Years after his service and while president of Norwich University, Curtis wrote an extensive memoir of his time in the Southwest. Curtis’s reminiscences detail his encounters with Indians, notable military figures, eccentrics, and other characters from the Old West—including Kit Carson—as well as the construction of Fort Whipple and expeditions against the Navajo and Apache. In Ordered West, editors Alan D. Gaff and Donald H. Gaff annotated the text with footnotes identifying people, places, and events, also adding pictures of key figures and maps. ALAN D. GAFF is an independent scholar and President of Historical Investigations. His previous books include Bayonets in the Wilderness, Blood in the Argonne, and On Many a Bloody Field. DONALD H. GAFF is associate professor of anthropology at the University of Northern Iowa, and co-editor with Alan D. Gaff of A Corporal’s Story: Civil War Recollections of the Twelfth Massachusetts. 978-1-57441-669-5 cloth $39.95s 978-1-57441-682-4 ebook 6x9. 704 pp. 31 b&w illus. 4 maps. Notes. Bib. Index. Civil War. Western History. June

Western gunman John Ringo is most well-known for his role in Tombstone for backing the Cowboys against the Earps. In his youth he became embroiled in the blood feud turbulence of post-Reconstruction Texas and the Mason County “Hoo Doo” War, then shot it out with Victorio’s raiders during a deadly confrontation in New Mexico before going to Tombstone in territorial Arizona. There Ringo championed the largely Democratic ranchers against the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday, finally being part of the posse that hounded these fugitives from Arizona. In the end, Ringo died mysteriously in the Arizona desert, his death welcomed by some, mourned by others, wrongly claimed by a few. “An absorbing, skillfully told narrative biography that effectively transports the reader to a rugged and lawless century past.”—Midwest Book Review Number Six: A.C. Greene Series

DAVID JOHNSON has received degrees from Pennsylvania State University and Purdue University. He is the author of The Horrell Wars and The Mason County “Hoo Doo” War, 1874–1902, both published by the University of North Texas Press. He lives in Zionsville, Indiana. 978-1-57441-243-7 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-672-5 paper $19.95 978-1-57441-378-6 ebook 6x9. 384 pp. 22 b&w illus. 2 maps. Notes. Bib. Index. Western History. Texas History. April


New in paperback

Winner, Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

Living in the Woods in a Tree


Anna Lena Phillips Bell

Remembering Blaze Foley

978-1-57441-665-7 paper $12.95 6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. April

In this debut collection, Anna Lena Phillips Bell explores the foothills of the Eastern U.S., and the oldtime Appalachian tunes and Piedmont blues she was raised to love. With formal dexterity—in ballads and sonnets, Sapphics and amphibrachs—the poems in Ornament traverse the permeable boundary between the body and the natural world. from “Hush” Cries of katydids make a pool of sound, filling up the invisible bowl of night, whose sill you rest on, spelled by stars’ faint light. Now the pestle moon will grind your troubles down to thinnest powder against the grooves of those coarse cries, and now a chirring wind sends trials to pasture, scatters them past the fence. “Ornament is a kind of tribute album. The poet, who is also a banjo player, pays tribute in many poems to the old-time music of the Carolinas, and like the music, her poems are marked by bursts of lyric beauty, deft storytelling, and haunting set pieces.”—Geoffrey Brock, author of Voices Bright Flags and judge Number Twenty-four: Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

ANNA LENA PHILLIPS BELL’s poems have appeared in the Southern Review, 32 Poems, and Poetry International. The recipient of an NC Arts Council Fellowship, she teaches at UNC Wilmington and is editor of Ecotone. She lives with her family near the Cape Fear River.

Sybil Rosen

978-1-57441-676-3 paper $19.95 6x9. 288 pp. 25 illus. Biography. Music. February

This is an intimate glimpse into the turbulent life of Texas music legend Blaze Foley (1949–1989), seen through the eyes of Sybil Rosen, the woman for whom he wrote his most widely known song, “If I Could Only Fly.” His songs have been covered by Merle Haggard, Lyle Lovett, and John Prine. “Thumbs up!”—Merle Haggard Number Two: North Texas Lives of Musician Series

SYBIL ROSEN is an award-winning screenwriter and playwright living in Whitesburg, Georgia.

Military History of the West Vol. 46 Edited by Alex Mendoza

ISSN 1071-2011 $15.00x 6x9. 102 pp. Military History. June

The Military History of the West is a peer-reviewed journal focused on scholarly study of western US military history, including the Mississippi Valley and all states west of that line. The journal features articles on the Texas Revolution, the Mexican War, frontier military service, the Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, Mexican border service, and the Texas National Guard in the twentieth century, including its service in World War I and World War II.

State House Press WWW.TFHCC.COM/PRESS/

Held in the Highest Esteem by All

The Civil War Letters of William B. Chilvers, 95th Illinois Infantry Thomas A. Pressly, III and Gary D. Joiner

As an orphan, William Burnham Chilvers did not have parents to coach him through his journey of life that took him across the sea from Great Britain to the United States. Shortly after immigrating, he found a home in the army and campaigned with the 95th Illinois Infantry. Years of hard marching and tough fighting carried him through the Vicksburg Campaign and into Louisiana and the Red River Campaign. He served in Missouri, then at Nashville and Brice’s Crossroads, before finishing his career assaulting the Confederate works near Mobile, Alabama. Through it all, Chilvers was a strong abolitionist and sympathetic to the plight of slaves. He wrote about the atrocities faced by African Americans at the hands of Southern whites—as well as by his fellow Union soldiers. His letters and the editors’ research tell stories of massacres, combat, and idealism in the face of the brutal realities of war. Will Chilvers and the 95th Illinois Infantry fought to victory, but his experience transcends mere combat and instead reveals the development of a remarkable man whose compassion and humanity rose above the ugliness of the Civil War. THOMAS A. PRESSLY, III is a rheumatologist who lives with his wife in Shreveport, Louisiana. A Civil War enthusiast since childhood, he is currently working on a number of scholarly projects related to the conflict. GARY D. JOINER is a renowned Civil War author and historian and associate professor of history and interim chair in the Department of History and Social Sciences at Louisiana State University in Shreveport. Gary lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, with his wife, Marilyn who is also his editor, PR consultant, and business partner and who shares his love of history. They are parents to one daughter and proud grandparents to a granddaughter.


HIGHEST ESTEEM BY ALL The Civil War Letters of William B. Chilvers, 95th Illinois Infantry

Edited by Thomas A. Pressly, III and Gary D. Joiner 978-1-933337-71-5 paper $39.95 6x9. 352 pp. Civil War. History. May

RELATED INTEREST Love and War The Civil War Letters and Medicinal Book of Augustus V. Ball Edited by Donald S. Frazier and Andrew Hillhouse 978-1-933337-42-5 cloth $59.95

From Midland to Mindanao Reminiscences of the War in the Pacific James W. Mims 978-1-933337-67-8 paper $39.95


Silver Wings

The U.S. Army Airforce in Texas, 1940–1946 Thomas E. Alexander

In Silver Wings: The U.S. Army Airforce in Texas, Thomas Alexander has created a concise and colorful portrait of Texas during World War II, illustrating how the arrival of thousands of strangers in military uniforms forever changed the faces of eight towns and cities across the Lone Star State. Based on extensive on-site research, rich anecdotal material, and personal interviews, the book briefly describes each community, establishing each location's pre-war condition, then analyses the permanent social and economic impact each wartime airfield had on its host community. THOMAS E. ALEXANDER is a commissioner for the Texas Historical Commission and has been integral in establishing historical markers at important sites of Texas World War II history. He is the author of numerous books on Texas history. He resides in Kerrville, Texas.

Silver Wings The U.S. Army Air Force in Texas 1940–1946

Thomas E. Alexander 978-1-933337-73-9 paper $23.95 6x9. 224 pp. Military History, Texas. February

RELATED INTEREST The Wings of Change The Army Air Force Experience in Texas During World War II Thomas E. Alexander Foreword by Billy J. Boles USAF (Ret.) 978-1-893114-35-7 cloth $29.95

The One and Only Rattlesnake Bomber Base Pyote Army Airfield in World War II Thomas E. Alexander 978-1-880510-90-2 paper $18.95

Texas Review Press


A saga of six generations . . .

A Good Girl

Johnnie Bernhard Gracey Reiter confronts a painful past and an intimidating future with the approaching death of her father, Henry Mueller, the selfdescribed “last Mohican” from the chaotic gene pool known as the Walsh-Mueller family. The present holds the answer, and the last opportunity for Gracey to understand her father’s alcoholism, her mother’s infidelity, and her siblings’ version of the truth. The voices of the past give Gracey the courage to find her voice. Using biting humor and gut-level truths for the first time in her life, Gracey walks across the land mines created by a crippling family legacy. Henry’s funeral and the Irish wedding of Therese Mueller, Gracey’s and her husband Mark Mueller’s daughter, coincide by a few weeks and serve as a completion of the family circle. With the closing of one door, and the opening of the future, Gracey finds forgiveness by realizing six generations of the Walsh-Mueller family, saints and sinners, criminals and heroes, the abandoned and the celebrated, are forever family, forever bound by blood and the dreams of an Irish girl, Patricia Walsh Mueller. A Good Girl examines the numbing work of raising children and burying parents through six generations. JOHNNIE BERNHARD is a former high school AP English teacher and professional journalist. She is a graduate of the University of Houston (B. A. Journalism) and Nicholls State University Graduate School (English). Her articles and columns have appeared in the Suburban Reporter, Houston, World Oil Magazine, Houston, The MS Press, Ocean Springs Record, Gulfport Memorial Hospital Patient Publications and Word Among Us “Finding My Way Home.” She was also published in two anthologies for the Gulf Coast Writer’s Association MS Profiles “Portrait of a MS Artist” (2015) and Katrina Memories “Maureen and the Hurricane” (2015), and has edited the Houston Writers Guild/Inklings Publications Eclectically Criminal and Twisted Reveries. Bernhard is also a member of the South Mississippi Cursillo Movement, an international Catholic organization.

978-1-68003-121-8 paper $20.95 978-1-68003-122-5 ebook 51/2x81/2. 288 pp. Historical Fiction. March

RELATED INTEREST Hush Now, Baby Angela W. Williams 978-1-68003-034-1 paper with flaps $24.95 978-1-68003-035-8 ebook

Catherine's Cadeau Ann Davidson and Terry M Thibodeaux 978-1-933896-22-9 paper $26.95 978-1-68003-040-2 ebook


New from the 2010 Texas Poet Laureate . . .

Wooden Lions karla k. morton

Wooden Lions is the ultimate animal-lovers’ book, with each poem in this amazing collection cradling the soul of a creature. Morton’s poetry winds through our connection with the animal spirit, breathlessly binding us forever in their wisdom; their endless lifting up of humankind. This is a celebration of all beasts, reminding us to cherish all those who nurture us. A percentage of these book sales will be donated to animal shelters and facilities across the country. The Lion. The Lioness Come to me. Come to me like the river’s roar, like ravens at the morning’s door. There’s no knock; no bronzed lion to pound and wake, just yawning dawns; the lush daybreaks opening like sunrise. I, your troubadour will sing across your kitchen floor; enough warmth to stay the dark; to overtake each fear, each tear the wicked make slip your cheeks. Let my arms be your sacred shore; may loneness haunt you nevermore. I, the flawed, give you my sovereign heart to take— each bounty, glory, each mistake forgiven; clasping hands through destiny’s door. Let us be fearless. Let us roar. KARLA K. MORTON, the 2010 Texas Poet Laureate, is a member and Councilor of the Texas Institute of Letters, and a graduate of Texas A&M University. Morton is the recipient of the Writer-in-Residency E2C Grant, and has eleven collections of poetry. She lives in Ft. Worth, Texas.

978-1-68003-125-6 paper $10.95 978-1-68003-126-3 ebook 6x9. 96 pp. Poetry. April

RELATED INTEREST Constant State of Leaping Karla K. Morton 978-1-68003-012-9 paper $8.95 978-1-68003-013-6 ebook

Accidental Origami New and Selected Works of karla k. morton Karla K. Morton 978-1-68003-087-7 paper $10.95 978-1-68003-088-4 ebook


Alone. Cold. Hungry. In the middle of Apache territory . . .

Faithful Shep

The Story of a Hero Dog and the Nine Texas Rangers Who Saved Him Don DeNevi

In a column in the El Paso Herald dated February 3, 1900, George Wythe Baylor, retired captain of Company C, Frontier Battalion, Texas Rangers, wrote of a curious incident that occurred in January 1880: two travelers had their horses stolen by a band of Chief Victorio’s renegades a hundred miles east of El Paso. In the dead of a rainy and cold West Texas winter, the two men walked all the way back to beg the Rangers to return to the scene with them and rescue their dog, Shep, a black German Shepherd whom they had left alone in the desert to stand watch over their property. From this odd footnote in history, Don DeNevi, author of more than thirty published titles, has imagined a gripping tale of heroism, sacrifice, and fidelity that celebrates the best in human nature—and canine nature, as well. Faithful Shep: The Story of a Hero Dog and the Nine Texas Rangers Who Saved Him is a novel based on true events from the Texas frontier: a time when the young town of El Paso eagerly awaited the coming of the railroads and when the bold and desperate Victorio threatened both sides of the Rio Grande in open defiance of the US Army, the Texas Rangers, and the Mexican territorial militia. This is the story of a dog named Shep, the two men who loved him, the nine Texas Rangers who rode into danger to save him— and the surprising way in which Shep returned the favor. DON DeNEVI has authored more than 30 nonfiction histories and biographies, including his favorite, Junipero Serra—The Franciscan Founder of the California Missions. Faithful Shep is DeNevi's first work of historical fiction. Having retired from the Criminology Department at San Francisco State University where he taught courses on understanding the criminal mind, he returned to work as Supervisor of Recreation at San Quentin State Prison in Northern California’s Marin County. He also served as the prison historian. He now lives in Pebble Beach, California where he continues to write when he isn't playing tennis.

978-1-68003-119-5 paper $18.95 978-1-68003-120-1 ebook 51/2x81/2. 200 pp. b&w photos. Maps Historical Fiction. March

RELATED INTEREST Mystic Sails, Texas Trails Captain Grimes, Shanghai Pierce, Range Wars, and Raising Texas Robert Davant and Mickey Herskowitz 978-1-68003-113-3 paper $24.95 978-1-68003-114-0 ebook A Frontier Texas Mercantile The History of Gibbs Brothers and Company, Huntsville, 1841–1940 Donald R. Walker 978-1-881515-08-1 cloth $30.00


The Fire Doll James Ulmer

The stories in The Fire Doll investigate the notion that our experience can be richer, more inclusive, and sometimes more unsettling than the life prescribed by the normal daylight sense of reality. American writing has often been engaged with elements of mystery and the uncanny, and the American Dream has always had its corresponding nightmare. These stories feature haunted landscapes, places where violence and tragedy have left their marks: a man is subsumed by his vision of falling pine straw, a camera captures something the eye alone can’t perceive, and a dead girl leads an unsuspecting boy to a killer’s burial ground. In the title story, a Houston homicide detective is haunted, literally and figuratively, by the death of his partner. In order to redeem himself, he must hunt down her killer and confront his own complicity in her death. Written in the tradition of dark American masters like Hawthorne and Henry James, the tales in this collection occupy the uncertain borderland between the living and the dead. “Something on the far side of the stream caught his eye. A woman – a girl, really – stood in the spot where the dog had vanished. Even to the boy, the girl seemed instantly out of place. With her knees bent in toward each other and her long legs splayed out, there was something awkward or coltish about her. She wore a top with horizontal black and white stripes, a short black skirt, fishnet stockings, and ankle-high black boots with pointed toes and spike heels. The boy squinted and cocked his head, uncertain of what he was seeing. What was she doing there? Her dark red hair, chopped off at asymmetrical angles, stuck up from her head in every direction. He couldn’t have been confronted by a stranger sight if Pinocchio or the White Queen had stepped suddenly out of the trees. The girl seemed, somehow, unstrung, the strength drained from her dangling arms and legs, and the boy thought of a marionette he’d once seen hanging from a peg on the wall of a puppet master’s shop. She stared dejectedly at the ground around her feet.” —from the book JAMES ULMER’s collection of ghost stories, The Secret Life, was published by Halcyon Press in 2012. His fiction and poetry have appeared in The New Yorker, The North American Review, The Missouri Review, Crazyhorse, New Letters, The Texas Review and elsewhere. Ulmer was Writer-in-Residence at Houston Baptist University for many years and is currently Professor of English and Chair of the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Southern Arkansas University.

978-1-68003-127-0 paper $18.95 978-1-68003-128-7 ebook 51/2x81/2. 200 pp. Fiction. April

RELATED INTEREST Get a Grip Kathy Flann 978-1-68003-051-8 paper $14.95 978-1-68003-052-5 ebook

Among The Wild Mulattos and Other Tales Tom Williams 978-1-68003-018-1 paper $14.95 978-1-68003-019-8 ebook


Winner of the 2016 Robert Phillips Chapbook Prize

Winner of the TRP Breakthrough Poetry Prize for Texas

How Many Faces Do You Have?

rile & heave (everything reminds me of you)

Mike Schneider

Lindsay Illich

In the ecstatic tradition, this debut collection considers language as a devotion. Located in an American grain, the poems attempt to enact a collectivity, a body politic, even when the context necessary for collectivity is disrupted—by powerful storms resulting from climate change, by alienation, even by the remediation of the body in airport security lines. Yet, the poet remains stubbornly optimistic, asking readers to recognize that the “world is filling up with/gladness, see. Its utterance/ becomes a door. Enter.” great comet of 1680 (ISON) It sounds messed up but in the end I imagine making paper mache globes covered with our faces & hanging them from the ceiling, minus everything we thought it was we were doing here . . . LINDSAY ILLICH is an associate professor of English at Curry College in Massachusetts. Her work has appeared in Adirondack Review, Gulf Coast, Hunger Mountain, North American Review, Salamander, Sundog Lit, and Texas Coach Magazine. A native Texan, Illich received her Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. 978-1-68003-117-1 paper $9.95 978-1-68003-118-8 ebook 6x9. 72 pp. Poetry. February

How Many Faces Do You Have? is a poem sequence that interrogates intimacy, each poem a face the poet discovers, a reflection revealed in response to inner questioning. In a voice of quiet sonority, these lyrics journey from a high-school gym dance to a moonlit beach polka. They linger over sushi in Montreal and an airline meal at 40,000 feet on a flight. They touch joy and pain and celebrate the vicissitudes of love that goes “into the tangled heartland / where there is no trail,” as a gift of being. A face is such a strange thing. Obsessed with distortion, Modigliani loved elongated faces like Tamara’s at a distance, a flattened oval, two black jewels. He painted with a dagger in his teeth, they say, to see the face within the face — grave, cold-eyed as Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt, whom I’ve always loved for her name alone. MIKE SCHNEIDER’s poems have appeared in many journals, including Hunger Mountain, New Ohio Review, Notre Dame Review and Poetry. His chapbook Rooster was a Main Street Rag Editor’s Choice in 2004. He received the 2012 Editors Award in Poetry from The Florida Review. He lives in Pittsburgh. 978-1-68003-132-4 paper $8.95 978-1-68003-134-8 ebook 6x9. 48 pp. Poetry. May


Sisters, Cousins, and Wayward Angels

From the author of Hamlet Off Stage

Yes, Cancer French Kisses

David C. Tillinghast

Sisters, Cousins and Wayward Angels displays Tillinghast’s fascination with women, young and old, their beauty and their mystery. Many of the poems in this collection also play with notions of the contentment derived from spending long days and nights of solitude in the woods. These poems stir images and long remembered feelings. NE M’OUBLIEZ PAS! She doesn’t wear a coat, Goes barefoot in the winter, I think she must achieve Symphony from setting. She cocks her head and whips Her hip out like a knife— Haven’t a clue where she comes from— A rhapsody, crimson ballad, Not a life. She winks and shrugs her shoulders, Sigh of Circean resolution— Minor heaven, indigo Paradise—she moves To a vivid conclusion. DAVID C. TILLINGHAST was educated at Louisiana Tech, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of South Carolina where he studied with George Garrett and Jim Dickey. His numerous publications and awards testify to his distinguished career. 978-1-68003-123-2 paper $9.95 978-1-68003-124-9 ebook 6x9. 72 pp. Poetry. March

D. C. Berry

An “X-ray” of Berry's two flings with Multiple Myeloma condensed into haikus. Except where he fudges-out of the haiku syllable-count strait jacket, then calls them cell phone texts, or telegrams, or poemettes if in a poodle mood. Or finger sandwiches in which the baloney is bigger than the bread. Sometimes he raps. Beowulf: Oft Scyld Scefing sceabena preatum. Jump to William Langland (Piers Plowman): A fair field full of folk. On to Shakespeare: Beated and chopp’d with tann’d antiquity. And James Jibber Joyce: Seaspawn and seawrack, the nearing tide, the rusty boot. Snotgreen, bluesilver rust. Eminem gets the last word-spasm: And just blurt this berserk and bizarre shit that works . . . . Berry didn’t battle cancer, but embraced her: Miss Myeloma or Mylo. D. C. BERRY earned a BS from Bob Jones University and another from Delta State. He spent 1967 and 1968 in Vietnam, then earned a Ph.D in English at the University of Tennessee in 1972. He has written two poetry chapbooks, Jawbone and Zen Cancer Saloon. He's also written several books of poetry, including: Divorce Boxing, Saigon Cemetary, Hamlet Off Stage, A Week on the Chunky and Chickasayhay, and The Vietnam Ecclesiastes. 978-1-68003-115-7 paper $8.95 978-1-68003-116-4 ebook 6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. February


Fresh voices from the Southwest . . .

From one of today's most thought- provoking literary critics . . .

The Southwest Anthology

Literary Writing in the 21st Century

The Best of the Writing Programs


Deseree Probasco

Anis Shivani

In Literary Writing in the 21st Century an incredible array of today’s leading fiction writers, poets, critics, editors, publishers, and booksellers engage in noholds-barred dialogue about the challenging issues facing writing and publishing today. Whether it’s the impact of innovative technologies, proliferation of new modes of teaching and learning, changing economic dynamics for publishers, shifting criteria to judge quality writing in a global context, or redefinitions of authorship amidst larger cultural changes, this book provides a cornucopia of strongly articulated opinions. It also serves as a manual for students enrolled in formal programs of creative writing, as well as those pursuing writing independently. Deploying his signature wit and unconventional insights, these wide-ranging cultural conversations are mediated by one of our most thought-provoking literary critics and are sure to prompt spirited dialogue both inside and outside the classroom. ANIS SHIVANI’s previous book of criticism was Against the Workshop: Provocations, Polemics, Controversies. His work appears in the Texas Review, Georgia Review, Yale Review, Boston Review, Threepenny Review, and many other journals. He is the winner of a Pushcart Prize for an essay on writing programs, graduated from Harvard College, and lives in Houston, Texas. 978-1-68003-129-4 paper with flaps $24.95 978-1-68003-130-0 ebook 6x9. 304 pp. Literary Criticism. April

Meet the next generation of literary superstars! Texas Review Press brings you The Southwest Anthology: The Best of the Writing Programs, featuring the upper echelon in talent in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction at MFA, MA, and PhD programs across the Southwest. This beautiful volume was assembled and produced by graduate students in the MFA program in Creative Writing, Editing, and Publishing at Sam Houston State University, home of Texas Review Press. It was also put together under the care and supervision of Dr. Paul Ruffin, who sadly passed away before this publication was finished. It remains a testament to Dr. Ruffin’s dedication to writing, teaching, and publishing. DESEREE PROBASCO, General Editor, graduated from SHSU with her MA in May 2016. Mike Hilbig, Assistant Editor, is currently enrolled at SHSU in the MFA program. Donna M. Finney, Brianna Reeves, John T. Roane, April Williams, and Savannah Woodworth were also members of Dr. Paul Ruffin’s Spring 2016 Publishing Practicum course for graduate students at SHSU, who together, selected work for, and finalized production on, The Southwest Anthology. 978-1-68003-131-7 paper $16.95 978-1-68003-133-1 ebook 51/2x81/2. 288 pp. Fiction. Poetry. May

Stephen F. Austin State University Press



New from LaNana Creek Press

The first anthology of its scope, Nebraska Poetry encompasses 150 years of the state’s literary history.

Nebraska Poetry: A Sesquicentennial Anthology Daniel A. Simon

Landscapes With Horses

Mark Sanders Illustrations by Charles D. Jones

Landscapes with Horses conjoins the work of two artists: the poetry of Mark Sanders and the illustrations of woodcutter and book artisan Charles Jones. The combination is a feast of imagery, both visual and written, and fine-press book enthusiasts and fans of poetry will find much to admire. Jones’s woodcuts show the range of horse energies, from wildness to repose, and Sanders’s verse places horses and humans in spiritual and emotional proximity in such fashion that acclaimed poet and novelist, Kelly Cherry, once called Sanders the best horse poet since Virginia poet Henry Taylor. Landscapes with Horses is an intimate collection; readers will understand both the artist and the poet better for reading the work, but readers will also see themselves transcended into the varied, powerful landscapes this book brings to life. MARK SANDERS is the author of a number of poetry collections, including Conditions of Grace: New and Selected Poems. CHARLES D. JONES is Professor Emeritus of Art at Stephen F. Austin State University. 978-1-62288-068-3 cloth $25.00 10x8. 60 pp. 12 woodcut prints. Poetry. Art. May

In Nebraska Poetry: A Sesquicentennial Anthology, editor Daniel Simon has collected poems that indeed nibble at that vastness. This is Nebraska’s most comprehensive and well-researched poetry anthology to date, inclusive of gender, age, ethnicity, and geographic areas of the state. The poems range from the settling of the West, to reflections of a past/agrarian lifestyle, to nature/environment, to the more urban poems of the twenty-first century. The poets and their work are arranged by year of birth, which allows us to appreciate the change of styles and subjects that have always occurred in poetry as well as the continuum of similarities. This volume is a delight to peruse and offers readers the rare opportunity to discover so many voices—the almost-forgotten women writing in the early 1900s to those in the present generation. Most of the contributors are contemporary poets writing at the height of their careers. DANIEL SIMON is a Nebraska native. He received his doctorate in comparative literature from Indiana University, Bloomington. He currently teaches for the Department of English at the University of Oklahoma. His verse chapbook, Cast Off, was published in 2015, and a full-length collection, After Reading Everything, is due out in 2016. He lives in Norman, Oklahoma with his wife and three daughters. 978-1-62288-145-1 cloth $26.00 6x9. 240 pp. Poetry. April


Depth and knowledge from the practice of art

The Birds, Their Carols Raise

East Texas Impressions: The Art of Charles D. Jones

Gary Brice

Charles D. Jones

Charles D. Jones is an East Texas legend, a Renaissance man by all measures. This newest book from the author of Honey Bucket Charlie and Chopper Blues attests to that talent and artistic brilliance. Here, beautifully printed and housed in an embossed cloth cover is a retrospective of nearly a half-century of Jones’s artwork—drawings and sketches, paintings and prints, and woodcuts that range from blues musicians to modern authors, horses to insects, and flora of East Texas. The range of Jones’ work is phenomenal; not only have his works hung in prestigious galleries throughout the United States, Europe, and Latin American, but it has graced numerous book covers, promotional items, and CD-jackets. Readers who come to this work will be amazed at the power and energy, the force with which Jones reckons daily. CHARLES D. JONES is an artist/musician living and working in Nacogdoches, Texas, where he designs, prints, and binds fine press and artist’s books. His prints and books under the LaNana Creek Press imprint are housed in special collections of Bodleian Library, Oxford University, the Pushkin Museum, the Taiwanese National Library, among numerous others. His book of the Vietnam war, Chopper Blues, was awarded the International Book Prize for Military History in 2013 by the Los Angeles Book News. 978-1-62288-141-3 limited edition $60.00 81/2x11. 376 pp. 200 color illustrations 100 b&w prints. Art. January

It was August of 1960 and nine year-old Kyle Dexter couldn’t wait for the new school year to begin. It would be a season of adventure – long division, cursive writing, ink pens, flutophone lessons, and new friends. As a pastor’s kid in Nacogdoches, Texas, Kyle enjoyed a life of privilege and ease. Not half a mile from Kyle’s home, Jasmine Washington was not nearly as excited. Life had dealt her a bum hand and had, in the process, fashioned a young girl who was most sensitive to all of life’s injustices. For both Kyle and Jasmine, the last months of 1960 would become months of revelation and awakening. These two pilgrims would encounter racism, hypocrisy, poverty, and shame; but they would also encounter kindness, grace, forgiveness and moments of life-changing beauty. In a small East Texas town, in a season of social unrest, God would weave together the lives of two very different people and two very different families into a single, stunning strand of grace. GARY BRICE completed two degrees at SFA, and taught math at NHS for four years. It was during those years that he met the love of his life, Anita, who would become his best friend and his wife. In 1982, Brice served in pastoral ministry in Bellingham, WA and Beaumont, TX. In 2008, Brice returned to the classroom where he teaches Algebra at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. When not solving quadratic equations, he loves to run, fish, and scour garage sales for books. 978-1-62288-162-8 paper $14.00 5x8. 140 pp. Young Readers Fiction. February


A study in contemporary American poetry. . .

Plains poetry at its finest

frontpew@ paradise

Weight of the Weather

J.V. Brummels

Regarding the Poetry of Ted Koozer Mark Sanders

JV Brummels’ latest collection is frontpew@paradise is Brummels’ best work to date; while the poems— as in his earlier collections, 614 Pearl, Cheyenne Line, City at War, Book of Grass, among others—focus upon the daily and particular concerns of the Great Plains and of ranch life, frontpew places Brummels’ readers up close and personal into the sermon that a long life may be. The poems are not didactic by any means, but they are wise and contemplative, as the long road to paradise may be paved. J. V. BRUMMELS’ work has been recognized with a Literature Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Elkhorn Prize and the Mildred Bennett Award for contributions to the state’s literature from the Nebraska Center for the Book. His Book of Grass was awarded the 2008 Nebraska Book Award for Poetry, and his Cheyenne Line and Other Poems was selected as one of 150 significant Nebraska books. Raised first on a farm and later on a ranch, he was educated at the University of Nebraska and Syracuse University. In 1984 he and his family began a horseback cattle outfit to raise natural, grass-fed beef, which they continue to operate as Lightning Creek Cattle Company.

978-1-62288-161-1 paper $16.00 51/2x81/2. 88 pp. Poetry. March

The Weight of the Weather: Regarding the Poetry of Ted Kooser is a comprehensive examination of the former US Poet Laureate’s long-time contribution to American letters. For many years, Kooser’s work, while well-regarded among regional audiences in the Midwest and Great Plains, had been considered quaint and provincial by readers elsewhere. This attitude largely changed circa 1980 with the publication of Sure Signs: New and Selected Poems, when Kooser’s work began to receive national readership. In this new critical study, Mark Sanders, a longtime critic, publisher, and supporter of Great Plains poetry, compiles a comprehensive overview and evaluation of Kooser’s poetic legacy. The Weight of the Weather gathers numerous criticisms, book reviews, reflections, and interviews that span Kooser’s long poetic career, including work by a number of critics and fellow poets—Dana Gioia, David Baker, and Jonathan Holden among them. The book endeavors to balance early appraisals of Kooser’s work, from 1980 and before, through his contemporary success and popularity. MARK SANDERS received the Mildred Bennett Award in 2007 for his work on Great Plains poetry. His most recent books are Conditions of Grace: New and Selected Poems and Riddled with Light: The Poetry of W. B. Yeats. His essays, criticisms, poetry, and fiction have appeared widely in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. 978-1-62288-030-0 paper $24.00 6x9. 250 pp. Poetry. April


A stunning debut collection of poetry

The Language We Cry In Delicia Daniels

978-1-62288-144-4 paper $18.00 5x8. 62 pp. Poetry. January

In her debut poetry collection, Delicia Daniels uniquely relates different experiences, including a new outlook on past history, intimacies, hardships, the joys of relationships, and the stepping stones of faith we were all born with. This wonderful poetry journey will leave you asking for more. DELICIA DANIELS is a poet, essayist, and biographer. She received her B.A. in English from Dillard University and her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Chicago State University. Her poems most recently appeared in WarpLand, and Cream City Review.

Finally, the Moon

Kimberly Williams

978-1-62288-156-7 paper $16.00 5x8. 80 pp. Poetry. May

There is profound depth, imagination, hard truths, beauty, and a vital spectrum of feelings to be found in this groundbreaking collection, which is just as wonderfully insightful and emotional as the world itself. William's writing is expressive, alive, and she gets to the point, knowing how to keep you wrapped up until the end. KIMBERLY WILLIAMS has an MFA in Creative Writing from UTEP. She teaches at Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona.

A fresh and stylish collection full of swagger

Ok By Me

Shelia Sanderson 978-1-62288-155-0 paper $18.00 6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. April

Shelia Sanderson writes a mature and committed poetry—a poetry that cuts to the bone, a poetry committed to cherishing the elemental wonders surrounding her life. Sanderson pays close attention to nature and her appreciation is specific, fresh, and hard-won, for Sanderson is a poet who, through hands-on observation, realizes the ironies and inequities of experience. And so her vision is subtle, wry, and realistic. The experience of a Sanderson poem is always essential. Her voice is uniquely her own, and a reader will hear Biblical overlays at the edges, in her poetry's fierce music, in its gravity and concern. Sanderson commands a consistent and sophisticated syntax, and her voice, her style, support and include the contradictions of hope—which is where her poems brilliantly lead. SHEILA SANDERSON lives in the high desert mountains of Prescott, Arizona and teaches Arts & Letters Program at Prescott College. She serves as a poetry and creative nonfiction editor for Alligator Juniper.


In the vein of Joe Lansdale and Cormac McCarthy comes a new release from SFA Press

Rendezvous with Death Sam Griffith

978-1-62288-152-9 paper $22.00 6x9. 240 pp. Fiction. May

Sam Griffith's new novel, Rendezvous with Death, spins a tale of intrigue and suspense. His investigation takes him through a number of alleys and dead ends, from Dallas neighborhoods to the little Texas towns that hold and withhold answers. Rendezvous with Death is at once a compelling story and mesmerizing read in the tradition of some of Texas' best authors, such as Joe R. Lansdale and Cormac McCarthy. Griffith's place among his contemporaries is obvious: he understands the Texas character, needfully suspicious and economical with what he or she discloses; he writes with clarity and credibility about the Texas landscape and the distances that bear a striking familiarity with the distances that sometimes exist between people; and, in the undercurrent of the serious, there is an unmistakable Texas humor that drives the novel forward. SAM GRIFFITH is a retired Justice on the Texas Twelfth Court of Appeals, a position to which he was elected three times, twice unopposed. Before being elected an appellate justice in 2000, he was a trial court judge and trial lawyer. He earned two legal specialization certifications from the Texas State Bar Association’s Board of Legal Specialization, an achievement of less than three percent of Texas lawyers.

From Chicken Coop to Mountain Top: All Good! Felix Holmes

978-1-62288-301-1 paper $20.00 6x9. 114 pp. 39 color photos African American Studies. January

Sponsored by Stephen F. Austin State University’s Center for Regional Heritage Research A memoir that will engage readers from young to old. From being a “chicken-catcher” in his youth, to climbing mountainside to fight wildfires as an adult, Felix Holmes takes readers on a journey where family stories come alive in Texas. FELIX HOLMES spent thirty-six years battling wildfires for the U.S. Forest Service. He currently resides in East Texas with his wife, Gloria Fay.

Elegiac and disarmingly clever

Correspondence in D Minor James Dennis

978-1-62288-168-0 $24.00 6x9. 66 pp. Poetry. January

James Dennis writes with erudition, wit, and a breath of fresh West Texas air. Here are poems woven of personal experience and a genuine love for the world; poems of hard-won faith and unflinching empathy in a voice brave, wry, and bracingly original. JAMES DENNIS is a novelist, poet, and Dominican Friar. He was born in West Texas and lives in Austin with his two ill-behaved dogs.


A delightful tribute to Wallace Stevens

A riveting walk on the wild side

Poet in the Park

The Ratlue Diaries: Two Poets and the Rocking K War

Judith Lauter

Ken Lauter

The Poet in the Park is a tribute to Wallace Stevens’ memory and to his singular accomplishment in poetry. It is an attempt to make an affectionate, human connection with a man deprived of some of life’s most basic pleasures – living where you want, living with whom you want, and having the psychological and emotional freedom to express yourself and evade the fetters of our Puritanical society. The method behind this tribute comes from work as both a photographer and poet – combining pictures of the natural world with a series of poems designed as what musicians would call variations, where one composer creates works that draw on and develop features from another composer, such as melodic themes or other aspects of musical style. The goal in such music is two-fold: to pay tribute to the original, and at the same time to make something new. Thus the poems here, while never attempting to fully replicate Stevens’ poetry, still draw on the manner, vocabulary, and poetic devices found throughout his work. JUDITH LAUTER holds a BA in English literature, three master's degrees, and a PhD in communication sciences. In addition to scientific articles, chapters, and books, she has published poems in a number of journals, and won two Hopwood Awards for poetry, an Academy of American Poets prize, and the Norma Lowry Memorial Prize. 978-1-62288-160-4 paper $20.00 6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. April

The Ratlue Diaries is a fictionalized account of events occurring 30 years ago in the grass-roots rebellion against the Rocking K. Ranch rezoning, a scheme to urbanize the sparsely populated Rincon Valley, twenty-five miles from downtown Tuscon, Arizona. Timely and timeless, this is a dramatic and deeply moving account of events in a Southwestern town and the repercussions that will forever change a young man's view of human greed and compassion. Steeped in detail, this poetic account of mankind at his worst will leave the reader longing cool breezes and courtships call of the mourning dove. KEN LAUTER received his BA in English from the University of Missouri at Kansas City, his MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Michigan, and his ABD in 19th century English Literature at Washington University in St Louis. He has published poems in a number of journals and several books, including: The Other Side, Before the Light, The Ghosts – Notes from a Field Study, Songs from Walnut Canyon, Grand Canyon Days, Searching for Mr. Stevens, The Structure of the Body, First Kingdoms – Poems from a Vanishing Landscape, Postcards from Paradise – A Tucson Spring, Vermeer in Words, New Mexico Notebook – Late Summer in the Mountains, and Time after Time – a Novel in Verse. He currently lives in Nacogdoches, Texas, with his wife, Judith. 978-1-62288-153-6 paper $22.00 6x9. 200 pp. Fiction. May


Popular titles from Shearer Publishing Lone Star Eats A Gathering of Recipes from Great Texas Cookbooks Terry Thompson-Anderson 384 pp. Line drawings. Recipe source. Index. 978-0-940672-76-5 flexbound $24.95

Wildflowers of Texas Geyata Ajilvsgi 544 pp., 486 color photos. Map. Illustrated glossary. Bib. Index. 978-0-940672-73-4 flexbound $19.95

In her popular Wildflowers of Texas, native-plant expert Geyata Ajilvsgi gives lay readers a comprehensive field guide on the state’s abundant wildflowers. This latest edition contains information on 482 of the most common species found in the state’s major vegetation zones. Each entry includes a full-color photograph of the flower on the page facing the entry, bloom period, range and habitat, and botanical description. Texas Country Reporter Cookbook Recipes from the Viewers of “Texas Country Reporter” Bob Phillips 256 pp. Line drawings. Index. 978-0-940672-54-3 paper $17.95

In traveling the backroads to gather material for the popular television show Texas Country Reporter, producer Bob Phillips and his crew have tasted some of the best Texas cooking— from crawfish in Mauriceville to chili in Terlingua to sautéed tumbleweeds in Clint. In this cookbook viewers from all around the state share their favorite recipes, along with colorful anecdotes about the history of the dish.

A Family Farm in Tuscany Recipes and Stories from Fattoria Poggio Alloro Sarah Fioroni 978-0-940672-83-3 flexbound $24.95

In compiling Lone Star Eats, Terry ThompsonAnderson has pored over a vast collection of Texas cookbooks and chosen the best examples of the way Texans eat today. More than 500 favorite recipes make up this collection, from down-home comfort foods with rural roots to sophisticated dishes of urban inspiration. Don Strange of Texas His Life and Recipes Frances Strange 256 pp. 245 color photos. Index. 978-0-940672-81-9 cloth $34.95

San Antonio catering company Don Strange of Texas, known across the state as “the king of caterers,” is acclaimed for serving fresh, delicious food with imaginative flair, even at events attended by thousands of people. From its humble beginnings the business has evolved into an empire of catering venues. The book contains more than one hundred of the caterer’s most popular recipes, adapted for the home kitchen. Also included are cooking tips and sample party menus. Full-color photographs illustrate selected dishes and the caterer’s signature serving style. Wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country Marshall Enquist 978-0-9618013-0-4 paper $19.95

The Story of Texas John Edward Weems Compiled by Ron Stone Illustrations by Tom Jones 978-0-940672-35-2 paper $10.95



ART FROM THE TRENCHES Alfred Emile Cornebise 978-1-62349-202-1 flex $35.00


THE WORLD WAR I DIARY OF JOSE DE LA LUZ SAENZ Emilio Zamora 978-1-62349-113-0 cloth $50.00 978-1-62349-114-7 paper $ 24.95

Peter F. Owen

978-1-58544-599-8 cloth $32.50 978-1-62349-156-7 paper $ 22.95

SOISSONS, 1918 Douglas V. Johnson II and Rolfe L. Hillman, Jr. 978-0-89096-893-2 cloth $29.95

TO THE LINE OF FIRE! José A. Ramírez 978-1-60344-136-0 cloth $29.95

ESCAPE FROM VILLINGEN, 1918 Dwight R. Messimer 978-0-89096-956-4 cloth $29.95

a selection of titles

GUNNING FOR THE RED BARON Leon Bennett 978-1-58544-507-3 cloth $29.95

OVER THERE Carl Andrew Brannen 978-0-89096-791-1 paper $15.95

SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS Richard S. Faulkner 978-1-60344-297-8 cloth $29.95

a selection of titles

celebrating central texas history Central Texas Studies Journal of the Central Texas Historical Association

Volume 1

Central Texas Studies

Journal of the Central Texas Historical Association $15.00 paper 6x9. 116 pp. Texas History. January

MILES AND MILES OF TEXAS Carol Dawson with Roger Allen Polson Geoff Appold, Photo Editor 978-1-62349-456-8 cloth $39.95

Central Texas Studies highlights some of the most recent and authoritative research in Central Texas history. Published annually, the journal contains approximately three scholarly articles on a variety of topics related to the region’s history. Central Texas Studies also includes book reviews and other information of interest. Articles are subject to a double-blind, peer-review process. The purpose of the Central Texas Historical Association is to encourage the appreciation, understanding, and teaching of the rich and unique history of Central Texas, and by example and through educational and scholarly programs foster and promote research, preservation, and publication of historical materials affecting the greater Central Texas region.

A SOUTHERN FAMILY IN BLACK AND WHITE Do uglas Hales ISBN 978-1-58544-200-3 cloth $29.95

HISTORY AHEAD Dan K. Utley & Cynthia J. Beeman 978-1-60344-151-3 flex $23.00

LYNCHING TO BELONG Cynthia Skove Nevels 978-1-58544-589-9 cloth $24.95

THE RED RIVER BRIDGE WAR Rusty Williams 978-1-62349-405-6 cloth $29.95

THE TEXAS LANDSCAPE PROJECT David Todd and Jonathan Ogren 978-1-62349-372-1 flex $45.00

Heritage Travel

a selection of titles

EXPLORE TEXAS Mary O. Parker 978-1-62349-403-2 flex $28.00 ECHOES OF GLORY Thomas E. Alexander and Dan K. Utley 978-1-62349-337-0 flex $29.95

HISTORY ALONG THE WAY Dan K. Utley & Cynthia J. Beeman 978-1-60344-769-0 flex $25.00


THE COURTHOUSES OF TEXAS Mavis P. Kelsey & Donald H. Dyal 978-1-58544-549-3 paper $22.95

TEXAS STATE PARKS AND THE CCC Cynthia Brandimarte with Angela Reed 978-1-62349-296-0 flex $24.95

LIVING WITNESS Ralph Yznaga 978-1-60344-576-4 flex $29.95

THE TEXAS POST OFFICE MURALS Philip Parisi 978-1-62349-488-9 flex $29.95

GANGSTER TOUR OF TEXAS T. Lindsay Baker 978-1-60344-258-9 flex $29.95

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Libraries Libraries Libraries may may order order directly directly from from Texas Texas A&M A&M University University Libraries Libraries Press. Most books are available to libraries at a 20% disPress. Most books are available to Texas libraries at a University 20% disLibraries may order directly A&M count. Library Library orders will be befrom shipped with an invoice. invoice. count. orders shipped with an Press. Most books are will available to libraries at a 20% discount. Library orders will be shipped with an invoice.

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All books are available through bookstores or directly from Texas A&M University Press. Prices and discounts are subject to change without notice. Publishers represented in this catalog participate in the Cataloging in Publication (CIP) program of the Library of Congress. Cataloging infor­ mation appears on the copyright page of most books. Visit our web page at www.tamupress.com for our complete selection of available books for all publishers represented in this catalog. For established accounts you may e­mail your order to bookorders@tamu. edu.


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