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COV ER Scalloped hammerhead sharks. From the book Glorious Gulf of Mexico: Life Below the Blue by Jesse Cancelmo. (See page 3)


Mexican poppy. From the book Explore Texas: A Nature Travel Guide by Mary O. Parker. Photograph by Jeff Parker. (See page 10)

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Glorious Gulf of Mexico Life Below the Blue

Jesse Cancelmo Foreword by John W. Tunnell Jr. Stunned by widespread ignorance about the Gulf of Mexico following the 2010 Macondo oil spill, underwater photographer Jesse Cancelmo decided to turn his camera on the marine life of this 600,000 square mile international sea that connects five US states, six Mexican states, and the island nation of Cuba. With the goal of countering dismissive descriptions of a Gulf plagued with dead zones and overrun by oil rigs, Cancelmo set out to capture a world rarely acknowledged, let alone seen. Between the Gulf 's rich shoreline habitats and its prolific oceanic communities, thriving amid dazzling coral reefs, brine seeps, canyons, salt domes, and hard bottom banks, are more than 15,000 species, including an iconic cast of sea animals: sperm whales, manta rays, whale sharks, manatees, spotted dolphins, and more. Capturing images from locations all around the Gulf, Cancelmo reveals the beauty and glory of these diverse habitats and species. Although this is a book of sensational underwater photography, Cancelmo intends it to be more than a celebration of oceanic beauty. He also hopes to inspire better understanding and appreciation of the natural marine habitats in the Gulf and to strengthen support for their protection and sustainment. Number Twenty-eight: Gulf Coast Books, sponsored by Texas A&M UniversityCorpus Christi

JESSE CANCELMO is a Houston-based writer and an underwater photographer whose articles and photographs have appeared in numerous diving and wildlife publications. He is the author of Texas Coral Reefs.

978-1-62349-374-5 flexbound $30.00 978-1-62349-375-2 ebook 10x11. 156 pp. 194 color photos. 5 maps. Bib. Index. Nature Photography. Gulf of Mexico. Conservation. March

RELATED INTEREST Texas Coral Reefs Jesse Cancelmo Foreword by Sylvia Earle 978-1-58544-633-9 cloth $24.95 978-1-60344-276-3 ebook

Vertical Reefs Life on Oil and Gas Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico Mary Katherine Wicksten 978-1-62349-311-0 flexbound $29.95 978-1-62349-312-7 ebook


Prepare to Defend Yourself . . . How to Age Gracefully and Escape with Your Dignity Matthew Minson, MD

The author of Prepare to Defend Yourself… How to Navigate the Healthcare System and Escape with Your Life is back. This time Matthew Minson, MD, turns a penetrating and whimsical eye on the medical and social aspects of aging in Prepare to Defend Yourself…How to Age Gracefully and Escape with Your Dignity. While seeming to simultaneously channel a combination of Benjamin Franklin and Charles Schulz, Dr. Minson goes after bodily changes, behaviors—good and bad, and what everyone can do to make life more bearable and—dare we say it—fun after fifty. Laced with his unique style of poignancy and humor and peppered with his own surrealistically funny cartoons, the book bravely takes on health, finances, sex, diet, exercise, death, the law, and what you can do to protect what matters most as you age. It’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of a chuckle in this groundbreaking book that just might make you look forward to your golden years. For anyone of any age who plans on aging with their dignity intact, this is the book for you. MATTHEW MINSON, MD, is an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Texas A&M School of Public Health and serves as the senior advisor for health affairs at the Texas Engineering Extension Service. An occupational medicine physician and expert in disaster medicine and catastrophic care considerations, he has been featured on C-SPAN and NPR and holds committee and forum appointments at the National Fire Protection Association and the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. He is the author of Prepare to Defend Yourself…How to Navigate the Healthcare System and Escape with Your Life.


Prepare toDefend Yourself

. . . How to Age Gracefully & Escape with Your Dignity

978-1-62349-412-4 paper with flaps $28.00 978-1-62349-413-1 ebook 6x9. 320 pp. 49 line art. 1 color illus. 12 tables. Map. 2 charts. 4 figures. Bib. Index. Consumer Health. April

RELATED INTEREST Prepare to Defend Yourself ... How to Navigate the Healthcare System and Escape with Your Life Matthew Minson, MD 978-1-62349-115-4 paper with flaps $23.00 978-1-62349-162-8 ebook Texas Task Force 1 Urban Search and Rescue Bud Force Foreword by G. Kemble Bennett Afterword by J. Robert McKee 978-1-60344-288-6 flexbound $24.95 978-1-60344-383-8 ebook


TABLE OF CONTENTS: Chapter 1 Biology and Genetics: Why the Gene Pool Needs a Lifeguard! Chapter 2 Behavior: I Am a Jelly Donut! Chapter 3 Your Physical Environment: The Big Toxic Elephant in the Room Chapter 4 The Social and Psychological Environment: I Think, Therefore My Head Hurts Chapter 5 Access to Health Care: How to Get a Backstage Pass Chapter 6 Financial Resources—Health: Why Sea Monkeys Are a Bad Long-Term Investment Strategy Chapter 7 Financial Resources—Living Expenses: Why HAZMAT Incidents Are a Lot Like Consumer Advocacy Chapter 8 Abuse and Self-Protection: Keeping Your Guard Up Chapter 9 Sex and Sexuality: The Schoolhouse Rock Segment That Never Was Chapter 10 End of Life: I Am Not Counting on a Sequel

Praise for Matthew Minson’s first Prepare to Defend Yourself book:

Helpful to almost everyone . . . provides expert information on a personal level using layperson’s terms. The text succeeds by straddling both patient and medical professional sides of the system. Highly recommended for consumer health readers.” —Library Journal


Birds in Trouble Lynn E. Barber

As oil was washing up on the shores of Louisiana, covering shorebirds and their nests and eggs after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Lynn Barber decided to write this book to heighten awareness, not only of the plight of bird species that are declining in numbers every year, but also of the ways in which the birds we see every day may also face the same fate. First explaining the idea of birds “in trouble”—and what that means in terms of population, conservation status, and national and international designations—the book then turns to the habitats that are important to birds, how they are affected by changes in these habitats, and what ordinary people can do to help counter those negative effects. Barber then profiles forty-two species that are in trouble in the United States, discussing the likely reasons why and what, if anything, we can do to improve their situations. Illustrated throughout with the author’s signature bird art, the book closes with a reminder about what we can do to ensure that the birds we see every day in our yards, parks, and communities will remain with us. LYNN E. BARBER is a past board member of the American Birding Association and the author of Extreme Birder: One Woman’s Big Year. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska.


LY N N E . B A R B E R 978-1-62349-359-2 flexbound $29.95 978-1-62349-360-8 ebook 6x9. 224 pp. 55 color, 36 line art. Bib. Index. Birding/Ornithology. Conservation. April

RELATED INTEREST Extreme Birder One Woman's Big Year Lynn E. Barber Foreword by Thomas R. Dunlap 978-1-60344-261-9 flexbound $29.95 978-1-60344-672-3 ebook Feeding Wild Birds in America Culture, Commerce, and Conservation Paul J. Baicich, Margaret A. Barker, and Carrol L. Henderson 978-1-62349-211-3 flexbound $27.95 978-1-62349-217-5 ebook


Alligators of Texas

Louise Hayes Photographs by Philippe Henry Found only in the United States, the American alligator ranges in Texas through 120 counties, from the Sabine River to the Rio Grande, across a swath of river drainages and coastal marshes that include both the backwater swamps of the Big Thicket and the urban bayous of the Houston metroplex. From its beginning in a pile of eggs buried in a meticulously constructed nest to its possible end as an alligator burger or a pair of boots, an alligator’s habitat preferences sometimes coincide with the favorite haunts of boaters, hunters, and coastal residents though its behavior is sometimes poorly understood. In this book, biologist Louise Hayes and photographer Philippe Henry have come together to bring readers up close to this cryptic reptile’s food choices, parenting skills, communication techniques, and responses to natural events such as freezes and hurricanes. They also relate some Texas “alligator tales”; discuss alligator farming, hunting, and live capturing; and examine how people can successfully co-exist with this predator. They end by telling readers where they can view alligators, both in the wild and in captivity. Although not as often, as easily, or perhaps as happily observed as white-tailed deer or armadillos, the American alligator is an iconic Texas animal, and knowing more about its life and habits can help Texans better understand its rightful place in the landscape. Number Twenty-nine: Gulf Coast Books, sponsored by Texas A&M UniversityCorpus Christi

LOUISE HAYES has been studying American alligators in Texas since 1985 at sites such as Brazos Bend State Park and the J.D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area. PHILIPPE HENRY is a professional wildlife photographer based in Montreal. His photographs have been published worldwide.

978-1-62349-387-5 flexbound $29.95 978-1-62349-388-2 ebook 8x9. 288 pp. 102 color, 13 b&w photos. 4 maps. 3 tables. Bib. Index. Herpetology. Wildlife. Photography. June

RELATED INTEREST Caddo Visions of a Southern Cypress Lake Photography by Carolyn Brown Foreword by Andrew Sansom Narrated by Thad Sitton 978-1-62349-239-7 cloth $30.00 978-1-62349-251-9 ebook Greg Lasley’s Texas Wildlife Portraits Greg W. Lasley Introduction by John L. Tveten and Gloria Tveten 978-1-60344-057-8 cloth $30.00 978-1-60344-415-6 ebook


“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” —John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra, 1911

The Texas Landscape Project

Nature and People David Todd and Jonathan Ogren Foreword by Andrew Sansom The Texas Landscape Project explores conservation and ecology in Texas by presenting a highly visual and deeply researched view of the widespread changes that have affected the state as its population and economy have boomed and as Texans have worked ever harder to safeguard its bountiful but limited natural resources. Covering the entire state, from Pineywoods bottomlands and Panhandle playas to Hill Country springs and Big Bend canyons, the project examines a host of familiar and not so familiar environmental issues. A companion volume to The Texas Legacy Project, this book tracks specific environmental changes that have occurred in Texas using more than 300 color maps, expertly crafted by cartographer Jonathan Ogren, and over 100 photographs that coalesce to fashion a broad portrait of the modern Texas landscape. The rich data, compiled by author David Todd, is presented in clearly written yet marvelously detailed text that gives historical context and contemporary statistics while exploring and unpacking the environmental trends connected to the land, water, air, energy, and built world of the second-largest and second-most populated state in the nation. An engaging read for any environmentalist or conscientious citizen, The Texas Landscape Project provides a true sense of the grand scope of the Lone Star State and the high stakes of protecting it. Kathie and Ed Cox Jr. Books on Conservation Leadership, sponsored by The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

DAVID TODD is the founder and coordinator of the Conservation History Association of Texas and coauthor of The Texas Legacy Project. JONATHAN OGREN is the founder of Siglo Group, a firm that helps clients integrate natural systems into land planning and design.

978-1-62349-372-1 flexbound $45.00 978-1-62349-373-8 ebook 9x10. 520 pp. 64 color, 34 b&w photos. 21 line art. 20 graphs. 303 maps. 2 tables. Bib. Index. Conservation. Natural History. June

RELATED INTEREST The Texas Legacy Project Stories of Courage and Conservation Edited by David A. Todd and David Weisman Foreword by Carter Smith 978-1-60344-200-8 flexbound $30.00 978-1-60344-511-5 ebook The Book of Texas Bays Jim Blackburn Photography by Jim Olive 978-1-60344-275-6 ebook 978-1-60344-782-9 flexbound $35.00


PART I. LAND Land Protection Prairies, Pastures, Cropfields, and Lawns {Desert Bighorn Sheep} The Big Thicket Protecting the Neches Valley Conserving Land and Wildlife Cooperation Wildlife, Land, and Taxes {The Fall and Rise of the American Bison} PART II. WATER Surface Water High Plains Playas Reservoirs Drought and Water Use Stream Flows and Water Rights Water Planning and Interbasin Transfers Dams in the Big Bend Trinity Barge Canal Fishing, Swimming, and Polluting History and Prehistory of Lake Amistad Falcon Reservoir’s Drowned History Exotic Fish in Texas Groundwater Lost Springs and Old Trails Barton Springs, Austin, and Nonpoint Source Pollution Ogallala Aquifer Comal, San Antonio, and the Edwards Houston Subsidence Gulf of Mexico Reefs Storms and the Texas Coast {Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle}

PART III. AIR Lead, Smeltertown, and the Family Car The Ozone Hole Tobacco and Secondhand Smoke Upsets {Monarch Butterflies} PART IV. ENERGY Coal Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewater Brown Pelican Wind Energy PART V. THE BUILT WORLD Population Growth and Shift Sprawl {Fire Ants!} Lights in the Night Billboards Shared Sacrifice? Colonias The Border and the Borderlands {Sparrows, Starlings, and Doves} {Denotes a featured wildlife insert}


Explore Texas A Nature Travel Guide

Mary O. Parker Photographs by Jeff Parker Foreword by Carter P. Smith If you are interested in birdwatching, wildlife viewing, or stargazing; flowers, geology, or water; nature centers, festivals, or photography, a destination in Texas awaits you. From the desert gardens of Big Bend to hawk watching on the Gulf Coast to caving and bat watching in the Hill Country, natureoriented travel in Texas also includes lesser known getaways. Organized by the seven official state travel regions, Explore Texas features descriptions of almost one hundred nature-oriented sites, including information about the best time to visit and why it’s worth going; location, fees, and other logistics; and a “learn” section on the observations and natural phenomena a visitor might expect to experience. Photographs by professional photographer Jeff Parker accompany the accounts, and handy color-coded icons help guide readers to the activities of their choice. Perfect for planning the family’s next outing or vacation, this book also contains a message of how nature tourism helps to protect biodiversity, promote conservation, and sustain the state’s tourism economy. Myrna and David K. Langford Books on Working Lands MARY O. PARKER is a freelance writer and owner of Red Belly Writing School. Her work regularly appears in Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine. She lives in Central Texas. JEFF PARKER is an award-winning wildlife and nature photographer whose work has appeared in Audubon, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and American Profile. He leads photo tours and workshops in South Texas and throughout the Americas.

. . . timely because it engages families, which is especially important given the concern that too many children today spend way too much time indoors attached to electronic devices. It is written to be sure families, especially those with young children, are well prepared.” —Linda Campell, former statewide nature tourism coordinator at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

978-1-62349-403-2 flexbound $28.00 978-1-62349-404-9 ebook 6x9. 288 pp. 242 color photos. 10 maps. Index. Nature Guides. Nature Travel. Recreation. June

RELATED INTEREST Wildlife Watching in America's National Parks A Seasonal Guide Gary W. Vequist and Daniel S. Licht 978-1-60344-814-7 flexbound $25.00 978-1-60344-827-7 ebook Enjoying Big Bend National Park A Friendly Guide to Adventures for Everyone Gary Clark Photography by Kathy Adams Clark 978-1-60344-101-8 flexbound $17.95 978-1-60344-338-8 ebook


The man who mentored Texas music legends . . .

Kent Finlay, Dreamer

The Musical Legacy behind Cheatham Street Warehouse Brian T. Atkinson and Jenni Finlay Foreword by George Strait

Though not a household name for the general public, Kent Finlay (1938–2015) was one of the world’s best-known and best-loved promoters, mentors, and gurus of Texas music. In 1974, he founded the Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos as a venue for live music and an incubator for young talent. In 1977, he drove to Nashville and took with him a young, unknown singer named George Strait. On that trip, Strait recorded a demo that laid the initial foundation of his sensational career. Finlay’s friends and fans also include such Texas music fixtures as Todd Snider, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Jack Ingram, James McMurtry, Joe “King” Carrasco, Marcia Ball, Radney Foster, Eric Johnson, Hayes Carll, Omar Dykes (Omar and the Howlers), Terri Hendrix, and Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel). These and many others have contributed first-person interviews to this volume, which pays tribute both to Finlay and to his unselfish love for Texas music and musicians. John and Robin Dickson Series in Texas Music, sponsored by the Center for Texas Music History, Texas State University

BRIAN T. ATKINSON, the author of I’ll Be Here in the Morning: The Songwriting Legacy of Townes Van Zandt, is a music writer, record label owner, and producer based in Austin. JENNI FINLAY is an artist manager, radio promoter, and record producer based in Austin. The daughter of Kent Finlay, she owns Eight 30 Records with Atkinson.

Finlay’s part in Texas music history is huge. He and his great little honky-tonk with indoor toilets gave me and a whole host of others a place to learn our craft and to learn how to be, sing, and play music on stage. Finlay believed in the up-and-coming Ace in the Hole Band, with a totally unknown singer who had big dreams—and helped make those dreams a reality.” —from the foreword by George Strait

978-1-62349-378-3 cloth $25.95 978-1-62349-379-0 ebook 6x9. 280 pp. 68 color, 12 b&w photos. 3 sepia images. Line art. Index. Biography. Music. Texana. February

RELATED INTEREST I’ll Be Here in the Morning The Songwriting Legacy of Townes Van Zandt Brian T. Atkinson Foreword by “Cowboy” Jack Clements and Harold F. Eggers Jr. 978-1-60344-526-9 cloth $24.95 978-1-60344-527-6 ebook Texas Blues The Rise of a Contemporary Sound Alan B. Govenar 978-1-58544-605-6 cloth $40.00 978-1-60344-510-8 ebook


One of the last remaining freedmen’s towns in the United States . . .

The Ground on Which I Stand W A Photographic Essay and Oral Histories of Tamina, a Freedmen’s Town

The Ground on Which I Stand


Tamina, a Freedmen’s Town

Marti Corn Introduction by Thad Sitton Contributions by Tracy Xavia Karner and Tacey A. Rosolowski In 1871, newly freed slaves established the community of Tamina—then called “Tammany”—north of Houston, near the rich timber lands of Montgomery County. Located in proximity to the just-completed railroad from Conroe to Houston, the community benefited from the burgeoning local lumber industry and available transportation. The residents built homes, churches, a one-room school, and a general store. Over time, urban growth and change has overtaken Tamina. The sprawling communities of The Woodlands, Shenandoah, Chateau Woods, and Oak Ridge have encroached, introducing both opportunity and complication, as the residents of this rural community enjoy both the benefits and the challenges of urban life. On the one hand, the children of Tamina have the opportunity to attend some of the best public schools in the nation; on the other hand, residents whose education and job skills have not kept pace with modern society are struggling for survival. Through striking and intimate photography and sensitively gleaned oral histories, Marti Corn has chronicled the lives, dreams, and spirit of the people of Tamina. The result is a multifaceted portrait of community, kinship, values, and shared history. Number Twenty-two: Sam Rayburn Series on Rural Life, sponsored by Texas A&M University-Commerce

MARTI CORN is a documentary portrait photographer based in Houston. Her art photography has been featured in exhibitions in Minneapolis, Portland, New York, Rome, Houston, and Washington, DC.

. . . a remarkable and important piece of work, of equal parts beauty and truth . . . Marti Corn . . . gives us pictures of the people of Tamina that are as honest and unpretentious as family snapshots, yet as beautiful as any portraits I have seen in contemporary color photography.”—Geoffrey Winningham, author of Traveling the Shore of the Spanish Sea: The Gulf Coast of Texas and Mexico

978-1-62349-376-9 cloth $40.00 978-1-62349-377-6 ebook 81/2x11. 160 pp. 95 color, 11 b&w images. Bib. Index. Photography. African American Studies. Texas History. May

RELATED INTEREST Equal before the Lens Jno. Trlica’s Photographs of Granger, Texas Barbara McCandless 978-0-89096-486-6 cloth $34.50

Mennonites in Texas The Quiet in the Land Laura L. Camden and Susan Gaetz Duarte 978-1-58544-497-7 cloth $35.00 978-1-60344-538-2 ebook


The Material Culture of German Texans

s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S

Kenneth Hafertepe

German immigrants of the nineteenth century left a distinctive mark on the lifestyles and vernacular architecture of Texas. In this first comprehensive survey of the art and artifacts of German Texans, Kenneth Hafertepe explores how their material culture was influenced by their European roots, how it was adapted to everyday life in Texas, and how it changed over time—at different rates in different communities. The Material Culture of German Texans is about the struggle to become American while maintaining a distinctive cultural identity drawn from German heritage.

The Material Culture of German Texans

Kenneth Hafertepe Including materials from rural, small town, and urban settings, this masterful study covers pioneer generations s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S s-S in East Texas and the Hill Country, but also follows the story into the Victorian era and the early twentieth 978-1-62349-382-0 cloth $50.00 century. Houses and their furnishings, churches 978-1-62349-383-7 ebook and cemeteries, breweries and businesses, and paintings and 81/2x11. 416 pp. 308 color photos. 68 b&w photos. engravings fill the pages of this thorough, informative, and richly 31 line art. Index. Architecture. Texana. Exploration/Settlement. illustrated volume.


Recent decades have seen a sharp increase of the study of vernacular architecture (which can range from traditional building to ethnic expressions to landscape ensembles) and an intensified study of American furniture and other decorative arts. Incorporating these vernacular and decorative arts methods and building on the works of cultural geographers, curators, and historians, The Material Culture of German Texans offers a definitive contribution that will inform visitors to the region as well as those who study its history and culture. KENNETH HAFERTEPE is chair of the department of museum studies at Baylor University. He is the author of several books, including A Guide to the Historic Buildings of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County.

RELATED INTEREST A Guide to the Historic Buildings of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County Kenneth Hafertepe 978-1-62349-272-4 flexbound $24.95 978-1-62349-273-1 ebook Historic Hotels of Texas A Traveler’s Guide Liz Carmack 978-1-58544-608-7 flexbound $23.00


A celebration of the state's faith and history . . .

Lone Star Steeples

Historic Places of Worship in Texas

Illustrated by Carl J. Christensen Jr. Text by Pixie Christensen Foreword by David Ruesink In Lone Star Steeples: Historic Places of Worship in Texas, Carl J. Christensen Jr. and Pixie Christensen present sixty-five captivating and historically significant structures in exquisite watercolor illustrations accompanied by brief summaries and convenient, handcrafted maps. Ranging from stately edifices of brick and stone located in urban centers to more humble wood-frame chapels in rural surroundings, the houses of faith shown in these pages have one important trait in common: They have all served as centers of cultural identity, spiritual comfort, and public service to the communities in which they arose. In their introduction, the Christensens write, “The journey behind Lone Star Steeples crisscrossed the state along back roads, farm roads, and state highways. In these journeys and in the stories that were told, certain patterns began to emerge: the pride of the people in building their churches debt-free, the perseverance of the people who endured their beloved church being destroyed by natural disaster once, twice, or even three times . . . the people’s recognition of the church as their cultural foundation, their moral foundation, their social center.” As the Christensens demonstrate, Texas is home to a remarkable diversity of people, and their places of worship reflect and celebrate that diversity. Number Fifteen: Clayton Wheat Williams Texas Life Series

CARL J. CHRISTENSEN JR. has worked as a design architect in Texas, Montana, and California. Since 2007, he and PIXIE have been traveling the state in search of places of worship with unique historical attributes. The Christensens live in Meadowlakes, Texas.

978-1-62349-393-6 cloth $35.00 978-1-62349-394-3 ebook 9x10. 192 pp. 82 color, 1 b&w image. 8 maps. Glossary. Bib. Architecture. Texana Gift Books. Religion. June

RELATED INTEREST Rock beneath the Sand Country Churches in Texas Text by Lois E. Myers and Rebecca Sharpless Photography by Clark Baker 978-1-58544-250-8 cloth $35.00 978-1-62349-050-8 ebook Black Churches in Texas A Guide to Historic Congregations Clyde McQueen 978-0-89096-902-1 cloth $39.95s 978-0-89096-941-0 paper $24.95 978-1-60344-839-0 ebook


Celebrating the traditions that connect food and family . . .

From Tea Cakes to Tamales Third-Generation Texas Recipes

Nola McKey Illustrations by Cora McKown Join experienced food writer Nola McKey, former editor at Texas Highways, on a journey through Texas history—through food! In this collection of more than one hundred recipes, Texans share the dishes they inherited from their ancestors and the family stories and traditions that accompany them. With a strong focus on Texas’ cultural diversity—featuring Polish cheese pie, Czech sauerkraut, Chinese fried rice, Mexican caldo, Italian pizzelle, African American purple hull peas, and German egg noodles—McKey documents the culinary impact of immigrants from around the globe. But this book is not for foodies alone; history enthusiasts will appreciate the snapshots of daily Texan life, captured in the narratives accompanying the recipes and spanning more than a century. Told primarily in the words of today’s cooks, these multigenerational family memories can take anyone on a trip down memory lane, back to a beloved grandmother’s kitchen or great-aunt’s holiday table. Included are recommendations for Texas museums and festivals where interested readers can learn more about many of the foods and cultures featured in this book. Additionally, McKey provides tips for preserving your own family recipes and for recording the heritage surrounding a special dish. Illustrated with family photos and original watercolors by Cora McKown, From Tea Cakes to Tamales will quickly itself become a Texan family heirloom. Number Sixteen: Clayton Wheat Williams Texas Life Series

NOLA McKEY, a former senior editor with Texas Highways, is the editor of the book Cooking with Texas Highways and previously worked as assistant foods editor at Southern Living magazine. She lives in Austin. CORA F. McKOWN is an artist and former housing and interior design professor at Texas Tech University. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

978-1-62349-409-4 paper $29.95 978-1-62349-410-0 ebook 8x8. 372 pp. 36 color, 43 b&w photos. 41 watercolors. Map. Index. Cooking. Texas History. May

RELATED INTEREST Growing Good Things to Eat in Texas Profiles of Organic Farmers and Ranchers across the State Pamela Walker Photography by Linda Walsh 978-1-60344-107-0 f lexbound $23.00 978-1-60344-341-8 ebook Dining at the Governor's Mansion Carl McQueary 978-1-58544-254-6 cloth $24.95 978-1-60344-707-2 ebook


The man who introduced the world to Blue Bell Ice Cream . . .

Ed. F. Kruse of Blue Bell Creameries Dorothy McLeod MacInerney Foreword by Ryan Crocker

ED. F. K R U S E

of Blue Bell Creameries

This biography of ice cream entrepreneur Ed. F. Kruse (1928– 2015) looks back on a life devoted to family, community, and building one of the most successful businesses in Texas. Starting at Blue Bell Creameries at the age of thirteen, Kruse held every position imaginable at the company, eventually becoming president and chief executive officer. Under his guidance, Blue Bell grew from a creamery serving the small communities around Brenham, Texas, to a nationally recognized brand. Dorothy MacInerney takes readers behind the scenes at the “little creamery in Brenham.” She reveals the hard work, persistence, and dedication that went into building not only Blue Bell Creameries, but also Kruse’s reputation as a tireless worker on behalf of the place where he was born and raised, the people whom he gathered around him at his company, and the home he so clearly treasured above everything else. This is an authentic Texas success story of a man and his guiding principles—and the generosity that compelled him to share his success with others. After retiring, the late Kruse retained a seat on the board of directors until 2014, giving him seventy-four years of experience at Blue Bell Creameries. DOROTHY MCLEOD MacINERNEY is the author of Blue Bell Ice Cream: A Century at the Little Creamery in Brenham, Texas. She lives in Austin.

Dorothy McLeod MacInerney

foreword by ryan crocker

978-1-62349-363-9 cloth $24.95 978-1-62349-364-6 ebook 6x9. 208 pp. 38 b&w photos. Map. Bib. Index. Biography. Texana. Business Practices. Popular Culture. May

RELATED INTEREST Blue Bell Ice Cream A Century at the Little Creamery in Brenham, Texas 1907–2007 Dorothy McLeod MacInerney 978-1-58544-594-3 cloth $19.95

Ben Love My Life in Texas Commerce Ben F. Love Foreword by James A. Baker III 978-1-60344-049-3 paper $23.95 978-1-60344-414-9 ebook


OVER AT COLLEGE A Texas A&M Campus Kid in the 1930s

James Knox Walker Jr. Foreword by David Chapman

Memories of a 1930s “campus kid” at Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College . . .

Over at College

A Texas A&M Campus Kid in the 1930s James Knox Walker Jr. Foreword by David Chapman

In 1926 James Knox Walker, professor of civil engineering, and his new bride moved onto the campus of what was then known as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. The greater community of which this small on-campus neighborhood was a part was known simply as “College.” There was no such place as College Station, and the city of Bryan stood six miles away. James Knox Walker Jr., the couple’s oldest child, recollects the days when professors, staff members, and their children formed a small, closely knit society “over at College.” It also served their educational needs at A&M Consolidated School, founded in 1920. This community flourished from its beginnings in the late 1890s until 1938, when the college informed residents that it would no longer provide on-campus housing. Over at College is a charming stroll through the past that also captures fascinating glimpses of the social structures, institutions, mores, and daily lives on the A&M campus during the 1920s and 1930s. Number 124: Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University

JAMES KNOX WALKER JR. graduated with a BS in entomology from Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College in 1951. He served as a faculty member in the department beginning in 1968 and in 1993 was appointed professor emeritus at Texas A&M University. 978-1-62349-385-1 cloth $21.95 978-1-62349-386-8 ebook 51/2x81/2. 128 pp. 60 b&w photos. Map. Index. Aggie Books. Texana Gift Books. April

Now in a new Texas A&M University Press edition

The Art of the Woman The Life and Work of Elisabet Ney

Emily F. Cutrer New Preface by the Author Foreword by Nancy Baker Jones and Cynthia J. Beeman The Art of the Woman explores the life of Germanborn Elisabet Ney, a flamboyant sculptor who transfixed the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer and left the court of the half-mad Ludwig of Bavaria to put down new roots in Texas. Born in 1833, Ney gained notoriety in Europe by sculpting the busts of such figures as Ludwig II, Schopenhauer, Garibaldi, and Bismarck. In 1871 she abruptly emigrated to America and became something of a recluse until resuming her sculpting career two decades later. In Texas, she was known for stormy relationships with officials, patrons, and women’s organizations. Her works included sculptures of Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin and are exhibited in the state and US capitols as well as the Smithsonian. Emily Fourmy Cutrer’s biography of Ney makes extensive use of primary sources and was the first to appraise both Ney’s legend and individual works of art. Cutrer argues that Ney was an accomplished sculptor coming out of a neglected German neoclassical tradition and that, whatever her failures and eccentricities, she was an important catalyst to cultural activity in Texas. Ellen C. Temple Classics in the Women in Texas History Series

EMILY FOURMY CUTRER is president of Texas A&M University–Texarkana. 978-1-62349-424-7 paper $24.95s 978-1-62349-425-4 ebook 6x9. 292 pp. 40 b&w photos. Index. Sculpture. Biography. Texas History. Women's Studies. March


The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor John A. Adams Jr.

By any measure, the battles of Bataan and Corregidor were among the most intensely fought and devastating episodes in the World War II Pacific theater. Beginning in early 1942, the Japanese Imperial Army invaded the Philippines in an attempt to control the Pacific region and expand its sphere of influence. The retreat and last stand of Filipino and American allied forces marked the largest surrender in their respective military histories. Their efforts slowed the Japanese advance but only at great cost. John A. Adams Jr. provides a new and compelling exploration of these pivotal events by recounting the history of Bataan and Corregidor through the eyes of 89 soldiers and officers who were former students and citizen soldiers from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. All were products of the Corps of Cadets, and indeed no other institution could boast of such a large deployment in the opening of the war. While many words have been written on Bataan and Corregidor, none have taken the approach of collective biography as The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor does here. As a result, this book is not only a new contribution to the history of World War II but also stands to be a landmark publication on the history of Texas A&M University.

978-1-62349-421-6 cloth $30.00 978-1-62349-423-0 ebook 6x9. 256 pp. 99 b&w photos. 7 maps. Bib. Index. Aggie Books. World War II. Military History. April

JOHN A. ADAMS JR. ’73 is the author of Keepers of the Spirit: The Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University, 1876–2001 and Softly Call the Muster: The Evolution of a Texas Aggie Tradition. He resides in College Station.


Texas Aggie Medals of Honor Seven Heroes of World War II James R. Woodall Foreword by James F. Hollingsworth 978-1-60344-204-6 cloth $29.95 978-1-62349-045-4 paper $19.95 978-1-60344-253-4 ebook

12 Texas Aggie War Heroes From World War I to Vietnam James R. Woodall Foreword by Thomas G. Darling 978-1-62349-319-6 cloth $29.95 978-1-62349-322-6 ebook

Keepers of the Spirit The Corp of Cadets at Texas A&M University, 1876–2001 John A. Adams Jr. Foreword by Ray M. Bowen 978-1-60344-155-1 paper $34.95 978-1-58544-999-6 ebook

Texas Aggies Go to War In Service of Their Country, Expanded Edition Henry C. Dethloff and John A. Adams Jr. Foreword by George H. W. Bush 978-1-60344-077-6 paper $29.95 978-1-60344-410-1 ebook


New in paperback

New in paperback

Carved from Granite

War Machines

West Point since 1902 Lance Betros

The United States Military Academy at West Point is one of America’s oldest and most revered institutions. Founded in 1802, its first and only mission is to prepare young men—and, since 1976, young women—to be leaders of character for service as commissioned officers in the United States Army. Carved from Granite is the story of how West Point goes about producing military leaders of character. As scholar and Academy graduate Lance Betros shows, West Point’s early history is interesting and colorful, but its history since then is far more relevant to the issues—and problems—that face the Academy today. Betros describes and assesses how well West Point has accomplished its mission— not hesitating to expose problems and challenge long-held assumptions. Here is the most authoritative history of the modern United States Military Academy written to date. Number One hundred thirty-eight: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

LANCE BETROS is provost of the US Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 978-1-62349-427-8 paper $29.95 978-1-60344-787-4 ebook 6x9. 480 pp. 26 b&w photos. 49 charts. Bib. Index. Army. Education History. Military History. March

Transforming Technologies in the U.S. Military, 1920–1940 Timothy Moy

During the interwar years, from 1920 to 1940, leaders from the Army Air Corps and the Marine Corps recreated their agencies based on visions of new military technologies. In War Machines, Timothy Moy examines these recreations and explores how factors such as bureaucratic pressure, institutional culture, and America’s technological enthusiasm shaped these leaders’ choices. “. . . The clarity of (Moy’s) presentation and thesis make this book an easy and valuable experience.” —Journal of American History “This book’s topic is particularly timely. War Machines offers insights about how institutional behavior molds technology selection that should be of value to today’s strategists and force planners.” —Air Power History “Moy provides the student of American military history with a cogent, articulate, astute, scholarly, and compelling analysis that will prove a greatly appreciated contribution as both a personal study and an academic reference.”—The Midwest Book Review Number Seventy-one: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

TIMOTHY MOY (1963–2007) was an associate professor of history at the University of New Mexico. 978-1-62349-426-1 paper $22.00s 6x9. 232 pp. 13 b&w photos. Bib. Index. History of Technology. Military History. March


A gripping memoir of life at sea during the fading of sail and the rise of steam . . .

Forty Years Master A Life in Sail and Steam

Daniel O. Killman Edited and Annotated by John Lyman and Harold D. Huycke Jr. Introduction by Brian J. Rouleau Afterword by David Hull Compiled by Rebecca Huycke Ellison During Daniel O. Killman’s more than fifty years at sea, he was shipwrecked off Coos Bay, discovered gold in Alaska, was dismasted in a hurricane near Fiji, lost a rudder en route to Adelaide, had run-ins with bureaucrats, officials, and seamen, and found himself in court facing charges of murder, all the while remaining in impeccable standing with the owners of his vessels. His thrilling life at sea during the last decades of sailing ships and the emergence of steam vessels in the Pacific is chronicled in Forty Years Master: A Life in Sail and Steam. Edited and annotated nearly forty years after Killman's death by prominent Pacific Coast maritime historians John Lyman and Harold D. Huycke Jr., Killman's memoir has been compiled by Rebecca Huycke Ellison from her father's papers, archived at the San Francisco Maritime Museum. Now with an introduction by maritime scholar Brian J. Rouleau and an afterword by David Hull, Killman's rollicking narrative of storms, surly mates, bustling ports, and the business of navigating the high seas will entertain and inform scholars, students, and general readers interested in nautical and maritime history, late nineteenth–early twentieth century trade and commerce, and West Coast/trans-Pacific maritime history. Marine, Maritime, and Coastal Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University at Galveston

REBECCA HUYCKE ELLISON, the compiler of this work, is the daughter of Capt. Harold D. Huycke Jr. She lives in Everett, Washington.

. . . a first-rate view of this era from the viewpoint of a merchant ship master and a solid contribution to maritime literature.”—Robert M. Browning Jr., former chief historian of the US Coast Guard


john lyman and harold d. huycke jr . Compiled by rebecca huycke ellison With an Introduction by brian j. rouleau And an Afterword by david hull

978-1-62349-380-6 cloth $35.00 978-1-62349-381-3 ebook 6x9. 384 pp. 30 b&w photos. 2 line art. 8 maps. Glossary. Index. Memoir. Autobiography. Nautical Archaeology. April

RELATED INTEREST Shipwrecked in Paradise Cleopatra's Barge in Hawai'i Paul F. Johnston 978-1-62349-283-0 hardcover $39.95 978-1-62349-284-7 ebook Coffins of the Brave Lake Shipwrecks of the War of 1812 Edited by Kevin J. Crisman 978-1-62349-032-4 hardcover $60.00s 978-1-62349-076-8 ebook


Panting For Glory

The Mississippi Rifles in the Mexican War Richard Bruce Winders

The “Mississippi Rifles,” so called because they were the first volunteer force in American history to have been issued rifles rather than smoothbore muskets, served in the war against Mexico that followed the annexation of Texas in 1845. In Panting for Glory, Richard Bruce Winders skillfully uncovers the contrasting wartime experience of two regiments, the 1st and 2nd Mississippi Rifles. The 1st Mississippi Rifles were lauded for their service and remain a familiar part of the history of the Mexican War. Under the leadership of Col. Jefferson Davis—later the President of the Confederate States of America—the 1st enjoyed significant victories at the Battle of Buena Vista and the Battle of Monterey. The 2nd Mississippi Rifles, by contrast, saw little action and returned home overlooked and largely forgotten. Panting for Glory contrasts these two experiences to show that the contours of history were sometimes arbitrary and that military historians, in their analysis of failure, should take into account a wide range of factors that influence outcomes, not merely records of wins and losses. As Winders concludes, “the 1st and 2nd Mississippi Rifles . . . offer the perfect opportunity to examine two sides of war: glory gained and glory denied.” Number 151: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

RICHARD BRUCE WINDERS is the historian and curator of the Alamo. He is the author of numerous books, including Mr. Polk’s Army: The American Military Experience in the Mexican War and Sacrificed at the Alamo: Tragedy and Triumph in the Texas Revolution. He resides in San Antonio, Texas.

“Jeff Davis and the Mississippi Rifles” By Sam Chamberlain. Courtesy San Jacinto Museum of History

978-1-62349-416-2 cloth $45.00s 978-1-62349-417-9 ebook 6x9. 224 pp. 4 maps. Bib. Index. Mexican War. Civil War. Military History. Mexican American Studies. May

RELATED INTEREST Two Armies on the Rio Grande The First Campaign of the US-Mexican War Douglas A. Murphy 978-1-62349-189-5 cloth $45.00s 978-1-62349-225-0 ebook Mr. Polk's Army The American Military Experience in the Mexican War Richard Bruce Winders 978-1-58544-033-7 paper $22.95


The forgotten “war between the states”: when the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma became an armed camp . . .

The Red River Bridge War A Texas-Oklahoma Border Battle Rusty Williams

At the beginning of America’s Great Depression, Texas and Oklahoma armed up and went to war over a 75-cent toll bridge that connected their states across the Red River. It was a two-week affair marked by the presence of National Guardsmen with field artillery, Texas Rangers with itchy trigger fingers, angry mobs, Model T blockade runners, and even a costumed Native American peace delegation. Traffic backed up for miles, cutting off travel between the states. This conflict entertained newspaper readers nationwide during the summer of 1931, but the Red River Bridge War was a deadly serious affair for many rural Americans at a time when free bridges and passable roads could mean the difference between survival and starvation. The confrontation had national consequences, too: it marked an end to public acceptance of the privately owned ferries, toll bridges, and turnpikes that threatened to strangle American transportation in the automobile age. The Red River Bridge War: A Texas-Oklahoma Border Battle documents the day-to-day skirmishes of this unlikely conflict between two sovereign states, each struggling to help citizens get goods to market at a time of reduced tax revenue and little federal assistance. It also serves as a cautionary tale, providing historical context to the current trend of re-privatizing our nation’s highway infrastructure. Red River Valley Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University-Texarkana

RUSTY WILLIAMS, an avocational historian, is the author of My Old Confederate Home: A Respectable Place for Civil War Veterans and Historic Photographs of Dallas, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. He resides in Dallas.

978-1-62349-405-6 cloth $29.95 978-1-62349-406-3 ebook 6x9. 330 pp. 32 b&w photos. 2 line art. Bib. Index. Texas Political History. Texas History. Southwestern History. May

RELATED INTEREST Camino del Norte How a Series of Watering Holes, Fords, and Dirt Trails Evolved into Interstate 35 in Texas Howard J. Erlichman 978-1-58544-473-1 cloth $29.95 978-1-60344-546-7 ebook History Ahead Stories beyond the Texas Roadside Markers Dan K. Utley and Cynthia J. Beeman 978-1-60344-151-3 flexbound $23.00 978-1-60344-344-9 ebook


The history of the state's most enduring Tejano community . . .

Faces of Béxar

Early San Antonio and Texas Jesús F. de la Teja

Faces of Béxar showcases the finest work of Jesús F. de la Teja, a foremost authority on Spanish colonial Mexico and Texas through the Republic. These essays trace the arc of the author’s career over a quarter of a century. A new bibliographic essay on early San Antonio and Texas history rounds out the collection, showing where Tejano history has been, is now, and where it might go in the future. For de la Teja, the Tejano experience in San Antonio is a case study of a community in transition, one moved by forces within and without. From its beginnings as an imperial outpost to becoming the center of another, newer empire—itself in transition—the social, political, and military history of San Antonio was central to Texas history, to say nothing of the larger contexts of Mexican and American history. Faces of Béxar explores this and more, including San Antonio's origins as a military settlement, the community's economic ties to Saltillo, its role in the fight for Mexican independence, and the motivations of Tejanos for joining Anglo Texans in the struggle for independence. Taken together, Faces of Béxar stands to be a milestone in the growing literature on Tejano history. JESÚS F. DE LA TEJA is the Jerome H. and Catherine E. Supple Professor of Southwestern Studies, regents’ professor of history, and the director of the Center for the Study of the Southwest at Texas State University. He is the author of numerous books on Texas history and a former State Historian of Texas. He resides in Austin, Texas.

978-1-62349-401-8 hardcover $40.00s 978-1-62349-402-5 ebook 6x9. 240 pp. 1 table. 10 b&w photos. Index. Revolution/Republic. Mexican American Studies. Southwestern History. Texas Urban History. March

RELATED INTEREST Tejano West Texas Arnoldo De León 978-1-62349-290-8 cloth $40.00s 978-1-62349-305-9 ebook

Contested Empire Rethinking the Texas Revolution Edited by Sam W. Haynes and Gerald D. Saxon Introduction by Gregg Cantrell 978-1-62349-309-7 cloth $30.00s 978-1-62349-310-3 ebook


Blood Oranges

Colonialism and Agriculture in the South Texas Borderlands Timothy Paul Bowman

Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges traces the origins and legacy of racial differences between Anglo Americans and ethnic Mexicans (Mexican nationals and Mexican Americans) in the South Texas borderlands in the twentieth century. Author Tim Bowman uncovers a complex web of historical circumstances that caused ethnic Mexicans in the region to rank among the poorest, least educated, and unhealthiest demographic in the country. The key to this development, Bowman finds, was a “modern colonization movement,” a process that had its roots in the Mexican-American war of the nineteenth century but reached its culmination in the twentieth century. South Texas, in Bowman’s words, became an “internal economy just inside of the US-Mexico border.”

Colonialism and Agr icultur e in t he Sout h T e x as Bor der lands

Beginning in the twentieth century, Anglo Americans consciously transformed the region from that of a culturally “Mexican” space, with an economy based on cattle, into one dominated by commercial agriculture focused on citrus and winter vegetables. As Anglos gained political and economic control in the region, they also consolidated their power along racial lines with laws and customs not unlike the “Jim Crow” system of southern segregation. Bowman argues that the Mexican labor class was thus transformed into a marginalized racial caste, the legacy of which remained in place even as large-scale agribusiness cemented its hold on the regional economy later in the century. Blood Oranges stands to be a major contribution to the history of South Texas and borderland studies alike. Connecting the Greater West Series

TIMOTHY PAUL BOWMAN is an assistant professor of history at West Texas A&M University. He resides in Amarillo, Texas.

Timothy Paul Bowman

978-1-62349-414-8 cloth $43.00s 978-1-62349-415-5 ebook 6x9. 412 pp. 10 b&w photos. Map. Bib. Index. Agricultural History. Borderlands Studies. Mexican American Studies. May

RELATED INTEREST Power and Control in the Imperial Valley Nature, Agribusiness, and Workers on the California Borderland, 1900–1940 Benny J Andrés 978-1-62349-197-0 cloth $43.00s 978-1-62349-219-9 ebook

Pesos and Dollars Entrepreneurs in the Texas-Mexico Borderlands, 1880–1940 Alicia Marion Dewey Foreword by Sterling D. Evans 978-1-62349-175-8 cloth $49.95s 978-1-62349-209-0 ebook



The Latino/a American Dream

Theodore Roosevelt, Conservation, and the 1908 Governors’ Conference

Edited by Sandra L. Hanson and John Kenneth White

Sandra L. Hanson and John Kenneth White

The “American Dream” means many things to many people, but in general it can be said that it connects the idea of freedom to the opportunity for prosperity and upward social mobility. Sandra L. Hanson and John K. White have brought together eight essays by a variety of social scientists to explore the attitudes, experiences, and expectations of Latinos in their quest for the American Dream. The Latino/a American Dream asks many timely questions, including: how do Latino/as view the American Dream? Has the recent economic downturn affected their hopes of achieving the Dream? What about recent immigrants? What about Latina women? The answers to these questions and more draw on sociology, political science, history, and gender studies to paint a multifaceted portrait of Latino/a opportunity in America, both real and perceived. SANDRA L. HANSON is the author of Swimming against the Tide: African American Girls in Science Education. JOHN K. WHITE is the author or editor of over twenty books, most recently Party On: Partisan Politics from Hamilton and Jefferson to Today’s Networked Age. Both are on the faculty at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. 978-1-62349-389-9 hardcover $40.00s 978-1-62349-390-5 ebook 6x9. 256 pp. 26 tables. 9 line graphs. Bib. Index. Mexican American Studies. Ethnic Studies. Borderlands Studies. May

Theodore Roosevelt, Conservation, and the 1908 Governors’ Conference Leroy G. Dorsey

leroy g. dorsey

Among Theodore Roosevelt’s many initiatives, one of the most important accomplishments was his effort to convince the nation that conserving the environment was crucial to its continued existence. Years of national tours, presidential edicts, and policy wrangling culminated in an unprecedented conference of governors at the White House in 1908. Leroy G. Dorsey explores the rhetorical power of Roosevelt’s address at this historic conservation summit, specifically examining how the president popularized the notion of conservation in the public consciousness. Much has been written on Roosevelt’s conservation policy, but surprisingly little attention has been given to this pivotal moment in the rhetorical rally on its behalf. This book fills an important void in the history of conservation for all who seek a deeper understanding of a president so identified as a champion of the environment. Library of Presidential Rhetoric

LEROY G. DORSEY is professor and chair of the department of communication at the University of Memphis. He is the author of The Presidency and Rhetorical Leadership and “We Are All Americans, Pure and Simple”: Theodore Roosevelt and the Myth of Americanism. 978-1-62349-399-8 paper $29.95s 978-1-62349-400-1 ebook 6x9. 160 pp. Bib. Index. Presidential Rhetoric. Political Science. Environmental History. April


Woody Plants of the Big Bend and Trans-Pecos A Field Guide to Common Browse for Wildlife Louis A. Harveson

The Trans-Pecos region of Texas is home to a variety of big game species, including desert mule deer, pronghorn, desert bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer, elk, feral hog, and javelina; several species of exotics, such as aoudad, axis deer, and blackbuck antelope; and domestic livestock that includes cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and bison. Prepared by a team of range specialists at the Borderlands Research Institute in Alpine, Texas, this field guide will allow the area’s ranch managers, private landowners, resource professionals, students, and other outdoor enthusiasts to identify the key woody plants that serve as valuable forage for these animals. Encompassing 18 West Texas counties, with application in like habitats in the western Hill Country and southern Rolling Plains as well as in northern Mexico and eastern New Mexico, the book provides a thorough introduction to the natural features of the region and descriptions, nutrition values, and management prescriptions for 84 species of browse plants.

978-1-62349-353-0 flexbound $29.95 978-1-62349-371-4 ebook 53/4x81/2. 224 pp. 95 color illustrations. 2 maps. 3 graphs. 2 line art. 2 tables. Glossary. Bib. Index. Range Management. Wildlife. Plants/Botany. February

In addition to informing readers about the diet of the region’s large animals, this fully illustrated, user-friendly reference also intends to inspire the continued good stewardship of the land they inhabit.


Myrna and David K. Langford Books on Working Lands

LOUIS A. HARVESON is Dan Allen Hughes Jr. Endowed Director of the Borderlands Research Institute for Natural Resource Management and professor of natural resource management at Sul Ross State University.

Toxic Plants of Texas Integrated Management Strategies to Prevent Livestock Losses Texas Cooperative Extension 978-0-9721049-0-6 paper $25.00

Brush and Weeds of Texas Rangelands Charles R. Hart 978-0-9721049-4-4 paper $25.00


New in paperback

New in paperback

Power and Control in the Imperial Valley

Texas Woollybacks

Nature, Agribusiness, and Workers on the California Borderland, 1900–1940

The Range Sheep and Goat Industry Paul H. Carlson

Benny J. Andrés Jr.

“This excellent, transnational history of California’s Imperial Valley and the Mexicali Valley of northern Mexico will be of great interest to historians of the border region, agricultural labor, environmental history, immigration, and race relations from 1900 to 1940.”—Stephen Pitti, author of The Devil in Silicon Valley: Race, Mexican Americans, and Northern California “Andrés gives us a powerful transnational epic of the boosters and corporations that sought to dominate the Imperial Valley, and the men and women on both sides of the border who fought back, making the valley their own.”—Samuel Truett, author of Fugitive Landscapes: The Forgotten History of the U.S.–Mexico Borderlands Connecting the Greater West Series

BENNY J. ANDRÉS JR. is an associate professor of history and Latin American studies at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. 978-1-62349-463-6 paper $24.95s 978-1-62349-219-9 ebook 6x9. 288 pp. 14 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Borderlands Studies. Agriculture. Environmental History. Water. April

Paul Carlson engagingly chronicles the development of the range sheep and goat industry from Spanish times to about 1930, when widespread use of mesh-wire fences brought an end to the open-range management of sheep and goat ranches in Texas. “This well-written and thoroughly researched book will invariably be appreciated by those individuals interested in southwestern and agricultural history.”—Journal of American History “This volume is impressive in the array and quality of information presented concerning the sheep and goat industry in Texas.”—Western Historical Quarterly “. . . a comprehensive, well-organized, and easily read treatment of a subject comparatively neglected by historians of the American livestock industry.” —Great Plains Quarterly “. . . employs a down-to-earth yet scholarly approach to give us a highly readable, very informative book on a neglected subject . . . accuracy, insight, and readability make Texas Woollybacks an excellent book.”—Southwest Chronicle PAUL H. CARLSON is professor emeritus of history, Texas Tech University, and retired director of the Texas Tech University Center for the Southwest. He resides in Ransom Canyon, Texas 978-1-62349-418-6 paper $22.95s 6x9. 258 pp. 26 b&w photos. 4 maps. 9 tables. Bib. Index. Wildlife. Western History. Agricultural History. March


A person who has food has many problems. A person who has no food has only one problem.—Chinese proverb

Feeding the World

Agricultural Research in the Twenty-First Century Gale A. Buchanan

The astounding success of agricultural research has enabled farmers to produce increasingly more—and more kinds—of food throughout the world. But with a projected 9 billion people to feed by 2050, veteran researcher Gale Buchanan fears that human confidence in this ample supply, especially in the US, has created unrealistic expectations for the future. Without a working knowledge of what types and amounts of research produced the bounty we enjoy today, we will not be prepared to support the research necessary to face the challenges ahead, including population growth, climate change, and water and energy scarcity. In this book, Buchanan describes the historical commitment to research and the phenomenal changes it brought to our ability to feed ourselves. He also prescribes a path for the future, pointing the way toward an adequately funded, more creative agricultural research system that involves scientists, administrators, educators, farmers, politicians, and consumers; resides in one “stand alone” agency; enjoys a consistent funding stream; and operates internationally. Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Service Series

GALE A. BUCHANAN of Adel, Georgia, is former dean of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and former undersecretary at USDA. He is coauthor of Leadership in Agriculture: Case Studies for a New Generation.

If you have not been on a farm or ranch in the last five years, you do not understand agriculture in the early twenty-first century. Dr. Buchanan provides a thoughtful, historical portrayal of the importance and contributions of agricultural research to today’s world of food production, primarily borrowing from historical fact and personal experience. He then strategically pivots to not only challenge today’s academic and political leaders, but also provide them a possible roadmap to a viable sustainable solution for meeting the research needs for food production in the future.”—Charlie Stenholm

Gale A. Buchanan


Agricultural Research in the Twenty-First Century

978-1-62349-369-1 hardcover $35.00s 978-1-62349-370-7 ebook 6x9. 344 pp. 11 tables. 24 graphs. Bib. Index. Agricultural History. Agriculture. March

RELATED INTEREST Leadership in Agriculture Case Studies for a New Generation John Patrick Jordan, Gale A. Buchanan, Neville P. Clarke, and Kelly C. Jordan 978-1-60344-941-0 hardcover $30.00s 978-1-62349-303-5 paper $18.95s 978-1-60344-961-8 ebook Together We Can Pathways to Collective Leadership in Agriculture at Texas A&M Edward Allan Hiler and Steven Lee Bosserman 978-1-60344-428-6 cloth $25.00s 978-1-60344-514-6 ebook


Previously announced

Texas Master Naturalist Statewide Curriculum

Distributed for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Easy Gardening for Texas

Edited by Michelle M. Haggerty and Mary Pearl Meuth For fifteen years, the Texas Master Naturalist program has been hugely successful, training more than 9,600 volunteers who have given almost 2.8 million hours to nature education. This dedicated corps of naturalists provides teaching, outreach, and service in their communities, promoting the appreciation and stewardship of natural resources and natural areas around the state. Hundreds of new volunteers are trained every year, and the Texas Master Naturalist Statewide Curriculum serves as the basis of instruction for trainees who complete a certification course taught under the auspices of more than forty program chapters. The curriculum contains twenty-four units of instruction that range from geology to ornithology to wetland ecology—all written by the state’s top scientists and experts. Available as well to educators, interpreters, and others who may not yet be able to commit to the Texas Master Naturalist program, the curriculum offers an authoritative source of information for anyone seeking to learn more about the natural world in Texas. Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Service Series

MICHELLE M. HAGGERTY is the Texas Master Naturalist program statewide coordinator at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. MARY PEARL MEUTH is the Texas Master Naturalist program assistant state coordinator at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. 978-1-62349-340-0 hardcover $70.00s 978-1-62349-344-8 ebook 81/2x11. 768 pp. 420 color, 24 b&w photos. 170 line art. 64 maps. 90 figures. 25 tables. Bib. Index. Conservation. Education. Natural History. June

When is “full sun” not full sun? When you’re trying to grow vegetables in Texas. Because a full day of sun here can stress all but the toughest plants. For the rest, “full sun” in Texas means 6 to 8 hours mostly in the morning, and shade in the afternoon. Gardening in Texas has unique challenges, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow vegetables here. You just need to know what kind, when, and where. Enter Easy Gardening for Texas, which offers basic information on how to reap a bountiful harvest in the Lone Star State. The book explains the fundamentals of planning, planting, watering, and dealing with pests in the garden. It lists the varieties that grow best in Texas and gives tips for growing, harvesting, and storing them. Included are 224 pages, 351 photos, and information on more than 30 types of vegetables. JOSEPH G. MASABNI is a vegetable specialist in the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. He holds a doctorate in Vegetable Production from Michigan State University and served six years as a fruit and vegetable specialist at the University of Kentucky Research and Education Center before moving to Texas in 2008. 978-0-9721049-7-5 paper $25.00 6x9. 224 pp. 351 color photos. 1 map. Index. Gardening. March


Geoarchaeology and Radiocarbon Chronology of Stone Age Northeast Asia Vladimir V. Pitul'ko and Elena Yu. Pavlova Translated by Richard L. Bland

Geoarcheology and Radiocarbon Chronology of Stone Age North East Asia

This English translation of a work previously published in Russian (Geoarkheologiya i radiouglerodnaya khronologiya Vladmir V. Pitul’ko & Elena Yu Pavlova kamennogo veka Severo Vostochnoi Azii, St. Petersburg: Translated by Richard Bland Nauka, 2010) presents an overview of the Paleolithic archaeology of Northeast Asia, with emphasis on geoarchaeological and radiocarbon-based chronology. Although archaeological investigations above the Arctic Circle began more than two hundred years ago, access to and publication of findings has been difficult. In Geoarchaeology and Radiocarbon Chronology of Stone Age Northeast Asia, veteran researchers Vladimir V. Pitul’ko and Elena Yu. Pavlova have gathered and analyzed the available data to provide comprehensive documentation 978-1-62349-330-1 hardcover $60.00s of human occupation of continental territories far above 978-1-62349-331-8 ebook the Arctic Circle in the late Neopleistocene (also known as 81/2x11. 256 pp. 10 b&w images. 7 line art. 27 graphs. 9 maps. Bib. Index. the Late Pleistocene era). By using uncalibrated radiocarbon Anthropology. Archaeology. Social Sciences. dating, Pitul’ko and Pavlova have been able to establish reliable April correlations between the artifacts and phenomena being studied. The increased number of radiocarbon age determinations for RELATED INTEREST these Arctic sites is the most important data to come from the latest studies of Northeast Asia, offering a significant opportunity From the Yenisei to the for re-evaluation of older materials in light of these new findings. The authors include reporting on recent work performed at two of the most important sites in the region: the “mammoth cemetery” site at Berelekh and the Yana Rhinoceros Horn Site. Peopling of the Americas Publications

VLADIMIR V. PITUL'KO is an archaeologist at the Russian Academy of Science's Institute for Material Culture History in St. Petersburg. ELENA YU. PAVLOVA is an archaeologist with the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg. RICHARD L. BLAND is a research archaeologist with the University of Oregon's Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

Yukon Interpreting Lithic Assemblage Variability in Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Beringia Edited by Ted Goebel and Ian Buvit 978-1-60344-321-0 hardcover $80.00s 978-1-60344-384-5 ebook

Emergence and Diversity of Modern Human Behavior in Paleolithic Asia Edited by Yousuke Kaifu, Masami Izuho, and Ted Goebel, et. al. 978-1-62349-276-2 hardcover $65.00x 978-1-62349-277-9 ebook

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Stephen F. Austin Empresario of Texas Gregg Cantrell

The Texas State Historical Association is pleased to offer a new edition of Stephen F. Austin: Empresario of Texas, Gregg Cantrell’s path-breaking biography of the founder of Anglo Texas. Cantrell’s portrait goes beyond the traditional interpretation of Austin as the man who spearheaded American Manifest Destiny. Cantrell portrays Austin as a borderlands figure who could navigate the complex cultural landscape of 1820s Texas, then a portion of Mexico. His command of the Spanish language, respect for the Mexican people, and ability to navigate the shoals of Mexican politics made him the perfect advocate for his colonists and often for all of Texas. Yet when conflicts between Anglo colonists and Mexican authorities turned violent, Austin’s accommodationist stance became outdated. Overshadowed by the military hero Sam Houston, he died at the age of forty-three, just six months after Texas independence. Decades after his death, Austin’s reputation was resurrected and he became known as the “Father of Texas.” More than just an icon, Stephen F. Austin emerges from these pages as a shrewd, complicated, and sometimes conflicted figure. Number Three: Watson Caufield and Mary Maxwell Arnold Republic of Texas Series

GREGG CANTRELL received his PhD in history from Texas A&M University. He holds the Ralph Lowe Chair in Texas History at Texas Christian University, is a past president of the Texas State Historical Association, and is a member of the Texas Institute of Letters.

978-1-62511-037-4 paper $30.00 6x9. 500 pp. 38 b&w images. 3 maps. Borderlands Studies. Texas History. February

RELATED INTEREST José Antonio Navarro In Search of the American Dream in NineteenthCentury Texas David R. McDonald 978-0-87611-243-4 cloth $29.95 978-0-87611-244-1 paper $24.95 Peg Leg The Improbable Life of a Texas Hero, Thomas William Ward, 1807– 1872 David C. Humphrey 978-0-87611-237-3 cloth $39.95


Washington on the Brazos Cradle of the Texas Republic Richard B. McCaslin

With Washington on the Brazos: Cradle of the Texas Republic, noted historian Richard B. McCaslin recovers the history of an iconic Texas town. The story of the Texas Republic begins and ends at Washington, but the town’s history extends much further. Texas leaders gathered in the new town on the west bank of the Brazos in March 1836 to establish a new republic. After approving a declaration of independence and a constitution, they fled as Santa Anna’s army approached. The government of the Republic of Texas returned there in 1842, but after the United States annexed Texas in 1846, Austin replaced Washington as the capital of the Lone Star State. The town became a thriving river port in the 1850s, when steamboat cargoes paid for many new buildings. But the community steeply declined when its leaders decided to rely on steamers rather than invest in a railroad line, although German immigrants and African American residents kept the town alive. Later, Progressive Era plans for historic tourism focused the town’s central role in the Texas Republic brought renewed interest, and a state park was founded. The Texas centennial in 1936 and the hard work of citizens’ organizations beginning in the 1950s transformed this park into Washington-on-the-Brazos, the state historic site that serves today as the primary focus for preserving the history of the Republic of Texas. Number Twenty-four: Fred Rider Cotten Popular History Series

RICHARD B McCASLIN, chair of the history department at the University of North Texas, is the author or editor of sixteen books, including At the Heart of Texas: One Hundred Years of the Texas State Historical Association, 1897–1997, which received the Award of Merit from the Texas Philosophical Society.

978-1-62511-036-7 paper $15.95 51/2x81/2. 100 pp. 32 b&w photos. Texas History. Texana. Borderlands Studies. February

RELATED INTEREST The Battle of the Alamo Ben H. Procter 978-0-87611-081-2 paper $9.95 978-0-87611-268-7 ebook

The Battle of San Jacinto James W. Pohl 978-0-87611-084-3 paper $9.95 978-0-87611-267-0 ebook

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Shots of Knowledge The Science of Whiskey

Rob Arnold and Eric Simanek Shots of Knowledge is a guidebook for whiskey lovers. Organized into approximately sixty illustrated essays, the book samples selected topics in whiskey production through the lenses of science and engineering. While the essays are subdivided into three sections—From Sunshine to Sugar, From Wee Beasties to White Dogs, and From Barrel to Brain—the reader is free to sip them in any order. The story commences with water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight; travels through the manufacturing process; and ends with the molecules that entertain the palate. Whether the topic is photosynthesis, bubble caps, oak speciation, or a mechanistic enzymology, the essays seek to reveal the simple beauty too often hidden in science and engineering. At approximately one page in length, each essay and accompanying artwork can be digested slowly at the rate estimated at three essays per bourbon or Scotch.

978-0-87565-654-0 cloth $35.50 10x10. 160 pp. 80 b&w illustrations. Gift Books. Wine and Spirits. Cooking. July

Each essay is summarized in one or two sentences in a single “Shot of Knowledge.” Iconography anchors each essay in the production process. Inspiration for the book derived from a productive collision between individuals from TCU and the Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company.


ROB ARNOLD is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and a thirdgeneration member of the whiskey industry. With a passion for both science and whiskey, he holds degrees in microbiology and biochemistry. Since 2011, he has been the head distiller at the Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company in Fort Worth, Texas. Growing up in central Illinois, ERIC SIMANEK was surrounded by corn destined for feed or alcohol. He holds degrees in chemistry from Illinois and Harvard. A member of the chemistry faculty at TCU, he enjoys sharing his love of science with all ages and sharing whiskey with good friends.

Texas Wineries Melinda Esco 978-0-87565-396-9 hardcover $9.95

Great Texas Chefs Judy Alter 978-0-87565-377-8 hardcover $8.95


In the Rough

The Business Game of Golf David Hueber

There has never been a book about the inner workings of the golf business or its leading players from an insider’s point of view. In the Rough reads like a novel, but it could also be required reading in a business school. This book takes the reader on a ride through the author’s unusual professional career and what he discovered in the most revealing settings and scenes of the golf industry at its awkward and colorful best. Most of the events and incidents appearing here are firsthand accounts portraying a host of famous and colorful characters in both golf and the business world. The central characters in this book are Ben Hogan, one of the five best players of all time and a highly successful golf-equipment executive; Deane Beman, a star amateur and successful professional golfer who became the commissioner and invented the modern-day PGA Tour; and Minoru Isutani, a wealthy Japanese entrepreneur who is probably best known for having lost $350 million on the purchase and sale of Pebble Beach. Some of the other costars include Jack Nicklaus, Karsten Solheim (Ping Golf Company), Greg Norman, and Ely Callaway—all names you have seen etched on a wood, an iron, or a putter, among other places. DAVID HUEBER grew up in the golf business, starting out as a caddy; he later mowed greens and played well enough to earn a golf scholarship at Florida State University. This led to a business career as vice president of the PGA Tour and president and CEO of the National Golf Foundation, the Ben Hogan Company, Pebble Beach, and Cosmo World Group. Originally from Indiana, Hueber now lives in Florida.

David Hueber has been one of the most influential people in the game and golf business over the past twenty-five years. He is also a good writer and a great storyteller. Over the course of this book, you will experience what it was like to work for Commissioner Beman during the birth of the modern-day PGA Tour, as well as what it was like to know and work with Ben Hogan, or even what it was like to play Pebble Beach anytime you wanted.”—Jerry Tarde, chairman and editor-in-chief of Golf Digest

978-0-87565-653-3 paper with flaps $32.50 9x9. 288 pp. 10 b&w photos. Sports. Business Practices. Memoir. August

RELATED INTEREST The Brothers Hogan A Fort Worth History Jacqueline Hogan Towery, Robert Towery, and Peter Barbour 978-0-87565-596-3 cloth $36.95 978-0-87565-597-0 ebook Major Moments Life-Changing Lessons of Business Leaders from the Neeley School of Business at TCU Rix Quinn and O. Homer Erekson 978-0-87565-488-1 cloth $55.00


New in the Texas Biography Series

Adele Briscoe Looscan Daughter of the Republic

Laura Lyons McLemore Adele Briscoe Looscan was the first woman president of the Texas State Historical Association, the longest-serving president of the association (1915–1925), and a remarkable individual. Daughter of Andrew Briscoe, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and granddaughter of John Richardson Harris, founder of Harrisburg, Texas, she was shaped and motivated by her heritage throughout her life. Adele Looscan was a woman of her time, yet she flourished in the society of both men and women, earning the respect of the former as an astute businesswoman and the admiration of the latter for her leadership and accomplishments. As a clubwoman, she built an impressive résumé: charter member of the Texas State Historical Association; member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, and the Texas Woman’s Press Association; president of the Houston City Federation of Women’s Clubs; and vice president of the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs in its first year. She organized the Ladies’ Reading Club of Houston in 1885 and was instrumental in founding other literary clubs years before the organization of the Texas Federation. Her contributions to Texas history appeared in many newspapers and in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly. She used her influence to encourage public education and the preservation of historic landmarks and actively advocated for a state library, archives, and museum. Her story is valuable and compelling for what it reveals about women and culture in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Texas and for what it reveals about the nature, origins, and shaping of Texas’s modern identity. The Texas Biography Series

LAURA LYONS MCLEMORE is head archivist at Louisiana State University in Shreveport. She is the author of Inventing Texas: Early Historians of the Lone Star State (2004) and “Early Historians and the Shaping of Texas Memory” in Lone Star Pasts: Memory and History in Texas (2007).

978-0-87565-442-3 cloth $29.95 6x9. 320 pp. 2 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Texas Women’s History. Biography. March

RELATED INTEREST Emily Austin of Texas 1795–1851 Light Townsend Cummins 978-0-87565-351-8 cloth $27.95

Edmund J. Davis of Texas Civil War General, Republican Leader, Reconstruction Governor Carl H. Moneyhon 978-0-87565-405-8 cloth $27.95



A Texas County’s Dream for Realizing Juvenile Justice Greg Sumpter

One of the key premises for creating a separate criminal justice system for juveniles was that juveniles were not the same as adults, and could therefore be rehabilitated. Despite this premise, still largely held today, the rate of recidivism for juveniles is dismal. The history of a supposedly rehabilitative juvenile justice system in the United States is a failed history of incarceration, much like that of adult corrections. Rehabilitation by incarceration has proved to be an ineffective and unsustainable strategy. A robust amount of research shows that treating juveniles closer to home, in fact in their communities, is the most effective tool for rehabilitating juvenile offenders. This book not only makes an argument for juvenile justice within a young person’s community; it provides a model. From the beginning, Tarrant County Juvenile Services has been an exception to the national norm. This book traces the history of Texas’s oldest juvenile probation department and the legacy left by the leaders of this agency from its inception. The reader will take away vivid pictures of the leaders who transformed the system and real-life examples of the key concepts underlying an effective and sustainable juvenile justice system, with accountability both for juvenile offenders and for their communities. GREG SUMPTER has worked with at-risk juveniles for more than twenty-five years. He has experience working with young people in multiple community settings (i.e. schools, shelters, churches). For the past nineteen years, he has worked in a juvenile justice setting. Sumpter’s bachelor and master’s degrees are in the criminal justice arena, and he focused on the study of leadership in his doctoral work. Originally from Arkansas, he now resides in Denton, Texas.

978-0-87565-580-2 paper $22.95 6x9. 112 pp. 20 b&w photos. Criminal Justice. Social Sciences. June

RELATED INTEREST Dateline Purgatory Examining the Case that Sentenced Darlie Routier to Death Kathy Cruz 978-0-87565-610-6 paper $22.95 978-0-87565-611-3 ebook Crossing the Line A Marriage across Borders Linda Valdez 978-0-87565-618-2 paper $22.95 978-0-87565-622-9 ebook


Incident at Ashton Jay Milner

Republished with a foreword by John Tisdale, director of TCU’s School of Journalism, the late Jay Milner’s novel is a riveting portrayal of a scenario that unhappily mirrored real-life incidents throughout the South in the mid-twentieth century. In Ashton, a fictional town in the deep South, an elderly black man walks into the courthouse one day and makes a simple request. He wants to register to vote. At first the clerk is confused. Never before in the town’s history had a Negro displayed such arrogance. The clerk tries to discourage him, but the old man is adamant. A few days later they pull his body from the river, a gaping wound in his head. Only a few years earlier, this incident would have gone practically unnoticed in Ashton. But that time has passed. Phil Arrow, a young newspaperman, demands a full measure of justice from the people of his town. Born in Colorado Springs and raised in Lubbock, Texas, author JAY MILNER obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Mississippi Southern College. He began working on newspapers in the South in 1952, a career that included a two-year stint with Hodding Carter’s Delta Democrat-Times. He covered gubernatorial and senatorial races and reported on many of the major racial incidents that occurred in the South in the twentieth century. 978-0-87565-652-6 cloth $29.95 6x9. 320 pp. Fiction. Literary Novel. African American Studies. April

Cora Lynn

A Butterfly’s Secret Tale

Jessica Caceres-Davis Illustrations by Caitlyn Jameson In this colorfully illustrated book, Cora Lynn, a beautiful butterfly, takes very young readers through the magical adventure of her life: from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly. Through verse and charming images, children discover the stages of complex metamorphosis—a basic concept in the science curriculum for elementary students. In the telling, Cora Lynn shows how small things can turn into better, more beautiful things for all the world to see. Originally from Philadelphia, JESSICA CACERESDAVIS now lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband, Matthew. She studied early childhood education at Texas Christian University. She currently teaches first grade at Richland Elementary in Birdville ISD. CAITLYN JAMESON, a native of Fort Worth, is an illustrator and photographer. She studied studio art at Baylor University. 978-0-87565-655-7 paper $14.99 11x81/2. 24 pp. 24 color illustrations. Young Readers. Insects/Entomology. Education. Gift Books. April

University of North Texas Press UNTPRESS.UNT.EDU

WASP of the Ferry Command Women Pilots, Uncommon Deeds Sarah Byrn Rickman

WASP of the Ferry Command is the story of the women ferry pilots who flew more than nine million miles in 72 different aircraft—115,000 pilot hours—for the Ferrying Division, Air Transport Command, during World War II. In the spring of 1942, Col. William H. Tunner lacked sufficient male pilots to move vital trainer aircraft from the factory to the training fields. Nancy Love found 28 experienced women pilots who could do the job. They, along with graduates of the army’s flight training school for women—established by Jacqueline Cochran—performed this duty until fall 1943, when manufacture of trainers ceased. In December 1943 the women ferry pilots went back to school to learn to fly high-performance WWII fighters, known as pursuits. By January 1944 they began delivering high performance P-51s, 47s, and 39s. Prior to D-Day and beyond, P-51s were crucial to the air war over Germany. They had the range to escort B-17s and B-24s from England to Berlin and back on bombing raids that ultimately brought down the German Reich. Getting those pursuits to the docks in New Jersey for shipment abroad became these women’s primary job. Ultimately, more than one hundred WASP pursuit pilots were engaged in this vital movement of aircraft. SARAH BYRN RICKMAN is the author of an award-winning WASP novel, Flight from Fear, as well as The Originals: The Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron of World War II and Nancy Love and the WASP Ferry Pilots of World War II (UNT Press). She is the recipient of the Seventh Annual Combs Gates Award by the National Aviation Hall of Fame for her outstanding work on the women pilots of World War II. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

978-1-57441-637-4 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-642-8 ebook 6x9. 416 pp. 47 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. World War II. Military History. Women’s Studies. March

RELATED INTEREST Nancy Love and the WASP Ferry Pilots of World War II Sarah Byrn Rickman Foreword by Deborah G. Douglas 978-1-57441-576-6 paper $19.95

In Hostile Skies An American B-24 Pilot in World War II James M. Davis Edited by David L. Snead 978-1-57441-239-0 paper $14.95


Riding for the Lone Star

Frontier Cavalry and the Texas Way of War, 1822–1865 Nathan A. Jennings

The idea of Texas was forged in the crucible of frontier warfare between 1822 and 1865, when Anglo-Americans adapted to mounted combat north of the Rio Grande. This cavalry-centric arena, which had long been the domain of Plains Indians and the Spanish Empire, compelled an adaptive martial tradition that shaped early Lone Star society. Beginning with initial tactical innovation in Spanish Tejas and culminating with massive mobilization for the Civil War, Texas society developed a distinctive way of war defined by armed horsemanship, volunteer militancy, and short-term mobilization as it grappled with both tribal and international opponents. Drawing upon military reports, participants’ memoirs, and government documents, cavalry officer Nathan A. Jennings analyzes the evolution of Texan militarism from tribal clashes of colonial Tejas, territorial wars of the Texas Republic, the Mexican-American War, border conflicts of antebellum Texas, and the cataclysmic Civil War. In each conflict Texan volunteers answered the call to arms with marked enthusiasm for mounted combat. Riding for the Lone Star explores this societal passion— with emphasis on the historic rise of the Texas Rangers— through unflinching examination of territorial competition with Comanches, Mexicans, and Unionists. Even as statesmen Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston emerged as influential strategic leaders, captains like Edward Burleson, John Coffee Hays, and John Salmon Ford attained fame for tactical success. Number Two: American Military Studies

NATHAN A. JENNINGS is a US Army officer and frontier historian. He earned his master’s degree at the University of Texas at Austin and taught history at the U.S. Military Academy. Jennings commanded armored forces in Baghdad and Kirkuk during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He lives in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Jennings makes a strong argument for Texas having its own ‘Way of War.’ Readers will find a new perspective to view Texas and military matters.”—Joseph G. Dawson III, editor of The Texas Military Experience and author of Doniphan’s Epic March

978-1-57441-635-0 cloth $32.95 978-1-57441-640-4 ebook 6x9. 464 pp. 44 b&w illus. 6 maps. Notes. Bib. Index. Military History. Texas Rangers. Texas History. February

RELATED INTEREST Savage Frontier Volume I Rangers, Riflemen, and Indian Wars in Texas, 1835–1837 Stephen L. Moore 978-1-57441-236-9 paper $19.95

Savage Frontier Volume II Rangers, Riflemen, and Indian Wars in Texas, 1838–1839 Stephen L. Moore 978-1-57441-206-2 paper $19.95


Whiskey River Ranger The Old West Life of Baz Outlaw Bob Alexander

Captain Frank Jones, a famed nineteenth-century Texas Ranger, said of his company’s top sergeant, Baz Outlaw (1854–1894), “A man of unusual courage and coolness and in a close place is worth two or three ordinary men.” Another old-time Texas Ranger declared that Baz Outlaw “was one of the worst and most dangerous” because “he never knew what fear was.” But not all thought so highly of him. In Whiskey River Ranger, Bob Alexander tells for the first time the full story of this troubled Texas Ranger and his losing battle with alcoholism. In his career Baz Outlaw wore a badge as a Texas Ranger and also as a Deputy US Marshal. He could be a fearless and crackerjack lawman, as well as an unmanageable manic. Although Baz Outlaw’s badge-wearing career was sometimes heroically creditable, at other times his self-induced nightmarish imbroglios teased and tested Texas Ranger management’s resoluteness. Baz Outlaw’s true-life story is jam-packed with fellows owning well-known names, including Texas Rangers, city marshals, sheriffs, and steely-eyed mean-spirited miscreants. Baz Outlaw’s tale is complete with horseback chases, explosive train robberies, vigilante justice (or injustice), nighttime ambushes and bushwhacking, and episodes of scorching six-shooter finality. Baz met his end in a brothel brawl at the hands of John Selman, the same gunfighter who killed John Wesley Hardin. Number Sixteen: Frances B. Vick Series

BOB ALEXANDER began a policing career in 1965 and retired as a special agent with the US Treasury Department. He is the author of Rawhide Ranger, Ira Aten (winner of WWHA Best Book Award); SixShooters and Shifting Sands, Bad Company and Burnt Powder, Riding Lucifer’s Line, and Winchester Warriors, all published by UNT Press. He lives in Maypearl, Texas.

Alexander should be praised for his balanced treatment of Outlaw as a good-bad Ranger.”—Harold J. Weiss, Jr., author of Yours to Command: The Life and Legend of Texas Ranger Captain Bill McDonald

978-1-57441-631-2 cloth $34.95 978-1-57441-639-8 ebook 6x9. 448 pp. 100 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Texas Rangers. Biography. Western History. April

RELATED INTEREST Six-Shooters and Shifting Sands The Wild West Life of Texas Ranger Captain Frank Jones Bob Alexander Foreword by Kirby Dendy 978-1-57441-592-6 cloth $34.95 Bad Company and Burnt Powder Justice and Injustice in the Old Southwest Bob Alexander 978-1-57441-566-7 cloth $32.95


Rounded Up in Glory

Frank Reaugh, Texas Renaissance Man Michael Grauer

Frank Reaugh (1860–1945; pronounced “Ray”) was called “the Dean of Texas artists” for good reason. His pastels documented the wide-open spaces of the West as they were vanishing in the late nineteenth century, and his plein air techniques influenced generations of artists. His students include a “Who’s Who” of twentieth-century Texas painters: Alexandre Hogue, Reveau Bassett, and Lucretia Coke, among others. He was an advocate of painting by observation, and encouraged his students to do the same by organizing legendary sketch trips to West Texas. Reaugh also earned the title of Renaissance man by inventing a portable easel that allowed him to paint in high winds, and developing a formula for pastels, which he marketed. A founder of the Dallas Art Society, which became the Dallas Museum of Art, Reaugh was central to Dallas and Oak Cliff artistic circles for many years until infighting and politics drove him out of fashion. He died isolated and poor in 1945. The last decade has seen a resurgence of interest in Reaugh, through gallery shows, exhibitions, and a recent documentary. Despite his importance and this growing public profile, however, Rounded Up in Glory would be the first full-length biography. Michael Grauer argues for Reaugh’s importance as more than just a “longhorn painter.” Reaugh’s works and far-reaching imagination earned him a prominent place in the Texas art pantheon. MICHAEL GRAUER is the associate director for curatorial affairs/ curator of art of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum in Canyon, Texas, which holds the largest public collection of Reaugh’s works. His articles on Reaugh have appeared in the American Art Review,The Pastel Journal, and Windows on the West: The Art of Frank Reaugh.

Certainly, there is no one more qualified than Michael Grauer to author a signal publication on this artist.”—William Reaves, founder of the Center for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art

978-1-57441-633-6 cloth $39.95 978-1-57441-644-2 ebook 6x9. 480 pp. 20 color and 20 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Art. Biography. Texana. May

RELATED INTEREST Walls That Speak The Murals of John Thomas Biggers Olive Jensen Theisen 978-1-57441-289-5 cloth $29.95

Life on Paper, A The Drawings and Lithographs of John Thomas Biggers Olive Jensen Theisen 978-1-57441-220-8 cloth $29.95


The Best American Newspaper Narratives, Volume 3 Edited by Gayle Reaves

This anthology collects the ten winners of the 2014 Best American Newspaper Narrative Writing Contest, run by the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. The event is hosted by the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism at the University of North Texas. The contest honors exemplary narrative work and encourages narrative nonfiction storytelling at newspapers across the United States. First place winner: Dan Barry, “The Boys in the Bunkhouse,” published by The New York Times, exposed thirty years of physical and mental abuse of intellectually disabled men living in an Iowa group home. Second place: Christopher Goffard, “The Favor,” published by the Los Angeles Times, describes the plea bargain sentence of the son of a former California assembly speaker, after the son pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, and whose prison sentence was later reduced by then-California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Third place: Stephanie McCrummen, “A Father’s Scars,” published by the Washington Post, about a Virginia state senator one year after he was stabbed multiple times by his mentally ill son before the son killed himself. Runners-up include Nathan Bomey, John Gallagher and Mark Stryker, “How Detroit was Reborn” (Detroit Free Press); Monica Hesse, “Love and Fire” (Washington Post); Sarah Schweitzer, “Chasing Bayla” (Boston Globe); Sarah Kleiner Varble, “Then the Walls Closed In” (TheVirginian Pilot); Janie Bryant and Joanne Kimberlin, “Dangerous Minds” (The Virginian Pilot); Molly Harbarger, “Fred Nelligan” (Oregonian); and Mark Johnson, “Murray’s Problem” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). GAYLE REAVES is the former editor of the alternative newspaper Fort Worth Weekly. Previously she was a projects reporter and assistant city editor for The Dallas Morning News, where she was part of the team that won the 1994 Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting and in 1990, with two colleagues, received the George Polk Award. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

978-1-57441-636-7 paper $19.95 978-1-57441-645-9 ebook 6x9. 400 pp. Literary Nonfiction. June

RELATED INTEREST The Best American Newspaper Narratives of 2012 Edited by George Getschow 978-1-57441-549-0 paper $19.95

The Best American Newspaper Narratives, Volume 2 Edited by George Getschow 978-1-57441-595-7 paper $21.95


Winner, Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

Booker’s Point

Megan Grumbling

New in paperback

The Performing Set

The Broadway Designs of William and Jean Eckart Andrew B. Harris Foreword by Carol Burnett Preface by Sheldon Harnick

Bill and Jean Eckart were stage designers and producers at the peak of the musical, and their designs revolutionized Broadway productions. An Eckart set became part of the performance on stage, equal at times to an actor. They were best known for their designs for Damn Yankees (1955); Once Upon a Mattress (1959), in which Carol Burnett made her Broadway debut; and Mame (1966) with Angela Lansbury. Andrew B. Harris uses production stills and the Eckarts’ sketches from every show they worked on to illustrate (with more than 500 color illustrations) the magic behind an Eckart design. “This book is a must for anyone interested in the American theatre and its rich history.”—Theodore S. Chapin, President, Rodgers and Hammerstein ANDREW B. HARRIS, professor in the Department of Dance and Theatre at the University of North Texas, is the author of the award-winning BroadwayTheatre and a stage director, playwright, and producer. He has chaired theatre departments at Columbia University, Texas Christian University, and Southern Methodist University, where he met William and Jean Eckart. He lives in McKinney, Texas. 978-1-57441-638-1 paper $29.95 11x81/2. 256 pp. 521 color illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Theater. May

Bernard A. Booker, wry old Maine codger and unofficial mayor of Ell Pond, is the subject of Booker’s Point, an oral history-inspired portrait-in-verse. Weaving storytelling, natural history, and the poetry of place, the collection evokes the sensibility of rural New England and the pleasures of a good story. From “Some Kind of Hunter” He coaxed a pregnant woman right across the river, and it weren’t no easy bridge. A cousin of an in-law, broke as dirt, she come up visiting from Vermont too poor to buy a license. Booker paid it, set a rifle in her hands, and took her up to Perkinstown, the brook side, where they come upon this bridge, just beams and cables, rough. Full six months big, a borrowed gun; to her, that span, it looked like one hell of a stunt

“Grumbling is subtle, conjures the natural world richly and convincingly, and her subject matter is surprising and intriguing. I also admire how she handles meter.”—Morri Creech, judge and author of Sleep of Reason Number Twenty-three: Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

Raised in Maine, MEGAN GRUMBLING lives in Portland. Her honors include the Ruth Lilly Fellowship, the Robert Frost Foundation Award, and the Hawthornden Fellowship. She teaches at Southern Maine Community College and the University of New England. 978-1-57441-634-3 paper $12.95 978-1-57441-643-5 ebook 6x9. 84 pp. Poetry. April


New in paperback

Raza Rising Chicanos in North Texas

Richard J. Gonzales


Mexican Railroad Workers in the United States, 1870–1930 Jeffrey Marcos Garcílazo Foreword by Vicki L. Ruiz

Based on articles written for the Fort Worth StarTelegram, author Richard J. Gonzales draws on his educational, inner-city, and professional life experiences to weave eyewitness testimony into issues facing Chicanos, including economic, health, education, criminal justice, politics, immigration, and cultural issues. Raza Rising offers first-hand observations, supported by well-documented scholarly research, of Chicanos’ growth and subsequent struggles to participate fully in North Texas’ political and economic life. Raza Rising takes the reader to the organization of an immigration reform march, to the actual march with 20,000 people, to a protest demonstration of the City of Farmers Branch’s attempt to prohibit renting to the undocumented immigrant, to the author’s awakening in Chicago on the importance of learning, and to his poignant experience as a guest speaker in a Fort Worth public school classroom. Number Ten: Al Filo: Mexican American Studies Series

RICHARD J. GONZALES wrote for six years about Chicanos as a Fort Worth Star-Telegram weekly guest columnist. He has published short stories in The Americas Review, a Hispanic literary journal of the University of Houston, and has worked in, observed, and researched the Chicano community from the 1970s to the present. He lives in Arlington, Texas. 978-1-57441-632-9 cloth $29.95 978-1-57441-641-1 ebook 6x9. 304 pp. 34 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Mexican American Studies. Texas History. March

Perhaps no other industrial technology changed the course of Mexican history in the United States and Mexico as much as the arrival of the railroads. Tens of thousands of Mexicans worked for the railroads in the United States, especially in the Southwest and Midwest. Extensive Mexican American settlements appeared throughout the lower and upper Midwest as the result of the railroad. Jeffrey Marcos Garcílazo provides the first and only comprehensive history of Mexican railroad workers across the United States. “Traqueros is the first large-scale investigation of the substance and breadth of traqueros’ experiences at work and in their ‘boxcar’ communities. . . . [Garcilazo’s] years of dedicated research have yielded an intimate yet comprehensive portrait of Mexican immigrant track men and their communities.”—Journal of American History Number Six: Al Filo: Mexican American Studies Series

JEFFREY MARCOS GARCÍLAZO received his doctorate from the University of California at Santa Barbara and was assistant professor at the University of California, Irvine, before his untimely death in 2001. VICKI L. RUIZ is professor of history and Chicano/ Latino studies at the University of California, Irvine. 978-1-57441-464-6 cloth $49.95s 978-1-57441-627-5 paper $24.95s 978-1-57441-480-6 ebook 6x9. 246 pp. Map. Notes. Bib. Index. Mexican American Studies. Labor History. Western History. February


Distributed by UNT Press

Between Worlds, Never to Return

Historical Novel about the Emigration of the Germans to Texas Barbara Ortwein

In 1844 a group of noblemen offers help to all disappointed and desperate Germans. They advertise for Germans wanting to emigrate to Texas, where they wish to create a new Germany. Thousands accept the offer of the “Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas” and depart for North America. One of these is the revolutionary Karl Engelbach. To avoid persecution, he and his son Johann have to leave their small farm in northern Hesse one night in March of 1844. Father and son are forced to undertake a dangerous flight through their divided country until they arrive in Bremen, where they take a ship sailing to Charleston. After their arrival in South Carolina, there is still a long way to Texas, and the Engelbachs have to deal with many difficulties to get there. In Texas they join the other German settlers and continue their journey from the coast into the heart of the wild, uncivilized Texas, where they and the other German settlers have to struggle with perilous dangers. Will they ever reach their Promised Land? Or will the Texas project of the Noblemen’s Society end in disaster? BARBARA ORTWEIN combines the story of her fictional characters Johann and Karl Engelbach with the real story of the actual people involved in this historical emigration and settlement, which took place in Germany and Texas in 1844 to 1847. She led a German Texan School Exchange Program in 2000. She lives in Winterberg, Germany. 978-3-95632-272-3 paper $24.95 51/4x81/4. 320 pp. 9 maps. Notes. Fiction. Texas History. Exploration/Settlement. January

Military History of the West Vol. 45 Edited by Alex Mendoza

ISSN 1071-2011 $15.00x 6x9. 102 pp. Military History. June

The Military History of the West is a peer-reviewed journal focused on scholarly study of western US military history, including the Mississippi Valley and all states west of that line. The journal features articles on the Texas Revolution, the Mexican War, frontier military service, the Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, Mexican border service, and the Texas National Guard in the twentieth century, including its service in World War I and World War II.

Theoria, Vol. 22 Edited by Frank Heidlberger

ISSN 1554-1312 $22.00x 71/2x91/4. 196 pp. Music. June

Theoria is an annual peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of the history of music theory. It includes critical articles representing the current stage of research, and editions of newly discovered or mostly unknown theoretical texts with translation and commentary. Analytical articles on recent or unknown repertory and methods are also published, as well as review articles on recent secondary literature and textbooks. Back issues are available from Texas A&M University Press.

State House Press WWW.TFHCC.COM/PRESS/

Changing Tides

World War II Occupation and Independence in the Philippines Isabel Yumol Jennings

In December 1941, with surprise air raids rocking Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands and American airbases in the Philippines, General Douglas MacArthur urged the residents of Manila to evacuate the city before the Japanese bombed it as well. Nine-year old Isabel Yumol and her family fled their home and headed to Bataan, her mother’s home province. War found them anyway, and when U.S. and Filipino forces could not hold off the Japanese invaders, life became even more tenuous for Isabel’s family as they faced a prolonged, if not permanent, enemy occupation. In a provocative and poignant story, Isabel recollects life through the eyes of a young girl as she faced loss, unease, fear, uncertainty, and deprivations amid the storms of war. She developed into a serious and thoughtful young woman under the stresses of the cataclysm breaking over her homeland.

978-1-933337-68-5 paper $29.95 6x9. 100 pp. 20 b&w photos. Military History. World War II. April

ISABEL YUMOL JENNINGS is a retired professor of English and Spanish who lives in San Antonio, Texas.

RELATED INTEREST Historic Battleship Texas The Last Dreadnought John C. Ferguson 978-1-933337-07-4 paper $16.95

One and Only Rattlesnake Bomber Base, The Pyote Army Airfield in World War II Thomas E. Alexander 978-1-880510-90-2 paper $18.95


New in paperback

From Midland to Mindanao Reminiscences of the War in the Pacific James W. Mims

Fire in the Cane Field

The Federal Invasion of Louisiana and Texas, January 1861–January 1863 Donald S. Frazier

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the citizens—both men and women—of the United States found their plans drastically altered. Many citizens responded by joining the armed forces, going to work to make munitions, or as in the case of fresh-faced highschool graduate and Texas A&M student and aspiring cartoonist, James W. Mims, being drafted into the Army. Appointed to the Reserve Officers program, Mims saw America as he traveled from base to base, learning to soldier, before crossing the Pacific to help liberate the Philippine Islands as an intelligence officer specializing in photo interpretation. Mims’s story, told through letters and cartoons sent home, details his prewar days at Texas A&M and then follows him through basic and other specialized training as he found himself far from home and facing an uncertain future. Then, from bases in New Guinea to Mindanao, Mims matured into manhood amid some of the most massive and violent tableaus of World War II. JAMES W. MIMS is a Texas A&M University graduate and a retired insurance agency owner. He lives in Midland, Texas. 978-1-933337-67-8 paper $39.95 7x10. 200 pp. 100 Memoir. Military History. April

Award-winning author Donald S. Frazier returns to the field of Civil War history with keen turn of phrase and enthralling story-telling with the release of Fire in the Cane Field: The Invasion of Louisiana and Texas, January 1861–January 1863. Beginning with the spasms of secession in the Pelican State, Frazier weaves a stirring tale of bravado, reaction, and war as he describes the consequences of disunion for the hapless citizens of Louisiana. The army and navy campaigns he portrays weave a tale of the Federal Government’s determination to suppress the newborn Confederacy—and nearly succeeding—by putting ever-increasing pressure on its adherents from New Orleans to Galveston. The surprising triumph of Texas troops on their home soil in early 1863 proved to be a decisive reverse to Union ambitions and doomed the region to even bloodier destruction to come. This bracing work, ten years in the making, ushered in a chronological string of books on the Civil War in Louisiana and Texas, as Frazier presents fresh sources on new topics in a series of captivating narratives. DONALD S. FRAZIER, professor of history at McMurry University in Abilene, Texas, is the award-winning author of five books on the Civil War. 978-1-933337-69-2 paper $29.95 6x9. 384 pp. 129 photos. 21 maps. References. Index. Civil War. Texas History. Military History. March

Texas Review Press


A haunting memoir from the author of Harlow . . .

My Mother’s House David Armand

Set in the bucolic, yet brutal South of his youth, My Mother’s House is a memoir by novelist David Armand. It recounts the young author’s early memories of being born to a schizophrenic mother, then given up for adoption, only to be raised in a home with an alcoholic and abusive stepfather. In this sharplyremembered portrait of the people and places that shaped him, Armand paints his seemingly negative experiences with a sympathetic and understanding brush. As the reader follows Armand through his childhood and later into adult life—when he is reunited with his mother after she makes a failed suicide attempt—a surprisingly new world of hope and possibility is rendered, despite the overwhelming challenges of this reunion. [Armand’s] writing is reminiscent of Hemingway: straightforward descriptions of manly action punctuated by laconic dialogue.” —New York Journal of Books “Armand writes in a comfortingly familiar literary voice that blends Ernest Hemingway’s laconic but rhythmically complicated explorations of the mysteries of masculinity with William Faulkner’s more fabulist, Southern Gothic twang. It’s a heady, seductively intoxicating combination.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch DAVID ARMAND, who lives in Hammond, Louisiana, teaches at Southeastern Louisiana University, where he also serves as associate editor for Louisiana Literature Press. In 2010, he won the George Garrett Fiction Prize for his first novel, The Pugilist’s Wife, which was published by Texas Review Press. His second novel, Harlow, was published by Texas Review Press in 2013. David’s third novel, The Gorge, is forthcoming this fall from Southeast Missouri State University Press.

978-1-68003-073-0 paper $18.95 978-1-68003-074-7 ebook 51/2x81/2. 192 pp. Literary Nonfiction. March

RELATED INTEREST The Pugilist’s Wife David Armand 978-1-933896-67-0 paper $22.95 978-1-933896-91-5 ebook

Harlow David Armand 978-1-937875-43-5 paper $16.95 978-1-937875-44-2 ebook


New stories from Tracy Daugherty . . .

American Originals: Novellas and Stories Tracy Daugherty

The novellas and stories in American Originals convey the power of the West Texas desert to swallow people—literally, or through the rituals of labor, or through the raptures of ecstatic vision, induced by blessings or madness—and people’s ability to forge connections in spite of extreme conditions. Each piece in this thematically-linked collection assumes a unique shape, whether poetically compressed, echoing (only to break) the contours of mystery stories, or redolent of the forms of classical prayer. The Texas of American Originals becomes the landscape of strife and hope, struggle and love, lost and found. The characters in the stories and novellas here learn, sometimes the hard way, the truth of T. S. Eliot’s insight that the “end of all our exploring” in life is to “arrive where we started” and to know, for the first time, who we really are. Saints and sinners, and the blurred lines between them, drive these spare narratives set in the plains and deserts of Texas. “[Daugherty’s fiction] leaves us dry-eyed and wiser in that place far beyond tears that we know from our own lives.”—Shelby Hearon “Daugherty combines the serious and literary with the funny and offbeat, resulting in sparkle-plenty prose with an ear for dialogue that never fails.”—Beverly Lowry TRACY DAUGHERTY, a native of Midland, Texas, is the author of nine previous books of fiction, a book of personal essays, and biographies of Donald Barthelme, Joseph Heller, and Joan Didion. His work has been recognized with fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. He lives in Corvallis, Oregon.

978-1-68003-077-8 paper $22.95 978-1-68003-078-5 ebook 51/2x81/2. 288 pp. Collection of Short Fiction. March

RELATED INTEREST Vox Populi Clay Reynolds 978-1-933896-98-4 paper $22.95 978-1-937875-11-4 ebook

The Lobsterman’s Daughter Michael Lieberman 978-1-937875-59-6 paper $14.95 978-1-937875-60-2 ebook


From the author of Standing on Holy Ground . . .

Flowers for the Living Sandra E. Johnson

A riveting story of how a suicidal African American teenager’s forcing a young white cop to kill him devastates the teenager’s mother as well the rookie cop. It also sparks a massive race riot and puts the mother and rookie in the crosshairs of a deranged gunman. The only place Emma Jennings, the mother, and Russell “Rusty” Carter, Jr., the cop, find refuge from the chaos engulfing them is the teenager’s serenely beautiful grave. Through initially awkward meetings there, Emma and Rusty establish a bond that they must ultimately rely on to rebuild their lives and help heal their city. Praise for Sandra E. Johnson’s earlier work: “Standing on Holy Ground is an inspiring work of good overcoming evil. It is a ruthlessly honest account of the new progressive South still struggling with a very old legacy of hate.”—USA Today

978-1-68003-083-9 paper $22.95 978-1-68003-084-6 ebook 51/2x81/2. 240 pp. Literary Novel. April

SANDRA E. JOHNSON is the author of Standing on Holy Ground: A Triumph over Hate Crime in the Deep South, which received glowing reviews from O, The Oprah Magazine, USA Today, and Southern Living. She lives in Hopkins, South Carolina, and is currently at work on a novel set in SC’s Low Country.

RELATED INTEREST Hush Now, Baby Angela W. Williams 978-1-68003-034-1 paper with flaps $24.95 978-1-68003-035-8 ebook

Purple Church Starner Jones 978-1-933896-89-2 paper $15.95 978-1-933896-92-2 cloth $22.95 978-1-937875-05-3 ebook


From the author of Here I Stand . . .

“The Pigeons of Buchenau” and Other Stories David R. Pichaske

Pichaske’s stories take us from the halls of academe to small-town Minnesota to a little village on the edge of the Bavarian National Forest. Speaking in voices of a farmer right out of Deliverance, a disgruntled professor of English, and his dog Harley, Pichaske says what many people think, but few have the courage to say. While he is especially strong on details of history, place, and language, the hard-nosed wisdom his narrators offer transcends place and even time. From “Daisy”: Look—there are always dreams. And in dreams the ultimate purity: by now she may be fat and forty, stretch marks, grey hair, three kids. The ravages of time, you know? Look at you and me: not exactly the bright and rising stars we were twenty years ago, eh? But in dreams, the years are invisible. People never age in dreams. David Pichaske has spent fifty years as a college professor, and forty years as editor-publisher of Spoon River Poetry Press and Ellis Press. He taught four years in Poland, Latvia, and Mongolia on Senior Fulbright Fellowships, and authored two dozen books, most recently his memoir Here I Stand. He lives in Granite Falls, Minnesota.

978-1-68003-071-6 paper $16.95 978-1-68003-072-3 ebook 51/2x81/2. 128 pp. Collection of Short Fiction. May

RELATED INTEREST Erratics Roger Hart 978-1-881515-37-1 paper $16.95

Wing Walking Don Meredith 978-1-881515-32-6 paper $14.95


Introducing a new Southern literary series . . .

Best Creative Nonfiction of the South, Volume I: Virginia Casey Clabough and Thorpe Moeckel

Best Creative Nonfiction of the South, of which this Virginia collection is the first volume, serves as a valuable resource for scholars, students, writers, and general readers interested in creative nonfiction both from specific areas of the South and across the region as a whole. The writers included in each volume come from diverse backgrounds, generations, and artistic traditions. Most, if not all, volumes in the series indirectly reflect literary changes over time and/or how literary variations have manifested themselves in a given state. In some cases, publisher permissions and other factors have foiled the editors from including the work of deserving writers. Nevertheless, the abundant literary talent across the South has lessened the impact of the occasional unfortunate omission. “TRP has for years now published an annual collection of poetry from each of our Southern states, and these anthologies have done very well for us, both inside and outside university classrooms. We welcome this new series on Southern nonfiction and look forward to visiting these fine essayists, state by state.”—Paul Ruffin, Director, Texas Review Press CASEY CLABOUGH (Series Editor) is the Lynchburg, Virginia-based author of three books of creative nonfiction and numerous other titles dealing mostly with the US South. THORPE MOECKEL, English graduate director at Hollins University in Virginia and author of several volumes of poetry and creative nonfiction, lives in Lynchburg, Virginia.

978-1-68003-075-4 paper $22.95 978-1-68003-076-1 ebook 51/2x81/2. 228 pp. Literary Nonfiction. April

RELATED INTEREST The Southern Poetry Anthology Volume I South Carolina Edited by Stephen Gardner, William Wright 978-1-933896-06-9 paper $24.95

The Southern Poetry Anthology Volume III, Contemporary Appalachia William Wright Edited by Jesse Graves, Paul Ruffin 978-1-933896-64-9 paper $26.95


New from 2010 Texas State Poet Laureate . . .

Accidental Origami

New and Selected Works of karla k. morton Karla K. Morton

This book features Morton’s best work to date from her ten collections. While her poems range in style, topic and region, they capture each universal emotion, delving into our desire to know our place in this world, the reason for our very being. Her words are comfort and wonder and hope. She writes: “This is a book of poems to swallow, to seep in your bloodstream/ and pound open the chamber doors/ of your own heart, reminding us of our huge capacity for love, guiding us through each tiny fold of synchronicity to discover the big picture—what it means to truly be alive.” Time And where did the day go? A late Sunday of mingling legs, sermons of hawk and crow, a choir of mockingbird. Sitting outside, legs still reaching for one another, together; just words. The hours, dulcet and vaulting like dog years. These are the best unremarkable days of our life, when nothing happens but the bloom of tiny wildflowers, the kind you have to sink to your knees to see.

KARLA K. MORTON, Texas State Poet Laureate in 2010, is a resident of Ft. Worth. She is a Betsy Colquitt Award Winner, twice an Indie National Book Award Winner, and North Texas Book Award Festival Winner. Morton is the recipient of the Writer-in-Residency E2C Grant and has ten books of poetry.

978-1-68003-087-7 paper $10.95 978-1-68003-088-4 ebook 6x9. 200 pp. Poetry. May

RELATED INTEREST Names We’ve Never Known Karla K. Morton 978-1-933896-39-7 paper $14.95

Constant State of Leaping Karla K. Morton 978-1-68003-012-9 paper $8.95 978-1-68003-013-6 ebook


New from the winner of the 2010 X.J. Kennedy Poetry Prize . . .

New from the author of Time Capsules . . .

Barrier Island Suite

Pastoral Habits

Kendall Dunkelberg

George Drew

Just as an orchard grower, when harvesting its fruit, discards the tart, the bitter, the overripe and the stunted, so, too, any poet tries to judiciously reject less than sterling poems when assembling his Selected. Pastoral Habits is a selection of carefully chosen poems from fifty years and five volumes of poetic harvests. If “pastoral” connotes good shepherding, or good harvesting, then George Drew’s collection will resonate for those who value the worlds of poetry.

The poems of Barrier Island Suite are inspired by the life, art, and writings of Walter Inglis Anderson, who spent much of his adult life exploring the barrier islands of Mississippi, sketching and painting their flora and fauna, and chronicling his adventures in numerous logs. The islands form a liminal space between the land and sea, between nature and culture, between madness and conformity. Elements of Anderson’s life, including his travels, his struggles with mental illness, and his murals are also incorporated

The Pietà

from “The Islander”

Mother, have you looked on this masterpiece? Seen how you hold me as you did when I was but a child? Here joy has been exiled, and sorrow set upon the throne. You will not see it on your perfect brow draped by its kerchief. Nor on your firm chin, nor in your inward-looking marble eyes, nor even in my horror-riddled shape draped like a smock across your lap. Now do you see it? There—in your left hand: the fingers splayed like broken wings, the deeply chiseled lifeline, and the blood, or shadow, smudging palm and fingertips. Here, mother, piety and pity are the same.

Painting his subject, Wen Yü K’o becomes bamboo. Han Kan turns to horse. Walter merges with island, follows pig tunnels through brush.

GEORGE DREW, born in Mississippi, lives in Poestenkill, New York. He is the author of five collections of poetry. 978-1-68003-079-2 paper $10.95 978-1-68003-080-8 ebook 6x9. 200 pp. Poetry. May

In flotsam shoes, he walks on water moccasins and on copperheads. Not immune to their venom he suffers fevered visions. He’s the young heron seen climbing a dead pine spar with feet, wings, and bill, stretching out to mount a cloud and take the heavens by storm.

KENDALL DUNKELBERG is the director of creative writing at Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi, where he also directs the Eudora Welty Writers’ Symposium. 978-1-68003-065-5 paper $8.95 978-1-68003-066-2 ebook 6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. March


New from the 2014 Donald Justice Prize winner . . .

New poetry from Tennessee . . .

This Shaky Earth

The Garden of Earthly Delights Book of Ghazals

Linda Parsons Marion

Stephen Gibson

The Garden of Earthly Delights Book of Ghazals ranges across time and place in visiting personal as well as historical and even imagined experience. As an abecedarian was once used to teach the basics of a thing—say, to recognize an alphabet—Gibson, who has labelled his collection a “scrambled abecedarian,” suggests that all meaning arises out of disorder. However, it is from this disorder that the varied subjects of the poems are shaped into a significance. Degas In Degas’ The Absinthe Drinker, the woman in the bar looks so alone and depressed as she stares at her drink. Earlier, she was imagining she would meet someone as she was getting dressed; now, she stares at her drink. There are drunks all around. Everyone drinks absinthe. Lower-class women love it best. They stare at the drink (it’s a poison, literally; they could care less), as they pour it over sugar to cut its bitterness. They stare and drink. Degas said he viewed women as if through a bathroom keyhole: she gazes into her crystal ball’s green mist—stares, drinks.

STEPHEN GIBSON is the author of five previous fulllength poetry collections and a chapbook. He lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, with his wife Clorinda. 978-1-68003-081-5 paper $8.95 978-1-68003-082-2 ebook 6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. February

Linda Parsons Marion’s fourth poetry collection, This Shaky Earth, straddles time, family divisions and legacies, and the regions of her native Tennessee. From her grandmother’s indwelling kitchen and raggedy garden plot to now being a grandmother and gardener herself, she cultivates the lessons and language of the past in her own backyard. Marion’s poems are leavened with a hunger to understand the upheavals of childhood and its growing pains, to be fed full to bursting on life’s vegetable immensity, to face the passing seasons with grace, where all she knows of this black-eyed earth is perishing even as it flowers. Old Words The old words you polish and peel, choice fruit for my stirred ruminations: ballpeen and tenpenny hammered anew, cotoneaster spreadeagle by the wayside. I say them with you and after you, honeydew on the tongue, a tad sigoglin. Here of late, memory’s diction slips, my lexicon less akimbo, loose lipped. What to do but stagger punchdrunk on the lawn’s glissando, turn, turn ecclesiastical. Sanko on over here, drop pebbled syllabics, six-stringed enjambments like you never done before, howl wordful under a blue moon twice risen. Rapture my puny breath to high heaven: sotto voce, big as all getout. Speak, sacred harp.

LINDA PARSONS MARION is poet, playwright, and an editor at the University of Tennessee and a resident of Knoxville. 978-1-68003-085-3 paper $8.95 978-1-68003-086-0 ebook 6x9. 88 pp. Poetry. May


Winner, TRP Southern Poetry Breakthrough Series: North Carolina

Winner, 2015 X.J. Kennedy Poetry Prize

The Empress of Kisses

Low Country, High Water

Gwen Hart

Sally Stewart Mohney

Inhabiting myriad landscapes, including the marshes, rivers, and sounds of the North Carolina foothills, as well as gulfs, floodplains, and the overflowing banks of the Chattahoochee, Sally Stewart Mohney’s Low Country, High Water consists of delicate, often minimal explorations of family, mortality, nature, and the world behind perception. Often dreamlike and painterly, these poems brim with a lyrical and imagistic power, a contemplative force that ignites the imagination. Communion Salvation can finally come as simply as lighting heat in an early kitchen. You enter, chilly in slippers, start several small fires to find your way. Coffee, chimney, bacon, then toast.

Setting out white cups bowls, plates—a creamer pewter spoons. Light pours in, as pale blue mercy

SALLY STEWART MOHNEY currently lives in Atlanta and is the author of pale blue mercy, as part of Main Street Rag Publishing, ‘Author’s Choice Series,’ and A Piece of Calm, from Finishing Line Press. 978-1-68003-067-9 paper $8.95 978-1-68003-068-6 ebook 6x9. 72 pp. Poetry. March

The Empress of Kisses explores the landscape of the human heart through free and formal verse. The poems chronicle a wide variety of relationships past and present, real and imagined, with family, friends, lovers, pop culture icons, mythological figures, historical events, and with words themselves. The collection features a special focus on the experiences of Generation X, the “forgotten generation.” “This book offers all the pleasures that poetry affords—sonic felicities, skilled wordplay, resonant insights, and unexpected destinations.”—Beth Ann Fennelly, final judge, author of Unmentionables November 9th, 1989 For thirty years there is no kiss. Then there is the possibility of a kiss, like a rumble or a half-heard shout— did it come from this side or that side? When the kiss breaks through, we all struggle to register the impossible, how the wall came down, how their lips found each other, every obstacle reduced to rubble around their feet, the bright paint of her lipstick smeared, unintelligible graffiti all over the changed angles of his face.

GWEN HART teaches writing at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa, and is the author of several chapbooks and the poetry collection Lost and Found. 978-1-68003-089-1 paper $8.95 978-1-68003-090-7 ebook 6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. April

Stephen F. Austin State University Press



Nacogdoches before and after segregation

Nacogdoches Integration, Then and Now

Edited by Michelle Williams and Brandon L. Fox Thomas J. Rusk Elementary School, in Nacogdoches, Texas, houses a carved stone dedication plaque in its gymnasium’s entryway. It reads “This gymnasium is dedicated to the White children of Nacogdoches.” In those days, Nacogdoches was unapologetically segregated. It was a matter of not only custom but also of law. In respect to segregation, Nacogdoches was little different than other communities in the Jim Crow South. Its location in Texas, however, helped to obscure this fact. While the US Supreme Court ended segregation in public schools on May 17, 1954, Nacogdoches schools were not forced to integrate until 1970. This book is comprised of essays that paint a portrait of Nacogdoches both before and after integration. Readers will find a collection of essays written by scholars but also by people who have firsthand experience in conflicts that arose in Nacogdoches after 1970. The essays focus upon both the objective, measurable dimensions of race in Nacogdoches, but also upon the actual lived experiences of African Americans in rural East Texas.

As I See It

Personal Essays about Healthcare and Healthcare Reform in the U.S. Edited by Brent D. Beal and Nancy L. Nieberding

As I See It is a collection of personal essays about healthcare and healthcare reform. Although the content of these essays is factual, the authors utilize literary techniques to create an interesting narrative that conveys an intentional message. The essays in this collection often have a familiar tone and are characterized by authorial introspection and a personal struggle for honesty. Ideally, personal essays reveal hidden tensions and contradictions that may go against the grain of conventional wisdom in thought-provoking or complex ways. The authors are primarily experienced healthcare professionals who have stepped back from their daily work to reflect on their personal experiences and how these experiences relate to some of the “big picture” (or policy) issues in healthcare. These essays provide a glimpse of what it is like to be “inside” the healthcare system. They invite a reexamination of taken-for-granted assumptions by documenting the complexity of the interrelationship between healthcare practice, economic markets, ethics, and corporate responsibility. The power of these essays comes from linking personal experience to the ongoing debate over the structure and nature of the US healthcare system.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS is an associate professor at SFASU in the Department of Elementary Education and coordinates the Middle Level Grades Online Completer Program. BRANDON L. FOX is an assistant professor in the Department of Elementary Education at SFASU.

BRENT D. BEAL teaches strategic management in the College of Business and Technology at University of Texas at Tyler.

978-1-62288-104-8 paper $20.00 6x9. 200 pp. April

978-1-62288-123-9 paper $20.00 6x9. 120 pp. Medical Humanities. Medical Ethics. Philosophy. Education. February


WWII Army Infantry Training, Texas Style

Testimony of the power and magic the writers’ world holds.

Bill McCarron and Nancy M. Wertz

Edited by Sara Rafael Garcia

The Story of Dean H. Olson

The story of Dean H. Olson covers army infantry training at Camps Fannin ( July–October 1943) and Maxey (March–September 1944) and presents unique perspectives on the day-to-day life of an army private Dean H. Olson, a young man mature far beyond his teenage years. It also provides unusual insight into the army specialized training program at Louisiana State University where he was a student (November 1943–March 1944) and on the Ninety-ninth Infantry Division’s deployment to the North Ardennes in Belgium shortly before the Battle of the Bulge. WWII Army Infantry Training, Texas Style describes in great detail Olson’s army training in preparation for fighting in WWII. Because Olson was an exceptional student, he was selected for the amy special training program designed to create new officers for the army. Dean’s letters bring to life the experiences of a young soldier during this time in our nation’s history. Olson was among a handful of Army soldiers who saw training at both Camp Fannin and Camp Maxey, and perhaps the only such one who wrote thoughtful letters to his parents about all his experiences. BILL MCCARRON is a retired Lt. Col USAF and currently lives in Rockwall, Texas. NANCY M. WERTZ lives in Plano, Texas, and is retired from Plano ISD. 978-1-62288-106-2 paper $16.00 6x9. 220 pp. Military History. January

Barrio Writers

Barrio Writers brings an impressive breadth and depth of emotion and cultural insights which can’t be overstated. These readings are extraordinary because, together, the prose and poetry collected here by these bright young writers capture, almost all at once, what their lives are truly about, how their lives have been challenged, and yet, most importantly, how these youth almost always manage to triumph, through the very act of writing. The tough insights into their lives these writings bring come to us because of the profound understanding these youth have of how precious and fragile their lives can be when the environments surrounding them fail to protect them and those they love. Interspersed throughout this volume are valuable writing prompts other young writers like those collected here can use to develop their own literacy and literary skills. These prompts allow writers to develop their perspectives on their own, while being aided with valuable insights other prospective young writers can follow to their own ends. This new set of young Barrio Writers delivers powerful and exemplary poetic and prosaic testaments which should inspire others to tell of their lives in as impressive a style as found in this new volume. SARAH RAFAEL GARCIA, writer, community educator and traveler, lives in Austin, Texas. 978-1-62288-149-9 paper $18.00 51/2x81/2. 146 pp. Latin American Studies. Literary Non-Fiction. Multicultural Studies. January


Bringing Back the Bones Gary Fincke

978-1-62288-111-6 paper $18.00 6x9. 278 pp. Poetry. January

The poems in Bringing Back the Bones are startling in their inclusiveness, juxtaposing history, science, myth, and popular culture with a narrative thread that rises from memory. Groups of distinctively individual poems alternate with long poem sequences that range from one based upon the difficulties of genius to one that contemplates the wondrous things that literally fall from the sky to the tile sequence, a meditation on the desire for permanence. As Robert Cording, author of Against Consolation and Common Life says, “Gary Fincke finds the words for that lone, long labor of our lives that shapes who we become and readies us for those moments when the ‘possibility of happiness/surprise[s] us.’ He combines the empathy of Philip Levine for our ordinary lives and the thinking intelligence of Carl Dennis. His great gift, like Levine’s and Dennis’, is the way he so casually connects his own life to those worlds, his poems always convincing the reader with their intelligence, with their subtle wit and humor, and with their deep feeling as they simultaneously strive for a history of permanence and comically acknowledge our human failures.” One of his generation’s most accomplished poets, Gary Fincke is also the author of short fiction and nonfiction. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Fincke earned his bachelor of arts degree from Thiel College, his master of art from Miami University, and his PhD from Kent State University in 1974. He began his literary career that same year and has published more than 20 works. Fincke is a professor at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, where he is also the director of the Writers Institute. He lives with his wife in Selinsgrove.

An unforgettable blend of the sacred and profane

Port Sullivan Robert A. Shearer

978-1-62288-105-5 paper $18.00 6x9. 200 pp. Literary Fiction. March

Port Sullivan is an action-filled fictional story of a young Creole lady and her son and their odyssey on a packet boat that takes place in the era of steamboats and slavery prior to the emerging American Civil War. A masterful storyteller, Shearer deftly weaves the elements of frontier survival, cultural diversity, racial inequality, murder, tragedy, voodoo, ghosts, legacy, and the lure of life on a steamboat for a young boy. ROBERT A. SHEARER is a retired professor of criminal justice from Sam Houston State University. He grew up in Dallas and currently lives in College Station, Texas.

The Road to Llorona Park Christopher Carmona

978-1-62288-117-8 paper $16.00 5x8. 120 pp. Fiction. March

The Road to Llorona Park is a collection of short fiction about the changing world of la frontera/the borderlands of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. The stories center around the current times when the political upheavals of Mexico began to effect peoples lives on both sides of the border. CHRISTOPHER CARMONA is an assistant professor of creative writing and Mexican American studies. In 2015, he was the Langdon Review Writer-in-Residence.


Making Love While Levitating Three Feet in the Air: and Other Stories

Desert Center Miles Waggener

Jeff Fearnside

Making Love While Levitating Three Feet in the Air: And Other Stories’s 13 short stories are linked thematically by the recurring idea of flight, in its various definitions and senses. The characters are sometimes in flight from their situations, sometimes from other people, sometimes from themselves. Stories range from contemporary to historical, from realistic to magical realist. The known and the unknown often blur as the characters struggle to understand the unseen forces that move them. Ultimately, the crises that all the characters encounter are psychological or spiritual in some way, however each may define that; as the title of the collection suggests, the characters find themselves levitating somewhere between their deepest desires and an exquisite and terrifying nothingness. No one in these stories “wins” in the traditional sense; there are no tidy answers. But the stories are subtly life affirming in how each character deals with the difficulties of life. Each learns something about himself or herself, however fleeting that knowledge may be, however small a step forward it inspires. Life isn’t static, and neither are these people.

Desert Center embraces the complexities of the particular in place and person, from the deserts of the Southwest to his current home territory in Nebraska. Indeed, Waggener’s heartland is wherever his poetic visions land, regardless if they are open, spare places or urban streets; they explore, as well, so wonderfully the characters who populate such territory, unnoticed people whose presence can only command notice from a poet such as Waggener. As Jim Simmerman has noted about Phoenix Suites (2003), an earlier book, Waggener’s poems “never steer the easy streets of sentimentality and irony.” Rather, he finds in the blank slate of his physical and intellectual regions matters of beauty, strange yet familiar, and brings them to resonate for us all. Though Waggener is a recent arrival to the Great Plains—and specifically Nebraska letters—he is sure to be one of a number of contemporary voices to set the course for the region’s next generation of writers and poets, joining the company of such people as Kooser, Kloefkorn, Shapiro, Welch, Kosmicki as that path is laid.

JEFF FEARNSIDE has published work in Fjords Review, The Pinch, Isotope: A Journal of Literary Nature and Science Writing, and elsewhere. He is the recipient of several national writing awards, including Many Mountains Moving’s 2005 Flash Fiction Contest.

MILES WAGGENER’s poems have appeared in many journals. He won an individual creative writing fellowship from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and a prize from the Academy of American Poets at the University of Montana. He is an associate professor at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

978-1-62288-103-1 paper $18.00 6x9. 200 pp. Fiction. January

978-1-62288-158-1 paper $16.00 5x8. 88 pp. Poetry. February


A fascinating new collection

The Women at the Well


Cat Dixon

Grace Bauer

“In The Women at the Well, Bauer sings out of silent alternative stories of the Biblical women she first encountered as a schoolgirl listening to the nuns. Wry humor is only one element of Bauer’s illuminating re-vision as she inhabits her women in the longing, sassiness, rebellion, compassion, wavering, and triumph. She lets them like each other—Rachel and Leah reconcile—and lets them relish their bodies. Mary complains about never ‘knowing pleasure.’ She creates The Prodigal Daughter who, like Woolf ’s Judith Shakespeare, experiences a vastly different fate from her male counterpart’s. But unlike poor Judith, this daughter survives and bears her own girl child . . . I had my favorites among Bauer’s women, and you will, too. Whoever they are, the Bible will never be the same.”—Carole Simmons Oles GRACE BAUER is the author of Retreats & Recognitions, Beholding Eye, and The Women At The Well, as well as three chapbooks of poems. She is also co-editor, with Julie Kane, of Umpteen Ways of Looking at a Possum: Critical and Creative Responses to Everette Maddox. Her poems, stories, and essays have appeared in numerous anthologies and journals. A native of Pennsylvania, she currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she is a professor of English, creative writing, and women’s studies at the University of Nebraska. 978-1-62288-114-7 paper $16.00 6x9. 100 pp. Poetry. Religion. February

Eva Braun was seventeen years old when she was first introduced to Adolf Hitler in 1929. Hitler took her on dates to the opera, to dinner and to the movies. He eventually purchased her a home where she could live with her sister free of her parents. Rooms were set aside for Eva and her sisters and her friend Herta at Hitler’s mountainside home, The Berghof. Even though he bought Eva gifts, gave her a home, an allowance, most of his time was spent on his public image and war management, leaving Eva to feel lonely and useless. She attempted suicide twice while dating Hitler. The Third Reich, once in power, established rules for German women. Eva defied them all: she enjoyed cosmetics, cigarettes and alcohol. Stories from Hitler’s secretary Traudl Junge claim that only Eva had the ability to quiet Hitler during one of his long monologues he was notorious for giving late into the evening. According to eyewitnesses, Hitler had to ask permission to bring his dog Blondi out of her kennel because Eva’s dogs did not get along with Blondi. Some historians portray Eva Braun as naive and selfish. This book, written in verse, shows another side and sets out to explore this woman who stayed by Hitler until the bitter end. CAT DIXON is currently a creative writing instructor at the University of Nebraska in Omaha and an adjunct instructor at Metro Community College, Omaha. 978-1-62288-113-0 paper $16.00 6x9. 200 pp. Poetry. January


Undeniably Nacogdoches Edited by Kimberly Verhines

Undeniably Nacogdoches is history and legend, folktale and mystery. Chocked full of stories and ballads, family secrets and recipes, Undeniably Nacogdoches answers the inexplicable: What makes Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches? Perhaps what makes the “oldest town in Texas” unique, is its historic town center and quaint brick streets, or the corner String Shop where the lovely but lawless Bonnie Parker served hamburgers and tea. Discover the swampy bottomlands and the hidden sharecropper’s house Cumie Barrow drew her first breath. Known as the oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches played a vital role in the development of comedy when the Marx brothers (originally known as the Four Nightingales) brought their singing show to town. After all, according to the future Groucho, “Nacogdoches is full of roaches!” and “The jackass is the finest flower of Tex-ass!” Discover the ancient burial mounds on Washington Square where nightly winds bring soft cries and drumbeat. From recently discovered unmarked graves in Oak Grove Cemetery to Chester the ghost who has haunted the Turner Fine Arts Auditorium at SFA for nearly half-a-century, the oldest town in Texas is full of nomadic spirits wandering the properties. Undeniably Nacogdoches has something for everyone.

Nacogdoches Undeniably

978-1-62288-122-2 hardcover $35.00 10x10. 200 pp. 100 color, 50 b&w photos. Texana. Gift Books. May

KIMBERLY VERHINES is the director of Stephen F. Austin State University Press.

aza er of pl . Local op t corn utheas e String Sh City e s the so im anchor The Old T known as Th ent time ilding of ce e) sp erts Bu now home is shop, on own abov g to legend, ob R The and is it was in th Parker (sh . Accordin sweet tea al cip ie at nn and th rrow prin has it youthful Bo g Clyde Ba mburgers a meal. d en r ha a leg meetin ange fo where slipped Cafe, tress before rker often t enough ch ai as a w -hearted Pa ed in withou nd the ki who ventur e to thos


“All events and experiences are local, somewhere.” —William Stafford

EThe va Red Book Selected Poems

A Sandhills Reader 30 Years of Great Writing from the Great Plains Mark Sanders

A Sandhills Reader: 30 Years of Great Writing from the Great Plains is a retrospective anthology of some of the best work published by Sandhills Press, a Nebraska-based small press concern for literature, between 1979 and 2009. The anthology collects poems, criticism, and creative prose from such authors as David Baker, Hilda Raz, Ted Kooser, Barton Sutter, William Kloefkorn, Twyla Hansen, Ronald Wallace, Kelly Cherry, Dana Gioia, Greg Kuzma, Don Welch, Kathleene West, Jonathan Holden, Greg Kosmicki, and numerous others. In the thirty years that Sandhills Press published, the imprint promoted the works of new and established writers and helped to define what Great Plains poetry was all about. In addition to the selected works, many of the writers included provide commentary and literary memoirs about Sandhills Press and what the press meant to them and to their aesthetic. MARK SANDERS, editor of A Sandhills Reader, was the driving force behind Sandhills Press; during the thirty years he edited and published Sandhills books, he also launched subsidiary presses in The Main-Traveled Roads Chapbook series, Talking River Publications, and, with his wife Kimberly Verhines, LC Press. Although Sandhills is currently on hiatus, Sanders continues to promote the works of Great Plains authors as a reader for Stephen F. Austin State University Press. 978-1-62288-150-5 paper $20.00 6x9. 220 pp. Poetry. Fiction. Literary Collection. January

“She is best when a wry edge creeps into her poems.” —Seattle Times

The Red Book Selected Poems, Old and New

Kathleene West

Kathleene West

Cat Dixon

Prior to her suicide in the summer of 2013, Kathleene West left instructions to her literary executor Kitty McCord and to her long-time poetry editor to care for her writing. Hence, much of her work is now housed in the archives at the University of NebraskaLincoln library, and, as promised to her before her death, is included in this collection of new and selected poems. She had always wanted a “red” book, she had said, and The Red Book: Selected Poems, Old and New is the culmination of that last wish. This book includes the best of her work from No Warning, Land Bound, Garden Report, Water Witching, Plainswoman, The Farmer’s Daughter, Death of a Regional Poet, Tourists of the Revolution, and from files of previously unpublished or uncollected work. The Red Book attests to the fact that West was a powerful voice for poetry, and one that had places left to go. KATHLEENE WEST was born and raised on a small Nebraska farm and taught as a professor of English and creative writing at New Mexico State University. She committed suicide in 2013, eerily mirroring her poetic peers, Sexton and Plath. MARK SANDERS is editor and publisher of Sandhills Press, which published a number of Kathleene West’s poetry collections. At his encouragement, she began submitting her work for publication a few years prior to her death; this encouragement led to the publication of Tourists of the Revolution, also published by Stephen F. Austin State University. 978-1-62288-108-6 paper $16.00 6x9. 200 pp. Poetry. February

A selection of recently released and classic


LANDSCAPING WITH EDIBLE PLANTS IN TEXAS Cheryl Beesley $35.00 FLEX 978-1-62349-321-9 $29.95 CLOTH 978-1-60344-821-5

GROWING GRAPES IN TEXAS Jim Kamas $25.00 FLEX 978-1-62349-180-2

BUTTERFLY GARDENING FOR TEXAS Geyata Ajilvsgi $35.00 FLEX 978-1-60344-806-2

PERENNIAL GARDEN COLOR William C. Welch $30.00 FLEX 978-1-60344-968-7

DOUG WELSH'S TEXAS GARDEN ALMANAC Doug Welsh $24.95 FLEX 978-1-60344-478-1

EASY EDIBLES: HOW TO GROW & ENJOY FRESH FOOD Judy Barrett $22.95 FLEX 978-1-62349-339-4

THE TEXAS TOMATO LOVER'S HANDBOOK William D. Adams $25.00 FLEX 978-1-60344-239-8

WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY HERBS? Judy Barrett $19.95 FLEX 978-1-60344-092-9

YES, YOU CAN GROW ROSES Judy Barrett $22.95 FLEX 978-1-62349-027-0

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Four Men and Sixteen Mustangs. Three Thousand Miles across the American West.

UNBRANDED enjoying national acclaim . . . “A Kit Carson-esque tour through the mountains and deserts of the west with no shortage of drama.”—Outside Magazine “A gripping story of bold adventure.”—Western Horseman “Brimming with drama in the midst of jaw-dropping landscapes.”—Los Angeles Times

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