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RIVER BOOKS Andrew Sansom, General Editor

RUNNING THE RIVER: SECRETS OF THE SABINE Wes Ferguson and Jacob Croft Botter $23.00 flex 978-1-62349-037-9

THE RIVER AND THE WALL Ben Masters $35.00 cloth 978-1-62349-780-4

BARTON CREEK Ed Crowell $27.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-729-3

PADDLING THE GUADALUPE Wayne H. McAlister $24.95 flex 978-1-60344-021-9

RIVERWOODS Charles Kruvand $35.00 cloth 978-1-62349-673-9

RIVER OF REDEMPTION Krista Schlyer $37.00 cloth 978-1-62349-692-0


TEXAS WATER ATLAS Lawrence E. Estaville and Richard A. Earl $24.95 flex 978-1-60344-020-2

FLASH FLOODS IN TEXAS Jonathan Burnett $35.00 hardback 978-1-58544-590-5

THE BLANCO RIVER Wes Ferguson Photography by Jacob Croft Botter $24.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-510-7

CADDO: VISIONS OF A SOUTHERN CYPRESS LAKE Thad Sitton Photographs by Carolyn Brown $30.00 cloth 978-1-62349-239-7

OF TEXAS RIVERS & TEXAS ART Andrew Sansom and William E. Reaves $35.00 cloth 978-1-62349-534-3

ebook editions also available

FALL 2019

RIVER OF CONTRASTS: THE TEXAS COLORADO Margie Crisp $29.95 flex 978-1-60344-466-8

THE SAN MARCOS: A RIVER'S STORY Jim Kimmel $24.95 flex 978-1-58544-542-4

FRESHWATER FISHES OF TEXAS: A FIELD GUIDE Chad Thomas et al. $23.00 flex 978-1-58544-570-7

THE NUECES RIVER Margie Crisp Artwork by William B. Montgomery $29.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-515-2

PADDLING THE WILD NECHES Richard M. Donovan $19.95 flex 978-1-58544-496-0

NECHES RIVER USER GUIDE Gina Donovan $17.95 paper 978-1-60344-138-4

THE LIVING WATERS OF TEXAS Ken Kramer $30.00 cloth 978-1-60344-201-5

SHARING THE COMMON POOL Charles R. Porter $24.95 flex 978-1-62349-137-6

TEXAS AQUATIC SCIENCE Rudolph A. Rosen $24.95 flex 978-1-62349-193-2

EXPLORING THE BRAZOS RIVER Jim Kimmel $24.95 flex 978-1-60344-432-3

CANOEING AND KAYAKING HOUSTON WATERWAYS Natalie H. Wiest $25.00 flex 978-1-60344-764-5

THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE LOWER COLORADO RIVER AUTHORITY John Williams $36.00 cloth 978-1-62349-341-7

ebook editions also available

& the Texas Book Consortium

FALL 2019

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River Books, Sponsored by Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

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