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PRESIDENCY AND LEADERSHIP Including books from the Joseph V. Hughes Jr. and Holly O. Hughes Series

WHEN THINGS WENT RIGHT Chase Untermeyer $35.00s cloth 978-1-62349-013-3 CALLED TO SERVE Charles Frazer Hermann and Sally Dee Wade $24.95 paperback 978-1-62349-791-0

WOODROW WILSON AND THE LOST WORLD OF THE ORATORICAL STATESMAN Robert Alexander Kraig $45.00 cloth 978-1-58544-275-1

WOMAN PRESIDENT Kristina Horn Sheeler and Karrin Vasby Anderson $24.95 paper 978-1-62349-555-8

ELEVENTH HOUR David M. Shafie $40.00s cloth 978-1-60344-954-0 ZENITH Chase Untermeyer $35.00 cloth 978-1-62349-436-0

TAKING THE MEASURE Donald R. Kelley and Todd G. Shields $40.00x cloth 978-1-62349-018-8 $19.95s paper 978-1-62349-019-5

PRESIDENTS & TERMINAL LOGIC BEHAVIOR Genevieve M. Kehoe $39.95 cloth 978-1-62349-126-0

MAKING JFK MATTER: POPULAR MEMORY AND THIRTY-FIFTH PRESIDENT Paul H. Santa Cruz $29.95 cloth 978-1-57441-597-1

LBJ AND GRASSROOTS FEDERALISM Robert Harold Duke $45.00 cloth 978-1-62349-172-7

BRIDGING THE CONSTITUTIONAL DIVIDE Russell L. Riley $37.50 cloth 978-1-60344-149-0

BETWEEN LAW AND POLITICS Richard Pacelle, Jr. $50.00 cloth 978-1-58544-234-8

ebook editions also available

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WINNERE. RichardBook t Neustadard Aw

PRESIDENTIAL TERM LIMITS Michael J. Korzi $34.95s cloth 978-1-60344-231-2 $22.95s paper 978-1-60344-991-5

CONGRESSIONAL ABDICATION Louis Fisher $34.95s cloth 978-0-89096-950-7 $17.95s paper 978-0-89096-951-9

AMERICAN CAMPAIGN, SECOND EDITION James E. Campbell $45.00x unjacketed cloth 978-1-58544-644-5 $19.95 paper 978-158544-628-5

PROSECUTION AMONG FRIENDS David Alistair Yalof $50.00x cloth 978-1-60344-744-7 $27.95s paper 978-1-60344-745-4

GAMES ADVISORS PLAY Jean A. Garrison $34.95s cloth 978-0-89096-862-8

INTELLIGENCE AND NATIONAL SECURITY POLICYMAKING ON IRAQ James P. Pfiffner and Mark Phythian, eds. $42.95x cloth 978-1-60344-067-7 $27.50 paper 978-1-60344-093-6

CLINTON PRESIDENCY AND THE CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM James P. Pfiffner $49.95s cloth 978-1-60344-660-0

GOOD ADVICE Daniel E. Ponder $39.95s cloth 978-0-89096-913-7

LEADERSHIP OF GEORGE BUSH Roman Popadiuk $19.95 paper 978-1-60344-964-9

CHARACTER FACTOR James P. Pfiffner $40.00s cloth 978-1-58544-315-4 $16.95 paper 978-1-58544-316-1

HONEST BROKER? John P. Burke $60.00x cloth 978-1-60344-098-1 $29.95 978-1-60344-102-5

MANAGERIAL PRESIDENCY James P. Pfiffner, ed. $29.95x cloth 978-0-89096-858-1 $16.95s paper 978-0-89096-860-4

INSTITUTIONALIZING CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENCY Mordecai Lee $49.95s cloth 978-1-58544-548-6

NIXON'S BUSINESS Nigel Bowles $50.00s cloth 978-1-58544-454-0

PRESIDENCY UPSTAGED Lori Cox Han $40.00s cloth 978-1-60344-220-6

POWER AND PRUDENCE Ryan J. Barilleaux and Mark J. Rozell $35.00 cloth 978-1-58544-291-1

PRESIDENCY AND WOMEN Janet M. Martin $55.00s cloth 978-1-58544-245-4 $27.50s paper 978-1-60344-154-4

OPPOSITION PRESIDENCY David A. Crockett $39.95s cloth 978-1-58544-157-0

PRESIDENCY, CONGRESS, DIVIDED GOVERNMENT Richard S. Conley $49.95s cloth 978-1-58544-211-9

PROVISIONAL PULPIT Brandon Rottinghaus $55.00x cloth 978-1-60344-187-2 $29.95s paper 978-1-60344-195-7

OUT OF TOUCH Michael J. Towle $37.95s cloth 978-1-58544-273-7

NERVE CENTER Terry Sullivan, ed. $23.00 cloth 978-1-58544-349-9

PRESIDENTS AND THE PEOPLE Mel Laracey $42.95s cloth 978-1-58544-180-8

NIXON'S SUPER-SECRETARIES Mordecai Lee $55.00x cloth 978-1-60344-179-7 $29.95s paper 978-1-60344-738-6

ebook editions also available

ebook editions also available

FALL 2019

FALL 2019

POLICY BY OTHER MEANS Steven A. Shull $45.00s cloth 978-1-58544-513-4


Martha Kumar & Terry Sullivan, eds.

$19.95 cloth 978-1-58544-223-2

SAVING THE REAGAN PRESIDENCY David M. Abshire $29.95 cloth 978-1-58544-466-3

POLITICS OF THE PRESIDENT'S WIFE MaryAnne Borrelli $50.00x cloth 978-1-60344-284-8 $24.95 paper 978-1-60344-285-5


RUNNING AGAINST THE GRAIN David A. Crockett $21.95s paper 978-1-60344-131-5

Byron Daynes & Glen Sussman $45.00 cloth 978-1-60344-202-2 $24.95 paper 978-1-60344-203-9

UNITARY EXECUTIVE AND THE MODERN PRESIDENCY Ryan J. Barilleaux & Christopher Kelley $50.00 cloth 978-1-60344-173-5 $25.00 paper 978-1-60344-190-2

POLITICS OF SHARED POWER Louis Fisher $15.95 paper 978-0-89096-821-5

SCRIPTED FOR CHANGE Victoria A. Farrar-Myers $49.95 cloth 978-1-58544-585-1

INSIDE REAGAN’S NAVY Chase Untermeyer $35.00 cloth 978-1-62349-212-0

SHAPING AND SIGNALING PRESIDENTIAL POLICY Meena Bose $29.95 cloth 978-0-89096-833-8

ebook editions also available

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