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BIRDS THE TOS HANDBOOOK OF TEXAS BIRDS, SECOND EDITION Mark W. Lockwood and Brush Freeman $30.00 paper 978-1-62349-120-8

BIRDLIFE OF THE GULF OF MEXICO Joanna Burger $75.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-546-6

BOOK OF TEXAS BIRDS Gary Clark $39.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-431-5

THE UPLAND AND WEBLESS MIGRATORY GAME BIRDS OF TEXAS Leonard A. Brennan, Damon L. Williford, Bart M. Ballard, William P. Kuvlesky Jr., Eric D. Grahmann, and Stephen J. DeMaso $40.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-498-8

BEEF, BRUSH, AND BOBWHITES Fidel Hernรกndez and Fred Guthery $24.95 flex 978-1-60344-475-0

TEXAS WATERFOWL William P. Johnson and Mark W. Lockwood $25.00 flex 978-1-60344-807-9

EXTREME BIRDER Lynn E. Barber $29.95 cloth 978-1-60344-261-9

ATTRACTING BIRDS IN THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY W. Rufus Stephens and Jan Wrede $39.95 flexbound 978-1-62349-440-7

WHOOPING CRANE Klaus Nigge $45.00 cloth 978-1-60344-209-1

FEEDING WILD BIRDS IN AMERICA Paul J. Baicich, Margaret A. Barker, and Carrol L. Henderson $27.95 flex 978-1-62349-211-3

BIRDING HOTSPOTS OF SANTA FE, TAOS, AND NORTHERN NEW MEXICO Judy Liddell and Barbara Hussey $27.00 flex 978-1-62349-254-0

BIRDS IN TROUBLE Lynne E. Barber $29.95 flex 978-1-62349-359-2

HUMMINGBIRDS OF TEXAS Clifford E. Shackelford et al. $19.95 flex 978-1-60344-110-0

ebook editions also available

& the Texas Book Consortium

FALL 2019

BIRDING THE SOUTHWESTERN NATIONAL PARKS Roland H. Wauer $35.00 cloth 978-1-58544-286-7 $16.95 paper 978-1-58544-287-4

BIRDING HOT SPOTS OF CENTRAL NEW MEXICO Judy Liddell and Barbara Hussey $24.95 flex 978-1-60344-426-2

BIRDS OF NORTHEAST TEXAS Matt White $34.95s cloth 978-1-58544-192-1 $19.95 paper 978-1-58544-193-8

CHICO, GEORGE, THE BIRDS, AND ME Dorothy Chapman Saunders $34.00 cloth 978-1-60344-061-5

THE BIRDS OF TANGLEWOOD Karle Wilson Baker $16.95 cloth 978-1-58544-506-6


CHIMNEY SWIFTS Paul and Georgean Kyle $34.00s cloth 978-1-58544-370-3 $16.95 paper 978-1-58544-371-0

CHIMNEY SWIFT TOWERS Paul D. Kyle $12.95 PAPER 978-1-58544-372-7

BIRDS OF NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS Warren M. Pulich et al. $45.00s cloth 978-0-89096-319-7 $29.95s paper 978-0-89096-322-7

BIRDS OF TIKAL Randell A. Beavers $29.50s cloth 978-0-89096-525-2

FINDING BIRDS ON THE GREAT TEXAS COASTAL BIRDING TRAIL Ted L. Eubanks, Jr. et al. $23.00 flex 978-1-58544-534-9

BIRDS OF THE TEXAS PANHANDLE Kenneth D. Seyffert $49.95x cloth 978-1-58544-091-7 $24.95 paper 978-1-58544-096-2

MINDS OF BIRDS Alexander F. Skutch $29.95 cloth 978-0-89096-671-6

SEVEN NAMES FOR THE BELLBIRD Mark Bonta $35.00s cloth 978-1-58544-249-2

BIRDLIFE OF HOUSTON, GALVESTON, AND THE UPPER TEXAS COAST Ted L. Eubanks, Jr. et al. $45.00 cloth 978-1-58544-510-3

NESTING BIRDS OF A TROPICAL FRONTIER Timothy Brush $50.00s cloth 978-1-58544-436-6 $24.95 paper 978-1-58544-490-8

INTRODUCING BIRDS TO YOUNG NATURALISTS Ilo Hiller $4.50 paper 978-0-89096-410-1

ON WATCHING BIRDS Lawrence Kilham $13.95 paper 978-0-89096-763-8

OUR LIFE WITH BIRDS John and Gloria Tveten $24.95 cloth 978-1-58544-380-2

TEXAS QUAILS Leonard A. Brennan et al. $40.00 hardcover 978-1-58544-503-5

LIFE HISTORY OF A TEXAS BIRDWATCHER Karen Harden McCracken $29.95s cloth 978-1-58544-144-0 $17.95 paper 978-1-58544-164-8

I’D RATHER BE BIRDING June Osborne $24.95 cloth 978-1-58544-292-8

CHASING BIRDS ACROSS TEXAS Mark T. Adams $40.00s cloth 978-1-58544-295-9 $18.95 paper 978-1-58544-296-6

CHIMNEY SWIFT TOWERS Paul Kyle $12.95 paper 978-1-58544-372-7

ON BOBWHITES Fred S. Guthery $23.00 paper 978-1-58544-538-7

THE EASTERN SCREECH OWL Frederick R. Gehlbach $24.95s paper 978-1-60344-121-6

TROGONS, LAUGHING FALCONS, AND OTHER NEOTROPICAL BIRDS Alexander F. Skutch $29.95 cloth 978-0-89096-850-5

AMERICAN CROW AND THE COMMON RAVEN Lawrence Kilham $22.95 paper 978-0-89096-466-8

BIRDS OF THE SOUTHWEST John H. Rappole $36.95s cloth 978-0-89096-957-1 $17.95 paper 978-0-89096-958-8

ebook editions also available

& the Texas Book Consortium

FALL 2019

BIRDER’S MEXICO Roland H. Wauer $18.95 paper 978-0-89096-918-2

ebook editions also available

& the Texas Book Consortium

FALL 2019

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