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Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in

ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY FINDING JUNG Frank N. McMillan III $29.95 cloth 978-1-60344-581-8

THE SOUL OF ART Christian Gaillard $29.95 cloth 978-1-62349-525-1

THE THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIP Jan Wiener $19.95 paper 978-1-62349-548-0

BROTHERS AND SISTERS Henry Abramovitch $27.95 cloth 978-1-62349-190-1

CONNECTING WITH SOUTH AFRICA Astrid Berg $27.95 cloth 978-1-60344-430-9

THE ARCHETYPAL IMAGINATION James Hollis $16.95 paper 978-1-58544-268-3

MADNESS AND CREATIVITY Ann Belford Ulanov $24.95 cloth 978-1-60344-949-6

THE BLACK SUN Stanton Marlan $24.95 paper 978-1-60344-078-3

INTEGRITY IN DEPTH John Beebe $19.95 paper 978-1-58544-463-2

TRANSFORMATION Murray Stein $19.95 paper 978-1-58544-449-6

GENDER AND DESIRE Polly Young - Eisendrath $19.95 cloth 978-0-89096-746-1

JOY, INSPIRATION, AND HOPE Verena Kast $16.95 paper 978-1-58544-309-3

BUDDHISM AND THE ART OF PSYCHOTHERAPY Hayao Kawai $19.95 paper 978-1-60344-053-0

ETHICS AND ANALYSIS Luigi Zoja $23.95 cloth 978-1-58544-578-3

MEMORIES OF OUR LOST HANDS Sonoko Toyoda $23.95 cloth 978-1-58544-435-9

THE OLD WOMAN'S DAUGHTER Claire Douglas $23.95 cloth 978-1-58544-479-3

ebook editions also available

FALL 2019

SYNCHRONICITY Joseph Cambray $17.95 paper 978-1-60344-300-5

SOUL AND CULTURE Roberto Gambini $29.95 cloth 978-1-58544-214-0

THE TWO MILLION-YEAR-OLD SELF Anthony Stevens $16.95 paper 978-1-58544-495-3

STILLNESS SHALL BE DANCING Marion Woodman $19.95 cass 978-0-89096-605-1

ebook editions also available

FALL 2019

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