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Texas A&M AgriLife Research and ­Extension Service Series

THE BULB HUNTER Chris Wiesinger & William C. Welch $29.95 cloth 978-1-60344--821-5

THE ROSE RUSTLERS Greg Grant and William C. Welch $30.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-544-2

APPLIED WILDLIFE HABITAT MANAGEMENT Roel R. Lopez, Israel D. Parker, and Michael L. Morrison $45.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-502-2

GRASSES OF THE GREAT PLAINS James Stubbendieck, Stephan L. Hatch, and Cheryl D. Dunn $50.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-477-3

GUIDE TO TEXAS GRASSES Robert B. Shaw $45.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-186-5

MESQUITE Rodney W. Bovey $45.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-428-5


TEXAS MASTER NATURALIST Michelle M. Haggerty and Mary Pearl Meuth, Eds.

$35.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-369-1

$70.00 hardcover 978-1-62349-340-0

TEXAS PEACH HANDBOOK Jim Kamas and Larry Stein $24.95 flexbound 978-1-60344-266-4

TEXAS TOMATO LOVER'S HANDBOOK William D. Adams $25.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-239-8

THE LIFELONG IMPACT OF 4-H Toby L. Lepley $25.00 cloth 978-1-62349-357-8

ENGINEERING AGRICULTURE AT TEXAS A&M: THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS Henry C. Dethloff and Stephen W. Searcy $30.00 cloth 978-1-62349-289-2

HEIRLOOM GARDENING IN THE SOUTH William C. Welch and Greg Grant $29.95 flexbound 978-1-60344-213-8

ebook editions also available

FALL 2019

GROWING GRAPES IN TEXAS Jim Kamas $25.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-180-2

DOUG WELSH'S TEXAS GARDEN ALMANAC Doug Welsh $27.95 flexbound 978-1-60344-478-1

LEADERSHIP IN AGRICULTURE John Patrick Jordan, Gale A. Buchanan, Neville P. Clarke, & Kelly C. Jordan $30.00 hardcover 978-1-60344-941-0 $18.95 paper 978-1-62349-303-5

TOGETHER WE CAN Edward A. Hiler and Steven L. Bosserman $25.00 cloth 978-1-60344-428-6

PERENNIAL GARDEN COLOR William C. Welch $30.00 flexbound 978-1-60344-968-7

FIELD GUIDE TO COMMON TEXAS GRASSES Stephan L. Hatch, Kelly C. Umphres, and A. Jenét Ardoin $30.00 flexbound 978-1-62349-325-7

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AgriLife ­Extension

EASY GARDENING FOR TEXAS Joseph G. Masabni $25.00 paper 978-0-9721049-7-5

BRUSH AND WEEDS OF TEXAS RANGELANDS Charles R. Hart $25.00 paper 978-0-9721049-4-4

TOXIC PLANTS OF TEXAS Texas Cooperative Extension $25.00 paper 978-0-9721049-0-6

ebook editions also available

FALL 2019

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